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tv   Special Report With Bret Baier  FOX News  October 13, 2021 3:00pm-4:00pm PDT

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i mean, for most crazy rockers, you think -- why are you laughing? you told me to talk about it. now the audiences going to be deprived -- the audiences went to be -- we left the bathroom and hung out. that's what i'm saying. >> where? >> in berlin. >> you got to hear what happened and that's what happened? >> that was a hell of a story. that's it for us. >> bret: i would actually like to hear more of that story. [laughter] thanks, greg, see you later! good evening! i'm bret baier, coming to tonight from fox news world headquarters in new york. breaking tonight, president biden is trying to get ahead of the latest crisis during what has been a tumultuous first year in office. this evening the focus of this is the supply chain problems that threaten to cause major shortages for consumers around the country just in time for the all-important holiday shopping season. this comes as the latest inflation numbers indicate the
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highest increase in 13 years. we have fox team coverage donna, william la jeunesse at the port of long beach, where will to work will be done around the clock to try to ease the bottleneck, but we begin with what has corresponded jacqui heinrich live on the north long. good evening. >> getting to you. president biden announced key measures and with the white house sees as a 90 day sprint to tackle these supply chain issues. it administration is not putting a date on one americans might feel some relief. president biden touting a private-sector pledge to get goods moving as major retail's warn shoppers ahead of the holidays, continued shortages and price hikes are a ahead. >> president biden: today's announcement has the potential to be a game changer. i say potential because all of these goods won't move by themselves. >> two major ports of entry expanding their hours. warehouse unions agreed to work overtime's, and shipping carriers and major retailers double down on their commitment to increase flow at the congested ports.
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the white house says they've been working to address supply chain problems for months and these negotiations took weeks as conditions worsened. >> why is it take until today to get these kinds of commitments that we are seeing from the various groups? >> secretary psaki: we have had the chairs of our supply chain task force and here at least twice to provide updates on the work that has been ongoing. >> president biden touting his long-term solution. >> president biden: one of the reasons why is think it's very important that we get the infrastructure plan past. >> the president did have the chance to pass his bipartisan hard infrastructure bill that would have dedicated $17 billion to ports alone back at the end of september, but when that moment came, biden did not with the vote, allowing progressives to block it until the social spending is also finished. >> he wants his entire agenda past and that's what he things will be good for the economy long-term. >> business leaders say without action, the snarls in the system will persist. >> we need more federal coordination, this infrastructure bill that stalled
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on capitol hill is absolute critical. >> while the white house acknowledges results from today's progress might not be visible for some time, they say the impact of inflation on americans' wallets is temporary. >> secretary psaki: of course next are we expected to come down as outside protectors are projecting. >> the white house pushed back on the notion that covid relief money and direct payments to americans could have fueled this demand for goods or kept people out of the workforce. the white house saying that this supply-chain issue is a global problem that was rooted in the pandemic, bret. >> bret: what's the white house saying about trying to get energy prices down? gas prices down? >> yeah, the white house shut down that report saying they were not aware of any conversations of that nature, and also the white house press secretary jen psaki did not want to negotiate from the podium the preferred price -- price per bail, so we will wait to hear anymore updates on that. >> bret: we will follow that. thank you. ground zero for the supply chain crisis is, as we've been talking
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about, the nation's ports, the port of long beach and los angeles are choke points as dozens of cargo ships will have to wait weeks at sea before they can dock. and unload their products. national correspondent william la jeunesse is of the port tonight. good evening, william. >> well, bret, basically the pipeline of goods from china to the u.s. consumer is running at the pace of a turtle. right now there are million containers offshore and waiting to be off-loaded and i am told 90% are likely christmas presents. >> i just know that there's a huge demand for truckers right now. so i decided to just put my foot in the door. >> a door that pays $50,000 a year to start as trucking schools get asked every day for new drivers. >> the backup of ships in the ocean waiting to be unloaded is really because they don't have the drivers to pick up the goods. >> 58 ships are anchored off the ports of l.a. and long beach, waiting leak to weeks to
