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tv   Tucker Carlson Tonight  FOX News  October 14, 2021 5:00pm-6:00pm PDT

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300,000? that's a lot. all right, carley, if i offended you, i'm sorry. >> thank you for involving me. i'm over it. >> jesse: not a spectro-sexual, just want to clear that up. thanks for watching "fox news primetime," we will be out tomorrow, and the book is still available, "how i saved the world." my friend tucker carlson is next. ♪ ♪ >> tucker: good evening, and welcome to "tucker carlson tonight." in january of 2000, bill clinton gave his final state of the union address to congress. clinton used that speech to push for dropping trade barriers against the government of china. here is the argument he made. allowing china into the world trade organization, clinton promised america, would "open china's markets to the united states" and "plainly advance the cause of peace in
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asia and the cause of change in china." in his last year in office, clinton made expanding the chinese economy one of his most important priorities. to do that he appointed a lobbyist called steve machete and put him in charge of the project. fast forward to today, china has been a member of the world trade organization for 20 years. steve has written an even higher in democratic politics and is a top white house aide to joe biden. as for china, it has changed as bill clinton promised it would. china is now the richest country in the world, police state is far more efficient authoritarian even then it was under chairman mao. china is a much larger threat in united states and its neighbors, as far from peace in asia as we have been since 1945. the american manufacturing sector is gone, evaporated, most products are made in china theater maybe you seen the pictures of cargo ships strung out into the pacific, struggling to get to a port to unload
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containers. you will hear this described as part of the global supply chain, but that intentionally understate what is actually is. what you are looking at our america's supply lines. at this point we are effectively totally dependent on a faraway headquarter for the things we need to live. here's what it looks like. >> why so many empty shelves? u.s. ports are backed up. >> take a look at this. cargo ships sitting in the sea waiting to pull into port. it is causing major u.s. retailers like walmart, home depot, and costco, to turn to a private cargo ships in a rush to fill shelves for the holiday season. on the road, there is a shortage of truck drivers. >> the white house says it is addressing the issues fueled by covid-19, a labor shortage, and increased demand. >> tucker: suddenly, for the first time in generations, americans are having trouble buying basic necessities, things they need. a new poll by rasmussen found
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62% of americans said they had shortages in stores where they live. the things they can buy are suddenly much more expensive. >> the labor department reporting wednesday, meats, poultry, fish, eggs increased a combined 10.5% since september of 2020. but it is not just food prices skyrocketing, the consumer price index shows up, up 5.4% for a year ago. more paying at the pump, natural gas price rose $1 since last year, aaa showing the average price per gallon up from $2.18 in 2020, to $3.29 this year. the social security administration says inflation is why nearly 70 million americans receiving social security benefits will see a nearly 6% increase in payments next year. the highest increase in four decades. >> tucker: there are no signs that fundamentally any of this is going to improve any time soon. in fact, on wednesday, the administration acknowledged that
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your heating bills are likely to jump by more than 50% this winter. those are the kind of things people actually notice. it hurts when you get poorer, and many people are getting poorer. but strangely, the ministry she has refused to acknowledge it. let anything, they are salivating at. last night, a harvard professor called jason furman, closely aligned with the what biden white house, sent this tweet, "most of the economic problems we are facing from inflation, supply chains, et cetera, are high-class problems. we wouldn't have had them if the unemployment rate was still 10%." in other words, you ought to be thrilled to have less money, it means we are winning. ron klain, joe biden's chief of staff at the white house, promptly endorsed that tweet. and that is delusion. or maybe it is intentional. you pretend your failures are victories and some people will doubtless believe you. that seems to work in afghanistan, maybe it will work here. that could be there thinking. but it won't hear work here bece domestic policy is not the same as -- people notice when you cannot
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buy presents for your children or keep your house warm in january. these are not symbolic problems, these are measurable declines in your family standard of living and they have consequences. if economic decline continues and it seems likely to continue, you will see a profound political reset in this country. and here is why. the only reason americans have put up with the endless awoke garbage the left turns out by the gallon is because they can afford to put up with at. for generations, this has been a very rich country and affluence covers a multitude of sin. people will tolerate a lot of things they disagree with, as long as gas is cheap and amazon deliveries keep coming. but when a society becomes poor rare, people's attitudes change, and they change fast. for one thing, they become much less patient when they are mistreated. you are firing me right before christmas because i won't take your shot? no, i'm resisting that. you are telling me my son can't get a job because he is the wrong school skin color? that's wrong and i'm going to fight it.
