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tv   Americas Newsroom With Bill Hemmer Dana Perino  FOX News  October 14, 2021 6:00am-8:00am PDT

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>> the freedom fighters coming out on november 2nd. clearwater almost sold out. i will see everybody there. >> check it out. >> finally! >> bill: president biden sending out the sos admitting to a lot of problems in the supply chain but passing the buck to the private sector. how did that go over? christmas is 10 weeks away. i am bill hemmer. >> dana: that's what you were counting? >> bill: that's right. you are good with details. >> dana: i am dana perino with "america reports." america trying to avert a meltdown to goods. >> bill: they will try to break the bottle neck at the port of
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l.a. with operations 24/7. why it took so long i can't tell you. the president suggesting this is out of his hands. >> we need the rest of the private sector chain to step up as well. this is not called a supply chain for nothing. our goal is not only to get through the immediate bottle neck but address the longstanding weaknesses in the transportation supply change its pandemic exposed. >> dana: a ceo is here with a look at the holiday season. first at the white house peter doocy is standing by. >> officials say they have been talking about the supply chain for months. it's not why this deal had to wait until yesterday for union workers to pick up extra shifts in los angeles.
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president biden is warning nothing will get better unless he gets his infrastructure deal. >> we are proposing to make the biggest investment in ports in our history and in our supply chains and manufacturing and strengthen our ability to make more good from beginning to end. >> the president will call out private companies that don't help with shipping. they are asking oil and gas companies to lower prices according to reuters. >> the president asked his economic team as they do any range of issues impacting the public to discuss what the options are we can take to address these shortages. >> the white house reminded us twice they had economic advisors to come out to talk about the supply chain. but they are not in challenger. secretary pete buttigieg and two
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others. whatever they are doing is leading to new forecast about inflation lasting longer than expected. >> when the president was coming in to office where we needed to turn the economy back on. we have seen some of these transitory effects. that was predicted. next year we expect it to calm down as outside forecasters are projecting. >> president biden will hit the road but not to address the supply chain but he will be in connecticut. >> bill: 100 firefighters responding to a fire in the port of los angeles. william, what happened?
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good morning. >> that fire closed a link that leaves the port. with the supply chain there is a lot of finger pointing. the truckers and the warehouses and the biden administration. did it make sense to pay people not to work through unemployment benefits when you had 500,000 job openings in the transportation sector. this is where we are. 58 ships off the coast of california right now on the ports of long beach and l.a. waiting to off load one million containers. the president's solution extend the port hours. instead of 5 days a week, 3 shifts 7 days a week doubling capacity and asking fed-ex and wal-mart and others to use the new 3 a.m. shift to stem the container traffic. officials say the change is long
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over due. >> we are opening our gates 24 hours a day. we hope that will trigger across the supply chain and get the warehouses open and get the trucking companies working at night and create good paying jobs for working class families. >> it used to be ships arriving from china would pull up to the port and off load. right now the wait time is 11 days to 3 weeks. that's created this cottage industry. these crews need food, alcohol and clothing. there are warehouses shuttling those provisions out to the ships that are anchored. >> in china it's more expensive. they like to get it here. >> president biden said this plan is a game changer. realistically this is only one link in the supply chain and it
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won't end overnight. >> bill: thank you. >> dana: with the holiday shopping season around the corner the supply chain crisis is a hot topic. headlines sounding the alarm about the possibility of bare shelves and no presents under the christmas tree. here is isaac the ceo of mj entertainment. you are in the private sector. you want to ship and sell as many products as possible. president biden said the private sector needs to step up. is there anything you could do to answer his request? >> with all due respect to president biden, what he just order side too little too late. only 72 days left until christmas. where the ports are open 24 hours a day or 48 hours you can't get labor. if you can't get labor, you can't get trucks.
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you can't get merchandise out. even if you get them out, it will be too late for christmas. i will just show you one item. this will be the number 1 toy this holiday. we can only get 60% of the current demand out. 60%. that means a lot of kids won't be able to get this movie magic surprise under the christmas tree or hanukkah tree. this directive is too little too late and it's a political gimmick to me. >> bill: they saw it coming. you have to think. you are in the business and saw it coming too. you have a warehouse of 10 football fields long. i can't imagine how big that is.
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is it full? can you move product? >> yes, we have actually more than that warehouse. the problem is that getting the merchandise off the ships to our warehouse. we can't get truckers. we can't get labor to move them to the retailers. it is really a jam. i have been doing this for 42 years. i have never ever seen something like this before. the administration knew about this. what they are doing is too little too late to save this holiday. that's what is going to be happening. there will be a major shortage of hot toys. >> dana: anything that could be done that is not being done that administration called for
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yesterday? they are you when you say you don't have the labor or the truckers. i assume people are trying to get them to come back to work with increased wages. still people don't am. >> yes. we also have a factory in ohio. the largest toy factory in america. we can't get labor there. if you pay people to stay home and they make more money staying home than working they don't want to come to work. yes, i have a solution. from are hundreds of thousands of immigrant workers who want to work. we are keeping them in cages at the border. let them come to work. let them free. they are not living. just let them come to work. there is a major crisis if
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america. i don't think people are aware of it. >> bill: we wanted a v-shaped recovery and got it. nobody predicted this. people like you and the administration they saw that glacier moving our way for months and took very little action. the president said they will drive trucks at night time because the traffic is less. it's almost laughable when you think about it. they were just simply not prepared. now they have not managed their way out of this. sir, thanks for your time. >> dana: good luck to you. looks like a great toy. >> bill: that warehouse must be massive. you could get lost there. 10 football fields long. >> dana: one issue is that there is no labor. we also talk about the issue of inflation. nowhere is that hitting more than than on the energy side of things. gas prices.
