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tv   Americas Newsroom With Bill Hemmer Dana Perino  FOX News  October 13, 2021 6:00am-8:00am PDT

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it's a beautiful song thank you for remembering them. >> appreciate it it's an honor to be here. >> thank you for being here and sharing that with our audience it was beautiful. steve: that's right so check it out as he said on social media, the song is called "he bleeds blue" jordan oaks we thank you very much. >> thank you very much. ainsley: thank you to our police officers,oday, we love you. >> thank you all. >> [applause]
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>> bill: driving up the price of everything. gas and hotels. eggs up 13%. we heard this word transitory that means. >> dana: temporary. >> bill: so much for that. >> dana: those of you at home who noticed it at the gas pump and grocery store and at a business, it's biting into people's pocketbooks. the white house will notice. >> bill: if you are making more money this cuts into the profit in your own personal life. making this worse is a log gam in america's courts. the threat of shopping holiday
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delays forcing the white house to act. >> dana: the president will speak about it today after a virtual summit with port officials. the white house insists he's been working on this since he got into office. >> bill: mark short will have analysis. william live in long beach, california. to the white house we go and peter doocy begins our day today. good morning. >> the story about supply chains is different depending who you talk to. the treasury secretary said don't start sweating christmas shortages. >> we have an economy that is recovering. there may be isolated shortages of goods and services in the coming months. but there is an ample supply of goods. i think there is no reason for consumers to panic about the absence of goods that they want
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to acquire at christmas. >> no reason to panic on camera there. off camera, a senior white house official told reuters: there will be things that people can't get. at the same time, a lot of these things can be substituted by other things. no real reason to be panicked. there is a need for patience to get through a short period of time. the white house is looking for a quick fix for empty shelves. the port of los angeles which was not a 24/7 operation will be after a deal with the international long shore union. wal-mart will move their cargo on their own. president biden will host a future meeting with fed-ex, ups and target and others. >> he's been working on these
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issues for months. it's been in the news the last few weeks but these are issues the president has been focussed on since he took office. it's a fundamental challenge as the economy is turning back on and one he's been focussed on since the first day. >> they said he was focussed from the first day. there is evidence he did not get ahead of it. >> bill: thanks. peter doocy from the white house. >> dana: and william is life in long beach where 60 ships are anchored waiting for entry. that's a long wait. >> it is. you know that adage the chain is only as strong as the weakest link. the weakest link is the lack of truck drivers. we are over the port of long beach and the port of los angeles right here. it's the large of the port in
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the united states. 40% of all container traffic. 80,000 containers a week. right now there are 140 ships docked, anchored or drifting out at sea who can't come in because there is no room for containers at the port because they are not moving them out fast enough. the white house saying they have an agreement with the port of los angeles. long beach has a third shift and retailsers like wal-mart and home depot and ups will move 3500 a night to reduce the backlog. >> folks have to rise to the occasion to move cargo out. we are doing our part at the port of los angeles and our partners in truck and warehousing are doing all they can at this point in time. >> the problem is that the
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truckers didn't like the restriction to show up with an empty container to get a full one. they have sosleep somewhere. it was not working. they have that worked out. the other problem is a shortage of drivers. old truck drivers retired during the pandemic. can you make $50,000 to start. the instructor told us dmv is not giving them the test for months. >> even the course is 5 or 6 weeks they might wait to test at the dmv for another 2 months. >> we talked yesterday about a container used to cost $2,000 from china to the west coast. now it's $13,000. and trucking costs going up a dollar a mile.
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that's a vicious cycle that the president is trying to anybody in the bud. >> dana: and all of that needs gas which is more expensive. >> bill: americans are paying 5.4% more for goods. mark short, good morning. two things to analyze what we are seeing. the top number is the inflation number. wages are going up. you are losing money. a month ago we asked americans how concerned they are about the i-word. 82% said extremely. i bet the number has gone up higher. could this administration have done more to see this coming and stop it? the economy has a mind of its own. >> unfortunately we have a perfect storm of economic
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calamities brewing. the reality is the biden administration and democrat leaders in congress are not only not addressing it, they are making it much worse. what i mean is that you talk about supply chains disruptions. the reality in the trump and pence administration we lowered the corporate tax rate to bring manufacturing back to the united states and created 7 million new jobs in 3 years. looking to raise that rate, you will continue to push that manufacturing back off-shore and creates problems. for the blue collar families hurt by the rise in gas and grocery prices, you have a monettary policy of low rates driving inflation up. you are about to spend trillion dollars of additional money that will juice inflation. but you are also in this massive tax and spend bill in congress. you will continue to limit gas
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supply and drive up the cost of gas further. it's a supply and demand issue. coming out of the pandemic demand is increasing, but you are limiting supply in the united states of where you can get that energy. there is no limit to how high energy prices will go. it's not just month to month. everything the biden administration and democrat leaders in congress will drive up energy prices and that's passed on to groceries. you have to transport those products to the stores. everything is only making this problem worse, bill. >> dana: and jen psaki talked about gas prices. mark, you know. in the white house gas prices are something that everyone watches closely. this white house might have a different take on what to do about it. this is jen psaki on october 6th. >> we want to keep gasoline
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prices low. the climate crisis can't wait. >> dana: the climate initiatives in the infrastructure bill, clean energy tax credit. a way to shift the bulk of electric power to renewable energy. there is a warning in europe. there is not enough to keep up with the demand for energy they need. >> that's right. you put an additional fee on oil and gas and methane which drives up electric bills too. something else in the bill you will tax americans and require the sub-stations to purchase electric vehicle. the number 1 producer of the electric vehicles is china. we will create jobs in communist china. you will push more production
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overseas with this tax bill, while taxing oil and gas production in the united states. driving up our energy prices and continuing to pushup inflation. >> dana: from you have it in a nutshell. we will see what the white house says today. >> bill: not a lot of good news. mark, thank you. here's the headline you don't want if you are this administration: reuters. there will be things that people can't get at christmas. white house warns. >> dana: they have to figure out a way to lay the ground work for what will happen so people are not surprised. here's something that surprises me. you have an administration that seems to lack urgency but you have somebody in charge of these very issues. that is mayor pete buttigieg now secretary buttigieg at the department of transportation. we took a look at what he's been
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spending his time doing. he did a little conference in nevada and a virtual ceremony from capitol hill. i don't see anything about the ports of which he is in charge, or the airlines or the trucking industry of which he is in charge. right now if you have the power to look like you are doing something, now would be the time. >> bill: it's right up his alley. but he's been largely awol. going back to fed-ex and ups who are trying to give you at home an idea of when you need to order christmas gifts. there are all kinds ever rules. bottom line. early december is probably the smart way to do it if you get around mid-december you will have a question whether or not the gift will get there on time. keep this in mind.