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off-load their cargo. part of the president's solution is adding another shift of longshoremen at opening the ports to truckers from 3:00 to 7:00 a.m. >> when you consider the supply chain, it's a system of systems and he only we are going to see efficiency is if every segment of supply chain realigns. and we are taking a first step. >> port officials say every segment of the supply chain must work or none of it will. without the warehouse space, truckers are also paralyzed, just like the ports. today the white house said major freight haulers ups and fedex and retailers like home depot and walmart agreed to utilize the night shift, relieving some pressure on the port. >> by taking the lead, they will demonstrate how valuable these nighttime operations can be and how critically important they are, especially right now in this crisis. >> that crisis includes inflation, consumer prices moving at a 13 year high climbed 5.4%, higher than the 2% target
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set by the federal reserve. nevertheless, treasury secretary janet yellen insists higher prices are transitory. as for the truck school students, they are preparing for a lifetime of work. >> a lot of these big truck companies have the 401(k), medical, dental, vision, everything. >> of the white house says this is more than a band-aid. port officials here hope this will trigger a permanent change to 24/7, but don't expect results overnight. good chance that it's going to be on back order or you might just get a gift card. back to. >> bret: maybe so. william, thank you. stocks were mixed, the dow lost to have a point, the s&p 500 was up 13, the nasdaq gained 106. we have another fox news exclusive about the border crisis today. a leaked patrol documents reveal the scale of mass releases of illegal immigrants under the biden demonstration. again, those are releases into the u.s. correspondent bill melugin reports tonight again from la joya, texas.
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>> it's tuesday night and had all go county and fox news is embedded with a texas state trooper as he pursues a human smuggler. the driver pulls off and several men bail out of the vehicle and run off into the brush. the outnumbered trooper only able to catch one of the men. that trooper had better luck tracking down illegal immigrant runners in the brush elsewhere. he spent hours finding and arresting migrants who had no plans to turn themselves in. and new tonight, fox news has exclusively obtained border patrol documents that show the biden administration has released more than 70,000 illegal immigrants into the u.s. in the last two months. that includes granting parole to nearly 32,000 illegal immigrants since august 6th, which gives them temporary legal status and eligibility for work permits. however, under federal law, parole for noncitizens is to be granted only on a case-by-case basis for urgent humanitarian
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reasons, or significant public benefit. former u.s. border patrol chief rodney scott, who served under presidents trump and biden, said the biden demonstration's granting of parole to nearly 32,000 illegal immigrants in two months is unheard of, telling us in part "i believe the administration is misusing parole authority, the sheer number of pearls being granted bring into question the review and approval process. as field chief, i don't believe i approved more than 5-10 paroles in a year." in response, cbp official tells fox news in part for rolling individuals from border patrol custody on a case-by-case basis and enrolling the heads of households of family units into programs as well as conditioning the parole on reporting them to be placed in removal proceedings requires mechanisms to be released from custody to report to ice within a specified time. and, bret, another thing we noticed in those documents is on
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one single day in one sector, del rio sector, september 28th, the federal government released 128 single adults into the united states with no way of tracking them, no atd alternative to dissension, as they call it, no ankle monitors, no tracking. i reached out to the federal government, asked why that happened, never got an answer. send it back to you. >> bret: keep on it, bill melugin along the border, thank you. the u.s. will reopen its land borders to nonessential travel next month. it will end a 19 month freeze due to the covid-19 pandemic. the new rules will allow fully vaccinated foreign nationals to enter the u.s. regardless of the reason for travel, starting in early november. by mid-january, even essential travelers such as truck drivers must be fully vaccinated. up next, what a mainstream media started to try to protect the little liberal bona fides of a supreme court justice. here's what some of our fox affiliates around the country covering senate. fox 2 in separate cisco is walgreens announces it is closing five stores in the city
