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tv   FOX Friends First  FOX News  October 14, 2021 2:00am-3:01am PDT

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thank you very much. >> is health prices be lowered. >> there is a critical shipping
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backlog piling up at our ports, the president refuses to take questions on the supply chain crisis or any of the challenges plaguing his administration. >> we are now learning the 160,000 illegal immigrants have been released into the us just under a year and officials are bracing for the mother of all caravans to come. >> see this? >> >> virginia gubernatorial candidate terry mcauliffe the rates a reporter for not wearing a mask outside despite appearing masked at an indoor event moments before and is not the only controversy surrounding him. we will tell you about it. >> you are watching "fox and friends first" thursday morning. jillian: let's begin in washington as the white house goes into overdrive a his critics when the president's plan to fix the supply chain crisis. >> mark where if lime is inflation into 13 your high. >> the biden administration says it has a plan that will speed up the delivery of millions of goods but critics argue it will be too little too late. out west are some major problems underway, dozens of ships are
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stuck waiting to unload their containers would backlog the numerous ports preventing that from happening so on wednesday the president announced an agreement to keep the port of los angeles open 24/7, in an effort to speed up delivery. >> increasing the late-night operation and opening up for less crowded hours, today's announcement has the potential to be a game changer. >> foxes learn the administration is considering other steps to shore up these bottlenecks including working to speed up approval of commercial drivers licenses and some drivers eventually may be allowed to work longer hours, the chamber of commerce is it approves of the president's efforts but critics argue this could come up short and white house admitted cannot guarantee things will be better by christmas. >> i have no faith in government that this will anything out whatsoever. >> pete buttigieg couldn't organize a one car funeral. he's not going to organize our ports and railroads and highways and airports.
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>> reporter: consumers know what the government is reporting, the prices going up on pretty much everything like bacon, steak, gas at 42% year-over-year, hotels, car rentals up according to the bureau of labor statistics. recently handful of consumer items of gone down in price, we checked the list that includes telephone hardware, frozen vegetables so you and i are out of luck. >> one of my supposed to do? >> your suits look great. and if you remember it before him our we talk about when we get each other for the holidays. jillian: dan bondgino calls the supply chain crisis another biden failure. >> makes you wonder how hundreds of the dumbest people on planet earth all managed to get jobs in the white house at the same time. a lot of companies get their deliveries of products, subsets of their finished product just in time to the don't have to have a lot of their capital tied
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up in inventory they may or may not use. look at that unnecessarily complex explanation, you think these idiots in the white house didn't know that, you're telling me if factories don't step goods for a long time that they used to and lockdown the economy you didn't know when you opened up you would have a supply chain problem? >> as this escalates biden's approval is taking, quinnipiac poll finding 38% of americans approve of his performance as president. >> four minutes after the hour and first on fox exclusive documents revealing 160,000 illegal immigrants freed under president biden's watch. >> ashley strohmeyer joins us as more migrants and what we are hearing could be the mother of all caravans. >> there's often little to no supervision after those 160,000 illegal immigrants are released into the us by the biden administration. this includes parole authorities to make more than 30,000 eligible work permit since august.
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according to u.s. customs documents there has been 94,500 illegal immigrants released with notices to report since march 20th but since august 6th almost 32,000 have been released and 40,000 released on their own recognizance and texas lieutenant governor dan patrick's take on the border crisis. >> what he needs to do is focus on securing the border and 50,000 haitians who say they have declared war on us and don't care about our national guard. they are the risk, they are the danger to america. jillian: the cvp chief in yuma is reporting a surgeon middle families migrating from south america when describing the last leg of the trip for these affluent migrants they got off the plane, went to a cab or bus, driven up and walked and turned themselves over to us.
