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tv   The Five  FOX News  October 14, 2021 2:00pm-3:00pm PDT

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>> i will wait forever. i don't drive. it's on wheels behind the wheel. [laughter] >> in the back of your limo, you roll the window down. i can just picture that. customers are getting fried. [laughter] i tried. here's "the five." ♪ ♪ >> hole appeared on dana perino along with k published, geraldo rivera, jesse watters, and greg gutfeld. this is "the five." ♪ ♪ the white house stirring up outrage over the supply chain crisis. some ceos say prison bite and waited also so long to fix the nation's broken system, and christmas is coming soon. the president's chief of staff sparking backlash after claiming that touched millions of americans have life concerns,
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referring to them as "high-class problems." "most of the canonic problems we are facing our high-class problem. we would not have them if the on a plane at right was still 10%. we would have a worse problem." fine, but the white house spending that the tweet deck this. >> would you agree that that is a little bit -- >> secretary psaki: do you think to go tweets means more? the on employment rate has come down and been cut in half, because people are buying more goods, traveling, and because demand is up, and because the economy is turning back up. the chief of staff's twitter habits, it's not a priority. i will tell you, the chief of staff is speaking on his own accord to matters of congress, to the media, frequently, as any chief of staff does. i think it's important for anyone here to be able to tout
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points that they find interesting. >> dana: all this is america -- a spike in their gas bills. we will look at this, forecast atomic forecasts for fuel increases in lights. the cost of oil was shooting up like a rocket. i have so many thoughts, so many thoughts. remember, jesse, retweet does not equal endorsement? however, he's not tweeting in his personal capacity. he is always tweeting and re-tweeting like a teenage girl, re-tweeting and retweeting all these things. he didn't just retweet it. he said that's come in all caps come up with two arrows down saying "this is what they think." this is like their "deplorable" moments. >> jesse: like a teenage girl, dana. really? [laughter] you are better than that. i apologize to the audience. [laughter] >> dana: teenage girls are not on twitter. [laughter] >> jesse: apologize on tiktok.
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[laughter] not a great chief of staff, that's clear. jen psaki bombed today. all she had to say was "we are on it. we will do whatever we can to release pressure on this crisis." it's a bad answer to people that are getting hammered. they have been all over the map, trying to answer questions. first, they said there's no inflation. then, they said it is transitory, and now, they are saying "it's a sign of progress." it's not going to cut it. it does not affect wealthy people that barely at all. you can't fly, buy, higher. life has not been made easier by joe biden's presidency. this is where we are now. i have watched the whole press briefing, because i wanted to see how she would answer. the media is on the side of the democrats, but they are not doing the democrats any favors when half of their questions are about trump. half of their questions are about the january 6th subpoena battle. you talk to people on the streets, no one knows what that is, no one cares.
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half the people don't know what the word subpoena is. if they think the country cares about that, they are not informed about what the country cares about. sometimes fox asks about the border, supply chains, inflation, crime, that's it, but they are not being well served by the mainstream media who makes everything about trump. let's say he gets a win, a smaller win on some of these spending deals. you still are not going to feel the impacts of that for years. you know how long it takes to build a plug-in for an electric car, how long it takes to get a new government program off the ground? all you are going to see immediately our tax hikes. this coming winter, you could see more covid in the united states. you could see high home heating bills, more fuel prices through the roof. it's going to be tough. >> oil will be up to 53%. that's what the government said. >> jesse: that's a sign of prosperity.
