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tv   FOX and Friends  FOX News  October 13, 2021 3:00am-6:00am PDT

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country. it is a diversion. it >> you see the wall materials, millions of dollars going to waste. >> appreciate it. when a pipe bursts in the house you have to fix the root of the problem and the flood that is now on your floor. we got to go. fox and friends starts right now. goodbye. >> americans hit hard as they >> , on. at there's a reason people don't buy this stuff. it's ludicrous. >> bidens will border crisis is worsening. >> the board patrol told me the likelihood of a terrorist attack grows by the day. >> just adds to the public's right to know what's going on here. >> there is no end of incriminating materials that's really bad news.
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>> devastating developments as how gabby potatoes life came to an end. >> death by strangulation. >> today william shatner will head to space, the oldest person to ever travel into space. ♪♪ >> jacksonville florida is what you are looking at right now and the lights are still on and just a bit north you will see the stadium where the jaguars. >> it's a shame you don't spend more time there. >> i was there for the super bowl a few years ago. >> there some radio stations down there and he's always on them. >> jaguars when one so far. >> so sorry about that. >> they do show a lot of promise, a little bit of controversy. >> i wish they had kept
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tim tebow, about. he's a nice guy. can i just keep the nice guys on the team. >> they should put nice guys on one team. they won't win many games. >> i don't know, they might win some games. >> if you are nice, should you be able to play professional sports >> meanwhile, let's talk a little bit about this, hate to sound like a broken record, but it's clear all employers want for christmas is seasonal employees because yesterday a jaw-dropping number came out, the number of people who quit their jobs in the month of august, 4.3 million people said i don't like this a job and they say that because they feel like there are so many incentives and better jobs out there, so they will take one of those. >> there aren't enough yard workers to unpack
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the cargo, there's not enough drivers to ferry the toys around the country and there aren't enough people working in the stores. >> you know who will get hurt the most, i think 2% of the workforce just quit and they want a better job, they are tired of the hours. i never remember that even being a stat that you looked at, but now small businesses that used to wait for 30 days for product to go on their shelves now wait two months the cost is three times what they were with about a half million shipping containers of cargo containers on cargo ships off the ports in l.a. and long beach, let alone what you can imagine in places like georgia and new jersey. >> that's why later today the president will have a 17 a person virtual town hall essentially a roundtable with people involved in a shipping and things like that. >> walmart, ups. >> fedex and what they will talk about is how the administration is
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now going to make sure the ports of l.a. in particular is open 24 hours a day, seven days a week with what they call a 90 day sprint to clear the cargo. they are going to ask walmart and fedex and ups, can you use the extended hours to clear your stuff so we can get everyone out-- everyone's a stuff out of there. looks like the white house is looking directly at christmas. >> apparently he's been working on this for months according to janet zaki. >> quietly. >> why did it take so long for the president to get together with the port heads as well as the companies to figure out what's wrong with the supply chain since it's been an issue most of the year? >> i would say the president has the supply chain passport has been working around-the-clock for months and months to address a range of different issues we have seen in the supply chain >> one lady said she paid $100 for two boxes of toys, but it cost her $300 to ship them.
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>> this is personal to you. might you have been doing some toy shopping? >> you turn on every channel and this is the top story is people scramble so i done my christmas shopping for my daughter. yesterday i was on walmart's website just filling of the car because i'm worried that the little things that she might want might be gone. >> we asked you to send us examples in your town of things that are missing and from the shelves and as you see-- okay, that's bad news. that's the toilet paper i'll. >> here we go again. >> just back a year ago and white house officials as says they will be things people can get for the holidays. if you had your eye on one of the brand-new apple iphone 13's, they were going to make 90 million, but because there is a 70 chip shortages as ships aren't such short supply they will probably
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reduce that production by 10 million, so if you want one of the apple iphones, it's going to be hard to get. it's unusual. >> we have been going through the pandemic and now you are a small business owner and not only were you hit hard especially restaurants, now you can't find workers, the appliances are stuck in factories or containers on board the cargo ships off our coast and gas prices just yesterday in new york city for premium gasoline it was $5.40 per gallon. >> here is isaac leary and ceo mj entertainment, a toymaker and he is saying go shopping. >> actually, very dire. i have been doing this business for over 40 years and i've never seen something like this before. everything that has gone-- could go wrong has gone wrong. there will be a tough christmas and my advice
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to consumers are to go by the hottest toys early or you won't get it for your children. >> the other thing is just flat out, you and christmas to be good, toys for tots and charitable organizations and i understand that, but we are missing the bigger picture, not to make december 25 gray or hanukkah fantastic, but i think about the small businesses and they aren't getting any of their stuff. i know there will be a glutton everything was brought to a halt, but they knew this was going to happen. they knew this would be an issue. how could this not be a priority and how could you not-- and we will have bob on in 15 minutes, don't have a roundtable today, but have these meetings where they has to be ways to unload all of these containers immediately because inflation is now virtually doubling everything we get. it's the ripple effect with home prices and
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everything we buy. i think we are too focused on the holidays. i'm talking about every day. you might have a business-- >> the reason people aren't working as much, do you think they got used to it during the pandemic and could realize they could survive? >> it's related to the pandemic, but ultimately it's supplied in demand because as-- about six months ago the demand started to increase whether it's airlines or stuff and the companies who were making a stuff or moving people on airlines, they didn't realize people wanted so much stuff in writing on airplanes so quickly so that's the problem with the airlines is in some cases particularly southwest they just don't have enough people to fly the planes because they put so many people on furlough and whatnot and when they brought them back they had to retrain them and it's been a very slow process. >> tucker has been all over this and i think southwest is in the middle of a worker rebellion and i think we will find that out as soon.
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if the ceo would be honest. to your question i think there's a bunch of reasons people are quitting. number one they don't need the money is much. number to the quality of life, people think do i need to work this job. >> realize how-- >> the rental assistance, student loan assistance, the desperation everyone out there has had i have to get this job, that seems to have after last year people are reevaluating things i think there's a lot of things going into that 2.4% quit rate. >> i think people realize that during the pandemic when we saw some a people dying that they reevaluated their lives. >> that could be part of it. >> that's also part of the component going forward as well because a lot of people for a variety of reasons are staying at home and ultimately they don't have childcare, they don't have work. ups came up with a brand-new program because the shippers and
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delivery companies are facing a problem. apparently because you know they traditionally would have an interview with someone and then we will get back to you. what they have started doing as a ups it's all online because they found that if people have to wait they will go take another job took us so it's all online for it's done in 30 minutes and sounds like if you apply at ups you could have a job in 30 minutes because they are so desperate. >> amazing. they say between 10 and 11 million job openings and there's a 7 million americans without a job and then there's 2% of the workforce that quit their job. fascinating time. as soon as the administration has asked that they think agenda is daycare. excuse me, that is a role can you please answer one question without a political agenda? >> we appreciate the photos you all are sending and if you see bare shelves, send them into us e-mail us at and all the pictures we just showed are from viewers and we will
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continue to show them when you send them an. >> thank you very much. >> brian, what's coming up? >> already did even though it's written for you. >> i'm trying to share. >> look at this video, a 7-year old girl dangling over the border wall, this is the mother of all caravans heads for the border and we are in del rio texas with that story next. so you only pay for what you need. sorry? limu, you're an animal! only pay for what you need. ♪ liberty. liberty. liberty. liberty. ♪ to be a thriver with metastatic breast cancer means... asking for what we want. and need. and we need more time. so, we want kisqali. living longer is possible and proven with kisqali... ...when taken with fulvestrant in postmenopausal women with hr+, her2- metastatic breast cancer. kisqali is a pill that's significantly more effective
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>> decomposition, but it would not change any internal injuries on the body. what was found immediately in day one is that where internal injuries to the neck and that's how they could make a diagnosis of strangulation. >> authorities are still searching for brian a laundry with a warrant for his arrest on fraud or charges. wildfire explodes in size with officials saying the fire burning near santa barbara is a spreading to the grounds of an old exxon mobil gas processing facility and also threatening a ranch once owned by president ronald reagan with about 13,000 acres burned. the fire is a 0% contained. the marines-- marine in the brig speaking out against military leaders over the withdraw from afghanistan will plead guilty to some charges tomorrow. he faces charges for disrespecting superior officers after posting
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videos online questioning the withdraw. he hopes in taking a plea deal he will be honorably discharged. just hours from now, william shatner will make a space history. a crew of three will accompany the actor on board the new shepherd rocket and at 90 years old shatner will be the oldest person ever to travel into space. >> i'm going to see in the vastness of space and the fragility the earth and i'm going to continue that. >> liftoff is a scheduled board 10:00 a.m. eastern. that is so exciting. can't wait. >> can't believe he's 90. >> i was thinking the same thing. >> did he get that seat on priceline? >> probably. >> good luck. >> 6:17 a.m. on the east coast. are breaking new video shows the drastic consequences of the crisis at our southern
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border. a 7-year old migrant girl abandoned by that smuggler whose putting her down after the dangerous drop from a 30-foot tall border wall. >> this is border agents arrest 24 migrants they believe the used bolt cutters to break into train cars to then travel in the united states. >> they found that bolt cutters on them and fox & friends lawrence jones joins us with a firsthand look at the crisis. a lawrence, i was fascinated to see on that dismount with a seven year old going over the wall, they spotted this, but they they didn't want to go and jar the coyote because they were afraid they would just drop the 7-year old enron so they let him actually do it and put them on the ground and then they went out there. >> good morning. we are live right here at the border. that is the risk that you post right now with
3:19 am
the cartel on the offense and that's what i've heard from the border patrol and the texas state troopers as well that are reacting to what the cartel is doing. i have carrie here with me, a texas owner and you have been impacted by this border, by the administration. >> border has never been close to. if it is, it would be people i mean kids are going back and forth to school, business people go back and forth to work. the trade is not there, they aren't able to come and shop, but they-- even the residents go back and forth. as far as the processing centers, that tells you right there that there are thousands that come in every day. >> one of your main concerns is the nonfat team happening with people coming to the country without proper vetting. >> since biden took office, the murders, it's the highest rate in the last 40 years and people question it may
3:20 am
be it was just from the police. of the truth is that when a person comes into the united states, they come from 151 countries, unless they committed a crime prior to them coming through the processing, they are not in the united states criminal database, so it doesn't matter if they are murderers, sex predators, cartel, it doesn't matter if they are not in our database to get they are allowed in. we are paying murderers $1400 and paying them to live in the united states. >> and we still have not done the proper vetting. i'm going to send it back to you guys and that's the concern for a lot of folks in texas because it's personal to them. as i told you about three weeks ago when i was on the ground the border patrol can't do foot pursuits and they can't do their job so it's the texas state troopers that i will be embedded with the rest of the week that are leading the way. i was in the back to you in new york. >> a great point of view to be with those guys.
