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tv   The Ingraham Angle  FOX News  October 14, 2021 12:00am-1:00am PDT

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have left. you make the show possible. thanks for being with us. and never miss an episode. great news and i don't know what is coming but and prank. let not your heart be troubled. i had a warning last night it's coming. laura ingraham is up to no good. >> laura: okay. i got you this laura: i got you this hoodie, you need to figure out how to get warmed up quickly because all the muscle tone you build up -- >> don't usually wear every sweatshirt. laura: for charity. >> i have to wait for the delay. laura: freedom matters, really cool. laura: listen, listen for a second, stop talking, you never
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stop talking, talking, talking, talking, stop talking. i understand your pectoral muscles are so haltingly big that the x x l we sent you is not big enough. i have to get them to make ask x x l and freedom matters for hannity's wide chest muscles. i'm hearing the stories about you in studio it is weird. you have some up session with knuckle push-ups in the studio. it is very strange. forgive me if it is too tight. >> we have a heavy bag their fisted. laura: there is a second part of this but this is tomorrow, the second part of the prank and it goes with your salmon colored tie that i see you wearing, you are confident in your masculinity with that.
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>> i am actually more fit than i've been at any point in my life if i could get rid of the stupid injuries i would be better off. laura: you are the best, talk to you tomorrow, this is the ingraham angle. our interview with loudoun county, virginia father over what he alleged happen to his daughter in a bathroom forced the school system to respond today. we will bring that update and hear from the parents who were there with unique insight and a massive edr cover-up involving a supreme court justice, why is kamala twisting history for native people? raymond arroyo hesitant seen and unseen but first, the biden who stole christmas is the focus of tonight's angle.
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>> with the holidays coming up you might be wondering if gifts you plan to buy will arrive on time. let me explain. supply chains me now we make things and how the material and parts kit delivered to factory so we can manufacture things, how we move things, finished product is factory to store to your home. laura: thank you for stating the obvious, south america seventh grade book report explaining what a supply chain and he offered a simple solution, what if we strongly encourage the ports and companies to operate 24/seven. >> the night hours are critical
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for increasing movement of goods because highways are less crowded in the evening, at night so by increasing the number of late-night hours of operation and opening up for less crowded hours when goods can move faster, today's announcement has potential to be a game changer. >> is he saying the roads are less crowded in the middle of the night, the truth is strongly encouraging 24/7 operations doesn't help when they don't have the workers to physically move the freight from one container to the other container was one terminal that did allow for overnight working from 3 am to 7 am reports that it still had 0 deliveries even if it did go into the we hours of the morning but you pay people to stay off the job and they will stay off the job. funny how that works. combine this with soaring
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inflation and you really have a total mess on your hands. couldn't say the angle didn't tried to warn you back in may. last week after the abysmal jobs report president biden tried to tell us the economy was going in the right direction. now that narrative has totally been blown up. today's inflation number shows how wrong president biden was, and we obviously didn't need a stimulus package earlier in the year and if you don't want to listen to the angle listen to democrat economist larry summers. >> there's a fiscal theory that looks at the ultimate consequences of deficits, that is flashing a red alarm, look at houses with abuse cars, labor shortages, businesses reporting price increases, signs of insulation starting to break out.
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>> why does janet yellen have her job? biden's people were wrong, the installation they saw that was transitory wasn't and year every year price inflation in september was the highest it has been since january 1991, graduated law school in 1991 long time ago. gas is up 42%. don't you wish you kept the old clunker, used car prices jumped 24%. the prediction from biden's own team is heating bills would rise 54% this winter, the answer to double down on climate change programs, government spending that will only drive these prices higher and even if your grandmother risks dying of
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hypothermia, this is no time to be shortsighted. >> we need to take a longer view and investing greater resilience to expand the shocks we see over and over year in and year out whether it is the pandemic, extreme weather, climate change, also means companies throughout the supply chain and trucking companies reduce carbon emissions and help to meet our climate change goals. laura: if they pass the spendohrom a they will produce green products in china that ultimately no one really wants here even as china will burn coal and ultimately build and grow its economy, get rich. meanwhile what about those christmas gifts?