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>> greg: if you keep the temperature down, it's good for metabolism. what is a low class problem? this is a high-class problem. it is a low class problem under biden, cocaine and? i realize that a high-class problem is something that only the high classes can weather. this is exactly the same tactic being dealt with crime and immigration. it does not affect us, therefore, it does not exist. there will be no shortages of toys for pelosi's grandkids. they are fine. that's why they don't care about this! i also love how joe biden is asking the oil industry for help. this is the industry he hurt just as he got into office. he could reverse all the actions he took against them, rather than asking for help. he is like a guy that asks to go to your house after he burned it down. it's a legitimate question, given his faculties. maybe, he does not remember that
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he killed the pipeline. [laughter] >> jesse: the old age strategy. >> greg: maybe he forgot. he might have forgotten that he demonized -- i'm trying to be helpful here that maybe it's not his fault, but now he is saying to the people he screwed over "i could use a hand here. you guys have had to pick up the slack because i screwed up. >> here is a ceo responded, suggesting that the private sector needs to step up. >> with all the respect to president biden, but he just ordered is too little also was a late period is only 72 days left. whether the ports are open 24 hours a day or 48 hours a day, you cannot get labor. if you cannot get labor, you cannot get trucks, you cannot get the merchandise out. even if you get them out, it's going to be also silly for
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christmas. >> dana: geraldo, the private sector saying "we want to sell my product. the problem is there are these bottlenecks with not enough truck drivers." >> geraldo: that's why we need more young truck drivers working, as well. the problem with what klain retweeted is it has a marie antoinette vibe. it is a "let them eat cake" vibe. it is "those lower classes that have got their issues, and we upper -- that's why and we upper --"that's why i ale upper elite echelon democratic party. the reason it's all happening is covid is still the atmosphere. it's bombing everybody out, separating everybody. best of all players, black people, the cops. you have covid, and then you have the residual lingering
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wound from afghanistan. we never got over it. that is what pierced the shield of joe biden. once he was shown to be vulnerable there -- i remember sitting here and surprising myself by my criticism of president biden, the economic of actuation, and as i was speaking -- i like him. if i'm nailing him, it's a trickle-down effect. i really think it's bad, but there's a lot of other things that are worse. >> one of the things that happened, there are these guys, it's called liberal patriots. they are conservatives, you can check this out. just this morning, before all of this happened, they had a piece that said "the democratic party has a huge problem. they are not doing anything to win back the working class, and then tweet like this --" i had to imagine that even though she had to defend it, if she could take twitter away from
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white house officials, she probably would. >> katie: as dane always says, you do not have to tweet everything. [laughter] it's better to say less than more. >> dana: don't tweet! >> katie: this is an administration, that since the beginning, has had a pattern. they take a policy position that involves attacking and industry. they attacked oil and gas, they thrown a vaccine mandate to distract from afghanistan without issuing a rule. then, they pumped the economy full of this money so employers have to compete with the federal government, so there are not enough workers. when things don't work out and there is a crisis, you change the policy or pivot, they attacked the industry and say "you have to bail us out, fix this." it's one thing for christmas presents not to get delivered on time. do we call joe biden scrooge or the grinch yet? it's another thing when basic goods cannot get delivered on
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time. this administration tends to bury its head and say "there's nothing happening though might happen, this was in operable." there will be civil unrest if they do not prepare things to get delivered by a milk, diapers. >> greg: free kick! what about fruitcake? speefour what would we do without diapers? >> jesse: people are going to be fighting over television. [laughter] >> greg: they fight every year. >> dana: coming up, the media on president biden, my one prominent role says the honeymoon is over. ♪ ♪
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the image. now, president biden facing a wave of criticism from the one place you would not expect: his friends in the liberal mainstream media. >> right now, the honeymoon is over. we are glad to see you, joe biden. that's how this year started. the problem is, he put himself in a position where he made a big bold claims about the rest of the agenda, then steps on a rake, slips on a banana peel, fault on the scarce stairs with some marble. the boy looking at him with an executive life. >> geraldo: that's van jones, not tucker carlson. if van jones is saying -- >> greg: they look the same. [laughter] >> katie: joe biden literally fell up the stairs. [laughter] maybe that's an indication of how things were going to go. he is looking at being a lame duck president early on. he's having a hard time getting his bill backed agenda passed. bernie sanders said they are not bulging. kyrsten sinema and others saying
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they are not budging. you cannot even unite democrats are on this. the question for people like van jones is what did you expect? joe biden is a guy who didn't do much when he was in the senate, in terms of getting big pieces of legislation passed. he did a few things here in and there that took a turn on him. he had that crime bill. he said he could bring people together, has 40 years of washington experience, but he is proving that he is in a bureaucratic system and cannot things done that he promised on the campaign trail. >> geraldo: in that regard, he needed -- it's not like he was fdr with the great two-thirds of the senate and two-thirds of the house. the narrowest margin may be in history. he needed popularity to get anything done. he got through those first emergency measures, but everything else is now bogging down. is it due to the fact that he basically is a lame duck?