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et cetera, et cetera. politics will look very different in a company with permanent shortages. and this may be an unpleasant surprise for the democrat party. the progressive left's entire program is built on the presumption of endless, boundless affluence. of course we can afford that, we are rich. people like nancy pelosi and sandy cortez and rashida tlaib believe that. they believe it as a matter of faith. they talk about economics, but they have no idea how the actual economy works. they don't know anything about the great american affluence machine. they never really had jobs. the one thing they know for certain, dead certain, is that every good thing must be free, it has to be. but that is not how life works. certainly not in countries that don't hold the world reserve currency. there is a reason they don't have drag queen story hour in mexico. people worried about -- they don't have time for that kind of nonsense. we are about to become a lot more like mexico. it turns out our economy was
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much more fragile than we thought it was. if we had known that earlier, we might not have elected an economic illiterate like joe biden as president. here is joe biden during the campaign its plaintive cnn anchors that actually, printing trillions of new dollars for wasteful government socialist programs will reduce inflation. >> pumping all of this money into the economy, couldn't that add to -- >> look, here is the deal. wall street firm, not some liberal think tank, said if we pass the other two things i'm trying to get done, we will in fact reduce inflation, reduce inflation, reduce inflation. because we are going to be providing good opportunities and jobs for people who, in fact, are going to be reinvesting that money back into all the things we're talking about. >> tucker: did i say the campaign? he was actually present when he said that. that was this june, when he stood on stage, looked under the camera and told us when you make more money and print more u.s.
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dollars, the value of u.s. dollars goes up. then you watch the cnn anchors not like livestock. it made sense to them. but of course it is ludicrous. is just about every sane person has acknowledge since, inflation is rising, the u.s. government hasn't devalued the u.s. dollars by making too many, they are not worth much. but still, the white house does not seem concerned. pete buttigieg has been on leave from his job since august after adopting a child, paternity leave, they call it, trying to figure out how to breastfeed, i wonder how that went. now he is back in office at as the transportation secretary and he is deeply amused, he said, to see dozens of container ships can't make it into this country. >> as we are looking at the supply chain issues, how bad are they going to get four americans, and i'm talking specifically, you know, leading here into the december holidays, where people are relying on getting goods, on getting presents. >> i think there has always been two kinds of christmas shoppers.
