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tv   The Ingraham Angle  FOX News  October 14, 2021 7:00pm-8:00pm PDT

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>> sean: unfortunately that's all the time we have left this evening, we thank you for making the show possible. we hope you set your dvr so you never miss an episode. ten seconds early, let not your heart be troubled, laura ingraham starting trouble, go ahead. >> laura: i think viewers have to understand that it's a friendly rivalry, right? >> sean: is not a rivalry. >> laura: it's kind of a back and whatever. it goes pretty deep and it's not just about politics, watch. >> sean: oh, my god. >> laura: did you enjoy that? i know you think you know krav maga but you don't know who else might know more than you at any given point in time.
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i just want people to know there may be something else going on underneath it all. you have no idea how much i trained in the course of a day, that's all i'll say. >> sean: i am speechless. >> laura: good! >> sean: i train an hour and a half a day, i'm in my ninth year. i'm a student, thank you. >> laura: classes over. have a great night. i'm laura ingraham, this is the ingraham angle from washington tonight. but first, eyring america, that is the focus of tonight's angle. >> now's not the time to let up, we have a lot more to do. vaccine requirements that we started rolling out in the summer are working. they are working, every day. every day we see more businesses
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implementing vaccination requirements and the mounting data shows that they work. >> laura: just like there was mounting data that inflation was supposed to be transitory or mounting data that kabul wouldn't fall to the taliban, right. it depends on how biden is defining the word. most americans when forced to choose between losing their jobs and getting a vaccine, they don't want -- they will choose the latter. parents need to support their families, people need to eat but despite claiming to champion workers rights, democrats are showing their true authoritarian colors on the vaccine issue. small minded control freaks get a twisted thrill from having all of this power over people's lives. >> implementing these mandates creates a certainty, it reduces the number of people who are out of work. >> california's health care mandate, working as intended. >> the mandates come everything
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is working. we're going to keep moving. >> when united airlines think they have bragging rights because more than 99% of employees complied with vaccine policy, i wonder how many of them felt like they had no choice? so much for the friendly skies. the airline said it's going to fire the 232 employees who said no. for fact is, millions of americans have heartfelt personal reasons for not getting vaccinated, including many of them have already had covid and that is natural immunity. they are not bad people for feeling this way, they aren't stupid people either. it's their choice. nonetheless the biden administration and surrogates treat them as pariahs. some vengeful forces on the left even revel in the fact that the vaccine refuse aren't eligible for unemployment insurance. illegal aliens are getting better treated. at a time when businesses are
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having a hard time finding workers, the biden administration is insuring more workers had to the sidelines. the osha mandate results in firing of workers and most important and needed professions. from health care to education, law enforcement on down. as usual, the effects of biden's policies are felt most harshly by the regular working class. northwell health the largest health care provider in new york recently fired 1400 unbacked workers. in delaware north carolina and colorado cut more than 100 workers each and california-based kaiser permanente just put more than 2200 employees on unpaid leave nationwide. it was obvious from day one that pursuing these reckless mandates would lead to designations and
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health care staff. in new york state alone, roughly 34,000 health care workers have lost or quit their jobs over the mandate. that includes over 20,000 home health care workers. now governor kathy hochul is trying to spin the thinking the shrinking of her states health care workers is good news -- fantastic. our health care sector was already stretched thin, we've heard this for years and now it's understaffed. now some hospitals are operating shifts with skeleton staffs, pun intended to. who knows how many lives will be lost or adversely impacted because of the shortages? will never know. and it's not just people's lives that are at stake but their safety as well. the president of the chicago police chief's union an incredibly terrifying warning one what will happen when the vaccine mandate goes into effect
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on friday, teachers and school employees also face the choice of getting vaccinated or getting fired. about eight thousands new york city teachers have been placed on leave. to biden's speechwriters, they are uninformed and artisan. >> vaccination requirements should not be another issue that divides us. school board members, religious leaders, doctors across the country are fighting this information and educating people about the importance of vaccines. >> laura: by "educating people" biden means punishing them and pushing them into submission by making things so painful they ultimately choose to relent. democrats inserted an insidious privation into their massive spending bill that would give osha the power to levy huge fines for each violation. good for southwest airlines ceo, he's speaking out against these mandates. it seems many of his pilots are
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too by all those cancellations. perhaps the ultimate insult is directed at our troops. the navy is announcing those separated only for vaccine refusal will receive no lower than a general discharge under honorable conditions. this type of discharge could result in the loss of some veterans benefits. the people who should be fired from positions should be held accountable, they never are. people like mark milley mark milley, anthony fauci, on numerous occasions they have been caught lying, breaking their word, undermining the profession. what consequences have they ever faced? zero. the opposite happens, instead of being reprimanded, they are showered with accolades. >> dr. fauci is key for many of us. >> i would call general milley a hero, he behaves in a heroic manner.