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>> dana: progressives should have been sing "i would like you to do all these things. it's not possible, but let's do what is feasible, try to get this done, and try to grow our majority." that would be smart. instead, they are talking about $3.15 trillion. in many ways, people are not into that. the other things that are happening is, we are not arguing about universal child care or free community college. people are focusing on the fact they cannot get out of the grocery store for less than $100. they are being told at their home heating bills will go up 53% over last year, and kids will knock at the christmas presents they want this year. everything is, he does not take questions. reporters of all stripes, they have two sacred vows. access and progress. they give them neither. what are we left? tweets! the deep with all my cats, the harder it is for him to get out of it. >> geraldo: don't you think a lot of it is just image?
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my point is, here is the guy, he is fumbling around. the stock market went up over 500 points. a couple of big days like that, and this will be last week's story. >> greg: are not so sure. the honeymoon was over faster than ilhan omar and her brother. it might just be on paul's, because the moment they can read chris and joe as the comeback kid, they will. i'm not sure that it matters. it does not matter to him. he served his purpose. he won. it's a good problem for the democrats. now they've got to figure what they do. he's like "what else do i have to do for you? run the country. i'm going to swim naked in the pool." [laughter] >> jesse: what others will. >> greg: people have seen. [laughter] >> jesse: secret service agents.
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>> geraldo: i still believe afghanistan poisoned everything. once the air of invulnerability was pierced, once the veil was pierced, everyone is going to be -- it's death by 1,000 clubs better than guns. >> jesse: remember when barack obama came out with the e one big thing customer it was obamacare. that would be able to unite all democrats around one single thing. joe biden took 16 different things from these liberal wish lists and shoved it all into one spending bill that costs joins of dollars. no one even knows what we are fighting for. >> greg: he was supposed to unify us. remember that? >> jesse: also, the real reason, and i know you agree with this, is that democrats know that joe biden does not have the political talent to get out of this mess. obama, he is not trumped. dear member how down donald trump was during his presidency? >> greg: in terms of personality? >> jesse: polling.
2:21 pm
look at february 2020. he had beaten impeachment. 50% approval rating. he wiped isis off the map. how many more questions do you want to ask? >> geraldo: the progressives have now taken over in a coup, the democratic party. isn't biden's real problem, aside from technical stuff, that aoc -- they have become the moral center of the party! >> jesse: there is no coup. the left is the democratic party. they are talking about handful of moderates. biden lied. he was never a moderate. he was there as a trojan horse, and now the recess come up. >> katie: if you look at the headlines, it says "moderates in the senate holding up, which proves that joe biden is a radical. >> jesse: he is the bernie.
2:22 pm
>> geraldo: cinema and joe manchin. >> dana: not joe biden. [laughter] >> geraldo: democrats, for good reason, sweating the governor's race in virginia, a big one. it could tell us a lot about the balance of power in washington, d.c., next year. coming up. ♪ ♪
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♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ >> greg: story of my life. [laughs] democrats growing more anxious by the day over the tight governor's race in virginia, which is about the left education policies mostly. republican greg young can says schools will be the deciding factor for voters, and his opponent, terry mcauliffe, is
2:27 pm
trying to -- play cleanup about how he would handle the education system peered >> what do you think -- >> did you have a vaccination yet? that's the question i want to know. [crosstalk] you are dangerous here. i will build education. that's why fox news has me bleeding. he will destroy virginia's education. >> greg: the race is shaping up to be a bellwether on the democrat's specs and the 2022 midterms. katie, you live in this state. >> katie: i do. >> greg: from that statement, i would like to pose a question: what are your thoughts? [laughter] >> katie: would you like my take, greg? >> greg: major bellwether. [laughter] >> katie: it may be a bellwether. we will have to see. virginia has been able to stay for a long time. northern virginia has dominated the state, just like a lot of other previously red states. the metropolis' and rural areas
2:28 pm
are different in terms of how they vote, but it's interesting because of the issue of education. what terry mcauliffe talks about, want to build up education in virginia, he's talking about taxpayer money, raising more taxes, giving money to the union. when they talk about education, they talk about allowing parents to use more of their own money to send their kids to a different school, giving parents the ability to know what is in their library, and if there's books in the library for people under the age of 18, especially young children. they believe they can go in and say "i don't want this book and my kids library." terry mcauliffe made a mistake by saying "parents do not have the right to go into their schools or have control over the kids' education." the pandemic has shined a light on where people's money is going, and whether people want to keep their kids trapped in these schools. it's going to be a tough call,
2:29 pm
but some people are saying virginia may sweep read altogether, not just in the governor's race. >> greg: right now, the race is tighter than brian kilmeade's forehead. [laughter] >> dana: it is tighter than a tick. i just made that up. >> greg: i like that. >> jesse: did you write that down? >> dana: and just thinking of a good line. [laughter] >> greg: what is your prediction? >> dana: i don't know. it's that close. fox news has terry mcauliffe up by three in the polls. >> jesse: must be true. >> dana: the democrats are trying to throw the kitchen sink. they want to bring abortion, all these other issues. i do think that intensity, especially when it comes to parents, matters. also but, the democrats on the far left, they are not excited. terry mcauliffe said himself that one of the problems is that biden is not popular there, and black women, who are very good
2:30 pm
at getting out the vote, they are not enthusiastic either. democrats have a lot of problems. i was told today by two different people, saying they are concerned that democrats are waking up to the fact that they could lose in virginia. that's why obama and everybody is going to try to head to -- i was going to say south carolina, to virginia, to try to plot a win." >> greg: what are your thoughts? >> geraldo: i think he's a street fighter. i think if he loses, it will be the most critical race and all of the virginia parents getting into tussles with cops about what's being taught in the classroom. it seems to me that he's a squishy guy. >> dana: he's not a politician. he is an outsider.
