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tv   FOX Friends First  FOX News  October 14, 2021 1:00am-2:00am PDT

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advertising, they were tired their classic song browser, make jaggers as we play brown sugar every night since 1970, sometimes you think we will take that one out for now and see how it goes but for decades the stones stood their ground. >> became more important, when you been something it becomes more important. it >> president biden: thank you very much. >> what about the vaccine crisis? >> there is a critical shipping backlog piling up dinner reports a president biden refuses take questions on the supply chain crisis or any of the challenges plaguing his administration. jillian: numbers don't lie. 160,000 illegal immigrants have been released into the us in
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under a year and the mother of all caverns. >> rolling stones officials will tell you which song has been moved, i battle with the woke mob. >> you are watching "fox and friends first". >> we start as the white house goes into overdrive to protect the president from being the grinch who stole christmas. jillian: mark meredith in washington as the administration claims to be handling the supply crisis leaving some store shelves empty. >> the white house admits there are problems with america's supply chains and those disruptions are impacting shoppers, businesses and everybody in between so to get goods moving first the president says the government has reached
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an agreement that will keep the port of los angeles open 24/7 and also urging american businesses to do more to prevent these backlogs. >> president biden: of the private sector doesn't step up we will call them out and ask them to act because our goal is not only to get through the immediate bottleneck but to address the long-standing weaknesses in our transportation supply chain. >> reporter: ministration officials telling fox there working with states to speed up the issuing of commercial drivers licenses and truckers may be allowed to drive longer hours soon but critics argue the white house should have been acting on this months ago and these steps will do little to truly help speed things up. >> i have no faith in government that will help anything up whatsoever. >> boot buttigieg couldn't organize a one car funeral, he's not going to organize ports and railroads and highways and airports. >> the white house says it is not in a position to guarantee things will all be worked out by christmas but the treasury secretary says this week she believes shortages will not be
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widespread. one thing that is changing as prices are going up. the government reporting where prices stand right now year-over-year. the price of bacon, steak, gas, double digits, lodgings, hotels 20% and car rentals up 22%. recently only a handful of consumer items of gone down in price, we checked the list that includes audio equipment, sewing machines and health insurance, gift cards to blue cross blue shield. todd: that line about not being able to organize a one car funeral, my friends trying to go out for drinks rose to the level of geopolitical ramifications the supply-chain crisis does. let's bring in the chairman and ceo, and all your years in the food industry, a supermarket chain, have you seen anything like this? >> it has never happened before like this. jimmy carter's worst days it
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never happened and hope it doesn't get as bad. i remember the days of 20% inflation. we made a lot of money on inventory but it was horrible. there is 0 coordination between the white house and local state governments. what is going on in california, governor newsom, to shut it down and trying to open it up and i love that expression about a one car funeral because it is more true than not. we have a problem. we have a problem. you have certain state governments that don't know what is going on. they want to keep things shutdown for some reason and it is part of creating an arc is him. it is horrible.
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inflation rates going to the moon, alice. companies want to stay ahead of the curve so they are raising it because when the price of gasoline goes from $40 to $80 a barrel going to 100 probably, no stopping it and the united states and canada, our country especially 13.5 million barrels a day, down to 11 and we are buying 840,000 barrels a day from russia, putin is laughing all the way to the bank because we are buying white hundred 20,$000, 840,000 barrels a day at $80 a barrel. you can't make this up.
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jillian: we will run out of time in a bit but i want to get susan. i'm not going to let everybody into this category but i feel as though there is some forgiveness among consumers when it comes to cost of goods being higher, inventory being lower right now. it seems there is a level of understanding and you're coming off the back of this pandemic which we are still in but the question is how long does that understanding and that forgiveness from the consumer base last? >> i believe it does last, people who walk through and say it will get better. who knows? inflation, going up, attacks on the poor at a tax on the middle class and you have to say simply because when the white house says we are only going to tax
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the big corporations, guess what, the corporations are responsible for making a profit so when you tax me and charge me more i'm going to pass it on to the consumer. to stay ahead of the curve i'm going to pass it on faster and raise prices faster so i don't have a bad quarter because wall street is not going to forgive me for having a bad quarter. all the prices going up because of the price of oil. >> and decisions are made based on that basis. want your thoughts on this question, can president biden save christmas, president biden announcing ports in la open 24/7 and interesting ports to help. >> president biden: walmart, the nation's largest retailers committing to go all in on moving its products 24/7 from ports to their stores nationwide. additionally fedex and ups, two of the biggest freight movers are committing today to significantly increase the amount of goods they are moving at night.