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as americans we got used over the past couple of years ordering something and getting it 2 or 3 days later even during the holiday time. that may not be the case this year. watch that issue. more breaking news. administration gearing up to reopen land borders with mexico and canada. new rules will require proof of vaccination but for those crossing illegally not so much. we will get into that. plus did you hear this? >> i think y'all you could do a better job of selling this. every time i come here i go through the issues that are in there. >> dana: speaker nancy pelosi blaming reporters for not selling the far left agenda. that's her job and also this. >> that's their right.
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they are your boss. the organization chart has been flipped. they feel like they are in charge. >> bill: even more back lash against the doj in school board meetings. parents are sounding off about their right to speak out in america. and shatner goes to space. we are on stand by in west texas coming up. >> ♪ ♪ ♪♪ retirement is an opportunity to fill each tomorrow with moments that matter. and a steady stream of protected income can help you secure the life you've planned. for more than 150 years, generations have trusted the strength and stability
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but they overwhelmingly support it whether or not they know it or not. >> dana: [laughing]. >> bill: humor. >> dana: you support it, but you don't know it yet. >> bill: that was yesterday. if it sounds familiar we found this clip from 11 years ago on obamacare. >> we have to pass the bill so you can find out what is in it. >> bill: similarities? >> dana: i think so. and alexandria ocasio-cortez said similar things: our policies are very popular. when they get there people don't want them to be taken away. that's how you grow the federal government. in the polls people are saying, the child tax credit, i am not sure this should be permanent. >> bill: infrastructure. was it 2000 pages?
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>> dana: or more. >> bill: obamacare. we stacked it up on your desk. these are whoppers. bret baier anchor of "special report" and the author of a new book "to rescue the row -- republic," a perfect set up. >> dana: what would grant say about this? >> he would be perplexed. great to see you guys in person. you are doing awesome in this spot. let's talk about house speaker pelosi. when she said that ahead of obamacare after it passes. this is a set up to 2010 which was a mid-term where they got shellacked and the republicans got a lot of seats. democrats thought everybody wanted what was in obamacare. but in reality, it didn't
6:22 am
turnout that way. you wonder whether it's setting up to be similar. that year in 2009 the virginia governor's race and the republican won. >> dana: progressives say sure we lost the gubernatorial race in virginia and the majority in the house but obamacare continues to grow. >> just wait you will love it and never want to get rid of it. that's their mentality. that's what joe manchin is concerned about. >> bill: republicans picked up 63 house seats in 2010. obama called it a shellacking. if you go into the polling from 2010 independents broke from
6:23 am
republicans by 19 points and independents decide elections. >> that's true. independents polled about biden's approval are down to 11% according to the quinnipiac poll. >> dana: when you have the chairman of the budget committee who is retiring, he must see the writing on the wall. >> that's right. there is a part of the push there is a realization on capitol hill from democrats this is their last effort to get something huge through. >> dana: do you think they will get it done? >> i think they will will gets part of it done. there is a negotiation on-going that will be scaled back from 3.5 and maybe it's 1.5. you have to get progressives to sign on to that to get there. so far they are not there. >> bill: build back smaller.
6:24 am
>> dana: [laughing]. just 1.5-trillion dollars. >> remember when we had the tarp 800 billion dollars. holy cow. >> dana: i had the nightmares about that. >> bill: roll this clip number. bowman a derkt. >> why not 4 trillion dollars? i can find uses for that money as well.mocrat. >> why not 4 trillion dollars? i can find uses for that money as well. >> bill: the real news is grant. why did you choose him? >> it's the forgotten history of grant as president and how he saves the united states. we focus on him as a general. he was a great military commander. 8 years in the presidency
6:25 am
painted by petty corruption. there was that, but he told the country together and fights the kkk and the 14th and 15th amendment giving the right to vote to blacks comes under grant. and the contested election of 1876 where we works with hayes and tillman a democrat to create this grand garringain. -- bargain. hayes becomes president. we forget that history. >> bill: that's a great point. >> dana: and president bush said grant was his favorite presidential memoir. >> he wrote that until the end of his death fighting throat cancer and died a few days later. mark twain published and makes money. >> bill: awesome stuff.