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>> it's always good to talk to you, thank you for a steady hand during the crisis here in the empire state. >> at the same time, those brave enough to stand up and ask questions, who demand accountability from lieutenant colonel stuart schaller, they are punished. and her upside down world, grandmothers who wander around capital taking sylvie's face jail time as george floyd riders who looted and burned entire city blocks one free. americans are starting to wake up, that chicago police union had that i mentioned earlier telling officers to resist the cities vaccine mandate and force the mayor to relent. pro sports players are refusing to denounce fellow players who choose not to get faxed. >> everyone has their choice to
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do what they feel is right for themselves and their family. >> a few players are simply saying no. >> i did take the vaccine at this point in time, natural immunity is not being spoken about and discussed in this country. >> what would you do if you felt uncomfortable going into the season when you are promised that you would have exemptions and you would be forced to get the vaccine? >> laura: college students and even professors are taking their fight over mandates to court. ultimately the supreme court will have to decide whether a century old case about smallpox is controlling here. in my view, that president is easily distinguishable. cases are declining across america, thank goodness. they plummeted 22% over the last two weeks and the cdc, not doom and gloom for once predicting that positive trend is going to continue. there is zero reason for any
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business to have any covid mandate in place whatsoever other than if you are sick, stay home. decisions to force employees off the job are going to haunt businesses for years to come, just as they will haunt biden and other politicians who insisted on these mandates in the first place. the only people who should be forced out of their jobs are the officials who kept america in this prolonged state of fear and locked in these mandates. they cost us precious time, precious lives, they wasted trillions of dollars, killed of hundreds of thousands of small businesses, all to grow their own power and help elect joe biden. if americans could vote today, biden would hear those two words loud and clear. you're fired. that's the angle. doing to me now is the chicago police union president, you said
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sending home those noncompliant officers could cut the city's police presence over the weekend in half. what does that mean in practice? >> it turns out the number was probably much higher than that. the city blinked this morning and change the policy a little bit. the citizens of chicago can rest easy, the police officers will report to work and won't be locked out, that's one good thing. all they did is kick the can down the road a little bit. >> laura: the message to the folks across the country who feel demoralized, they have no power, whatever concern they have it to have -- got covid before, what do you say to them given the fact that you at least did make some progress in this fight? >> our stance is unfortunate for
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two things. we are union, collective bargaining rights have to be maintained an audit which the city refused to do from the beginning, they were trying to push this policy through by a mandate and by a dictator. secondly, we have a profession that nobody wants to work in. it gave us a stronger position. you can't lay off or get rid of thousands of cops because he will never replace them. we can't replace what we got now, the attrition rate two you multiply that by a couple thousand. the city would've had a very early shopping spree this weekend. >> threatening police officers is what lori lightfoot did at her press conference, she made a not-so-subtle dig at you, watch. >> they're good to show up, report for duty, comply with a direct from the city, and putting less would be insubordination. i hope members of the department are not led over the cliff, and
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anybody who tells them they can ignore leo eagle proper direction. >> dust because she says it doesn't make it so, it is not illegal proper directive. she knows it, they know what and our members know it. we had a special meeting last night of membership and i can tell you, more people than had ever been at any meeting in my years on this job. it was unanimous across the board. it's not john pushing this, i'm the mouthpiece for the members who want something done on their behalf. >> laura: apparently she's saying tonight that if they are forced to do so, deploy the national guard to replace any deficit or make up for and police officers. governor pritzker is a saying that. >> it's nice he said that this year, where was the last year
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during the riots? he sat in springfield didn't do nothing while chicago -- the reality is that national guard does not have police arrest powers. they can quell civil unrest but they can't arrest anybody. we are slated to take 12,000 guns off the chicago streets this year, the national guard can't do that. you would think there are bigger problems in this city but i guess not. >> laura: thank you for trying to make sense of this, this is insane. here now is newt gingrich, former speaker of the house. 's new book is available for preorder now. i don't think democrats have really thought this through. they thought these mandates, they did some polling and they put some polls out there, people like the mandates, they like the mandates until they can't get a police officer to show up when they can't get a nurse on the floor if they are in an e.r. then the mandates don't look so good.
