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tv   Special Report With Bret Baier  FOX News  October 14, 2021 3:00pm-4:00pm PDT

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this is the lion with open mouth. >> i like the mustang. >> i will go with the mustang too. >> eagle. >> mustang. >> yeah, the mustang! >> i think it's the mustang. i want to pop somebody. >> i feel like you want to pop all of us today. that is it for us, "special report" is up next, hey, bret. >> bret: i want to speak up for the lion with the open mouth. thanks, guys. ♪ ♪ good evening, i'm bret baier, coming to you again tonight from fox news world headquarters in new york and breaking tonight, another got punched for the u.s. economy under president biden as the pace of inflation at the wholesale level skyrockets almost 9% in september from a year ago. several experts now are saying this inflation is not transitory at all. all of this occurs against the backdrop of a growing supply chain crisis which could limit product availability and eventually drive up prices even
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further as americans head into the busy holiday shopping season. tonight the administration is trying to spin a retreat from one of its top people, calling these issues high-class problems. the president's critics tall that it -- call that a tone-deaf comment but will that are the new statistics for the president of foster's party in the next months important gubernatorial race in virginia? we will have analysis of the race and a look at some new polling from fox news. if first up we go to the white house forest lawn -- north long. jacqui heinrich. good evening. >> it is not the first time white house chief of staff ron klain's twitter habits have him landed him in hot water. at this time and obama era economic advisor seeming to diminish the pain most americans are feeling in their wallets. white house chief of staff ron klain retweeted an incendiary message not once, but twice, three hours apart, saying in part most of the economic problems we are facing, inflation, supply chains, et cetera, are high class
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problems. with inflation and a 13 year high, some of the sharpest price increases last month included products average americans most often by, beef and pork, chicken, fish, eggs, regular unleaded gasoline, carports, laundry equipment, furniture, and clothing. >> why would ron klain tweak that, and would you agree that's a little bit tone-deaf to >> president biden: >> we are at this point because he made progress in the economy and what would be worse in our view is if the on appointment rate was at 10%, people were out of work. >> we didn't get a chance to ask the president's review, he gave her mark on vaccines. >> president biden: businesses and organizations are in plummeting requirements, are seeing their vaccination rates rise by an average of 20%. >> taking no questions. yesterday when he announced steps to remedy the supply chain issues, president biden also took no questions but touted the 90 day sprint to solve the
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problem all carried out by the private sector as a potential game changer. the president credited his own administration for the negotiations that took weeks while conditions worsened and also gave this morning and asking for more help. >> president biden: if federal support is needed, i will direct all appropriate action. if the private sector doesn't step up, we are going to call them out. >> meantime, there have been calls from the private sector for federal action that could have an immediate impact like easing restrictions on truck driving hours and weight limits or lifting certain trump era tariffs to mitigate inflationary pressures. the white house has options on the table. >> we been working on these pieces. they've been in process. >> tomorrow the president goes to connecticut to make the case for his social spending plan as the white house is acknowledging the time for these talks between the moderates and progressives trying to hash out an agreement will need to come to an end soon. >> bret: jacqui heinrich live on the north long, thanks. the port of los angeles will soon begin 27 operation -- 24/7 operations to deal with the
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backlog of incoming cargo ships. the port of long beach has already been working on the clock but with limited success. so what can be done to speed all this up and as the bite in the administration? here's national correspondent william la jeunesse. >> with all due respect to president biden, what he just ordered is too little, too late. >> the supply chain crisis running hard against the calendar. >> has only 72 days left until christmas. whether the ports are open 24 hours a day or 48 hours a day. >> critics blame the biden demonstration policy of paying people not to work on the labor department says there's 537,000 jobs open in the trucking and warehousing sector. but biden is insisting things will get better. >> this is not flipping a white switch as you well know, what it is is a series of individual discrete problem-solving actions that lower the barriers. >> where several miles off the
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california coast and what you're looking at is the largest parking lot in the pacific, roughly 60 ships carrying a million containers carrying everything from diapers to dishwashers and even while they sit here, somebody is paying for it, likely you. and the cost of labor keeps going up. >> the manufacturers we work with can't find workers, they've even doubled their wages, sometimes even tripled their wages, adding signing bonuses, they just cannot find enough people to produce the goods or drive the trucks. >> l.a. sport director says it's not easy getting all the players on the same page. >> with an average of more 900,000 container units for the past 14 consecutive months. the duration of this cargo run is quite remarkable. >> the great backlog of container ships is a boon to this warehouse operation that keeps crews who are on the water for weeks on end supplied with fresh food and other goods. >> they don't like sidestepping china because it's more expensive over there, so they like to get as much of it here.
