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tv   America Reports With John Roberts Sandra Smith  FOX News  October 14, 2021 10:00am-12:00pm PDT

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we are headed in the right direction. we have critical work to do. we can't let up now. my team and i are doing everything we can, but i'm calling on more businesses to step up. i'm calling on more parents to get their children vaccinated when they are eligible, and i'm asking everyone, everyone who hasn't gotten vaccinated to please get vaccinated. that's how we put this pandemic behind us. and accelerate our economic recovery. we can do this. i've said many times, god bless you all and may god protect our troops. thank you very much. >> vice president biden walking away without taking any questions from the press corps assembled as he gives an update for the nation on the progress in terms of getting people vaccinated for covid seeing the booster shots are available and they are free.
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also saying, this is of interest to a lot of parents including me, that vaccines for children age 5-11 will soon be available. >> let's bring in dr. nicole safire. thank you for joining us. that is hopeful that the vaccine could be ready for the distribution to the five and 12 -year-olds. i kind of wonder whether that means i can take their masks off in the classroom. he called this critical period. he put the importance on vaccine saying this is not the time to. he said the vaccine requirements should not divide us. about 80 percent of adults are fully vaccinated, that is a huge feet, that is a very successful
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vaccination campaign, now are moving on to talk about the younger kids, the 5-11 as you mention. here's the problem i have because we do see some of that division. because you have comments such as that, essentially saying we've got all the doses for the 5-11 -year-olds go out get your children vaccinated as soon as it's approved and their eligible, yet we haven't heard from the scientists. we haven't heard that it is what is necessary in the 5-11 -year-olds like we saw before when it came to the boosters and other things. the white house comes out with some of these comments before there has been a final decision, that puts undue pressure on whatever body it is that is looking at that data. we don't want to buy us when our scientist and experts are looking at the data and putting forth the recommendations just because president biden or the white house has said this is happening. now, as you know i have three kids as well and they're all still wearing masks right now. whatever we can do to get them to not have to wear face masks unnecessarily is what we should
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do. does that mean universal vaccines in 5-11 -year-olds? i don't know. to be honest, we haven't seen the data yet and we don't know if the data shows in a fit versus risk when it comes to this young age group. we know that they largely go unharmed from the virus. that does not mean there haven't been deaths and severe illnesses, but we need to be looking closely at that risk in a fit when it comes to the vaccine when you're talking about universal campaigns. the key when you look at the numbers nationwide, it appears this the spike from the delta variant is beginning thankfully to come down. the new york times is even talking today about is this the last covid surge that were going to see. there does seem to be an awful lot of breakthrough infections among people vaccinated raising the question are we going to have to get to the point with covid 19 where we treated like the flu? where we understand that certain number of people will get sick with it, if there vaccinated they likely will get two sick but that we have to end all of
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these lockdowns and quarantines and isolation. otherwise we will keep this cycle up for years. >> somehow as americans we've gone every single year with having a flu season. at some point were going to have to accept that we may have flu and covid season. yes, we're coming down from the delton search we had in the summer and just like last summer we came down in the early fall and then we started to see an uptick again as we entered the winter months. the good news is our level of population immunity now is significantly higher than it was a year ago. while we may see an uptick in cases, and i anticipate we will in some areas of the country, we will not see the parallel rise in hospitalizations and deaths that we did last year. we may see a bump in the areas with low vaccination rates, which is why we continue to encourage vaccinations. the only way out of a pandemic is through immunity and to rely on natural immunity is far more deadly than incorporating vaccine -induced immunity. while people are panicking that antibodies may wane and decrease
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after being fully vaccinated, the good news is it's not just about those antibody numbers. there are certain populations that will benefit from a booster, this is data from israel and also a recent nih study showing that boosters are helpful in certain populations, but people who have been fully vaccinated, they have memory bmt cells which will make those into a mild cold, which is something that were all just going have to deal with. >> he started out was a very strong statistics saying we are moving in the right direction, the caseloads are coming down, the hospitalization rate is coming down, and that is hopeful. we will cling to that, right? thank you so much. >> good to see you. at the same time economic crises whirling around president biden in the white house he is not taking responsibility for any of it. the president instead saying the private sector needs to step up.
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welcome to "america reports" as we reopen the show. sandra, good to be with you. >> agreed to be with you as well. president biden touting his relationship with labor leaders yesterday, but he did not take any questions on what he is doing to prevent is shipping disaster over the holidays and beyond. the white house says the president has been working on the supply chain issues since he took office, but he still can't explain why americans are seeing empty store shelves when they head out to shop. >> this is the ports port in los angeles that will soon have 247 operations doubling the hours that cargo could move. with a shortage of it's not clear how effective this strategy is going to be. >> fox team coverage begins right now. madison always are standing by. >> william joints as now off of the coast of long beach, california admitted all of those container ships that are waiting to come into ports and be unloaded.
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what does the water look like from where you are? >> it's actually call him. but it's not supposed to look this way. in the past, these container ships coming in from china or japan would literally cruise right into the port of long beach or los angeles. instead they are parked out here from two or three weeks, so one of the reasons for that is the supply chain backup. one of the causes of that many say is that people are being paid not to work. there are 537,000 job openings in trucking and warehouse according to the labor department. we're about as far from washington as you can be that the failure show up here. this is 1 million containers out on the third there's a lack of space elsewhere so we spoke to one of the officials from the port here and he said these expanded hours should help. >> we're taking the first step here at you're at the board by opening our gates 24 hours a day. we hope that will trigger across
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the supply chain for every segment to realign and get those warehouses open. get those trucking companies working at night and create good paying jobs for working-class families. >> so that the crews do not get off the ships. they don't go through customs so they're kind of prisoners out here, and a cottage industry has kind of been propped up if you will ever since to deliver food, alcohol, and clothing out there. yesterday we visited one of those warehouses. to get get the owners can make a choice of how much food do you have for to weeks, and if not, they have to raise the water taxi. then we'll send it out there. >> john, it might be deceiving, but this is about the size of three football fields. while it sitting out here doing nothing, somebody is paying for it, and in the end, that's likely you. >> calm waters out there right
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now. but a lot of container ships waiting to get into the ports. >> fantastic reporting from a boat by those container ships. meanwhile, can you imagine a time with three dollars a gallon gasoline is a bargain. for millions of americans, that time has come, as staggering five dollars a gallon is now the reality here in new york city and other places in the country is the latest consumer pricing index data shows that the price of gas is up 43 percent nationwide. we are all paying more at the pump. fox business network is joining us live from a new york city gas station where there is a lot of pain at the pump. hi, madison. >> absolutely. you can see the prices behind me. people who are buying premium gas at this gas station paying well over five dollars rate if you want to fill up with regular, you're creeping closer and closer to that five dollar limit. we are seeing these increases across the country. we spoken to some people at the
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pump they've been filling up about a half or a quarter to try to save money, but it's hardware everywhere is seen increases. this b people we spoke to we're really frustrated. >> and philip my truck almost every day. eighty dollars this morning. now $60 here. >> it takes me about $120 to fill up the car. it's ridiculous. >> i put $40 in and i didn't even get a fourth of a tank right obviously it's too high. hopefully it gets better in the future. >> the national average for gas sits just below $3.30. as you mention, according to the consumer price index data released for the past month, there has been a 43 percent increase in the inflation rate for regular gasoline. there are now only five states in the u.s. with gas for under three dollars a gallon that number as dwindling. on monday, there were eight states below that number. to give you some context. before the pandemic really hit
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the u.s., the average price for gas in january of 2020 was to dollars 60 cents a gallon. nowhere near this number. >> i think everybody is starting to see. if you hadn't noticed before, you're definitely noticing now. i got notes from friends who said for the first time a custom over $100 to fill up their gas tank. i know a lot of people are seeing that. >> let's bring in new york post columnist maranda, we should point out we've been asking administration officials to come on this program and talk to the american people about the problems and what they plan to do about it. so far, they have declined all of our invitations. the white house insists, maranda, that they have been working on this problem since they took office. yet it has become progressively worse and now markedly worse. is there a role for congress here do you think to investigate exactly what it is that the white house has or has not been doing to address the situation?