3:21 am
lawrence, thank you peter he will be at the border all morning long. >> we were talking earlier in the show them why some people are out of work and what's happening with our airlines, people are showing up for work when they are supposed to, many people think it's because of the vaccine mandate, others have other reasons, the masks, no child care home, people are reevaluating their lives well, ted cruz was talking about what is happening with the airlines and he said people are not going to work because they are furious because joe biden that executive orders telling people federal workers you have to get vaccinated to go to work. many people are showing up. jen psaki was asked about that at the white house and this is what she had to say. >> with his answer, was the white house response to people to say the vaccine mandates have reduced the workforce and contributing to the problem? >> i know world-renowned business travel and health expert senator
3:22 am
ted cruz has made that point, but i wouldn't say that it's widely acknowledged or echoed by business leaders. we are in the middle of a global pandemic, but ultimately the job of the president of the united states is to lead, follow the advice of the health experts, to ensure he is protecting the lives of people across the country. we have seen businesses across the country this is the way to save lives, create certainty, it's good for the economy and it's something we are looking forward to implementing. >> turns out ted cruz has an answer to that. he knows jen psaki did not go all in on saying he is wrong because he very well might be one 100% right and ted cruz is doubling down to dns: so now biden's white house is hauling starkey-- snarky insults. i just spoke with a credible senior source of aviation who told me the following, a few days goes there was a sick out of air traffic
3:23 am
controllers in jacksonville were vaccine mandates. he continues, as a result, out of 33 air traffic controllers only three showed up to work cascading with flight cancellations. true or false jen or do you just do petty insults and ignore actual facts? >> the guy who runs southwest you know southwest is the airline and all the problems and a fella by the name of gary kelley the ceo said yesterday that air traffic control issues were not the cause, but it was a series of faa ground delays and delay programs throughout florida which had terrible weather friday. but, he's also been out and he's been talking about the vaccine mandates and that's what ted cruz and others talked about. you know these people are showing up because they don't want to get that shot to get the job. here's the thing about the guy who runs a southwest, he says i've never wanted our employees to have to get it, but i am forced by
3:24 am
the biden administration, which in september said any company that does business with a government including southwest that has more than 100 employees will have to mandate that they get the shot by early in december or people will lose their job. >> he said i've never been in favor of corporations imposing that mandate. i'm not in favor of that, never have been, but the executive order from president biden mandates all of federal employees and all federal contractors which covers the major airlines have to have a mandated vaccine in place by december 8, so we are working through that. >> southwest airline pilot association which represents the 9000 pilots for southwest have blamed airline management in what's described for planning, unions raise alarms over the summer as pilots were being led-- they have sources that say this is the beginning of a work slowdown essentially and the ceo is flat-out lying.
3:25 am
they are in a tough spot and if you think why is it that southwest had a problem yet today blamed weather for the first few hours, it just doesn't fly. air traffic controller and then shortstaffed, you can have all these excuses and i feel it's only the beginning. think about this, holiday travel let alone cargo and we are blowing up in october? >> i have heard republicans, biden's blue christmas, which is not good. southwest airline ceo though, did say he doesn't want anyone to lose their job, so if you can't get the shot, try to get-- why did they refer to it, and accommodation either for medical or religious and do it before the deadline. >> i would say this, i was supposed to fly today and i got delayed
3:26 am
for three hours so it blows up my shoes on trampoline. in other reason? the crew. everyone is there, crew issues. >> and as we get closer to the deadline for the vaccine, december 8. >> absolutely. >> your airline doesn't require the vaccine. >> for now, i guess. osha is coming up with policies for those companies over 100 people, it will be out soon and joe biden screams anti- factors are the worst people on the planet and demand everyone do this. medical workers, cox, two thirds of our military are vaccinated. a lot of them will just quit. you should understand that if there's a ripple effect of these mandates, then he should stop looking at his full numbers and think about making america work for a change, convince people to do it by talking to their doctors, don't mandated from the left turn. >> navy crews are not showing up because there is a shortage of employees.
3:27 am
>> then again, it could be weather-related. people could have gotten timed out. maybe look at where your airplane is coming from. >> very frustrating and as it gets worse towards christmas people won't be ae to make it home for christmas 6:26 a.m. your fear and frustration in fairfax county virginia. we will talk to parents about the chilling effect caused by the d.o.j.'s memo that they say targets their first amendment rights. >> parents about whether to even show up at school meetings. >> they instilled fear in the parents, traded fear amongst the community.
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nicorette knows, quitting smoking is freaking hard. you get advice like: try hypnosis... or... quit cold turkey. kidding me?! instead, start small. with nicorette. which can lead to something big. start stopping with nicorette >> there are brand-new calls for an entire school board in virginia to resign after allegedly trying to cover up sexual assault. carly is here with the father's claim. >> loud in a county parents are demanding school board members resign in the wake of allegations they covered up two instances of sexual assault against students. one father who was
3:32 am
arrested for protesting transgender bathroom policies in june is blaming the district's policies for an assault on his daughter. >> my daughter was a sexually assaulted at the end of school in may, of last year. school ended, you know when the school board in the school system just went on summer break and abandoned us. >> the suspected student allegedly committed another assault after being transferred. he's reportedly in custody. parents feel their kids aren't as safe in the district is covering up claims of sexual assault to push their far left policies. >> currently charged with sexual assault and transferred to another school. what else are you hiding? resign before you face a federal indictment. >> attorney general merrick garlandd is mobilizing the fbi after the national school board association deemed parents opposed to
3:33 am
critical race theory as domestic terrorists. the heated battle in virginia over educational policies could spell the difference in the dead even governors race between democrat terry mcauliffe and republican glenn young can, repeat-- virginians head to the polls in just three weeks. >> we will talk to some parents coming out. thank you. meanwhile, in fairfax county virginia frustrated parents urge of their school board condemn the d.o.j. for trying to intimidate parents with their investigation. lets bring into them that parents. we have harry jackson the president of thomas jefferson high school parent teacher association and also elizabeth schultz a former fairfax county school board member and former department of education official. good morning to both of you. >> a good morning. >> elizabeth, we are hearing many different stories out of fairfax and the neighboring county, loudoun county was happening to our schools and i understand you pulled your son out of one of these schools. it tell us wife.
3:34 am
>> unfortunately, i have four children that were in fairfax county public schools. my older are adults, but when you see a school board that is as a town it deaf to the needs of students and the desires of parents who shut them out and walk away from the table when ethnography is presented to them at a school board meeting, not a plastic topic, but this is in our schools and photography for kids is bad and parents try to point that out. school boards walk away and in loudoun county they shut parents out, parents like scott smith are left wanting accountability on the behalf of the superintendent or the school board and really to have the d.o.j. put us in a position where we are the ones who are labeled as bullies or worse, domestic terrorists is beyond the chilling, it's freezing. >> terry, what is your biggest concern? >> my biggest concern with the memorandum is to be clear i'm
3:35 am
representing just myself, not any organization in a official capacity. it's a chilling, it's intimidation particularly the school board with the feeling that they are above reproach and criticism and that they are using the language within this memo that they can deem harassing to be deemed as possible threat that could be reported to the fbi and in that memorandum they will be dedicating architectures for school board officials for administrators to report any behavior deem harassing or threatening to the fbi and it's it effort to silence the parents. >> elizabeth, what happened to the school board? you serve your term two years ago you laughed, what happened? >> well, there was a takeover of people who have far left policies and you saw footnote to the petal you know. this is a hard driving
3:36 am
to their ideological agenda and they went forward and said we are going to implement this and it doesn't really matter if we have hundreds of parents show up at the school board meeting or thousands, we will do what we feel is our mission is to embed critical race theory, open up the family life education to even more far left agenda and there is not a sense that there is any voice left for parents. they cut that time parents can talk at a school board meeting. they cut the number of people that are available to speak and really what we see is that they make an appeal to parents that we want to hear your voice, but then even if you are able to show up and you can speak, in the end whatever policy they are going to implement is already set in motion and they really don't want to hear what parents have to say. >> terry macola was saying parents really don't have the right to decide.