6:26 am
grant is the glue. >> he is. >> dana: congratulations. good luck on exclamation point. >> i am nervous. >> bill: you should be. >> dana: [laughing] sknlil tempers flairing in fairfax county virginia. defending the right to speak out about what is taught in their kids schools. have a listen. >> they feel like they are in charge of us. i think it is responsible for citizens to stand up and speak up about how their taxpayer dollars are spent. >> i came to this country believing it was the land of liberty and freedom. what i am finding out is that there is a lot of nefarious corruption that i am only suddenly paying attention to. >> they instill fear within the parents. they created fear among the community which they are
6:27 am
supposed to support. >> bill: the reason why this is so significant is because education will be an issue in this governors race in virginia 3 weeks from yesterday. >> dana: yes, one person says it's the dominant issue. in half an hour from now the supreme court will hear arguments on reinstating the death penalty for the surviving boston marathon bomber. his age could be a key factor in the case. and jeff bezos launching william shatner as the oldest astronaut. >> space the final frontier. these are the voyages of the starship enterprise. called tardive dyskinesia...
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>> bill: in 28 minutes the u.s. supreme court will hear arguments about whether or not the boston marathon bomber should face the death penalty. 3 were killed and hundreds injured during that terrorists attack in 2013. the manhunt that followed after. david is live in d.c. good morning to you there at the supreme court. >> good morning. big day here at the supreme court of the united states. today's arguments come 2 days after the 125th running of the boston bombing marathon. his involvement is not if question. the justices will look at other issues related to the death penalty. he was sentenced to death. a federal appeals 40 last year in massachusetts tossed out his death penalty sentence for 2erancy. ruling that that jurors were not questioned about news they saw
6:34 am
about the case.reasonserancy. ruling that that jurors were not questioned about news they saw about the case. and the defense was not allowed to show evidence about his older brother who was the criminal mastermind and he was pressured by his older brother. what makes this case more interesting. if july the attorney general issued a moratorium to federal executions. but the biden team looks at this man as an exception to the rule are arguing he should be put back on death row. >> i think the law is well set. the executive doesn't have to enforce. the supreme court has upheld the death penalty many, many times or the years. striking down the death penalty won't happen. >> this is the first time all 9 justice including amy coney
6:35 am
barrett have been in the courtroom doing business since february 2020. the prisoner is in a super max prison. will he be put to death? the attorney general wants to. will the 9 justices agree. >> bill: 10 a.m. eastern time. >> dana: the flight to take william shatner to space. he turned 90 earlier this year would make history as the oldest man to go to space. neil cavuto interviewed shatner earlier. space travel is for the young and fit. shatner is mentally and physically active at 90. this is fulfilling a vision that regular people can also go to
6:36 am
space. >> i am delighted to hear you don't have to be very fit. [laughing]. he is 90 years young. it's like an end of where the space flight is to go. he is the guest on this flight. the other 2 reasons are paying customers but even they are paying less. it's a sign of the demand out there. the and the supply of people who want to participate and the costs are going down. >> bill: see how neil cavuto does that. supply and demand. we will talk about transitory deficit with you. mike, you were with us back in
6:37 am
july with the first big liftoff. it was imbollic and cool. wally funk was on board and she was 82 and said she was disappointed. i would love to do this. what do you expect today? >> bill, i hope you get a chance. neal as well. it's opening it up to more and more people. you don't need to be young or in great shape. just well enough to get on the rocketship. today we will see more of the same. william shatner who has created a lot of interest and publicity. i think we will see what we saw last time. they am get on board and often and be good camera images as they are floating around and enjoying the view. they will come back and tell us what it was like. it's a version two back in july.
6:38 am
>> dana: they are on a 20 minute hold. what are the considerations going into that? >> i don't know. we can guess. we will find out we guessed incorrectly. i would think maybe something to do with just getting people settled. maybe they were late out of the door after breakfast. it could be something more serious where they are checking the systems or a weather condition where they are concerned about the wind. they have to protect not onlied launch and the recovery but they are waiting for clearances.y the launch and the recovery but they are waiting for clearances. >> dana: a question, you can eat breakfast before you go into space like this? >> that's a really great question. what they told us, don't eat
6:39 am
anything you don't want to see later. >> dana: [laughing]. >> we were in weightlessness for a while. it takes a few minutes for nausea to set in. i think they are okay. it's always good to have something in your stomach. maybe a little careful. >> bill: a great answer, bike. -- mike. this was delayed by weather conditions. we had william shatner on the other day want 90 and incredible. here's a clip. >> i will look out the window, neal to, see the vastness of space and the fragility of the earth. i will continue that theme in my thinking and work. >> bill: that's great stuff. he said i will look at the window and hope nobody looks
6:40 am
out. twilight zone episode. >> he is a remarkable guy and mike is a great astronaut. as an italian-american he's done a lot for my people. mike trained hard to be a astronaut. it's an honor. these people just waltz on. i am not critical about it. there is the widening pool of candidates where anyone can be invited by jeff bezos or richard branson. we are told that william shatner turned down an invite from branson. he thought that maybe bezos was a better fit. i don't know all of the details. >> bill: he must be getting more shares of amazon. the last crew showed up the day
6:41 am
before. >> yeah. it's amazing. >> dana: now just be there an hour and a half before the flight. >> you think what mike went through. the rigorous process. all kidding aside, we should never take this cavalierly or lightly. going into space is not like taking a jet blue flight. there are a lot of risks to it. we are getting used to this. but the fact of the matter is it's still dangerous. we have to keep that in mind. bill, to your point, what might prompt a delay. it could be winds or something in the capsule or just getting all seated and ready. time is tight on this mission. it's a 10 minute mission. 4 minutes ever weightlessness. if they were me just getting out of the seat occupies 4 minutes.