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>> that's probably a good idea because you're going to want all hands on deck at the moment because this is a crisis for the country. frankly, joe biden's press conference yesterday did not fill anybody with great confidence that the white house is on top of it or we haven't heard from the transportation secretary pete buttigieg. joe biden yesterday talked about a game changer expanding the hours lightly at one port in los angeles, that doesn't address all the other problems you just mentioned, truck drivers i have a book coming out at the end of next month and i'm told that the supply chain problems are really hitting the book industry where we can't even get the trucks to pick up the books and deliver them. it is hitting every aspect of the economy. you do need every brain possible, it is a bipartisan issue and of course the
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democrats control the house and the senate, so it really will be up to the end, so you would think that the white house would welcome some constructive advice. >> you mentioned that we haven't heard from many administration officials on this. but we did hear from the white house chief of staff in a way yesterday. he retweeted jason furman who is a harvard economics professor, he tweeted, most of the economic problems we are facing inflation, supply chains, et cetera ri class problems we wouldn't have had them if that an employment rate was still 10 percent we would've had a much worse problem that through this response from tommy pickett who is the rapid response at the rnc struggling to pay for a food, fuel, and housing because of rising prices is not a high-class problem. biden is making everyone worse off, but instead of stopping the damage, their strategy is to try to gaslight americans. your thoughts on him throwing in with this harvard economics
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professor? >> it is the glass half-full taken to an absurd extent. as with everything when it comes to the biden administration, all their pitfalls, other mistakes, all their incompetence is glossed over, and turned into i don't know, a great achievement. we've heard joe biden himself tell us that the afghanistan withdrawal was a tremendous success, so i think that the gas lighting, the attempt to manipulate the message, that exists in all administrations, but it seems to be everything that this administration is concentrated on, and they're not being accountable. they don't answer questions from the new york post, they don't answer questions from you will, joe biden stands up, give these statements, not press conferences, and then he turns
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his back on the american people and that is a really bad image great if they care about optics, the optics that people are taking from that i've seen it says that this is a portrait of the 46 president and it is the back of joe biden's head. it it is not a good message to be sending. >> it not for a president. we've got about 45 seconds, but i wanted to ask you quickly about another topic, the daily meal running an exclusive report suggesting president biden could get caught up in the fbi investigation of his son because according to e-mails that the daily mail got off the laptop, the two of them shared a bank account and were paying each other's bills. quickly, what do you know about this? to get to know everything about it because it's actually my story that there rebadged as an exclusive. i hate to say that, but anyway, apart from that, it is true. we reported it that joe biden is having his maintenance for his
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house, his phone bill, and various other bills were being paid for by hunter biden and we also know there was intermingling of finances between the two including a story we ran a couple of months ago that hunter biden was lit say entertaining a lady of the night and tried to pay for the services with a debit card, which turned out to be connected to an account of potentially of his fathers, joe biden because there was a knock at the door from a former circus service guy saying hunter, that's a problem, it's connected to the dads account. so i think the fbi has the laptop. we know they're investigating hunter. joe biden's involvement financially should be part of that. >> always breaking the news here. maranda, thank you so much. >> thank you come up maranda. president biden's supreme court missions had to release a
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preliminary report as democrats push to stack the nation's highest court with more justices. live coverage of that report is soon as it is released, plus this. >> i am the president of my school pta. i'm your neighbor, i'm involved in this community. i'm not an operative, i'm not a plant. >> part of a new way for parents fighting back against the social agenda in public schools as education emerges as a hot button issue in virginia's upcoming governor's race. veteran homeowners. if you haven't refinanced yet, get in on record low rates now. the newday two and a quarter refi is the lowest rate in newday's history. two and a quarter percent. just 2.48 apr. just one call, and you can save thousands every year. there's no money out of pocket and no up front fees. the newday two and a quarter refi. at these rates, you may never need to refinance again.
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>> a supreme court commission created by president biden said to be released. it's draft i should say, the draft report is said to be released today according to the
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white house. the commission was tasked to study some potential changes to the high court. including expanding the number of justices or imposing term limits. to ideas floated by the far left hoping to tip the scales in their favor. the path for most proposed changes would have to go through congress where the thin majority as slim. president biden will not comment on the findings until he views the final report which is expected out in mid-november. >> we will see if may be little dribs and drabs of that might leak out for people that are concerned about where to go. >> there is a lot of concern about that. we'll see. >> parents in fairfax county virginia speaking of concerns taking a stand to protect their kids in the classroom. one dad attending the school board meeting this speak out about sexually explicit material that was found in the school library. part of a new wave of concern parents across the u.s. getting involved in what is being taught
10:23 am
to their children at school. talk steam coverage now, reaction to this hot button topic, but first chief correspondent emmanuel. should parents be involved in what the kids are being taught at there. >> the central issue in the governor's race, this guy, harry jackson and naval academy graduate retired nature of naval intelligence officer. he was inspired to speak up about looks in that. get the books actually did contain pornographic material as well as material pushing towards children and i felt compelled to act because this material was creating in my view, an environment where kids could be groomed for sexual predators. >> virginia has been ground zero appearance protesting what's happening in their schools. jackson's as a big reason for that is what parents learned during the covid lockdown. >> parents are more aware of what their children are being taught in schools. this pandemic has forced parents
10:24 am
to sit down, beside their children to help them use the kit computers they were issued by the schools. help with asking questions. >> jackson bought this t-shirt after the national school board association wrote to president biden complaining about school protest that they could be the same as a form of domestic terrorism. since he's spoken up he has taken heat with some people suggesting he's a republican operative. jackson insists that's not the case. >> i had a eyed child reach across middle school. i am homeschooling my kindergartner. i am a concerned parent. i'm not a plant, i'm not an activist. is anyone who knows me, i've always been identified as a democrat. >> jackson as president at thomas jefferson high school parent teacher association so he's actively involved trying to improve our schools. >> we should mention for folks at home the thomas jefferson high school in fairfax county, virginia is consistently ranked the number one public high school in the country.