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>> in the past these container ships were just cruising to los angeles without a wage. now it's two to three weeks out here on the water. a game changer that the ports of l.a. and long beach were going to 24/7 operations, but today the president's port czar refused up you did attempts by reporters to find out when that might actually happen. >> bret: william la jeunesse out of the water by those ships. thank you. we will talk with transportation secretary pete buttigieg tomorrow on the show about this entire issue. meanwhile, stocks surged today, the dow gained 535, the end was p500 finished at 74, the nasdaq jumped to 52 today. the international monetary fund is warning of rising threats to the global economic recovery posed by the ongoing coronavirus and an outbreak of inflation. the lending agency is calling for greater efforts from wealthy nations to boost coronavirus
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vaccination rates in poorer countries. it's also urging the federal reserve and other central banks to respond quickly of current inflation pressures prove not to be transitory. the u.s. marine who is being court-martialed after comments criticizing the withdrawal from afghanistan is pleading guilty to all charges. lieutenant colonel stuart schaller pleaded guilty to six misdemeanor level charges, including willfully disobeying a superior commissioned officer, dereliction in the performance of duties, and conduct unbecoming an officer and a gentleman. he could face punishment ranging from a bad conduct discharge to confinement of up to a year. tonight a fox news exclusive. on the growing number of police officers killed in the line of duty. correspondent david spunt talks with fbi director christopher wray about law enforcement under attack. >> it is an absolute tragedy, what's happening in this country and enough is enough. >> fbi director christopher wray in an exclusive in every with
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fox news, three-member's of law enforcement killed in just the past week. the fallen officers, master trooper adam go bear, police officer dylan harrison, and deputy sheriff juan miguel ruiz, part of a growing group of those killed in the line of duty. >> it takes an unbelievably special person to be willing to get up every morning and put his life on the line for a total stranger. >> according to numbers directly from the fbi to fox news, as of today, 59 law enforcement officers were feloniously killed in the line of duty this year. at this point in 2020, that >> leave us alone! >> with calls to defund police department's growing louder, he says now is the time to make sure officers local and federal have every tool necessary. >> i don't believe that giving the police less resources, less training, less people, is the solution. i think that just promotes lawlessness. i think we need to be making
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sure that our police departments are able to recruit and hire the right people, that they are trained in the right way. >> recruiting is down in cities large and small. it retirements are plentiful, leaving many departments understaffed and overworked. the director showed us the wall of honor inside fbi headquarters, pointing out his friend and colleague special agent in charge david lavallee, who died in 2018 from complications as a result of the september 11th attacks 17 years before. >> think about the kids were growing up without parents. think about the spouses who are having to carry through in their lives without the person whose closest to them in the world. think about the parents who are having to bury their children. >> bret, just a few minutes ago the justice department announced a $7 million grant to promote mental health awareness. police week continues into police weekend this weekend attorney general merrick garland will honor the fallen, president joe biden will do the
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same saturday at the u.s. capitol. bret. >> bret: david spunt at the doj. thanks. up next, the treacherous journey through central america on the way to the u.s. southern border. we will take you there and we will hear from some migrants who survived it. first, here's what some of our fox affiliates around the country are covering tonight. fox 2 in separate cisco, where it's the first day for the city's first responders to be fully vaccinated or risk losing their jobs. the san francisco police association says 120 officers there will be on paid administrative leave. the fire department confirms 41 firefighters are in the same situation. fox 46 in charlotte as south carolina attorney alex marlow is arrested in connection to insurance settlements obtained after the death of his housekeeper in 2018. he's charged with two felony counts of obtaining property by false pretenses. lawyers say the housekeeper's heirs never received money after the fatal slip and fall. his lawyers says his client is
