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tv   Your World With Neil Cavuto  FOX News  October 13, 2021 1:00pm-2:00pm PDT

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afraid it was a red herring. he had an eight day head start on everybody. >> 15 seconds left in the show. great to see you. everybody deserves due process, that is the story of wednesday october 13th of 2021, but as always, this story goes on. i will see you tomorrow at 3:00 p.m. your world is right now. >> welcome, i am neil cavuto an this is your world. i want you to think fast, think fast on this. what do the picture-perfect mission and inflation have in common. what if i told you today nothin at all really will because whil they made things quick and landed even quicker, inflation is sticking around in the only thing it's doing is making americans angrier. today, box talks on top of a price rocket that won't stop. right at the grocery store where prices are still jumping.
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at the gas price were david lee miller sees the cost of filling up still soaring and at the white house where sees the president now scrambling. blue origin guys are back safe and sound, the rest of us it's safe to say just sounding off. we begin right now with madison at new jersey grocery store checking in on the eye-popping cost of simply checking out. >> prices here are on the rise, they just continue to go upgrad this consumer price index up today over the course of the past year prices have gone up 5.4 percent for things like gas and other shopping, the biggest contributor being housing and food. within food, there are some categories that have increased more than others. let's look at some of the highest hitters in terms of tha increase. when it comes to meet, using an increase of over 12 percent
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annually. makeup of over 19 percent. fish and seafood up over 10 percent. we spoke to shoppers today and many say they are clearly notin things skyhigh prices when they shop. >> i was looking at the broccol and usually i get a broccoli fo to 99. >> i get the same amount of stuff every week, the same grou of items, and it's now $120 rat as a storm of things. >> definitely a bad storm of things. all these different factors contributing you're seeing shis issues with shipping, issues with stock and supplying the shelves as well as labor issues. here, to keep such a strong staff they've had to increase many of their salaries by 10 percent. that is being passed on for the consumers. for you, i pulled some bacon, today you're paying $7.99 for bacon, a year ago, $5.99 freigh
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even though receive higher prices, everybody i've spoken t says do your shopping now especially for the holidays people are ready to celebrate and are buying up inventory. they're is no telling whether o not the supply issue will be fixed. we know prices are high, but supply is still supertight. figure telling me the healthy stuff is staying kinda within bounds the unhealthy stuff is not, correct. definitely the unhealthy stuff out there, but probably rob, double the price, so bacon, bot experiencing those huge jumps. >> what to do. what to do. i think it would have to hit 50 bucks for me to say that's it that's it. great reporting. thank you very much very hearsa good news and the bad news on this whole subject. average american reaches here i the bad news. the cost of just pretty much everything you buy running at a 5.4 percent time to clip.
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not just when it comes to food. >> daily lives is getting more and more expensive you see them paying looking the hotel, buyin a new car, and then filling it up, the numbers confirmed that this morning americans are stil being the highest prices in 13 years the consumer price index at the elevated levels the past four months and it's not going down munch and rent as a big reason making up a third of the inflation gauge and rent is jus the most in 20 years in september from august. also hotel rooms and cruisers costing a lot more. cars and trucks are up 40 to percent appliances like tvs, washers, dryers not getting any cheaper either. the good part of the story is that consumers are spending a lot more than usual. stimulus money, vaccinations an businesses reopening hoping to boost the economy and even though wages are picking up the did go up 4 percent last month
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that's not enough to offset the increase in consumer prices so americans aren't feeling wealthier because the prices they are paying are going up faster than their wages are. inflation is also the main regionwide social security benefits are going up by only almost 6 percent for seniors that's the largest increase in almost 40 years. the federal reserve is watching all of this very closely and they had seen a very strongly again this afternoon that it will start cutting back on stimulus starting as early as may beat them middle of next month. we are at least it with your away from interest rates going up despite the fact that you're looking at these highly elevate prices. susan lee, you know all of this if you think about it started back in january when gasoline oil prices started rising they are still rising, in fact, they are continuing to rocket on their own the very latest from david lee millard checking things out in new york city. >> i guess you can see american
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are experiencing gas pains. gasoline prices continue to rise , and here in manhattan where they gas stations are few and far between, filling up you tank could empty your wallet. look at the your eyes do not deceive you. a gallon of premium rounded up, $4.90 a gallon and it will cost you more for premium, $5.40 a gallon per according to aaa the average price nationwide for a is $3.29 that's a hike of 10 cents over the previous week. at the highest price since october of 2014. surge in crude oil prices are now at a seven-year hybrid crud prices account for at least hal the price that you pay at the pump. the top three most expensive states to buy gas, california $4.40 persons a gallon. back here in new york city, where most people don't even ow a car, gas prices are on averag a little less than three and half dollars a gallon. if he had to fill up on the
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outskirts of times square, expected pay around $5. listen. >> $4.90? for regular. that's a lot. >> that's about $120 to fill up the car. its ridiculous. >> i put $40 and and i didn't even get a full tank. hopefully it gets better in the future. analysts say the express prices are only affected to increase complicating matter and contributing to the problem there has been a slight increas in demand some good news if you live in texas or mississippi, those two states have the lowes average gas prices in the country at to dollars 92 cents gallon. if you do the math, that is slightly more than half slightl more than half of what you'll pay here in midtown manhattan. >> the joy of living in new yor city. david lee miller, thank you ver much. you heard a lot of problems wit the supply chain.