3:37 am
he's running for governor as a democrat. why is all of this happening? >> with the control speech are we talking a critical race theory, i think my personal opinion is it's an unhealthy way to-- no cost solution to reduce the achievement gap because they failed to serve the needs of underrepresented minorities-- i'm sorry. okay. and to cover up for their failures essentially. >> and you are really upset about some of the explicit material our kids are learning in school? >> absolutely. there was a clause regarding-- absent of it-- obscenity because allowing should material to go into the libraries accessed by children as young as 11 years old -2 books, gender and lawn boy that has graphic descriptions and promoting pedophilia that creates an
3:38 am
environment for grooming by pedophiles within our community. these administrators-- >> your son schools and those books were never in circulation at the school. is that true? >> at that school, but they were in circulation at other schools. i have other children, not just thomas jefferson. i have a middle school or any kindergartner, but these perks were in circulation and instead of just admitting that they may have been at fault, there's actually a doubling down. people protesting and advocating to put the books back on the shelves these are books that promote romanticize sex between men and children within their schools that have graphic depictions of sexual content, literally how to-- instruction manuals. it's not acceptable. it's not acceptable to promote within the mind of an older teenager gay
3:39 am
or straight that it's okay to fantasize about young boys. it's not okay to have to romanticize sex between 10 -year-olds that it's okay that there's inappropriate touching to let down the guard of children that if they are inappropriately touched by an adult that it's okay and that's what's happening in our schools. >> elizabeth, terry, keep fighting. thank you for coming on. >> thank you. >> warnings of a nightmare before christmas with former home depot ceo bob nardelli sounds off on the supply chain crunch that could harm our holiday season. ♪♪ sed with chasing the big idaho potato truck. but it's not like that's my only interest. i also love cooking with heart-healthy, idaho potatoes. always look for the grown in idaho seal.
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this isn't just a walk up the stairs. and that's something he can give a big thumbs-up to. when you have an irregular heartbeat, it's more. it's dignity. the freedom to go where you want, knowing your doctor can watch over your heart. ♪♪ >> shelves across america empty, shippers experiencing a five alarm fire as we can get
3:44 am
anything off the ships and what they lack in truck drivers with the increase in cost of cargo, delays could be a nightmare for not only the holiday season, every day life and jack up prices in everything we buy the let's bring in former ceo of home depot, bob nnardelli. bob, you have seen these cargo ships, you have seen in california, in georgia and new york, new jersey. what can we do about this? >> brian, thank you for having me on and you are exactly right. talking to many of my colleagues both in the public and private sector are increasingly frustrated that we keep reporting an increase in the number of vessels. we keep talking about gas shortages, supply chain problems, we have one of the best militaries in the world. of these are men and women who have the capability to unload cargo and transport cargo. i'm not a lawyer and for sure not a politician, brian, but it seems to
3:45 am
me if we declared a national emergency and we put these men and women on the ground and break this problem. it does solve the problem by telling people by early for christmas. it doesn't problem problem to tell people to buy a chest freezer and stock up on me. we are-- we had reached energy independence, i mean, it's challenges and common sense, natural gas will be short if we have a cold winter pure it continues to perpetuate these problems. look, i grew up with jack welch a mentor who told me see the world the way it is, not the way you wanted to be. it has served me well. i'm not an optimist or a pessimist, i'm a realist. look at the situation's. they aren't getting better. you talk about airlines a moment ago, it's not getting better. we need to be aggressive. we have the capabilities. we have the willpower appear someone just has to make the decision to fix these problems, brian.
3:46 am
inflation is going to get worse. >> right, and of course because you don't have enough products they will jack up the prices and maybe some people won't unload the ships because they will get more for what they have which is the bad part of capitalism, so to speak. on the military, they have the truck drivers, they have the trucks, national guard, this is an emergency. you start emptying those cargo ships and get them onto the shelves and allowing more ships to command, gash china has issues, europe has issues, but we could end our own backyard first. if you are going to use the military to stop the border in some cases, why not use it now? get the national guard in there . we have the truck drivers. >> brian, you are exactly right. again, i don't know the technicalities of the issue, but you are right declare a national emergency a lot of different times whether it's a fire, a hurricane, tornado. to me, this is just as a severe and again, it's
3:47 am
going to impact a lot of people who don't have the time or money to spend or buy things in advance. we can't start hoarding paper products again we did pre-covid. not only you know you think about home depot, target, costco, bought their own vessel and doesn't help and it still sitting in the port pic we have to get the containers unloaded and transported to the areas of distribution centers to help solve the problem. we have to do it now, now. >> and the subset did this is the chip problem, taiwan who we lean on, we don't make our own and the whole world is short of them. it might take two years, but we have to start now and why people are just worried about what christmas gifts we are getting and thinking that will stop the problem is nuts. bob, i hope they call you. you solve the problem is your whole life. bob nardelli, thank you. >> thank you, brian. >> meanwhile, let's check in with senior
3:48 am
meteorologist janice dean for our fox weather cast. >> a good morning. beautiful day here in new york city, but we had some really rough weather across the central u.s. last night. powerful cold front bringing the threat for tornadoes over areas like oklahoma in towards kansas and we still have a tornado watch in effect for central oklahoma. we had a couple of early warnings and north of oklahoma city is where we have it tornado worn storm so some of these could be happening this morning. know what to do if there is a watch or warning in your area as the front will move through this afternoon. we still have cold air behind and snow warnings or parts of wyoming, so a very complex system we will track throughout the day. we will certainly keep you up-to-date from a fox weather. >> thank you. meanwhile, janice exposing e-mails, president biden to his son hunter's finances, could bite his past remarks get him in hot water? we will discuss next.
3:49 am
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this is bob minetti and his wife wendy. in 2016, he was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer. bob participated in a clinical trial that included cutting-edge radiation therapy and surgery. he's been in remission since completion. i am so glad i learned what was possible for me stand up to cancer and lustgarten foundation are working together to make every person diagnosed with pancreatic cancer a long-term survivor. visit pancreatic cancer steve: well, president biden long-denied getting involved with his son hundreder's business dealings, remember this reporter: did hunter biden commit a crime? have you spoken to your son, mr.
3:53 am
president-elect? how many times have you ever spoken to your son about his overseas business dealings? >> i've never spoken to my son about his overseas business dealings. >> i have never discussed with my son or my brother or anyone else anything having to do with their businesses, period. steve: period. but, new e-mails obtained by the daily mail redeal that hunter and his dad reportedly shared bank accounts and paid each other's bills, so could that get the president drawn into hunter's fbi probe of his finances? let's bring in fox news contributor and law professor at george washington university, jonathan turley. professor, good morning. >> thank you, steve. steve: so, hunter biden revealed in the last couple of months that yeah, i'm under federal investigation for tax and stuff like that, so if they shared a bank account, he, with the current president of the united states, you would think that in ordinary times they be looking into the
3:54 am
president's finances as well >> yeah, this undermines much of what the president has said but it's not the first time. the president has repeatedly said he has no knowledge, no involvement in these investments that has been contradicted by witnesses and e-mails. he's referred to in some e-mails as the big guy and some of those e-mails indicate an actual percentage cut was discussed for now president biden. with these disclosures, we have accounts being used to pay both hunter and joe biden and money being reimbursed to hunter biden from an individual associated with a company called rosemont senica. now that's a company that has been tied to payments from china and russia, and so this is getting more and more serious. the question is why the justice department hasn't considered the appointment of a special counsel. we know there's a criminal investigation going on into the tax issues, possible money
3:55 am
laundering, but there's also serious questions about whether the biden family conducted an extensive influence pedaling operation involving not just hunter but his uncle and potentially the president of the united states, and what a special counsel can do is produce a report, and we really are in a position where we need an independent report to be done , because steve, as you remember, back in the day people like adam schiff said this is all russian disinformation and a bunch of former intelligence officials said this is coming out of the kremlin. all that was untrue. steve: absolutely, and they are sticking to that story they said yeah, there was a lot of that going on back then. 40 second, jonathan. you know, if this were donald trump in the big chair at the white house, and this was revealed, you know, you know for a fact the doj, trump's own doj be appointing a special counsel. >> trump's doj did, and the
3:56 am
amazing thing is that there's not this to say that we need something to be done. president biden says that my son did know wrong that's clearly untrue. we can debate whether there was a criminal act but influence pedaling is wrong. its been this city for generations. steve: and exit question. the odds of this doj appointing a special prosecutor? special counsel? >> not very high, particularly with the media continuing the virtual blackout. steve: jonathan we thank you very much for joining us from d.c. >> thanks, steve. steve: listen to this , sending a handwritten letter to a loved one or a friend could become a lost art, look at the brand new poll, it's shocking that shows just how rare getting out a pen and paper and writing something is. >> ♪ torsket... when they got a chip. they drove to safelite for a same-day repair. and with their insurance,
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>> america is hit hard as they increasingly struggle to find everyday items. >> these are issues the president has been focused on since he took office. >> come on, there's a reason people don't buy this stuff and it's so ludacris. >> biden's border crisis is worsening. >> the border patrol told me that the likelihood of a terrorist attack grows by the day. >> bombshells we learn president biden shares a bank account with his son hunter. >> just adds to the public's right to know what's going on here. >> there's no end of incriminating materials that is really bad news for him. >> a development of how gabby
4:01 am
petito's life came to an end. >> we hereby find the cause of death to be death by strangulation. >> it's blastoff day for captain kirk. william shatner will head to space and become the oldest person to ever travel into space >> ♪ come on over ♪ ainsley: you want to do that in front of the camera. ted is dancing behind the camera brian: absolutely. ainsley: you like this song, ted that's a picture of boston and the commonwealth of massachusetts it's going to be 77 today, 59 right now. steve: you can see the charles right there in the middle my daughter mary when she was on the boston college crew team used to get up at 4:00 in the morning. ainsley: she was on the crew team? steve: yes. ainsley: i never knew that. steve: she never rode a boat before she went to college and she saw a sign that said we're
4:02 am
looking for athletic kids to be on the crew team and she walked on and she had a tryout, they signed her on the spot. ainsley: they get up early. steve: 4:00. and the trouble is when you're doing that row, row, row your boat thing on the charles, when you go down and you hit an ice block, you know, ice floating, the whole boat goes like that. ainsley: did she ever fall in? steve: nope but it was a little scary. brian: you can't use engines on that right? you have to row? ainsley: that's kind of the point. do you know the difference of the commonwealth and a state? i just looked it up. steve: there are four commonwealths, pennsylvania, kentucky, massachusetts, and virginia. ainsley: okay, so there's really no difference in the relationship to the nation as a whole when you used to refer to the united states there's no difference between a state and a commonwealth. the distinction is name-only. the commonwealth is just like any other state in their politic s and laws. steve: they used to all for those commonwealths used to be british possessions back in the olden days so it's just a
4:03 am
leftover term that lingers today ainsley: just the way it was put in there. brian: if you're british watching you aren't getting them back right? ainsley: no way. steve: they're ours. ainsley: let's talk about this supply chain issue. something we're all worried about. it's being felt "coast to coast ." store shelves are becoming bare, of all of the essentials we need for christmas or households. steve: that's right particularly scary on the paper goods aisle if you know what i mean. this morning the white house is announcing the port of los angeles will move to 24/7 service to get the ships off the california coast. brian: the question is what are you waiting for peter doocy is live at the white house, peter, are they? reporter: that's a good question , what are you waiting for , because we know officials around here are not surprised by this , because they've been talking about it for months but they waited until it got this bad. this bad of a backlog to send president biden out for a day's worth of events.