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also considered a person of interest in the deaths of his wife and son last summer. and this is a live look at port canaveral, florida, from fox 35. the big story there tonight, the 29th annual bike-tober fast. more than -- expected to roll into the town for this event, no covid restrictions there, police are telling writers to make smart choices. that is tonight live look outside the beltway from "special report," we will be right back. ♪ ♪
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boosted with vaccines from pfizer or moderna. of that study however has not yet been peer reviewed. the u.s. navy is planning to discharge any sailors who refuse to get the covid vaccine. all active-duty sailors have until november 28th to be fully vaccinated. if reserve forces until decembes more than 98% of its active-duty sailors have already been vaccinated. of we are getting new reaction tonight from migrants who have traveled through a dangerous section of central america on their way to the u.s. southern border. correspondent griff jenkins is down there, he has the harrowing details this evening from panama city, panama. >> it's a four hour boat ride to the indigenous village, the first stop for migrants in panama after crossing mountains and rivers on foot. >> my feet.
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>> painful? >> very painful. >> did you see anyone die? >> i see six people. >> six dead people? >> this is the first civilization the migrants have come to after five, six days in the jungle. they are all exhausted, all the ones you see here have literally arrived within hours. it strikes me there are so many children here. >> panama's national border police coordinate moving hundreds of migrants who arrive daily, mostly haitian, upriver that they overwhelmed this tiny jungle hammock. a doctors without borders group is on-site caring for patients who have covid symptoms, broken bones and skin rashes, and those who are pregnant. >> in the last month, two deliveries here, for example, because they came with a very advanced pregnancy after walking seven days. >> an official from unicef says a record number of children are making this treacherous trek.
3:18 pm
in 2018, it was 522. >> this year we are already at 19,000. >> meanwhile, the united states under secretary of state for civilian security democracy and human rights is leading a delegation, meeting with panama's president to discuss migration issues in transnational organized crime. >> we are seeing immense challenges, and we are here to help. >> under secretary will travel down to the province on this trip to get a firsthand look at where more than 91,000 migrants have crossed so far this year, most of them bound for the u.s. bret. >> bret: griff jenkins in panama. thank you. up next, new fox poll's on the virginia governor's race, plus reaction from two political insiders. first, beyond our borders tonight, at least 46 people are dead and 41 injured after a fire breaks out at a building in taiwan. 40-year-old commercial and residential building was home to
3:19 pm
many poor, elderly, and disabled people. witnesses say they heard what sounded like an explosion before the blaze erupted in lower floors. six people are dead, dozens injured in beirut after gunfire erupts during a protest over the investigation into last year's port explosion there. the lebanese militant group has a lot and its allies organized that protest calling for removal of the judge probing the blast. protesters say they came under fire from snipers on rooftops. authorities in norway are calling a bow and arrow rampage by a man who killed five people and active terror. police say the attacker randomly targeted people at a supermarket and other locations in a small town near norway's capital. authorities arrested a 37-year-old danish citizen wednesday night. and china is prepared to send three astronauts to live on its space station for six months. the launch is scheduled for early saturday. the first group, which served a 90 day mission aboard the main core module of the station,
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♪ ♪ >> bret: a conservative government watchdog group is seeking information related to reports that attorney general merrick garland's son-in-law is the cofounder of a company that promotes critical race theory in the classroom.
