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tv   FOX News Primetime  FOX News  October 13, 2021 4:00pm-5:00pm PDT

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tomorrow on "special report," new poles in the virginia governor's race and a deep dive into what is a consequential race this year setting the table politically for 2022. thanks for inviting us into your home tonight, that is it for the "special report." fair, balanced, and unafraid. be 40 hosted by jesse watters starts right now. hey, jesse. >> jesse: thank you, bret. good evening and welcome to "fox news primetime." ♪ ♪ i'm jesse watters, and tonight we start with a look at joe biden's business history, or rather, his lack thereof. you see, biden is economically illiterate. them and has never stuttered of a company or run a business. instead, he spent 50 years as a politician being paid with your time. it looks like he doesn't even pay his own bills. as reporting from the daily mail shows that was hunter who was balancing the family checkbook from their shared bank accounts, more on that later. if so, a man who probably can't find his own wallet is now in
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charge of the nation's finance. boy, i wonder why we are in the midst of a massive supply chain crisis. thanks to biden's utter lack of experience with any sort of business, everybody could have seen these problems coming. well, everyone but foolish joe, said this two months ago. >> right now, our experts believe the major independent forecasters agree, as well, that these bottlenecks and price spikes will reduce as our economy continues to heal. >> jesse: so, that was a complete mess, but this is just another in a long line of lies from a disconnected president. at this point, we should just believe the opposite of everything he says. remember this? >> is the taliban takeover of afghanistan now inevitable? >> no, it is not. >> jesse: and that was in july appeared and by august, the taliban flag was hanging outside the former u.s. embassy in afghanistan. biden has made it explicitly
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clear we can't trust him. so, is it a surprise his plan to fix the supply chains makes no sense? >> after weeks of negotiations and working with my team and with the major union retailers and freight movers, the ports of los angeles -- the port of los angeles announced today it is going to begin operating 24 hours a day, seven days a week. >> jesse: the issue is the ports are not open long enough,s everything is made in china. another issue is that there is no place to put the new cargo because a shortage shortage of truck drivers is stopping goods from going to ports to warehouses to us. and you can thank biden for those labor problems, as mandates free biden box and the left permanent pandemic have trade and anti-work environment here in the united states. even the people who want to work are being fired over this foolish backs mandate. for the lack of workers just covers up the real issue, the u.s. have sold out to china. it is easy to think all of this
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could have been avoided if biden or obama had stood up to the communist nation and stop companies from fleeing america's shores. if we weren't forced to import so many goods, we would not be left waiting for them to be off-loaded off of a ship. if these supply chains were moved to the western hemisphere with shorter travel times and nice shipping lanes, we would not be so dependent on the chinese communists. problems like these could just have been avoided if we just bring businesses back to america. maybe that is why fauci the grinch tried to cancel christmas. it had nothing to do with covid, it's just another excuse to cover up for their own incompetence. here now, dan bongino, host of "unfiltered." so, dan, you go back to 2000, they took all the companies come up with them to east asia, and now we're sitting around waiting for these ships, we would not he just kept the factories here.
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>> well, and makes you wonder how hundreds of the dumbest people on planet earth all managed to get jobs at the white house at the same time. you would think by chance they would look at a resume and go "all right, this guy has an iq in the triple digit, i'd get him classical they can't seem to fi. my first year in business school -- my first semester we learned about this thing called jit rate, and a lot of companies now, jesse, practice jit. it means they just get their deliveries and products, subsets of their finished products, just in time so they do not have to have a lot of their capital tied up in inventory they may or may not use. unnecessarily complex explanation as you think these idiots in the white house didn't know that? you are telling me factories do not stack goods like they used to, then locked on the economy, you didn't know when you'll wind up you're going to have a supply chain problem? dude, i learned this in my first year of business school, you
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idiots! and one more thing, just to make it worse, jesse, once you screw up, just in time let's pay a bunch of people not to work so that when the products come in just in time, there is nobody to deliver them and they are sitting in a port in california. nice job, fellas! awesome, well done! thank god we've got the real brain trust in d.c. right now. >> jesse: people like you and i come every american who knew there were supply chain problems in the spring. we were getting cribs for jesse jr., getting him a new dresser, you go online, all, delivery 2022. i knew this was happening in the spring. biden just gets around to this today? to make a call, hey, guys, can you stay open a little longer? like that is going to actually do anything. this guy is not anticipating problems the rest of the country seen months before. >> it goes back, he'd rather be governed by the first couple hundred names in the phonebook and these idiots in d.c.
