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tv   The Faulkner Focus  FOX News  October 13, 2021 8:00am-9:00am PDT

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>> that's unlike anything you will ever do again. >> stand by. touchdown. stand by touchdown. >> stand by touchdown. >> and the capsule touches down. welcome back the newest astronauts. audrey and william shatner and glenn and chris. what a day for you. welcome back. i cannot wait to talk to them jackie and get what they experienced up there this morning. what a clean and beautiful flight from the rocket for our astronauts. >> what a stunning flight. i also loved hearing that audio of them on their way back about how this experience was for them. i can't wait to hear their stories. >> you heard william shatner saying this is like nothing i have ever experienced before. coming from a man who has
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experienced warp speed for decades. >> nothing like he's ever seen before. >> what a day for our astronauts. our team is preparing landing safety operation and recovery of our astronauts from the true capsule. we will be on the ground at the landing sight to follow the action in a bit. maybe even talks to the world's new astronauts. absolutely breathtaking stuff. you will see recovery team show up shortly. we send them out before the capsule has landed. through our modelling, by now we are very, very good at analyzing where the capsule will come down. where the winds are. we will see the recovery team come out there and we will also be joined by some of the their family and friends to watch as they emerge from the capsule.
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these beautiful shots of our 4 astronauts going up over the carmen line and back. >> welcome to the "faulkner focus." i am harris faulkner. we are waiting for people to emerge from the space capsule and one is what the narr attor said william shatner 9 years young. let's go back rife to texas. this is the first time we will see the door swing open for this particular flight. beys busy's second. -- bezos's second.
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>> there are waves from the astronauts from. in the fore ground you see the capsule. the booster has flown to space back and 4 times with this fright. coming to get them is the officer recovery crew.light. coming to get them is the officer recovery crew. >> [silence].
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>> [silence continues]. >> jackie, you can see there beautiful shots of the capsule. the parachutes have fallen pretty close to the capsule itself. there is not a lot of ground wind. we had a delay a day because of the gusty winds out there. today has been a beautiful day for a launch and landing of a rock and launch and landing of 4 new astronauts. >> we were talking to chris a couple of days ago, he flew that full of music from around the world. he is a doj.
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dj. we have new astronauts and post cards from space and personal items like this awesome thing full of music. >> chris has a side gig as a dj. and william shatner everybody knows him as an actor. he also sings. we are opening the door more more people to go to the space. the scientists and engineers but now singers and let's see what they create. going to space changes you. the overview effect. i can't wait to see the stories that come out and the art that
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comes out of this. we have sarah going around the capsule getting the thumb's up from >> [silence]. >> [radio chatter]. >> [silence].
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>> [silence]. >> live from west texas our second human flight of the new shepherd vehicle.
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our very own audrey and chris. our recovery crew is about to open the hatch. there is our founder jeff bezos giving the big thumb's up. >> [laughing]. >> very happy. >> whoo! >> [laughing]. >> audrey. >> here come your family and friends. >> [cheering].
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>> stand by. >> harris: in case william shatner says something. there is screaming and champagne for some. the blue origin vice-president audrey powers on board and a former nasa engineer chris and lynn and of course space superstar william shatner. captain kirk. this is making news and history for a host of reasons. they are reusable engine here. something they can show the world is easier to put up into space than some of the other equipment we have seen in the decades we have been flying. you are putting people who want to experience this on board. they are calling them new astronauts. they are american citizens with a lot of cash. they are able to do this.
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you have that former nasa engineer. some people are teaching the next generation. it's always a lot more forceful to say that you have done something that is basically made for the lay man and apply the science to the way people may soon experience it en masse. >> thanks for everybody. >> [overlapping talking]. >> harris: let's listen in. i have a couple of former nasa astronauts standing by. >> jeff bezos is opening the hatch. >> yes! >> [cheering].
