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tv   Tucker Carlson Tonight  FOX News  October 13, 2021 5:00pm-6:00pm PDT

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her fellow people who are not her people. >> jesse: promotion, we will go through liz warren's picture book on prime time and we will show everybody the pictures. pistol pete, thanks so much. thanks for watching "fox news prime time." back here tomorrow night at 7:00. my book "how i save the world" still available. tucker is next. ♪ ♪ >> tucker: good evening and welcome to "tucker carlson tonight." if you've been paying attention for the past few years, and if you're watching this show, we hope you are, there has likely been a moment when you realize that reality is not quite what you thought it was. a lot of the things you assumed were true in fact are not true. they are instead a mirage. they are a web of purpose built myths designed to deceive rather than inform you.
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you can't really trust your senses anymore. your eyes will lie to you. that's an unnerving thought. especially when you realize that ultimately vladimir putin is behind it all. russian disinformation is everywhere in this country. it's lurking even within our own minds. it's worth even adam schiff tols it was fair last week thousands of southwest airlines flights failed to leave the ground. it seemed obvious that the mass cancellations were a direct reaction to joe biden's vaccine mandates. they were announced days before. than actual southwest pilots appeared to confirm it. but no, that's just with the kremlin wants you to think. in fact, and the authorities assured us all along, it was only the weather. nothing more than a few clouds. calm down, america. that southwest airlines story is as fake as hunter biden's laptop. don't let the russians lie to you. people love the vaccine mandates. even the thousands who have been fired because of it.
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they they know perfectly well how naughty they've been. they need discipline and they know how to get it. thank you, mr. president, may have another. there's a reason joe biden is the single most popular head of state in american history and the reason is he's awesome. how beloved is joe biden? let's put it this way. at sporting events across the country, fans are breaking out in cheers for the white house and its wise and elegant leader. these are not coordinated political set pieces, astroturf, as we see in washington babies are spontaneous eruptions of love. one minute you'll be watching college football from the stands in the next minute you'll be overcome with a desire, the pressing, irresistible need to tell joe biden how great he is. it's like having to go to the bathroom real bad except better and more progressive. this is happening, ladies and gentlemen, and it's happening everywhere. a cresting tsunami of support for joe biden. here's a sample.
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>> [bleep] joe biden. [bleep] joe biden. [bleep] joe biden. [bleep] joe biden. [bleep] joe biden. >> tucker: it's inspiring, when you think about it. joe biden on his first day in office promised to bring this country together and now he's actually doing it. it doesn't matter what team you showed up to root for. in your heart, you're a joe biden fan, and that's national unity. not everyone is for this, of course. to vladimir putin, who hates us for our freedoms and also because he's russian, this is a threat. loving biden is a thing of beauty, so my definition vladimir putin must destroy it. it's like a sunset, a rose garden, a baby's smile. it's something lovely that must be defiled if russia is going to dominate the world. so in order to correct what is good and beautiful, putin has
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spread the light of these expressions of your devotion to joe biden are instead attacks on joe biden, folder attacks that include an epithet beginning with f. sadly, a lot of people believe that. russian disinformation is affected. that's why they do it. thank heaven nbc has been there to correct that misperception. over the past several years, and bcs may be done more than any news organization in this country to fight the kremlin's propaganda machine. thanks to nbc, for example, your doubts about the fairness of the last election of not only been settled. they are now illegal. you're not allowed to express them ever again. so we can be thankful that there was a credentialed represented event of nbc sports on hand earlier this month when fans at a nascar event began to celebrate spontaneously celebrating joe biden. if the nbc lady had not been there, you might very well have misheard what the crowd said. watch. >> oh, my gosh. such an unbelievable moment.
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>> branded, he also told me. you can hear the chants from the crowd. let's go, brandon. >> tucker: f joe biden. please, come on. wake up come america. it's like looking into a thriving credibly robust economy and concluding there's inflation. settled on, vladimir putin, that's particulars. what they said and you can hear it clearly if you open your ears to the truth, is "let's go, brandon." the nbc lady made that very clear. not f, joe biden. let's go, brandon. who is brandon, you ask? another happy american grateful for the wise leadership of his benevolent president. brandon is a newly arrived american, part of what we call the biden generation. he's an undocumented transportation migrant controlled is a film studies major at nyu.