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here's the press secretary yesterday. >> for a range of issues that the american people are impacted by rising prices of gas in some parts of the country want not all. some of those costs are upnationally. today versus last year. now $3.29 a gallon. it was $2.18. inflation up 5.4% and wages 4.6% and cnbc said that's a 2% pay cut. >> bill: right. you get a raise but all of the price hikes cut into that cage. if you are living in a part of the country where your gas hasn't increased. shoot me a tweet. if your prices went down i want to know that too. let's find out a statement --
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the president came out yesterday. made a statement and just walked away again. he doesn't take questions. we have been talking about this. you were a press secretary for the president of the united states. he did 1 interview and the other time sat down with stephanopoulos. >> dana: and that didn't go well. more than 10,000 john deere employees are going to walk off the job. their negotiations reached a stand still with workers rejected contract offering raises. it will shutter operations at 14 plants. marking john deere's first labor disruption in 35 years. >> bill: breaking news overseas. 5 people are dead. 2 injured.
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deadly rampage in the country of norway. it wasn't a gun or a knife. wait until you hear the weapon that is now label a terrorism investigation. >> dana: and democrats rolling out star power in the virginia governor's race. >> bill: could iran get the bomb? what president biden is saying the world needs to accept raising alarms among america's allys. >> we are united in the proposition that iran can't be allowed to acquire a nuclear weapon. the diplomatic path is the most effective way to ensure that doesn't happen. ♪♪ retirement is an opportunity to fill each tomorrow with moments that matter. and a steady stream of protected income can help you secure the life you've planned.
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of norway. 5 people dead and 2 injured. a man with a bow and arrow shot in a number of locations. later arrested. described as a danish man, a muslim convert. flagged as being radicalized. that attack was the deadliest in norway in 10 years. >> dana: and a new study about mixing and matching covid vaccine for immune response for booster shots especially for johnson & johnson who got a second shot from moderna or pfizer. mark has an update. >> they are trying to understand how effective the booster shots are. there is a suggestion that boosters provide added protection even in the booster doesn't match the vaccine you had previously. the study involved 458 people and researchers measured antibodies after 2 and 4 weeks.
6:20 am
they say this data suggests if a vaccine is approved as a booster immune response is generated regardless of the original vaccine. they are meeting to talk about all things boosters and focus on johnson & johnson and moderna. pfizer has already been authorized. researchers will offer advice to who should take the shot. the cdc and fda will make a final decision next week. officials say 9 million booster shots were administered and they are bringing down cases. >> we are seeing a decline in acceleration and a turn around of cases. we're looking for a level of control of the virus that would allow us to be able to approach the kind of normal we all crave.
6:21 am
>> health officials admitted that may never be possible to eliminate covid-19. >> bill: iran delays negotiations to renew the nuclear deal. the biden administration is trying to prevent that country from obtaining nuclear weapons. >> we will look at every option to deal with the challenge from iran. we believe diplomacy is the most effective way. it takes 2 to engage in diplomacy and we have not seen from iran a willingness to do that. >> bill: that's blinken. a special envoy said we have to prepare for a world where iran doesn't have constraints on nuclear weapons and we have to deal with that which is what we are doing hoping we can get back to the deal.
6:22 am
michael allen, nice to see you. the message, get used to it. accept it and adjust to it? >> very dangerous message for him to send. it could be interpreted by the iranians to mean the americans will give it their college try, but they may just accept us becoming a nuclear weapons state. i think that was an inconsistent message from rob. it contradicted from secretary blinken said? >> he said all options are on the table. i think that's hallow. i don't think people believe president biden will take military action. but he is trying to put it on the table to get iran to come back to negotiations. >> bill: he said we are prepared
6:23 am
to remove all of the sanctions imposed by the trump administration. if you are on the other side of this. what do you think? they will concede to what we ask and want? >> i think the united states looks like they are too hungry for a deal. after numerous talks in vienna and europe, we are signaling to the iranians we want to go back and take down all of the sanctions that president trump put on you. that's signaling to iran if i get all of these officers from the united states why don't i hang back. it's incentiveizing iran it see what we come to the table with more sanctions released.