10:25 am
>> year after year. >> absolutely. >> it's a pretty highflying gob job he's got there. >> you know who has a lot to say on this, cohost of fox and friends all worn up for us. so what about parents like harry jackson? what happens when the doj starts targeting them as domestic terrorist? >> and he's wearing the t-shirt so they know where to get them. he has a military background, and he's in a district that went to joe biden by 42 points. so this is something you can't say he's a republican operative. you can see it's a conservative district speaking out in a state going increasingly purple pole. somebody speaking up because they're against their kids learning about. tell me if there's a flipside to that. is there a positive side to that? i don't think so. if you talk about who makes up this coalition it turns out jackson is african-american, it is hardly who they can
10:26 am
characterize as a traditional term supporter. >> virginia dad takes on the school board writing about harry jackson. mister jackson protesting parents are often assumed to be angry white working-class trump supporters. but this is fairfax county, where mister biden as you're point, trump donald trump by 42 points very jackson is african-american and of the coalition members elected with him, to our chinese-american and one is indian-american. >> and we have seen particularly in the governor's race who believes that parents are a stakeholder are a partner, but not the primary stakeholder in the child's education. which is per state law. we are the primary stakeholder in our child's education. it's not acceptable and the pendulum is going in the wrong direction.
10:27 am
>> it's going to be amazing this governor's race and what it means a ripple effect and the fact that president obama has been scrambled to go down there, stacy abrams considered the most high-profile respected democratic politicians. they have been there and they're going to new jersey, why? this is what america cares about it. it's not a high-class upper-class thing when you have to pay twice as much for meat or for gas, or for eggs. >> and this isn't upper-class either, this is an american story, not coming from capital hill or madison avenue. this is a a day-to-day story. to get. >> the wall street journal piece talking about how meant he is so on point right at the end here saying that mister jackson would say it's all about and education. apart from the specific disagreements he has with the school board, the experience, his teaching parents like him something far more disturbing which is that the most important public institution in their children's lives no longer regards itself as accountable to the public. >> you saw what he said. i don't think parents should
10:28 am
play a role in the kids education. are you kidding me? right there he has not recovered from that and i guess his pride or stubbornness or is looking at the wrong voles say he's not walking it back where he was misspoke. he's holding onto that. congratulations. this is within the margin of error against young can in virginia and the ripples will be felt as the democrats continue to struggle on their premier spending plan. when the doors close, and the democrats are down there with their sleeves rolled up saying how do we go forward? how can they possibly rationalized of the american public that spending 3.$5 trillion on money that we don't have an economy that's already overheated and inflation that's overwhelming, how can we possibly rationalize spending this money right now? to me it's a total disconnect between what the american people care about what the washington politicians are doing great. >> so many different reasons people are questioning the administration's priorities. and no one cares more about what's happening in the
10:29 am
classroom and what their kids learned that the parents. great to see you. take it nice to see you. >> a lot of very concerned parents in the nation. stop me if you've heard this before, politicians in dc placing the blame on others. that's what democrats are doing as the economic crisis whirls around president biden. but with democrats controlling all three branches of government, who really is to blame flex our economic panel will break it all down coming up next.
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>> a blame game breaking out in washington, dc over who was at fault for the growing economic crises. the president calling on the private sector to do more to solve the shipping backlog that is leaving store shelves empty as democrats pushed trillions in more spending and are now blaming the media for not
10:34 am
selling biden's plan to the american people. let's bring in our panel. freedom marks economist and former economic advisor to president trump. former chairman of ubs in the economic advisor to former president obama. i want to start with nancy pelosi in her own words. listen. >> do you think you need to do a better job at messaging and going forward, how do you sell this because ultimately. >> i thank you all could do a better job of selling it to be frank with you. i go through the list, the issues that are in there, but it is true, it is hard to break through when you have such a comprehensive package. to get a lot of blame being thrown around there, is it the fault of the media that they can't sell this thing? >> i think that the narrative in washington has not been easy-to-understand. i wouldn't lead with things like reconciliation. i would lead with things like
10:35 am
childcare and eldercare and universal pre-k, things that hit every day families. i think those things are post pandemic environments will resonate, but i think when we start talking about washington lingo, it you lose a lot. >> i appreciate your honesty, but it seems like almost every time you're on here, you are a democrat, but you love and embrace capitalism and it does appear that there is almost always recently been an admission that the administration isn't quite getting this right. steve, what about this? is that the media fault that they can't sell this thing? >> you know things are bad, sandra for the biden administration wherein they blame the media which everyone knows has been in biden's hip pocket. when joe biden and nancy pelosi go around like they have the last couple of weeks and tried to tell american people the three and a half trillion dollar bill is free, it's going to cause nothing, is laughable. the people aren't that stupid.
10:36 am
you asked the question earlier about whether and you said people are questioning biden's priorities. i think that's right. you know what else? i think the bigger problem right now sandra as people are starting to question their competence. can they do anything? they screwed up afghanistan, they screwed up the border, they screwed up energy crisis. what, robert is this administration doing right. i'm going to throw something over to robert. i think they need somebody like robert wells who has some private sector experience who knows how to run things rather than these who work as university professors. >> they are listening to you, right, robert? you just sat down with you or the closer at the salt conference, and he had something interesting to say on twitter. i will put it on the screen for you because he just tweeted this come up with two pans pointing down to jason furman tweet, he is a harvard economist, he was top adviser to president obama
10:37 am
and jason furman said most of the economic problems we're facing inflation, supply chain, et cetera, are high-class problems. we wouldn't have had them if the unemployment rate was still 10 percent we would instead have had a much worse problem. they tweet would indicate that he agrees with jason furman that what we're seeing is just high-class problems? robert, do you agree? >> i probably would say it's a little differently. we have been sounding out about this for a while. i don't agree with the fed chair that this is transitory inflation. i don't think that's the same as what ron claim was sane. he was saying thank god we have millions of people employed again and unemployment isn't where it was great if you believe that inflation is transitory like this administration has been saying, which i don't agree with, then yeah, it makes sense what he said. my view is i think the fed has been late. i think they should reduce its quantitative i've been clear on
10:38 am
that. i think unfortunately a lot of the good things that this administration is doing in fact hitting wages and what you pay for goods and services, it literally unfortunately magnifies a lot of the other goods. >> i don't know what about five dollar gasoline or 25 more to put meat on your dinner table, i don't know what about that is high-class problems. >> this is the problem actually because inflation hits the poor the hardest. there is no question about it. if robert wolf or i have to pay five dollars a gallon and gasoline it's not going to keep because a huge hardship. people making 30, 40, $50,000 a year it causes tremendous problems. they can't pay for the groceries they can't pay for the gasoline. it shrinks their budget. to say that inflation, this is the new line of many of the liberals. we don't have to worry about inflation. if you're upper-class you don't have to worry about it, but i think it it's the lowest income people the most that are really
10:39 am
strain financially now. the polls are showing that. people really worried about whether they can pay their bill. the last four months, sandra, inflation is running ahead of people's wages, so when biden says they've already got a 4 percent pay raise, write, but prices went up 6 percent so they're losing ground. >> robert, i wish i could get into the head of ron claim that thinks that's a good thing to put out there. this is high-class problems. we invited jason furman on the program. we invited ron claim, we invited anybody from the ministration to come on and talk about the crisis, specifically in this moment we've reached out, and we are as the transparency on this administration thinking. i'm told we would have to wrap so i will have you both back. >> coming up, migrants traveling through dangerous areas through a jungle in panama want to try to reach the united states.