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there is the one so have all their lists completed by halloween, and then there's people like me who show up at the mall on christmas eve. if you are in that latter bucket, obviously there is going to be more challenges. >> tucker: kind of a funny little dorky dad story, i wait until the last minute to shop for christmas. that is not the point, pete do buttigieg, you are the transportation secretary and our -- is broken. is not a problem? no, it is amusing. the deeper truth is people can get goods, our leaders outsource production to another country and they want you to believe it is a good thing. they want you so badly to believe it is a good thing, their allies in the media are repeating that message verbatim. >> i talked last night, he explained to me about the supply chains, it is a terrible and people want to get their things but it is also an indicator the economy is doing well. people want to buy things, and
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it is backed up. let's look at the park, hate, the economy is great and people can buy things, they are out and about and want to buy -- i think it is a little spinning. >> it is spinning from understrength to make people feel good. >> tucker: we are not making the case for credentials or expertise. just because someone teaches at harvard does not mean he is wise or even smart. but when you open your segment on economics by saying "i talked to a public radio host who does a show with the word economics and the title and here's what i learned" -- [laughter] you are not trying very hard, especially when his conclusion is inflation is a measure of our success? be grateful you can no longer afford to eat meat, you are doing your part for climate change. things are going to change if this continues, you can believe that. the author of "woke inc." and a very smart man, he joins us tonight. thanks so much for coming on. your parents came to this country from another country, one of the things immigrant families have that native-born
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americans don't is an appreciation of the fragility of economies. they don't imagine that everyone is going to be rich for all time just because they were born in a rich country, and watching these people talk, you really feel like that is what they believe, this can kind of go on forever, keep printing the money, everyone has more than enough, more drag time story hours. >> exactly, tucker. first of all, talk about being woke, it is the ultimate privilege, the reason you do not see wokeness infecting poor countries, they have bigger things to worry about the people putting food on the table, this is the ultimate privilege. now the united states goes from being well-off to being less well off and all the ways you laid out, inflation, supply chain shortages, watching foreign policy disasters abroad, the people in power, the biden administration using and projecting these progressive values as a smoke screen to deflect accountability for their actual policy failures, so you mark my words, tucker, the more inflation we see, the more supply chain shortages we see from in a more foreign policy disasters we see, the more you're going to see the biden
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administration talking about racism or misogyny or bigotry or whatever as a way of changing the subject. tucker, you saw it in afghanistan, for example, the taliban coming to power, actual terrace coming to power in a place we left a couple months ago but the thing we are actually talking about with merrick garland's domestic terrorism in the form of parents actually putting up protests to the way their kids are being taught in schools, classic example of changing the subject, and mark my words, you are going to see more of it. >> tucker: you blame the records for the failure of the potato harvest. white supremacist, no one has ever seen one, but they are everywhere. i think that is a pretty hard case to make, though in the face of increasing poverty. can you actually convince people they are getting poorer because qanon is bad? >> you have this battle on the left, tucker, not a lot of people on the right appreciate this distinction. the occupy wall street left mostly left in the stands for ten years, then you have the new woke left that has actually held the reins over power. as you begin to see economic
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recession and economic consequences of this country and you begin to see inflation -- gas prices go up, i think you are going to see the rise of the occupy wall street left come back, and we are on the left need to go back to arguing about economic inequality as a fault to talking about racism and misogyny and bigotry. i think it's great to be a good thing for the left and this country because that is ultimately what the left and right ought to be arguing about. they have different views on redistribution or taxation policy or the right economic policies, but we need to be talking about our reliance on china, not a left-wing or right-wing issue. both parties guilty over the last 30 years. getting us back on topic and talking about the things we need to be talking but as opposed to the woke smoke the biden administration and their corporate cronies blow every day to change the subject. >> tucker: i couldn't agree more. this is a great country and what it deserves this conversation, we have not had one per year. thank you so much. >> good seeing you.