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brandon is the embodiment of the new americanamerican dream where everything is free but everyone is still angry. just this month, thanks to joe biden, brandon got his fourth covid shot. means he's an incredibly good person, far better than you are. the crowd is simply celebrating that, as grateful people spontaneously do. let's go, brandon. let's get a fifth shot. let's go, brandon. what you strip away the russian propaganda it's pretty obvious and natural but it does make you wonder if you pause for a moment if the russians are lying about brandon, what else are they lying about? we are glad you asked. they are lying about hospitals. vladimir putin is making up stories about our hospitals. putin claims that our health care system is collapsing because of joe biden's vaccine mandate. that's preposterous. and yet somehow those crafty and relentless kremlin propagandist have managed to get that story onto american television. watch this. >> hospital officials say they
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still plan to pause service in the maternity unit starting saturday. >> we have had 43 resignations, 70% of those are in clinical areas. unfortunately a number of the maternity nurses, the professionals who do labor, delivery and postpartum care are part of that group. >> tucker: so the maternity nurses all left. no more delivering babies in the hospital. the russians blame joe biden for this. but the truth is very different. the truth is that this is yet another heartfelt tribute to joe biden. those nurses left so they could devote more time to campaigning for joe biden's reelection in 2024. once again, this is an act of love disguised by a foreign power as an act of contempt. that's happening in a lot of places, ladies and gentlemen, not just new york. central maine medical center is one of the biggest hospitals in
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the state of maine. it halted its pediatric and trauma admissions. you want to treat your child for disease? hurt in a car accident, you can't go there. they cited staffing shortages because of the vaccine mandates. according to a local news outlet "the hospital is preparing for it to lose hundreds of workers. so far 84 staff numbers have resigned. this is one hospital in a smallish town in one state. and they are going to "lose hundreds of workers." that's one way to look at it. the russian way to look at it. the patriotic way to look at it, the joe biden approved way to look at it is very different. here it is. it means hundreds of new job openings for the foreign nationals currently streaming over our southern border. there will be no unemployment crisis for them. so in fact, this is a massive win. thanks for the vaccine mandate, these illegal americans will have plenty to do not just in maine but everywhere.
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washington state, the spokesman spokesman review recorded long-term care facilities could face critical staffing shortage. the vaccine mandates taking effect october 18. so if you just showed up from another country without permission to be here, you know what you can do for living. take the place of someone who moved on. in the state of michigan, the head of the largest nursing's termination says that mandates both have been facing a greater crisis. as a good american would put it, greater opportunity for residents of seattle are about to have plenty of new opportunities, opportunities to practice their self-defense skills, an excuse to brush up on tae kwon do from fifth grade. i bet you forgot about those skills. time to get them back. the people of seattle are about to confront a massive shortage of law enforcement officers. why? you guessed it. joe biden's vaccine mandate. here's how one local news station reported it. >> already short-staffed, the seattle police department is
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preparing for a potential mass firing of officers. starting october 13, the agency will move into what's called a stage three mobilization, with the department's manual says is reserved for scenarios that have the "potential to cause significant harm, property destruction, or widespread public fear." 354 sworn personnel had not submitted proof of vaccination as of tuesday. that number drops to 292 today. still that is more than 25% of all deployable officers. >> tucker: we have given you a snapshot of what's happening in the country but it's happening all around the country. coast-to-coast and all through the middle of the country. and it's happening right now. that means in the coming months at some point you're going to call 911 for an emergency or you're going to snow up at the hospital for an injury or you're going to try to catch a flight and you'll notice you can't because the hospitals, the police department, the fire
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departments, your airline, none of them work anymore. joe biden is going to take the blame for this, if the russians have their way. wagner putin will tell you it's joe biden's fault. [laughs] it's a tribute to brandon. let's go, brandon. victor davis hanson is a senior fellow at the hoover institution and he joins us tonight. thanks so much for coming on. if you add this up and we presented specific examples, if we had four hours we could get more comprehensive. you are seeing the core institutions of american life destroyed by this one mandate which by itself is a challenge, an insult to american liberty. it's going to render it inoperable our hospitals, our airlines, our police departments, our fire departments, our long-term care facilities. fill in the blanks. what else is there? that's our society and none of it is going to work very soon. what is the point of this, i wonder. >> i don't know. part of a lot of policies.