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>> everything being announced today, this administration guarantees the holiday packages will arrive on time? >> ups or fedex, we cannot guarantee. laura: the grinch has nothing on these people. the biden administration has broken our economy and plan to make things worse by ramming through trillions more in spending on defense took in record amount in tax revenue last fiscal year but now i to raise your taxes because the monster always has to be fed. they took in $4 trillion. unfortunately for the rest of us the press refuses to report and choose instead to distort, cnn clung desperately to polling data they think show signs of hope for biden. >> the president's standing astride a recent polling suggests, 50% in the brand-new
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poll approve, 49% disapprove so an even split in our polarized times, they would like to be a little better but that's not so bad. >> not so bad except for this tiny little detail. >> only 25% think the democrats pass this bill it will make my life better from day today, 25% think that. a third say i would be worse off. 43% say about the same. biden has to do better job selling how this would impact your life. >> what a pathetic and lazy analysis of the situation, biden's problem is and his lame messaging, biden's problem is his ideas will make life harder for the average american. it is a substantive problem. biden is trying to use the coming christmas shortage as justification for passing and infrastructure bill but the truth is the opposite because the inflation situation is so severe we cannot afford to be dumping trillions of dollars in
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new federal spending into an overstimulated market. where are the workers going to come from? where our supplies going to come from, if you start pumping more money into this economy all you're going to create is a demand spike that will cause prices to spiral and shortages will ultimately get worse. biden's team of nincompoops have exactly wrong, first you have to get inflation under control, then and only then could you maybe start thinking about increased spending. for now inflation, not infrastructure has to be the priority, we will go right of the club, republicans who voted for got to turn around now, all 19 of you. we saw the same dynamic at play for biden with the afghanistan withdrawal, the basic goal, getting out of afghanistan did make sense but the approached in the most idiotic manner and
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here, it may make sense to build more infrastructure later on but trying to spend enormous amounts of new federal money in a time of soaring inflation will be a catastrophe for us. biden and the democrats are going to be stealing our children's future just like the grinch in the middle of the night slithering around those presents taking everything in sight. >> then he went up the chimney ♪♪ and the last thing he took ♪♪ was a log for their fire. he left nothing but hooks and some wire ♪♪ and so one speck of food that he left in the house was a chrome that was even too small for a mouse. laura: and unlike the cartoon, biden won't see the folly of his ways or have a change of heart in the end and that is the able. larry kudlow, host of kudlow, former trump economic advisor, big fan of the grinch.
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let me get this straight. they are going to address this supply shortage by securing agreements with walmart, fedex and others for 24/7 operations but don't they have 24/seven operations. >> those companies probably do. i am sure that fedex - that is the business they are in, overnight delivery. the retail may or may not but the government can't get anything right. the problem was the port of los angeles is not open so you could put all the people you went in there but you couldn't open the boxes of the containers and try to put them in trucks to drive away and all those deserted the present -- the president talked about until they stay open. that is a government thing and i
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guess they're going to change that, good for them. i want to say one other thing. these private companies, they are great companies, fedex and ups and walmart and target and so forth. they are lending their hands, trying to help out, sending their own planes with their own pilots, sending their own trucks with their own drivers and president biden is such a snarky the press conference he showed he starts going on if the private sector doesn't do what we want them to do - laura: we have the soundbite, let's play it so people know what you are talking about. >> president biden: we need the private sector to step up as well. of federal support is needed i will direct all appropriate action. of the private sector doesn't step up we are going to call
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them out. >> this is what they always do just like with the covid deal. they want shame and intimidation. >> he can't help himself, he's got to snark the very private companies that are there to save his keister and it really is tragic that he doesn't understand how good american businesses are and can be. i don't know if they will solve this problem. you don't have enough longshoremen, you don't have an of truck drivers. am trying to be optimistic about it, you can open up the container and get it out. laura: they have a shortage of pilots, healthcare workers and in some cases teachers, nurses and for a lot of reasons including sometimes vaccine issues, they are not getting the workers. >> i don't know whether ups or
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fedex has enough workers. they would surely pay for the period ahead if they haven't already. president biden has such dislike for american free enterprise and private companies, you know this, donald trump worked with private drug companies to develop a vaccine that literally saved america in six months, private public partnership. didn't snark them out when he invited them to the white house the way biden does and didn't talk behind their back and they delivered. biden wants to tax these companies to death, regulate these companies to death and wants $5 trillion in spending which i think you are right, your economic analysis.