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due to retail theft. the company says crime across its san francisco stores has increased five times the chain average over the past few months. walgreens is enhancing security measures in its other stores in the bay area. fox 32 in chicago as the head of the city's police officers union calls on members to defy the city's requirement to report their covid-19 vaccination status by friday or be placed on unpaid leave. the union presidents of the personnel roster could be cut in half for the coming weekend if that mandate isn't forced. if this is a live look at the gloomy dallas from fox 4, the affiliate there. the big story there today, actor william shatner, known to "star trek" fans as captain kirk, rockets into space aboard a blue origin flight. it lasted about ten or 11 minutes before parachuting back to the desert. 90-year-old shatner now is the oldest person to go to space. he called the experience "most
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profound." "star trek" fans unite. that's tonight's live look the beltway from "special report," we will be right back. ♪ ♪ ["rocketman" by elton john] ♪ ♪
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♪ ♪ >> bret: breaking tonight, eyebrow-raising comments attributed to the late u.s. supreme court justice ruth bader ginsburg. and another example of mainstream media censorship. the statement never aired because it was cut out from the final presentation by interviewer katie couric. fox news media analyst and host of fox news media buzz, howard kurtz, is here with the details. quite a story. >> good evening, katie couric had plenty of time for her ruth bader ginsburg interview five years ago. she was working for yahoo, which posted half an hour online. but the former cbs anchor and today show cohost deleted a key part and admits she "wanted to protect" the liberal supreme court justice from a backlash and that she was, according again, a big rbg fan.
3:16 pm
it was a fierce controversy then, as you will call over colin kaepernick and other nfl players taking a need to protest the national anthem. ginsburg said she found him arrogant. >> i think it's really dumb of them. what i arrest them for doing it? no. >> what you're saying is it's within their right to exercise. >> if they want to be stupid, there's no law that should be preventing -- >> but she caught the late justices more inflammatory marks at the protest the athletes were showing contempt for a government that made it possible for their parents and grandparents to live a decent life. daily mail reports based on her forthcoming memoir, "going there," that she acknowledges having lost a lot of sleep over the decision and felt that racial justice was a blind spot for ginsburg, which is precisely why her comments would have plunged her into controversy. the day after the sitdown, the supreme court spokesperson
3:17 pm
emailed her to say ginsburg had misspoken a didn't understand a question. couric said she was conflicted but adopted that argument, tilde jurist then 83 come seems from the video seems to understand question just fine. told her she is on the supreme court, people should hear what she thinks. katie couric says in the book she tried to keep her personal politics out of her reporting, but in this case she clearly did not. being a big fan of a supreme court justice is hardly a good reason to keep her own on caramel words from the public. bret. >> bret: quite a story. thank you. tonight, speaking of the supreme court, justices on the supreme court are considering arguments about whether the convicted boston marathon bomber should pay the ultimate price for his crimes. fox news chief legal correspond, anchor of "fox news @ night," shannon bream is at the court tonight. good evening, shannon. >> unthankful but they're still keeping on the table. >> just days after the most recent running of the boston
3:18 pm
marathon, the supreme court tackled the death penalty sentence, convicted in the 2013 bombing of that race that killed three and injured hundreds. a jury recommended the death penalty, which the trial court imposed, but on appeal, the death penalty was vacated based on two issues the justices are now considering. first, did a lower court wrongfully exclude a specific question from the defense about media coverage when vetting potential jurors? >> what was wrong with the one question they wanted to ask? what stands out in your mind about all of the publicity? >> that seems like a totally appropriate pressure dumb a question to me. >> is the second issue that occupy the vast majority of the argument. was the evidence regarding triple murder in which his older brother was a suspect wrongfully kept from in the jury? the younger brother 'legal team argued it would show he was the aggressive, violent, mastermind who felt justified in carrying out the crimes in the name of.