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that is actually kind of aggravating the run-up and ther is no we have any control over it over today that president signal he's going to try something. as major retailers are warning that shoppers during the holidays will continue to encounter these shortages and price hikes because of the suggestion we've been seen across the supply chain, the white house is working to broke this deal with private sector entities to get things moving. to major ports of entry are going to be expanding their hours. warehouse unions agreed to work overtime, carriers like ups and fedex include will increase their volume and get their good out of there and also major retailers like walmart, samsung and target are committed to getting their goods out faster. the white house says this is an issue they've been working to
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address for months, but over this time the situation has gotten worse, not better. why has it taken to do wait to get these kind of commitments w are seeing from the various. for average people sitting at home, they're not focused just on the ports. of course they are there focuse on getting the goods but they'r focused on the cost of goods. they're focused on what their checkbook looks like. >> they have been working to address a lot of these issues across the supply change it's been a multilayer problem. in his remarks today the president said the agreement reached took weeks of negotiations and has the potential to be a game changer, but he directed responsibility to the private sector to make i happen in the short-term. in the long term he pointed to congress. >> if the private sector doesn' step up they're going to call them out and have them act because our goal is not only to get through this immediate
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bottleneck, but two address the long-standing weaknesses i migh add, parenthetically one of the reasons why i think it's important to get the infrastructure plan passed. >> the president did have a chance to pass that bipartisan infrastructure to let the end o last month but when that date came, he did not let the boat, he allowed progressives to stav this off to block it until the social spending piece that they have been withholding their votes in order to get is also passed at the same time, that bipartisan bill would give $17 billion to ports alone to beginning to hear from the ministration how important it i to get the infrastructure build on because it will directly address the problem we are seeing, neil. >> thank you very much. as the prices go up the president's full numbers go down . it happened to jimmy carter and made him a one term or that is potential impact here. bob, people are talking about
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the economy. sometimes it's prices out of control they can do it. what do you think of the early impact politically of this. >> i think the impact is you go to look at this virginia governor's race that is very tight. that is estate that has been trending toward the democrats for many years. i think that is the political concern, the policy concern wit the presidents numbers really tanking since the spring, he ha a first hundred days went well. to get the covid 19 bill, but now he's got to press both the bipartisan infrastructure bill less another special spending bill which could be three or $4 trillion that's honestly no way they are going to pay for all of that and that's only going to exacerbate the concern of inflation going even higher. >> they say that's not going to happen what they say is more than offsetting the price pressure as the fact that it's going to keep the economy humming and people like the benefits of that spending.
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it seems to be a bit of a leap to me, but what do you think. >> i think if you look at the budget scorekeepers for congressional budget office, they are the independent spirit we are going to see what they say about this bill and i also think one thing that has to be raised as the fed chairman has been downplaying the concern about inflation for months, and now he's saying it's frustratin and now they've got to rethink what the problem is and how bad it's going to get right of course this comes on the backdrop of the question of whether biden will renominate him for another turn. you don't want to do anything t hint to the president you're going to raise rates or directl assaulting inflation, that coul happen per your chances of getting nominated, but it could also mean that if he is, that i exactly what he does. >> that is republicans have gon on record a lot of them saying that powell should be re- nominated elizabeth warren and
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other democrats not so crazy about that idea, but there is n doubt about it that will be a big storyline in the weeks and months ahead about whether he gets renominated. the big cheese there, so we tol you about what could be a shortage of christmas presents under your tree. we're going to explore a little later in the show the you may not even be able to get the tree , and then it brings up the question of christmas itself. animated shows and specials may talk about christmas being canceled, but these days, it is looking like it could be delayed . ♪ (sfx: continued vehicle calamity.)