4:04 am
the same day that the port of los angeles, walmart, ups and fedex, all announced 24/7 service. >> he's been working on these issues for months. i know its been up and front in the news, in the last few weeks but these are issues the president has been focused on since he took office. it's a fundamental challenge as the economy is turning back on and one he's been focused on from the first day. reporter: that's part of the key turning the economy back on, concerned about covid-19 for months the government beefed up benefits for people not to work and in august, a record 4.3 million workers left their jobs that is the most since december, the turn of the century, and up almost 3% from july to break it down, about 900,000 workers left food verse and hotels, 700,000 left the retail industry and 530,000 left healthcare and social assistance industries, and all that is making stuff more expensive.
4:05 am
>> product prices are through the proof and of course now the labor shortages. there's stuff out there, you know, applicant flow is the lowest we've ever seen it, we have over 40,000 crew members and we really need about 50, so we've seen almost 20% wage inflation in our business through this year. reporter: officials around here like to talk about building back better, but it is this other b word that could really stall their economic agenda, backlog. back to you. steve: no kidding, all right peter thank you. it's interesting, so today, the president is going to have that 17-person virtual round table talking about supply chain and things like that. the new york times has got an item this morning that was published about an hour ago and what it says was the administration was on the phone with reporters yesterday, and they said, they admitted something, that people didn't realize and they say that the $1.9 trillion economic aid bill that joe biden signed in march actually has contributed to the supply chain problems,
4:06 am
because it boosted the demand, and that's why the u.s. economy recovered before other countries , and outpaced others, so that demand is up all across-the-board for stuff as we're seeing, because people save their money during the pandemic. now that they feel like it's time to spend, they're spending but they can't get stuff. brian: here is the other thing. they can't get stuff, and inflated dollars means when they do find stuff that is more expensive, it is not a good combination of things. meanwhile, the ceo if you really want to get something done you don't get to the politician, you go to the politicians who are experts at these things doing things in the commercial sector where if you fail you lose, you lose your business, your life, your career goes belly up, so with things on the line, bob nar delli has risen up to be ceo of home depot as well as chrysler looking at this problem and he just can't believe the solution that the president comes up with and that's shop early. listen.
4:07 am
>> we keep reporting an increase in number of vessels we keep talking about gas shortages. we keep talking about supply chain problems. it doesn't solve the problem by telling people buy early for christmas. it doesn't solve the problem to tell people to go buy a chest freezer and stock up on meat and poultry. we're out now tin cupping for oil when we had reached energy independence. i mean, it just challenges common sense. brian: he wants the military, the national guard, we had all these trucks we paid for with taxpayer dollars, we do in a emergency situation, please describe to me i'll challenge anyone who says this isn't an emergency, so this is for the economic good of our country, if you could ever use the military domestically, now is the time to use it. we have trained truck driver, taxpayer dollars did it, we bought the trucks so let's do it until we get people to replace let's say we do it for six or seven weeks you tell the military and give them a task to be able to pull it off. ainsley: we just went through -- steve: i was going to say i think it's a great idea, but he
4:08 am
would have to, the president would have to declare an emergency to get the national guard out. ainsley: you can't get toilet paper, it's an emergency. steve: i completely agree but he won't call what's going on in our southern border a crisis, it's not an emergency there so if he says yeah, i'm president, and it's an emergency, he be saying man, i'm doing a terrible job. i completely agree. ainsley: they need to not worry about optics but solving this problem for the american people. you've got inflation, first of all, you have the supply chain problem, causing inflation, you can't get the goods so goods will be more expensive, and driving the cost up, but we can't have, we don't have the workers so you have all these shipping containers down there, there aren't enough yard workers to unpack the cargo, drivers can't ferry them around because we don't have the driver and in the retail stores we don't have enough people working in them, restaurants are feeling this , the small businesses are feeling this , our toys, clothes , appliances, they are stuck in factories or on those containers on board cargo ships off our coast.
4:09 am
brian: it's a bad combination. steve you could say wow, it looks like a desperate situation or look like a guy in charge, a couple of days where people say why did you let it go so far and others we could be a guy in charge like for example, when president trump asked gm and others to convert their factories to make ventilators, he looked like a guy in charge even 60 minutes was forced to do that feature. ainsley: those pictures are from our viewers, i just saw texas, i saw georgia, i think that i saw the villages when i looked up. we've also seen south carolina, we had pictures this morning. steve: apparently they are out of spray paint, so if the new york times is right and the administration said yeah, that $1.9 trillion economic rescue plan we signed in march has to do with this , yesterday, nancy pelosi was asked about the democrats agenda, and one of the things is that $3.5 trillion infrastructure bill, they are going to pass through reconciliation. they said you know, madam speaker, you know, what's up? it looks like you're having a
4:10 am
tough time selling this. your messaging is bad. how are you going to fix that? the answer is shocking. watch this. >> only 10% of americans describe themselves as knowing a lot of specific things that are in the reconciliation package and that the majority don't know anything at all. do you think you need to do a better job at messaging and going forward how do you sell this if ultimately you have to -- >> well i think you all could do a better job of selling it to be frank with you because every time i come here, it is hard to breakthrough when you have such a comprehensive package. steve: hilarious. ainsley: not my fault it's your fault. that's your job! you're supposed to sell. brian: they usually do. that's why she's so disappointed but the build back better plan revealed only 10% of the respondents knew any of the specifics in the plan because do you know what i don't even think president biden even knows what's in the plan.
4:11 am
steve: people are confused there's so many plans there. brian: we're talking about elder care the next minute. ainsley: free college. brian: it's a blank page form that we're supposed to just put 3.5 trillion in because the majorities are in the house and senate and when it doesn't pass, they blame the media, or joe manchin, or krysten sinema ainsley: there's a story in the new york post this morning, jen banks the republican study committee chairman sent this memo to congress to the largest conservative congress laying out his ways of why this is a bad package and he gets 42 different bullet points he and his staff have gone through the entire bill and pointed out 42 different ropes why this is corrupt, we need to loudly oppose it. some of them are welfare benefits without work requirements, perpetuates a labor shortage, the green new deal policies, and climate police, he says requiring pre-k staff. brian: is that amazing. ainsley: requiring pre-k staff to have a college degree would hurt small and in-home daycares you don't think about that of
4:12 am
course you want your child's teacher to have a doj degree but what if it's daycare, that's going to hurt small businesses and then he talks about healthcare, and expanding the worst parts of obamacare. job killing employer mandate. yes another one. steve: there are two different infrastructure bills there's the debt ceiling, funding the government. i think the average person just can't get their head around all of the stuff and so that's why people don't understand it. brian: so you did help nancy pelosi about the program. steve: you just sold it. brian: told a little bit more about the program. ainsley: you're welcome, nancy. brian: sign it over. steve: more on this throughout the morning. in the meantime let's switch gears. shocking new video highlighting the horrifying impacts of america's border crisis a seven-year-old migrant girl, abandoned by a smuggler after being dropped down a 30-foot wall at the texas border. brian: this as the border agents arrested 24 migrants they believe used bolt cutter toss break into a train car and traveled deeper into the united states. ainsley: texas state troopers
4:13 am
giving fox & friends enterprise reporter lawrence jones an inside look at what they're up against in an exclusive ride -along down at the border in del rio and that's where he joins us live from this morning. was it a chopper you got to go up in? reporter: yeah, ainsley, good morning to you guys. good morning, family. we were up in the chopper yesterday. you know, dps is really leading this fight on the ground. i've been telling you guys that for weeks because you got the border patrol they aren't able to do foot pursuits. yesterday while we were in the air, they called us on the radio and said they had illegals jumping off a train, in the brush, going through, they didn't have any eyes, they just had the sensors. we were able to locate them and let them know the exact location where they were. you know, you hear the biden administration they say that this border is secure. it is on lockdown. that's not what we're seeing on the ground and i think the important note for the audience to know is when you look at the border, and you look at what the cartel is doing you can't just think about the legal people coming across.
4:14 am
you got to think about the drugs that are coming across, the human trafficking. it is all one criminal organization, and sometimes they use these humans to find out where the safe pathways are, so they can get those drugs across. we reported about two weeks ago that the dea released a statement saying about 40% of the drugs these kids are taking these adults are taking are lac ed with fentanyl and it's killing americans. texans, residents, land owners are upset because they are messing with the livestock, cattle and then you see them hiding the drugs in plain sight and not only that, they have been able to catch some of these people that are part of this criminal enterprise that have records and they're saying where is the federal government on this issue? steve: no kidding. it's a head scratcher. lawrence thank you very much we'll be checking in with him live from del rio, texas, all morning long with those exclusive hits. ainsley: i was going to ask the people on the ground that were running in that line, those were the migrants? steve: yeah.