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>> [silence]. >> come on up here, guys. >> [laughing]. >> [cheering]. >> from is odd aubry and a big hug from her sister. captain kirk himself the great william shatner. chris the first full australia citizen to go to space and back and glenn. >> [laughing]. >> i loved it! >> oh my god! >> [laughing]. >> big hugs from their loved
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ones. >> it's indescribable. >> that's what i thought. >> it's so hard to work on. >> not only is it different than what you thought, it happens so quickly. >> well done. >> [laughing]. >> [overlapping talking]. >> the impression i had that i never expected is [inaudible]. >> [overlapping talking]. >> come here. [background talking]. >> i want to hear this. >> [laughing]. >> [cheering]. >> oh my god. >> [cheering].
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>> [laughing]. >> champagne shower has begun. smiles all around. william shatner taking in the moment clearly. >> harris: we are watching the crew and guests from jeff bezos's space ship after they touched down. he had a few words with william shatner who said it's different than you would have thought. indescribable. he said no thank to you the rain shower of campaign. i want to bring in terry and tom. both former nasa astronauts. tom, does it really have an ampification of understanding and science application that you can imagine? or is this just simply a trip for people who have a lot of money? >> well, it's a fantastic
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adventure. i would not deny that to anybody. it's great for ordinary citizens to head to space. the more that we see ordinary citizens and entrepreneurs and artists go to space -- >> harris: excuse me. back to william shatner. >> it was so moving to me. this experience is something unbelievable. >> [laughing]. >> weightless and my stomach went up. this is so weird. but not as weird as the blue. this is what i never expected. it's one thing to say the sky. what is unknown is it
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[inaudible]. >> [taking in background]. >> the soft blue. the beauty of that color. it's so thin. you are through it in an instant. what a -- is it a mile or 2 miles? >> maybe 6 miles. >> but you are going 2000 miles per hour. you are through 50 miles at whatever the math does. suddenly you are through the blue and into black. it's misterious. what you see is black. what you see down there is light. that's the difference. not to have this view -- you have done something. whatever those other guys are doing. i don't know about that. what you have begin me is the most profound experience i could
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have. i am so filled with emotion about what just happened. [voice breaking]. it's extraordinary, extraordinary. i hope i never recover from this. i hope i can maintain what i feel now. i don't want to lose it. it's so -- >> [voice breaking]. >> so much larger than me and life. it hasn't got anything to do with [inaudible]. it has to do with the enormity and the quickness and the suddenness of life-and-death and all of that. beautiful in its way. >> your words. >> oh, my words. >> that's amazing. >> i don't know. i can't even begin to express what i would love to do is to
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communicate as much as possible -- [voice breaking]. the jeopardy, the moment you see the vulnerability. everything is so small. this air which is keeping us alive is thinner than your skin. it's a sliver. it's small when you think in terms of the universe. it's negligible. this air. mars doesn't have it. and you think about it changes oxygen. 20% sustains our life. it's so thin. to journey through it that's a whole other thing.
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so quickly. >> then you are in black. >> yeah. this is life and that's death. it's an instant. whoa, that's death. that's what i saw. >> amazing. >> i am over whelmed. i had no idea. we talked earlier before going. well, it's going to be different. yeah. whatever that phrase is you have. you have a different view of things. it doesn't begin to explain, to describe what for me -- but everybody, it would be so important for everybody to have that experience.
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through one means or other. maybe you can put it on 3-d. that's a possibility. but, what you need also is one delay after another delay. we are lying there. i am thinking, i am jittery here. oh, there's something in the engine. they found an anomaly in the engine. [laughing]. we will hold a little longer. you feel the stomach and the bile inside. i am thinking okay. i am a little nervous. another delay and then the thing starts -- simulation it's only a simulation. everything else is much more.
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it doesn't capture. besides what, bang this hits! >> [laughing]. >> that wasn't in the simulation. >> [laughing]. >> what will happen to me? will i be able to survive the g-forces? then you think, good lord, just getting up was hard. >> [laughing]. >> oh my god. what an experience! whew! nothing, nothing. >> it lookedic -- looked like you had a moment of camaraderie. >> it's like being in battle together and there say bonding being in battle. but you are also embattled inside yourself. oh my goodness. >> [cheering].