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i don't think 5 trillion in additional spending is going to reduce the inflation rate and most americans think that will raise inflation. jillian: when janet yellen the treasury secretary last heard inflation is transitory, watch. >> i believe it is transitory but i don't mean to suggest that these pressures will disappear in the next month or two. supply chains are very stressed. we get the pandemic under control the global economy comes back, these pressures will mitigate and i believe will go back to normal levels. >> how long can she claim this is transitory. i think larry sanders assassination over hers any day. >> summers was right, he was ahead of the curve. i don't know how janet yellen with a straight face who
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believes the climate change is an essential threat, wants to have a $3 trillion tax hike which will damage, destroy our economy and the european if they go along with it but here's the other piece is the federal reserve, yelling used to run, they are pumping money in his though we were still in an emergency and we are not in an emergency so i am concerned what could be pandemic related price increases as poor to get jammed up, if the fed keeps pouring money in that is going to cause a major inflation while the tax hikes throw the economy into recession, those are the risks. laura: strong policies you helped advocate for and push through work.
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people didn't like his tweets or this or that, his policies worked, we know how to grow the economy, keep china on its heels and shut the border, we know how to do it. he doesn't want to do it and as a result they don't want to do it. >> did you see those revenue numbers, unbelievable revenues, more taxes produce more revenues. laura: it is a record number. >> 5% increase in corporate taxes. laura: the beast needs to be fed. great to see you tonight as always and with $3.5 trillion behemoth spending bill democrats are trying to increase the cost of everything and ultimately bankrupt the next generation, the following priorities in this legislation include $8 billion
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for a civilian climate core the will act as a taxpayer-funded leftist police force, $4 billion for equity, love that word in electric vehicle charging and tree planting. $643 million would go toward procuring culturally appropriate foods for school lunches. forget chicken tenders and fried egg pizza. free community college for illegals, they will be eligible for child tax credits as well. my personal favorite is a drop in the bucket for the federal government, $15 million for natural resource centers focus on providing services for older individuals who are underserved it due to sexual orientation or gender identity. every so often we are going to show you how the left hopes to waste your tax dollars and that is it. last night i spoke to allowed in county father who says his daughter was sexually assaulted
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in a school bathroom by a boy wearing a skirt. what followed, he was arrested at a school board meeting and a potential cover-up by local officials. and moments we will speak to two parents who know the smith family well, what they have been through and have some unique insight about what is happening. stay there. st every day, coventry helps people get cash for their life insurance policies they no longer need. i'm an anesthesiologist and a pain physician by specialty. i was trying to figure out what i could do with this term life insurance policy.
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>> it happened the last week of may and then school this happened the last week of may, school end, the school system went on summer break and abandoned us. my wife and i spent the entire summer rebuilding our daughter. there was a couple rough nights. it was hell. >> that was last may during and ingraham angle exclusive, loud and county parent scott smith recounted his family's pain and suffering after his daughter was sexually assaulted and a girl's bathroom by a boy who entered wearing a skirt. more shocking, the school board and the county's prosecutor tried to cover it all up. after hearing such disturbing allegations we reached out to both offices, no word yet from
12:26 am
the attorney but the school board's response was truly despicable. first they lied about it. members were not aware of specific details of this incident until it was reported in media outlets earlier this week. then came the excuses. l tps is prohibited from disciplining any student without following the title ix policies which include investigating complaints of sexual harassment and sexual assault. they concluded by saying scott smith deserves to be arrested for trying to speak about his daughter. we were unable to locate any records that indicate scott smith had registered in advance to speak at the june 20 second board meeting so he didn't register. that is the reason for joining your two love in county parents who know the smiths. thank you for coming on tonight. patty.