4:15 am
ainsley: okay, there he is. thank you, lawrence. we can hear you we can't see you steve: all right, it is about a quarter after the top of the hour and jillian joins us. jillian: good morning so let's begin with this story a 14- year-old girl is shot outside a school in chicago. the gunman also shooting a security guard, both are in the hospital in serious condition. the teens grandmother saying she was alert and talking before going into surgery. police have not made any arrests this comes after more than 40 people were shot across chicago last weekend. >> america's crime crisis walgreens shuttering stores in san francisco. the company closing five locations citing organized retail crimes. theft was up five times compared to the company's other stores and continued to rise despite adding 46 times more security than the average. the san francisco gate reporting 15 walgreens have closed since 2019. >> starting next month, u.s. borders will be back up for non-essential travel.
4:16 am
the department of homeland security announcing it will reopen u.s. borders with canada and mexico for the fully vaccinated. it comes after 19 month freeze due to the pandemic, foreign nationals will once again be able to cross into the u.s. by car, ferry and by foot. >> how about this. this man should receive husband of the year award. the 72-year-old built a rotating house, why you ask? well so his wife can watch the sunrise one moment and watch people walk by the next. the new home in bosni axe can make a full circle in 22 seconds at its fastest speed. the project took six years to complete. i think i be nauseous. ainsley: and then she got sick. steve: have you ever been to one of those restaurants at the top of a hotel or something like that that revolves? jillian: usually you don't notice. steve: you go real slow but you do notice it. ainsley: maybe it's a remote control. she can determine her speed. brian: the other thing is we're having trouble getting christmas
4:17 am
gifts maybe this is something. steve: spin your house. brian: when your wife is out there trying to buy a bag of groceries for $5,000 you could jack up your house and put that underneath it, a lazy susan. jillian: honey what did you get me? the sunrise and sunset every difficulty how beautiful. ainsley: you've named it the lazy susan. is her name susan? brian: could be! >> [laughter] ainsley: are you saying she's lazy, brian? jillian: she can just lie in bed and watch the sunset. steve: thank you very much. brian: sorry to all of the susan's out there but it wasn't my idea. steve: well but you mentioned lazy. are americans lazy because a new cbs poll shows, when was the last time you wrote a personal letter, and take a look at this. only 31% have written a personal letter to somebody in the last year, but the bottom, the one highlighted right there, a plurality of the people said i haven't written a personal letter where you take out paper and a pen in more than five
4:18 am
years which is shocking. ainsley: have you written a personal letter, steve, lately? steve: i actually did last week, but here's the problem when i start writing out a personal letter i get depressed. ainsley: why? steve: because i look at my handwriting and it's like what happened to my handwriting. ainsley: it's all about the pen. you have to have a really good pen. steve: here's the thing. brian: really? ainsley: i buy pens. it does help and i like a pretty color to match my stationary. steve: you know what's infuriat ing is when you send somebody a gift, christmas or birthday or graduation or something like that and if you take the effort you write a note and stuff like that and then you never get a thank you card, or even a thank you call. brian: right, handwritten letter still goes a long way. ainsley: i wrote two yesterday and a lot of times people are doing text messages even when you go on a job interview people are writing a thank you note through an e-mail. i always do a handwritten note if you go for a job interview although no ones working right now. brian: right, 2% quit their jobs. ainsley: one-third of women have
4:19 am
written a handwritten note in the past year, most in the past five years, six in 10 men have not, and it's also, believe it or not, a affecting older americans, just half of americans age over the age of 65 have written a handwritten note in the past five years because this was our grandmother's thing steve: a lost art. ainsley: your grandmother always said you have to write a thank you note. brian: right. actually, yeah, i learned that in school. in college one of the first things they say is -- steve: be polite. brian: i always write thank you notes. ainsley: you do, handwritten? brian: yeah, one thing i've passed down generations. steve: and you have always been very kind when you send out your books to us, and he's got a new one coming up you always write in the open, hey, steve, ainsley , thank you very much for this , and personalization. brian: i think so, meanwhile, happy birthday to the navy, three retired seals running for congress joining us to explain how their service prepared them for the battles on capitol hill.
4:20 am
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4:25 am
strangulation and that her body was left out in the wilderness for three to four weeks before they were able to find it last month. the news comes as mourners pay their final respects at a make sift memorial to petito down in florida and as the search goes on for her boyfriend, brian laundrie, still a person of interest, here to discuss what's next for this investigation is former fbi agent more even o'con nell. good morning. >> good morning. ainsley: what comes to mind when you hear that? we have questions here we were just talking about it during the commercial break. why aren't they telling us more information? was her body buried? >> why aren't they what, i'm sorry. ainsley: why aren't they eling us more information, more details about this? >> well they have to keep a lot of it close to the vest. if, for example, they set forth a whole number of not regarding gabby but someone else, let's say 16 stab wounds, two to the back, one of the upper thigh, then you would have people
4:26 am
coming forth to confess to that crime. we have to have a way to be able to verify and confirm when someone does come forward with information, be they a friend of brian laundrie, or anyone else, that the information is, in fact , something only known to the killer. ainsley: how did they determine strangulation? >> well, strangulation be the hyoid bone was broken and as you'll notice in the report, they talked also about a ct scan and many other tests that they performed on her and i think in part, they did that to determine whether or not she was beaten before she was murdered, so for example, with the ct scan and a black light and other things you can actually see when you're in the morgue under proper lighting you can actually see a black and blue mark before it would appear on the surface of the skin. you could see the bruising beneath the skin, with a ct scan or with black lighting. ainsley: that's interesting.
4:27 am
are you confident that brian laundrie will be found? >> i'm very hopeful that he will. i know that people will not rest i know that my brothers and sisters that wear the badge will not rest until they find him, and i know that social media sites are blowing up with everyone and their brother trying to locate this person and bring him to justice, and i really hope that that's the case ainsley: what happens next? >> well the authorities are working now to make their case essentially bulletproof because although brian laundrie if brought to court will be on trial, so too will the case, the investigation and everything that they've done, so the law enforcement, everyone, they're really working hard to make their case bulletproof. ainsley: now this is his family 's statement, the laundrie family statement given to us. gabby petito's death at such a young age is a tragedy while
4:28 am
brian laundrie is currently charged with the unauthorized use of a debit card belonging to gabby, brian is only considered a person of interest in relation to gabby petito's demise. at this time, brian is still missing and when he is located we will address the pending fraud charge against him. what's your reaction? >> yeah, whatever. i'm not really concerned what they have to say about anything, to be perfectly honest. they definitely will have to address it when the time comes and not just brian laundrie. the other members of the family are complicit to a certain extent in a number of actions, and inactions they've been involved in. ainsley: i hope they find him soon, thank you so much for coming on. >> thank you. ainsley: you're welcome. nurses were hailed as heros as they battled covid, on the front lines, but our next guests say they deserved praise long before the pandemic. best selling author james patterson and combat veteran
4:29 am
matt eversman and still ahead we have pastor joel oostein sharing his message on why you are stronger than you think. >> ♪
4:30 am
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4:33 am
gold. your strategic advantage. ainsley: there are brand new calls for an entire school board in virginia to resign after allegedly trying to cover up sexual assault. carley shimkus is here with a father's claims. carlie? >> yeah, ainsley, anger over the loudoun county school board reaching new heights. this time, parents left questioning if their children are even safe at school. scott smith was arrested during a loudoun county school board meeting in june. his image went viral at the time , but he now says he acted
4:34 am
out because his daughter was raped in the school bathroom by a boy wearing a skirt and no one at the meeting would listen to him. >> my daughter was sexual assaulted at the end of school in may of last year. school ended, you know, and the school board and the school system just went on summer break and abandoned us. reporter: to make matters worse, the suspected student was allegedly transferred to a different school where he is accused of assaulting another girl. he is reportedly now in custody. parents left fuming over the revelation. >> the student is currently charged with sexual assault transferred to another school. what other crimes are you people hiding? do you people even have a moral compass? resign before you phase a federal indictment. reporter: now attorney general merit garland called on the fbi to investigate alleged violence at school board meetings after the national school board
4:35 am
association describes such instances as acts of domestic terrorism. virginia will pick a new governor in just three weeks, a tight race is between republican glenn yunken and democrat terry mccauliff says parents should not have a say in their kid's education. ainsley: steve, do you town. steve: thank you very much, nurses have been heros throughout the pandemic working tirelessly on the front lines but our next two guests deserve our praise long before covid and are sharing stories in a new fox nation special called er nurses. >> i've talked to friends of mine who have been in afghanistan, who tell me it was worse here than it was over there for them. i've got friends that have left nursing because of it. i have friends that have ptsd because of it. >> for me, war was easy, like being in the service that was easy but with nursing, you definitely get burnt out very quickly. >> you find yourself listening
4:36 am
to these stories thinking my goodness, whose taking care of our nurses? steve: no kidding, well this special on fox nation is based on their book by the same name so let's bring in the co-author and james pat patterson and matt everson, good morning both of you. >> good morning. steve: james let's start with you. you've sold hundreds of millions of books and you know the secret to a book and a tv show is to tell a compelling story, and with these nurses, you've got it >> yeah, no i'll tell you, i mean, adam schiff has a book out this week and hillary and whatever. you'll not find better stories than these. i write a lot of novels. you can't makeup this stuff in e r nurses. the stories is one after the other after the other. the couple clips you show make it seem these people are so energized and terrific and one of the nurses read the book over the weekend and he said it just
4:37 am
reminded him of why he loves being a nurse so much. steve: sure, and matt, you know, in the sound bite replayed one person said i was in afghanistan , it's harder in this country than afghanistan. it's harder than being at war. >> yeah, you know, listen, steve. these women and men are deployed for their entire career, and not to get into the scale of courage here, but these men and women are dealing with the worst of the worst, the baddest of bad days, every single day of their working life, and they do it so gracefully. we're blessed to have them and we're glad they introduced them to the country, to the world. >> and to hear their stories. it was a sacred thing for us and it's story after story after story like a woman, a nurse has been with this husband and wife and the husband is dying what can i possibly do. he loves his dog, she sneaks the golden retriever into the hospital, and he gets to be with the dog for a couple of hours. it's story after story. it's tremendous stuff. steve: i love that.