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>> tucker: so the governor of washington state, jay inslee, complete the out-of-control commands instituted a vaccine mandate that mirrors the federal mandate from the biden administration, thousands of state employees come first responders, teachers, will be fired as soon as monday. seattle alone is looking to lose about 400 police officers. in the city of san francisco, which is unoccupied, essentially, because of crime and disorder, more than 100 officers have already been pulled off the force because they refused to get a shot they don't want. seattle-based talk show host jason rantz is one of the few covering this lunacy enjoins us now with a report. jason, good to see you. if that many police officers in a city on the brink like seattle, what does that mean? >> it means total chaos but it has to be a discussion that is more than just the police, you will have thousands of washingtonians being fired on monday, either for being unvaccinated or increasingly just refusing to turn over their private medical records. you have roughly 10% of state
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agency workers who are going to be fired, and this is every single agency pretty much is getting impacted. state patrol, department of corrections, ironically, the department of health, any worker that is fired over this mandate won't be able to collect unemployment because the state considers this to be a voluntary resignation. so they are not even treating it as an actual firing. we are told we are not going to see any service interruption on the same day the ferry system announced a 40% reduction in routes moving forward. also impacted our public and private schools. you've got teachers, principals, coaches, all going to be fired. i spoke to a married couple this week who work at walla walla community college, three kids, deeply held religious beliefs, they also had covid, they were covered, and now they are being told they are going to be out of a job on monday, but you are right, the biggest concern is around public health and safety of the washington state hospital association, saying we can expect thousands of firings statewide from nurses and
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doctors, lab techs, even the janitorial staff that work at these hospitals. that delay -- that will lead to a delay of surgeries, of prenatal checkups, and then you go to seattle, where it is all connected. you have a historic rate of homicides right now. we already have a staffing crisis in seattle, as far as the police department, and so 400 officers haven't turned in their vaccine paperwork, but of that number, you've got about a hundred or so that have specifically asked for accommodations, and they have been rejected, so they are going to be fired if they don't comply and they are being told the wore unvaccinated for the last 18 months is somehow no more dangerous. which doesn't make any sense. >> tucker: of course not. vaccinated people can spread the virus. you'd think they could die from it. i really appreciate your point. we don't know whether any of these people are vaccinated or not, some just don't want to give their medical records to the government. you should give your medical
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records to the doctor, i would never give my medical records to anybody but a doctor under any circumstances. i appreciate people standing on that principle. jason rantz, thank you. >> thanks, tucker. >> tucker: so you are seeing some dissent in this country from people with something to lose. dave chappelle, a comedian, kari irving, an nba player, all of a sudden, you are seeing people standing up and saying what they really think, even when they are attacked and threatened with destruction. that's interesting. and it's inspiring. jason whitlock joins us after the break to discuss. ♪ ♪
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ever wonder how san francisco became the greenest big city in america? just ask the employee owners of recology. we built the recycling system from the ground up, helping san francisco become the first city in the country to have a universal recycling and composting program for residents and businesses. but it all starts with you. let's keep making a differene together.
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♪ ♪ >> tucker: an nba player called kylie irving has very publicly decided not to take the covid shot. the tv works for, the brooklyn nets, responded by punishing him, saying he will not be allowed to placing a game this season. here is how irving explained his decision. >> don't believe that i am retiring. don't believe that, you know, i'm going to give up this game for a vaccine mandate or staying
5:23 pm
unvaccinated. pay attention to what is going on out in the real world. people are losing their jobs to these mandates. people are having to make choices with their old lives. i'm always going to stay true to be, and that is me, this is my life. i get to do whatever i want with this. this is one body i get, what god body i get here. and you are telling me what to do with my body, it has nothing to do with the organization had come by going to put that out there, nothing to do with the mets or my teammates, it has to do with what is going on in our. >> tucker: so there is an american who thinks he should not be told to take medicine he does not want to. the difference is by taking that stance, he is losing millions and millions of dollars, that is kind of interesting. he clearly means that. he is not the only famous person willing to say things and then suffer for saying them. in his latest comedy special, dave chappelle makes a very basic observation about the nature of biology. watch. >> i agree.