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border officials warning to brace for what you said, the mother of all caravans which is expected to leave mexico at the end of this month. agents are planning for all possible scenarios based on the operations of smugglers or movements of those migrants and former ice director tom homan will join us in the 5:00 hour in 15 or 20 minutes to talk about leaked documents regarding the mass catch and release numbers under the biden administration. >> for trump senior advisor stephen miller says he can't believe what he is seeing from this administration. >> let's be clear what we're looking at, this is an inside attack on our democracy. it is something our founders never anticipated could happen, no one ever dreamed would happen, that the president of the united states, the person sitting in the oval office is working systematically or his deputies are in this case to
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allow people to invade into our country against our laws, to consume public benefits, to take american jobs and threaten public safety aided, a bedded, facilitated, planned by our own government. >> the government administration being accused of another double standard for requiring nonessential travelers coming into the us from canada and mexico to be vaccinated while illegal migrants come in untested and able to refuse the coronavirus vaccine. turning to panama where migrants for the first time following a grueling trip to the darien gap. >> good jenkins reports one migrant describes the dangerous journey through the jungle. >> they are tired, they are exhausted and in many cases sick. we are here if you look at these migrants, they've just arrived within hours. this is the harshest conditions we have seen for migrants but yet it is a relief for them because it is the first civilization they have come to after 5 or 6 days in the jungle,
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what they describe as the worst in their lives. to walk along here for a second you can see the number of children, unicef saying 19,000 children traveled here this year alone compared to just 3000 last year. these migrants will continue on to the camp where we have been reporting but this is a firsthand look at the harshest we've seen in that track. we talked to one migrant who has family in boston. he said was hard on him but he is determined to continue. is a look at what he said. >> very dangerous, very scary, very dangerous. the water is very complicated. the amount is very difficult to walk. i see people.
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>> there's another both of migrants coming out of the jungle now to residents in an indigenous village working in cooperation with the center front, the panamanian military version of border patrol, coordinating it as they come into move them through but one thing is for sure. they have never seen numbers like this. jillian: thank you. us climate on for john kerry's tempering expectations about whether climate talks will achieve the un target freezing emissions. >> we will hopefully be moving close to that track though there will be a gap. we want to use the gap as further motivation. this is still achievable. >> the climate on for refusing to think about china over its world leading omissions. >> a billboard blasting president biden in times square.
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time to let the mandate go, start making small businesses your vaccine police, job creators network putting up at saying, quote, biden's vaccine mandate will only exacerbate crippling labor shortages for small businesses. jillian: a virginia mom who survived the cultural revolution blasting school boards in the biden doj for using the same tactics she thought she left behind. >> they are labeling terrorists as domestic terrorists. >> she is sharing that message next. todd: if you're headed home for the holidays you want to hear this, more airlines, right before thanksgiving. show casone has that coming up.
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democratic nominee terry mcauliffe catching himself in the middle two issues, mask wearing an education. >> being in control of education. >> are you vaccinated. >> education is an opportunity. >> dangerous. i will build education. >> that confrontation playing out just moments after mcauliffe appeared maskless indoors during an education roundtable with supporters. during that discussion he vowed to, quote, build education just weeks after saying parents should have little say in what public schools teach their children. fox news exclusively, these images of him violating federal mask mandate on an amtrak train last month. parent in loudoun county, virginia are demanding the school board superintendent resign over allegations he covered up instances of sexual
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assault on students. this virginia father was arrested in june. for trying to protest the county's transgender bathroom policies after what happened to his daughter. >> my daughter was sexually assaulted in may of last year. school ended, the school board and the school system just went on summer break and abandoned us. jillian: the school board saying in a statement that members were not aware of the specific details until it was reported in media outlets earlier this week but parents say they don't believe it and no longer feel their kids are safe. >> falling on the excuse we didn't know until you found out is ridiculous and accusing us of being the threat when it is loudoun county school board that is the threat to us and our children. >> shifting back to the governor's race mcauliffe is
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pulling that even with republican candidate glenn youngken as the campaign enters its final stretch. >> stay in virginia parents outraged after being called domestic terrorists for going against critical race theory in classrooms was one of those parents survive mao's cultural revolution in china is here with us. thanks for being here. what a larry's doocy between the chinese system you fled and what we are doing to our kids in the us right now? >> too many. when a crt but i did to say the radical left spin calling conservatives deplorables and racist and white supremacist and insurrectionist, now calling parents terrorists. i think it is time we call them by their proper name.