4:38 am
people are going to be watching, but here's the thing, james. you know, right now, there's a nursing shortage. my niece is being transferred from ohio to go live out in hawaii for four months by her hospital group because they don't have nurses there. this is a time when if you really want to serve your nation , in some fashion, this is a great job. >> and if you read their stories you're going to understand their plight and understand the wonderful things they do. it's just, i mean, i didn't really get it and i grew up, one of my best friends ran the emergency room in newberg for like 30 years but i still didn't understand how intense and incredible, greys anatomy, multiply it times five. steve: we'll be watching. james patterson and matt evers man -- >> watching and reading. steve: that's right. get the book and be sure to also watch -- >> read the book, see the movie the movie is great. steve: you can do both. >> it's terrific.
4:39 am
steve: james and matt, thank you very much for joining us live. >> thank you. steve: so, buy the book and watch the show meanwhile, an interpreter who helped rescue then senator joe biden back in 2008 has finally, and barely just escaped from behind taliban lines. >> anybody, especially for people who work with them. steve: there he is talking about the taliban. three retired navy seals running for congress now, sound off on the biden administration's failure to get that out before we pulled out of afghanistan. that's next. to be a thriver with metastatic breast cancer means... asking for what we want.
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4:44 am
especially for people there who work with the resources. they kill us for that reason but they escaped and they are hiding somewhere and they do not have kind of a free as to get out and i think that they look like me, they are scared from the taliban ainsley: an afghan interpreter who came to then-senator joe biden's rescue in 2008 is final ly safe weeks after begging the white house to help him escape afghanistan. steve: here to react heros who served on the front lines of the war on terror as members of elite navy seal teams, and who are now running for congress. we've got retired seal sniper brady duke is running for florida's 7th congressional district, eli crane joined the navy just days after 9/11, and is now running in arizona's first district, and morgan luttr ell served multiple tours in iraq and afghanistan, he wants to represent texas' eighth congressional district.
4:45 am
brian: guys thanks so much for joining us and we'll talk about that but i'd just like to talk to you about that story in particular, morgan i guess start with you. this interpreter had to did it on this own, we know he helped out the president directly when he was senator, there are so many other americans and allies in afghanistan, yet we're writing $1 billion, multi multi-billion dollar checks of aid to that country and they have not even sworn off supporting al qaeda and isis, your thoughts? >> i just think that it's obvious it's just a break down of managerial skills on the biden administration to talk about the interpreter that literally had a touchpoint to our president. that made it very personal. it should have anyways, everything they had to do to get to him to get him out of that situation, it's a sad state of affairs that we've left not only our allies over there, but american citizens and it's just, i applaud your efforts for
4:46 am
always bringing this up and not letting us or them forget what a mistake this was. ainsley: brady, he says he was begging the president, please don't forget me. he said please don't forget me and my family. mr. president, save me and my family, don't forget me here. when you hear that, and realize, how long it took him to get to safety and what he endured and what he went through -- brian: got no help. ainsley: what comes to mind. >> there's a lot of people that are making that cry for help, and these are people that have been left behind, and i know that this is an embarrassment to our country. this is something that we never should have done in this manner. there's a lot of people who are left behind and we're trusting us as the the greatest military in the world to be there for them to help sustain them on this fight on terror. steve: sure, and you know, eli, as we heard testimony from the top generals up on capitol
4:47 am
hill, they said look, we told the president, you know, leave 2,500 people there, as a maintenance essentially to keep everything from blowing up, the president did what he wanted to do. ultimately, they also blamed the department of state because they said they should have been evacuating people earlier, and the irony is with joe biden, when he was forced down in that chopper in 2008 not only john kerry was there but also, the current secretary of state, anthony blinken was on that helicopter, so he owes, you know , the fact that he was rescued to this guy. you would think that they would have done a little more. >> yeah, well, it doesn't honestly surprise me, and that's the sad thing, when we look across at the lack of leadership across-the-board with this administration. you know, that's what concerns me moving forward, as we barrel towards a possible war in the south china sea, with our
4:48 am
largest geopolitical adversary and the leadership that we have, i mean, that be a scary, that be a scary day even if we had good leadership, and clearly, we don't after watching what happened in afghanistan, and the fact that our military has turned into a social experiment. it's very scary times for anybody wearing a uniform and my thoughts and prayers are with all of them and their families. brian: i'm so glad you are looking to serve again and you see the impact dan crenshaw made coming off the battlefield, you still have to win an election, morgan, i'd like all three of you to get in on this but it's 246 years sin the navy was born, it's rich history, why you joined, what your thoughts are today. >> it was obviously an honor to serve in the military, and i think our military has advanced in a way after these past two wars that tease us up for success in the future but if we don't take a hard look at
4:49 am
what the administration is doing across-the-board, we do lose all of that. we were fortunate enough, my teammates now, to serve and that may not be the best way to after tick you la it that but we say it that way. we are fortunate enough to be in the military during a time of war to use our capabilities, to keep us safe and celebrating our birthday today is something that we will always remember. >> i think our navy should be celebrated. it's one of the greatest arms of the military, you know, we traversed the sea, air, and the land, that's also talking to our seal experience, and i joined always knowing i was going to go into something special. i had a popular mechanics magazine that my dad had with a sniper feature in it, that was something that i held and known that i wanted to pursue and i got to live that dream and i'm thankful for my time in the navy and i want to continue the service to my country in congress, and we need your help.
4:50 am, we need your support. we needham you ammunition, we want a seat in congress to take the house back. steve: eli, you want to continue your public service as well. >> yeah, absolutely. it's a little hard for me to celebrate the navy's birthday when i'm constantly getting calls and e-mails from operators that i've served with who are worried about their careers, their families, the ability to provide for them, and also getting slapped with an exit from the military where because they are unwilling to take a vaccine that many of them don't even need, and it's really concerning to all of us and if you guys want to help us get to congress go to elifor arizona .com, we could really use your help, thank you. brian: guys thanks so much appreciate your service, appreciate you running, thanks. ainsley: thank you, all, god bless you and on that note, joel oostein's megachurch paying back millions in federal covid
4:51 am
relief money, the pastor explain s why coming up, next. hello, for the last few years, i've been a little obsessed with chasing the big idaho potato truck. but it's not like that's my only interest. i also love cooking with heart-healthy, idaho potatoes. always look for the grown in idaho seal. hearing is important to living life to the fullest. that's why inside every miracle-ear store, you'll find a better life. it all starts with the most innovative technology. like the new miracle-earmini, available exclusively at miracle-ear. so small that no one will see it, but you'll notice the difference. and now, miracle-ear is offering a thirty-day risk-free trial. you can experience better hearing with no obligation.
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4:54 am
brian: i want to check in with senior meteorologist janice dean for a fox weather forecast i hope she has a camera. oh, janice, good. >> good morning, brian kilmeade let's take a look at the maps i'll show you where the
4:55 am
temperatures are starting to cool off ahead of a cold front, or behind a cold front, that brought the risk for severe weather yesterday and it will be ongoing today as well, for parts of the plain states so several reports of tornadoes for parts of oklahoma, through kansas, and texas as well. heavy rainfall is also going to be the story, and some heavy snow across the mountains so we'll continue to watch that as the temperatures drop, you know, well below average, so this is quite an air mass for this time of the year and then we're also going to see heavy rainfall for parts of texas and oklahoma, courtesy of hurricane pamela moving in towards mexico, that's going to make landfall in the next couple of hours, and heavy rainfall and flooding is going to be a big concern for this region. all right, brian kilmeade, it's mostly cloudy with a chance of jack hammers here in new york city, back to you. brian: that's everyday janice. okay. all right, thank you. meanwhile the nations largest megachurch is now returning millions in federal relief funds , lakewood church led by pastor joel oostein will give
4:56 am
back $4.4 million, they received from the payback protection program, after they had to shutdown in-person verse for the last seven months last year. lakewood church senior pastor joel oostein is also the author of this brand new book and i have had the chance to read it, it's called "you are stronger than you think" and joins us now joel before we get to the book, just you were in the news over the last 48 hours, about these p pp loans. could you tell how you got them and why you returned the money? >> yeah, brian, it's good to be with you. yeah, we never dreamed that during the pandemic we would have to shut this building for seven or eight months so we were grateful to take the loan and be able to pay our employees and fortunately, we were able to open the building backup about seven or eight months later in october things got going and we were blessed to be able to start to repay the loan. it was always our intention, and we started that back in january. i know everybody can't but just felt like the right thing for us to do. brian: so that's done, you got the money, you applied for it and you paid it back. >> yeah, we're paying it back.