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critical race theory links racial discrimination to america's foundations and legal system. america first legal has filed a freedom of information act request seeking records related to garland's october 4th memo which directed the justice department and the fbi to investigate parents opposing the theory at school board meetings. of the founder of america first legal, former tripadvisor stephen miller , says it's important to look into any ethical conflicts cut stemming from his personal family financial interests. breaking tonight, the latest fox news poll indicates a very close contest in the virginia governor's race. new polls out tonight, democrat terry mcauliffe has a five-point lead over republican glenn youngkin among likely voters -- likely voters. plus are my 2.5, a tight race here. mcauliffe's strains are with black voters. young can is getting his strongest support from white even gela goals along with rural
3:25 pm
voters and whites without a college degree. there is growing pushback in many areas of the country, not just virginia tonight, characterizations that parents trying to have a say over there children's education are being termed domestic terrorists. this evening, how that's affecting this governor's race in virginia. here's chief washington correspondent mike emanuel. >> it's a race to the finish in the closely contested virginia governor's campaign with education a central focus. >> we are going to reestablish excellence in schools because our schools have absolutely seen everything about them decline and we are going to lift them back up. >> democrat terry mcauliffe is firing back, accusing youngkin of focusing on the negative. >> from the start of his campaign, he's run down our state, rundown our education system, rundown our economy. >> harry jackson is a fairfax county father speaking up about what is going on in schools. jackson says books with sexual
3:26 pm
content in school library's pushed into action. >> they actually did contain -- material that was -- i felt compelled to act because this material was creating, in my view, an environment where kids could be groomed for sexual predators. >> in recent months virginia parents have turned out to speak out to their school boards. jackson says a big reason for that is what parents learned during the covid lockdown. >> parents are more aware of what their children are being taught in schools. this pandemic has forced parents to sit down, decide their children to help them use computers they were issued by the school, help with the platform, help with asking questions. >> the national school board association appeal to wasn't buying about threats to schools and treaters "could be the equivalent to a form of domestic terrorism and hate crimes." the virginia school boards association has distanced itself saying we do not seek the involvement of federal law enforcement or other
3:27 pm
officials in local decisions. >> they are declaring war on parents. on the pta mom that's running the bake sale. that's how absurd it is, and because they can't accept criticism. >> jackson says now that he has spoken up, he's taking some heat. >> i am a concerned parent, i am not a plant, i am not an activist and as anyone who knows me, i've always been identified as a democrat. >> part of a new wave of parents this year speaking out about education and likely why public schools are such a hot topic in the virginia governor's race. bret. >> bret: mike, thank you. joining us now to discuss the race a little further, mo elleithee, executive director of the georgetown institute of politics and reince priebus, former white house chief of staff or president trump, former head of the rnc as well. let me start with you. you see these polls and you look into them, what they tell you about this race. >> well, it tells me what you just said, which is it's going to be a very close race and i think the democrats are surprised because i don't think
3:28 pm
they thought that, you know, terry mcauliffe, this democrat stier was going to have a challenge, but overall, just generally to start out this conversation, there are three things that are making this thing very close. number one, glenn youngkin has done a great job of eviscerating mcauliffe over a statement that parents should not be telling schools how to teach. that's number one. number two, bidens numbers are in the tank. so all those 1.8 million presidential voters that democrats and republicans want to turn out, they are not infused by biden, his numbers are in the tank, 37% with independents on a good day. the last thing is terry mcauliffe has sort of become that old volvo in the driveway. you know? it's not very exciting and people aren't looking at them anymore. so you know, you put all that together and this vitriolic, you know, political climate we are in and with the democrats are doing in washington and all of a sudden now glenn youngkin could
