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tv   Hannity  FOX News  October 14, 2021 6:00pm-7:00pm PDT

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for it. >> tucker: that would make a difference, for sure. thanks so much. we are out of time, it could go on forever but we are time limited to one hour, we'll be back tomorrow night at 8:00 p.m., the show that's a sworn enemy of lying, pomposity, smugness, and groupthink. now the great sean hannity takes over. >> sean: thank you, welcome to "hannity." we have a lot of ground to cover, a lot i mean including joe rogan's kicking cnn's ass in person. developing come of the islamic of afghanistan. >> americans held hostage abandoned behind enemy lines, day 61. your president joe biden does not care, he turned the page 40 days ago, he has not mentioned
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all the americans, their families, the green card holders and our afghan allies that he abandoned 13 days after saying he wouldn't do it. it is repulsive, he hasn't mentioned 41 plus days, state department now referring to the taliban terrorists as candid and professional. i guess they forgot the usual words like -- these are the same terrorists who are holding family members of american troops hostage. they are terrorists. according to former trump state department spokesperson and anchor heather knauer, she worked with mike pompeo -- these family members are already being hunted, captured, tortured, and yes they are being murdered. i'm sure they are being murdered in a very professional and businesslike manner. john and draw sick, he's right, he wrote that you have blood on your hands, you cause this, you couldn't prevent this you said
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you wouldn't do it 13 days earlier and you did it, it's pretty unbelievable. in a graphic video, a woman who served in the afghan national army nearly beaten to death. arms, ribs broken. joe biden has forgotten about all of these innocent men, women, and children because he has turned the page. one former obama secretary defense is not, that's robert gates. he sat down with 60 minutes and said that biden's afghan withdrawal made him physically sick to say the least. >> it was really tough for a few days there. i wasn't feeling very well. and i realized it was because of what was happening. and i was just so low about the way it had ended, if you will. the other feeling that i had was it probably did not need to have turned out that way. >> sean: he's right, it didn't
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need to turn out this way. this was easily preventable, all of it. he waited for months and months and months, the taliban kept taking over more provinces all across the country, then he waited until the taliban took control of kabul. it couldn't have gotten any worse or gone any worse. sadly, this is par for the course under biden. as barack obama once famously said, don't underestimate joe's ability to f things up. now we are seeing at the southern border another easily preventable unmitigated disaster, with covid-19 despite three vaccines, over 353,000 americans have died this year alone. guess what? most americans don't know. that's more people that died this year than in 2020 under donald trump. joe has been a disaster for covid. i know fake news cnn and msnbc used to say how many people
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infected, how many people hospitalized, how many people died, they only did that when trump was president. more people dead under joe biden and all they want to do, all joe wants to do his lecture and scolded you, the american people and by the way it's him and his buddy i funded the wuhan virology lab, fauci, the cdc, nih, you want to know where vaccine hesitancy comes from? all of them. you remember joe biden wearing the mask on zoom calls, how stupid he looked? he visited former president carter and his wife outdoors fully vaccinated, socially distant, mask on. then he goes into their home, old people, 96 and 93 years old and what does he do? social distancing and no mask. it's all a show. nobody trust any of you, they don't trust you, the cdc is changing their guidelines almost daily, the same with the nih. fauci protocols shift by the hour and meanwhile the biden economy is another disaster.
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inflation through the roof, 30-year high. here's a headline from "the new york times" "everything is getting more expensive." we've been telling you first. according to the famed economist, not something we usually agrees with me larry summers, he served under obama -- the united states now we are witnessing the gathering storm of inflation which is causing serious concern over at cnbc. listen closely because this is a preview of coming attractions because of joe biden. >> i don't know if you guys heard what larry summers said, this is a former democratic treasury secretary saying he's never seen such a woke federal reserve come a bunch of bankers. he said they are way too woke. a generation of central bankers defining themselves by their wokeness, defined themselves by how socially concerned they are and he is really worried that inflation is going to be out of control.