2:31 pm
>> geraldo: compared to mcauliffe, who is a swaggering, charismatic guy -- >> dana: he seems like a business guy. >> geraldo: i'm sure he's a wonderful, good-hearted person. mcauliffe could eat him for lunch, it seems like. >> jesse: he probably would. >> greg: what do you think, jesse? >> dana: >> jesse: i think that dana predicted his loss. >> dana: i said that youngkin will win by a hair. >> jesse: i also don't live in virginia. the only thing that the rest of the country sees this as is a woke for monitor. is a woke thermometer. how warm can the democrats get without catching a fever, getting sick, and i question if you loses, he went way woke, and the rest of national democrats are going to say "pump the brakes on this stuff,
2:32 pm
recalibrate what we are saying about schools. this has detonated." i think that's the national petitions. >> greg: they are smoking too much woke. nba superstar tyrese irving speaking out -- >> geraldo: you don't want to make note tyrese irving? >> greg: i want sports -- sidelined after talking about the vaccine. >> geraldo: basketball.
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2:37 pm
kyrie irving could lose millions depending on how many games he's forced to sit out. kyrie says he is standing his ground against his own team. >> what would you do? if you felt uncomfortable going into the season when you were promised he would have exemptions or would not be forced to get the vaccine? i'm staying grounded in what i believe in. it's as simple as that. it's not about being anti-vaccine, or being on one side or the other. it's just about being true to what feels good for me. i chose to be on vaccinated, and that was my choice. i ask you to respect that choice. >> katie: he's also making an argument that the goalpost moved on him, so the season started and they changed the rules, now there is a mandate. >> greg: he made his decision with the best intentions.
2:38 pm
every step is dictated by lawyers who are operating with the ominous threat of everything. the media has turned this into a left-right thing, and suddenly he becomes a sacrificial lamb. you got to go back to how disconnected our actions are from risk. it does not matter that an unvaccinated child has the same risk of a vaccinated middle-aged person. a lean athlete has a different risk than -- the key risk factors are age and weight if you are obese. we can approach these topics, so instead we have this blanket mandate that is wrong. >> geraldo: what about kyrie irving? you are talking about everything -- >> greg: do you want to call him stupid? we want to. >> geraldo: i will say this: when people make a stand like
2:39 pm
this, it's costing him and his family and children $400,000 per game, there's something else going on. >> greg: its bravery. maybe, money is -- >> geraldo: bravery? bravery? it's against the law in san francisco and new york city to be on vaccinated so he's going to be -- >> katie: it's not against the law. it's not against the law. >> geraldo: it's illegal! >> katie: it's not against the law. that's not accurate. there are mandates of where you can and cannot go. also, being unvaccinated -- >> geraldo: i went to del frisco's last night, there were to were two gigantic bodyguards of the door who had masks on, and they said "okay, geraldo, let me see your vaccine as part." the streets i have been going to --
2:40 pm
at >> greg: because you are being punished, so should he question might be two rules are rules. i don't like going 65 either. i would rather go 105. >> geraldo: i think this guy is wrecking his life right now for no reason, stubbornness. >> katie: jesse, there are a lot of people who have been fired by companies who are not giving into these mandates, who were standing up them. people of underestimated what others are willing to do for what stand for, especially -- >> jesse: bill de blasio put a mandate new york city. let's remember why. i understand the nets gm doing this. if you have a guy who can only plan road games, he's going to sit the bench every single home
2:41 pm