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it's not tucker carlson saying this alone. barack obama says the border is unsustainable. larry summers as the economic agenda won't work. senators on the democratic side said afghanistan is a disaster. it's everybody saying what's going on? we've never seen anything like it. we have read about the buchanan presidency and some of us lived through carter. is it incompetence? accidental cushion mark noncompost mental problems with the president or is it by design, anarchy, nihilism that s go to waste during the tragedy of 2020 to have an agenda that doesn't pull on any of its items 50% but through the sheer fear of this chaotic, anarchic, we are going to have a new agenda that is socialist, nobody knows. they do know one thing, tucker. the academic world and the abstract world is not just pardo parlor games.
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critical race theory as we rode off as racism is necessary to fight racism, nobody would believe that, we thought. print money to get prosperity. or critical legal theory that there's no no connection between innate natural law and real law. we said nobody would believe that and suddenly we woke up and we see the district attorneys are letting people go off scot-free after felonies. or we have zero interest at the time that we have 6% annual inflation. it's turning to affect us. there is nothing on the shelves at walmart. maybe target is not going to have christmas presents. i don't want to walk in new york at night. the academic world has filtered down to the concrete world under this agenda, and they are really, really frightened, and they are saying we've never seen something like this before. when they looked to these institutions you mentioned, they look at the military or professional sports or
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entertainment or hollywood or silicon valley or social media or network news or wall street or the corporate boardroom and they see what happened? we don't recognize it anymore. we have been asleep where they are filtered into all these institutions with this agenda we don't want, and it doesn't work. so they are in a panic and i think justin and matt, there's going to be a reckoning. i think with a very exiting american communities on the border or where i live or soccer moms mad about what's being taught in schools, it's not a top down, woke revolution. it's a grassroots populist revolution. going to see it in the next midterms i think a lot of these institutions are going to rue the positions they've taken and the damage they've done. >> tucker: looking back, when hospitals told people that they couldn't hold the hands of their parents or spouses or children as they died because of covid and no one pushed those people out of the way and said no, it's my parent. i'm going to hold their hand. people put up with that.
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i wonder if you can come back, if you can assert your value as a human being what you've already allowed them to separate you from your parents as they die. it seems like -- i don't know. can we come back from this? >> i hope so. i believe that's what's great about america. we are built on a middle-class citizenry, pragmatic, practical sense. they are saying -- if our leaders say no mask, one mask, two masks. herd immunity. no gain-of-function research at the virology lab. they lost credibility. when they say there's no such thing as no natural immunity, i think people are saying i want to believe them but i can't believe them anymore. i'm going to use common sense. it is starting to coalesce and it's terrifying the left. i don't like i've seen them ever more terrified. >> tucker: people should insist on common sense. don't let them separate you from your loved ones in their final moments. >> each according to their
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station has to speak out. >> tucker: that's right. victor davis hanson, i appreciate it. great to see you. we have got a live report from the border that shows exactly what's happening. how many foreign nationals have been released against our laws. shocking.
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comcast business powering possibilities. >> tucker: we have watched in horror for the last nine months, many americans have come as the biden administration opened our southern border has allowed hundreds of thousands of foreign nationals to come into this country illegally and then stay here. the question we have asked since the beginning is how many exactly, where are they going and who are these people? we haven't had clear answers until tonight. bill melugin is of the border with the story. >> good evening. a federal source was able to leak us some eye-opening documents. what they show is the biden administration is released more than 70,000 illegal immigrants into the country just in the last two months alone. let's show you some of what we are talking about. this first graphic, one thing that jumped out to us, since august 6, the administration is released about 32,000 people into the country by granting
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them parole. that gives them temporary legal status and to apply for work permits. under federal law it should be anna case-by-case basis for urgent hereditary reasons or significant public benefit. to put in perspective, the former border patrol chief rodney scott said he only granted five to ten paroles. as the chief. according to that document, the biden administration did 32,000 in two months. the second graphic, since augusd 39,630 illegal immigrants into the country on their own recognizance. those are known as or releases. the third graphic, since march 20, the administration has released more than 94,000 immigrants in the country with what's known as an ntr. notice to report. a request for the immigrants to please show up to an immigration office within the next 60 days in a city of their choosing.