6:24 am
>> bill: it's interest interesting. just one presidential term away from the obama administration going full into this deal to get it done. this is june from the israel prime minister. it's a clip from the president. watch. >> i can say iran will never get nuclear weapons on my watch. >> bill: don't believe that, do you? >> i don't believe that. you also have to look at president biden's performance in afghanistan. we lack historically weak. we are not willing to stand up to regimes around the world. we just want to get into diplomacy so badly. there is an old saying if you want a deal badly enough, you will get a bad deal. that's the way we look right now. it looks hollow when president biden says things like all options are on the table. >> bill: thanks and we will call on you soon. michael allen. this topic could change the
6:25 am
world. >> dana: the ceo of netflix doubling down in support of dave chapel as his employees call for a walk out. in virginia the governors race could go down to the wire. will education issues be the compact factor. -- deciding factor. we will talk about it. >> how about education? veteran homeowners, with mortgage rate near record lows and home values at record highs now is the time to use the equity in your home to pay off your high rate debt. the newday 100 va cash out loan combines your mortgage, credit cards, car loan and other high rate debt into one simple monthly payment near the lowest rates in newday's history. it's only for veterans and it's only from newday usa. your heart is at the heart of everything you do.
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>> dana: democrats are pulling out all of the tops in a tight virginia governors race watching for clues for what it will mean for the next year's mid-terms. former president obama and others will hit the campaign trail to win over minorities and women. if you just look at the calendar of events.
6:31 am
first lady jill biden will head there and stacey abrams and speaker nancy pelosi. i heard that joe biden got an invite too. >> virginia democrats are realizing they have not been winning the enthusiasm core in virginia. the republican base is excited about the prospect of preventing mcauliffe from getting a second term. he is appealing to voters that republicans are in. democrats realize this is not a race they have in the bag. they to pull out all of the stops. >> bill: "washington post": more women are tuning out
6:32 am
politics. what do you think the point is there? do you agree with this? with all of these education battles back and 4th more women would be interested in politicse of his campaign. the one thing that virginia hasn't been doing well on. it paid dividends. going after virginia schools for the curriculum and lowering standards and mask mandates. that's an issue that can create a wedge for democrats bringing swing voters to the republican side. if youngkin makes it a close race i expect more republicans to adopt this across the country
6:33 am
in next year's mid-terms. >> dana: the headlines about the critical race theory. it's shaping the virginia governor's race and the hill said parents are angry. if you look at the past 4 presidential results for virginia. there has been obama, obama, clinton, biden. with steady increases along the way. however, the governor's race in virginia in an off year, the first year after a new president often goes to the opposite party. do you anticipate that youngkin could turn the tide here? >> well, i think that's part of what is helping youngkin. the environment is more favorable to republicans now as voters become more and disillusioned with the biden presidency. virginia is right across the river from d.c. and they are aware what is going on. >> dana: i can jump in? a person told us this week that
6:34 am
virginia is not a blue state. he said it's a purple state. do you subscribe to that? >> well, for a statewide races yes. national races, if you are talking about someone running for senate or president, that's hard. this is not just one year. there has been growing over time. state races are about different issues. that's why you can have in massachusetts a republican governor and in vermont a republican governor. these are not states at the presidential level that are gop but state issues are different. democrats in virginia have struggled to define youngkin. is he too much like donald trump or like mitt romney? a private equity guy? they don't have a strong, consistent message on him. >> dana: the taylor swift
6:35 am
storyline did not grab hold but i am a fan. >> bill: in 2009 republicans won the governors's race in 2013 barely lost. there was a third party candidate on the ticket. republicans might have won that race as well. in 2017 they were blown out. 2021 has this big question mark. >> dana: great to see you. >> bye-bye. >> bill: do you think it's purple or blue? >> dana: we will know in 3. >> bill: she talked about education. mcauliffe had an event inside and came outside and this is what happened. >> who should number control of education. >> are you been vaccinated yet.
6:36 am
>> [shouting]. [overlapping talking]. >> [inaudible]. >> will build education. >> bill: we have him up in the poll. the mask comment. the event before he came outside. he was inside without a mask. [laughing]. two women next to him wore masks and he was not. decide for yourself. big tech accused of more censorship by men who claim google is blocking his video from searches for no reason at all. douglas kennedy looks at the story and has more now. good morning, sir. >> the internet is a great place to express your views until someone decides you can't.