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i have to build a fence in front of my house a while ago, can't get the steel, can get the products. you and i are reasonably smart guys, neither one of us is stephen hawking, i'm not going to write a book about astrophysics, your book was great, i loved it, but it did not solve gravitational pull and string theory or whatever, and we figured this out so easily. listen, why can't we get stuff? because everybody stopped making stuff because of adobe lockdowns. start incentive finding producers to produce more product and laborers and employees to get the product transported. the people in the white house in washington, d.c., and the storm could not figure it out, which reminds me again why america and americans have lost faith in institutions everywhere. they are asking the same questions. how is it that the dumbest people on planet earth all finds themselves attracted like a magnet, like a moth to a flame, to washington, d.c.? >> jesse: mayor pete was with mckinsey, remember how smart
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he was supposed to be? he is secretary of transportation. what has mayor pete been up to, that's what i want to know. what has mayor pete's days been filled with, if not, i don't know, maybe call some shipping magnet, may be get on the horn with our friends in vietnam, hey, can we speed up some of these labor issues? they just sent kamala to vietnam? what was she doing over there? vietnam shut down, they are not shipping anything out, did she do anything during her trip to asia? >> i mean, between mayor pete and kamala from a perfect example of failing up, right? the guy was a terrible mayor where he was, she had terrible popularity, she blew it in the democrat primary, he was terrible in the democratic primary and cannot make it to the end, and they wonder, portfolio of consulting gigs he got at mckinsey, was he ever out there with a toy company like a lego company and said hey, listen, jesse, we sell these things -- toys --
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christmas! christmas! yes, around christmas! maybe we should worry about the ports and stocking stuffers under the tree other than coal, he could not figure that out with his mckinsey portfolio? >> jesse: christmas is a wash already. black friday, i know you like to go out there and tackle people for tvs. i have seen the video. you are a tough guy. there is going to be nothing to fight over on black friday because there is not going to be anything on the shelves. i will give you the last word. >> remember the office linebacker? >> jesse: it's true! >> every aisle of best buy this year. >> jesse: fighting over less and less, it's going to be real ugly. all right, dan bongino, not an astrophysicist but actually has common sense. thanks so much. also here tonight, senator tom cotton of arkansas. senator, you hurt us discuss this. joe biden and his buddies moved everything off to china, and now it is a mess because our destiny is tied up with the chinese. anything happens in china
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affects us like a pandemic, or a supply shortage. and joe saying oh, i'm just learning about this. what do you think is going on here? >> jesse, you put your finger on the root of the problem. for 30 years, we have sent so many of our jobs and manufacturing to china. it is not easy these days to buy a piece of furniture or clothing or shoes or toys for your kids are at christmas decorations that does not come from china. that has been the case for 30 years. joe biden helped create that. he also helped create the short-term problem because of the inflation that our country sees due to the supply shortages from hitting people not to work, locking down our economy, all of this was foreseeable. he celebrates today that they are going to keep the port of los angeles open 24 hours a day, which i probably should have been doing months ago, at the same time the white house are saying you are probably not going to get everything you want for christmas. who is going to save christmas for americans? pete buttigieg? please.