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>> wow! >> [background conversations]. >> thank you, everybody for joining us live. our second astronaut crew made it home. we hear wonderful words. >> harris: jeff bezos may have met the best marketing person in william shatner. making the world tear up over his trip to space at 90 years old. he was told his whole life you are the one captain kirk. going where no man has gone before. the final frontier. nothing comparison to what he experienced in real life. he said i hope i never recover from this. it's so much larger to me.
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the enormity has to did with the win quickness of life-and-death. you go up and look back and it's blue and green. then the darkness. that's what life is like you are alive one moment and then you are gone. it was so memorable. only a few people on our plant have ever seen it. former nasa astronauts tom and terry. you spoke about applying this to real life. what we got there was a life lesson from william shatner. your thoughts? >> well, hearing shatner's words, it echoed a lot of the experience my friend terry and i had with crew matrix. you -- mates. you are grateful to being alive
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and given this gift of seeing the earth. that experience of going into space is something i can understand shatner's reaction to. i am glad that captain kirk and his landing party made it down safely to the planet below. he is an inspiring guy. i was 12 years old when that show came on. it was one of the factors that made me seek an astronaut career. to be one of those people who went where no one else went before. glad to see. the development of lowering space flight costs and providing wider access to people across the planet will benefit us all. >> harris: terry, we have should of the emotional moment from william shatner. let's watch this.
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i've come straight to you. >> it's unbelievable. what you have given me is the most profound experience i could have. [voice breaking]. i am so filled with emotion about what just happened. it's extraordinary, extraordinary. [crying]. >> harris: terry, your reaction? >> i understand exactly where he is coming from. the first view of earth in daylight. i was flying over the north atlantic and the sun rose and i could see the blue atmosphere. i could not take my eyes off of. i had never seen that shade of blue. shatner kept talking about the blue. that was the very first reaction i had. all i wanted to do was look out at this amazing planet. i spent my whole life going to
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imax movies and looking at books. i didn't expect it to be that emotional. the problem was i had to fly the shuttles and keep my eyes on the road. that was hard because i was so amazed at our planet. that idea of fragility. that blue line is really thin. like william shatner said there is nobody else above it. nobody can live anywhere without a space suit because there is no other planet like earth out there. >> harris: it sounds worth in terms of going above that line to get that view. a couple of just methodical things. 62 miles to where i understand the whole world recognizes the international boundary of space.
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11 minute trip. what does that teach us? we already know what is there. outside of -- as tom said making this for the common man or woman. does it accomplish anything. this is really expensive. >> it cracks me up when they say normal people can go. i came from a middle-class. now billionaires and william shatner can go to space. that cracks me up. the advantage is not that we learn something scientific on this particular flight. the advantage is william shatner can come back. the speech he just gave will inspire millions of people. companies like blue origin and space-x and virgin galatic are doing different things. these flights give them remove.
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they can hire engineers. space tourists flights are one thing but they want to go deeper in space. this gives them revenue and allows them to build a base for much bigger things they will do. >> harris: i want our audience to understand the landscape they are looking at. it is just profound to see it. i am certain it was chosen for its remote location and logistics. think about what america can do and what tests. -- tests. it is. this is a dream is. -- it is. it is. this is a dream generator. little van horn, texas has done so much for the bezos team. you can read about the dent he is making in the local economy there. i would say, tom, the dream making and dream inspiration is coming directly infused first
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into the little town of van horn and spreading from there. >> this is like nasa's history. the money doesn't get spent up in space in the black void. the money for the space budget and jeff bezos's company is spent on the ground, it provides jobs and inspiration and the motivation for people to jump into these high-tech industries. we need more of this and other start ups. this is not just for launching high speed internet satellites but providing a way to get lunar mining under way to take advantage of resources.