3:29 pm
pull off an upset. >> bret: yeah, and it is tight, mo, i want you to take a listen to the sound bite about that issue of education and how it's playing in this race. >> you believe school systems should tell children what to do. i believe parents should be in charge of their kids' education. >> i don't think parents should be telling schools what they can teach. i get really tired of everybody running down teachers. >> bret: so we ask that question in our newest poll, parents telling schools what to teach, should they or should they not, that was the question. you see all 50% should to 40% should not, and then parents it obviously takes up, should, to 57%. how big an issue do you think this is, mo, and is it affecting this race directly do you think? >> well, despite all of the republicans' attacks on mcauliffe on this issue, the polling also shows that voters trust mcauliffe more than young can on the issue of
3:30 pm
education. so i don't think it's having the impact that they think it is. look, i've worked on seven races -- seven statewide races in the commonwealth of virginia and i think there's a couple of truths. number one, this is not a blue state. despite whatever buddy has been saying over the past couple years. it's a purple state. it might be a bluish shade of purple, but it is still purple, it is always competitive. remember mcauliffe won's last governors race by 2.6%. this poll shows him up by 5, just outside the margin of error, so it's going to be close, but he's doing fairly well. number two, this poll shows him at 51%. i think runs would agree with me on this. at the number that people look at in these horse races, that campaign operatives look at, is that 50% number. once candidates start to inch close to or even over the 50% number, that means they are in
3:31 pm
very solid position. it doesn't mean that it couldn't swing the other way. there is still an eternity to go, but he's in very good position, and then third, the numbers in the suburbs, particularly among suburban women benefit mcauliffe despite youngkin's were let let's attacks and education and on a few other issues. mcauliffe is still doing very well with urban voters and very well with suburban voters. that's the ball game. >> bret: so terry mcauliffe talked about this race and how close it is with morning joe, and he talked about what this race looks like. take a listen. >> virginia shouldn't be this close, showed at commentary? what's going on? >> well, first of all, virginia is always close. this is an off year. we just gone through the presidential election and you know, turn out dropped significantly, so the whole goal here is to make sure you're getting your voters to the polls. this is a huge election for us. >> bret: all right, and if you look at these "who does a better
3:32 pm
job" poll numbers inside this poll, coronavirus, education, mcauliffe is up two points on youngkin. economy, it's tied, and guns goes youngkin's way. virginia has been purplish-blue, especially when you talk northern virginia, so even though this is close, is this like lucy in the football and charlie brown for republicans that it's going to get yanked away at the end? >> i don't -- i'm not sure about that. here's where i can agree with mo, certainly whether it's purple or light blue, we can agree it's not liberal -- but the problem for democrats is that the people who are most enthusiastic to vote, the people who actually still think biden is doing a good job, because only about 20% who strongly agree with that statement, those people aren't very prevalent in virginia, and that's their problem. there's only about 200,000 -- this is all dated geek stuff,
3:33 pm
but there's only about 200,000 swing voters left that will vote in virginia. that's a huge problem for terry mcauliffe, because when you look at the polling of early boats that have already been cast, there's not many left to go, and republicans will win on election day. we know for sure that that's going to happen. this is going to be close, but if you look at those numbers that you just showed there, bret -- and i don't like it that this always happens, but democrats usually out poll republicans in general education questions. the fact that in that poll glenn youngkin is only one or two points down from terry mcauliffe on the issue of education, that's got to give democrats a lot of heartburn. >> bret: i just have a few seconds. it is off year, mo, and you really have to fire up people to get them out. early voting is starting, so democrats are going to be looking at that. if you know, just how do you calculate it?