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>> it is like a bad abbott and costello bit. the idea of only going after th rich to tax some of the union, but then you're also imploring the irs to look at transactions as small as $600. that doesn't sound like the rich . we have more on that from capitol hill and a battle royal over its. what is going on here?
1:18 pm
a. >> the latest is that house speaker nancy pelosi came out yesterday and said i am drawing the line in the sand, we are going to make sure we have this situation this irs expansion we are strengthening the irs in this tax and social spending bill. it's really not a shocker because this is how democrats plan to strengthen the irs to pay for all of their social programs. so the proposal essentially as you will require banks, credit unions and all sorts of financial institutions to monitor the deposits and withdrawals that our $600 or higher. it's part of strengthening the irs to pay for this quote $0 social spending plan for a speaker pelosi yesterday acknowledged that yes, people are concerned and worried about it, but firmly pushed back and confirmed the tracking is definitely staying in the bill.
1:19 pm
>> our concerned that some people have, but a if people ar breaking the law and not paying their taxes one way to track them is through the banking measure. >> senator tom cotton fired bac on twitter with those he says when they say they will only ta the rich, they are lying. treasury secretary said in an interview last night the whole thing has been mischaracterized. without any individual individual this is them going after individuals who are failing to report their income and what they have earned, but even some democrats out there have said look, democrats shoul work on more reasonable criteri to make sure that they are focusing on the very wealthy. pelosi did say look, they are still under these negotiations and the $600 number that everybody has heard them talkin about, that could change, it could go lower and so we will
1:20 pm
see what happens. it doesn't feel like they are just going after the rich year. >> that's not thank you. to congressman kevin brady, the guy that made possible the big tax cuts we got under donald trump. congressman, when you are monitoring transactions as little as $600, you are not going after the bill gates and jeff pesos. you are looking at a much wider pool they are. >> you are absolutely right. four years, when the irs commissioner was truly independent you would meet with them a couple of times a year o the waves and means committee. they went through the gate what they always told you was we think they cheaters are farmers in small businesses, but we don't know how to get after the for eight this new bank surveillance scheme is not aime
1:21 pm
at the wealthy or the big corporations that are aimed at farmers, small businesses and families. they intend to track these tota transactions each year. they believe this is tied to raising the they think they can get from the bank surveillance and 80,000 new irs agents. they think this is how they can pay for several years or more o the repeal which is after that goes to millionaire households or bigger and so it seems ironi you would be tracking in the smallest businesses in the family farms to get this huge tax break to that wealthy parrot . >> if your talk about this stat and local tax deduction. that is an interesting scenario. i'm wondering on the plan that they are kicking around, it looks like democrats who are
1:22 pm
going to dig were talking about the human infrastructure package . it is looking like it could be falling apart. to you get a sense that it migh not happen at all? >> i do. and i think every day that they struggle makes it more likely this collapses. i don't think the friday jobs report or today's inflation report help them one bit. the president is now 1 million jobs short of what he promised from the last covid stimulus. certainly that worker shortage which they have been in denial about is having a real impact o art recovery. these higher prices which frankly i think will get higher as the rental and housing incom start to go into play here in higher healthcare costs right look, he's lost the confidence of the american people. they don't trust him on his handling of the economy in any
1:23 pm
sense. i think that makes it difficult for moderate democrats who run back home as a main main street moderate democrats to vote for vote that will work against their communal. >> obviously responded by sayin as grim as things look for the president right now roughly at this stage in the reagan presidency, actually closer to the midterms where he looked like an in ends up surviving it and then some and wins. that's what they're betting on that this package, should it pass is going to have the same impact as ronald reagan's tax cuts had 40 years ago. what you make of that? >> i think they are living in a parallel universe universe. never showed that biden administration ever be compared to the reagan administration in any way and the way president reagan frankly work this into one of the strongest economies
1:24 pm
on the planet was cutting taxes not raising them. giving balance to regulation, not driving them higher. and certainly wasn't feeling inflation with just runaway massive stimulus spending, so there's no comparison. in truth it's not, we're going the opposite direction. can get you must've known we were going to talk about willia shatner with the parallel universe. thank you very much. they're a good catching up with you. indeed, captain kirk, first mad possible this whole discussion of parallel universe actually got into space today. may be for all of ten minutes, but he was memorized and 90 years young, he is a record. >> i am so filled in and matt with emotion. it's just extraordinary.