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todd: that is great news. we will have these large companies to help out but if we don't hire more truckers in an already bad situation where we were short on truckers to begin with does any of this other stuff matter? >> may be we will make christmas by january 7th instead of december 26th. we all pray that it will work better but we are i would say should have done this a month ago. we are at least a month behind the curve but let's pray for success. todd: great to see you as always. wish you ran for mayor in new york city but i enjoy the fine offerings at your supermarket. >> first on fox, documents
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revealing 100,000 migrants have been freed under the president's watch. >> even more migrants, mother of all caravans heads our way. >> offer little to no supervision after those 160,000 illegal immigrants are released into the us by the biden administration. this includes broad use of limited authorities to make 30,000 eligible work permit since august. according to us customs and border protection documents obtained by fox news there has been 94,500 illegal immigrants were released with notices to report by march 20th but since august 5th almost 32,000 have been released via parole and close to 40,000 released on their own recognizance. texas lieutenant governor dan patrick's take on the border crisis. >> he needs to focus on securing the border and 50,000 patients who say they have declared war on us and don't care about our
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national guard. biden needs to pay attention to that. they are the risk, they are the danger to america. >> cbp chief in new my is are putting a surge in middle-class families migrating from south america in describing the last leg of the trip for these more affluent migrants he said they got off the plane and went to a cab or a bus, they literally were driven up and walked up and turned themselves over to us. port officials morning to brace for what you call the mother of all caravans which is expected to leave mexico at the end of this month. agents say they are planning for all possible scenarios based on this information. on the operations of smugglers or movements of migrants and former ice director tom homan will join us in the 5:00 hour talking about leaked documents regarding the mass catch and release numbers under the biden administration. >> he will be pretty fired up about that. thank you. stephen miller says he can't believe what he is seeing from
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the administration. >> the speaker we are looking at. this is an inside attack on our democracy, something our founders never anticipated that happen which is that the president of the united states, sitting in the oval office is working systematically or his deputies are in this case to allow people to invade into our country against our laws, to consume public benefits, to take american jobs and threaten public safety aided, but it, facilitated by the government. jillian: the administration is being accused of another double standard for requiring nonessential -- from canada and mexico to be vaccinated while migrants coming here, able to refuse the coronavirus vaccine. todd: the of the will decide whether to approve a booster shot as early data reveals mixing and matching vaccines is
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safe and effective. the national institutes of health finding every combination produces strong in your responses without side effects but the study has not undergone peer-reviewed. >> a billboard blasting president biden in the middle of time square reads time to let the mandate go, start making small businesses your vaccine police, job creators network putting up the sign saying biden's vaccine mandate will exacerbate already crippling labor shortages for small businesses. >> did you see this? william shatner back on earth after successfully launching into space, absolutely overwhelmed captain kirk said this about the experience moment after stepping out of the capsule. >> this experience was unbelievable.
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jillian: shatner and his crew spent three minutes in 0 gravity above earth, blue origin releasing a video of the undertaking of you of 90 years old, shatner is the oldest person to go into space. i was watching the video yesterday, at some point he turns around and you could read his lips, wow, very cool. >> everybody making star trek references. i will make a miss congeniality reference, if you had to describe your perfect day, this would be it. >> that was april 20 fifth. not too hot not too cold. it is 13 after the hour. the pentagon's for software chief says the us has no chance against china in the tech war if things don't change. we speak to the man issuing that startling wake up call. >> joe concha and will cain will
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join us live, do not miss a moment as "fox and friends first" on a packed thursday continues.
