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tv   The Ingraham Angle  FOX News  October 13, 2021 7:00pm-8:00pm PDT

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have left. you make the show possible. thanks for being with us. and never miss an episode. great news and i don't know what is coming but and prank. let not your heart be troubled. i had a warning last night it's coming. laura ingraham is up to no good. >> laura: okay. i got you this haddie. -- hoodie. when you are outside you like to get warmed up quickly. you don't want to wreck your muscle tone. >> sean: i wear a heavy sweatshirt when i work out. >> laura: i got this one that says freedom matters. >> sean: it's orange too. >> laura: no, it's red. listen for a second and stop talking. you never stop talking. talking, talking, talking.
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your pectoralis muscles are so big that the xx-l we sent you is not big enough. i have to get them to make it larger in the freedom matters for sean hannity's wide pushups. i am hearing stories about you in the studio. it's weird. you have an obsession with comicle pushups in the studio. >> sean: we do. >> laura: it's very strange. >> sean: i do 250 sits up a day. >> laura: there is a second part of this. but this is for tomorrow. the second part of the prank. it goes with your salmon colored tie. >> sean: don't like it?
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>> laura: no. >> sean: i am more fit than i have ever been. >> laura: [laughing]. >> sean: if i could get rid of the stupid injuries i would be better off. >> laura: all right. talk to you tomorrow. i am laura ingraham and this is "the ingraham angle" from washington. our interview with the virginia father last night over what he alleged happened to his daughter in a bathroom forced the school system to respond today. we will bring you that update. you will hear from the parents who were there with unique insight. a massive media cover-up with a supreme court justice. why is kamala harris twisting history for native peoples? it's raymond arroyo in "seen and unseen." first, the biden who stole christmas. that's the focus of tonight's "angle." >> with the holidays coming up
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you might wonder if gifts will arrive on time. let me explain. supply chains mean how he make things and how the material and parts get delivered to factories to manufacture things and manufacture them here. how we move things. how a finished product moves from the factory to a store to your home. >> laura: thank the good lord we have joe biden as president to state the obvious. doesn't that sound like a seventh grade book report explainag i supply chain. -- a supply chain. a simple solution, what with we encourage them to operate 24/7. >> the night hours are critical for increasing the movement of goods because highways are less
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crowded at night. by opening up for less crowded hours when they can move faster, today's announcement has the potential to be a game changer. >> laura: wait a second? get this. the roads are less crowded in the middle of the night. who knew? the truth is strongly encouraging 24/7 operations doesn't help when they don't have the workers to move the freight from one container to the other container. one terminal allowed for overnight working from 3 a.m. to 7 a.m. reports it had zero deliveries. you pay people to stay off the job and shocker, they will stay off the job. funny how that works. combine all of this with soaring inflation and you have a total
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mess on your hands. don't say the "angle" didn't try to warn you in may. last week biden tried to tell us the economy was going in the right direction. now that narrative has been blown up. today's inflation numbers show us how wrong biden was andly didn't need a stimulus package earlier in the year. we didn't need a stimulus package earlier in the year. listen to this democrat. >> that is flashing a red aware alarm. you look at houses and used cars and commodities and beige shortages. price increases. signs of inflation are starting to break out. >> laura: why does she still
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have her job is this biden's people were wrong. the inflation they said was transitory wasn't. and the price inflation in september was the highest since january 1991. gas is up 24%. egg prices rose 13%. and used car prices jumped 24%. the prediction for biden's own team seeing this is that heating bills will rise 54% this winter. their answer is to double down on climate change programs and government spending that will only drive these prices higher. even if your grand mother risks of dying of hypothermia joe said
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this is no time to be short sighted. >> we need a longer view to withstand the shocks we have seen over and over year in and out whether it's the pandemic, extreme weather, climate change. it means companies throughout the supply chain like air freight and trucking companies reduce their carbon emissions and help to beat our climate change goals. >> laura: translation, if they pass this massive bill their friends will get fat contract to produce green products in china that no one wants here. china will continue to burn coal and build and grow its economy and will get richer. what about the christmas gifts? >> this administration thinks holiday packages will arrive on
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time? >> we are not the postal service or ups or fed-ex. we can't guarantee. >> laura: no guarantees in life. the grinch has nothing on these people. the biden administration broke our economy and plans to make things worse with trillion dollars more in spending. the feds took in a record amount in tax revenues but want to raise your taxes because the monster always has to be fed. they took in 4 trillion dollars. for the rest of us, though, the press refuses to report and distorts. today's cnn clung to polling data they think shows signs of hope for biden. >> the president's standing is stronger than other recent polling suggests. 50% approve. 49%. even split.