3:19 pm
and that he held his younger brother in his sway. , coercing them to help carry out the marathon bombing. he himself was killed during the police manhunt following the bombing. >> it's the job of the jury, isn't it, to decide on the reliability of the evidence? to decide whether it's strong evidence or weak evidence that he in fact played a leading role in those other gruesome murders? >> in contrast to extended questioning by the three liberal justices, many of the conservative justices seemed to lean in favor of the government's request to reinstate the death penalty. and just as he brought up the elephant in the room today, she said to the government's lawyer you are arguing for the rent statement of the death penalty in this case, but earlier this year the attorney general actually put a moratorium on the federal death penalty while the justice department looks into it. she said what's the governments and gained? he responded saying essentially well the justice department is carrying out that review, they want to make sure they lock in the death penalty in this case,
3:20 pm
so it's an option. we will have a decision by the term's end and that's usually late june. >> bret: you know, shanna, we're just beginning this term, what are some other cases where watching? >> this is in contrast with the last couple of terms which of been relatively quiet. we have this big case, we also have a big second to mimic case in november, it's about carrying guns by legal gun owners outside their home. that second amendment case comes out of new york, it will be heard in early november and then the 1st of december we had that big abortion case out of mississippi, essentially banning most abortions after 15 weeks. all eyes of all sides of the abortion debate are going to be on that case as well, bret. >> bret: shannon bream outside the supreme court, we will see you tonight, thanks, shannon. a federal judge is calling for a justice department investigation to determine if corrections officials and the district of columbia violated the civil rights of defendants in the capital right case. the judge has found the warden of washington jail and the director of the d.c. corrections department in contempt of court.
3:21 pm
if meanwhile, the house committee investigating the right has issued a subpoena for former justice department lawyer jeffrey clark, who aided former president trump 'us efforts to challenge the election results. this comes as the former president issues a statement today predicting republicans will not vote in 2022 or 2024 if what he calls the presidential election fraud of 2020 "is not solved." a judge has dismissed a lawsuit alleging fraud in georgia's most populous county during the 2020 election. the suit also sought a review from some 147,000 absentee ballots to determine whether there were illegitimate ballots among them. the judge has the plaintiffs fail to allege a particular realized injury and therefore lacked the standing to claim that their constitutional rights have been violated. up next, a shocking allegation in the northern virginia school
3:22 pm
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♪ ♪ >> bret: education has become a major issue in the virginia gubernatorial race. tonight, the epicenter of the
3:26 pm
controversy, a northern virginia community that's being rocked by a horrifying allegation from one of the faces of that movement. chief washington correspondent mike emanuel has the story tonight. >> my daughter was assaulted at the end of school in may of last year, and you know, i went to the school board meeting, you know, to see what was going on because i had seen all this crazy stuff on tv. >> scott smith, whose school board meeting went viral, has appealed is a reason why he was so emotional that night, alleging that his daughter was attacked in a school girls bathroom by a male student wearing a skirt. >> i deserve answers. >> last night more than 60 concerned parents, students, and residents spoke out at a loudoun county school board meeting, some calling it superintendent scott ziegler to resign following two alleged sexual assaults in loudoun schools since may.