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one final graphic, on one single day in del rio sector last month, september 28, the administration released 128 single adults into the country without any means of tracking them. alternatives to detention. a reached out to the feds about all this and they didn't deny any of the numbers. they admitted it but they have mechanisms in place to try to get people to show up to court. startling members. back to you. >> tucker: bill melugin, thank you for your reporting once again. one of the only people who's doing it. why are all these people coming and why are they coming now? those are questions we can answer very obviously. they're here because the biden administration has allowed them to come and promised openly promised to give them free health care, education, housing vouchers, the fruits of the richest country or it was the richest country in the world. speaking to colombian migrants in arizona that conceded they have nothing to be ashamed of, that they never would've tried to enter this country illegally during the last administration. watch.
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>> [speaking spanish] >> tucker: keep in mind this is all illegal. it's all a violation of federal laws passed by the congress. the administration is embedding the violation of federal law. they're acting in an illegal manner. that the of homeland security telling i.c.e. to stop raiding
5:25 pm
workplaces. what is and add up to? i think you know but no one puts it more clearly than stephen miller. former advisor to the last president. one of the most knowledgeable people on immigration. stephen miller, thanks. no more mass raids on employers undercutting american label with illegal migrant workers. tell us if you expected this to happen. what does this mean? >> it's never happened before. i did expected to happen. let's be very clear about we're looking at. this is an inside attack on our democracy. it's something our founders never anticipated would have been or happen. did the president of the united states, the person sitting in the oval office, is working systematically, or his deputies are in this case, to allow people to invade into our country against our laws, to consume public benefits, take american jobs, and threaten
5:26 pm
public safety aided, abetted, facilitated, planned by our own government. during the last administration, president trump directed an agency within i.c.e. known as homeland security investigations to conduct nationwide worksite enforcement. the largest worksite rate in american history under president trump. very proud to have take place. all of that has now shut down. if you work illegally in this country, you will be able to take an american job using a fake identity, stealing a social security number, and collecting public benefits the whole way through. i want to talk about the parole issue bill melugin just mentioned. parole is like daca. people outside the country who want to come in illegally. deferred action, daca, if you are here illegally, it says you can stay here, you have protection from deportation and you can apply for a work permit. that's what they are doing for
5:27 pm
illegal aliens outside the country. newly arriving. parole is supposed to be for a very rare humanitarian emergency. the classic example uses for someone who needs to donate an organ. they are a match i have to get into the country to donate a kidney. that's what it's for. there -- it's used to bring in illegal aliens to take american jobs. everything the administration is saying, they need to raise taxes on you to fix our terrible public school test scores, overcrowded emergency rooms. dilapidated infrastructure. all those problems they want you to believe you caused are caused by third world migration. >> tucker: stephen miller, thank you for that. here's how to think about it. the president of the united states is the head of the country, like the head of a household in the family. if your kids are having problems, american citizens are having massive problems, if your kids are having problems and you decided to adopt six more kids,
5:28 pm
what would your kids think of that? they would know very clearly that you didn't care about them. in fact, you hated them. you had no interest in their well-being. you didn't care to help them get better. that's exactly the message our government is sending to us. up next, looks more and more like the school board in one of the largest gold accident country and they have covered up the sexual assault of a female student. all evidence pointing in that direction. we will bring the latest next.