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that's not so bad. >> laura: except for this teeny little detail. >> only 25%, 1 in 4 think if the democrats pass this big bill it will make my life better. only 25% think that. a third say i will be worse off. the president has to do a better job of selling how this will impact your life. >> laura: sell sand in the desert. what a pathetic and lazy analysis of this situation. biden's problem is not his lame messaging. it's his ideas will only make life harder for the average america. biden is trying to use the coming christmas shortage as justification for passing an infrastructure bill. the inflation situation is so severe, we can't afford to be dumping trillion dollars into new federal spending into an over-stimulated market. where are the workers and
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supplies coming from? if you pump more money into the economy, all you will create is a demand spike causing prices to spiral and shortages will get worse. biden's team has it wrong. first you get inflation under control. only then could you think about increased spending. for now inflation and not infrastructure has to be the priority or we will go off the cliff. republicans who voted for it, you have to turn around now. all 19 of you. we saw the same dynamic in play with biden in the afghanistan withdrawal. the goal of getting off of afghanistan made sense but they approached it in the most idiotic manner. it may make sense to build more infrastructure later but spending money in a time of soaring inflation would be
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a catastrophe for us. biden and the democrats are going to be stealing our children's future. just like the grinch in the missed of the night around the presents taking everything in sight. >> then he went up the chimney. the last thing he took was the rog for their fire. on their walls 3 left nothing but hooks and some wire -- and the one speck of food he left in the house was a crumb that too small for a mouse. >> laura: unlike the cartoon, biden won't see the folly of his ways or have a change of heart in the end. that's the "angle." joining me now larry kudlow former trump economic advisor and a big fan of the grinch. >> [laughing]. >> laura: they are going to
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address this supply shortage by securing agreements with wall street and fed-ex and others for 24/7 operations. don't they already have that? what is this? >> yes, those companies probably do. i am sure that fed-ex and ups do. >> laura: that's the point of edex. >> that's the business they are in overnight delivery -- retailers may or may not. the government can't get anything. the problem was the port of los angeles was not open. you could put all of the people you want if there but you could not open the boxes of the containers to put them in trucks to drive away in all of those deserted roads that the president talked about. that's a government thing. i guess they are going to change that. good for them.
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one other thing here, these private companies -- fed-ex and ups and wal-mart and target -- they are lending their hand and trying to help out. they will do 24/7. they are actually sending their own planes with their own pilots and their own trucks with their own drivers. and biden is such a snark. in the press conference, if the private sector doesn't do what we want them to do -- >> laura: let's play it so people know what you are talking about. >> we feed the rest of the private sector chain to step up as well. if federal support is needed, i will direct all appropriate action. if the private sector doesn't step up, we will call them out and ask them to act. >> laura: this is what they
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always do like covid. shame and intimidation. >> unbelievable. he needs private companies to save his keister. it's tragic he doesn't understand how good american businesses are and can be. i don't know if they will solve this problem. you don't have enough long shore men or truck drivers. you can open up the container cartons. >> laura: they have a shortage of pilots and healthcare workers and should teachers and nurses and now for a lot of reasons including sometimes their vaccine issues, they are not getting the worker there is. that's a fact. >> well, i don't know whether ups or fed-ex has enough workers. i don't know that.
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they will surely pay high wages to get workers in the period ahead if they have not already. i am just saying joe biden has such dislike for american free enterprise and private companies. remember this: donald trump worked with the private drug companies to develop a vaccine that literally saved america in 6 months. that was a public-private partnership. he doesn't snark them out like biden want. biden wants to tax the companies to death and regulate companies to death and he wants 5 trillion dollars in spending. i think you are right, laura. you are coming along on your economic analysis.