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>> it deeper than the mandates. you have a system, the american system which is falling apart. you have hundreds of thousands of illegal immigrants and by the way, joe biden doesn't do anything to apply his fancy rules and his mandates to illegal immigrants. they don't get tested, they don't get vaccinated, we don't check on them for health reasons, somehow american citizens can be punished by their own government but people who show up here illegally get flown around the country, get shipped around the country, get taken care of -- the taxpayers are funding all the illegal immigrants who are not required to do any of this. there's something deeper going on, they can't unload the ships, they can't find the trucks, they can't get the economy moving, they can't get children educated. go down the list. this entire big government socialist system is falling apart and their answer of course is to use the power of the
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government against the american people. that's why you have the attorney general trying to sick the fbi on parents who appear to a school board meeting. not since the civil war have we seen this kind of intense, anti-citizen behavior. this is happening because the left knows they are a distinct minority, they know the country is going to repudiate them and they are desperate to enforce on you and me and everybody else there rules. what's beginning to happen is you just saw and chicago as you solve a southwest airlines clip people are starting to figure out there are more of us and there are of these left-wing nuts. i think you are going to see more and more resistance on every front, not just in terms of mandates. >> laura: i think biden wants us to believe that everything is going according to plan.
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>> we are headed in the right direction, we have critical work to do, we can't let up now. my team and i are doing everything we can. i'm calling on more businesses to step up, that's how we put this pandemic behind us and accelerate our economic recovery. >> laura: is pressuring more companies to oppose these mandates going to help this job crisis that we are in? companies can't hire employees. >> when i hear joe biden talk about plans, i think first of all the withdrawal from afghanistan was a disaster. the second of all whatever his plan is where kamala harris is absent without leave, is a disaster. i look at the 60 ships stuck off of long beach which is a disaster, they are already starting to warn us that the joe biden christmas is going to be a very narrow, lean christmas. you look at the price of meat which has gone up dramatically,
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the price of gasoline which has gone up dramatically, the number of jobs that are unfilled, the number of trucking companies that can't find truckers. you look around and you think if this is the joe biden plan, it is a disaster. let's look pragmatically, facts on the ground, not statements from the white house that have no inaction to reality. >> laura: we are just hearing the fifth circuit court of appeals has ruled in favor of allowing texas abortion law to go forward. which of course overturned that district court initial decision saying it couldn't go forward. that is good news for the pro-life community across this country and also a sign that they are in for a fight on multiple fronts. they wanted these culture wars by taking this decision away from people and they've gotten these culture wars on their
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hands and here we go. probably headed to the supreme court. >> i think that is right in every single front, it's right on the issue of racism, it's right on the issue of law and order. the original roe vs. wade is totally obsolete now because it's based on medicine that's 40 years old and -- 50 years old, it's no longer true. i think this is going to be a period of time where american people -- what you find in the left is the big government socialists are a religious movement, a secular religious movement, they can't deal with reality, they can't cope with facts, if it doesn't fit their narrative, they shrug it off and refused to pay attention to it. i want to go back to one thing i said earlier. if you are an illegal immigrant,
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none of the requirements apply to you. joe biden is going to coerce you into losing your job. >> laura: you're a second-class citizen. >> he's so pro-illegal immigrant and so anti-american citizen. >> laura: it's the goal of changing america, that's what they are trying to do. america is to fight back. stunning development in the case of that allowed an county teen who was allegedly assaulted by a boy wearing a skirt and a girl's bathroom, full details ahead to. d'souza is going to tell us what's a feeding the lack of accountability. stay there. 2-on-2s... and 1-on-1s. we see how these moments make us smile so, we make it easy to share your smile with safe and convenient care — all in one place, with evening and weekend hours. right now, new patients get a complete exam and x-rays —
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>> laura: loudoun county's attempt to cover up the sexual assault of scott smith's daughter in high school bathroom. a shocking follow-up report from daily wires luke rosie act found that loudoun county's public schools did not report multiple known incidents of alleged sexual assault in schools dating back several years despite a law that requires statistics about school safety incidents to be reported to the public. how did things get so bad in northern virginia, how