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pete buttigieg cannot organize a one car funeral, he is not going to organize our nation's ports and railways and airports. >> jesse: fauci said we might not even be able to celebrate christmas, now the white house saying no toys under the tree. a dark winter, hey, another variant coming through the north of the united states, home heating bills going to be skyrocketing. going to be a lot of unhappy americans in the next couple months. senator cotton, i got to ask, he said he made some phone calls today from a joe biden got on the phone, called -- that he is going to call companies to hire more truckers. does he hear how silly that sounds? he can't get truckers because no one is working because of all these mandates and free money. >> well, four months, jesse, the united states government under joe biden has been paying people not to go to work, that is why it has been so hard to get workers. now joe biden is threatening people, threatening to fire people if they won't get a vaccine. even if they have had the coronavirus, even if they have
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natural immunity. and again, he is acting surprisedded the shortage is. a acting like the photo op at the white house is going solve it. three or $4 for gas, extra $25 a week for their groceries. on the bright side they don't have enough money to spend on christmas toys under joe biden's inflation, so maybe it's not a problem they don't have enough toys on the shelves to buy in the first place. >> jesse: we talked about it at the top, and this guy has never run a business, hunter biden is his portfolio manager. hunter is in charge for balancing your checkbook, i think this country has a lot of problems. you just learned the president shared a bank account, we only know of one, with his son. we don't know where money was coming from, that foreign wires are coming through to hunter, and joe had access to that account. this is the guy who is now in charge of a multitrillion dollar economy, and it looks like this
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recovery is stalled out. >> yeah, the economic recovery under joe biden is about as healthy and productive as hunter biden's financial life. may be hunter biden -- maybe he can make some new paintings for all americans for christmas gifts when they can get the toys. >> jesse: no supply chain problems there, right? everything is just flying off the shelves at the gallery. >> it is a supply chain of crooked money straight into hunter biden's pockets, and now we know that is a lot of a bite and family. >> jesse: we knew that and the media covered it up. now has come out because we knew it and they still don't want to touch it. senator cotton, thank you so much for straightening these guys out in d.c., please. turning onto a fox news alert, biden's border crisis upgraded to a catastrophe as the situation in texas is much worse than we even thought. leaked documents obtained by fox news show the biden administration has been
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releasing thousands of illegal immigrants into the united states. bill melugin is down on the border with more. bill, what do you have? >> hey, jesse, good evening to you. according to these documents we have obtained, the biden administration has released more than 70,000 illegal immigrants into the united states just in the last two months alone. let's show you what we are talking about, a few things that jumped out to us. if we can pull up the first graphic. number one, according to the documents, just since august 6 alone, the administration has released almost 32,000 illegal immigrants into the country via parole, which means they are granted temporary legal status and also eligible to apply for work permits, but there is a catch here. under federal law, programs for noncitizens are supposed to be very specific criteria, only on a case-by-case basis for urgent humanitarian needs or significant public benefit. to put it in perspective for you, former border patrol chief rodney scott told us when he was a cheap, he only approved about 5-10 a year.
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these documents show the biden administration did 32,002 months. graphic number two, the documents show since august 6th, the administration released just under 40,000 illegal immigrants into the country on their own recognizance. that is known as an o.r. release. if we can pull up graphic number three, since march 20th of this year, the administration has released over 94,000 illegal immigrants into the country and what is known as an ntr, a notice to report, which means the immigrants are asked to please turn themselves into an i.c.e. or immigration office within the next 60 days at a city of their choosing, and in this last graphic, we can pull this up, on one single day in del rio last month, september 28, 180 a single adults were referred by border patrol, only 52 of them were accepted for detention, 128 of those single adults were released into the public without a td, stands for alternative to detention from a mean thing they without ankle monitors or method of tracking. reaching out to them, they did
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not deny any of these numbers. they did tell us if they do release people on a case-by-case basis and say they have mechanisms in place to try to get people to show up to immigration hearings. final piece of video we want to show you, check this out, earlier this week, or thrown crew shot this video. what you are looking at is the physical looks of what it looks like to not build the border wall. you are looking at massive's of steel just sitting in storage locations in the rio grande valley that were meant for the border wall where they badly need it, looking at 20,000 panels of steel, i'm told well over $120 million of work, all paid for by taxpayers already, taxpayers on the hook for this. we had the biden administration announce on friday they are canceling all border wall contracts down here in the rio grande valley, so that metal has been sitting there since january, it's been resting, it is not going to be used, and the biden administration said they do not believe in the border wall, they think it would not be effective, and instead they are going to use some of the unspent money from
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border wall funding to instead fund environmental projects, including cultural sites in the area. so no border wall coming for the rio grande valley, where they really, really need it, jesse. send it back to you. >> jesse: unbelievable, bill. thank you so much. you are not going to get toys for christmas but you are going to get probably tens of thousands of illegals. good job, joe. democrats can't manage their own finances, so naturally, they would like to take a stab at managing yours. get this. congressman jim jordan is fired up about the irs snooping on your bank account. ♪ ♪ millions of vulnerable americans struggle to get reliable transportation to their medical appointments. that's why i started medhaul. citi launched the impact fund to invest in both women and entrepreneurs of color like me, so i can realize my vision and give everything i've got to my company, and my community. i got you.