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i don't think 5 trillion dollars in additional spending is going to reduce the inflation rate. i really don't. i think most americans think it will raise inflation rate. >> laura: yellen spoke last night. >> i believe it's transitory. i don't mean to suggest these pressures will disappear in the next month or two. supply chains are stressed. if we get the pandemic under control the global economy come back. >> laura: how long can she claim this is transitory if? >> i think summers was right. ahead of the curve. -- i don't know how yellen with a straight face believe thats
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climate change is a threat and wants a 3 trillion dollars tax hike when will destroy our economy and the europeans if they go along with. the other piece. the federal reserve. yellen used to run central bank. they are pumping money in as though we were still if an emergency. we are not. i am concerned, really concerned that what could be pandemic related price increases, the ports get jammed up okay. in the fed keeps pouring money in that will cause a major inflation while it is tax hikes throw the economy into recession. those are the risks here. >> laura: trumps policies you helped push through worked. people didn't like his tweets. his policies worked. we know how to grow the economy.
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keep china back on its heels and shut the border. we know how to do it. he doesn't want to do it. >> did you see the revenues numbers today? >> laura: 4 trillion dollars. we don't need more money. >> [overlapping talking]. >> laura: larry, the beast needs to be fed. keep pumping money into the beast. it's always hungry. great to see you. with the $3.5-trillion spending bill larry talked about democrats are trying to increase the cost of everything. and tell bankrupt the next generation. -- it will. the following priorities in this legislation include: $8 billion for a civilian
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climate core. $4 billion for equity. i love that word in electric vehicle charging and tree planting. 643-million dollars to acquire culturally appropriate foods for school lunches. free community college for illegal immigrants. my personal favorite. $15 million for national resource centers focussed on providing services for older individuals who are underserved due to their gender identity. we will show you how the left hopes to waste your tax dollars. last night a spoke to a father who said his daughter was sexual assaulted in a school bathroom by a boy wearing a skirt.
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what followed was his arrest at a school board meeting and a cover-up by local officials. we will speak to parents who know this family well and have unique insight about what is happening. stay there.
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>> it happened the last week of may and then school ended. the school board and the school system just went on summer break and withstooded us. -- abandoned us. my wife and i spent the summer rebuilding our daughter. there were a couple of rough nights. it was hell. >> laura: that was night during an "the ingraham angle" exclusive. scott smith recounted the pain after his daughter was sexual assaulted in a girls bathroom who entered wearing a skirt. more shocking smith said the school board prosecutor tried to cover it all up. after hearing such disturbing allegations we reached out to both offices. no word yet from the attorney. the school board's response was
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despicable. they lied about it. members were not aware of the specific details. or claims of investigating sexual assault. they said scott smith deserved to be arrested for trying to speak about his daughter. we were not able to locate any records that he didn't register. that's the reason. joining me are 2 loudon county parents who know the smithpeters. -- smiths. thanks for coming on. patty, you say the school board's claim that it did not know about the sexual assault
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allegations until this weeks bogus. how do you know that? >> i lived in loudon county for 23 years. i asked a former school board member. she said to us that the school board is very aware of any disciplinary actions especially violent and sexual in nature. the fact that the incident happened at the high school. the principal was obviously alerted. then they went to law enforcement. it's automatically sent to the superintendent and the school board. the fact they said they didn't know at the june 22nd meeting is wrong. >> laura: when i first heard that last night, it took my breath away. if you don't know that a girl says she was raped, we won't recount how it happened. it was hideous.
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it made me want to cry. if they did not know about it they shall all resign. >> i agree. the superintendent is the last line of dense for our kids as far as the school disciplinary process. the fact he is just falling on the excuse we didn't know is lying. >> laura: the democrats passed a bill to end a requirement for virginia schools to report all crimes on campus. the bill's sponsor michael mullen on what crimes would be exempt. >> which misdemeanors are no longer required to be reported to law enforcement. sexual battery and talking and violation of a protect order. i can't recall the other two. >> laura: the crime that loudon
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county tried to cover-up they would haven't to report under this new law. >> that's correct. the bill 247 was created by a democrat. i blame the democrats for posing it bill that prevents the superintendent and the principal from telling law enforcement. look what happened to the poor spitting family. >> laura: tell us about that, patty. mr. smith came on last night. he is obviously still emotional about it. it's unimaginable. what have they gone through? >> so, imagine your daughter being raped and sodommized in a school. you put your children on that bus and you hope and pray they are safe. they are supposed to be save in a school environment.