3:27 pm
>> this is not china, this is not united states -- this is the united states of america and we will not be silenced, you are liable for these injustices. remove the superintendent immediately and then resign for your negligence and duplicity. end this nightmare. >> your moral compasses are busted! you, dr. ziegler, and our school board, everyone of you are complicit in these crimes against our children because you did nothing about it! nothing! >> the emotion expressed by parents comes as the virginia governor's race tightens. it is in the final three weeks of the campaign. with republican glenn youngkin on the side of parents who want a greater say, and democrat terry mcauliffe saying parents should not be telling schools what to teach. one republican activist weighed in on the governors race. >> we want the governor that's going to get back to academics. we want to governor that's going to remove critical race theory from our schools, not look at children based on their skin color. >> in late september the
3:28 pm
national school boards association sent a letter to president biden saying violent threats against schools and teachers "could be the equivalent to a form of domestic terrorism," yet at least 11 state level school boards, including virginia, have distanced themselves from or outright condemned the letter. loudoun county public schools has now issued a statement about sexual assault allegations, citing an ongoing criminal investigation and noting that "school board members are not typically given details of disciplinary matters." bret. >> bret: we will follow this. mike, thank you. congressional democrats are trying to find places to cut in their $3.5 trillion tax and spend package, and that's being held up by internal dissension. tonight congressional correspondent chad pergram looks at where some of those changes might happen. >> liberal democrats wanted all but can't have it all. they must whittle down their massive spending package. >> if there is fewer dollars to spend, there are choices to be
3:29 pm
made. so mostly we would be cutting back on years and something like that. >> what stays? what goes? expended health care coverage to include dental and vision care is extensive. so it's free pre-k. eric democrat alexandria ocasio-cortez implores congressional leaders to maintain funding for immigration, public housing, and transportation, one method to curb the cost, limit the number of years a program runs. that makes it cheaper. >> i like the idea of that possibility that perhaps rather than looking at a 10-year allocation, that it could be something smaller, which would reduce the amount of the overall package. >> west virginia democrat joe manchin worries that's a gimmick, he fears congress automatically re-ups the programs later and republicans agree. >> the cookie -- calorie count doesn't change whether you take one bite or ten bytes, but that's in essence what they're trying to do, it's just count that first bite saying we will come back and take a second bite
3:30 pm
later and a third bite and a fourth bite later down the road. >> democrats face a backlash about mushrooming irs powers to attract routine bank interactions of a mere 600 bucks. treasury secretary janet yellen says the public curiously -- seriously mix characterized the idea. >> it involves no reporting of individual transactions. we have a tax gap, mainly a shortfall in the amount that irs is collecting due to a failure of individuals to report the income that they have earned. >> there is one plan where democrats would double irs funding to pay for enforcement. it's the same as spending an extra 10 billion over the next five years. bret. >> bret: chad pergram live on the hill, thanks. up next, time one threatens to respond as china escalates its show of force in the region. ♪ ♪ and along the ride, you'll have many questions.
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>> bret: a federal judge is barring united airlines from putting employees on unpaid leave if they seek a medical or religious exemption from the airlines vaccine mandate. lawyers for the employees in the airline agreed last month united would not put the workers on unpaid leave, but the judge wrote the agreement will expire before he can roll on the merits that matter. if the restraining order expires on october 26. the world health organization says the number of global coronavirus cases fell in the last week, continuing a downward trend that began in late august. w.h.o. is also putting together another committee to study the origins of the pandemic, but several members of the 26-person team who were also on the joint w.h.o. chinese government mission that downplayed the lab leak theory are also going to be on this one. so far the chinese government has refused to allow an investigation within its
3:36 pm
borders. taiwan's defense ministry is warning china of strong countermeasures if its forces come too close to the island. beijing is defending its recent incursions into taiwan's air defense zones as justified moves to protect peace and stability. tonight we look at the factors impacting china's unprecedented recent show of force. senior foreign affairs correspondent greg palkot has our story. >> china and its leader, president xi asian pain, have been making a lot of trouble latetely, sending waves of aircraft towards taiwan, threatening an invasion of the island china calls its own. activists in hong kong creating military bases in the south china sea. >> we are seeing a much more aggressive, belligerent, provocative china in recent times. >> he is causing a ruckus inside as well. trying to roll back western-style capitalism, putting it in greater control of the country's business.