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yours, your employees' and even your customers'. so you can stay ahead. get started with a great offer and ask how you can add comcast business securityedge. plus for a limited time, ask how to get a $500 prepaid card when you upgrade. call today. ♪ ♪ >> jesse: nobody in their right mind would let a member of the biden family manage their
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finances, but that is exactly what janet yellen wants to do. her plan to crack down on rich billionaires? letting the irs spy on your bank account. it makes no sense. >> if you earn a paycheck, you get a w-2, the irs knows about it, but high income individuals with opaque sources of income that are not reported to the irs, there's a lot of tax fraud and cheating that's going on. >> jesse: nobody believes that. average americans are not the problem here. crooked elites like hunter biden are the problem. we already know he is under federal investigation for tax fraud and chinese money laundering. just yesterday, we learned hunter shared a bank account with his dad, joe, and one of hunter's buddies paid joe's bills. remember, hunter didn't really have a real job. so where did all that money come from? for janet yellen and the irs at all interested in that? i think you know the answer.
4:23 pm
congressman jim jordan of ohio is a ranking judiciary committee member, so congressman, let me see if i have this right. hunter gets wires from moscow, beijing, ukraine, and then he takes the money and moved it into a shared bank account he has with his dad, the big guy, joe biden, and then joe's bills get paid with this dirty money that's been moved, and i don't even know of joel reports that income to the irs. i doubt it. but if i could figure that out, don't you think the feds could, too? >> oh, you would think. hunter took, as you said, 100 million from ukrainian energy company, 3 million from a russian billionaire from a 4 million from companies with ties to the chinese communist party. did all of that money go in the joint account, 10% of the big guy from that now famous email? maybe the irs could find that out if they were not so quick busy checking what my mom spent last week in the bank account -- this is how goofy it gets.
4:24 pm
this is the scary part. this is where the left wants to go. fauci says give up your freedom for the greater good, merrick garland says he is going to use the justice department to spy on parent school board meetings, and the irs now says every track in section u to $600 or more, we want to know about it. that is a scary place where the left is trying to take it, and of course the involvement. >> jesse: don't look at joe's at length bank account with hunter, who is under federal investigation. because nothing criminal is going on there. look at every other american's bank account, which is a lot smaller than hunters and joe's. >> or jesse, how about a $75,000 paintings that he sold last week, five of those, are they going to look at that? are they going to be so busy trying to find out what my
4:25 pm
mother-in-law spent in her bank account? i mean, this is crazy. but this is where the left goes. it is all about control, and i am very nervous about where they want to take the country. again, though, it is why -- the country is with us. that is why biden has a 38% approval rating and why republicans are going to take back the house. >> jesse: i agree there. to the has to get some lobbyists to start doing their job. have to take us out of this bill. this can't fly. all right, congressman jim jordan, thank you so much for coming on. pack up your costume and throw away those cute cats. halloween is canceled. because it is racist. halloween is racist, but first, a little truth on cnn. >> steps on a rake, and then slips on a banana peel and falls down and now people are looking at him in a negative light, not seeing that strong joe biden leadership people were expecting to get stuff done. ♪ ♪
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♪ ♪ >> jesse: there is a crisis at cnn continues. looks like sleepy joe is doing such a bad job that they are being forced to tell the truth. >> the problem is he put himself into a position where he made big, bold claims about the rest of the agenda, you think there's great stuff we did as good? it is nothing, wait until the summer when you get all this other stuff, then stepped on a rate, slipped on a banana peel, falls down the stairs with some marbles and our people are looking at him in a negative light. can they recover? yes, they can recover, but it right now, the democratic party is looking over the edge of a cliff, and there is a lot of concern, and you are not seeing that strong joe biden leadership i think people were expecting to get stuff done. >> jesse: you know what? maybe i've got this all wrong. maybe all this is coming out now, not because cnn has seen the light, but because ben jones
4:32 pm
now has $100 million courtesy of jeff bezos. they call that "[bleep]-you money." cnn contributor, joe buck. what you think is going on over at cnn? >> not high ratings, that is far shorter, and when you look at the reality of the biden administration, it is getting increasingly difficult for cnn, which is really a dnc propaganda outfit posing as a news network, i know something about what they do over there. cnn is having a hard time defending the biden agenda because of the area where reasonable people from independence, as well as conservatives and republicans, see massive weakness in the biden administration, the worst it has ever been, the economy not what it should be, inflation rising from a goat on the list and it is failure, but even from the perspective of the left, they have not gotten this package to come in fighting
4:33 pm