6:37 am
>> you had dozens of videos you posted that google censored? >> yes and it feels like it's an attack on us. >> since 2014 drew posted 58 videos to youtube. it's his take on pop culture from an african-american perspective. >> unfortunately for him. most users could not find his posts because google took them down or hid them from view. his views on mask mandates and fake news unavailable and google blocked this list of best boxers. >> they didn't like my picks. >> google calls this content moderation. you call it digitals censorship. >> yes, content moderation looks
6:38 am
at content. they are using race, sexual orientation and gender to make moderation decisions and not the material in the video. >> this attorney represents the man and 8 other african-americans who say google unfairly targeted their posts. the problem you face is all of these companies are private companies. private companies can do what they want. >> they can but they can't discriminate. >> google says they don't discriminate based on race or sexual-orientation. a denial that doesn't sit well with this man. >> google has too much power over what you say? >> i think so. there is unfairness with how
6:39 am
some of us are treated versus others. >> an unfairness he hopes will be corrected by the courts. that's it from here. >> bill: we will see if that's the case. >> dana: a new jersey democratic governor phil murphy is facing the heat about 2 state-run veterans hospitals. it's one of the most dangerous areas in central america where tens of thousands of children face violence if they head north. griff takes us there next. >> we went deep into that area and the images will shock you. the biden administration delegation arrived in panama city. that's next. people with moderate to severe psoriasis, are rethinking the choices they make like the splash they create
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>> ♪ ♪ >> dana: border patrol escorted 4 and 6 years old girls to safety. they carried a piece of paper for contact information for an aunt in the united states. agents are trying to reunite them with their families. this is what we talked about yesterday in terms of endangerment of the children. >> bill: one was just 2 and it's happening every day. unicef reported a record 19,000 migrants children made a 37 mile treks through a forest separating columbia and panama. it subjects kids to brutal
6:46 am
conditions. griff jenkins live in panama city. what did you see and how did it look? >> well, it was striking and tragic. we did go deep there. quickly i want to point out the administration said the undersecretary of state for civilian security and human rights to represent the administration. >> i am happy to be in panama city today for this dialogue. we will be focussing on border security. we understand the challenges. >> we went hours deep into that gap to a village. it's the first piece of
6:47 am
civilianization the migrants see after 5 to 6 days in its jungle. we saw the raw human toll that is taking. unicef over 19,000 children half under age 5 made that trek. an adult described how bad it was for him. >> that's why you can see my feet. [inaudible]. >> [speaking spanish]. >> it's a little village. doctors run into broken bones and people sick with covid and from the jungle and sexual assault one of the hardest interviews i tried to get was talking to a woman who said she was robbed and terrible things
6:48 am
happened to her. she could not do the interview with me. we didn't press. for the under secretary we will meet with the president here today and head down to this region to see that firsthand and where she will be going. >> bill: good reporting. >> dana: the department of justice is investigating new jersey for a mishandling of the covid pandemic a 2 state run veterans homes after a staring number of deaths. brian is live. >> 104 residents died of covid-19 here. it's the highest death toll at long-term care facilities in the state. it's one of two state run veterans home under
6:49 am
investigation by the department of justice. they visited these homes as the doj continues a year long investigation as to whether new jersey mishandled its handling of covid patients. there are emails from governor murphy's office to veterans homes about penalizing staffers for use masks without permission. this investigation was launched under the trump administration and continues under the biden administration. the governor's office dismissed this investigation as political. the former assistant attorney general said it is not. >> it is fair to ask why there are so many more deaths in new
6:50 am
jersey on a percentage wise basis than any place else. it's fair to ask why these were terribly run and veterans were so mistreated. >> governor murphy fired the leaders of the veterans home and said his mandates were clear and they take the counting of the dead seriously. >> i bet we are one of the few states that have this as accurate as we have it. >> governor murphy is up for reelection in 3 weeks. the majority approve his handling of the governor. >> bill: fox news speaks with
6:51 am
christopher wray about the growing number of police officers killed in the line of duty and a parent raising concerns about material in the high school library. what is in the books that is inappropriate for children. newday's low rate refi offers their lowest rate in history. two and a quarter percent. just 2.48 apr. save thousands every year and there are no upfront costs. not one dollar. the newday low rate refi. take advantage of these record low rates so you and your family can save. trelegy for copd. ♪ birds flyin' high, you know how i feel. ♪ ♪ breeze drifting on by you know how i feel. ♪ ♪ it's a new dawn... ♪ if you've been taking copd sitting down, it's time to make a stand. start a new day with trelegy.
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>> 40 years of data is valuable.
6:56 am
>> bill: a co-ceo at netflix is doubling down on support for dave chappell after a news special called closer. watch it yourself. many staffers are outraged over netflix airing the special over jokes about the transgender community. ted says with the closer we understand that the concern is not about offensive to some content that could create world harm...