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widespread is this? one obvious reason from the school board to the sheriff's office, they are either totally unqualified or ideologically opposed to actually doing their job. look at what we are doing from scott smith's daughter's case. the student to allegedly assaulted her was moved to a different school where he went on to do it again. that's despite being under electronic surveillance. on top of that, the attorney almost lost this clearly open and shut case because her office couldn't stay on top of the deadline for dna evidence. no one wants to take accountability for this. of the school board not only lied about the knowledge of the case, but also the role they had in moving the assailants to new school. they blame the sheriff's department. today the sheriff's department issued a statement of their own denying any role in placing the
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suspect at a different school, instead pointing the finger at the school board and the attorney's office. they are eating their own there. meanwhile as parents demand accountability, they are smeared, but they are done taking it sitting down. >> i think it's atrocious that they consider parents domestic terrorists. a child was raped in loudoun county public schools. what is wrong society as a whole? we can't come together to say that is wrong? i don't understand. >> laura: what these parents do need to understand, as long as loudoun county remains a one-party county and virginia a one-party state, you can expect these abuses to continue, these types of commonwealth attorneys to get elected to. none of these officials actually feared recalled, especially if one they have a media covering up for them.
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remember the press echoed the narrative that attacks of this nature wouldn't happen. one of the loudoun county school superintendents, we learned this conveniently used to cover the alleged assault against smith's daughter. >> the issue of assaults taking place with transgender students assaulting other students, "time" magazine in 2016 called that a red herring. >> laura: what an idiot, it's time to call him out, these people for what they are, they are despicable. it's time for real accountability from virginia officials, democrats, and the media. joining me now dinesh d'souza conservative commentator and filmmaker, the media really are a big part of this. imagine if any of this stuff happened under republican rule and a red state rural area, they would be crawling all over this story.
7:29 pm
>> absolutely, you mentioned a moment ago it's tragic in a one-party state, even when you have a one-party state, you at least can have that party under some kind of scrutiny from institutions in the media, when you have a one-party state that is backed up by the media that now is not just biased but will openly lie, cover up facts, distort, go after the critics of the regime and then when you have a digital media on top of that that will step in and censor people who are critics and dissidents, now you have the makings of a soft authoritarianism and this is where the accountability goes completely out the window. this is when all kinds of abuses occur and when parents protest, the payments are made into the real criminals. >> laura: it's also very telling that this superintendent comes armed with a big piece of
7:30 pm
evidence, a "time" magazine story from 2016, what does that have to do with the price of cheese? i guess how transgender persons don't commit such acts or can't or won't. he came armed with what he thought was big evidence and it turns out we didn't know all the facts, we didn't know what would ultimately be discovered. that's how ideological he is instead of worrying about this young woman. >> that's the key point, instead of going from the facts of the case to making a generalization and seeing if there's a pattern he could comment on, he started out with an eye date premise, the premise is this cannot possibly happen because after all, "time" magazine said it can't happen, therefore it can't happen, when it does happen it's almost as if you've got to erase the facts in front of your face.
7:31 pm
otherwise the ideological narrative begins to look a little shaky. this is what we are seeing not just in one place, not just in northern virginia, all across the country now. realism in the american political scene in which facts that you see in front of you, huge fires and cnn goes those are peaceful. that's just the way it is in which you have to sort of look behind the screen of the media to try to figure out what's really going on. it's not easy to do. >> laura: they don't cover these stories when they are inconvenient to their preset narrative, they cover them up. that's the big difference. they are not reporters, they repeat the party line day in and day out, they don't pretend to be commentators, they don't say they are commentators, that's a different matter. i think we're going to learn a lot more. >> there's a silver lining here, they live in their own bubble and there is a massive resistance brew into all of this. they don't know about it because they don't talk to people who
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don't fall in that camp. they have the media covering for them, they will pay a price when the american people get to have their say. >> laura: thank you, great to see you. today u.s. marine lieutenant colonel stu schaller pleaded guilty to speaking outside the chain of command holding himself accountable for his own actions while the leaders he reported to will never have to. and moments his lawyer will tell us what he wants next. studies on a formula found in preservision. if it were my vision, i'd ask my doctor about preservision. it's the most studied eye vitamin brand. if it were my vision, i'd look into preservision preservision areds 2 contains the exact nutrient formula recommended by the nei to help reduce the risk of moderate to advanced amd progression. i have amd, it is my vision, so my plan includes preservision.