5:24 pm
i agree, man. gender is a fact. you have to look at it from a woman's perspective. look at it like this. caitlyn jenner, who i have met, wonderful person, caitlyn jenner was voted woman of the year. her first year as a woman. ain't that something? beat every [bleep] in detroit, she's better than all of it. i would be mad as [bleep] about it. >> tucker: he goes on like that for about an hour and 15 minutes, it's actually worth watching. netflix is under enormous pressure to pull it off the air. so far, they haven't. it is hard to think watching this that we are not watching something that is more significant than just basketball and comedy. what is it, exactly? jason whitlock has thought deeply about and it has a new column explaining how this is courage and could be infectious. jason whitlock joins us now. jason, thank you so much for coming on. it was such a great piece. will you summarize it for our viewers? >> well, tucker, my argument is
5:25 pm
that men are being emasculated, we are being castrated, particularly those of us with traditional christian values, and i can't say that kylie irving or dave chappelle are aware of the larger deal that is going on with men, but they can feel it. tyree irving is being forced and a lot of americans are being forced to take the vaccine when there is no real proof that tyree irving's health is in jeopardy if he does not take the vaccine. the guy is 29 years old, in great physical condition, his chances of being damaged by covid are merely -- it is the same as being struck by lightning, it's just not going to happen to him, but he is being forced, and he is being forced to bow out and being forced to end willing to be a voice for all these other americans and force a conversation that needs to happen because no one else is standing up for these people,
5:26 pm
and dave chappelle has come a hold on, as a black man, and as someone with traditional male values, i don't know if dave is a christian or muslim or whatever, but he hasn't male energy. he is being forced into the closet about his beliefs. again, those of us with traditional male energy, male values, christian values, we are having to conceal who we are in this modern american culture, and it is good to see dave chappelle pushed back, and so i think we are starting to see in a lot of entertaining -- we saw with nicki minaj, haiti, with the vaccine, hey, this isn't fair, but it is critical that men stand up because we are the ones being bullied into the closet if we have any traditional values, and i think a lot of people -- this is why my show is dedicated, and i appreciate you lending me your platform from time to time, but
5:27 pm
on my "fearless" podcast, what i am trying to do is explain to all men, regardless of color, we've got to get in this together. you can't look at this and go "oh, what look what is happenino black guys," and not understand, you are next. you are next. they are in your schools, emasculating you right now in critical race theory, and teaching your kids you are the worst people on the planet. they have come for us. from the great society initiative and the total emasculation of the black man and the creation of the welfare state and running the man out of the black family, and now we have all these confused and clueless and dysfunctional kids, i'm telling you, you're next. and if we don't come together, those of us that believe in a higher power, those of us who believe in god and jesus, those of us with traditional male values, if we don't come
5:28 pm
together regardless of our skin color, we are all going down. this country will force us all into the closet, and then when they are done forcing us into the closet, they are just going to eliminate us from this culture. it is in the process of happening. we have to come together, tucker. >> tucker: we will not accept corporate androgyny, which is being forced from above, really from the government and the corporate world on the population peered i could not agree with you more. i think what you just said is inspiring. i don't know why people haven't been saying this for decades but i hope people will listen to what you just said, read your piece, and realize time is short. jason whitlock, thank you so much. >> thank you. >> tucker: so, we brought you a couple different stories about lieutenant colonel stu schaller of the united states marine corps, who was the one person commissioned person, the marine corps, we saw stand up and asked what happened in afghanistan and also the only person we are aware of to being
5:29 pm