6:57 am
>> dana: add another name to the boy coted israel authors a woman not letting them translate her new book into hebrew. joining us is a former state department spokesperson. she has 3 novels out. very young and success early on. the second one made it to a show. the third one comes out. she is very, very popular and says that hebrew translations are available and i can find a way to sell them i will be pleased to do so. her point is she wants to express her solidarity with the
6:58 am
palestinian people. what do you think? >> i have so much to day. it's hard to know where to start. our audience should know this movement is an anti-semitic and racist movement. it was rejected by bipartisan members of congress both sides of the aisle. the bds movement singles out israel's right to exist. this democracy there are jews and arabs. muslim and christians and other religiouses living peacefully in irl. the support of this movement and the refusal to translate her book into hebrew singles out the
6:59 am
jewish people. >> dana: megan had a good point. she said she is curious where whether sally will allow them to be translateed into mandarian that the chinese government is subjecting woman to forced abortion and rape as well. the double standard makes it anti-semitic. >> she's right. the last books were translateed into mandarin and russian. you could find one of her books on any state. the problem i have pointing out the fact she is having her books translated into russian and
7:00 am
mandarian. it's ridiculous to compare israel to those states. they have genocide going on. >> dana: i read a lot of books and her third book is not even good. thank you very much. the growing battle or school policies is getting more political by the day. the biden administration sets its sights on parents who stand up for kids looking for signs of domestic terrorists. welcome to "america reports." i am dana perino. >> bill: it's not even good. >> dana: it's annoying. >> bill: i am bill hemmer. the battle in virginia and across the country. parents getting involved in what is happening inside the classroom demanding their say. the father of a fairfax county virginia high school sophomore
7:01 am
spoke up at a school board because of sexual material found in that school's library. >> i felt compelled to act because this material was creating an environment where kids could be groomed for sexual bred predators. >> dana: and virginia a dead heat for governor. mike emanuel. >> the 2 candidates are trading jabs on education. he talks about critical race theory. he talks about having parents meetings on critical race theory. it really bothers me. because it's a racist dog whistle. >> republican youngkin is hammering mcauliffe on critical race theory in schools. saying this started in virginia when mcauliffe was governor. >> that was in 2015 during his
7:02 am
administration. fast forward. go to the state board of education website, you will find a book on the recommended leading list teaching critical race theory in the classroom. to suggest it's not there is patently false. >> this comes as the national school board association appeal to president biden about threats to schools and teachers. the classification of these heinous actions could be like domestic terrorists and hate crimes. the virginia school board association distanced itself saying while we look for support from state and federal governments, we don't seek the involvement of federal law enforcement in local decisions. this is a father of a high school sophomore who objected to the domestic terrorists suggestion. he spoke up at a local school board meeting concerned about books with sexual material in school libraries. >> how is that teaching them to
7:03 am
read and write and math? it doesn't. at secondary school we have children who are 11 with access to this material. >> the covid lockdown awakened many parents about what is happening in our schools. a key issue in the heated governor's race. >> dana: it's across the country but acutely in virginia. traditional be a battle. >> bill: the last comment mike made. during covid everybody is on zoom. the kids watching the teacher on the computer in your house. you heard it all. a lot of these courses were recorded. now you have a historical record and it opened up people's eyes. this story. katie couric is facing back lash about an interview with ruth
7:04 am
bader ginsburg. katie couric cut out part of the interview to protect ginsburg. a law professor and a fox news contractor, hello to you. let's catch up the viewers here. here's the part of the interview that aired. this is part of an article that katie couric wrote for yahoo from 5 years ago. >> i think it's dumb for them. it's disrespectful. the same answer if you asked me about flag burning. >> bill: ginsburg was 82. the daily mail rote it up here. katie couric wrote she edited out where ginsburg said those kneeling during the national anthem are showing contempt for a country that made it possible for their parents and
7:05 am
grandparents to live a descent life. how do you score this? >> it's an offense to the field of journalism and law. there is an effort to craft the interview so it fits a narrative am we saw the aclu edited one of the most famous statements by ginsburg on abortion to eliminate the word women because that was viewed aside sexist. this is breathtaking for people that have any sense of history or her legacy. ginsburg had many traditional values. i am not surprised by what she said. the act of omitting inconvenient statements is really incredible. what is fascinating this is a time of advocacy journalism where journalists say they need to frame news for a social or political agenda.
7:06 am
it's coming together with this interview. anyone who considers themselves a journalist would have never taken this type of act. another journalist she consulted with and said she doesn't understand the question? really? she seemed to understand all of the questions where the answers you agreed with. those made the interview. >> dana: it's insulting to a feminist icon ruth bader ginsburg. why does she need to be protected by katie couric? ruth bader ginsburg was well aware of her views and knew the impacts they would have. >> yes, this is not inconsistent with what ginsburg said on other subjects. the problem for katie couric is there was a celebration of the notorious ruth bader ginsburg. that quote would make her
7:07 am
infamous rbg and they didn't want to do that. at this time, president trump was making some of the same statements. there were democratic members calling for his impeachment based on those statements. you could haven't this attacks at the time. -- from contradiction at the time. it didn't fit the media narrative. >> bill: that would be a significant headline. kaepernick was news. the supreme court. we will see a commission as to whether or not we will expand the court. what is your expectation? >> well, this is a commission that is hardly balanced. it runs from the left to the far left. there are a few people in there who are more conservative or moderate. the real problem with this commission is the creation itself. president biden said that
7:08 am
packing the court was a boneheaded idea. that hasn't changed. we had a failure of leadership. president biden refused during the campaign to tell voters how he felt about packing the court. even though voters are overwhelmingly against packing the court. he kicked the can down the road and created this commission. we will see what comes out of this. the real problem here is this vacuum of leadership created by president biden. he should make it clear that those people who want to add 4 liberal votes to the court are talking to the wrong president. they are saying that the court has to be out of whack. it has to be reformed because it's not agreeing with what i think the constitution means. >> bill: thank you, jonathan turley. >> dana: you will make the progressives mad or manchin and
7:09 am
sinema mad. >> bill: thanks, sir. >> dana: we will have this commission tomorrow. there was a deadline. i have a feeling it needs more study. >> bill: okay. here is what the democrat from maine said: we must expand the court to, to balance a right wing court packing that happened under president trump. it's common sense for the supreme court to have the same member of justices. >> dana: that's not court packing. when there is a vacancy and you fill it. i am in a mood. >> bill: i know. >> dana: lt. col. pleaded qualitiy to charges on social media posts about handling the
7:10 am
afghanistan withdrawal. ceive steve is live in north carolina with more. >> that's right. just minutes ago the lt. col. pled guilty to all 5 charges against him including contempt for senior officers, and conduct unbecoming an officer and a gentleman. the penalty phase could range from a discharge with honor to one year in confinement. he received attention for a social media criticizing his military superiors for the way they handling the withdrawal from iraq. >> i want to say this strongly. i have been fighting for 17 years. i am willing to throw it all away to say to my senior leaders i demand accountability. >> he spent a week in the brig.