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that's part of our american future. >> harris: that's fascinating. i think of the young boys and girls who are leaving high school to figure out which college to go to. this drives innovation. people say why doesn't bezos do something else on earth? i want to focus on texas and florida and every place we have been blessed to set up operations to fly to and from. it's great for local economies and beyond. people may go there for those jobs. terry? >> to tom's point. the space shuttle flight cost a billion dollars but when he got into orbit we didn't launch them into space. >> we hope not. >> yes.
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there is a big reinvestment that space activity helps right here on earth. >> harris: i want to talk about what space does to the body. when you are 90, you are prepping for this. you are not flying with the blue angels every afternoon so you know how to clinch your teeth and what zero gravity feels like. i was a child of a combat pilot. what does it do for william shatner to go 62 miles up in the air even if it was only 11 minutes? >> well, the first thing is weightlessness. as soon as that engine shuts off you are floating. you can only experience that on earth for a few seconds if an airplane. that's unusual. i talked about this earlier. you have an urge to flail. it took me a few days or a few weeks before i was really good at floating.
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that's something that is alien. in a few minutes i don't think they would have that problem. when the crew got out they were not dizzy at all. were only in weightlessness for 2 minutes? >> after my shuttle flight. i felt heavy and dizzy. i didn't want to walk. i wanted a hand rail or somebody next to me. i don't think those guys were up there long enough. it will be an interesting question to ask them. i don't think they have the affects that tom and i had after the flights. >> harris: after the first flight, i am a journalist. i had a lot of questions that were not asked. that was among them. they may have touched on it a little bit. they have a news conference coming up. this was moments ago. they talked to william shatner
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and still have stuff to do on the ground. in their next location, we will keep you apprised of what is coming next. terry, in watching this. they had stops and starts. william shatner said there is something wrong with the engine! he is such a great story teller. but i would imagine those are concerns. you are always ready for. when you were astronauts of it easy. there was a ground crew and a crew that was going to be paying attention to monitoring what you were doing in space. these guys are lay people. they are opening everybody is working everything out. when you get a delay and a hold, what does all of that mean do you think for these civilians? >> well, my first flight was on a cold february morning. the tank was covered in ice. there was a little concerning because cold weather caused the
8:33 am
challenger accident. my first night we slept. i was mad. i am ready to go. we went through hours and hours of work. the next day i was more color. -- comfortable. i was a rookie. the first night i was nervous. will this be okay? the slip was good for me because i felt more confidence. tom any good stories? >> at some point you need to release all of this stress about technical aspects of the rocket. it's somebody else's job to get the rocket ready. you put your trust in the hundreds of people who prepared the space shuttle for our flights. when you are on the launchpad and hear about techinal difficulties, they will fix those things if they can. if not we will postpone. all i could do was focus on what i was getting ready to do and focus on my preparation mentally. i think it was a comforting
8:34 am
thought to know the experts were doing everything to get me off the ground safely and get us back home. it's comforting to trust people with that degree of trust in their skills and handiwork. >> harris: did you call it a slip story? a lot of people are trying to figure out if they had one on the ground. that means a step goes wrong? >> well -- >> harris: people are saying i am having a slip story right now. >> the shuttle main engine starts up 6 seconds before launch to make sure they are working. they aborted at 5.5 seconds. the computer said the engines are not working and shut down. one of the astronauts downstairs a mission specialist, said i
8:35 am
thought we would be a lot higher when the engine shut down. you have to have humor. like tom said, you have some control, but the reality is something will go wrong. there is probably nothing you can do. you have to have a men tality that allows to hand that over and not get too stressed out. for me humor is the way to handle stress. >> harris: and the tight space conditions you are doing. those quarters are tight. it's not like hanging out in your back yard and jump in the car and go anywhere. you have to stay calm. talk to me about being inside that space capsule for a moment. i think the rigors of what you do to prepare. do you think that lay people i call them civilians because i grew up military, do you think they are doing the same things you are doing inside of there? william shatner 90 years old.