10:40 am
locals are completely overwhelmed by the flow of migrants. we went deep into the jungle for the story and we have that coming up. >> first it is the gas price hikes that were dealing with and their supply chain crisis that is now threatening our holidays and now americans may be facing a pumpkin shortage. we will bring you the latest on that news ahead. a veteran who may have served in my time, during the vietnam era, would be eligible today for a va home loan. so many do not know that. there's no expiration date on your eligibility for the va home loan. every veteran, every service member out there if you're thinking about buying a home if you're thinking about a cash out refi whatever you're thinking with a mortgage, you should come to newday usa first.
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>> tech: when you get a chip in your windshield... trust safelite. this couple was headed to the farmers market... when they got a chip. they drove to safelite for a same-day repair. and with their insurance, it was no cost to them. >> woman: really? >> tech: that's service the way you need it. >> singers: ♪ safelite repair, safelite replace. ♪ [swords clashing] - had enough? - no... arthritis. here. new aspercreme arthritis. full prescription-strength? reduces inflammation? thank the gods. don't thank them too soon. kick pain in the aspercreme. >> some migrants traveling through panama to the united states are making a dangerous trek through what's known as the theory darien gap, it's a deadly stretch of dense jungle. we traveled four hours deep into the jungle to reach the indigenous town where hundreds of migrants are arriving every day on the trip up from south america.
10:45 am
jenkins is the man who made the track he is life and for us in panama city. what is it like? >> john, i've got to tell you. it was tragic, these migrants had just come out of the jungle after 5-6 days of jump struggling through it. let me show you where we went. this is this indigenous village deeply in that they come to after crossing mountains and rivers. they were exhausted, many were sick or injured, covered in mosquito bites some said they were robbed. one woman said she was too traumatized to talk to me. another man could barely put it into words. listen. >> i don't have any words to explain that. yet more than 91,000 migrants have crossed that jungle gap and suddenly, one in five of them are children. unicef's protection on the
10:46 am
ground. margarita sanchez had this to say. >> this year were already at 19,000, so it is just an increase of children as well as pregnant women that we have been seeing. >> doctors without borders is giving that medical care they are treating broken bones, skin rashes, diarrhea, vomiting, and of course where the brighton administration sent an envoy to panama for the civilians she is meeting with panama's president today and we caught up with her earlier this morning. watch. >> i'm happy to contribute to the partnership. we understand the immense challenges that the panama's government faces and we are here to help. >> undersecretary is going to travel to the region. not sure where she's going or what the plan is for the to nations to try to stem the tide that continues to surge.
10:47 am
>> i keep referring to you as intrepid, and you keep showing us exactly why we call you that. griffith jenkins in panama city. >> he keeps turning that title indeed. a fiery exchange between podcast host joe rogan and doctors doctor sanjay cooped up. >> don't you think that's a lie like that is dangerous on a news network when you know that they know that they're lying. >> that was rogan hitting back against the cnn chief correspondent for falsely claiming that they shock jock took veterinary medicine is a treatment for covid. is the media hurting our country's response to this pandemic?
10:48 am
♪♪ three times the electorlytes and half the sugar. ♪♪ pedialyte powder packs. feel better fast.
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[swords clashing]
10:51 am
- had enough? - no... arthritis. here. new aspercreme arthritis. full prescription-strength? reduces inflammation? thank the gods. don't thank them too soon. kick pain in the aspercreme. podcast host jeff rogan confronting dr. sanjay cooped up. he admitted that cnn should not have called his covid treatment a touristy warmer. >> line a network about people taking human drugs versus drugs. >> hall calling it a touristy warmer. to get your unfavorably flattering it is a very don't
10:52 am
you think that's dangerous on the news network. >> why did they do that? i don't know. >> joining us, holly kurtz, he's talking about which does have a veterinary form. there's also human form of it that is typically used to certain forms. but joe rogan was taken the human form, prescribed by his doctor, so he wasn't as cnn claimed taking a a touristy warmer. >> joe rogan absolutely eviscerated him in this interview we could've played clips that went on for a very long time and dr. gupta had really no response. in fact, he didn't use that term originally, and he deserves credit for getting into the ring for three flippin hours with rogan, but he entered up battered and bloodied and if it
10:53 am
was a fight they would've stopped it. >> it's been mate with some duration because people who can't get a prescription for the human form have been taking the veterinary form in some cases with very detrimental results. the fda even put out on paper saying stay away from this stuff because it's not effective for covid and they put out this tweet saying you are not a horse, you're not a cow, seriously, y'all, stop. but again, it was the human form that he was taken. why use the majority of enjoying what he was doing. >> he was prescribed by a doctor, and there is no secret why cnn pendants are mocking joe rogan for taking what they call touristy warmer. they were using him as a punching bag, but to use that when somebody has gotten sick and has covid 19 and then not to report that five days later he
10:54 am
had a negative test, i think is really callous. it comes off that way. what the fda says and what experts say should be part of the discussion but a very different situation when you're using it as a battering ram against the patient. >> we will see where this goes. he's got to hundred million podcast listeners and he was able to punch back. >> i should point out that sunday grenell is a friend of mine, but he did acknowledge that the network had by saying that. >> john, backlog at shipping ports putting the holiday season in jeopardy. thousands of items are sitting in shipping containers. you have seen the images out in the ocean as many store shelves across the country remain empty. the white house warning it cannot guarantee christmas gifts will arrive in time to be under the tree. can we rely on the federal government to fix all of this?