about what the scale will be, covid has not been defeated. good news is joe biden is not merely calling the shots, so we do not have to worry about joe biden's decision-making. >> jesse: do you think things are so bad in this country's, so bad politically for the biden administration that it is just a possible force he had to spend this? because cnn does a great job of spain, we witnessed that for four years, but it has gotten so bad on the left and for the far left that there is just no way for them to do a presentation without looking like stone cold liars. is that it? >> yeah, of course. every propagandist has to have bits of truth sprinkled in or have a foundation of facts in a certain way that creates a perception and brings about a certain view of things in the audience. cnn does not have anything with biden right now that is particularly positive. they're going to tell you in about six months that the afghanistan withdrawal was a
4:34 pm
brilliant tactical maneuvering by biden, that it was brave. they are going to lie to you, but it is hard to lie when all of these things are so fresh, so in the meantime, they are also, i would say, trying to push people along because they love that big left-wing agenda to pass through the pelosi reconciliation bill. it is going to get passed in some form, then all of a sudden the propaganda machinery at cnn is going to get into high gear. >> jesse: you are exactly right. they will cover it as the big comeback for joe biden and turn everything around. i just love van jones, buck, this guy gets 100-mil from jeff bezos, not beholden to the dnc or his bosses, he has "bleep-you" money, and he is the only one who could tell the truth over there. >> van is one of the more capable political consultants,
4:35 pm
and he knows the left is angry at the biden administration because the whole game was biden was the trojan horse, you can trust good old fashion joe and then start doing what aoc would want the president to do, and what we have seen is biden actually has not been able to shepherd through some of those items, has not been able to get the agenda done, certainly has not crushed covid, remember he is going to crush covid and not the economy, i think he had that reversed. that is the challenge. he has not delivered for anybody it is making everybody upset. >> jesse: the trojan horse came and everyone has lost a lot of money. thank you so much, buck. now, a loyal foot soldier in the war on christmas, successfully defending our favorite holiday from the left. the left has set its sights on a new holiday to ruin: halloween. a seattle school is canceling halloween activities because
4:36 pm
they decided, are you ready, marginalizes black students. of these things not inclusive enough. reiterates halloween events create a situation where some students must be excluded for their beliefs. financial status or life experience, it is uncomfortable and upsetting for kids. joining me now to react, author of -- i hope i got that last name right. i never heard this before. i always thought halloween was the most egalitarian of all the holidays. are they saying black kids can't put on a mask and hold out a bag or candy? >> jesse, look, i think it is pretty funny that liberals really are antimaskers when it comes to halloween, administrators going on a halloween witch hunt, blaming
4:37 pm
halloween instead of themselves for why black kids are doing poorly in school spirit and elite white school blaming halloween instead of failed school policies. you are dead right about christmas. this is a movement that will not stop until it has turned on every american institution and tradition and mark my words, thanksgiving is next, presidents' day is next, the fourth of july is next, it is coming, and i think this will not stop until it is stopped in return. >> jesse: and i will be there to fight every single battle on the front lines because you know that is my game. vivek, explained this to me. all you have to do is put on a costume and walk next door or into your apartment building next door, knock-knock, candy. stick it in my bag, and then i eat it. how is that racist? how are blacks not able to do that?
4:38 pm
what are regiment franklin elementary school thinking here? i don't get it. >> when you talk about the knock-knock, fill up my bag, and move on, it reminds me of the de i, diversity, equity, and inclusion consultants that go school to school. exactly, they are going trick-or-treating from school to school in their own right and peddling this nonsense, which school administrators are eating up beer it may be there are a lot of good reasons to cancel halloween, dental hygiene might be on the list, but i don't thik marginalizing communities of color is on that list feared in all seriousness, jesse, we hear the expression on the right, nothing is allowed to be secret anymore, i think our problem is the opposite, nothing is allowed to be ordinary anymore. these are ordinary, fun traditions that bring us together. halloween brings kids together, irrespective of their skin color or race or where their parents came from, and as we turn each of those unifying moments into these moments of division, that is what takes us to the brink of this cultural civil war we are on, so i think the left and
4:39 pm
right need to remember these are occasions to have fun together, bring kids together to have fun, and not infuse a level of political seriousness intraday editions that are supposed to be ordinary fun in everyday life. >> jesse: i'm going to be handing out candy, i don't care what color you are, nothing to do with color, just dress up in something spooky and have fun. thank you so much. i appreciate it. they have to get their act together over at that elementary school, i swear to god i am going to send thousands of dollars of candy. see you later. >> good to see you, jesse. >> jesse: stop me if you've heard this one before. prominent democrat is ashamed of america. guess who it is. i think you can guess. coming up next. ♪ ♪ >> tech: when you get a chip in your windshield...