8:36 am
he rolls like a 50-year-old. his story telling and energy and all of that. what do they prepare for before they take off? >> well, i was amazedality how late they got on the rocket. it was just minutes before launch they were getting strapped in. they had to climb up manually. william shatner 90 years old had to walk up 6 stories. that was impressive. there is not a lot of training. my shuttle crew mate nick is the launch director for blue origin and gave me a tour of the capsule. there is nothing to do. there is a radio you talk on. >> harris: this is okay? >> other than that there are no control. the window is amazing. it's to die for. i wish we had a window like that
8:37 am
in space. there is not a lot of specific training they have to go through other than how to get in and out of your seat. >> harris: is that okay? is that enough? >> i am a pilot. i like to be in control. the space-x capsule is the same. there are some controls but they are designed to be 100% automated. you just ride along like in 2001 space odyssey. they were just riding along on the space ship. it works. the focus is on getting where you are going and not on piloting the space ship. that's why i love the shuttle so much. you flew the thing. >> harris: it's so interesting. you bring up a beautiful point, terry. so much of what we know is not real. it's in movies and tv shows. that's why it's such a big deal to hear william shatner who has
8:38 am
been around great sets. he didn't just do the old-school tv show. they made movies. they had everything -- it was artificial. the generated content on the screen that was digital was remarkable even 20 years ago. he experience aid lot in terms of what you can see. but we have not experienced space. tom, how much more can we do with civilians on board? are we ready for a longer than 11 minute ride? >> certainly. we already had private space flights flew orbit on space-x. there will be another one in february. the russians launched a film craw. they are up there right now. it's expanding as we watched william shatner's exciting ride. it's expanding to a broader
8:39 am
spectrum of people than just celebrities. we are ready for that. the private sector is going to put modules on the space station. our astronaut colleague mike is part of a company called axiom that will put private modules on the space station that will be a commercial station when it is decommissioned. and imagine space hotels accessed by the transportation systems from blue origin and others. all of these pieces of infrastructure are going up there. we will have not only hotels. not only movie studio but manufacturing facilities and laboratories. >> harris: that is so exciting. just to have that much detail come from you. terry you have a friend who is integral to the process of blue
8:40 am
origin and you got the tour. it's important for the scientists like yourself and people who have been to space to tell us what is coming because you know. terry and tom, thanks for being part of this space ride that came back to earth safely. appreciate it, gentlemen. >> you are wam. >> harris: let's get to other news that is happening this hour. hunter biden, more trouble for him. after more emails from his laptop have been released. fox news contractor raymond arroyo is next.
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>> harris: the hunter biden nightmare for joe biden is ramping up again. the daily mail obtained more emails from his infamous laptop. this time the emails show an exchange between hunter and one ever his business partners about working on then vice-president joe biden's taxes, book deals and donations. revealing shared bank accounts between the father and son. this of course is raising new concerns about whether the president could be drawn into the fbi's investigation of hunter. here's attorney jonathan turley
8:46 am
on the implications for the commander in chief. >> why hasn't the justice department considered a special counsel? there are serious questions about whether the biden family conducted influence pedalling involving not just hunter but his uncle and the president of the united states. >> harris: and jen psaki dodged questions about hunter biden's recent art sales. >> there is an arrangement here? >> this is your favorite topic. but it is the perview of the gallerist. we don't know who purchases any paintings. the president is proud of his son. >> harris: is it just me?
8:47 am
when she sounds gallerist it sounds like a james bond character. raymond arroyo now. jen psaki knows the questions will keep coming. how big of a problem are these new emails? >> harris, it's a huge problem. this has been going on since that laptop first surfaced. there were con-joined accounts. hunter biden complained to his daughter he blew half of his salary paying pop-pop's bills. that's biden. the question is: is the money that was garnered from foreign interests which was influence peddling, does that put joe biden on the hook in this fbi investigation? we will see. >> harris: i can't imagine how
8:48 am
his son -- why would you want to share this? we know about the alleged drug abuse in his past. most is just on video. [laughing]. why share a bank account with somebody like that? >> this guy a walking and talking reality show. leaving like a drug lord with his brother's wife with hookers and crack all over the table. that's all we know. that's what he admits to. you would think they would want to keep it out of the public eye. we have now turned to a new grift which is hunter biden artist. he put down the crack pipe and picked up the ink pipe. we are blowing ink splatters on canvass and selling them for up to $500,000 a pop. i love off-shoring the ethics to the gallerist.