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>> when you lose larry -- >> sean: it's really bad and it gets worse, we will update you on other things they had to say about how his dark winter is pretty much back with a new wrinkle. look at your gas tank, how much does it cost you to fill your tank? your heating bills were about to jump 54% as "the wall street journal" put it, a winner of giant gas bills is coming. if you are middle-class or low income in america, you are in trouble, thanks to joe biden. he's the one that gave up the energy independence he inherited. chattel president, master puppeteer, so kind, so thoughtful and loving ron klain, the puppeteer the chief of staff believes we smelly walmart shoppers of america, that cling to god, guns, bibles, and religion, guilty -- we don't need to worry about inflation. this is a high-class problem he says, we don't understand and
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he's so much smarter. right on cue, there is jen psaki circling back defending ron klain in his high-class problems. >> reporter: why would ron klain treat that end do you agree that his tone-deaf? >> d do you think two tweets mes more? >> reporter: is not the first time his twitter has drawn some sharp criticism. >> are we addressing the chief of staff-footers habits? is not a top priority i would tell you at this point in time. >> sean: i found larry summers quote speaking to a virtual conference. he warned we are in more danger than we had been during my career of losing control of inflation in the u.s. we are going to have that gathering storm as i said, combination all of that coming to fruition -- it's a disaster and they don't have any compassion, they are hurting in the middle class america and they are hurting the poorest in
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america, the opposite of what they said they would do. i have a message for jen and ron and their cognitively impaired boss joe. americans know the gas prices are arising, we know the cost of everything is rising, watching and witnessing in real time supply chain problems because, we all know your policies are crushing poor families and crushing the middle class. all of this too preventable. at least joe biden finally got his very own boat parade. dozens upon dozens of cargo ships full of goods, they are backlogged. labor shortage is wreak havoc on america's supply chain, impacting everybody. if you're wondering why the shells are empty, the products are on those boats. trump had all those boat
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parades, by the desperately needed one so he created it. all those containers on those ships, the transportation secretary another great compassionate genius pete buttigieg thinks this is a big joke, not a problem, take a look. >> reporter: how bad are they going to get for americans and i'm talking specifically leading here into the december holidays where people are relying on getting goods, getting presents. >> i think there's always been two kinds of christmas shoppers, those the ones that have all their lists completed by halloween, then those people like me who show up at the mall on christmas eve. if you are in that latter bucket, obviously there's going to be more challenges. >> sean: when you wake up and your kids wake up christmas morning and the presents aren't underneath the tree that they were expecting and praying and hoping for, they've been good little boys & girls club year -- what is the mayor of south bend? you waited too long to shop?
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no, not exactly compassionate. he's in way over his head. according to senator cotton, mayor pete couldn't organize a one car funeral much less the world's busiest supply chain. this is the same genius, pete buttigieg, who had said to recently fired keystone xl pipeline workers -- i know you lost your job but go out and get another good union job. oh, okay. he didn't lift a finger to help them, either. he has no clue about what life for americans is about to. jen psaki, she wants you to know the current economic crisis is not biden's problem, you need to direct your questions and complaints to the postal service and ups and fedex. really? i'll explain that to children on christmas morning. >> reporter: can this administration guarantee that holiday packages will arrive on time? >> they are not the postal
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service or ups or fedex, we cannot guarantee. what we can do is use every lever at the federal government's disposal to reduce delays. >> sean: in other words, the buck doesn't stop with gel. the administration blaming everyone and anyone for the crisis they caused. one contributing factor, the economic crisis to all of this, americans are now losing their jobs, why? because of joe's vaccine mandate. this is going to add to the disastrous economy we are already experiencing. biden just doesn't know why unconstitutional big government mandates are even divisive in the slightest way and how americans don't like to be lectured about giving freedoms. my body, my choice, where are those people? take a look. >> vaccination requirements should not be another issue that divides us. that's why we continue to battle the misinformation that's out there.