7:11 am
his posts got tremendous attention and more than $2 million were raised in his defense. >> bill: from gas to the store americans across the country feeling the supply chain crunch. is there a local solution to this nationwide problem? >> dana: it's not just food. families are playing more for everything from used cars to television. how can you keep your budget from bursting? a personal finance expert dave ramsey will join us next. >> this has the potential to upend every political calculation the biden administration made. inflation is a tax on the middle-class. ♪♪ retirement is an opportunity to fill each tomorrow
7:12 am
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7:17 am
>> dana: prices of everything are on the rise. the labor department announced that inflation has reached a 13 year high. wages are also increasing but not enough to keep up with higher costs. our next guest has tips to keep your budget from going into the red. dave ramsey is a host of the ramsey show. this is a big problem. yesterday the government said heating bills will jump 54% compared to last winter. how do people prepare for that? >> obviously it's coming. just like christmas is coming. we have to prepare and say this is what is coming at us. our budget will get tighter and tighter. we will be cutting out some things so there is margin and wiggle room. it means we will be looking at what we can do with wages. the good news is we are seeing people move up considerably by doing a lot of job changing.
7:18 am
watching their incomes grow up. they can work on an individual basis past this mess caused by the biden policies. >> bill: let me show viewers what we are looking at: on the list goes. the "wall street journal" wrote the following. inflation tax rises. really earnings declined. you speak to americans every day. what are their concerns? >> well, $5 gas is a real
7:19 am
problem. a heat and air guy or a plumber that is trying to work for a living. that's a problem. you can't control what the government does. weigh can't sit around and wait on our blessings to come from the white house. our blessings come when we control what we can control. that's our behaviors. we will watch. this i would not panic about it. it's a pain in the butt. it's the second wave tsunami after the earthquake of the pandemic. >> bill: dave, i am of the mind that nobody knows what is going on below the surface. is seems like the economy here and around the world is built on sand. coming out of the pandemic. people are going back to their lives. do you think we have a fair reading about the strength of our economy to begin with?
7:20 am
>> i don't think this is an infrastructure crack in the economy. i really don't. there was an earthquake out to sea. a few days later we get a tsunami coming in. what scared us all we didn't see it coming. we thought once we got past the government shutdown of the economics during the pandemic we were going to be able to go to back to normal. we didn't realize we have a huge surge in demand and change in the labor markets more dramatic than any in 50 years. and the mess and nightmare this created. and all of this is rolled up into higher prices. my hope is that this will calm down once some demand wrinkles that are driving this supply and demand curve and prices and the water gets back out to sea from
7:21 am
the tsunami he will be okay. i don't know how long it will take. >> dana: you talked about student loan debt and you have a documentary about borrowed future. >> for 25 years we helped people got out of debt on the ramsey show. we have stories of people that are heart breaking. hopelessness and the overwhelming situation with this epic failure. it's out of control. we started working on a documentary. the stories it even blew my mind. i thought i new how nefarious the banking industry was. i had no idea how filthy they were. the future comes out today on google play and apple tv. check it out. it will scare you straight about student loans.
7:22 am
>> bill: do we have that clip? it gets to the heart of what you are expressing to young american. >> we brain washed kids into thinking this is normal and safe but it's not. there is no one that is going to stop you from borrowing. >> when you want something you have to take all of it everyone said. >> dana: in the bill now the infrastructure bill they would require all pre-k daycares providers to have a 4 year degree. >> [laughing]. okay. that works. it's not like we don't have a labor problem. mess with it more government. >> bill: dave momsy. -- ramsey. here we go. the administration announcing a plan yesterday to install wind
7:23 am
farms on the entire u.s. eastern coast line. 7 wind farms part of a plan to generate electricity it power more than 10 million homes. the project will create 77,000 jobs. it include $150-billion dollars in incentives for electric utilities to switch to clean energy and penalties for those who do not. >> dana: what happens in the wind doesn't blow? waves of organized shoplifters hitting stores in san francisco is so bad in the democrat run city more shops are closing down and also this. >> i would say that i don't believe that giving the police less resources and the solution. that promotes lawlessness. >> dana: addressing continued calls to defend police. that's next.
7:24 am
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>> dana: it's police week but christopher wray is mourning a growing number of officers killed in the line of duty. law enforcement is under attack. blacking the blue is more important than ever. david with the exclusive interview live at the justice department. >> director wray said members of law enforcement are on under attack. there is evidence in law enforcement deaths. he said enough is enough and the numbers are not moving in the right direction when it comes to law enforcement deaths. according to numbers directly from the fbi to fox news as of this morning 59 law enforcement officers were killed in the line of duty this year.