punished for the debacle in afghanistan. he did nothing wrong. he was sent to jail by the pentagon for criticizing american policy in afghanistan. we have an update on where he is tonight straight ahead. ♪ ♪ strength. people sometimes don't want to talk about mental health, they don't want to talk about problems that they might have that aren't physical, but those problems are just as real. i have this disease you know, and it makes it awkward that i have to explain myself or prove myself in certain situations. a lot of times i'm not feeling good or you know not having a good day, but through the music i'm able to have a good day by expressing something that feels good to me that i can pass onto others. one of my favorite phrases to share with not only my kids but anybody is never compare your insides to someone else's outsides. we are creating conversation we are raising awareness
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and we're kicking the hell out of this stigma saying get away from the people we love the most. ♪♪
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>> tucker: stu scheller has spent his life as a marine officer, now a lieutenant colonel, and he watched as they withdraw from afghanistan became a debacle. he looked around and he asked, who is taking responsibility for this disaster and the damage it has caused to america? he said that in public. so the pentagon respond and not by answering his questions but by throwing him in jail. he also said his wife left him after he posted the videos. this afternoon, scheller pleaded guilty to all the charges against him at a court-martial in north carolina, charged with attempt toward officials and conduct unbecoming an officer and a gentleman. as part of a plea agreement, scheller will resign his written commission and faces a maximum
5:35 pm
punishment of forfeiting two-thirds of pay for 12 months, according to "the washington post," that could amount to a lot of money. sentencing friday and we will bring you the latest when that happens. what a story. lynn savage is a retired sheriff's deputy in jacksonville, florida. she was arrested, or crime? she wanted to stay with her and daughter amber after she recovered from brain surgery. amber is nonverbal. when lynn savage refused to leave her daughter's side, she was arrested by the police. lynn savage joins us. lynn savage come appreciate you coming on. it upset me to read that script. tell us what happened to you. >> my daughter had a stroke in 2015, as a result of the strokey removed part of her skull to reduce the swelling, and then they replaced that portion of the skull over several years,
5:36 pm
that portion of the skull fell o fuse to her brain. so, we went in on monday to have that taken care of. what they would do is go income of the same incision, take that skull out, because the weight of it was affecting her aphasia an- she is nonverbal, and they would replace it with a prosthesis. >> tucker: so the hospital set at 7:00, you have to leave your daughter's side. tell us -- please name the hospital, if you would. a hospital is this? >> university of florida, max leggett. >> tucker: they told her you had to leave because covid, and you said no. what happened next? >> i told them i wasn't going to leave my daughter's side. she had taken a turn for the worse. they did another mri, and this mri was worse than the one after her surgery.
5:37 pm
also, her body temperature had fallen below 90 degrees, and amber does not speak, and prior to that, she had just become frantic, and she was pulling out tubes and things, so the doctor asked me to stay there and keep her calm, which is what i was doing. i had been with her since 6:30 in the morning. and what i was doing was just keeping her calm, and i am pretty much her advocate for communication and decision-making, because she is nonverbal. >> tucker: patients need advocates and all of us have seen loved ones left without advocates in the hospital, you never want to leave a loved ones, ever. so they arrested you. what did the hospital say? nurses are nice people, did anyone say this is outrageous and you should not be arrested for staying with your daughter? >> the nurse came in and said visiting hours are over at 7:00, and i asked her to please
5:38 pm
contact somebody to make an exception because it amber, she was frantic, and she was unable to communicate, she was scared to death. the nurse refused to do that, then she called security, and i explained to them that i am not leaving my daughter. they have packed her in this rubber thing to bring her body temperature down. she was frantic. and i was able to help her breathe and be there, somebody that she understood and that she knew, and i wanted to stay, and i told them that i wasn't leaving. she said -- the nurse that she would have to call security. i said do whatever you have to do, but i'm not leaving my daughter's side. >> tucker: good for you. good for you. i wish more americans would take that -- thank you for doing what you did. they handcuffed you? >> yes, they handcuffed me behind my back and let me out to the cruiser where i sat for three hours with my hands cuffed behind my back. >> tucker: what was your crime?