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companies and communities are stepping up as well to combat the misinformation. >> sean: now if you think that it's bad now, buckle up, it's going to get way worse. joining us with a full report on the current state of economy, fox business correspondent, it's great to have you back. this is about as bad as it gets. your thoughts. >> i think it's going to get worse, inflation, we are seeing it everywhere is not only chipping at your higher paycheck but it's become a source of stress for americans of all income levels. you were just talking about it, i'm going to put real numbers on its. if you go to fill up the gas tank, the average american is spending $16 more than they did last year. premium gasoline in all parts of the country on the coast is averaging $5 a gallon in california, close to $4 in new york to me so that manhattan
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station selling it for about $5, even texans are paying 3.54. if that rental takes you on vacation, it takes 18% more. back at home, 20% more. appliances, washers, dryers, the question here is not how much, it's how long is it going to take for me to get it? lead times are six months. at the food store, just go vegetarian, you'll save money. protein prices for meat and bacon, to seafood, or up double digits. of these are things that you taste, you see, and you feel. the energy information administration's warning higher home heating bills this winter for the majority of us who use natural gas, your winter heating bills is expected to jump 30% to an average $746. propane, 54% and like i said it
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could get worse before it gets better. natural gas is used in 6,000 items from paint to plastic. so much of what we use comes from energy, it goes through the economy. the white house is working on a solution to this, the federal reserve might have to act more aggressively to fix the problem. >> sean: thank you for that report their coke tonight with biden failing on every front, poll numbers are tanking like never before. biden's approval, 36%. trafalgar has them at 39%. gallup in a major switch from last year, a majority of americans now want less government, not more. he's not doing a very good job selling new green deal socialism. even fake news cnn reporting two-thirds of americans oppose his socialist to build back better new green deal. here with reaction to all the poles from the trafalgar group
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and i might point out that he absolutely nailed the presidential race in 2016, 2020, and unfortunately he rightly called what happened in georgia and the two senate runoff races. also with us former massachusetts senator and ambassador to new zealand, our good friend scott brown is with us. let's go to the polls, let's talk about the significance. quinnipiac also had them at 38%. there's not one thing he can point to that's successful. >> there's no question and it started with afghanistan. there's a separation for a while between his personal approval and his job approval and his policies. after afghanistan, it all came crashing down. the personal affection that was raising his approval beyond his policy which is gone and we've seen it crashing everywhere. is driving people down across the country that are running. our newest poll in virginia actually shows biden is two
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points more unpopular in virginia than he is nationwide. >> sean: scott brown, let me go to you, looking at the polls is one thing. afghanistan, any objective human being sees abandoning americans at the said disaster. he said he wouldn't do it, and he did its. now they are out of the threat of the taliban terrorists. we see only unmitigated disaster in the middle of a pandemic at the border. you can't write it any worse. you see china saber rattling with taiwan coming to see the covid disaster, more dead people from covid in 2021 and 2020. now i want to go back to lauren summers who said we are in more danger than i have ever seen in my entire career of losing control. is a gathering storm of inflation, we are likely to see a combination of that storm coming to fruition and then he says the risk is our economy is about to overheat. once it overheats, it's going to be hard to put up the fire
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without doing a lot of damage in causing a lot of problems. question 1, can you name or identify one successful program of joe biden, and number two -- on this issue alone, middle income americans and poor americans are going to be hit the hardest. how are they going to deal with the impact of that? >> thanks for having me on an up to this point the show is been spot on. the biden administration in a free fall, they are trying to right the ship and they are going to do that by raising taxes. inflation is out of control. i do a lot of the shopping when i got back to new zealand, $1.80 for gas, it's out of control. that affects everybody, that's why with hispanics, women and blacks, president biden's approval rating is down in the mid to high teens. when you're looking at the basic