4:57 am
we started in january but we're paying it back. brian: got it, joel, so you are stronger than you think. i imagine, no ones been coming into the church so i imagine your viewership went up even though your attendance didn't. what about the universe of the challenges of the pandemic led to this book? >> you know, brian it's just a tough time with all of the uncertainty and you know, times in life, even without the pandemic that we feel pressure and like overwhelmed and cannot take it but in the book i talk about you're stronger than you think. in other words i believe that god has placed everything in you , you need to face anything you're going to face. even before you were born he knew the challenges, the struggles, the disappointments and i believe when you live out of this place of faith to say you know what? this is not going to overwhelm me, i can handle it, god's directing my steps, ordering my steps i believe it helps you to get through things in a victorious attitude. brian: understood and a lot of people don't have the knowledge of the bible you have so you'll go to passages and say here,
4:58 am
this is what i'm talking about, which actually grounds it all. the other thing you have an interesting statement, you say you have to, you have advice , find out what is holding you back and then move forward. that's the key. a lot of people don't know what's holding them back. how do they identify that? >> yeah, you know, i think sometimes, i think you can ask god to help you, show you but a lot of times it's in forgiveness and we limit ourselves and think i'm not that talented or smart or i'll never meet the right person, many times it's just limiting thoughts so i like to encourage you to get the right recording playing in your mind, take the limits off yourself, you're made in the image of god, a masterpiece, you have everything you need to fulfill your destiny. brian: whatever that is and here's a quote that we'll share it. you write, "when god designed you he took into account everything you would face, every struggle, every unfair situation and every set back and he put in you the strength, courage and determination to withstand it" so that's a great thought. how do you know? >> well, i know because i
4:59 am
believe as a person of faith that god designed your life for a life of victory, a life of favor and blessing to be a blessing, so i think of we get our mind going in the right direction, and believe that we are people our destiny that we can do what we're called to do that we aren't going to face something we can't handle then it helps us to move forward. i think too, brian, it's important to realize every day is a gift from god let's make the most of each day and be good to somebody. yeah, we have challenges but we can move forward in faith. brian: i hope greg gutfeld was listening, joel oostein, the name of the book is "you are stronger than you think" unleash the power to go bige, go bold, and joel thank you so much congratulations on the book. >> thanks brian. brian: absolutely, meanwhile speaking of books on november 2, the president and the freedom fighter will actually drop. i'll be on stage november 7, charleston, west virginia talking about the war on history through all of the books especially the latest, on november 21 in orlando, decembe,
5:00 am
florida just go to brian, also for the whole tour click on that too. meanwhile, i'm 14 seconds early but "fox & friends" final hour starts now. >> the supply chain nightmare is about to get worse. >> we have the best military in the world. if we declared some type of national emergency, we break this problem. steve: new e-mail revealed that hunter and his dad reportedly shared bank accounts. >> it's a serious question about whether the biden family conducted an extensive influence ped eling operation. brian: a seven-year-old dangl ing over the border wall, this was the mother of all caravans heads for our border. >> the biden administration says that the border is closed. >> its never been closed. >> there's thousands and thousands coming in everyday. brian: speaker pelosi suggesting americans are not buying president biden's massive tax spending plan, because the media. >> you all could do a better job of selling this because frankly, whether they know it or not, they overwhelmingly
5:01 am
support it. >> it is blast off day for captain kirk. today william shatner will head to space at 90 years old shatner will become the oldest person to ever travel into space. >> ♪ ♪ steve: a live look at charleston , south carolina, a beautiful day, nice and sunshin ing, they're going for a high of 73, right now there's a temperature in the 60s. ainsley: wake up alicia earhartdt. that's where she lives. steve: where is her house, you see it from there? ainsley: she's in mount pleasant on the other side of the bridge, but she's teaching because she's already in the classroom this morning. steve: so, welcome aboard as the camera walks up the stairs, here to the mezzanine level this is the wednesday, october 13, episode of fox & friends. brian: i like when dave does
5:02 am
that almost as if no one queued him and he found himself behind and he realized the show is on and he comes up to greet them. it's like an illusion. steve: you said it's a person. like we're on? brian: they have to come up. ainsley: he runs it so well and smooth and he does like a shuffle across. brian: that's what happens when you're a marine, right you learn to do that in action. ainsley: dave how many years were you a marine? >> army. brian: i apologize. ainsley: how many years? >> six years. ainsley: no wonder you're so strong. i wish you could see him with this big harness around him that carries that, there he is. steve: thanks, dave. ainsley: show them that harness. brian: [laughter] steve: absolutely -- you just can't shake that. brian: ted follows him everywhere. steve: go take an advil that has to be painful.
5:03 am
meanwhile, we are starting once again with the lead story and that is why the shelves are bare the supply shortage being felt coast to coast. you have sent us a lot of pictures of store shelves, of bare essentials, where there's nothing there. ainsley: look at the top of your screen that one is pittsburgh but as , oh, well there's a beautiful shot of the port of los angeles but that's where the shipping containers are being held right now there aren't enough workers to get them off, not enough drivers to send them to your local stores. brian: sun's coming up now but one thing that's the same, they just sit, in port, waiting to be unloaded this morning the white house is a u.s. naval nothing the port of los angeles will november to around the clock verse, oh, really, that just occurred to them, to address the massive backlog of ships stuck off the coast. they are always reacting. ainsley: peter doocy is live with the attempt to save christmas. reporter: that's a good way to put it good morning and the president wants a piece of today's announcement as white house officials say they helped arrange this deal between for the international long shore
5:04 am
and warehouse workers union to pickup extra shifts at the port of los angeles so they can work 24/7 and unload twice as much cargo as they had been. >> working on these issues for months. i know its been up and front in the news in the last few weeks, but these are issues the president has been focused on since he took office. it's a fundamental challenge as the economy is turning back on and one he's been focused on from the first day. reporter: concerned about covid-19 for months, the government beefed up benefits for people not to work, and in august, a record 4.3 million workers left their jobs, quit their jobs. that is the most since december at the turn of the century, and up almost 3% just from july. mostly in these industries, 892000 quit the foodservice and hotel industry, 721,000 left retail, 534,000 left healthcare and social assistance independence and all of that also makes stuff more expensive.
5:05 am
>> product prices are through the roof and of course, now the labor shortages. there's stuff out there, you know, applicant flow is at the lowest we've ever seen it. we have over 40,000 crew members and we really need about 50, so they have gone up. we've seen almost 20% wage inflation in our business through this year. reporter: for the first couple months of this administration, officials were trying to reopen the economy. this is now a test to see if they can keep it open. back to you. steve: peter thank you very much it's interesting, companies are, it's so complicating now to get stuff so companies are essentially bidding against themselves because they are paying extra to get things expedited shipping-wise, and so they are actually pricing things higher, which makes it less likely that you would want something, but at the same time, it's like you're going to pay when it costs to get that package of whatever you want. ainsley: one person in the retail industry said what used to take 25-30 days by
5:06 am
shipping now, they are getting it, it takes two months to get it. paid $100 for two boxes, i guess it was two of the shipping containers of toys for $100, but ended up having to pay $300 for shipping, and this person said it's hurting small businesses, because these big retailers, they are chartering flights to get the toys and the shipping containers back to exactly back to their stores, but the small business mom and pop shops obviously can't do that. brian: and he mentioned our guest we had last hour, bob nard elli mentioned home depot can get their own trucks but the small businesses can't, and he also said he doesn't like the messaging, go shopping now, we can't get cargo off our ships that is not the way you solve a problem. listen to the former ceo of chrysler and home depot. >> we keep reporting an increase in the number of vessels. we keep talking about gas shortages, we keep talking about supply chain problems. it doesn't solve the problem by telling people buy early for christmas. it doesn't solve the problem tell people to go buy a chest
5:07 am
freezer and stock up on meat and poultry. we're out now tin cupping for oil when we had reached energy independence. i mean, it just challenges common sense. steve: and, brian, one of the things he suggests that you guys were talking about was maybe essentially get america's military to get us out of this , send them out there to help get the stuff off the ships, and transport it across the country, but later today, from the white house, they are going to talk about yeah, we've been working on this for months, so they are going to start, isn't this timing interesting? a 90-day sprint to unload stuff, so in other words, as the intro said, they are trying to save christmas, because if things are not available, joe biden's administration is going to get blamed. brian: they got mid-terms, that's going to be a sprint to that and i'll just add this , you have no problem opening up the military base for the un accompanied minors and all of the illegals and the afghans that may or may not have helped us out during the
5:08 am
war, send them to the military base but now to empty the ports, to go actually to deliver packages and goods to shelves, i don't understand the hesitation. i feel bad for the military because they seem to be the only part of the federal government that seems to be working, but i think we have to tap into them again. ainsley: it's a hard time because we've gone through this pandemic for the last few years. many people lost their jobs, their restaurants, lost their loved ones, and now, -- brian: a lot of people quitting ainsley: we're seeing inflation going up and people who did survive their small businesses they can't find workers, gas prices are through the roof here in new york, gas prices hit $ 5.40 a gallon for supreme gasoline. steve: meanwhile, a little bit about this , this is a head scratcher, because the daily mail has got a story that says joe biden could actually get tied up in a federal investigation of hunter biden's finances, because hunter and his father apparently shared bank accounts and paid each other's
5:09 am
bills. here's an e-mail from hunter's business partner about that. and it goes on to say, mike christopher, is hack eling me so i'm paying a couple of the smaller things since i haven't heard from your dad. know he's busy so it's okay, but if you think he has a free moment or two to review the e-mail i sent you, let me know. the problem is, think about it. hunter has admitted that he is under federal investigation, perhaps criminal investigation. brian: taxes. steve: if they are looking at his finances and taxes and stuff like that, and they shared a bank account, you would think that they would then be looking, he, hunter, would have entangled his father with his finances as they shared accounts. ainsley: some of the things that if it's true he did that's illegal and used that money to pay for these illegal things, is that also the president's money, since they shared the bank account, and the guy who was preparing a tax return, his business partner this is another emajority ill that says your dad 's delaware tax refund check
5:10 am
came today. i'm depositing it in his account and writing a check in that amount back to you since he owes it to you. don't think i need to run it by him, but if you want to go ahead , if not, i will deposit tomorrow. brian: so this shows clearly a co-money eling of funds, it shows international business which the president has said to peter a number of times, i have no idea what he's doing but he's the smartest person i know at separate times but hi does show too if this is all proven correct and his business partner it could show the president may have inadvertently funded his sons 2018 drug and prostitution binge so how do you feel about that if you're the president and also if you know your son has a huge drug problem why are you putting him in these high stress situations with tons of dollars when you know someone is susceptible to substance abuse, to me, that is the fundamental definition of bad parenting. ainsley: has your dad ever given you his refund check? brian: nuts.