2:18 am
they are american marxists and i call them american communists so because they love the same system implemented in china. the day chinese communists took over china they immediately removed parents and teachers from the education process and ever since 1949 education system is in control of the ccp. all the educational decisions made at the highest level and they make the education system, the american marxists love it and they want control our education system of the same way and have been successful until now, until they found out that
2:19 am
the parents become their opticals and so parents got to see what is going on so that is why they are going to the school board. >> the national school board association doesn't like being called out apparently. here's their statement in response, violence and threats against school officials increase, classification of these heinous actions could be equivalent to a form of domestic terrorism and hate crimes. i went to drill down on this. what is your reaction as somebody who fled mao's communist china to being called the domestic terrorist? >> this is something i to everyone to see. communism is here, it is absolutely here, the same tactics and i have to say it is
2:20 am
a sign that they are desperate, they see the danger that now they have been exposed and parents are trying to stop them and that is why they get -- called parents, domestic terrorists. >> one other thing you went on to say is don't let the scare tactics work. you stand up and fell apparent standing up is preventing that from happening, keep up the good work. thanks for your time this morning, we appreciate it. >> 20 minutes after the hour, 160,000 migrants released into the us since march. is the biden administration abusing its authority, we are asking tom homan next. but it's not like that's my only interest. i also love cooking with heart-healthy, idaho potatoes. always look for the grown in idaho seal.
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jillian: fox news has obtained leaked border patrol documents
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that reveal 160,000 migrants have been released into the us since march. former acting ice director tom homan. let's pull up these numbers so people can see the breakdown. there have been 32,000 granted parole since august 6, '94,500 have been released with a notice to report 39,600 least on their own recognizance since august 6th. here's what border chief set of parole should only be granted on a case-by-case basis and not only for significant humanitarian reasons or significant public benefit or neither of these appear to apply to the current situation. is a field chief i don't believe i ever approved more than 5 or 10 in a year. with your reaction to these numbers in that statement? >> the numbers show the secretary has been lying to the american people. i've been on this network saying since march he is lying to the american people.
2:26 am
every time he gets on tv he is lying about what is happening at the border. i was ice director for just under two years, year and eight month and approve two or three paroles. it is done on a case-by-case basis, rare to do it for all because it is based on significant humanitarian concern or law enforcement a public safety need, they are abusing the process, why are they using paroles? they are eligible for work visa when they get here. here's a secretary not taking any enforcement posture, not doing anything to slow the flow, just another enticement. you don't think these people not working in the united states call her friends neighbors back home saying not only did i get released, i got a job, another enticement, it shocks me. the other part you talked about notice to report, the notice to
2:27 am
report clearly says on the bottom you are not in proceedings, you will not be detained, you're being released which means the government is trusting these people to show up at an ice office and turn themselves in. how often do you think that will happen? this is open borders gone wild. jillian: that number with people giving notice to report was the highest number of the three we just listed and had onscreen, 94,500. of the grouping in the 94,500 how many people do you think would then report? >> based on the doj website and executive officers immigration view 51% will report but that is the important data set, out of those the get removed, 89% of everybody gets older removed, out of that number 89%, how many leads directed by a federal judge? that number 3%.
2:28 am
3%. that is why donald trump put in the remain in mexico program because it made sense. >> thank you for waking up early and joining us this morning, appreciate your insight as always, have a good day. todd: let us go live outside, fox news headquarters in manhattan. >> senior meteorologist janice dean with your fox weather forecast, looks good outside. >> janice: we have a cold front bringing potential for severe weather and heavy rainfall across central us and also moisture from what was hurricane pamela made landfall in mexico. let's look at it, past 24 hours you see heavier downpours across eastern texas through arkansas across the mississippi river valley, a severe thunderstorm warning in effect west of the
2:29 am
houston texas area, flash flooding will be a concern because we've had so much rain in this area over the last several weeks so there is your forecast rainfall, heavy moisture will combine with that cold front and that is why we see those big storm totals from texas towards the ohio river valley so forecast radar the front will kind of linger, we will still see moisture moving in from the pacific and the gulf of mexico and some scattered snow showers for the rockies, 69 in kansas city, 58 in portland, much colder air behind that cold front allowing for the snow flurry activity. todd: thanks. 29 after the hour, president biden facing several challenges including supply-chain crisis but when it comes time for questions this happens. >> president biden: thank you very much. >> lower gasoline prices -- jillian: joe concert will answer
2:30 am
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thank you very much.