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things as you referenced earlier, the high cost of fuel, the high cost of natural gas, christmas presents, the supply chain is not only hurting our economy, it's dangerous. it's hurting our national security. can i say it has there been anything? i haven't really seen much to make me warm and fuzzy and for the average mom and pop, people working two, three, four jobs especially in new england where we are and the midwest, we are going to get hammered with big storms. >> sean: it's really that bad, apparently we have breaking news, robert scott, stay with us. fox news alert, bill clinton is hospitalized with an infection, we will bring you the very latest, what's going on with former president clinton? >> we are getting a statement from former president clinton spokesperson that said on tuesday evening, he was admitted to the uci medical center in california to receive treatment for a noncovid related
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infection. he is on the mend, in good spirits and is incredibly thankful to the doctors, nurses, and staff providing him with excellent care. we will keep you updated on this developing story. >> sean: we do wish the former president well, unlike liberals that hate all conservatives, to get sick, they don't care. let's go back to former senator brown and robert haley is with us. as you look at the numbers and you do a deeper dive into these numbers, what are you seeing? what is the biden administration missing? i don't think he has the capacity himself, cognitively, nor the ability to stand up to the radicals in his party to have a bill clinton moment. the end of welfare as we know it. >> he's missing the essence of what he won, he won because he
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ran as a moderate. he convince people in the general election that he was going to be a moderate democrat and they didn't elect bernie sanders and aoc. than all of his policies have been so far away. we have divided government, people think they voted for a mainstream middle-of-the-road government and yet it's being governed like they have a governing coalition, like it was some sort of landslide and they have a majority in both houses, massive majorities and it's just not the case. you can't govern this far to the left when you get elected in the middle. >> sean: i can't think of joe biden said that he had all the leverage in afghanistan, i can't see a way out of that problem. it looks like what they are going to do, they've already given the taliban $64 million to now apparently negotiate more humanitarian aid -- where i grew up, that would probably be called a ransom or a bride that. the only leverage they have is how much money they can give to
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the taliban after they gave $80 billion in military equipment. >> that has what triggered a lot of people to run. they are so irate about what happened in afghanistan and they are irate about what happened at the border, this critical race theory being shoved down our kids throats, literally -- not literally, obviously but not giving the parents the ability to talk about mandates and make personal choices. there are so many things that are wrong and coming back from new zealand to our great country and seeing what's happening, it's deeply disturbing. the afghanistan situation, i've been there. once as a senator and once as an officer, to see what's happening there, it's a dreadful. it's got to stop and people need to get involved at your school boards, city council, mayor. all the way up the chain. >> sean: parents shouldn't have a role or essay in the
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children education, terry mcauliffe told us that. i guess we should hand them over to the government. the border we can fix them i think both of you would agree, bring back the stay at mexico policy, keep building the wall and you end this idiocy of catch and process and release. i don't see what we are going to do for china, what are we going to do for china? i will ask you from that perspective. >> i dealt with china every day pushing back in the indo pacific about their overleveraged income, they are manipulating their currency, stealing their intellectual property, forcing and over leveraging pacific island nations with money and promises, when they can't pay they take a port, take an airfield -- there is going to be a worldwide effort, nato effort and allied effort to push back against china. right now in the indo pacific ever since this president is in charge, they are deeply concerned because they saw what happened in hong kong, and how they see what's going on in
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taiwan. they see what happened in afghanistan, there is plenty of blame to go around but it's all related. our standing in the world is being challenged and we need strong leadership. is not coming from pete buttigieg, it's not coming from kamala harris. >> sean: they are talking about reunification with taiwan, they are flying their fighter jets into taiwan airspace dozens of times every day. if joe abandoned afghanistan is not good to lift a finger. >> it's going to happen after russia, they want to do ukraine. we are going to have the olympics and go into taiwan. i've been the taiwan four times, it's an amazing country. i see what's happening, line 100 aircraft over taiwan, some with
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nuclear capabilities. it's not just going let's fly over taiwan, they are making a point to send a very powerful message to taiwan and the rest of the world. >> sean: let me go to you, robert, when you combine the issues of economy and inflation and supply chain issues and the cost of energy going to the roof and it's impacting poorer americans into middle-class america the most, it's hurting them the most, now we are about to have a collision course where we potentially are losing thousands of military personnel. we are reading that half the police force in chicago might not be eligible to work because of the vaccine mandate. we are losing nurses, the very same nurses and hospital workers that dove on covert grenades every day to save their fellow americans, many have natural immunity -- they are firing those people if they don't get the vaccine. than you have drivers, you have