10:55 am
that story and these guests are coming up in our brand-new hour. ♪ i'd like to take a moment to address my fellow veterans because i know there's so many of you who have served our country honorably. whether it's 2 years, 4 years, or 32 years like myself. one of the benefits that we as a country give our veterans is eligibility for a va loan for up to 100% of your home's value. so if you need money for your family, call newday usa. with automatic authority from the va, we can say yes when banks say no. veteran homeowners. three reasons to do a cash out refi right now. home values are high while rates are low. newday lets you borrow all of your home's value. and you could take out $50,000 dollars or more.
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>> a fox news alerts as we begin a brand-new hour at the push to pack our nation's highest court could be one step closer to reality. at any moment we are expected to get insight how the left wants to transform the supreme court president biden's commissions commission said to release its draft report today of its plans. we are going to have that for you and will show it to you as soon as it is out for it to get a massive number of migrants released into the united states including many with little or no oversight. the leaked documents in a brand-new look at bidens
11:00 am
disaster down south. >> woke warriors on the witchhunt. we will tell you about the elementary school that puts its pumpkin parade out to pasture. why they claim it is all about equity. canceling the halloween parade. good afternoon. sandra smith in new york. >> those stories out ahead. we begin with the supply crisis. spiking prices in the brighton administration accused of laughing it off. it's a fox news alert. >> president biden pinning the blame on private businesses telling them they need to step up to fix this crisis. that as americans from coast-to-coast or walking into stores and seeing empty shelves of many necessities, surging prices as well and critics say the president needs to own these problems instead of passing the buck. he spoke a short time ago and did not take questions.
11:01 am
>> he could not guarantee gifts would arrive on time for the holidays because quote we are not the postal service. since then, chief of staff promoting between calling the economic issues high-class problems and transportation secretary pete buttigieg trying to make light of the desperate. >> there's been two kinds of christmas shoppers, ones that have their list completed by halloween and then people like me that show up to the mall on christmas eve. if you're in the latter bucket, obviously there's going to be changes. >> we have fox team coverage for you. out on the water they are. you can see the container ships behind him. the ships are packed at our nation's busiest ports, and we're going to start with jackie heinrich live on the north lawn. the briefing has been pushed back to 3:00 p.m. eastern time. for now, what are we hearing?
11:02 am
>> good afternoon to you. the supply chain issues and inflation are high-class problems, not once, but twice, three hours apart, he was pointing to the lower unemployment rate in the sort of tone deaf way trying to say that we wouldn't have these problems of people didn't have money to buy things. it didn't go over very well. we didn't get the chance to ask the president's view on that tweet, he gave and yesterday when he announced to remedy the supply chain issues, he took no questions, but touted the to solve this problem all carried out by the private sector is a potential game changer. he credited his own administration for negotiations that took weeks while the conditions worsened, and also gave this morning asking for more health. he gave this support is needed, i will direct all appropriate action. if the private sector doesn't
11:03 am
step up, we are going to call them out because our goal is not only to get through this media bottleneck, but to address the long-standing and our transportation supply chain. immediate impact on lifting certain trump era to lift inflationary pressures for the white house says options are on the table. >> is there any consideration that in the military help with this kind of thing where it gets money from the national defense fund to try to help these companies who are now having to work overtime hours with labor shortages. >> we are continuing to press and look for ways that we can address the bottlenecks and supply chain. we will continue to look for any additional steps we can take to ease the burden on families
11:04 am
across the country. >> the white house is not putting a date on when americans can expect to feel some relief from this and they are certainly not guaranteeing inflationary pressures are going to go away by the holiday season. >> you see the pictures of all of those container ships on the water among them, our own and the port of long beach. hello, william. to get everything jackie is talking about basically means you're not going to get what you want when you wanted at the price you want to pay. we've moved inside now were in the port of long beach. what you see behind me is a long container ship in the past, these ships are loot usually just cruise into the harbor whether long beach or los angeles about 60 ships now, but they are 78 waiting offshore in
11:05 am
a holding pattern or an anchor outside the bay. there are a lot of reasons for all of this, surging consumer demand. the trade imbalance could be the worst in decades with exports for everyone imports. the binder ministration policy, paying people to not work. expanding unemployment benefits. >> once we get the merchandise off the ships into the ports, we cannot get trucks and, we cannot get labor to move them. >> basically it takes about to-3 days are basically 3-5 days to unload a ship this size and the ships are being basically the cruise have to be.
11:06 am
what i'm told as the president says this is a game changer. court officials say it's going to be a long time before this is actually fixed. >> just weeks until the holiday season, that is a long backlog to try to get cleared quickly. the ports of long beach, great reporting. interesting perspective, sandra. to give the ceo of supply company works with businesses to sell their products on amazon. so that means we are affected by everything you do every day because just about everybody uses amazon or has at some point. how difficult is it going to be for you to keep those shelves in the amazon warehouse is full so that people can get what they need before christmas? >> it's been difficult already for about a year, but it's accelerated in the last six months over doing everything we can do it and and it's an important space because now one out of every to dollars spent online in america is being spent
11:07 am
on amazon. we're doing what we can and try to just continue to cause mass chaos. >> you said this is something you've been seeing seen for about a year. clearly we starting to see it accelerate and get worse when we are all walking into our local pharmacies and grocery stores. we see empty store shelves like this. the administration says president biden has been working on that this for months since he took office. what are they not getting right to lead us to this point? >> it's tough for me to say. the manufacturers we work with can't find workers, they've even doubled their wages, sometimes even triple their wages. they just can't find enough people to produce the goods or to drive the trucks. >> why is that? >> it's tough to know. i think the ample options for people today, there is a lot of new opportunities work from home, there is a lot of incentives to do something
11:08 am
different. especially the lower level manufacturing or transportation logistics jobs. >> we know that entrepreneurship out of all difficulty, companies adapt. they figure out a way to get those products to the consumer. what is going to have to change to make this happen? if you can't get those containers off the ships, and the containers to ports and then into trucks and trains and then you have drivers to the trucks. what is going to give with the scenario and how is the industry going to adapt? >> we've already needed to introduce new methods of shipping products, so we're using more warehouses from more providers, and were ordering far earlier, he believes to be 3-6 months within an ample lead time leadtime and now going beyond. so this continues to last through next year. we are really to be honest representative of an industry that is scrambling just to do the best it can to keep things in stock. >> with the products you deal
11:09 am
with, give us an idea of some of the products that you are having the hardest time keeping in stock and getting to people when they need it. >> any product that has reliance on and out of the country component, we are seeing for example a product that is coming out of south africa and it's necessary it is limited allocation. anything that's relied on other countries or anything that is very labor intensive and requires a large workforce. our less effective. >> that is remarkable. i want to put this up on the screen. gas prices going up 40 to percent versus a year ago. used cars. many people write me and say they have seen this and our experiences. tvs, furniture, and of course
11:10 am
the everyday food items at the grocery right it is sticker shock when you head to the store shelves. we expect appreciate the perspective. >> john, if i could, this is dave ramsey this morning explaining to the point about this being a high-class problem. ramsey was talking about how just real of a problem this is that were all facing. >> five dollar gas as a real problem. the number of people to take a living using their automobile or truck as a big deal. it changes, when you go from 4-$5 for gas, we can't control what the government does and we are never going to sit around and wait for our blessings to come from the white house, our blessing come when we control the things we can control. that's our behaviors were going to be intentional and watch this. can get that such a great point. that's why i asked her to a executive that we had on earlier
11:11 am
in the week, what are you going to change? are you going to bring some of the production from abroad that's causing the supply chain crisis, are you going to bring it home? they said we don't have enough workers to supply here in the united states, but they will have to adapt. it can take some time. >> that is no insert short-term trick. what surprised me was your guess was saying it's going to continue through all of next year. the only good news is, take a look down here, the dow doesn't care too much about it. >> john, documents shedding new light on president biden's border disaster. they released migrants into this country. often times with no supervision or risk of deportation. former ice director tom hogan is here on even the alarming new numbers are just part of the problem. they with us.