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todd: the first us chief software officer stepped down insisting that without a major wake-up call the us will lose
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the tech race with china. the pentagon's former software chief joins us live from washington. thanks for being here. how dire is the situation? >> we have to take action and are running out of time. if we do not take action right now we will be facing a situation where we will not be able to catch up and so there's no time to talk anymore. we have to walk the talk. todd: the thing i can't get past is how did we let it get this bad? >> the government is designed with its bureaucracy and lack of agility and waste of taxpayer money to not being able to keep up with the price of all of it. what you have been seeing the last 20 years is china waking up and catching up to us and pentagon leaders have yet to
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understand the urgency and we see report after report coming from the pentagon saying that china is catching up, calling it an adversary when it is a real threat to our democracy and we have to take action right now. >> why? why did we get it like this? what is intrinsic in our nation's dna and military dna that will it degrade to this point? >> a big issue is china is able to mandate its companies to work with them, to get access to data and access to artificial intelligence and technology at a faster pace and so the issue you see is classify all this information and we are not able to reach out to our us companies to let them understand what is going on so we can proactively engage to solve this problem, the us companies are leading in ai but the pentagon and dod has
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no access to that technology to ensure we are getting behind. >> a letter focuses a lot on artificial intelligence. what are the ramifications going forward for the next 5, 101520 years if we do fall behind on ai? >> the concept around ai is with more data and more deployment of ai that they can learn on themselves and so if you get behind it is going to compound over time and you have a tough time catching up. that is why when people say we have 5 or 10 years to realize we need to wake up that is false because by that time it will be too late to catch up in the threat you are facing is everywhere from all these visionary capabilities, imagery that could prevent and save lives. you saw in afghanistan
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potentially ai could have prevented such disaster and at the end of the day we are seeing a i in jets not being able to compete and not only compete but every single time when against our air force pilot so at the end of the day if you want to compete in the world 10 to 20 years from now ai is going to be driving the show and at the end of a if you look at the capability of ai you cannot compete because the human brain cannot comprehend how ai gets there. >> you do call this a wake-up call, we need to wake up in our education system, stop focusing on nonsense and need to do the same. thanks for bringing this to light, appreciate your time this morning. jillian: a fight for justice for texas mom killed by a repeat offender who was released on
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multiple bonds. next we will speak with the victim as children who blame the judge for letting career criminals back on the streets.
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>> a repeat offender freed on multiple bonds facing charges in the killing of 71-year-old martha medina who was robbed and killed that mcdonald's last month but for houston judge, hillary younger, eight defendant in her court are accused of murder after being granted multiple felony bonds. joining me with their story, adrian, lordis and martha. sorry to talk to you under these circumstances, so brave of you to come on and get this information out there. that morning your mother was getting breakfast for the two of you. telling what happened. >> reporter: that same morning
1:28 am
she told me as i remember that she was going to the bank and told me i'm going to grab something from donald and asked if i want anything, just coffee and is much as i insisted you don't have to go, get some breakfast here, she loved going to mcdonald's together coffee and biscuits. i recall that she was taking a long time. i was changing my baby and thinking it has been a while so i decided to call herself alone and when i called an employee from mcdonald's picked up. right away i knew something wasn't right because i could hear the fear in her voice and she asked me how are you related to this person, i told her i'm your daughter, she told me you need to hurry up, your mom has been run over. i panicked immediately and she
1:29 am
noticed in my voice and said don't worry, she is still alive but in bad condition, the ambulance is here to take her to the hospital. jillian: i to pull up information on andrew williams, the person facing charges in the death of your mother and his criminal history, a criminal record since 1998 that includes burglary, aggravated robbery, fraud, assault and a 2019 murder charge you can see on the screen, he got out on 150,$000 bond which in your mind, who's responsible for this person being on the streets again? will >> i had some time to give it some thought and the name coming up for williams is a. is directly responsible for my
1:30 am
mother's death but indirectly judge hillary younger let him out on bail for capital murder charge, she let them out into our community come into the public. sheila sobel found annable did what is going to do, he had no business being out and especially on the capital murder charge but he had assault against family members, deadly conducts, i pulled up his rap sheet, logged into the district county clerk's office and pulled everything out and it is incomprehensible for me how somebody with that kind of a rap sheet could be out in public and given the opportunity to pray on the innocent again. >> is not the only one who has been out on bond. i want to go to you, martha. it has been important for the 3 of you to share your story. what information do you want people to know?
1:31 am
>> we want justice for my mom. we are angered, we feel, my whole family, my dad, anger that this could be avoided, this could have been avoided if judge hillary younger wouldn't have let this person out on bond so we want to get the word out appleton know we are angered about not only her but those who have also let people out on bond and committed the same type of homicide. we want people to be aware and basically we all feel this anger, sadness and anger. jillian: just so people at home know the type of person your mother was, last check she ever wrote cleared the bank 5 days after her death and was a
1:32 am
donation to saint jude children's research hospital so i thought that was important to share with the audience, thank you for joining us, we did reach out to judge unger's office for statement but have not heard back. so sorry for your loss and thank you for joining us. >> thank you for having us. >> so scentless and avoidable. 32 after the hour. lawrence jones was on the ground that a texas ranch when 30 migrants were cut, two ended up having, records. a scary first and look at the impact of the border crisis coming up.