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teachers, every aspect of our economy is going to be blasted because for whatever reason -- this is a debate about the vaccine or not getting the vaccine, for whatever reason, people have made their choice. they are willing to get fired, even people two years away from a pension. if that impacts the economy and that collides together, then what happens? >> it's a recipe for disaster at this point, so many people will be forced out of work, you're going to have shelves that are going to be empty and it's not just a recipe for disaster, it's a recipe for unrest. people are starting to push back. we are seeing it from professional athletes, we are seeing it from members on the left in the media. there pushing back and it's going to get worse and people have had all they can take. the key is if they can just channel this and focus on elections and not let it get out of control but people are really angry. this is all coming together and
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not a good way and he's going to pay the price -- i think you're going to see the price paid in virginia coming up in november. >> sean: you really think virginia is winnable, that terry mcauliffe can lose. >> i do. >> sean: senator scott, thank you. we had the latest breaking news report on former president bill clinton, he is now been hospitalized. fox news medical contributor marty makary is with us. we wish the president well, we obviously have political differences but unlike liberals, actually care about human life, i hope he's going to be okay, what are the thoughts on what you hear? >> he was admitted to the university of california irvine medical center with what is described it to be a blood infection, specifically a condition known as sepsis, there is a wide variation in what sepsis is, it can be a mild infection or it can be
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life-threatening. we are told it is not covid and he is on the mend, we do wish him well and it looks like he's doing better on antibiotics. >> i have heard and you are right, varying degrees of it but the worst side of it can be very dangerous, can it not? >> as a matter of fact many people who die in an icu die of sepsis, it's when an infection goes out of control in one system and overwhelms the physiology of one system. 75 years of age, his immune defenses are going to be a little weaker. he has had a heart bypass seizure in the past, perhaps the physiology -- she's doing better. >> sean: we are going to get to the joe grogan story in a little bit here. why isn't everybody happy with
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whatever protocol he used that he's okay and healthy? how many times have i said i want every american in afghanistan home, i don't care what the politics are. if they are coming home to get me fired full time and work to get me fired full time, i still want them home, if every liberal that gets covid wants to get well to get me fired because they don't like my opinions, i still want them to get well. you don't often see that from the left. you can look at comments at different times, people anonymous in their basement in their underwear. of dr. mccarrick, thank you, will not follow the story throughout the night. explosive fox news reporting tonight giving you an inside look to the dangerous gap in central america with the migrants make their journey to the jungle in route to the u.s. border, it is a perilous journey. according to unicef, 19,000
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migrant children have crossed this dangerous jungle on the border of panama and columbia so far this year. our very own griff jenkins is giving you the first hand report on the ground with this exclusive reported, take a look at this. >> we are several hours into the darien gap jungle, many of these migrants have just arrived hours ago. they are tired, some of them are injured, they said they never expect anything like this, the death base, the challenges, one woman has a gash on her leg and another migrant told us his feet are killing him. another so tired, he simply couldn't talk. as we look at all of these migrants, exhausted they say they ultimately want to get to the united states, they believe now is the time to come because they want a better life. we talked to one of the migrants, he spoke somewhat good english.
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he has family in boston and in florida, he is determined to get to america with he and his wife, his a little bit of what he told us. >> very dangerous, very scared. >> did you see anyone die? >> i saw six people. >> it's and unbelievable testament to the humanity and the toll it's taking on these individuals. this is a very difficult situation, we have come to get a firsthand look as these migrants continue on their journey north of the u.s. >> sean: the devastating consequences of biden's open borders and amnesty agenda is as undeniable as ever tonight. reports they are getting more dire by the minute. look at this new report out of el salvador where four u.s.