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>> laura: marine corps general pleaded guilty, he will sign his commission and receive a punitive letter of reprimand and he faces a maximum punishment of forfeiting two-thirds of his pay for 12 months. what's important here is that he is taking full responsibility
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for his actions and pled guilty, the same can't be said for the incompetent military leaders he called out in the first place. joining me now is tony busby, his attorney. the military judge is considering all of this, what are you expecting from him in the way of punishment? >> i believe based on what was presented the day that we are looking at a letter of reprimand, separation from the marines, and likely a general discharge but we are hoping for an honorable discharge. like you said, lieutenant colonel scheller took accountability and he's basically being punished for speaking the truth. we wrangled as you might imagine about whether we could fight these charges, but the lieutenant colonel made the decision that he would be accountable for his actions and we are all still wondering when
7:39 pm
the general officers will be accountable for their decisions that they made it back august of this year. >> laura: he was apparently -- your client also questioned by the judge over something completely unrelated to this case, watch. 's. the judge has asked lieutenant colonel scheller about a number of statements he made in the past that may have been in several cases praising or at least complementary to the protesters on january 6th at the capital. colonel scheller said these were offhand conversations. >> laura: what? how is that in order, how is that relevant? how was that possibly related to this conversation? >> it has nothing whatever to do with what we were trying to do in court. that rabbit trail the marine corps tried to run down,
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obviously had nothing to do with any of that. the issue before the court now is what his punishment will be and i'm expecting a letter of reprimand. >> laura: other news today is that the military is going to continue with its "extreme vetting" of all members of the armed forces and say automatic alerts will flag records or activities of concern among all defense department personnel. extreme vetting of our troops. >> i don't know what that means. i was a captain in the marine corps, we do have a first amendment. lieutenant colonel scheller spoke out and he put himself forward and was accountable for it. to suggest that sort of action makes me wonder why anyone would want to serve. the marine corps is strong, the best fighting force that ever existed and the still strong.
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i think a lot of marines who heard and saw what lieutenant colonel scheller did, they agreed with him but they also see he has taken accountability for his actions. i'm calling on the general staff to take some accountability for your actions. here is a man that has not only lost his retirement, his command, his job, he has lost a lot more things. laying aside a week in the brig, this has been an emotional roller coaster for him and for him to stand forward and accept his punishment like an honorable marine says a lot about him. >> laura: he should get an honorable discharge, 17 years in the marine corps, multiple tours of duty. it's ridiculous. thank you. instead of obsessing over white rage, maybe general milley should focus on the tragedy unfolding in their own ranks. this horrifying new report, pentagon figures reveal suicide
7:42 pm
among active-duty personnel shot a 46% from last year. furthermore, more u.s. service members committed suicide in the second quarter of this year than have ever died from coded. this issue and the military's mishandling of it is personal for my next guest. joined me now is derek van orton, retired navy seal and candidate for wisconsin third district. i know you personally know active-duty service members who have taken their own lives. to me this is a story that people don't want to talk about, it makes them uncomfortable. why isn't this a bigger priority than harassing some lieutenant colonel in the marine corps about his complaint about the military leadership? come on. >> as you said, this is deeply personal to me. i had several friends and colleagues commit suicide on active duty and including one
7:43 pm
just last month. quite frankly, the department of defense doesn't want to talk about this because it's a problem that needs to be solved and it's much more difficult than throwing out congressional testimony about white rage and critical race theory. it's a personal issue that needs to be addressed across the board. the department of defense is afraid of doing this and they don't want public to know how deep-seated this problem is within the military. >> laura: and now reports that the navy are going to separate from any naval personnel who refuse the vaccine, they will be separated from the service. your reaction to that? >> i think it's shameful, it truly shameful. i speak to hundreds of active-duty servicemen and women on a regular basis and the morale in the department of defense has never been lower.