7:30 am
at this point last year in 2020 that number was just 37. you see the significant uptick this year. i met with the fbi director just to speak about the wall honoring the fallen. people killed in the line of duty over the last year at the fbi. right now the director is meeting with families of officers killed in the past several days, weeks and months and years. >> it's a tragedy what is happening in this country. i personally call the chief, sheriff or commissioner to offer by condolences and prayers on behalf of the fbi. i made 211 of those phone calls since i started this job. enough is enough. >> a few recent deaths. a master troop from the louisiana state police shot and killed during an ambush.
7:31 am
he served with the state police for 19 years. and also killed a georgia police officers harrison. he was working his first shift with the department. survived by a wife and 6-month-old son. on monday a sheriff in arizona died from injuries after being attacked by a prisoner inside a police station. i asked the fbi director about defunding the police. he doesn't get involved with political slogans but said the police officers need to be paid more in local police department. it's important to back the blue. looking at that wall of honor, several people who died in the past several months died from injuries sustained 20 years ago in 9-11. >> dana: thank you. important interview. >> ♪ ♪ >> bill: many democratic cities
7:32 am
moving to defund police are seeing a surge in crime especially shoplifting. san francisco they are up8%. forcing walgreens to close 5 for stores in that democratic run city. this sergeant with is the san francisco police department. good morning to you. what do you think? >> we don't have a supply chain problem. we have a problem of people stealing us blind in these stories. no politician wants to address that. i don't know what they want to do. obviously it's not giving us more help to fight this crime or the d.a. manning up and doing his job and prosecuting people. your goes is as good as mine. >> bill: walgreens closed 10
7:33 am
stores since the beginning of 2019. it's not a good track record. people think no big deal. go to a different story. not necessarily. one walgreen is less than a mile from 7 different schools. it's been a staple for families and children for decades. when you close one ever these stores it affects everybody in that community. >> right. the last time i was on here, i mentioned what if they close? i will be the person i told you so. they are closing stores. not only does that affect the community it affects the workers at that store. these stores run by themselves. there are live people who are in these stores working and needing these jobs and paychecks to survive. the community just loses out as a whole. there is no telling these people
7:34 am
to go get another job. you are hurting everyone. no business is in business not to make a profit. when you are spending more money on security than what you are selling out of that store because people are stealing, what are you going to do? >> bill: you are so right. the video we came across a month or two ago. broad daylight. giant garbage bag and no one stopped them. that's not the only time it happened. why doesn't jourcity do something -- your city do something? >> what will they do? we told them they have a problem and the whole world saw this video. what are they going to do? you can't keep paying money you don't have to protect your products. trying to get a tube of
7:35 am
toothpaste, you can unlook the door? nobody wants to do that. get off their collective behind and be serious about consequences. our reputation is you can come to san francisco and do anything and get away with it because there are no consequences. >> bill: you make a great point. dana and i talked about the obligation of online companies like amazon not to allow you to take a stolen product and sell it online? >> exactly. do they know where people are getting these products using their company name to do that? there is responsibility they hold. they want to shut online sellers down who they know are selling stolen goods. come on, man, who are we
7:36 am
kidding? >> bill: you are right. i love that town and hope it comes back the way you want it to. thanks for coming back today. >> you are welcome. >> bill: doesn't sound hopeful. >> dana: president biden's border policies under the microscope. details on the gang members. and low-income family. how do they keep food on the table? that's next. to use your va home loan benefit to get cash, now is the time. because interest rates are near record lows and home values are at record highs. the newday 100 va cash out loan lets you borrow 100% of your home's values and you can take out $ 50,000 or more. pay down high rate credit cards, improve your home, or just give your family the security of having cash in the bank.
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>> bill: waiting the biden administration september migrant workser they said they arrested 2 ms-13 gang members and people accused of sexual assault against minors. rich live in texas now on the border situation there. >> good morning. the biden administration announced next month the united states is going to be opening land borders just like this to allow non-essential travel. you want to shop and visit
7:42 am
people. do you that next month slangs are vaccinated. right now this is called essential travel for work purposes. from is more migration happening. 1.5 million apprehensions through august. we expect to get the last month, september, we get those numbers in the next few days. it week it apprehended 2 ms-13 gang members and others with conviction for sexual assault of a minor. the border patrol posted this video of what the section chief describes as a smuggler carrying a 7-year-old girl on his back down the u.s. side of the border wall and leaves her there. and our colleague bill got
7:43 am
exclusive documents showing more than 30,000 migrants were released into the united states and are eligible for work permits. rodney scott served under president trump and biden and said the administration is misusing that authority. >> bill: wow. >> dana: the white house chief of staff supporting the idea that most of the economic problems like inflation and the supply chain are high-class problems. it's hitting consumers across the board including nonprofits. our next guest runs a community group and memphis and they are struggling to provide services because prices are up and the shelves are bare. thanks for what you do to try to help other people. what are you facing right now as
7:44 am
these prices go, eggs, bread, milk. ground beef? >> we are serving families that are living below the poverty level in memphis. they can't absorb the increased costs we are seeing. we have toing it out how to provide them with those goods at the same price we gave them prior to the rise in price and make that up on our side through partners and local government and just individual donors who willing to assist.