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>> tucker: this is one of those stories that sounds grotesque and then the more you know about it the worse it gets. from loudoun county, virginia, outside washington, d.c. a ninth grade girl, 14, reportedly sexually assaulted in the bathroom via self-described transgender student wearing a skirt. the girl's father is called scott smith and he says the school district covered up the incident. on june 22nd, he went to a school board meeting to protest
5:34 pm
what he called a cover-up. he was not allowed to protest. he was arrested and beaten by the police. on msnbc, the race lady a plot of this and said it was all deserved. >> the fight to vilify critical race theory occurring mostly in the confines of twitter and fox news, is taking over school board meetings. in some cases turning into a literal fight. like what you see here in loudoun county, virginia, where a public meeting over lessons on race and they propose policy on equity for transgender students devolved into mayhem with audience members displaying aggressive behavior. >> tucker: so that guy showed up because he believed his 14-year-old daughter was raped in a bathroom. he tries to talk about it and they arrest him and beat him and then the ghoul on nbc essentially says they didn't beat him hard enough. that's where we are. loudoun county school districts, they issued a statement saying that it's followed all legal
5:35 pm
protocols and it was "properly reported" to authorities. right. judge jeanine pirro is the host of "justice with janine." she joins us. thank you so much for coming on. is this story as awful as it sounds? >> it's worse. this story encapsulates virtually every issue you been talking about for the last couple years. this is a microcosm of america, loudoun county. you have got ground zero, the school board. we have a criminal justice case, a young girl who was sexually assaulted. let's not play tiddlywinks. she was forcibly raped and forcibly sodomized in a school bathroom. her father hears about it, they call the school and they don't say anything to any of the other parents. they taken out of school. six police cars come. it's before the school board meeting. they send a note to parents saying that there was some
5:36 pm
disruption in school today. nothing to see here, folks. that's the end of that. within a month, we know the young boy, the 15-year-old, is being prosecuted in juvenile court. we know this from another attorney. the records are sealed. this individual is moved to another school where he ends up sexually assaulting another female. i'll get to that in a minute. what you've got here is a father who became a poster boy for the left, like the one before me you had on say he should have been beaten worse but he became a poster boy for the national school board association. he was referred to as a domestic terrorist. that was a letter they sent to merrick garland that caused him to refer to parents as domestic terrorists and then seek the fbi after these parents at school board meetings. the worst port of all of it is they covered up. they covered up because when they had a meeting to determine
5:37 pm
whether they would support this transgender policy, crt, vaccines, mask, the superintendent says there are no records of sexual assault that i know of in this school. meanwhile, there was one within a month before. and then he turns to a red herring and he says "time" magazine says this is all ridiculous anyway. the father at that point is like ballistic. his daughter has been forcibly raped and sodomized and he disagrees and the police come after him. you have got the right to assemble, the right to address grievances. first amendment. none of that is working in loudoun county or anywhere in the united states now. >> tucker: i have noticed. they are putting so much pressure on this country. something that is going to happen. really bad. judge jeanine, i appreciate your analysis. great to see you. john gruden was an nfl coach who was forced out as the coach of
5:38 pm
the las vegas raiders. the company electronic arts has announced he's going to be deleted from the mednet nfl video games immediately to be replaced with a "generic likeness" but that's not soviet or anything. this happened after gruden's private emails, many from many years ago relates to the media. in the emails gruden reportedly criticized nfl commissioner roger goodell. was he involved? looks like he was prewash we make of it more broadly? clay travis has covered sports for many, many years. he's the founder of out kick among many other things and we are happy to have them on the show. for people who aren't following this i know there's been a lot of coverage of it, sum up what happened and what it means, if you would. >> first of all, talker, i'm reading harry potter with my kids right now and i feel like john gruden is the new folder marked. you're not allowed to mention his name. i feel like i'm going to get struck down in terms of cancel culture. they are wiping him out everywhere.