7:44 pm
i can't find a time when the department of defense, the morale of the troops has been lower. we had an incredibly shameful withdrawal from afghanistan due to the sheer incompetence of the biden administration, the secretary of defense, secretary of state, the chairman of the joint chiefs of staff and the national security advisor. this weighs heavily on our troops. i spent turtle combat tours in afghanistan, we have sustained combat in that country, for 20 years when we left like the way we did, it weighs heavily on our troops. again, there's no real way to take that back at this point other than, frankly, the chairman of joint chiefs of staff resigning from his position. should be held accountable. for these types of things. >> laura: the rest of the top leadership are worried about extremism in the ranks, rather than helping our troops, they are targeting our troops and
7:45 pm
veterans as the source of the problem in our military today. there's always bad apples in every group, every group. one line, one word to describe that extreme vetting that's going on. >> it's hard to describe it in one word because it's shameful. if i could say one more thing before we go, i work with a group called mighty oaks foundation, a christian group that works with servicemen and women and their families, they have an incredible successful record of preventing veteran suicide. if any of my brothers and sisters in arms, active duty or retired or feeling that wait on you, i want you to get on the internet and go to mighty oaks foundation. >> laura: i will help with that endeavor, thank you so much. kids have been back in school
7:46 pm
for six weeks and have you heard of any reports of super-spreader events, of course not. why did joe biden say getting shots in children's arms was going to stop the pandemic? dr. scott atlas is next. one of my favorite supplements is qunol turmeric. turmeric helps with healthy joints and inflammation support. unlike regular turmeric supplements qunol's superior absorption helps me get the full benefits of turmeric. the brand i trust is qunol.
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>> laura: joe biden today employed the american people to not let vaccine mandates divide us, then the next breath he pushed parents to vaccinate their kids. >> we have purchased enough vaccines for all children between the ages of five and 11, i'm calling on more parents to get their children vaccinated when they are eligible. and i'm asking everyone, everyone who hasn't gotten vaccinated, please get vaccinated. that's how we put this pandemic behind us and accelerating their economic recovery. >> laura: what does vaccinating kids have to do with ripping up the economy especially when schools they have been back for six weeks, more -- we have zero evidence of any super-spreader events at schools. joined me now, dr. scott atlas. they just won't let go of their obsession with their controlling kids vaccinations and the masking in schools.
7:52 pm
they had a death grip on it. >> thanks for having me, the problem with mandating vaccines when the risk, benefit ratio may not be so obvious for instance in kids. the problem is you insight and extremely negative, inappropriately negative reaction to the vaccine itself when it is beneficial. the data from what i have seen shows that there is significant protection against death and hospitalization in people who have a risk for death with the vaccine. the vaccine is doing its most important job. it is true there is less protection against regular infections, point of the vaccine is to protect serious consequence and death. it's doing that from what i have
7:53 pm
seen. we know the data all over the world also saying the vaccines have a waning, lasting effect on preventing infections. the bottom line is they are very good protecting the person whose vaccinated. the idea that the vaccines wipe out the infection has essentially been disproven all over the world. look at the data from qatar, you look at the data from the u.k., similar drop in infection protection with the vaccine. the point is the vaccine does not stop the infection from being spread from the vaccinated as much as people keep insisting. it's a very good for protecting the individual. if you've had the vaccine, you are protected, that's good against a serious consequence. if you force people to get vaccinated to protect others,
7:54 pm
that's not according to the medical science -- it creates a backlash from people who should be taking the vaccine. >> laura: really quick, we get it. it's killed confidence in public health. have re-prolonged this pandemic with the closures and the mandates and all of that? very quickly. >> yes, is that quick enough? >> laura: it's not, faster. >> we have stopping and isolating people, you're just basically prolonging things like the immunity. when you mock up of young people and you gradually release them. >> laura: it's been a disaster, sorry to cut you off, the last bite explains next.
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>> laura: in case it wasn't
8:00 pm
clear deal, kamala harris really truly cares. >> this issue of care and caregiving and the care economy and care work, it impacts everyone. everyone, whoever you are, should care about this issue. >> laura: except the border. doesn't care much about that, does she? greg gutfeld takes it all from here. ♪ ♪ [applause] ♪ ♪ >> greg: happy thursday, america. such great news to report, plus, julie banderas is hung over. what a surprise. am i right? she poured herself into this chair appeared she looks terrible. but that's okay, we'll give you a little break right now, because we are going to have seven jokes


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