11:12 am
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how do things look on your end? -perfect! because we're building a better network every single day. >> expecting a first draft from president biden's supreme court did that will come today and we may get a better sense of what changes if any it is recommending the court make. this group is looking at hot button issues like imposing term limits and expanding the number of justices. an idea or ideas that some democrats have been pushing great updates on those recommendations when we get them. >> now to fox news exclusive reporting on how the border crisis has exploded under the biden administration. border patrol documents show the biden administration has released at least 160,000 illegal immigrants into the united states since march. often with little supervision, no immediate threat of deportation, and just a notice
11:18 am
to report great let's bring in the farming acting as director rate tone, welcome to the studio. >> first time back. >> we were talking during the commercial break grade you said that number of 160,000 way undercounted. 160,000 into sector since march. the total hours. when you really break it down, there is nearly. since the fiscal year. 600,000. if you add that almost 400,600,000 that were released 600,000 were released, that is the main people that have entered this country illegally are living here illegally. >> you're saying that 160,000 number is more like 600,000. >> 600,000 people were released by this administration into this country. another 400,000 escaped apprehension which equals 1 million people entering this country illegally that are in
11:19 am
this country. >> of that 600,000 people that are released into the country, many of them would be given notices to appear. others will be given notices to reports. what are the chances people who are given notices to appear or notices to report actually show up for their court date. >> 51 percent. in the notice to report the numbers even lower. it clearly says in the lowest report you are not in immigration proceedings you won't be obtained by re- for humanitarian reasons. you are released. this administration is counting on their own show up to an ice office and put themselves in proceedings. that very seldom happens. >> a lot more people released in this country title 42 was put in place by the biden administration during the height of covid which allows the government to send certain groups of people back over the border because of health reasons. that has actually helped the biden administration keep the numbers down, but the secretary
11:20 am
of dhs said this about it yesterday. listen here. >> title 42 authorities of public health authority it's not in immigration policy that we in this administration would embrace. these are individuals seeking a better life for themselves and their families. it is a heartbreaking thing to see. >> title 42 is something this administration would not embrace, it is heartbreaking but at the same time it has saved them from a lot worse headlines than we have been seen because so many people could be sent back. he's really trying to have it both ways. >> absolutely. they don't embrace title 42 because they are violating it every day. title 42 under term, everybody was kept out. he's at 85 percent of the families and regardless of title 42.
11:21 am
name one thing to slow the flow. more resources to process people quicker and release them quicker so the objects don't look that bad. in the meantime when they do that, when they do the resources del rio, 224 miles of border unguarded, you don't think the cartels had a field day with that? >> we're expecting the numbers for september sometime in the next few days may be as soon asked tomorrow. what do you think the numbers will show? >> there is going to be no decrease. they will try to claim there's a decrease, but that means there is less. >> cartels are smuggling an alarming amount of sentinel in through the southern border and that crisis is hitting families all over america. it starts in war as mexico, right across the border from el
11:22 am
paso. that is where we find reporting on the front lines of this sentinel crisis. >> i, sandra. as you said, sentinel is being smothered across our border like cartels and illegal migrants at an alarming rate for this mountain pass that you see behind me is where a lot of it happens. the cdc identifies synthetic opioids like sentinel is the primary driver of drug overdoses in this country. just 1 pound can potentially kill up to 230,000 people. to conceptualize that number, u.s. customs and border protection sees ten and a half thousand pounds in 2021 alone. that's more than the last three years combined. that is just one agency. law enforcement and other agencies are seeing a startling increase. >> recently there was an increase in i don't know what the full amount as far as how many pounds, but the value was over they also had thought quite
11:23 am
a few seizures that also to the millions of dollars. >> that is just fees, the issue is that much more gets by the el paso war as border that is at the height part of the christ is great as you can see it, it is spreading all across this country. it's pressed into bills to look like real opioid medication and then sold on the street and often social media platforms as well. critics identify a tie between the spike and the illegal migration we are seeing at the border. they are calling for a. one story, there was a family, there was a migrant that got into their yard and they have young kids they come to the door, screaming let me in, let me in and they're terrified. so it just shows how this is impacting americans in their home every day, sandra.
11:24 am
>> terrifying and heartbreaking. kelly, thank you. >> and elementary school pulling the plug on its halloween parade, all in the name of equity. guess where that is happening? >> the pumpkin shortage herding patches nationwide. we will head out to the pumpkin capital of the world in my home state. america rolls on when we return.
11:25 am
11:26 am
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(kids chatter) pnc bank believes that if your phone can help you track your pizza come on, cody. where are you, buddy? then your bank should help you track your spending. virtual wallet® with low cash mode from pnc bank. one way we're making a difference. >> blindness will not be happy pumpkin shortage threatening to hunt americans a couple weeks before halloween. grady brady trumbull is live from the pumpkin capital of the world in morton, illinois. >> we are getting to the bottom of what is causing the shortage
11:30 am
in some parts of the country. the farmers here tell us they had an okay year, not great, but average, so there are plenty of pumpkins to go around, so we are trying to figure out what the problem is very john ackerman with ackerman family farms will help us. where along the line is that shortage at? >> it's not the farm as you can see we've got a bounty this year. we've been very blessed. it's not at the gaining victory either they've been camping up the piece they are. somewhere along the line it must be a supply chain issue. it's not really is shortage, just more of a delay. >> we've been talking about supply chain issues a lot lately. it seems to me with the problem is as may be getting trucks to the canning factories and all over the country. by the way commit 90 percent of the country's canned pumpkins come from here. to get that's why martin, illinois gets to claim ourselves as the pumpkin capital of the world. >> heading into the holidays people will be making pies and a couple of weeks are going to carve pumpkins. what your message is the guy
11:31 am
that grows them? >> instead of the getting the big hole at the top, at do it at the bottom. you can throw the ball away or keep it, you can light the candle first as part of all, it doesn't cave-in as quick. do you have always carved from the top. we should point out the illinois farm bureau tells us there might be a delay in when you actually see canned pumpkins on store shelves. and once they do hit the grocery store shelves, you might be paying more for them and that is because the cost of the cans have gone up, the cost of labor has gone up as well. we hate to talk about inflation all the time like this, sandra, but we don't want our viewers in this case to be caught off gourd. >> you got me. but there is a difference between the pumpkins from which the canned pumpkin comes from, not like the decorative pumpkin but the pie pumpkin, right? kick it you can see that in the distance they are on that cart right there, those are the ones that would go to the canning factory.