5:39 pm
were you spreading covid to people? i mean, what did you do wrong, exactly? >> stayed past 7:00. they decided that visiting hours are over at 7:00 and i should leave, and i told them that i cannot, in good conscience, leave my daughter when i don't know whether she is going to live through the night, and that i wanted to stay, and they needed to do whatever it is they needed to do, that i wasn't leaving voluntarily. they would have to take me out of there in handcuffs, and that's exactly what they did. >> tucker: well, they should be arrested. that is one of the worst things i've ever heard. that is awful and i hope they are punished for it severely. have they apologize to you? >> the police officer that arrested me kept trying to talk me into just going home. he didn't want to arrest me. he tried to talk me into going home, and i'm telling you, go ahead, but i'm going back up to see my daughter, but i am not leaving my daughter if i don't know she is going to live. >> tucker: welcome i hope that
5:40 pm
hospital faces consequences for what they did to you. that is absolutely awful. lynn savage -- no compassion. thank you. >> tucker: thank you very much. >> thank you. >> tucker: so the biden administration says it is going to use the irs to monitor what is in your bank account. one state treasurer, one, says he is not going to comply. he is joining us next, and we are proud to have him. we'll be right back. ♪ ♪
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♪ ♪ >> tucker: joe biden wants to know what is in your bank account. joe biden has a right to know what is it your bank account because joe biden is in charge of you, your body, and your finance, so the biden administration will now -- essentially all bank accounts. treasury secretary janet yellen said we are doing this to stop tax fraud among high income individuals. >> we have a tax gap that over the next decade is estimated at $7 trillion, namely a shortfall in the amount the irs has collected due to a failure of
5:46 pm
individuals to report the income they have earned. >> that is among billionaires, is that among people who are transferring $600? >> no, it tends to be among high income individuals whose income is opaque, and the irs doesn't receive a lot of information about it. there is a lot of tax fraud and cheating going on. >> tucker: right. you know in your heart they are not going to pay one more dollar in taxes and you are going to get audited, that is what this is about, that is why the threshold of $600, not $6 million. the treasury secretary of missouri has figured this out, not going to comply, we are happy to have him on. thanks for coming on. why are you refusing to comply? >> thanks for having become a tucker. >> tucker: of course. >> we run the state 529 plan, a college savings program and a
5:47 pm
bank account program for people's with disabilities, essentially supposed to keep that information private and not turn it over to anybody much less the federal government. if congress passes this proposal from treasury and says hey, states, you have to turn over this information, i am saying we are not going to comply with that, we're going to fire it. treasury from nebraska is in me with this fight, as well as other treasuries, part of the state fiscal officer foundation, we are going to fight this, if it goes to court, we will fight it, if we have to take it to the supreme court, that is what we will do. >> tucker: i don't know if you pulled on it, but what percentage of residents, voters in the state of missouri, in favor of snooping on fake accounts with $600 on them? is anybody in favor of that? >> there is bipartisan opposition to this. obviously some democrats in congress have been very quiet about it, but nobody should be okay with the irs having carte blanche access to every transaction you make, it is a
5:48 pm
massive invasion of privacy and a violation of american's fourth amendment rights and we have to fight back against it. >> tucker: amen. i am so glad that you are. the tragedy of the past few years, elected officials have not fought back against anything meaningful, it is all performative. have you seen anyone defend -- i'm just interested, and elected official defend this and say we really need access to $600 level bank accounts? >> well, they keep talking about, there is a tax gap and it is all about taxing the wealthy, than anybody looking at this news that is not what this is about. $600, you are not getting wealthy, you're getting every american with a bank account, this is not about highe people are big businesses are small businesses. it does not matter if you're making $10 million or $10,000, they want to see how you spend every single dollar. and frankly, there is a family that would not want that, it would be the biden family. as the irs has time on their hands, looking at who is paying for hunter biden's finger paintings and work their way down from there.
5:49 pm
we let this happen, it's going to be something else after this, and we have to fight back against it. >> tucker: i mean, i'm no tax expert, but if you want to make the truly rich pay more, you would close the carried interest loophole, wouldn't you? and if you really wanted to, you a tax capital at the same rate of labor, leaf peoples bank accounts alone. without one change with the one change, why are they doing that? >> really, it is about more than taxes. it is about scaring people. that is the way they operate. that is the new way in the biden administration and they are going to continue to do this. we have seen with maxi mandates, trying to force people to do thn over their bank account information. >> tucker: they are making me pro-crypto, i have never felt that way until now. scott fitzpatrick, very smart state treasurer, thanks for coming on. >> hey, thanks for having me.