6:42 am
you want to treasure this moment for the few brief moments. >> bill: you are on stand by. >> absolutely. >> bill: thanks, guys. back to texas in a moment. first shocking video. border smugglers scaling a 30 foot high wall what a 7-year-old clings to his back. the record surge of migrants leading to sequence like this and the autopsy reveals how gabby petito was killed and brian kelly gone -- brian laundrie has been gone for a month. >> who did the homicide will be determined by law enforcement.
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>> ♪ ♪ >> dana: the wyoming coroner said gabby petito's cause of death was a result of manual strangulation and her body left in the wilderness for 3 to 4 weeks. the search for brian laundrie continues into its 4th week. phil keith is live outside of the laundrie's home. >> strangulation the ruling by
6:48 am
the coroner.ating is live outsi the laundrie's home. >> strangulation the ruling by the coroner. gabby petito's death was deliberate. >> does this change your opinion knowing gabby petito was strangled. >> not a word of brian laundrie. the father went to the gas station. it was ruled a homicide by strangulation. the 22-year-old was found a month ago in wyoming and according to the medical examiner that's as long as she was dead when her body was discovered. >> the sometime of death we estimate 3 to 4 weeks from the time the body was found. >> brian laundrie is the only person of interest in her disappearance and death. he remains missing. nowhere to be found.
6:49 am
a former fbi behavioral researcher thinks he is not alone. >> he may be getting help from somebody we have not considered. somebody in his inner circle or somebody that wants to help him to gain status and become a follower on instagram. >> the memoral is gone. weather took its toll. gabby petito lived at the laundrie home with her then boyfriend brian and his parents for a year. the petito family is on its way to wyoming to retrieve her remains. >> dana: that is a tough trip. >> bill: a criminal defense attorney. we don't have a ton of time. here is michael bond earlier
6:50 am
today. >> it's interesting. he said manual strangulation. that brings up the rough sex defense that worked pretty much back in the 1980s. >> bill: where is he going with that argument? >> oh! i guess he is anticipating what the likely defenses of brian laundrie will be if brian laundrie is ever caught. i see that as being a dense he might raise. he might raise some other guy did this. right now, we don't know where did gabby die? we know how she died. but where is the crime scene? was it where her body was found? did she die in the van or die in another state and transported to the crime scene.
6:51 am
the crime scene is more telling than the dna which will be all over gabby's body. >> dana: the brian laundrie. a witness thought he saw him. we heard nothing since. is the hunt for brian laundrie now up in the air? >> i think it's been up in the air. i think we are dumb if we continue to look for brian laundrie in the united states. if i wanted to disappear i would get myself to the texas border and walk backwards through crowd and be in mexico before anybody knew it where there is more chaos or control. if you want to be a fugitive that's the way to do it. we are looking in the wrong
6:52 am
place. >> bill: i am not sure the coroner would have answered this question yesterday. he was very careful with information that he chose to answer. thanks. call you on soon again. >> dana: we will witness history in the making. the next blue origin spacecraft blasting into space and tyrus will weigh in. back in a moment.
6:53 am
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6:58 am
coin this phrase. mr. william shatner is about to boldly go to where no other 90-year-old man has gone before. i don't know if that's true. but i don't care. i said it. bucket list, check. >> bill: given the trademark. >> thank you. >> bill: i like it. we were fascinated in july. we were sitting here dana and i were together on the first launch. there was a lot of intrigue as to how to do this thing. it's amazing. the level of curiousity is through the roof. hopefully it will go off without problems. >> obviously. i am excited. i love science. i love to see in the private industry we are seeing space explayeration. it gives kids another avenue.
6:59 am
3 billionaires are competing and it's getting really exciting. even the rocket itself is similar to dr. evil. just putting it out there. >> dana: you appreciate good marketing. what about getting william shatner to go on this flight? >> who other than james earl jones on the voice over telling you to put your seat belts on. nothing is better than william shatner. captain kirk. i hope he gets up there and gives us a star date captain's log. >> dana: i think he will. >> i am excited. >> bill: your second answer is interesting about education in america. >> yes.