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jillian: welcome back. alex murdoch is a person of interest in the murders of his wife and son. 's lawyers confirming the state's new investigation into the 53-year-old. he recently admitted to staging his own murder as well as is opioid addiction. is also accused of funneling millions from his old law firm. his wife margaret and son paul were shot to death on the family estate in june. todd: the city council in alexandria virginia finally agreeing to bring back school officers after an increase in school violence. >> please reconsider this decision and return this essential resource to us immediately. our students are sending us
1:37 am
warnings, please reconsider this, my staff, my students, we are not okay. >> two parents are here to react, thanks to the two of you for being here. how unsafe of schools become for your daughter and her classmates? >> honestly our schools are in crisis. our students are in crisis and we are looking for the city to respond and to act now and it has been an eye-opening experience. >> i can't wrap my head around why anyone would vote to remove school resource officers in the first place. why did this happen? >> just a couple of councilmembers started the initiative to remove the school resource officers.
1:38 am
i think it was after the george floyd murder and they wanted to remove the school resource officers and put the money towards mental health but they haven't filled the mental health positions. the only phone one of the 5 mental health positions and none of the mental health decisions have direct contact with the students. >> mental health positions at every contact with students what are they therefore? >> exactly. i don't know what their plan was or even if they had a plan. i don't think they did have a plan and that is why it is a difficult transition. it has been very volatile in the schools, you can hear the principle, he said we need our sros back now. heather: think it's safe in schools would be the most nonpartisan issue, but that is not the case.
1:39 am
why? >> i would say it is a very divided issue in the community. it turned into what politicians support sros versus non-support for sros in a position that put parents and a hard place. we are looking for safe schools for students and teachers and administrators. they are expected to try to break up fights, to keep the peace and it is not an easy position to put them into. we are looking to help in the situation and compromise with city council and the program. >> they teach math science and english.
1:40 am
the increasing need to fight back on behalf of their kids? >> it is so important. this is the safety of all children not just my child or my children but all public school students in the city of alexandria and it was important to speak up and be heard and finally after the city council meeting he said how we were feeling so important that we be heard. todd: this is a horrible situation and hope it gets rectified. thank you so much. >> now the to crisis at the southern border that continues with the migrant surgeon del rio, texas which "fox and friends" reporter lawrence jones was on the ground when 30 migrants were caught on a rancher's private property, he helped chase 2 of them in both ended up having criminal records. watch this.
1:41 am
>> the biden administration claims the border is secure but texas ranchers and landowners tell a different story. >> 30 migrants, illegal migrants on your property, first time the 7? >> know. this happens daily and weekly. it slowed down 2 or 3 weeks ago but it is back again. it was slow out here. dps - they are here we can't allow them - >> how do you feel about this? >> i'm upset. that is a punch in the stomach. >> we can't get the federal administration -- >> what is the difference wendy b is arrests them, for criminal trespass. >> and slow it down a little. >> one border patrol arrested them they are released into mexico. how long will it take him to be
1:42 am
back? >> i wouldn't be surprised if it is tomorrow night. this revolving door will never stop. the question is will they break into my house and what are they going to do? >> that runs through your mind. >> that runs through your mind all the time on the ranch. >> you worry about your family's safety? >> yes. how many more.aways they are not talking about? >> waiting for clearance. >> that is them right there. >> out of texas. where did you come from? >> mexico city. >> reporter: what made you come and take this journey?
1:43 am
>> to see my family. 28 years in the united states and the government changed hands cancel my case. that is why i see my family. >> reporter: what is your friend's story? >> here is my friend, my wife's brother. no coyote, no nothing, he is my friend. >> reporter: ever been arrested? >> know. >> have any id? >> and the criminal background. >> illegal entry.