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>> william shatner in space and back in ten minutes, but he still called an astronaut. so we started to wonder what real astronauts think of that. >> when it comes to plans we can build on our own, or with help from a financial consultant? like schwab does. uhhh... could we adjust our plan... ...yeah, like if we buy a new house? mmmm... and our son just started working. oh! do you offer a complimentary retirement plan for him? as in free? just like schwab. schwab! look forward to planning with schwab. >> tech: when you get a chip in your windshield... trust safelite. this couple was headed to the farmers market... when they got a chip. they drove to safelite for a same-day repair. and with their insurance, it was no cost to them. >> woman: really? >> tech: that's service the way you need it. >> singers: ♪ safelite repair, safelite replace. ♪
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>> when you get a chance to be up there for the ten minutes that you will, what is the firs thing you're going to want to do ? >> i'm going to look out the window, neil i am going to see the vastness of space and the fragility of the earth. you looking into blackness. >> he was overwhelmed. why wouldn't he be. the man has been wanting to get into space for the longest time since he played a guy who had conquered the heavens back in the 1960s, william shatner got his chance to see what it looks
1:30 pm
like from up there for about te minutes or so. still he did it. hi, casey. >> he certainly did it. i've got to say, you could feel your chest rattle right from where i'm standing as we watche that rocket takes off this morning. we watch the spacecraft gets ge smaller and smaller and smaller as it ascended into the gorgeou blue texas guy back here. according to the flight data an the folks with blue origin, jus two minutes after liftoff, the new shepherd rocket was already cruising past 118,000 feet traveling more than 2200 miles per hour. think of it. a minute later, 308,000 feet. before it was all said and done the blue origin saw the orbital fight and reached a maximum altitude of more than 350,000
1:31 pm
feet, more than 60 miles above the earth's surface providing quite a view and an experience needless to say for the four on board. >> what you have given me is th most profound experience i coul have. i am so filled with emotion about what just happened. >> brand-new video just into fo now released by blue origin showing the first interiors of the mission in in particular th three or four minutes that they experience weightlessness as they floated around that space capsule. remember, it was back in late july when the company's founder took the inaugural fight flight for human spirit he took his brother, a student, and a forme astronaut as well but today he
1:32 pm
was here on site. they're were some jokes made, h played chauffeur actually and drove the vehicle, drove the crew from the quarters out to the launchpad. there was some joking that he was may be going to get lost in the space capsule and go up for a second flight today but he stayed here watching safely fro the ground. >> great reporting on all of that. now, to a legitimate, i'm not saying the guys aren't very impressive, but they were up there a few minutes. they count as astronauts, but will camming him is here and it genuine american hero. that was a crucial mission afte the apollo one fire sometime back in a big test for apollo eventually getting on on the moon. it is an honor to have you. thank you. >> thank you very much. it's a pleasure. >> what did you make of this mission? >> well, it's going to go over
1:33 pm
different with different people but having been an astronaut extend 50 years ago, it is a totally different thing than we are watching, so it is hard to identify his actually doing tha at the same time we can put it in perspective with what you've been trying to do for years. >> in the days when you were doing all this incredible stuff it was nasa, nasa, nasa, of course there were companies behind that as well, but here it's very rich billionaires whe you are talking what jeff basis is doing or certainly richard branson, leading the charge, ho do you feel about that? >> well, i just look at it as kind of a one of the progress i that has gone on since we started flying into space.