3:34 pm
>> look, there is 3% undecided in this poll, terry is up by 5. they got to not only went over all of those undecideds but they got to pull mcauliffe voters away from him. secondly, it is going to be about turnout. enthusiasm matters, both sides are pretty jacked up right now, but republicans gave democrats -- gave them a campaign a huge gift yesterday. they had a rally featuring donald trump. donald trump called into a rally. youngkin didn't go to that rally but trump called into that rally. that may booster republican turnout, but it will completely boost democratic turnout. president trump is far more unpopular, according to this poll, far more unpopular in virginia, then joe biden is, who has a net favorable rating. biden has a net favorable rating, trump is well underwater there. >> bret: about ten seconds. >> i think that's way too much insight baseball. the reality is both parties want to make both the presidential
3:35 pm
voters that voted in 2020 excited to turnout and right now the democrats can't use biden, and they can't use harris, because they are unpopular in virginia. that's a problem for democrats. >> bret: gentleman, always good to dig into a race like this, thank you very much. up next, what's in and what's out right now and the president's tax-and-spend agenda. plus, democrats have not given up on the idea of packing the supreme court. what about that commission? we have an update. ♪ ♪ you don't become a runner, who breaks eight world records... after age 65, without a serious support system. kathy martin has one in medicare from blue cross blue shield. she won't go a day without the right card. because she can't go a day without running. the medicare coverage trusted by more doctors. this is the benefit of blue. find your local blue cross and blue shield plan at shingles? oh... you mean bill. find your local blue cross and blue shield plan he's been a real pain. again with the bill...
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3:40 pm
justices. liberals hope to tilt the court in their direction, changing the makeup of the court must go through congress, and it would face a senate filibuster. president biden felt pressure from the left to act. >> washington, is that this was a very standard tactic of death by commission. president biden didn't want to stand up to the far left of his party. the problem is that it comes at great cost. by keeping the court packing movement alive. >> this is not the first time a president tried to interfere with the makeup of the court. fdr tried to pack the supreme court in his favor. >> president roosevelt clearly had the right to send to the united states senate and congress of proposal to pack the court, but it was a bonehead idea. it was a terrible, terrible mistake to make. >> liberals believe the g.o.p. stole seats from democrats on
3:41 pm
the court, especially since the g.o.p. never granted current attorney general merrick garland a hearing after his nomination in 2016, and then the g.o.p. rammed through the confirmation of amy coney barrett last year, bret. >> bret: chad, where do we stand with the legislation up on capitol hill? the $3.5 trillion plan, the bipartisan infrastructure plan, where are we? >> white house press secretary jen psaki today dismissed suggestions that the white house was frustrated at the pace of talks come up with the administration is increasing pressure to conclude the spending bill soon. there's a saying about houseguests and fish, there is worry the bill has sat out in the congressional sun too long without resolution and house speaker nancy pelosi feels the same. >> our chairman are sharpening their pencils as to how we come down with a number. speaker pelosi wants to approve the bill by the end of the month, senate majority leader chuck schumer joined that chorus
3:42 pm
today. president biden would like some climate victories in place before he goes to scotland later this month for a big environmental conference, but chasms remain as to what is in the bill, and what can pass. bret. >> bret: yeah, and chad, you've got moderates that they just put the infrastructure bill on the house floor, like terry mcauliffe and mark warner. they'd like that before that election. >> that's right, and there is concern if they don't get this done by the end of the month and, say, you have a republican victory in virginia, maybe that support for that bill goes away. and that's why there's also concern about trying to get this done before that climate conference in glasgow on the 31st. >> bret: all right, chad, as always, thank you. the congressional committee investigating the january 6th capital right could soon recommend criminal contempt charges against former white house aide steve bannon. he is defying a subpoena for documents and testimony about his interactions with dan-president trump ahead of the right on capitol hill, the committee scheduled a deposition
3:43 pm
today, but his lawyer said his client would not appear at the former president of positivist direction. two other aides, former white house chief of staff mark meadows and longtime trump social media director are scheduled for deposition tomorrow. up next, the panel on the president's supply chain crisis. >> things i used to be able to get into days, it's taking me two months. >> i just put $40 in na didn't even get a quarter tank, so obviously it's too high. ♪in ♪ you'll have many questions. challenges. and a few surprises. but wherever you are on your journey. your dell technologies advisor is here for you - with the right tech solutions. so you can stop at nothing for your customers.