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bound migrants were reportedly killed by smugglers, found dead in el salvador, including an 8-year-old boy. down in arizona, authorities this week seized over 50 pounds of fentanyl hidden under a truck bed, exposing the challenges our brave men and women, the border patrol agents, the things they face every single day as joe not only took an oath to uphold the laws of the land and our constitution, he's aiding and abetting lawbreaking. now all the resources are focused on this area where illegal immigrants are being processed into the country and it's just like we've shown you on this program night after night, bidens border policy is emboldening smugglers and human traffickers, even sex trafficking of young girls and drug cartels and gangs. its undermining american sovereignty. this is now the united sanctuary states of america under the
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cognitively weak joe biden. full-blown security humanitarian public health crisis, massive super-spreader event all ignored by the media. as far as people entering this country illegally, there is no need for a covid test or a vaccine passport, you don't get a vaccine mandate if you come in here illegally -- those rules are only for a week, the american people for you out there in tv land, not for illegal immigrants coming across the southern border and not respecting our law, our borders, our sovereignty. they get preferential treatment and get this -- we are learning tonight u.s. u.s. customs and border protection is projected to report over 2 million encounters with illegal immigrants in fiscal year 2021. weirdness at a 25, 35 year record by the time this is all done. when his circle back jen psaki, when is the dhs secretary going
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to admit to their border lies? admit to the crisis they created. jen psaki singh illegal immigrants don't need a covid test, they are going to be here very long. how stupid do they think we are? here with reaction, charlie hurt and jason chaffetz. we haven't really brought up as all of the limited resources of border patrol agents are focused on the areas where all of these immigrants are being processed since joe won't uphold the law and he's aiding and abetting them, that leaves the rest of the border wide open for the cartels and traffickers and gang members. your thoughts. >> if you build the border wall, border patrol agents can do what they want to do, the american taxpayers have already paid for the wall, we've seen pictures of the wall sitting there. this is what joe biden and kamala harris want, they want open borders, they want this
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surge of people, they are totally fine with the human trafficking, the human toll, the drugs that are coming across, i just want the biden-harris administration to enforce the law. donald trump has this fixed, he had it solved but that may change the policy and they created a disaster and they smile and chuckle. it is unbelievable to me that joe biden in 50 years has not been to the border and kamala harris did a flyby in el paso stopping at the airport. these people do not care, they have to be voted out. >> sean: they have to become a neat election integrity measures in a lot of states too, i would do that first, let's want i tell people. you can't allow illegal immigrants to vote which i understand, charlie, is happening in states like vermont in certain counties, is that true? >> yeah, what is extra troubling
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for democrats these days, polling shows that among legal hispanic voters, they are not down with any of this stuff, they are as horrified by this as the rest of americans are because it undermines -- it undermines their country, undermines their ability to work and undermines our health and our safety in the country. of course, the first reason we should enforce our border is because it's our right to enforce our border, its every country's right to enforce their border but beyond that and your report is an excellent one, showing how the humanitarian crisis in all of this is -- this is cruelty. this is unimaginable cruelty and the whole reason that we've had this debate in washington over the past ten years about the so-called dreamers is because of the suppose that concern the democrats have for the treatment of people who are in this country illegally. democrats, their policy
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positions as jason just point out is absolutely wide open. they want more people who are supposedly in this terrible situation that the dreamers are in and they don't want to fix the problem, they just want more illegals in the country because they want to change the electorate because they are crazy goofball disastrous policies -- nobody wants them, nobody who's here wants them. >> sean: the country sells citizenship. cyprus two and half million, trick you can get it, you can get it in new zealand -- >> people are dying to come here. >> sean: you could go to antigua or st. kitts or is commits something of great value. democrats now twice have tried to sneak into the reconciliation bill. they're going to offer some people something of great value, i don't care where you come from, just do it legally, that's all i ask. and we have a health check and a security check and you show the means to take care of yourself and not be a burden on on the