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>> jesse: democrats love to tell you that we live in an awful country. unless, of course, things are going their way. take michelle obama, for example. remember 2008? >> and let me tell you something. for the first time in my adult life, i am proud of my country because it feels like hope is finally making a comeback. >> jesse: when they are
4:45 pm
winning, they love it here, but when democrats start losing, that is when things get ugly. if they tell you america is a horrible place and you are complicit. you should be ashamed of yourself. but don't take my word for it, just ask kamala harris. using his or her specialty. so what does she think of our country? >> ushered in a wave of devastation for tribal nations, perpetrating violence, stealing land, and spreading disease. we must not shy away from this shameful past. >> jesse: joining me now, the host of "from the kitchen table" podcast, rachel and sean duffy. what a gorgeous couple you guys are. so, just so the audience knows, that was the vp talking to native americans on tuesday, kind of rubbing columbus' nose in it the day after, i guess, his ex-holiday, whatever you want to call it. i don't know, rachel, what americans are shying away with.
4:46 pm
you read any text book, you watch any film, you go to any library, yes, it is taught that americans did conquer and commit violence in the way that they came across this continent and founded this country. who is shying away from that? >> no one. i mean, christopher columbus, by the way, is the first victim of cancel culture, who wrote of people's history, a textbook that all of our kids are getting their history from, i had to start with christopher columbus, if we wanted to tear down western civilization and delegitimize american founding and teach american kids to hate america, we've got to start with christopher columbus, and replaced with indigenous peoples day, and it would be the giveaway of all of this is the d applied to christopher columbus
4:47 pm
is not applied to native americans. we know they were just as brutal, we know they actually have slaves, including african-american slaves, they conquered tribes after columbus. if we are going to apply modern-day standards, we have to apply it on both sides. >> jesse: an incredible amount of atrocities among the native americans in north and south america way before settlers came here. is she going to castigate every society in the entire world, think about some of these mass killings in africa, the middle east, the rapes, the enslavement's. world history is not a pretty picture but she only goes after this country, and that is what people don't like. >> the country she is vice president of that she goes after, jesse, right? rachel is right. i had a lot of native american tribes in my old district in wisconsin. good people. but if we are going to look at the past, they burned villages,
4:48 pm
raped women, took their land, scalped people, jesse, it was a horrible time all across the globe, but they want to apply the woke standard that they have today on christopher columbus, but nobody else in the world, and i think what they want to do is get american kids, get the american people to actually hate our founding, the founding fathers, explorers, if you can get us to hate our country, then they can seep in their socialism and remake this country into something of a venezuelan failed state. >> and can i just add -- >> jesse: go ahead, that's exactly right. >> and the lie is not just about our past. the real lie is that conditions for native americans right now, the conditions from native americans have everything to do with government dependency, cycles of poverty and alcoholism and family breakdowns, and these are things that the democrats don't want to talk about. they want to say hey, listen, everything that is happening to you -- we know we actually have native american family members and have seen this kind
4:49 pm
of stuff up close and very personal -- they want to say hey, what is happening to you and your native american community, all the things you are experiencing, has to do with the white people into racism in the past. no, it has to do with government policy, as well. >> jesse: they are just going to try to send more slush funds to the reservations, make them out to be victims, then have been keep voting for democrats, but sean, you know, your point is well taken, if it wasn't for these american pioneers, these american settlers, they did commit violence, we get that, but if we hadn't conquer this country and then made it into this great nation, the united states has spread more freedom and prosperity than any other country in the history of the world. and if kamala harris would maybe say that sometimes, instead of always trashing it, we could maybe have a balanced conversation. i will give you the last word. >> in our school system, the
4:50 pm
kids on caught that, so our kids come from, if you tell them the american free enterprise has lifted more people out of poverty than any system that has ever existed on the face of the earth. we should celebrate that vehicle if it was not the american power base we were, maybe after world war i or world war ii we would be speaking german and haa lot less freedom and money and handouts like food and housing of health care than they have right now. >> jesse: germany, also a country with a rough history. happens all around. >> hagerman jesse, we are sending the kids to your house for halloween. >> jesse: bring them onto my way to get the big kit kats, i promise. l coming up, pete hegseth is on the clock. o... we are not getting you a helicopter. only pay for what you need. ♪ liberty. liberty. liberty. liberty. ♪ i've been in the hospital for for 76 days now. and by the grace of god i'm still here. i died three times. they gave me a 5% chance of living. so i highly recommend everybody to get the vaccines and really protect themselves
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>> jesse: a few minutes left. let's put pistol pete on the clock. read four stories, 60 seconds. pete, you have seen the woke military as the pentagon has been putting out. this week north korea countered with a video of their own..