12:27 am
you say the school board's claim that it didn't know about sexual assault allegations until this week is bogus. how do you know that, why do you know that? >> i flip them out and accounted for 23 years and asked the former school board member. she said to us that the school board is very aware of any disciplinary actions especially violent or sexual in nature so the fact that the incident happened, the principal was obviously alerted and they went to law enforcement, it is automatically sent to the superintendent and the school board. the fact they said they did not know at the june 20 second meeting is wrong. >> when i first heard that last night it took my breath away. if you don't know that a girl says she was raped, we are not going to recount how it happened
12:28 am
and what the descriptive content of that assault was, it made me want to cry. they didn't know about it, they should tender their resignation, they should all go. >> i agree, the superintendent is the last line of defense for our kids as far as the school disciplinary process and the fact that he is falling on the excuse we didn't know until you found out is ridiculous. laura: last year democrats passed a bill that would end a requirement for virginia schools to report all crimes on campus and here is a bill sponsored delegate michael mullen on what crimes would be exempt. >> which misdemeanors are no longer going to be required to be reported to law enforcement in sexual battery, stocking, violation of a protective order and i can't recall the other two off the top of my head.
12:29 am
laura: how convenient, the very crimes loudoun county tried to cover up they wouldn't have to report under this new law. >> house bill 257 created by democrat. it was passed and the governor, northrom, signed off on it. i blame democrats for opposing this bill that prevents the superintendent and the principles from telling law enforcement. look what happened to the smith family. jillian: tell us about that. mister smith came on last night, obviously incredibly emotional about this and it is unimaginable. what have they gone through? >> imagine your daughter being raped and sodomized in a school, you put your children on that bus and you hope and pray that they are safe.
12:30 am
they are supposed to be safe in a school environment and this boy says that he is bisexual and wears a skirt, it is the girl as bathroom and does this to their daughter, can you imagine the rage that any parent would have and the school did not treat him very well and he was not allowed in, then he attended the school board meeting and you can see how he was treated. it is a disgrace this poor man and this poor family was treated like this. and then they found out about this same predator who did the same exact act to another girl at another ice school and they said enough being silent and i had lunch with them on monday, we set up ago fund me account for them and the community is supporting this family because we blame the superintendent, the
12:31 am
school board and democrats in richmond for allowing this bill to give this quiet hush-hush cover-up. >> all the suburban women out there, you want to know why someone like glenn youngken is a candidate you should seriously look at in this gubernatorial race? because girls are being threatened and hurt and they are covering it up in the school systems. some media are pushing this narrative that you as a concerned parent and in general concerned parents at school board meetings are threats. >> how brazen are the calls to violence in school boards? >> they are explicit. people convening on public schools and trying to convert
12:32 am
them into some kind of sick politically theatrical battlefield for their cosplay. we have to respond not just by saying they are marginal voices that to respond to them as the threats they represent our democracy. >> so now you guys essentially are threats to democracy and instigating other acts of violence as a girl is being raped and sodomized, two girls on two different occasions. >> right. i have two daughters in the public school system and the fact this school board would sit there and ban parents from coming to school board meetings because they don't wear a mask but a child that was accused of assaulting and raping another child to go back into the school system and be there with other children and have access to them is a travesty. i can't believe this is what we're dealing with a married using us as being the threat when it is the loudoun county school board that is the threat. laura: every school board in virginia but looking at itself,
12:33 am
becomes real race coming up. look hard at what is happening here. you are brave and thank you for speaking out, we will stay in touch with you as this goes on. katie couric admitting to adding a supreme court justice for political purposes and why is the squid game the most popular streaming series every? answers seen and unseen next. su cour
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>> laura: "seen and unseen" where we laura: time for seen and unseen where weeks was the cultural stories of the day and for that we turn to raymond arroyo. netflix just scored biggest series launch ever, a korean show called squid game. why is it so popular? >> it is not the series itself. i watched the gory proceeding so you wouldn't have to including
12:39 am
the subtitle. i was bored by it but it had 101 million downloads in one month which i have a theory about, squid games concerned destitute people who compete in lethal games for cash, likability hunger games with really hungry people. >> those who went all six games will receive a handsome cash prize. >> reporter: there is more killing in this thing than an o'reilly book but there's a reason people are gravitating to squid games and it is in the great acting. with the economy faltering and people struggling and separated it speaks to the desperation and anxiety people are feeling and is a dystopian allegory for the moment we are running for our lives and trying to stay in the game. it is really gross, really believe. itunes out after the first episode it has the artistic merit of kurdish milk.