7:00 am
>> bill: the space program got boring. >> watered down. it was competing with reality tv. it's nice now the kids are looking at the stars again. >> dana: a new frontier. >> bold. captain signing out. >> dana: [laughing]. fox news alert the countdown back on for the launch of blue origin. pushed back briefly. i am dana perino. >> and i remember bill hemmer. an exciting day. >> dana: fun. we are not on capitol hill. >> bill: a fair point. 30 minutes away. marking the company's second sub-orbital space flight. it may not be the star ship enterprise, captain kirk will be on board. william shatner and 3 others will blast off into space for 11 minutes before coming back
7:01 am
down-to-earth. two of the 4 paid. william shatner and another one are going free. >> dana: william shatner is 90 years old. remarkable. casey siegel is in west texas at the launch seat. >> good morning. the puns are endless with william shatner going into the space. we are about 30 minutes behind schedule. liftoff was scheduled for the top of the hour. now t-minus 29 minutes and counting. 3 times faster than the speed of sound or mock-3. that's how fast the new shepherd rocket engine will take offa and propel that vehicle to the boundaries of space. the internationally recognized boundary of space. more than sixty miles up. the 4 passenger including william shatner will experience
7:02 am
zero gravity for about 3 or 4 minutes before they come back down. the entire mission from liftoff to touchdown lasts a whopping 11 minutes. for those on board it's only 8 minutes for the reusable rocket engine which separates from the crew capsule and flies back to the launch site on its own arriving 3 minutes before the passengers are schedule to touch down. no doubt this has got the small town of 2000 people of van horn, texas, it's got them talking. listen. >> he and mr. spock were the ones that got me interested in space and science fiction. are junior high age up to now where william shatner is in our town fixing it go up into space. it's the whole circle for me.
7:03 am
>> it was just the end of july when the inaugural blue origin human flight was conducted carrying the company's founder amazon mooingal and his brother bezos. he took them out to the launchpad.ggal and his brother bezos. he took them out to the launchpad. there are jokes he may take a second ride. we are in west texas. >> bill: we want to bring in first female commander of a space capsule. we heard from the mayor of van
7:04 am
horn, texas. wanted an invite for the liftoff and didn't get it. she said she'll get as close as she can. what does this mean today? >> well, it means a lot to me. i was a big fan of star trek when i was in third or 4th grade. it's pretty cool to see william shatner walk up all of those stairs at age 90. he is in tremendous shape to be able to do that. it's good to see space flight expand out into civilian flights. this needs to happen if we are going to expand into space. we have to get more people up there and get more experience and bring the cost down. >> dana: what kind of scientific conclusions do we come up? what does that lead to back here on earth? >> there is a lot to learn on
7:05 am
the international space station. we did 250 different experiments. there is an experiment looking to see what the universe it made of. lots of science. on the space tourist flights the benefit is they help companies like blue origin, they give them revenue and get their engineers working on projects. these missions are for fun. they can depbigger -- do bigger projects. >> bill: there is jeff bezos and shaking hands with william shatner. you are impressed with the age at 90 and doing okay going up the steps. he was on the other day being 90 and getting a chance for this. william shatner on monday. >> the only thing about age that
7:06 am
has an application to this particular vehicle is getting in and out of the seat with any kind of arthritis. unless you are really suble getting in and out of the seats on gravity is a chore. it's designed to do that. >> bill: he will feel good for 4 minutes. there a lot of pr to these liftoffs. first in july and again today. a lot of symbolism. taking fragments like the first flight of the wright brothers. how do you jump from being a pr tool to lasting impact for the space program? >> i think that's an interesting
7:07 am
question. people love to explore. they love the unknown and when something is done for the first time. as more launches happen, the public interest will wane. that happened in the space shuttle program. it's important for those working in these programs to stay focussed. you don't want to get lackadaisical. you want this to become routine. these flights are still risky. this is a small margin between life-and-death. those going up on the flights they are brave. they are making a risk decision. i am glad they are doing it. we need people to go into space because without them, we won't be able to take further steps. some day we will go back to the moon and then go to mars. these flights taking place today, i hope the public doesn't lose interest.
7:08 am
these flights are important. that we learn from mistakes and keep pushing and get to do these missions cheaper and safer. >> dana: this is not like getting on a flight at jfk airport headed to denver. this is significant. speak to the risk. >> well, from is definitely a risk. i am sure they understand that. to william shatner's point about the difficulty of getting and out of the seat. at0-g it will be harder. there is an urge to flail your arms. it's really difficult to move around. it's not anything that they have ever experienced before. they only have a few minutes which is like a few seconds it will feel like. that capsule will be under a few g's and there is no commander
7:09 am
there. just 4 tourists. no professional astronaut to make sure they get their seat belts on. >> dana: why do you want to flail your arms around? >> because you are falling. that's what is happening. you are falling. like i just jumped off the bridge or a building or a diving word. lawyers have gotten rid of most diving boards. imagine feeling that for a minute. that's human nature. rookies on their first flight will have a hard time adjusting. >> dana: i would be flailing. >> bill: a great answer. looking at the big 3, bezos, branson and elon musk. do you think somebody has an edge right now? >> well, i think they are all very different. the virgin flights are thrown by
7:10 am
pilots. that's different than these blue origin flights which are totally automated and musk's company, they are going into orbit. space-x has circled the earth which is a 90 minute flight to go around the earth. virgin and blue origin go up and come right back down. those flights are 10 to 30 minutes. there is a big dinges. it's tough to say if one has an edge.fference. it's tough to say if one has an edge. they are secretive. >> bill: you are right about the secret nature. i don't think people knew what bezos was up two in west texas.