5:39 pm
there are 650,000 emails that have been examined as part of discovery into what used to be the washington redskins. now the washington football team. and the culture that existed there. the nfl has been reviewing all of these emails, and on friday they started to leak out john gruden's inappropriate emails making comments about race, about gender, sexuality, all these different things from inside that 650,000 a mess including of roger goodell himself. if you look at what's going on here, it's highly suspect what is being released and what isn't. it feels like somebody in the nfl office decided they were going to put out a hit on john gruden. maybe that is roger goodell pavement beats about putting pressure on daniel steiner, the owner of the washington football team, and trying to force him into selling the team. every morning we are getting the
5:40 pm
drip, drip, drip of somebody new who said something inappropriate. in the case of john gruden, talker, they have stripped him off the ring of honor with the tampa bay buccaneers. he won a super bowl there. they still have warren sapp, by the way, on the ring of honor. warren sapp who has been charged in the past with multiple felonies, played down to other charges. right now the tampa bay buccaneers put out a statement saying they can't in any way be connected with john gruden but they have two different players that are currently or have recently been involved in assault allegations. this cancel culture absurdity doesn't apply consistent rules, and right now john gruden has become persona non grata and he is a target in the nfl. >> tucker: thought crimes are much more serious than crimes of violence. crimes of violence, nobody cares. but if you have crimes of thought, then they destroy you. clay thomas, great to see you. >> thank you. words are worse than actions.
5:41 pm
that's the world we live in. >> tucker: a lunatic homeless man trying to abduct a 3-year-old girl in broad daylight in new york city. it was all caught on tape in one of america's leading psychiatrists as that addiction is a modern plague. it's emanating from your smartphone. a very, very smart shrink joints and snacks.
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[swords clashing]
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- had enough? - no... arthritis. here. new aspercreme arthritis. full prescription-strength? reduces inflammation? thank the gods. don't thank them too soon. kick pain in the aspercreme. ♪ ♪ >> tucker: at the heart of so many tragedies, huge proportion of tragedies in this country, his addiction to one thing or another. and it's growing. so clearly. look around. how many people do you know have been struggling with addiction. maybe you yourself. what do we do about it? what is addiction exactly? there's a lot of flaky people in the so-called addiction community. very few people whose work you can trust. we found someone whose word you can trust. one of the most impressive physicians we've talked when a very long time. a doctor called and not lemke, psychiatrist at samford university. we sit down with her for an hour. here's part of the conversation.
5:47 pm
♪ ♪ give us the overview, you study addiction. how big a part does addiction play in american society right now? >> i really do think that addiction is the modern plague. it is the quintessential problem of modernity and when we are going to be contending with for the next, i don't know, however many hundreds of years. it's something that we really need to pay attention to because even those who were previously not vulnerable to the problem of addiction have become vulnerable because of the incredible abundance in our world. also because of the ways in which so much has become drugified. behaviors that were previously not considered drugs have now essentially become drugs. they have engineered to be drugs. for example, using myself as an example. i really have never been
5:48 pm
vulnerable to things like alcohol, which does nothing for me. or caffeine which doesn't wake me up even though i really wish it did. what happened to me in midlife is i basically got hooked on romance novels. it was really the candle, the technology of the candle that had me reading later and later into the night, essentially chain reading untile "twilight" saga which was my entry into this world. i developed tolerance and started needing more and more graphic forms of the romance novel and ultimately progressed to reading the kinds of erotica it's not actually consistent with my values. over the course of a number of years, really became addicted to a kind of book. of course, my problem pales in comparison to people who develop very serious addictions to whatever it is -- >> tucker: it's the same pattern. >> exactly. that's why i talk about in my book and i highlighted.
5:49 pm
the same mental machinery that gets us addicted to heroin or to cannabis or nicotine is a kind of mental machinery that potentially makes us all vulnerable. >> tucker: you have already challenged the conventional view of this in your description of how people get addicted by suggesting that an abundance of substances or behavior to which people could become addicted increases addiction. >> right. >> tucker: the conventional view is that if the persons fault for getting addicted, it doesn't how many drugs or social media apps or romance novels you have, it's up to the person not to get addicted to them. >> yes. yeah, this is the key point. there are many risk factors for addiction. biology is a risk factor. if you have a biological parent or grandparent with addiction you're more likely to be addicted even though if you are not raised in that substance using home. if you experience trauma in early life, if you have a cooccurring mental illness, all of those are risk factors for addiction.