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♪ ♪ >> why would ron klain tweet that and would you agree that's a little bit tone-deaf? >> secretary psaki: we are act this point because we made progress in the economy and what would be worse, in our view, is that the unappointed rate was at 10%, people were out of work, hundreds of thousands of people were still dying of covid, and people weren't able to lose their homes. that's the full concept. >> it's not the first time that ron klain's twitter has drawn sharp criticism. is that something the white house is addressing at all given the pushback and criticism? >> secretary psaki: are we addressing the chief of staff's twitter habits? it is not a top priority. i would tell you at this point in time. >> bret: [laughs] it's not a top priority at this time.
3:48 pm
the tweet in question was really a retweet, he points to this from jason furman. most of the economic problems we are facing, inflation, supply chains, et cetera, are high-class problems. we wouldn't have had them if the unappointed rate was still 10%, we would instead have had a much worse problem. well, if you look at the price jumps on common items here, gas up 42%, used cars up 24%, tvs 13, furniture 11, meats, poultry, fish, and eggs up 10% year-over-year 2021 and 2022. high-class or not. but spring our panel, bill mcgurn, columnist for "the wall street journal," mara eliasson, national pollock radio, and steve hayes, editor of the dispatch. steve, what you think of this? >> well, look, i think it's one thing if you have a respected economist like jason furman tweeting this. i mean, he is widely respected among the republicans and democrats alike and i think he
3:49 pm
was making a defensible point. it's another thing if you have the white house chief of staff seeming to endorse this, and i think it does, despite jen psaki's unwillingness to talk about it, and ron klain's twitter account does get a lot of scrutiny. people do follow it, people try to understand the signals he's sending when he likes it tweet and when he retweet something, and i think in this case what republicans have jumped on is this idea that these are high-class problems dominantly affecting upper-class, when as you say, if you look at inflation and the effects, it's widely across the u.s. economy. >> bret: yeah, people are feeling it, bill. >> yeah. it looked, inflation has always been called the cruelest tax because it's a tax of everyone and it's particularly hard on working people, it wipes away their wage gains and so forth, and so that's what people are feeling. and that's with the white house is responding to. they know people can see this. they can feel it, they can feel
3:50 pm
the inflation and a bag of groceries and they can also see the empty shelves, and so they're not going to -- you know, in the past they've been told this is temporary, this isn't real. it doesn't look that way now. >> bret: yeah, mara, the transitory thing, a lot of people are saying this does not look transitory at all. >> well, it certainly is lasting longer than a lot of people in the it administration thought it would. does it go away next year? with simple he don't know. i can tell you it's pretty in artful to khaleda high-class problem and you know who wouldn't have called a high-class problem? joe biden himself. and anything that makes it harder for middle-class people to afford the stuff they need is a problem. not a high-class one. hob problem. and the problem for the bite in the administration is that everything in the economy is now on them, and that's why the president is moving -- trying to do something what the supply chains, backlogs, and hoping that inflation will be
3:51 pm
transitory, meaning it will fix itself as soon as possible. >> bret: is a problem, mara -- you are over at the white house sometimes, and is it a problem when he gives these speeches, the president does, and then turns around and walks out as reporters are yelling at him? and there isn't this q&a that we usually see? >> well, this is a tough one because journalists always want the president to answer more questions. whether it's a political -- pardon? he has answered some, but we feel in the white house press corps he's not answering enough. is that a problem for the general public? a political problem for the president? i don't know. but there's no doubt that compared to some of his predecessors, he is less available, but he does talk on the way to the helicopter. he occasionally has answered questions after events like today. not this one. but very, very, very few formal interactions with the press. >> bret: meantime they are making this push, steve, for the infrastructure, trying to get
3:52 pm