8:49 am
the guy who owns the gallery gets 50% of every sale of these princeton. -- prints. that's the going rate. how he is the ethics czar now i don't understand. concealing the buyers from hunter biden. did he wear a blindfold in l.a.? i don't think so. >> harris: you can see everybody. it's egregiousness in plain sight. they sold some at 75,000 a piece. >> there are conflicts of interests all over the place. rosemont was the investment firm that hunter biden founded in 2009. one of his partners is chris
8:50 am
heinz the step son of john kerry. heinz had the good sense to step back. he was worried about the perception of corruption. >> harris: you had a layering of information on this. i took notes on that because. what you are talking about influence peddling is something they will have to answer to. especially after all they said about previous administrations. i would imagine that president biden must have a thing to say already to go. pop-pop. that's new information too. >> that's what he calls his dad. >> harris: thank you. we had so much breaking news. "one more thing." let's watch. >> it's freezing. >> i do via question. what is next step?
8:51 am
can the teenager square crackdown next. the parents risk their lives to speck out for the children? >> harris: is the white house paying attention. parents won't back down. in some virginia are frustrated. by calls to label some protestors at school board meetings domestic terrorists. the doj is bringing in the fbi against parents which is shaping this year's governor's race in virginia. polls are tighten between the democrat and republican and they are going back and forth on whether critical race theory is taught in schools. power panel for a quick one now. top line thoughts? >> well, parents are waking up and the left is terrified.
8:52 am
in joe biden's america it's okay to run across the border unvaccinated. if you race your voice at a school board meeting you are a terrorist. there is a reason the left are paying to attention to. this parents are causing a movement where i that are being concerned about what their kids are taught and the left is terrified of it. >> harris: kevin, how do you best advise the white house on this issue? it's potentially bleeding of negativity in the polling for the president and bleeding down to governors and lawmakers running in 2022. what would you tell the white house? >> that's a good question. we need to convene panels with the secretary of education to talk about issues with regards to covid and curriculum and hear
8:53 am
the frustrations of parents. parents have a right to make their voices heard with what their kids are exposed to in the classroom. it can't cross the line into violence. it is affecting the virginia's governor race. 19 days away from that race. for all this stuff from both side donald trump hasn't weighed in. >> harris: does he have to. it's a dumpster fire. >> [overlapping talking]. >> if i am donald trump -- [overlapping talking]. >> i want to be on the campaign trail. >> harris: hold on a second. you missed the trip on iowa. biden's numbers are a mess. trump went there.
8:54 am
i want to move on. one is in the white house and one is not. you are looking away from the bad part. i get it. i don't want to look at biden's numbers either. mark out with his new op-ed. in 2022 the swing voters will be school board moms. the biden administration is doing everything in its power to drive them back into the gop fold. what is happening in school board meetings is: quick word from you both. >> this is the left's worst nightmare. the parents are having a movement to take back their schools. the goal is crt it to make kids woke communist soldiers and the parents are waking up to it. >> the parents are interested in how the pandemic is shaping in
8:55 am
the classroom. critical race theory is a distraction and not taught in the class rooms whatsoever. >> harris: not clear why that has anything to do with the fbi going after parents. good to see you both. you both agree the fbi is not a good idea. "outnumbered" after the commercial. a chip. they drove to safelite for a same-day repair. and with their insurance, it was no cost to them. >> woman: really? ...
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>> fox news aletter. as parents push back against the school boards and department of justice on the crackdown on mom and dads about the concerns of what is taught in the classrooms and protests to label them domestic terrorists. some moms and dads are not being bullied and calling this unamerican. i'm joined -- biden 2020 surrogate and center


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