5:50 pm
one of the biggest risk factors for addiction that people often ignore is simple access. >> tucker: [laughs] i love to hear you say that because it's so obvious and nobody says it. >> it's so obvious. it's the state of our world now. we are just surrounded with these high potency, high novelty, real ubiquitous and infinite drugs and so many different forms. making us really all vulnerable to the problem of addiction. i like to say if you haven't become addicted yet, it's coming soon to a website near you. >> tucker: if you have any interest in that topic, the topic of addiction, if it has touched you in any way, that conversation, that woman anna lembke is worth listening to. it's on right now. i want to bring you up-to-date on story from the other day. joe biden last week gave a speech at a construction company
5:51 pm
outside of chicago explaining that he's fully in control of your body and he can do whatever he wants and he can force you to take medicine. in the course of that speech he attacks people who hadn't gotten the vaccine that they needed or wanted or not. he made reference to this company. he whispered it, even fox news has vaccine mandates. that is a lie. that's not true. we know because we work here. we set it out loud. look, you're trying to force people to do things they don't want. you are firing navy seals and airline pilots and doctors and nurses environment and cops. we can't stop you from doing that but don't lie about us. you don't work here. we do. stop lying. we said that on the show. we put that video on instagram. when we put that video on instagram, the following message appears. "make sure the information is reliable before sharing!" and then attempt to redirect you to a site.
5:52 pm info about policies at a company that work at? if you're not allowed to explain information that you have firsthand credible knowledge of like your own employer's own policies, then what rights do you have? we thought you'd be interested in how that turned out. well, this country, not to rely mostly bombard you with sad news. a massive increase in violent crime. the biggest increase in her lifetime. in new york city a 3-year-old was nearly affected in broad daylight. a woman mugged and knocked to the ground in times square has died. a lot of bad stuff is going on. the question is why. when will it stop? what's causing it? that is straight ahead we'll be right back. but really a sign of strength. people sometimes don't want to talk about mental health, they don't want to talk about problems
5:53 pm
that they might have that aren't physical, but those problems are just as real. # that i have to explain myself or prove myself in certain situations. a lot of times i'm not feeling good or you know not having a good day, but through the music i'm able to have a good day by expressing something that feels good to me that i can pass onto others. one of my favorite phrases to share with not only my kids but anybody is never compare your insides to someone else's outsides. we are creating conversation we are raising awareness and we're kicking the hell out of this stigma saying get away from the people we love the most. ♪♪
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>> tucker: violent crime is spiking across the country. we are know guessing.
5:58 pm
we have video this washington, d.c. an executive dodged a drive by shooting. >> [gunfire]. >> tucker: this person is writing a book on this subject and an expert on it. thanks for coming on. this is real. we are not imagining this? >> no, you are not. in 2020 the united states saw the single largest increase this homicides. what we are seeing and feeling is real. >> tucker: this stuff is complicated. if you could assign a single cause, what would it be? >> you hinted. it's very complicated. there is no single cause but over the last decade our prison rate and arrests have declined.
5:59 pm
police have become the enemy. that makes for a problem when it comes to crime in american cities. it's been on the uptick for far too long. >> tucker: it's cause and effect. you get what you put up with. that's true in your home and society. is there any place in the country bucking this trend and remaining safe? >> there are very few. there were few that didn't have crime to begin with. homicide and shootings are largely concentrateed in small parts of american cities. one thing we are seeing in nicer parts of town that were safe like times square it's bringing the crime problem to the doorstep of more americans. more americans have to wake up to the trend of de-policing that
6:00 pm
is driving this. >> tucker: thanks for coming on. look forward to your book and hope you come back. we will be back every night 8 p.m. the sworn enemy of lying, pomposity, smugness and group think. buckle up because sean hannity takes over now. >> sean: thank you. tonight welcome to "hannity." >> americans held hostage. day 60. >> sean: 60 days since joe biden abandoned our fellow citizens, our friends and families and allies in afghanistan and he hasn't mentioned these hostages held by theitable that can't get out in over 40 days -- the ones he said 13 days before he abandoned them he would not abandon them. the biden administration will allow certain afghan citizens once


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