1:44 am
this individual has been arrested for multiple injuries which are on patrol and deportation charges in the united states. >> are you trying to go to the same thing? this is a new - this is another one. where your kids are as well. and students attention center, this is part of operation lone star, property owners gave the department of public safety permission to come on their property, coordinated with them and once they got in, the texas troopers came out to process them. men and women protecting the border day and night, flying over the southern border and helicopters, eyes in the sky, those on the ground. >> we got a group of a dozen right here, they are young,
1:45 am
maybe he is in his 30s. just moving. they are on the move. on the move. keep going north. there are about 10. heading closer. we got the light on some asked 2:00. there is a picture of part of the group. >> lawrence will be joining us in the 5:00 hour. it is 15 minutes until the top of the hour. president biden plans on open in america to former employees of the taliban. carley shimkus with a fox news exclusive. >> one seattle school because the annual parade is in and inclusive enough. we will talk about that next. mos doing the right thing. well, that investment
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1:50 am
>> this is concerning to a lot of people. i read a statement from the biden administration on this. it is a little bit wordy. their perspective is there were people working for the afghan government before the taliban takeover in 1996 who continued to work for the government under taliban rule. some of them under duress. they may have felt forced to so the biden administration is saying those people are victims and if they pass other forms of screening should be allowed into the united states. is the statement i was talking about. many individuals who worked in civil service positions before the declaration of the islamic emirate of afghanistan meaning the taliban in 1996 continue to do so after the declaration, some did so under duress or other situations of hardship. some use their positions in humanitarian capacities to mitigate the repressive actions of the taliban regime often at great personal risk.
1:51 am
some of these civil servants later work for or help the international security assistance forces, the united states government or the afghan government that was established december 20 second 2001. willis receive pushback, use it will. there are many questions over the screening and vetting process going on right now and i would say there as we heard a plane filled with green cardholders, sid applicants who weren't allowed into the united states originally. there's a lot going on on this front. jillian: you wonder how long the white house will go on without answering questions about hunter biden especially when you have certain people speaking about it. >> the white house is avoiding some important questions about hunter biden's budding art career. listen to this exchange between jen psaki and new york post reported. >> 5 prince of his artworks for
1:52 am
75,$000 each. the white house those who purchase the print? >> i know this is your favorite topic but again, it still is the purview of the galleries, we still do not know and will not know who purchases any painting. >> do you have another question and something else otherwise we won't on to another topic. >> lots going on. walter shop who but the government ethics office under president obama posted this tweet saying these are legitimate questions, disappointing to hear jen psaki send a message of it the white house thinks the public has no right to ask about ethics after the last four years, these questions have never been more important. i know this isn't a popular opinion but this stuff matters. and if you have the flash pack of new york post covered, biden's secret emails, a year ago now, on the art front that the art buyers will remain anonymous. a lot of people said the plan should be tell everybody about
1:53 am
the stock price. >> canceling halloween question parade because some kids may be marginalized and offended by the holiday. jillian: fox nation here to react, good to see you. here's the statement, justifying the parade, quote, historically the pumpkin parade marginalizes students of color who don't celebrate the holiday. they are committed to supplanting the pumpkin parade with more inclusive educational opportunities during the school day. with your reaction to canceling the holiday parade? >> what a dumb time to be alive. the good news is we found one day where kids wanted to wear a mask at school. i guess that is a positive but shame on these white people because that is who is doing this to these poor kids. a lot of white people in the world left constantly hunting
1:54 am
for new ways to out woke the other people by identifying areas of offense. nobody was calling on someone to can still halloween and as for the idea that some kids might not have a costume, give them a bit, a ball and they are a football player, give a kardashian and they are basketball player. there are options. >> your thoughts on this before we won, rolling stones came under pressure from critics of the 1971 hit brown sugar removing it. ♪♪ >> if you read the lyrics they are something else. pretty tough lyrics to read. should this song have been canceled?
1:55 am
>> for one reason i will side with the canceled crowd to say at their age the rolling stones should be singing brown splenda, talking about health considerations but the song shouldn't go away. the song is very anti-slavery. they are not good lyrics but it is a song and my argument against canceling things like this is what are they guilty of not owning a time machine, this song was fine for 40, 50 years, but now we have turned around and started to make a lot of symbolic gestures that do nothing to help people. like canceling how we. how does this help the black community, raise test scores? it doesn't, just people get out of bed every day looking for new things to be offended by. scientists have a word for these people, they are called losers and that is always is complicating losers, they don't want to deal with a headache. in the rolling stones, in your late hundreds making $3 million
1:56 am
a day. >> there are lyrics about young girls and i encourage everyone if you don't know all the lyrics go read them and make a decision how you feel for yourself. thanks for joining us. >>, guppy virginia mom who live communist china can't believe the doj is targeting parents. >> ocasio, lawrence jones and will cain joining us live when we continue. ♪♪ that spin class was brutal. well, you can try using the buick's massaging seat. oh. yeah, that's nice. can i use apple carplay to put some music on? sure, it's wireless.
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thank you very much. >> is health prices be lowered. >> there is a critical shi


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