11:32 am
there is a difference, but a lot of them whether they are decorative or from canning are from right here in morton, illinois. >> very special thing right outside of peoria there. thank you, grady for reporting on the pumpkin shortage. have you gotten any pumpkin jet this season? >> we did get some pumpkins out at a the pumpkin patch on monday. picked up a few gourds. figured i left the tip about not cutting the top of the pumpkin to carve it. cut from the bottom because if you're making a jack-o'-lantern, you set it on top of the candle. >> you didn't know that? >> i did, it's a great tip if somebody didn't. >> there you go. every halloween. an honey honey, can you cut the pumpkin? cancel culture, and now hitting halloween in an elementary school and seattle scrapping the pumpkin parade.
11:33 am
they say it's about equity. joining us now is jason. what school are we talking about and what are they doing? >> we're talking about benjamin franklin date elementary. they decided that they would cancel halloween festivities because of concerns over equity and inclusivity and specifically they make the claim that their black male students do not celebrate halloween, that black teens in general don't, and they want to get rid of it. it seems like a silly excuse, i've never heard of that, i had to have sort of in awkward conversations with black friends of mine saying wait, is this a thing and i just missed it. they said no, it seems it's just it's an equity team that made this decision. i was expecting them to come out and say will not everybody can afford the costumes, that's what were doing it, which is a legitimate concern that could be medicated. for them to just come out and say black boys don't celebrate halloween is just absurd.
11:34 am
>> i have seen plenty of african-american boys and girls celebrating halloween. clearly there are concerns when you have a halloween parade or halloween for that matter about cultural appropriation, racist stereotypes with costumes. but if you address that with the students, why not let them have the parade? to get exactly. address with this is about instead of make up something. what i find just absurd denial of this is in place of the halloween parade that they're going to do, they will be offering what they call inclusive fall event like and i'm not making this up, somatic units of study about the fall. i am there going to confiscate the bite-size butter fingers and giving them leaves and say let's do a lesson on why they change color during this time. that's not what kids want and the problem is these kids have friends at other schools who will be celebrating and they're going to be feeling all left out. i guess equity now means making
11:35 am
sure everybody is equally miserable and bored. >> this is seattle and seattle has got a reputation for doing things like this, but just after we ran the promo, promoting your segment coming up somebody tweeted to me a letter from the east lansing public schools in east lansing, michigan, which we have confirmed that they canceled both a celebration the celebration of halloween and valentine's day. for the same reasons. >> absolutely. i think we clearly see this move around the country, and these are schools that for a lot of folks, they don't think this kind of stuff is going to happen there. i escape these big cities with the liberal leaders, but no, those liberal progressive folks take over equity's teams, school boards, and they're making all these decisions in large part like it happened here in seattle, without even consulting with the parents. the parents apparently have no say well at the same time, a lot of these schools lean into holiday celebrations, holidays
11:36 am
that none of us have ever heard of and nobody celebrates at the school, but they do it for the woke most of it all. >> here is what the principal from benjamin franklin told fox news parade several of our students historically opted for an alternate activity in the library while the pumpkin parade took place. this was an isolating situation not consistent with our values of being an inclusive and safe place for all her students especially students of colors and those with a sensitivity to all the noise and excitement of the parade. it's another example where if you can't satisfy everyone, then you take away from everyone. this is a halloween parade were talking about but that's being defined in other areas as well like advanced placement programs in high school which really holds gifted students back. >> absolutely. i think that's a very important point here. if you have just 5 percent of a student population saying they're not comfortable with something or not willing to participate, guess what, that's okay. you don't have to participate. no one is forcing you into the
11:37 am
pumpkin parade no one is forcing you into the ap courses. we have to start looking at education not just about the small group of people who will always be unhappy, usually because parents are telling them to be unhappy, or a presumption that they're going to be unhappy. you have to serve the majority of the students. it doesn't mean you completely dismiss any concerns that come up from a small group of students or parents. you mitigate them, but you are punishing the masses so that you can placate a group of folks that seem to never be excited or happy about anything. >> won father of a seven -year-old asian student said it was in affluent white vanity that is what gives him. we appreciate you coming in. good to see you. >> democrats calling in the big guns and erase analysts say could be a sign of things to come. the heavy hitters heading to virginia. you should democrats keep the vice president on the bench? address my fellow veterans.iko
11:38 am
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[swords clashing] - had enough? - no... arthritis. here. new aspercreme arthritis. full prescription-strength? reduces inflammation? thank the gods. don't thank them too soon. kick pain in the aspercreme. >> democrats on the hill still don't know exactly what's going into the president's massive spending bill and the americans don't either. according to the house speaker, it is the media's fault that no
11:43 am
one knows. live on capitol hill with this one. >> john, good afternoon to you. house speaker nancy pelosi raising some eyebrows this week over those very interesting comments. the headlines coming out of the hill right now rightly surround the public battle happening between progressives and moderates over the price tag of the president massive tax and spend plan, but also over what's in it, which social programs make it in and which do not. it's no surprise that a reporter this week as full as he about a recent poll that reveals that more than half of surveyed americans either don't know specifics about this bill or really anything at all. who's fault is it? listen to what pelosi thinks. >> do you think you need to do a better job in messaging and going forward how do you sell this because. >> i thank you all could do a better job selling this to be very frank with you. >> republicans however see the lack of information is a problem
11:44 am
too. >> i noticed that republicans have rightly so focused on the price tag over $5 trillion in spending between the fake infrastructure built in the reconciliation bill and talking about what that would do to inflation. unfortunately, the bill still pulls fairly well among the american people because they don't know exactly what's in the bill. >> all of this comes as democrats like senator bob casey worry about these missed opportunities for them straight he's telling the hill that part of the problem is and i can say this as a democrat, that we have been talked enough about the impact on people's lives adding that this includes really any good pr opportunities the dems could have cashed in on on their home districts from passing the american rescue plan. all those direct deposits we all got last year, no one has been talking about that, but speaker pelosi trying to do her part today. she just did hold an event in california about the president's agenda. >> so we could do a better job of selling build, back, better.