4:56 pm
you have men smashing bricks with their bears goals. is this what you didn't basic training? >> i can't do any of those things. if you haven't seen it, watch it. they are laying on glass, nails. breaking things with their head and getting beat with boards. the nice part is, if we have to fight north korea, i am pretty sure it's going to be with guns and not bricks to the head. i also know these guys are not allowed to leave north korea and we are not really allowed to go there, so i'm not too concerned about this at this point. but it makes for good tv, good propaganda. remember in "stepbrothers" when they did karate the garage. >> jesse: protesters, beware if you block traffic. you're going to get some skid
4:57 pm
marks. look at these activists getting dragged off the street in england after they blocked traffic for more than an hour. i don't see anything wrong with this. >> i support it fully. i would love to see protesters try that on the new jersey turnpike and see how it goes. >> jesse: may be the garden state parkway. >> 7:30 in the morning. i think a couple italians might come out and take care of business. the nice part is, the protesters seem to get the game. they just stood there and held onto their backpacks and the guys in the cars just dragging them off. good on 'em. this is what you need to do. they are retirees laying in the road. pull them off and drive through. >> jesse: that is the move. nonviolent resistance. if you are ever dragged out of everywhere, just go limp and it makes it much harder for the person dragging you. next up, and admission of fake
4:58 pm
news from our friend, katie couric, and her new book she reveals she edited her 2016 interview with rbg in order to protect her. you know, the elderly justice, or controversial statements, she called people who kneel for the national anthem dumb and disrespectful. this is pretty big. >> yeah. rbg going up and up and up in my book over time. of course katie couric does this. we know she plays on the team of the myth of the left. anything that's unhelpful to their woke trajectory, she will participate in. rbg is the symbol of women's equality. she points out that maybe people who are kneeling for the anthem aren't quite fully educated on history of our country and what it took to get us here. fake news all the way. katie cure, no surprise. ruth bader ginsburg speaking truth all the way to the end.
4:59 pm
>> jesse: at least katie confessed. can't imagine how other stuff has been edited out of the interviews at the networks. remember what they did with the epstein situation. finally, pocahontas is back today, liz warren appeared on "the view" to hawk her new book, "pinky promises." the book claims that little girls in america can do anything a little boy can do unless a republican gets in their way. also that losing is actually winning. as long as you fight hard. technically maybe she won the election. finally, you should always feel empowered to tell your truth. she is a truth teller, pete. liz warren. >> who feels more entitled to tell her truth and pocahontas? she is 1/1000 native american maybe and she pinky swears to every voter out there that that's who she is and that's who they are electing. she seeks reparations, by the
5:00 pm
way, for native american tribes, her fellow people who are not her people. >> jesse: promotion, we will go through liz warren's picture book on prime time and we will show everybody the pictures. pistol pete, thanks so much. thanks for watching "fox news prime time." back here tomorrow night at 7:00. my book "how i save the world" still available. tucker is next. ♪ ♪ >> tucker: good evening and welcome to "tucker carlson tonight." if you've been paying attention for the past few years, and if you're watching this show, we hope you are, there has likely been a moment when you realize that reality is not quite what you thought it was. a lot of the things you assumed were true in fact are not true. they are instead a mirage. they are a web of purpose built myths designed to deceive rather than inform


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