7:11 am
it was an veiling. >> they started developing this rocket in 2006. it wasn't until recently they came out into the open and let us know what is going on. they have to do that to get customers. they have to tell us what they are doing. >> bill: the reason i bring that up is because elon musk has been very public about how he is trying to land a rocket in the pacific ocean on a floating barge and one designed to go to the moon or beyond on a landing pad in florida. he recorded that. he produced it. they sent it out live over the internet. you can watch the thing. musk has been out there where
7:12 am
bezos has been behind the curtain perhaps. >> yes, for sure. there is an air of secrecy. all 3 are secretative. space-x launched capsules a decade ago.ive. space-x launched capsules a decade ago. he's launched several with cargo. 1 blue up but the other two made it. bezos hasn't even launched the equivalent. that's not happening any time soon. musk is a decade or 2 ahead of blue origin.
7:13 am
>> dana: what is the process to get the flight to be able to last longer than 11 minutes? >> well, that's a good question. if you want to go longer, [muffled audio]. [inaudible]. that's what shepherd did in 1961. to go into orbit you need a lot more power and thrust and a bigger booster. the other thing you need in orbit is a heat shield. to come back from orbit you are going 25 times the speed of sound. 18,500 miles per hour. to enter the atmosphere you hit molecules that generate friction. you can heat up to 3,000 degrees on the outside. that's coming back from orbit. that's a minimum 90 minute
7:14 am
flight. the big difference is having the heat shield. that's a technology that is difficult. we had a problem with the heat shield on the columbia flight back in 2003 which caused an accident. that's a leap in technology. the space-x company has done that. blue origin is working on that. virginia galattic doesn't need to because they don't plan to go to orbit. >> bill: wally was 82 and an astronaut and went up in orbit. >> bill: wally was 82 and an astronaut and went up in july. she said he was disappointed. do you think astronauts now, space tourists, but astronaut would be disappointed in in experience? >> hmmm, it is such a short -- mean the entire time they are in
7:15 am
weightlessness is less than half the time it took us to just to get into pace. it will happen so fast. the view is pretty spectacular. it's unlike anything they have seen. i remember my first glimpses of the earth from space. i remember thinking, man, i have never seen anything like this before. i thought i would be ready for it and i wasn't. i was trying to fly the shuttle so i could not stare out the window. it will be quicker than they thought and a normal astronaut would be like wow that was quick. it would still be a fun experience. >> dana: eyes on the road. >> i know. >> dana: thank you very much. they closed the hatch. all settled in. >> bill: stand by. about 20 minutes away. we will go back live to west texas.
7:16 am
back to some other news happening today. from the border heart breaking video showing a 7-year-old migrant girl dropped over a wall. fox news got that border patrol documents showing the magnitude of the illegal immigrants coming to the u.s. bill is live in texas. >> according to the federal documents we obtained from a source, more than 70,000 illegal immigrants were released into the united states in just the last 2 months alone. let's show you these documents. a border patrol report giving a snapshot of what is going on across the sectors. know. >> [wind howling].
7:17 am
>> since august 6th the biden administration released immigrants into the country that allows them to apply for work permits. it's supposed to be on a case by case basis for urgent humanitarian reasons. urgent. not done there. since march 20th they released 94,570 into the country with notice to report. they are told to report to an i.c.e. office within 60 days in a city of their choosing. that's what happened in del rio, texas, on one day 180 single
7:18 am
adults were referred and 52 accepted for detention and 128 relieved without any alternative to detention. no tracking. look at this video of a former border patrol chief rodney scott. we serve under president trump and president biden. he has serious concerns about the paroling am it's supposed to be specific. telling us i believe the administration is misusing parole authority. the sheer numbers brings into questions the approval process. i don't believe i approved more than 5 to 10 paroles in a year. i assured the alien was monitored continuously. i reached out to them and they
7:19 am
would not give a formal response. the official did not deny these numbers. tell me authorities for immigration detention and prosecution and remove are -- removal are... back out here live to wrap it up. they never answered my question why more than 100 single adults a day were released into the country without any way to track them. >> dana: the united states is preparing to reopen land borders with mexico and canada but only to fully vaccinated people.
7:20 am
restrictions will ease up in november. the department of homeland security expected to make the official announcement today and travel is already allowed for those with a negative covid test. there is no vaccination requirement for people coming across. >> bill: the cause of death for gabby petito is now public. the coroner declined to share a lot else about her murder. could a criminal case be the reason why the coroner is keeping quiet. my reaction from nancy grace who will join us later when we continue. ♪♪ retirement is an opportunity to fill each tomorrow with moments that matter. and a steady stream of protected income can help you secure the life you've planned. for more than 150 years,
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to have a universal recycling and composting program for residents and businesses. but it all starts with you. let's keep making a differene together. it's moving day. and while her friends are doing the heavy lifting, jess is busy moving her xfinity internet and tv services. it only takes about a minute. wait, a minute? but what have you been doing for the last two hours? ...delegating? oh, good one. move your xfinity services without breaking a sweat. xfinity makes moving easy. go online to transfer your services in about a minute. get started today. >> dana: the most recent average if polling shows the virginia governor's race tightening before the november second
7:26 am
election. education is a focal point. mike emanuel is covering this. this race is getting a lot of attention. >> no doubt about it. education is a red hot issue in the virginia governor's race. now a father say his daughter was attacked in school by a guy in girl's clothing. >> my daughter was sexual assaulted at the end of school in may of last year. i went to the school board meeting because i saw this crazy stuff on tv. >> scott smith was confronted by a transgender activist and that's when things got heated. >> i told the lady what happened to my daughter. she looked me dead in the face and said that's not what happened. that just truck me: how do you know what happened?