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>> lower gasoline prices. >> president biden ignoring reporter questions for the second time this weekend the administration grapples with supply-chain nightmare. todd: joe concha joins us now. this is another presser with no questions. has unscripted joe been killed off by this white house? >> it appears so and the president addressing a huge supply chain crisis, scripted remarks without taking a question again. i don't understand how his handlers don't see the optics look cowardly and they won't allow him to take questions because i don't know why but you would think he would have confidence in his arguments not to tell his handlers i will take questions anyway, i am the president and should be accountable for the american people. it has been a month since
2:35 am
president biden answer the question on afghanistan. as far as sitdown interviews to sell his agenda he says is crucial to his presidency it has been 57 days since any sitdown interview. that speaks volumes. why won't the president have confidence to answer questions without the aid of a teleprompter? jillian: sometimes hearing his questions answered from jen psaki or whoever is at the podium, sometimes is not enough for people especially when you are watching inflation rates match 13 year highs, you can see the numbers for yourself at home, this on the back of a pandemic where people struggle to keep their businesses open, we saw empty shelves and seeing the same thing again and people are worried and nervous and have
2:36 am
a right to hear from the leader of our country. >> let me be clear about something, not saying he uses a teleprompter to answer questions only speaks when he has a teleprompter in front of him. you can't do that when answering questions but the price of food, gas, everything is hitting every american, bacon cost $2 more than a year ago. overall listen to these numbers, stakes up 22%, chicken 17%, fish 11 present, eggs, babyfood way up and no -- the poor and middle-class already on tight budgets can't absorb it. we are 10 months into this administration so blaming the former president is not going to cut it anymore. when you talk trillions in new spending the way this administration does on top of the trillions added to the budget under biden/harris that has an impact. the press secretary plays the
2:37 am
sandra bullock role of misinformation when answering basic questions when she was asked about gas prices she said prices are up in some parts of the country but not all. that is not true. in all 50 states the increase from same time last year is between 40%, 60% in michigan or alabama. americans watching or listening at home will laugh at jen psaki's argument because they feel the increase when they go to the pump. >> watching the 4 am our you saw miss congeniality. >> i was asleep. todd: two miss congeniality references into hours of "fox and friends first". appreciate your time this morning. >> jillian should be in miss congeniality iii. >> the white house cannot guarantee on-time delivery this holiday season. jillian: show casone joins us.
2:38 am
>> reporter: blaming the private sector. listen to this. >> can this administration guarantee holiday packages are delivered on time? >> ups or fedex, we cannot guarantee. >> reporter: in a statement the white house announcing walmart, fedex and ups will go 24 of the day 7 days a week to address the global supply chain crisis working off of peak hours but the same official acknowledging the issues are not going to go away overnight and the port of los angeles will move into 24/7 service one load ships off the california coast for weeks. todd: a lot of blaming of the private sector. holiday travel season setting up to be a disaster. jillian: whether you fly or drive get ready to pay to travel this holiday season with demand high, new vaccine mandates in place in particular for the sky.