this thing across the finish line, but there's a lot of -- we are hearing frustration about the negotiation. take a listen to this. >> president biden: we need to think big and bold. that's why i'm pushing for it once in a generation investment in our infrastructure and our people. my infrastructure bill and my build back better act. >> there's even more demand than the supply chain can support. i know i keep repeating it, but it's why we've got to invest our infrastructure as a country. >> when you pump the economy with huge levels of stimulus dollars, you ultimately get too many dollars chasing too few goods, and goods that aren't made in the united states. >> bret: steve. >> yeah, i think part of the problem is what you were just talking but a moment ago, that the bite in the administration seems to be sort of shrugging off this idea of inflation or labeling it is transitory and at the same time arguing again and again and again that we need to throw trillions of dollars at those problems and others on
3:53 pm
infrastructure. you're seeing an increased skepticism among the american people for bigger government, for more government spending. that i think flows some from the enthusiasm for government to step in and in the coronavirus pandemic, and that's waiting now, but it's also because of proposals like this, and the white house isn't making much problem turning public opinion in its favor. >> bret: all right, panel, thanks so much. when we come back, another look at a crucial time in america's history. ♪ ♪ (other money manager) different how? don't you just ride the wave? (judith) no - we actively manage client portfolios based on our forward-looking views of the market. (other money manager) but you still sell investments that generate high commissions, right? (judith) no, we don't sell commission products. we're a fiduciary, obligated to act in our client's best interest. (other money manager) so when do you make more money? only when your clients make more money? (judith) yep, we do better when our clients do better. at fisher investments we're clearly different. people with moderate to severe psoriasis, or psoriatic arthritis,
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♪ ♪ >> bret: well, its history we hear. please join me on fox nation for a special documentary called "to rescue the republic: president grant and a nation in crisis" based on my new book which was released earlier this week. here is a clip. >> 1874, democrats are sensing it's time to take back control, politically, and in that
3:58 pm
midterm, there are major allegations of suppression across the board. >> put yourself in the place of somebody in georgia, south carolina, mississippi, louisiana, if you have a fair election, you are going to be drowned because, in fact, there are a lot more african-american citizens than there are white citizens, so the answer, if you are a white segregationist, was don't let them vote. >> and so, democrats took control of the house of representatives for the first time since the start of the civil war appeared >> in 1874, the republicans suffer a route at the hands of the democratic party, the financial downturn, that was something that led to a great deal of discontent. now, the unpopularity of reconstruction and grant's interventions in the south certainly didn't help. >> as the economy were sent,
3:59 pm
even some black voters and candidates became dissatisfied with grant. case in point, new mississippi senator. having survived the democratic way of come he told a fellow republican he would not count out grant. go ahead and lick your master's boots, but don't call on me to do it. he was only the second black ever elected senator. it would take 92 years before another african-american, edward brooke of massachusetts, would win a seat in the upper chamber. with democrats about to take control of the nation's purse strings, the lame duck congress quickly passed a new civil rights act. it gave grant one last reconstruction victory. >> bret: our special is now available any time streaming on fox nation. the book "to rescue the republic: ulysses s. grant, the fragile union, and the crisis of 1876" is available right now whatever you buy macbook spirit tomorrow on "special report," we will talk with transportation
4:00 pm
secretary pete buttigieg about the crisis. that is it for the "special report," fair, balanced, and still unafraid, i will be back in d.c. tomorrow. fox news prime time hosted by jesse watters starts early because i want to give him as much time as he can possibly have. >> jesse: and i want to give you some props because you right now have the number one book on amazon, right now, bret baier, congrats. >> bret: thank you, sir. >> jesse: good and welcome to "fox news primetime." i am jesse watters. tonight, we start at the gas pump, where millions of americans are running on empty as fuel prices explode under joe biden's leadership. the cost of gas has jumped well over a dollar per gallon from last year, leaving americans across the country fed up. >> it's not working. >> it's kind of one of those things, you know, if you are traveling, you know you need, it is kind of a necessity, just like


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