7:27 am
you don't even know me. then she kept going and the police came. >> smith was arrested at the june 22nd meeting and humiliated with his arrest going viral. smith broke his silence and parents showed up last night to express their concern about the school's transgender policy and the way this case was handled. >> it's frightening. my daughter is in the same grade as the girl this happened to. it's frightening. >> just because it's supposed to be inclusive that opens the door for predators. there is no way around it. >> this month the attorney general garland cited harassment and threats of violence against school board members. many parents in virginia told us they won't be silenced. part of why education is such a big issue in the virginia governor's race. >> dana: that father is
7:28 am
extremely brave. thank you. >> bill: nancy pelosi say something programs will have to be cut in the democrat's massive spending plan. she is keeping in place a plan that allows the irs to snoop on bank accounts with more than $600 dollars in them. a report from the hill. >> that's right. it's not a total surprise. expanding and strengthening the irs is how democrats plan to pay for all of their social programs in the first place. this confirmation not a surprise. the proposal would require banks and credit unions to monitor your deposits and withdrawals $600 or higher to pay for
7:29 am
president biden's spending plan. concerned constituents are calling up lawmakers. nancy pelosi said the tracking is staying in this bill. >> if people are breaking the law and not paying their taxes one way to track them is through the banking issue. >> senator tom cotton fired back on twitter. he said they will only tack the rich, they are lying. the treasury secretary said it's been mischaracterized. >> the proposal involves no reporting of individual transactions of any individual. the big picture is we have a tax gap that overthe next decade is estimated that 7 trillion
7:30 am
dollars. a short fall in the amount irs is collecting due on a failure of individuals to report the enemy they earned. >> even democrats like senator ron widen said we should work on more reasonable criteria. pelosi said negotiations are on-going and the 600 figure is open to a change. >> bill: thank you. watch the bouncing ball. >> dana: on the blue origin space flight it's in a hold. we are not sure why. on the road and on the curriculum, how a high school is doing its part to help with the nationwide shortage of truckers. >> ♪ trucking ♪ ♪ he's trucking ♪ ♪ ♪
7:31 am
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7:36 am
the hold is lifted. we are back on the clock and 15 minutes away. stand by. apparently everybody has microphones on. it will be really cool 15 to 20 minutes with fingers crossed 15 minutes from now. >> dana: reading, writing and driving an 18-wheeler. that's what teenagers in one california high school are learning. a nationwide trucker shortage is adding to the supply crisis. joining us is an instructor in california and a recent graduate from the high school program. tell me about the need to answer the demand. everyone we are talking to says the lack of truckers is one of the reasons we are having
7:37 am
a supply chain rises. >> that's true. we are short 63,000 drivers today. 25% of our drivers are at the age of retirement. we will lose 25% of the drivers over the next 5 to 7 years. this is a huge demand. part of our goal is not just to fill seats. we want to create a pipeline of young well trained talent for the future. >> bill: how old are you again? >> i am 18. and i took his class and he got me inspired is. >> bill: he introduced you do the idea you could have a job? >> yes. >> bill: okay. >> a career. >> bill: that's right. you have been behind the wheel? what did you find? >> yes. i find it very interesting. there is a lot to learn still. it's really fun.
7:38 am
>> dana: dave, one of the things that is an issue is getting the tests? the department of transportation to do what is needed. is that a problem here? >> we had some issues here with the covid shutdown. things are up and running now. with the shortage, we looked at the average age of someone entering the industry is 38 years old. people are entering this as a second or third career choice. we want people like him to enter as a first choice and have a passion for. it's our commission to help other schools start programs. >> bill: a great answer. this pandemic changed so many lives in so many different ways. this is one way we can
7:39 am
anticipate. i would imagine this is in that category? >> yes. agree. >> dana: you could earn a good living in this kind of career. is that something that motivates you as well? >> well, mostly who motivates me is the shortage of truckers. i really enjoy this career path. it's not mostly about the money. it's about helping out my community. >> dana: and getting paid in the process. >> bill: have you thought about seeing the country? what comes to mind? are you curious about going anywhere? >> yes, i am real curious. i really like to explore places. this is a big plus for me. >> bill: right up your alley. good luck. stay safe and learn well. listen to your instructors. >> dana: good for you and have
7:40 am
a great day. >> bill: a sign of the times. we have one answer on the gabby petito case. but the coroner's report is raising many more questions and you have some. nancy grace will answer that coming up when she breaks it down next. >> they didn't release the cause or manner of death for a while. it's not clear. he didn't answer the question as to why it took so long to release this information. release this information. careerowners. newday's refi rate is the lowest in their history. .
7:41 am
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7:45 am
>> bill: waiting for the wyoming coroner and announced the cause of gabby petito's death was strangulation. beyond that he did not reveal many details. >> we finds the cause and matter is death by strangulation and manner is homicide. as far as the time of death, we are estimating 3 to 4 weeks. >> bill: nancy grace, good morning to you. you made a career out of this. estimating.