3:37 pm
taking after -- he seemed to emulate in the recent anniversary party of its founding. >> no one should underestimate the result, the wheel, and the ability of the chinese people to defend national sovereignty and territorial integrity. >> there could be a method in his political madness. he's up for an unknown in an third five-year term. a once booming economy slowing, gile and real estate firms in debt, power outages and energy shortages. >> now things turned sour for china across a broad spectrum of issues. he's being blamed for these failures. >> which is why experts say he's trying to detract attention with foreign maneuvers and they have to maintain on a range of foreign fronts. internal problems in his virtual summit this year, some say don't play nice like outgoing german chancellor did. >> the chinese people value friendship and we never forget our old friends. >> instead it's thought biden
3:38 pm
should play tough and maybe allow them to do himself in very dangerous games. dangerous when you consider the billions of dollars of business done between u.s. and china every year. the careful what you wish for. bret. >> bret: greg palkot in london. thank you. still ahead, the panel on inflation, the state of the u.s. economy and the president's response, plus education and that virginia governor's race. first, beyond our borders tonight, russian officials say coronavirus debts have reached another daily record, the government task force reports 984 deaths in 24 hours. the kremlin attribute the number to a low vaccination rate in the country, just 29% of russians are fully vaccinated. a strong tropical storm moving across the south china sea strikes hong kong believing at least one dead, 21 injured read city officials were forced to suspend classes, stock market trading, and government services. the storm hit the philippines yesterday. officials say 13 people died, nine remain missing there. pope francis approves a measure to credit one of his present
3:39 pm
assessors with a miracle. the decision advances the case for sainthood for pope john first. the miracle has had to be the healing of an 11-year-old girl and one areas afflicted with brain inflammation and other problems. pope john first was elected in 1978 and died 33 days later from a heart attack. just some of the other borders beyond our borders tonight. we will be right back. ♪ ♪
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♪ ♪ >> we feel like we are at a place where the economy is about to start growing much more quickly. >> we expect inflation over the next several months for a variety of essentially technical reasons, but that's a transitory thing. >> president biden: there's nobody suggesting there is unchecked inflation on the way, no serious economists. >> this is still foreseen as a transitory impact on prices. >> expected this will get worse before it gets better? >> i'm not going to mick a prediction of that from here, we know there are number of issues that impact the supply chain.
3:44 pm
>> bret: well, it is getting worse. the supply chain is getting worse and inflation is getting worse, this consumer voice index, all items up 5.3%, energy 25%. you can feel it, the gas pump, the grocery store. what does it mean big picture? let's bring in our panel, been dominant, publisher of "the federalist." juan williams, camilla stossel, member of the editorial board of "the wall street journal." kimberly, let me start with you. the admin's ration, the president comes out and says he's dealing with supply chain, jen psaki says they've been dealing with it for months although we just heard about this tax force -- task force and your thoughts on where they are and what they're trying to do? >> well, they can have all the task force they want but if they don't deal with the underlying problems here they're not going to get very far, and what you've seen is this double whammy of government regulations like lockdowns that pushed a lot of people out of sectors, for instance truck drivers.
3:45 pm
now vaccine mandates that are actually causing people to walk away from jobs. this is why you're seeing not as many people in these crucial workforces, but also, government continuing to pay people not to work, and it turns out the end of those federal and financed on appointment benefits are not the only thing sending cash into households. you've got the child tax credit, monthly payments, you've got extended and expanded welfare, you've got rental assistance, the list goes on, both at the federal and state level. until the government takes care of those underlying issues, they're not going to be able to solve the supply chain problem. >> bret: juan? >> i think we got good news today on this front because what the president said was he's going to have 24-hour operation of the ports of los angeles and long beach. that sends a very urgent message to the people in the supply chain business beginning with the truckers that kimberly mentioned, but also the rail lines, the freight, air people, and you see the big companies
3:46 pm
picking up on that, walmart and others saying we are going to do a better job of getting all the supplies on the shelves. so this is all good news. i think when you have an economy that was asleep, basically sony people staying at home come out of work, not buying things due to the pandemic, and you suddenly see that economy try to get to 100 miles per hour, of course are going to have stumbles, and one of those stumbles is you have an inconsistency in terms of demand and supply and that feeds into the inflation issue that you are touching on. but all indications are, as you heard from all those folks, including people on wall street that this is transitory, the markets are responding by saying, you know what, no sudden rise in interest rates right now, which would be normal if they thought it was going to be a real problem down the line. >> bret: the federal reserve is definitely helping the administration in that pitch, but it is interesting at this moment to be talking about trillions of dollars of new
3:47 pm
spending. if you look at the president's critics, look at the debt clock and they look at the deficit and they see, you know, the debt going up roughly $4 billion a day, 28 trillion, ben, at this point and we glaze over these numbers and understanding that neither party has really done anything about it, to be fair, but i wanted to put up this graphic about just giving perspective, and that is if you count one second being at a rate of one number per second, counting to 1 million, it would take 12 days, counting to 1 billion would take 31 years. counting to 1 trillion would take 31,688 years. i think we lose perspective of what a trillion is when we are talking about 3.5 trillion, 1 trillion, all of these numbers. that just gives you a little bit of perspective, ben. >> and i don't think that the american people are all that enthused about what they believe they're going to be getting for this amount of money.