7:45 am
>> dana: trying to get a leg up is out of reach. >> i was not living through the great depression where you see an increasing in mental depression particularly among the populations we serve. they have a lot of traumatic issues. they are in distressed neighborhood and already experienced economic difficulties. this escalates the conditions in those neighborhood. >> dana: and lumber prices across the country today versus 2020, $548 today it's $758. that makes the cost of building shelters and homes more expensive. are you witnessing that as well?
7:46 am
>> we are definitely witnessing that. our largest part of our work is set in affordable housing. they were using lumber instead of steel. in memphis the national data supports we are lacking 40,000 quality affordable housing rentals. that impacts our ability too get those unit up and running. we can't pass the costs on to the end users who are living below the poverty level. >> dana: you deliver your services paced on the generosity of others. tell us about your organization. >> we worked in memphis. 8% of our funding comes from philanthropic forces.
7:47 am
we receive some benefits from the u.s. department of treasury and some from the community of housing and health department at the state level. >> dana: thanks you for helping others. >> bill: what do brian laundrie's parents know about his whereabouts? many scientists were proven wrong as they dimissed the wuhan lab leak. now americans could be losing faith in scientists.
7:48 am
7:49 am
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>> dana: it was a month ago when brian laundrie left home without his phone or wallet to go hiking in a 25,000 acre nature preserve. there are no sightings. questions are growing over how much his parents know of his whereabouts. phil keating is home if north port, florida. >> the laundries said through their attorney they have no idea where their son brian laundrie is. on the run somewhere. all can quiet in the laundrie neighborhood. brian laundrie 23 is a wanted fugitive for using another person's atm card to get more
7:54 am
than $1,000. that card belonged to gabby petito as was suspected. it was used during the last 3 days of august. the coroner ruled her death by homicide by manual strangulation. her parents visited the memorial near her home. they are all now in wyoming retrieving the remains of there was daughters and will bring her ashes home. wednesday chris laundrie mowed the lawn and about his son being the only person of interest in this case. >> we see this across all of the
7:55 am
cases where family members will even faced with stark evidence, it's difficult for them to process what somebody they love could have done. >> another peculiar thing that happens here at the laundrie house. somebody delivered envelopes with $20 inside. saying feed the media and keep the story going. police were called and they took those letters and the cash. >> dana: thank you. we appreciate it. >> bill: the wuhan lab to it melting glaciers. scientists are getting it wrong. does the public have reason to lose trust? bret larson joins us now. we came about this national park
7:56 am
in montana warning the glaciers were going to disappear by the year 2020. they had to take the signs down. bret, look into that. >> yeah. it's an interesting case. if reminds me of when we do a forecast for a hurricane. there are 3 different path it could go on of the model and none come true. it hits north carolina instead of georgia. they put those signs up a decade ago saying the glaciers would not behere by 2020 because of climb change. they were not right. the glacier have shrunk. >> bill: what percentage went good-bye? >> 35%. it's still there. i am the least anti-science person around. without science we would have not tv and lights over our
7:57 am
heads. science is supposed to be questioned. that's the whole point. a scientist doesn't come forward and say this is happening because of this. if they do, i don't trust that scientists. >> dana: if the sign said we are concerned about the state of the glaciers. they might be melting. i saw this in the federal government. science would try to get ahead of policy to advance a conversation. they undermined trust. >> and that's a critical problem upon we saw this with the covid-19 vaccine. i read an article in scientific america which said in the rush of the pandemic. a lot of normal processes we would take like peer review, it was disemated without that and taken apart which erodes trust
7:58 am
in science. debating science that's why fox is here. we were celebrating our 25th anniversary. we ask questions that a lot of people don't ask. that doesn't make us anti-science. >> dana: from their business perspectives they say companies don't want to have their product advised next to someone who say is denying global climate change. >> that's misinformation. the advertisers don't want to be next to something that is proven to be misinformation. there is a the lot of misinformation. it's dangerous. we need to trust our institutions and as fast as. -- scientists. they are not trying to underminus. >> bill: you are on online all
7:59 am
day long. do you find ads near these stories? >> dana: i just get ads from shoes. >> bill: what is odd, that's the case with google and facebook. >> the thing i am seeing with online advertising as we get more restrictions put in place of where they can follow us online and track about us, the advertisements are less relevant. that's a can of worms. >> dana: a get a lot of ads for shoes. >> bill: shocker. >> i get advertisements for iphone cases. now i will get a lot of advertisements more melting glaciers. >> bill: before we get out. come for the food and stay for the science. >> brian: a solar flair in iowa.
8:00 am
it's like the northern lights. isn't that beautiful? it's measerizing. >> bill: any questions about that? >> it's amazing from a solar flair hitting our atmosphere. >> dana: thanks for joining us on "america reports." here's harris faulkner. >> harris: they are playing the blame game with our lives. president biden is passing the buck confronting a supply chain crisis finally. it hed to empty store shelves and surging prices. the threat of derailing the holiday shooping season looms large. you am harris faulkner with the "faulkner focus." president biden appeared to say


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