7:46 am
what did you learn from yesterday? >> nancy: a lot of speculation was confirmed. that gabby petito died from strangulation and by manual strangulation which is different from ligatture. she was throttled and dead. they determined that by bruising from around the neck and blood vessels explode when you have lack of oxygen. i wonder whether or not there will be additional bruising to her body. this is a sweetheart murder. you are up close and personal to your victim. gabby was out there alone strangled dead. because her body was in the element so long we may not get certain evidence like dna on her body or fibers from the killer's shirt. but i would look immediately to
7:47 am
her finger nails. if she scratched at her killer that evidence may be protected. >> dana: what about the crime scene? she was dead 3 to 4 weeks. we don't know if she was killed there at that spot or killed someplace else and moved there. >> nancy: i would say she was killed right there. that's where they were camping. according to other sources there was her fan, a little grass, a creek, and her body was out in the open not far from there. the only thing i can imagine where she may have been killed other than right there is in the van. you could look at her body to determine if she was dragged. this is not a pleasant thought. but this must be done now. i would immediately begin looking at bugs and larvae and
7:48 am
whatever is growing around her body to time the time of the death to when the perp brian laundrie i believe was there. >> dana: we appreciate your time. we will move on. we have breaking news alert. we have the blue origin flight. it's a go. just a minute and 30 away. >> bill: it looks like it. this is produced very well. if you remember back from the third week of july, july 20th, the drone cameras gave us a perspective we have not seen before. neil cavuto reminded us don't take this for granted. this is dangerous stuff.
7:49 am
keep our fingers crossed. it's cool to watch with the ocean blue skies in west, texas. less than one minute to liftoff. >> dana: we will watch this liftoff. it's 11 minutes and it comes back. you will see the whole thing happening here right here in the united states of america which i think is remarkable. the private sector is figuring out amazing ways to commercialize space flight. >> bill: at the third second mark. jeff bezos is on hand. on board is william shatner at age 90. buckle up. >> dana: we can risen to them. -- listen to them. they all have microphones. let's listen. >> [inaudible]. >> 9, 8, 7, 6, 5, 4. 2, 1. >> [loud roaring].
7:50 am
>> cleared the tower. the second human space flight crew. what a launch. [inaudible]. on the flight to space. >> you can follow along at the base of the screen. they are gaining speed. we have confirmed max-q.
7:51 am
>> [silence]. >> [engine revving]. >> thanks for joining us live. second human flight. william shatner and 2 customers on board. they are well on their way to space. a clean burn on our blue engine 3. a blue wave flight to space this morning. the rocket is climbing towards
7:52 am
an altitude just over the carmen line the internationally recognized line of space. that's about 328,000 feet. and a gorgeous view down the rocket. now we have had main engine cut off. the engine shut off. in just a moment we will separate the capsule from the booster. our astronauts will have the opportunity to get out of their hornisses and enjoy the beauty of zero-g.arnisses and enjoy th of zero-g. >> [silence]. >> you can see a clean separation between the capsule and the booster. >> [silence].
7:53 am
. you can see the capsule from the top of the booster. they are continuing their ascent over the carmen line. you know when the speed hits zero. there they are. over 328,000 feet. welcome to space. the newest astronauts on board. >> [silence].
7:54 am
there they are. 351,000 feet. we don't have it but i can imagine they are having the time of their lives. >> [silence]. >> [silence continues].
7:55 am
>> thanks for joining us live from west texas. a phenomenal flight for the second human crew. soexciting to send captain kirk himself william shatner to space. i can't wait to hear his commence upon return and our 2 customers chris from australia. to all of the fans from down under a big shout out and our very own audrey powers. coming back home. the booster is going to beat the capsule back home. it's shaped with a blunt end. what we will see coming up shortly is at the top of the rocket we have the ring fin. there are the pie pins that extend and the drag brace.
7:56 am
it helps stabilize the vehicle like feathers on the back of an arrow. the drag brace cuts the velocity dramatically. the wedge fins are out. >> [silence]. >> we expect the engine to relight. let's wait for that.
7:57 am
the drag brace has deployed. here we come. touchdown. welcome back new shepherd. the 4th flight to space and back for that vehicle provided a beautiful flight to space for our second human crew. >> that sonic boom is so cool. it looks like a good fuel it up and go again. >> when you know to expect the sonic boom, it catches you off guard. >> talk about a rumble. the show is not over.
7:58 am
the capsule is desending. the chutes will deploy like guide parachutes. they will be followed by the main parachutes that will fully inflate. there go the parachutes. here come the mains. whew! what a flight. >> [laughing]. >> you can hear the cheers here in west texas.
7:59 am
>> [inaudible]. >> [speaking foreign language]. >> that will rotate. >> [muffled audio]. >> how about that. >> how about that, guys? that was unlike anything they described. >> [laughing]. >> [muffled audio]. >> [inaudible]. >> oh! >> here comes our crew back into the desert. newest astronauts. >> [laughing].
8:00 am
>> that's unlike anything you will ever do again. >> stand by. touchdown. stand by touchdown. >> stand by touchdown. >> and the capsule touches down. welcome back the newest astronauts. audrey and william shatner and glenn and chris. what a day for you. welcome back. i cannot wait to talk to them jackie and get what they experienced up there this morning. what a clean and beautiful flight from the rocket for our astronauts. >> what a stunning flight. i also loved hearing that audio of them on their way back about how this experience was for them. i can't wait to hear their stories. >> you heard william shatner saying this is like nothing i have ever experienced before. coming from a man


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