1:34 pm
the public, which is less informed i guess, they will ten to look at this and i've seen some references to it, they tal about it as like civilians bein able to go in space and what have you, it's a totally different mission and people need to appreciate that because i can only tell you that our launch, our total launch just t get into orbit was just a few seconds under ten minutes and w were pretty busy on it and managing and looking licking edits and monitoring all of the systems in that spacecraft just to keep people alive. that's not quite what goes on today. you're along for the right it looks like to me. >> obviously, this is the way space travel might go into the
1:35 pm
future to open it up to more americans. of all different stripes across the world, but it's a high entry , two of the paying customers reportedly paid $250,000 each for the ride. what did you think about that? >> i think that i was a little shocked and surprised to find out home cheap was the fee that they charged for people to take a ride up there and back. and that's not what the major thing is. the major thing is the risk tha you are exposed to because apollo seven is what was the final but that was the first flight of the apollo program an that was the third mission that we had been on and assigned all in the same mind that when we had to cancel one mission,
1:36 pm
please reschedule it and picked up another one but all of those missions we're aimed at getting the first spacecraft into orbit which we ended up doing and as matter of fact i think you'll find out if you look at it now, that that ten and a half or 11 in that area, that that was the longest first mission of any ne spacecraft ever. >> absolutely, and that came after the apollo. it was a huge if we get this back on track and thanks for what you and your colleagues did . history was made a couple of years later. i don't know. none of you had to pay as deep entry fee for the honor, but your era heroes. >> we didn't have to pay anything, but i'll tell you this , to this day, that is still the world's longest and greates first flight of anything. >> i remember it like it was yesterday. i want to thank you for your
1:37 pm
incredible service to the country. you are one of the 600 individuals who in total ventured out to the heavens and of course you've had some memorable adventures. when we come back, my old boss here at fox news he was always worried about china, didn't believe a lot of the info comin out of china, he did and by the fact that they had somehow miraculously started all the minerals in precious stuff, i.e even to this day the chips they do, and now he has a fascinatin book outcome affection i might tell you that gets into the covid origin thing. again, through fiction, but something tells me he was takin a very real view what might hav happened. don john moody is next.
1:38 pm
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the how did the whole covid thing begin? a lot of people try to piece together a lot of different elements and come up with a theory i former boss here john moody has done it through a boo of fiction if you will. of course, they knew, of course and it leaves you wonder. he gets back to the issue about china's role early in the covid pandemic and he is kind enough to join us right now. john, that was my take from you book that this was a way of you piecing together things to explain how it all began and apparently with china's knowledge. what are you saying? >> sure. and thank you for having me on. is great to see you again. it is indisputable that china knew what was happening in the city of wuhan and that they covered it up, they lied about
1:43 pm
it, they refused to cooperate with international scientists who wanted to come in and look around and see what could have possibly happened there. the even tried to dodge the blame one of the communist part websites said that the virus wa created by the u.s. military an dropped on wuhan from low-flyin american planes. i'm not in aviation experts, bu i don't recall seeing any low-flying american planes flying over china recently. >> what made you do it through fiction? >> i would not have been able t apply the reporting standards that you and i lived by and tha you still deal. i wouldn't have gotten access t the facts i needed, i had to us fiction, but it's fiction that is overlaid on real world event that you, i, and millions of your viewers live through for the past 18 or 20 months. i tried to make a story with interesting characters, believable characters, that ver
1:44 pm
much with the facts that we kno took place between late 2019 an right now. it is still going on. china is still denying it in china is still telling the who recently no, you cannot come in and look at our batcave. i'm not talking about the comic strip. i do think you should go to confession, but let me ask you, and all seriousness, what you make of the reaction you are likely to get to, for example, will the book be selling in china? i suspect not. >> my guess is no. i'm also guessing the audience for bad breeders will be pretty small. this is for people who watch your show. these are for people who watch fox, these are for people who care about what happened and want to get to the truth in are frustrated by the fact need the communist chinese party has successfully held although secrets together and is not
1:45 pm
allowing the rest of the world to find out what happened when we know or when we certainly suspect that it was grown and got away from the wuhan laboratory. >> than it gets into this may b spun out of control down to the predictable reaction to mask requirements and what extended today to vaccination requirements that it quickly became politicized. >> it became politicized as doe everything in this country and most western countries these days. they're is a certain sinister logic to the fact that a virus that was manufactured and came from china was the first treatment to try to prevent it was to wear masks that were als made an manufactured and exported from china. that is business creating business. >> it so in this environment where you talk about china and there is a lock on information, but i remember from your days here, you were quite concerned
1:46 pm
about the fact that so much of the world in so many things and minerals we depend on to this present day, simple chips and other sources, they are all in china. the lion share of all is in china and i'm wondering where this is leading. >> it's leading down the path t destruction is where it's leading. i've always been concerned abou rare-earth that the united states used to control production and modification of we gave that technology to china . we showed them how to use its. they improved on it, they can d it cheaper then the unite state can do it and they control the rarest in the world. you and the book on an ominous note, it seats up a as sql or a movie or both, but it is talkin in general. you could see this kind of thin happening again? >> sure. i hadn't thought of a sequel, but thanks for telling me.