3:48 pm
certainly in the short-term they do not have faith that this is going to turn the economy around, and to juan's point, it doesn't really matter if you keep the ports open 24 hours a day. if you don't have enough people to unload the ships, enough people to drive the trucks, which is the big problem that people are actually facing here of getting folks back to work who need to be back to work in order for our economy to run the way we'd like it to and i think when it comes to the trillions in spending, bret, the american people -- and i think there are a lot of people who are concerned about our fiscal status, they look at something like this and they just understand -- and i do believe a lot of them understand -- my children will be paying for this, my grandchildren will be paying for this either in terms of actual money or in terms of the degradation of the u.s. dollar and that's something that is concerning to all americans. >> bret: i want to turn to that virginia race because the politics of all of this obviously affect that race directly and it's a
3:49 pm
consequential race this year. take a listen to the democrat terry mcauliffe talking about something that really doesn't factor in to the commonwealth of virginia with a filibuster. >> just to be clear, including scrapping that filibuster, you would support that? >> whatever it takes to get it done. you know, i'm not a senator, there's a reason why i'm not a senator to put up with all the foolishness that goes on up there people using all but -- they've got to get their work done. people are counting on them. do your job. so i don't care what you call it or what mechanism you use. >> an election coming up and so his timeline may be a little pressed by that. >> bret: kimberly, if you're talking with a filibuster in this election, as we look at the polls in virginia, it is very tight, within the margin of error in the latest polls. what about that race and where it stands? >> well, look, i think the important thing here -- you look at glenn youngkin, who is the republican candidate, and by all circumstances, he shouldn't be tied in this race given that virginia went for a democratic
3:50 pm
presidential candidate in the last two elections, but terry mcauliffe has made this entire race from the beginning about donald trump, betting that that alone would carry him over the finish line, and glenn youngkin has been running a campaign very much most on kitchen table issues, and it's resonating. in particular, education. he's got to keep southern virginia in his column with more conservative will, and then is good to bring along those voters in the suburbs that so defected against donald trump in right now they are all focused on education. you've got terry mcauliffe talking about how he doesn't think parents should have a role in this. and that's working to glenn youngkin's favor, who is really driving this education issue home at the moment. >> bret: speaking of which, our friend marc thiessen, juan, writing in "the washington post" democrats have declared war on school board moms claiming a 2022 the new swing voter will be the schoolboard mom, suburban women who are deeply concerned with the direction of their children's education, school showing up at school board
3:51 pm
minutes across the country to make their voices heard but instead of addressing their concerns, democrat or likening them to terrorists weaponizing the fbi to intimidate them. big mistake. school board moms are furious about pandemic school closures, mask mandates and teachers unions that put the interest of adults over the interests of kids. they are a rate that schools are indoctrinating their kids with extremist ideologies, teaching them to see everything through the race -- the prism of race and believe that america is systematically a racist country. they are angry about the illumination of merit-based admissions and gifted and talented programs in the name of diversity. he makes an argument in "the washington post," juan, that that issue alone will be the driving issue in that virginia race. >> well, i think glenn youngkin hopes it will be. you know, he wants to push that hot button, and he wants to define -- if you look at his ads, you know, we are here -- i'm here in washington, d.c., so i see all these ads on tv, and that's what he's using, he's trying to use that issue really
3:52 pm