5:50 pm
>> tucker: so, they are still coming. thousands, tens of thousands, millions of people from other countries marching on our southern border. the biden administration is letting the men. meanwhile, women are traffic, children are traffic by the cartels at record levels. elected officials doing nothing to stop it so who is doing something to stop it? we will tell you next. musical
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>> tucker: the southern border is wide open and it has been, that fact has allowed cartels from latin america that traffic women and children with impunity, they think they're getting new voters. one congressional candidate in nashville, tennessee, is willing to go to the border, he's led a rally there that brought hundreds of people, most of them hispanic to the rio grande to demand the federal government begin to enforce its own laws.
5:56 pm
that candidate is robbie starbucks, he joins us tonight. you are in nashville but you went down to the mexican border to leave this demonstration, why? >> absolutely. in tennessee, we have a rich history of going down to texas and helping when our country needs help, first with davy crockett during the alamo and tens of thousands of tennesseans during the mexican-american war and the truth is i see what's happening at the border as a crisis for the whole country. we are all border states under this administration when they are allowing this flood of people in. i thought it was important to be led by hispanic leaders, this was my wife's idea who's not hispanic -- we knew it was important for us to be there and show up and say this is our country and we do not want it to be fundamentally torn apart by these people in power right now because that's what they are trying to do, they are trying to destroy america and everything this country stands for, even myself as a cuban-american, i
5:57 pm
felt it was so important for us to stand up and say no more, we need to enforce our laws, we need to finish building the wall and we need to stop this spirit of the democrats made this a moral argument for a long time. if we meet them on that ground and say let's stop defending ourselves when they do that, let's go and meet them, go on offense, and let's say what is truly immoral. i think it's truly a moral that we have policies that result in the worst human trafficking that we have ever seen, the worst child trafficking and sex trafficking we have seen at our southern border, that's what's immoral and that's why we did it. >> tucker: the managerial class is so clueless they imagine everyone with a latin last name is loyal to an ethnic group and wants open borders. i'm looking at the poll numbers and those that suggest that's not true at all, they have no idea what they're talking about. there's not much support for this among people with spanish last names in the state of texas, what is your view?
5:58 pm
>> that's absolutely correct, recent polling shows only 21% of latinos and hispanic people approve of biden's immigration plans. just like every one else they are pushing out it's part of their marxist plan to destroy america. they want to attack everything we americans love and cherish, family, faith, freedoms, futures for kids. there going to come to regret what they've done here. they've woken up lions like me, ideological warriors who are fed up with establishment politicians and they are going to say we are going to do this job ourselves. i burn down a career in hollywood because i knew we needed people who had nothing to lose to go up there and fight for america, fight for our values and our freedom. our people there right now aren't doing a good enough job. >> tucker: they certainly are not. as you look around, you running
5:59 pm
for office -- republicans think they're going to take congress back. but are there a lot of new republican candidates who share your views and not the views of the people running right now? >> i think we are going to see a wave of lions in 2022 come in, not just inspired by what the biden administration has done but also inspired by saying you know what? we are sick of these mitt romney, liz cheney rhinos that fought for corporate oligarchs, not going to see the ground professionally for the rest of our days until our party could no longer win on election. that is why we are doing this. there is going to be a wave of us and i guarantee it's going to fundamentally change the future of america and we are going to be better off for it. we are coming for those people in primaries and they better be ready. in my seat it's not so much of an issue because i'm in the lead already but in other states where they have two primary someone, we are going to beat
6:00 pm
them and they need to be ready for it. >> tucker: that would make a difference, for sure. thanks so much. we are out of time, it could go on forever but we are time limited to one hour, we'll be back tomorrow night at 8:00 p.m., the show that's a sworn enemy of lying, pomposity, smugness, and groupthink. now the great sean hannity takes over. >> sean: thank you, welcome to "hannity." we have a lot of ground to cover, a lot i mean including joe rogan's kicking cnn's ass in person. developing come of the islamic of afghanistan. >> americans held hostage abandoned behind enemy lines, day 61. your president joe biden does not care, he turned the page 40 days ago, he has not m


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