2:39 am
this is for those of you that drive the average price in thanks giving up 13%. anyway, 37% jump from ticket prices for airline tickets, american and jetblue said employ vaccination deadlines the day before thanksgiving. really good timing. united by the way mandate august 6th looking to fire employees who refuse. >> out of 67,000 us employees, 232 are going through the termination process. jillian: >> reporter: texas judge granted a restraining order against united stopping it from putting 2000 folks on unpaid leave for failing to get their shot. they are still employed but the 200 plus are losing their jobs. talking about gas prices, fuel
2:40 am
prices, gigantic cost for airlines and that is a problem right now. todd: obama's former ethics chief hearing about hunter biden's part sales, carley shimkus with more on that story. jillian: the sunshine state ready to step in with the supply-chain crisis. corey mills is next live. ♪♪ as a dj, i know all about customization. that's why i love liberty mutual. they customize my car insurance, so i only pay for what i need. how about a throwback? ♪ liberty, liberty, liberty, liberty ♪ only pay for what you need. ♪ liberty, liberty, liberty, liberty ♪
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go online to transfer your services in about a minute. get started today. todd: obama era ethics director blasting jen psaki over her response to questions on hunter biden's part sales. >> testy exchange between jen psaki and the new york post reporter. take a listen. >> for 75,$000 each, the white house and those who purchase this. >> this is your favorite topic but again, still the purview of the gala rest. we still do not know and will not know who purchases any painting. we are going to move on to some other topic. lots going on in the world. jillian: the us government
2:45 am
ethics office under president obama posted a sweet saying these are legitimate questions, disappointing to hear jen psaki send a message the white house think the public has no right to ask about ethics. after the last four years these questions have never been more important and this is into popular opinion but this stuff matters. there are questions over hunter biden's artwork profiting off of his father's political career and hunter biden's laptop came out one year ago today. todd: the gala rests. katie couric with a shocking admission. carley: in it she talks about a 2016 interview with ruth bader ginsburg and admits to editing out some critical comments the supreme court justice made about
2:46 am
those who kneel during the national anthem. >> colin kaepernick and other nfl players who have basically refused to stand for the national anthem. >> it is really dumb of them. what i rest them for doing it? know. but it is disrespectful. i have the same answer if you asked me about flagburning. i think it is a terrible thing to do but i wouldn't lock a person up. jillian: that never made air because the head of public affairs for the supreme court emailed her and ginsburg had misspoken, couric said she figured the late justice didn't fully understand the question and wanted to protect her on issues of racial justice were a blind spot for her. todd: she was sharp into her dying day on the court. that is very insulting.
2:47 am
florida, the sunshine state ports counselors in cargo ships to reroute in an effort in california. corey mills, department of defense advisor under donald trump and us congressional candidate in florida joins me now. great to see you. why is florida the answer to the supply-chain problem? >> you had michael ruben, president of the council who explained we had $250 million set aside by governor to santos to increase our capabilities and pay more off of the coast of california doesn't make sense as well as the american people facing supply chain breakdowns because of failures of the biden administration. todd: tampa is one of the cities that has capacity, the ability to do this. >> kansas had the billing to
2:48 am
increase shipments and we have gone away in port canaveral. across florida we invest because shipping and the port industry is a big market in the state of florida. tampa is unique in the fact, a large amount of ships, this is part of governor desantis's investment in a workforce where he's allocating hundreds of millions of dollars every year for that capacity. >> i don't think president biden will give governor desantis a win on this one. covid vaccine numbers, vaccination deadlines, take a quick look at this, 130,000 received the first dose. are you worried about operational readiness if servicemembers are forced out over the vaccine mandates? >> i worry about operational
2:49 am
readiness when they said vaccinations would be mandates. you know a small percentage of people doocy side effects as a result of this but people who have conscientious purposes or reasons and the archdiocese yesterday of the us military stated they should not have the ability are forced to have vaccinations and should have some type of religious exemption. the woke military under general lloyd will not commit such a thing but i don't see vaccinations like the covid 19 vaccination should be mandated in the us military. todd: suicide numbers just reported year on year or horrible. this is a horrible stat, 46% spike in queue 2. 15 seconds. when are we going to do something about stopping this terrible problem? >> the minute i'm elected to congress first thing we will do
2:50 am
is a vote on making veterans a protected class. this hasn't happened, veterans need more attention, they served our country and we are spending more time on illegal aliens then people who serve our nation. todd: got to stop talking and start doing. corey mills, thank you for your service and your time, don't go anywhere, lawrence jones joins us from the border and will cain on deck. i've got moderate to severe plaque psoriasis. now, there's skyrizi. 3 out of 4 people achieved 90% clearer skin at 4 months, after just 2 doses.
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translation: the mercedes of your dreams is closer than you think.