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this boy says he is bisexual and wears a skirt. enters the girls bathroom and does this to their daughter. you can imagine the rage that any parent would have? the school did not greet him very well. he was not allowed in. then he attended the school board meeting. you can see how he was treated. it's a disgrace for this poor man and family were treated like this. they found out about this same predator went after and did the same exact act to another girl at another high school. they said enough being silent. i had lunch with them on monday. we set up a go fund me act for them and the community is supporting there family -- account. we blame the superintendent, the
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school board and democrats enrichment for allowing this bill for this hush-hush cover-up. >> laura: you know why glenn is a candidate to look at in the gubernatorial race because girls are being threatened and hurt and they are covering it up in school systems. erin, some media are pushing this narrative that you as a concerned parent at school board meetings are threats. >> how brazen are the calls to violence around the school boards? >> they are explicit. >> people convening on our public schools to convert them into is kind of political battlefield. >> we have to respond to them as
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the threats they represent to our democracy. >> laura: erin, now you are threats to the democracy and instigating violence as two different girls were raped on two different occasions. >> i have two different daughters and they will ban parents from not coming to the school board meetings because they don't wear a mask but they allow someone accused of raping other children can go back into schools. they accuse us of being the threat. it's the loudon school board that is the threat to us and our children. >> laura: every school board in virginia better look at itself. a big gubernatorial race and all of these women voters rook hard
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at what is happening we're. thanks for speaking out. we will stay in touch with you as this goes on. katie couric edited a supreme court justice and the popular squid game. raymond arroyo has that in 2016 next. -- in "seen and unseen." what makes new salonpas arthritis gel so good for arthritis pain? salonpas contains the most prescribed topical pain relief ingredient. it's clinically proven, reduces inflammation and comes in original prescription strength. salonpas. it's good medicine.
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>> laura: "seen and unseen" where we expose the big culture stories with raymond arroyo. netflix has the biggest series launch with a korean show called squid games. why is it so popular? >> it's not the series itself. i watched the gorey thing so you don't have to. i was bored by it. it had 101 million downloads.
7:39 pm
squid games is destitute people who compete in lethal games for cash. it's like a bloody hunger games with really hungry people. >> those who win all 6 games will receive a handsome cash prize. >> oh! >> [screaming]. >> there is more killing in in thing an o'riley book. with the economy faultering and people struggling, it speaks to the anxiety people are feeling. we are running for our lives and trying to stay in the game. it's gross and bloody and has all the artistic merit of
7:40 pm
a purge film. >> laura: it reminds me of the old disaster movies from the '70s. it's so fake looking. >> yes, it is. almost cartoonish. >> laura: you have to laugh at it. i don't want to put images in my mind of violence. >> it feels like a godzilla movie at times. talking with bad productions, katie couric in her new tell all admits to editing a yahoo interview with ruth bader ginsburg. she asked about the kneeling protest. she said it shows a contempt for government that made it possible for their parents and grandparents to live a descent life which they could not have lived in the places they came from. katie couric didn't like that answer so cut it from her piece to protect the justice.
7:41 pm
she writes ginsburg was 83 and elderly and probably didn't understand the question. you can imagine? simply omited it to fit her political narr 35. -- narrative. >> laura: this happens all the time in the media. they edit people all the time to distort what the people are saying or amplify what they agree with them. >> let the woman speak. if you honor the interview, let them speak. katie couric in 2016 was interviewing gun owners and cut it so they could not answer her question. she was called out and thank goodness they had the oddia. oo audio. kamala harris is continuing to create new things.