game in brooklyn while the rest of his teammates play, and the whole crowd at the berkeley center yells at kyrie irving, than he was back on the road? this is a team sport. it's not tennis or golf where you can pick your tournaments. you need chemistry. if you need the offense to flow well if you are going to make a run at the championship, and kyrie recruited people to come to brooklyn to make a run at the title, and all of a sudden, now he's going to say "i am not anti-or pro-vax, so i'm going to sit out half the season while you guys proved everything in your lives to come here and would make a championship." >> katie: that was before the mandate. >> jesse: he should have just said "religious exemption. medical attention." instead, he says "i don't know how i feel about it." it's not a strong enough stance to make people understand. >> katie: he just said "the
2:42 pm
choice for me is this." but it's about >> jesse: but it's about him, not the team. >> greg: the worst thing about this, we have created an artificial decision. a couple of years ago, it was race versus race -- thank you cnn -- it was gender issues. now, geraldo, you are mad at this guy, calling him a menace! >> geraldo: he's not just hurting himself. he's hurting everybody around him. >> greg: you are being played! you are -- >> geraldo: you are being stubborn! >> greg: you are being manipulated to disagree with somebody. this is an artificial division, and we should not play into this. >> dana: i don't know why they couldn't do daily testing. you can do that in a lot of places if you are not vaccinated. you can get daily tested, and however much they cost, it would
2:43 pm
cost them less to do daily testing than lose a guy for season. i wrote all this stuff down about the analysis of the consequences, so i'm not going to talk about that because you already did. this guy, it's his opinion. you might not agree with him. in 2020, he was all for setting up a whole season so people could speak about racial injustice. he stands for what he believes in. we have to respect him for that. >> geraldo: or, he's got something else besides festival going on. >> katie: don't know that. up next, explosion in the media bias of katie couric, what she got called out an interview with ruth bader ginsburg. ♪ ♪
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♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ >> jesse: katie couric making a bombshell admission on media bias. she revealed that she cut out part of her 2016 interview with ruth bader ginsburg, in order to protect the late supreme court justice. her editing out rbg's -- during the colin kaepernick
2:48 pm
national anthem controversy, in which the justice said "those who nail during exemption showed contempt for government that has made it possible for parents and grandparents to make easier lives." what do you think, greg? five years later. >> greg: select, i tell you! what are we, in a 1950s detective pulp novel? how much more proof do you need that the left has their thumb on every scale? this is especially amazing, because she dismissed a supreme court justice's cogent the pain and is a product of some kind of cognitive decline, as if this malicious elf has the iq to do that. "this is such a bad take, i'd better shield her, because it's not her take." >> jesse: was to shield her, or protect the cause of the kneeling? what do you think? l >> greg: both >> dana: i think they were protecting her.
2:49 pm
who is katie couric to assume that ruth bader ginsburg needed protected? she said it on purpose. remember, they tried to get her to retire and she said no? she knew what she was doing. if you were yahoo! news, wouldn't you be mad? it's all about the clicks. she passed on giving that. let me tell you, if somebody here did an interview with justice thomas, and he did something provocative and ten years from now wrote a book and said "you wouldn't believe what he said, and i protected him," you would be average? >> jesse: its most controversial thing the interviewer interviewee says, could put them on blast. not that i agree with justice ginsburg's take. >> geraldo: everybody -- that's the general added.