12:40 am
laura: it reminds me of some of the old disaster movies from the 70s. it is so fake looking, you almost have to laugh. i don't want to put any images in my mind of violence, i can't do it. >> feels like a godzilla movie at times the way it plays out. katie couric in her new tell all admits to editing a yahoo interview with supreme court justice ruth bader ginsburg. she asked rpg about the kneeling protests that football games, ginsburg told her, quote, and them protests show contempt for government that has made it possible for their parents and grandparents to live a decent life which they probably could not have lived in the places they came from. she didn't like that answer so she cut it from her peace to,
12:41 am
quote, protect the justice. he writes ginsburg was 83 at the time, elderly and probably didn't understand the question. can you imagine she simply omitted it to fit her political narrative and it's not the first time she has done this. >> you hit on a great point, this happens all the time in the media. they edit people all the time either to distort what they are saying or to amplify the one thing they agree with them on or cut out something like change i don't think it is very nice of you to say that. >> let the woman speak. if you honor the interview let them speak with couric in 2016 was interviewing gun owners. she was called out on it and they have the audio. kamala harris following on her stage it space video is
12:42 am
continuing to create new side narratives. yesterday she didn't talk about the border crisis or rising inflation. she had far bigger seafarers to fry. >> the united states is recognized the voyage of the european explorer who first landed on the shores of the americas but that is not the whole story. those explorers ushered in a wave of devastation for tribal nations. perpetrating violence, stealing land and spreading disease. we must not shy away from this shameful past and we must shed light on it. >> this was part of her indigenous peoples a proclamation but it is hard to miss the sleight-of-hand here. easier to talk about past sins than current ones we are going through now and let's not forget if we are talking about waged devastation much of it has been
12:43 am
caused by the policies of this administration and the congress and she portrays columbus and the native americans in a completely ahistorical light, they were all warmongers, they were all killers. this is what that age did and to think all the tribes were peaceloving and letting the corn grow they were killing each other and moving each other off of property. that is what happened here. >> did she talk about how certain native people were also incredibly vicious to each other, was that mentioned? >> know. >> there was a big announcement from the archbishop of the military, archdiocese about the covid mandates. >> archbishop timothy broglie oh was initially supportive of the military vaccine mandates but this week he clarified his statement a no one should be forced to receive the covid 19 vaccine if it would violate the
12:44 am
sanctity of his or her conscience. this is a big deal for catholic troops seeking a religious exemption at a very reasonable approach. >> if we have to celebrate that of course they should say that as we are in a point where the catholic church should have been what they ran on so to speak. >> the courts look to religious leaders to define whether an exemption is possible or not. the pope deprived these troops of it, the archbishop is trying to reestablish it. laura: the meeting with nancy pelosi was a scam. after texas governor greg abbott and fax mandates in his state texas-based corporations ignored him and stead taking biden's side. how will the lone star state respond? lieutenant governor dan patrick will tell us next.