7:42 pm
she didn't talk about the border crisis -- she had bigger things to fry. >> the united states has recognized the voyage of the european explorer who first landed on the shores of the america. that is not the whole story. those explorers ushered in a wave of devastation for tribunal nations with violence and stealing land and spreading disease. we must not shy away from this shameful past. we must shed light on it. >> this was part of her indigenous people's day but it's hard to miss the sleight of hand want it's hard to talk about past since than the current ones now. if we talk about waves of devastation much is caused by
7:43 pm
the policy of this administration and the congress. she portrays columbus and the native-americans in a hifrlt light. they were all warmongers and killers. to think all of the tribes were peace loving and letting the corn grow, they were killing each other. that's what happened here. >> laura: did she talk about how certain native peoples were vicious to each other? >> right. >> laura: was that mentioned? >> no. another thing -- , >> laura: the arch bishop and the covid mandates. >> he said no one should be forced to receive a covid-19 vaccine if would violate the sanctity of his or her
7:44 pm
conscience. this is a big deal for catholics and a reasonable approach. >> laura: if we have to celebrate that, of course they should say that. the catholic church should have been from, what they ran on. come on. >> the courts look to religious leaders to define an exemption. the pope deprived them and the arch bishop trying to re-establish it. >> laura: the meeting with nancy pelosi was a scam. after texas governor greg abbott banned vaccine mandate they ignored him and took biden's side. how will the lone star state respond? dan patrick will tell us next.
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>> ♪ ♪ >> laura: with the biden administration vaccine mandate ruling the work force with unnecessary division, republican governors are stepping in. texas governor greg abbott is the latest to ban vaccine mandates even in private businesses. the reaction from the white
7:50 pm
house yesterday was predictable. >> governor abbott knows that federal rules supersede state rules. why did he do this? >> politics. it's pretty clear and you make a choice against all public health information and data out there. it's not based on the interest of the people you are governing. it's in the interest of your own politics. >> laura: when given the choice between freedom and tyranny corporate america is opting for the latter. 3 of the largest companies in texas, ibm, american airlines and southwest are ignoring governor greg abbott and following biden on the vaccine mandate saying they have no choice but to comply. >> i have never been in favor of corporations imposing that mandate. never have been. but the executive order from president biden mandates that
7:51 pm
all federal employees and contractors which covers all of the major airlines have to have a mandate. >> laura: he is not for the mandate but feel like he has to comply. not some raging liberal. joining me the texas lt. governor dan patrick. what is happening here? are they caught between a rock and a hard place or was there a way to listen to abbott and not to biden her? >> they should listen to their employees. it's not about politics. it's about liberty. we are the most business friendly state in the country for 10 years. businesses flock to texas for manyerancy want we believe in businesses have the authority over their employees. we are also a liberty loving state for the individual. i have been vaccinated.
7:52 pm
i believe in vaccinations. over 70% of people over 50 have been vaccinated but 16 to 49 is the big segment of your population. i would never will employees that they have to get a vaccination. the president of the united states mandating this was wrong. he said before he got elected he would not do it. it's none of his business. >> laura: the attack was that abbott is trying to dictate what businesses do. the argument doesn't work because biden is trying todicate what businesses do as well. your point is let freedom ring?
7:53 pm
>> yes. i have been consistents from day one am people have a right to make their own decisions. the idea you would take away someone's livelihood because of their k4r50e6. -- belief. i am standing with them and the texas legislators will stand with them. biden needs to stay out of our business. not 30 or 40% of americans who don't want to take the vaccination many already had covid so they don't need it. >> laura: they don't believe in natural immunity. >> stand with your employees. you will win your employees over
7:54 pm
by doing that. >> laura: a stunning document details how many illegals were released into the country. it makes them eligible for work permits! >> more people crossed the border illegally unemployment. all of the job openings biden plans to fill them with illegal immigrants. this will be massive violence. >> laura: we have to roll. woke, yes? a
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>> laura: it turns out the rolling stones no filter tort is false advertising. it turns out they retired their classic songs before. mick jagger says we played "brown sugar" every night since 1970. sometimes we will take it out and see how it goes. but for decades, the stones stood their ground. >> it became more important when you been something. it becomes more important. ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ [applause] >> greg: happy wednesday, everyone. or as kat likes to cola, hump day. a new report claims that hunter biden shared bank accounts with his dad which might be the least harmful thing hunter could share with his dad. but it still nuts. think


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