2:50 pm
unless katie couric admitted that she did it -- >> that's what she said in the book. >> geraldo: it was the intro. [laughter] i didn't know if you were saying it or she was saying it's. >> dana: are you okay? [laughter] >> geraldo: ruth bader ginsburg, in my house -- some people don't believe in idolatry, but if there was idolatry, it would be a statue of ruth bader ginsburg pure cheese everything my wife admires and wants our daughter to be. katie couric is our dear friend. >> jesse: oh, that's what it is! how dare you speak ill of a dear friend. loyal to the cause. katie does that a lot. she edited out a piece in a gun document that blew up the space. >> katie: she has a history of editing to make her less and the .2016, she edited a virginia
2:51 pm
defense league in an interview she did with governors, making good answers about the law, and who should and should not be able to buy a gun, with the process was, and they were too smart, so she edited it and made it look like they were enabling felons and domestic terrorists, and they were all for no laws at all. she has done this before. she also has been a critic of conservative citizen journalists, like james o'keefe, for example, who was doing undercover investigative reporting and said "they edited their information with the videos about planned parenthood." she's allowed to do it, but criticize others, and the arrogance she thought that rbg needed to be protected. >> dana: i think rbg said that for a reason. she wanted to be quoted saying it. >> jesse: "waters world" never edits anything. [laughter] never. >> greg: they run very long.
2:52 pm
>> jesse: "one more thing" is next. ♪ ♪ >> tech: when you get a chip in your windshield... trust safelite. this couple was headed to the farmers market...
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when they got a chip. they drove to safelite for a same-day repair. and with their insurance, it was no cost to them. >> woman: really? >> tech: that's service the way you need it. >> singers: ♪ safelite repair, safelite replace. ♪
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♪ ♪ >> time now for one more. i'll go first. you know, i don't have a tattoo but i can admire this. it's an 80 canadian tattoo artist, 78 people of her nine months to recreate an iconic scene of coco the clown from the 1933 betty boop film. isn't that amazing? 70 people all the way along. anyways, it's part of animation history and now it is tattooed. >> and achievement there. >> i think it should be in "the guinness book of world records." >> should have been on the butt. >> how would they have animated
2:57 pm
it? >> you need to or member you're on tv. we like gender reveals but we like gender reveals with tigers. also in the middle east buried role it. this is a dubai couple, they did a gender reveal with a tiger. it's a girl, and people were upset about this, they are saying tigers should not be used like this. it's dubai, you can do whatever you want in dubai! tigers, gender reveal, some things that greg likes to talk about that we can't talk about on television. [laughter] >> dubai will put you in jail for a number of things. >> not that apparently, because they are just running wild. and no one died. >> that was great. if [laughter] >> there you go. look at that. >> what a lineup. >> guess my favorite is? >> you. >> guess who my favorite is? miller. love that guy. >> offices right next next door.
2:58 pm
i think it has an evil look. >> all right, it's me. we haven't done this in ages. ♪♪ animals are great ♪ ♪ animals are great ♪♪ you know what is the best thing you'll ever see? a baby's loss cuddling with his mother. a baby's loss cuddling with its mother. look at that. >> how long do you think it takes them to wake up? >> they are very slow, that's why they're called sloths. sloth came after the actual -- because it's not true. >> he made that up. >> all right, katie. >> i have a very exciting event announcements will be sure to save the date. fox nation will be hosting its third annual patriot awards on november 17th at 8:00 p.m. at the hard rock live here in hollywood, florida. if the event shines light on our
2:59 pm
unsung american patrons who have shown dedication to our nation and their commitment in the community spirit you can meet your favorite fox personalities like sean hannity, tucker carlson, laura ingraham, pete hegseth, dan bongino, and many more. it looks like geraldo won't be going. [laughter] oh, you are going. >> and the main event will be me. >> okay. one more thing, tickets, you want people to go. gold tier tickets are sold out but there are plenty of silver and patriot tickets left and you don't want to miss it. purchase your tickets at award. >> geraldo is dying to get in here. >> i lost mccain during during the night of the blood. and take my cane news with geraldo. house of keynes, the wonderful, best cane store in the new york metropolitan area, has sent me three great canes to choose on. everybody look here. this is the mustang. this is the brass eagle, and
3:00 pm
this is the lion with open mouth. >> i like the mustang. >> i will go with the mustang too. >> eagle. >> mustang. >> yeah, the mustang! >> i think it's the mustang. i want to pop somebody. >> i feel like you want to pop all of us today. that is it for us, "special report" is up next, hey, bret. >> bret: i want to speak up for the lion with the open mouth. thanks, guys. ♪ ♪ good evening, i'm bret baier, coming to you again tonight from fox news world headquarters in new york and breaking tonight, another got punched for the u.s. economy under president biden as the pace of inflation at the wholesale level skyrockets almost 9% in september from a year ago. several experts now are saying this inflation is not transitory at all. all of this occurs against the backdrop of a growing supply chain crisis which could limit product availability and


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