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american people. my question is why -- if all these other countries are selling it, why are democrats giving away something of great value like this? >> they don't care, charlie is right, they just want to win elections. we have a moral obligation to the people who are going to do it legally and lawfully, we bring in about a million people you're more than every other country on the face of the planet combined, we do it right here in the united states of america pick of the people who i want living next to me are people who did it legally and lawfully. if you did it legally you should get sent home. get rid of the reward incentive and get them deported, they are not -- do it legally and lawfully. >> sean: will give you citizenship and hope you vote democrat. >> their indentured voters. make you both, charlie good to see you, jason, thank you. we turn to another radical extreme socialist biden agenda
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dungeon is the president's court packing committee released their draft materials out of the final report. court packing is the democrats scheme to turn the supreme court into just another arm of the democratic party by adding far left activist justices. then grabbing power in their minds and perfect who that's why they want d.c. statehood and puerto rico statehood and more senators so they have a majority in the senate in perpetuity. they want to abolish the filibuster and do everything they can try to do to undermine key governing institutions. here with the latest developments fox news legal analyst, gregg jarrett. split on what to do, but now they add a twist -- we ought to change much more often. break it down for us. >> term limits. good luck with that. packing supreme court has always been a noxious idea, everybody knows it, but i didn't know was that, he famously denounced it
6:39 pm
as a boneheaded and he runs for president and during the campaign he didn't have the courage to stand by his own convictions. he feared it would alienate the liberals in his party that he's been sucking up to. he did what he always does, he pandered to the idea and when elected, he dodged. then he appointed this commission to study it, hoping to buy time and shift responsibility elsewhere. this is the antithesis of leadership but it's classic joe biden. he's the charlie brown of presidents. tortiously wishy-washy. roosevelt tried packing the court, he failed spectacularly and biden is no fdr. as a practical matter it's not going to happen. you would need a constitutional amendment as you and i just said the term which is what that mission favors -- that's not going to happen. you would have to have two-thirds of the house and the senate and three quarters of the
6:40 pm
state ratifying him a zero chance. democrats would also have to blow up the filibuster in order to add justices to the court. that's not going to happen, even if they did that, they don't have the votes. that would have to have all democrats on board and they don't have it. most importantly, this is politically toxic. look at the polling data, consistently showing americans are vehemently opposed. the backlash, can you imagine it at the ballot box next year and beyond? would be enormous. as for the commission itself, pretty much a joke in my judgment. pretends to be bipartisan, staffed with people left of center come out right liberals. laurence tribe became so unhinged he called trump a terrorist, you have a sense for just how incensed this commission really is and commissions never alter public
6:41 pm
opinion. this thing looks to be dead in the water as it should be. >> sean: gregg jarrett, thank you for that analysis, all one big power grab. the constitution be and shredded in the process. the network continuing to follow the case around lieutenant colonel stuart schaller, whose video slamming biden's reckless afghanistan exit went viral and let him actually be abruptly thrown in the break and jailed. now lieutenant colonel scheller this week had to plead guilty to all charges during his court-martial hearing. republican congressman louie gohmert was in the courtroom today and he spoke out in defense of lieutenant colonel scheller. here to explain more is louie gohmert, great to have you back. he served 17 years, six tours of duty, one for an entire year or longer. he told the truth about
6:42 pm
afghanistan. he's willing to retire and leave the pension on the table, takes a lot of courage. what we did to these fellow americans and green card holders and our allies is unforgivable and it's repulsive to me. >> you made a critical point and his lawyers pointed out today. they came out against him, he did get thrown in the brig for days and that was completely contrived. they said he was a threat to himself, he was a flight risk, he was a flight risk? they never even bothered to call his cell phone -- they all had at and yet they got him arrested and threw him in the brig. they came after him for making these statements publicly about the need for accountability. they won all the battles and yet biden and his generals lost the war, they surrendered, but not
6:43 pm
one word was said during the whole trial that anything that lieutenant colonel scheller ever said was not true. didn't have any evidence. >> sean: if you're a lawyer, the truth is supposed to be defense, i guess the truth doesn't matter and you can't speak truth to power. i know a lot of people want to help him and hopefully over the course of the next few days, we will find out opportunities that will be presented to. >> all the evidence is income a decision in the morning. >> thanks for all your doing as always, thank you. when we come back you don't want to miss this. fake news cnn, the medical contributor, dr. sanjay gupta makes a stunning admission. it was a beat down by joe rogan. we've got the tape and also
6:44 pm
breaking news tonight, bill clinton hospitalized in california, we will update you on his condition straight-ahead to.