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>> fox & friends enterprise reporter lawrence jones is at the border is more than 30 migrants were caught on private property and lawrence helped chase down two of them. >> lawrence? >> good morning, family. it's been a time here at the border. it's so interesting, it's one thing to cover this story from new york city, but when you are out here with the border patrol as well as the
2:55 am
department of public safety you can see what they are dealing with. yesterday as you showed, we were able to spot to illegal immigrants trying to enter the country, they did enter the country and you hear this guy getting this compassionate story saying he was deported under donald trump and he was with his family and didn't do anything wrong, but it was simply his driver's license and then we find the true story after the troopers ran his background because he had been in the country before and had a long criminal history in its three states, domestic violence, convicted-- the other guy mexican conviction so that's the real story happening on the ground, they tell you one thing and you find out a lot of the folks entering the country have these long backgrounds. i think the real story here is also what the texas ranchers are going through on a day to day
2:56 am
basis. a lot of these along properties with acres throughout the terrain, that's private property, that's what ranchers use they use it for hunting and is private property and now they have to call in the department of public safety to secure the border because the biden administration isn't able to do that. or they just choose not to do that to the border patrol aren't allowed to do foot pursuits as well, said the other day when i was in the air, how we figured out where the illegal migrants where was because the border patrol couldn't do anything about it. they told us the air-- area and we got in the air and it showed them exactly where the migrants are so again as i continue to say throughout my reporting from three weeks ago until now, it's the texas department of public safety that's really securing the border right now with no help from the federal government. >> lawrence, thank you. >> and the biden administration plans to let some of the taliban former employees into
2:57 am
the u.s. and awaiting terror related entry restrictions. >> will cain joins us now. the biden administration is saying they are doctors, great schoolteachers, low grade government employees and with the-- that is the backdrop should we be worried when mike i think we should be worried and also be critical and have a high standard, todd, for anyone we accept in the u.s. just because you are in a refugee status in afghanistan doesn't mean that makes you a great american or would-be great american. we have to start with that, why does this make america better and i will say this, todd, the policy says because you might have done something with the taliban even if you did it to survive or to mitigate their policy, that doesn't make you a terrorist is that we will consider your case. i'm all for individualizing cases. i went to hear what each of these refugees, potential refugees life was like, are they properly vetted, and when a thorough vetting
2:58 am
process as individually as process and this is the last point, maybe the most important, your skepticism, my skepticism is well-earned because you have to ask yourself with the biden administration where your priorities is at all times. he just had cory mills on and he's been running private missions doing his best to get americans out of afghanistan, so why is that so hard while people who might've worked for the taliban find it easier potential path to get to america at the same time the biden administration shows priorities of expanding the definition of domestic terrorists here at home, so softening abroad, harkening at home, i think we all have a right to be skeptical with their priorities. >> i think a lot of people have a right to be concerned with what they see happening in their wallets, bank accounts, store shelves with inflation rates matching a 13 year highs at this summer with prices of everyday goods
2:59 am
increasing, oil prices increasing, i mean, everything seems to be skyrocketing. at the president not taking questions yesterday. we have about a minute left. what's your biggest concern right now, well? >> jillian, i have so many because this has the potential to up and every political calculation the biden administration made and, i mean, inflation like this we know you have heard this line but it's a tax on the middle class, a tax on the lower wage income earners here in america, i mean, as you point out this is bacon, gas, everyone is experiences it and that will make everyone's life harder and that will plummet biden's poll numbers and to take away any ability to have to have political will or coalition to get their massive spending bills passed or whether-- whatever it may be. by the way, it feels like it's getting worse like it's about to explode, inflation. this right here is the one that could define their presidency and
3:00 am
that's what the president has defined in nine months after crisis after crisis after crisis. >> crazy to think this could define the presidency when afghanistan wasn't so big and that's also something that's defining. >> at this one is here, inflation is right here. >> will, thank you. good to see you. "fox & friends" starts right now. >> today's announcement has the potential to be a game changer. >> white house grambling to good address supply chain issues. >> the private companies that are there to save his keister. >> a whopping 160,000 illegal immigrants have been released. >> the family is on its way to wyoming to retrieve her remains. >> the search for brian laundrie continues. >> these horrible
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