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>> ♪ ♪ >> laura: with the laura: with the biden administration vaccine mandates for mending unnecessary division republican governors are stepping into the void. texas governor greg abbott became the latest to demand
12:50 am
vaccine mandates even in private businesses. the reaction from the white house was predictable. >> governor abbott believes in federal rules, why did he do this? >> politics. >> can you elaborate? >> it is clear when you make a choice against all public health information and data out there that it is not based on what is in the interests of the people your governing but in the interest of your own politics. >> when given the choice between freedom and tyranny corporate america is increasingly opting for the latter as long as they can still make money. three of the largest companies in texas, ibm, american airlines and southwest are ignoring governor abbott and following president biden on the vaccine mandates saying they have no choice but to comply. >> never been in favor of corporations imposing that kind of amended. i'm not in favor of that, never
12:51 am
have been but the executive order from president biden mandates that all federal employees, and all federal contractors which covers all the major airlines have to have a mandate. >> is not for the mandates but feeling he has to comply, not some raging liberal doesn't sound like at least, texas the tenant governor dan patrick, what is happening here? are they caught between a rock and a hard place or was there a way for them to listen to abbott and not to biden here? >> they should listen to their employees. it's not about politics. it is about liberty. we are the most business friendly state in the country for the last ten years, businesses flocked to texas for many reasons. we believe in businesses having authority over their employees, to run their businesses how they wish but we are also a liberty
12:52 am
loving state for the individual law and i have been vaccinated. i believe in vaccinations, 70% of people over 50 have been vaccinated but the population between 16 and 4956% of those people have been fully vaccinated, that means almost half and that's a big segment of your working population, 16 to 49 and if people don't want to vaccinate that is their right. i own a business. i would never tell my employees they have to get a vaccination and the idea that the president of the united states mandated this, putting bigger companies in this position was wrong, he said before get elected he wouldn't do it. it is an of his business how a person takes care of their health. they need to stick with their employees. >> there are tax and some of the other cable networks was that abbott is trying to dictate what businesses do, the argument doesn't work because president biden is trying to dictate what
12:53 am
businesses do as well so let freedom ring here, there is no reason. >> i have been consistent on this from day one people have a right to make their own decisions and the ideas that you would take away someone's job, their career, their livelihood to put food on the table for their family because they believed for whatever believe that is, that is up to them, they don't need to explain what their believe is, i don't want to take the shot. i encourage it but if they don't want to take the shot i'm standing with them. abbott is standing with them and texas legislator stand with people of texas, biden needs to butt out of our business and focus on securing the border and these 50,000 patients who say they declared war on us and don't care about the national guard. biden needs to pay attention to that, they are the rich, the danger to america, not the 30% to 40% of americans who don't want to take the vaccination many of which already had covid so they don't need the vaccination.
12:54 am
you are going to stand with your employees, you will win your employees over by doing that. >> and actually have employees too and the stunning dhs document details how many illegals been released into the country since last august 6th. 31,977 were released via parole, give some temporary legal status, makes them eligible for work permits. >> more people cross the border illegally than we have unemployment. always job openings we have that people aren't taking, biden plans to fill them with illegals from haiti and elsewhere, he needs to stand on the border, let me tell you what's going to happen, there's going to be massive violence at some point in the future. >> all the rolling stones, we have an update about them, woke? yes. ritis pain? salonpas contains the most prescribed topical pain relief ingredient. it's clinically proven, reduces inflammation
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and comes in original prescription strength. salonpas. it's good medicine.
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laura: the rolling stones no filter towards false advertising, they were tired their classic song browser, make jaggers as we play brown sugar every night since 1970, sometimes you think we will take that one out for now and see how it goes but for decades the stones stood their ground. >> became more important, when you been something it becomes more important. it >> president biden: thank you very much. >> what about the vaccine crisis? >> there is a critical shipping backlog piling up dinner reports a president biden refuses take questions on the supply chain crisis or any of the challenges plaguing his administration. jillian: numbers don't lie. 160,000 illegal immigrants have been released into the us in


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