11:45 am
>> i thought that was the democrats job not us. thank you so much great appreciate it. >> democrats calling in the big guns in virginia. former president obama set the campaign for in a race that analysts say could set the stage as we head into the midterm elections next year. joining us is political playbook think you so much for joining us. you tell us what is going on here because we doubled back just a second ago just to check if there are any campaign events planned for kamala harris for mcauliffe between now and election day and we were told that there is nothing solid on the books for harris the last event together was september 14th. so, do they see her as an asset in this race? to give that's a great question and i think he said it himself about his longtime friend joe biden. this was just last week at a
11:46 am
rally, a online. he said to his supporters, listen, we are getting a lot of bad headwind from washington. the president is frankly not popular here. he just laid it out there. it shows that he believes that the president, and i think by extension the vice president is a liability in this race. president biden won virginia by ten points, let's not forget that. but right now, mcauliffe is a buy may be one point in a lot of holes. right now bidens favorability. >> we can pop it up there. go ahead. >> i was just seeing a recent poll showed that biden's approval numbers in virginia are at 45 percent, so it's not that great. this isn't exactly the time to use the president on the road. i think it sets a precedent for the midterm elections and it has democrats wondering is president biden and liability in the midterm elections. let's not forget the last time that republican won the
11:47 am
governor's mansion it was in 2009, right after one year until obama's term a year before the midterms of what happened when you're later? the democrats suffered severe losses in the house. it was a wipeout and they had to head the house back to republicans a lot of democrats are looking at this as a bellwether of what is to come in 2022. there is real panic i can tell you that. >> i'll ask you about that in just a moment, but here he is in his own words admitting that biden is unpopular in that state. we've got to get democrats out to vote he says. we're facing a lot of headwinds from washington as you know, read into that. the president is unpopular today unfortunately here in virginia so we have got to plow through. so panic as a word that you just used. what exactly are you hearing? >> it's just that this is a really troubling race. i think they are worried that if a republican wins this race or even if mcauliffe only wins by a slim majority, it could really
11:48 am
slow down this reconciliation package there are working on. this 3.$5 trillion reconciliation bill great they might lose momentum and people might say we've been pushing this agenda for the past year, and the voters came out and they didn't vote with us, they voted against us or we only won by a little bit. maybe we need to reevaluate our agenda again. as we know the democrats only have a handful of seats in the house. they are looking at this race as a sign of what is to come and they don't want to lose momentum. meanwhile they are trying to pass this infrastructure bill and this reconciliation bill right before the election on november 2nd. and who knows if that'll even happen to that point. >> there is a long time and politics between now and the next election day of the midterm elections. a lot could change and so perhaps you see a change as far as biden and harris our assets as far as what happens. no not a lot of hope of them
11:49 am
turning around these prices they are facing right now in the white house. good to see you. >> thanks, sandra. >> the men and women in blue under siege dozens of police officers killed in the line of duty this year. next, the head of the fbi talks to fox is the anti- police rhetoric ramps up. >> at new york's governor apologizing to the families of loved ones who's died in the nursing home debacle but even members of her own party say it is just not enough.
11:50 am
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and it learns with you, so as you become smarter, so do its recommendations. so it's like my streaming service. well except now you're binge learning. see how you can become a smarter investor with a personalized education from td ameritrade. visit ♪ >> john: it's national police week. a time that we set aside to celebrate law enforcement officers. this year taking a somber tone. the fbi director is mourning the loss of a growing number of america's finest. david spunt is live with more.
11:55 am
hi, david. >> fbi director chris ray said members of law enforcement need more money and more support from the local communities. sent to fox news, the latest numbers are grim. they are alarming. 59 law enforcement were killed in the line of duty just this year. at this point last year in 2020, that number was 39. i met with chris wray across the street. he's meeting with families of officers killed over the past several days, weeks, months and years. >> there's been a disturbing rise in violence against law enforcement. that is something that deserves more attention than it has received because it takes an unbelievably special person to be willing to get up every morning and put his or her life
11:56 am
on the line for a total stranger. >> three officers killed over the past few days, master trooper adam gobert shot and killed. he served with the state police 19 years. and then dylan harrison was working his first shift with the department. he's survived by his wife and 6-month-old son. on monday, a few days ago, deputy sheriff juan ruiz with the maricopa sheriff's office after being attacked in a police station. several people died recently after dealing with injuries from 9-11. 20 years ago. people are still dying as brave heros. >> john: remarkable. tragic stories. david spunt at the department of justice. thank you. sandra? >> i apologize for the pain that those poor families had to
11:57 am
endure as a result of their family members contracting covid in nursing homes. >> that was governor hochul apologizing to the families of those who died in nursing homes. the governor had a closed door meeting. ron kim says it's not enough. >> it's not just about me. as you know, it's about the thousands of families that the former governor gaslit and reduced them into a death cult, implying that it was all driven by politics. for this governor to take the step in the right direction, it was instrumental. now it's up to the families to turn this empathy into real action and accountability. >> sandra: the families are calling on the state to release all nursing home data and a victim's compensation fund.
11:58 am
>> john: next door to new york, new jersey is the only state under federal investigation under the handing of the covid pandemic and two veteran state-run hospitals. this comes as the governor face as tough re-election bid. bryan llenas has more. hi, bryan. >> john, 104 residents died of covid-19 here at the menlow park veteran's home. another died at the paramus facility. they're state-run veteran homes. it was a year-long department of justice investigation to determine if new jersey failed to provide residents with adequate medical care at the start of the pandemic. both facilities did not respond to comment. the doj investigation was launched under the trump administration. the former assistant attorney general that launched the probe says it clearly is not political.
11:59 am
>> the evidence was so overwhelming about these specific facilities that there was misconduct, i believe as one of the things that makes it different than these other states. >> governor murphy fired the leaders of the veteran's homes but critics say the buck stops with him. murphy denies that his administration's temporary mandate to accept patients in their facilities is the reason for the high death toll. >> we were crystal clear about the terms upon which these residents would return to their homes. they needed to be separated. >> new jersey has the second highest covid-19 death rate in the nation. yet according to a recent monmouth university poll, 62% of new jerseyians has approved how they handled the pandemic and 27% say they don't. president obama will be here next saturday at a campaign
12:00 pm
rally for governor murphy. john? >> john: so much about this virus we didn't know in thor will going, so many bad decisions were made. bryan llenas, thank you. that brings it to a close for today, sandra. >> sandra: i'm getting lots of notes about pumpkins. >> john: that was the first thing thing my mom made, pumpkin pie. i'm sandra smith. >> john: and i'm john roberts. >> good afternoon. i'm trace gallagher in for martha maccallum. we're awaiting the press briefing as we talk about surging costs and supply chain struggles. one key biden official said it's a high class problem. more in a moment as prices surge across the board. at the pump, they're up 44% hitting a new seven-year high today. even your heating bill this winter


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