1:47 pm
i am working on a sequel and it continues down this path to oblivion unless we do something about it. >> and we're not, are we? >> know we are not. >> so good catching up with you. the book is of course they know. and it gets into all the possibilities and links them altogether. again, it's fiction, but i'm telling you, you will be readin it page by page. you will be startled by how it sounds pretty much like real life.
1:48 pm
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>> christmas canceled? remember this famous scene in rudolph the red nose reindeer where there is a bad storm and can't santa claus as we're goin to have to cancel christmas. storms are storms, but you don' have to cancel christmas, calm down. mark harmon might agree with that. the maker of all these beautifu christmas that are in. might have a devil of a time. what's going on here.
1:52 pm
the supply chain that everybody is finally talking about has been affecting us for months, s it's been hard for us to get al of our different holiday decorations from all over the world here to the unit states because the ocean lines are backed up, the ports are backed up and we can get truckers to get them from the boards into our warehouse is. >> where are the trees coming from? where'd you get most of them? >> we mostly and they are primarily manufactured in china. we have goods, ornaments, tree skirts coming in from all kinds of places. they are all stuck right now. >> and where are they stuck? outside the port in california or everywhere? >> they are stuck in all sorts of different places. we do ship into different ports in the u.s., ewert, savannah, texas, but there are so many ships stacked up on the west coast ports, they can get unloaded fast enough. the president today has
1:53 pm
announced a big initiative to finally get to it, but the problem is we have to get truckers to get those goods out of the ports into our warehouse and that's the biggest shortage we are seeing. >> the trees are stunning, do you have a backup line of charlie brown christmas trees i case you can't get the real nic ones because they are in short supply? what is your backup plan? >> it's funny, about six months ago we said if we can get our trees here what are we going to do and we looked into selling live trees again which we used to do so freshly cut trees we have on a website we called som of the suppliers inside we are sold out of trees through 2024. so we got ahead of it and we do have trees here. we don't necessarily we have reese or all the arguments we want to have that we do have th trees. we just may not have the exact she's a tree or height of tree or like type that you may want. >> keep us posted. good to see you again.
1:54 pm
by the way, in washington they could be working through the holidays which is fine because they're not going to have any holidays, right? it's that bad.
1:55 pm
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1:57 pm
>> neil: all right. well, if president biden had to say what he wants for christmas, it would probably be getting bolt infrastructure bills
1:58 pm
signed, sealed and delivered, at least in his hands so he could sign seal them and deliver them to the people but he's having a devil of a time making nil progress on that so he might end up with just coal here. but let's get the latest from chad proceed gram. >> good afternoon neil. cuts are worried they will get anywhere with their $3.5 trillion spending bill liberal democrats want it all but covariant have it all they must whittle done the spending package, what makes the cut and what is on the chopping block? >> fact is, is if there are fewer dollars to spend, there are choices to be made. so mostly we would be cutting back on years and something like that. but those are decisions. >> trimming the length of some programs is one option to save money. >> i like the idea of that possibility that perhaps rather than looking at a 10-year allocation, that it could be something smaller which would
1:59 pm
reduce the amount of the overall package. i like the idea. >> west virginia democrat joe mansion worries that is a gimmick congress will re-up the programs later. new york democrat alexandria ocasio-cortez implores congressional leaders to maintain funding for immigration, public housing and public transportation. progressives still want to spend three trillion but this will all come down to two people, mansion and arizona senator christian. neil >> neil: as things stand now will it even happen this year nancy pelosi wants to do this by the 31st there is concern that in virginia loses the virginia gubernatorial race there might not be political capitol to move this in november so they want to do it as soon as possible but if you get into december, who knows. >> greg: thank you. the good news on the day is
2:00 pm
william shatner got brief lift off on this planet. take a look down. you can't see any arguing going on in washington. you can't see people freaking out, you can't see the threats on supply of goods that will or will not make it for christmas all you see is the beauty of the planet. and so for captain kirk today that was good enough. here's the five. ♪ >> greg:. >> greg: hi, i'm greg gutfeld with judge jeanine peer 0, geraldo rivera and jesse watters and if you lock your keys in the car she can squeeze between the weather stripping, dana perino, the five. ♪ >> greg: president biden finally addressing the supply chain jam that threatens to royal, yes, royal the holiday season. and also jesse, jr.'s christmas gift. it's terrible. comes amid


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