to blot out the connection to trump and of course what you get is terry mcauliffe trying to emphasize the connection to trump, he said he would endorse trump in 2024. he won't say that the last election was fair and not stolen. he won't talk about january 6th, so you see a clear divide -- >> bret: he does say that biden was elected president as a legitimate president. he has said that. >> but juan, terry mcauliffe won't say that 2000 and 2004 weren't stolen. that's what happened just a week ago here in virginia. i've been a resident of the commonwealth for 30 years, okay? and in terms of the way that democrats have squandered the selection, the fact that you would have a poll, the monmouth poll which shows that terry mcauliffe has only a four-point advantage on education, which is typically a 20-point issue for democrats, he is squandering this race and it's because he got on the wrong side of the education issue. >> bret: ben, let me ask you this -- hold on one second. terry mcauliffe is pointing to
3:53 pm
trump time and time again the former president puts out a statement today, ben, that says were republicans won't vote in 2022 or 2024 if they don't solve this stolen election in 2020 first. that was the statement put out today. and does that hurt him? >> i don't think it hurts glenn youngkin at all. i think he's tapped into a really underlying group of voters who do not trust terry mcauliffe to not shut schools down again, and that's independent voters who will be, i think i'm on his side. >> bret: panel, i got to run there. thank you. when we come back, we turn back the clock. way back. ♪ ♪
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3:58 pm
disguised at night, by one count a single state, louisiana had more than 1,000 murders in just a year. the ku klux klan is not the 20th century version, it is essentially confederate soldiers repackaged as of this group trying to retake the south during that time. this was a guerrilla war. these are the people who really had hoped would lead them into the mountains, and they keep fighting. >> in some areas, three quarters of white men were kkk members. the included law enforcement and judges. it was in this climate that grant, who fell to the only way blacks could secure their rights was with the ballot, championed the 15th amendment. >> the 15th amendment provides that no citizen can be denied the right to vote based upon race, color, or previous condition of servitude. and that congress shall provide
3:59 pm
legislation -- appropriate legislation to enforce that. >> what role do you think grant played in the passage of the 15th amendment? >> he thought of it as may be the most important act since passing the constitution. >> an action that instantly changed the political calculus of the south. blacks made up 36% of the former confederacy and for outright majorities in mississippi and south carolina. that inspired hope for freed slaves, but clan members knew if they could frighten flacks, thet nothing. >> bret: are special is not available any time on fox nation. the book "to rescue the republic: ulysses s. grant, the fragile union, and the crisis of 1876" is not available wherever you buy books. i actually just signed a whole bunch of books at a barnes & noble bookstore just on the street here in new york, if you happen to be there.
4:00 pm
covid has changed the book tour a little bit. tomorrow on "special report," new poles in the virginia governor's race and a deep dive into what is a consequential race this year setting the table politically for 2022. thanks for inviting us into your home tonight, that is it for the "special report." fair, balanced, and unafraid. be 40 hosted by jesse watters starts right now. hey, jesse. >> jesse: thank you, bret. good evening and welcome to "fox news primetime." ♪ ♪ i'm jesse watters, and tonight we start with a look at joe biden's business history, or rather, his lack thereof. you see, biden is economically illiterate. them and has never stuttered of a company or run a business. instead, he spent 50 years as a politician being paid with your time. it looks like he doesn't even pay his own bills. as reporting from the daily mail shows that was hunter who was balancing the family checkbook from their shared bank accounts, more on that later. if so, a man who probably can't
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