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forced him to admit that fake news cnn shouldn't have called his covid treatment therapy of choice horsedealer warmer and admit his network dispute lies about the numerous therapeutics, apparently he took a number of them and thank god he got well. why can't we sit back and say we're glad you're better? and sit and enjoy this ass kicking. >> they said i was taking horsedealer warmer, it was prescribed to me by a doctor. >> they should have said it was horsey wimmer. >> a bunch of other medications. >> if you got a human pill because of her people that were taking the veterinary medication -- or not to. you got it from a doctor so that should be called that. >> doesn't bother you that the news network he worked for out and out lied, lied about me taking horsedealer warmer? >> they shouldn't have said that. >> why did they do that? >> i don't know.
6:51 pm
>> you didn't ask, through the medical guy over there. >> i didn't ask. >> sean: it looked like he looked very uncomfortable, here with reaction host of the rubin report, dave rubin along with fox news contributor, we call him leo terrel. he just choked him out, he kicked their ass, it was awesome, i loved it. >> it was beautiful. the doctor left his safety net, he gambled. he went on his show and got taken to the woodshed to. he had to tell the truth because the medical community was watching him, he was between a rock and a hard place. he may get canceled because he goes back to cnn and now he has to lick his wounds. he made a mistake but what happened was the truth was told. cnn has been lying about alternative medicine to covid-19. >> sean: i'm not a doctor, i didn't go to medical school, i tell people check with your doctors, monoclonal antibodies,
6:52 pm
ask your doctor the questions, let you and your doctor decide. is there a lawsuit here? then we will get to dave. >> i'll tell you right now, there's a lawsuit for those individuals in my opinion who are being forced to take the mandated vaccine. one a vaccine does not inoculate you or prevent transmission, there is a viable alternative. joe grogan proved that. all those individuals are being forced -- you have a lawsuit waiting to win. >> sean: joe, i say dave rubin, get to have you back, i think joe should sue. >> you may not have a medical degree but you are certainly qualified to be the chief medical correspondent on cnn as pretty much is everyone watching right now. what is interesting about what happened there, isn't exactly that he said he has natural antibodies and he's healthy and he did these treatments and got it from a doctor, it's that he
6:53 pm
full on said to a cnn guy, you are a liar and your network is full of liars. that actually is the truth. you could see he was so uncomfortable, stammering and couldn't get a word out, wasn't sure what to say and that is the other problem. i've been on rogan a couple times, when you're on that show you're on for a good three hours, you talk to you can't talk anymore and you don't know what you're saying. three hours. >> don't drink a lot of coffee before you go out there. >> if you don't know what you're talking about, it's going to come out to. when he points to him and say why do you guys allow lies? he was sort of like we are cnn, we are in the business of lying. that's kind of what they are. >> sean: the therapeutic i find most interesting to me anecdotally i believe in the most that i would urge people to ask their doctors about if they get it -- i'm trying to be
6:54 pm
responsible. i'm not playing doctor like these idiots in washington, these idiots on radio in these idiots on tv. but if you're informed, what are monoclonal antibodies, should i take it? what are your thoughts? i want people to ask informed questions, you can't even bring up these issues -- 20 seconds. >> you can't bring them up because there is a strategy by the government, by joe biden to mandate this against everyone. there are freedoms, liberties, medical rights that every individual has and the government one-size-fits-all does not work. people have a legal right to challenge this medically and legally. >> sean: more "hannity" right after this.
6:55 pm
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>> sean: unfortunately that's all the time we have left this evening, we thank you for making the show possible. we hope you set your dvr so you never miss an episode. ten seconds early, let not your heart be troubled, laura ingraham starting trouble, go ahead. >> laura: i think viewers have to understand that it's a friendly rivalry, right? >> sean: is not a rivalry. >> laura: it's kind of a back and whatever. it goes pretty deep and it's not just about politics, watch. >> sean: oh, my god. >> laura: did you enjoy that? i know you think you know krav maga but you don't know who else might know more than you at any given point in


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