5:11 am
this guy is in his 40s and co- mingling funds if it's in a business and they are in it together that's news, if they're not then there's a problem, that's something we should be looking at, also how long does it take to investigate? they have been looking at this for two years at a laptop that was russian disinformation, proven russian disinformation and now suddenly, we see a lot of validity in it. steve: keep in mind, the worry is are they investigating was hunter involved in influence pedaling? i believe his father was vice president at the time and money laundering so they are being looking at all of that. we had jonathan turley on a couple hours ago he said why haven't they appointed a special counsel, meanwhile the cover of the new york post says this. they got away with it. brian: it did. steve: i'm just going to read you the first paragraph. hacked materials, russian disinformation, unsubstantiated that's what you said earlier, one year ago the post revealed that hunter biden's abandoned laptop carried proof he sold influence while his father served as vice president and his dad, now president, knew it.
5:12 am
yet most other media treated the story itself as scandal, reporting only on vague claims it sought to undermine it rather than rushing, as they would, under the last president, to advance it himself. and twitter, facebook rushed to block it squelching vital information, even as americans voted, so in other words, mainstream media, big tech wanted it to go away. one year later, they got away with it. ainsley: big story on the new york post, but we're talking about it, they're talking about it, and so is jonathan turley, listen to this. >> we know there's a criminal investigation going on into the tax issues, possible money laundering, but there's also serious questions about whether the biden family conducted an extensive influence pedaling operation, and the amazing thing is that there's not this to say that we need something to be done. when president trump b says nothing wrong, that's true, influence pedaling is wrong, its been the city for generations.
5:13 am
brian: anyone that signed that letter saying that that laptop was russian disinformation, they have zero credibility from here on in, and a lot of prestigious names are on that list, and number one, first and foremost, is the guy pedaling a book right now, adam schiff, said it was clearly russian disinformation. go ahead, start reading these e-mails outloud, and tell me that's some of the most disturb ing things let alone the photos you've ever read and seen. ainsley: joe has a lot on his plate, afghanistan, we have the pandemic, and he has the border issue. brian: if i'm barack obama i'm saying excuse me, weren't you my vice president, what the heck are you do on the side, flying around taking pictures with your friends business dealings saying you're not involved? clearly there's something else here going on. meanwhile we've been showing you the heart wrenching video of the devastating impacts of the border crisis. you got a seven-year-old migrant girl going down a wall and then you'll see her abandoned by a smuggler and they taped this , they watched this but they were
5:14 am
afraid of jarring and scaring the guy and he was going to drop the girl so they actually let him do this , and then grabbed her. ainsley: how did he get backup with the same rope? steve: could have been a second person. brian: good question. ainsley: so this as border agents arrest 24 migrants they believe used bolt cutters they found it on their persons, to break into train cars and to travel deeper into the united states. steve: meanwhile texas state troopers are giving fox & friends enterprise reporter lawrence jones an inside look at what they're up against. ainsley: that right there. steve: in an exclusive ride along the del rio border in a chopper as we look at some of this , and that's where lawrence , where it is still not quite setup joins us from del rio. hey, lawrence. >> hey, good morning, family. let me give you guys some context. the biden administration, every time there's a crisis they denied that there's a crisis there, and the border is no different, so we're here in the train yards a lot of the legals tend to use these trains to get inside of the
5:15 am
country, and now, the texas department of public safety special operations unit, they are going on the offense and checking these carts to see where they're at and you'll see them running. yesterday i had the opportunity to go on a ride-along with the air unit because the border patrol did not have that unit and they asked for our assistance. look at some of this video that we're able to see illegals clearly running in the country, get-aways, got-aways, and we were able to direct some of the department of public safety folks as well as border patrol there to capture those folks, they will be processed, but again, this goes to show you that the drugs are still flowing into the country, and you have human trafficking in the country and the biden administration is doing nothing about it, the president still has not visited the border as president or even the senator as the vice president, and kamala harris is still nowhere to be found and the texas has to brunt this cost to protect their citizens.
5:16 am
brian: costing billions of dollars. ainsley: didn't they ask for additional federal money, a week and a half ago when the white house denied them? reporter: yup, not only did they deny them, but as these texas department of public safety officers are out here doing foot pursuit theophano are trying to limit what they do, and saying you have no right to do this meanwhile they are instructing the border patrol not to do anything, so you don't want to protect them and then we get our guys to do it and you want to go through some legal channel? does text as not have the right to protect its border? just to be clear, guys, as i stated three weeks ago the last defense of the country, the last defense of texas is the texas department of public safety. steve: they are trying to clean-up the mess as well as they can. lawrence thank you very much for going out there. great reporting today. ainsley: thanks lawrence. how much are we spending? it's $5 million per day. steve: $100 million worth of stuff. ainsley: we're spending $5 million per day. brian: of our money.
5:17 am
ainsley: for the fence materials just to sit there, and to pay those contractors. steve: there's a supply chain issue, except at our southern border where the stuff is right there. ainsley: jillian has headlines. jillian: that's right good morning and let's get started with this story, gabby petito's mother calling a response from brian laundrie's attorney " garbage" after he doubles down that his client is only a person of interest. those comments coming after a wyoming coroner reveals petito was strangled. follower fbi agent maureen o'connell joined us to talk about what comes next in the investigation. >> they talked also about a ct scan and many other tests they performed on her and i think in part, they did that, to determine whether or not she was beaten before she was murdered. ainsley: authorities are still searching for brian laundrie. there is a warrant for his arrest on fraud charges. reporter: the marine then in the briggs for speaking out against military leaders over the afghanistan withdrawal will plead guilty to some charges
5:18 am
tomorrow. stuart sheller faces charges for disrespecting superior officers, after posting videos online questioning the withdrawal. his lawyer hopes in taking the plate, sheller will be honorably discharged. >> and rules for the but not for me, phil murphy goes mask less at an indoor ball, after imposing a school mask mandate on kids. murphy was photographed on stage posing with dozens of people throughout the night and saying it is this type of hypocrisy that is driving people in new jersey insane. that is a look at your headlines i'll send it back to you. steve: thank you, jillian. meanwhile, about an hour ago we told you about a brand new cbs news poll that shows that most americans have not written a personal letter where you take out a piece of paper and you write it out, long hand, a majority of people have not written it as rather a plurality have not written a letter in more than five years look at that 37%. ainsley: more women do it than men, which is probably not a
5:19 am
shocker, although my dad writes them constantly. steve: look at the last number 15% have never written a personal letter. ainsley: their grandparents didn't tell them, when you get a gift you're supposed to write a thank you note unless some of my friends say please don't write me one and i won't, we're even. steve: that doesn't mean anything. brian: [laughter] we asked you for your emajority ill to see what have you done, have you written by hand some notes, some letters. this is from robin, clearly the poll regarding the letter writing did not include military families as a new army mom whose son left to basic combat training in august, i write letters to him nearly everyday. great point. steve: he will keep them forever ainsley: patricia writes i am one of those people who loves to write letters the one thing to remember is put the date on your letter, it maybe saved for 50 years that's great advice. top right hand corner. brian: a long, heart-felt e-mail does not count, right? steve: no. too easy. brian: what if you print it? ainsley: especially if you go on a job interview write a
5:20 am
handwritten note and if they are choosing between two people that might do it. brian: all right steve: it is going to cost you what just under $0.50 to buy a stamp but it's worth it. brian: you don't have to lick it anymore. ainsley: i have my forever stamps from last christmas and one of my friends said to me i got an early christmas thank you note and i said well those are stamps from last year. brian: meanwhile, it was an election for the history books. how did we get there? our next guest says the media is to thank for biden's win in 2020 , yes they are complicit, mollie hemingway breaks it down in all brand new boom called " rigged" you will love it. ainsley: she's here in person, hey, mollie! >> ♪ trelegy for copd. ♪ birds flyin' high, you know how i feel. ♪ ♪ breeze drifting on by you know how i feel. ♪
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brian: as you know it was an election for the history books nearly one year ago joe biden was declared the winner and president-elect in the 2020 white house race and in the new book our next guest explores the turbulence of the last election warning the states for democracy have never been higher fox news contributor mollie hemingway is author of this very comprehensive book, it's called "rigged" how the media, big tech and the democrats seized our elections. she joins us right now. i know you talked to president trump three times, but it's really not about trump saying it was rigged even though you used that term. this is about your research and what you found happen in 2020, what did you discover mainly? >> i wanted to know exactly what happened during the campaign so for me that means i interview everybody involved at the state and the national level, and i did find out that this election was unlike any election we'd ever had. people already knew that the media environment was corrupt just like you just talked about they suppressed
5:26 am
that hunter biden story which was explosive, they elevated fake news, they knew that big tech had many you dated they did not want to have any information out that helps their political opponents or hurt their political allies so they censored information and they de platformed people and also changed a lot of our election laws, sometimes they did that legally and constitutionally, sometimes they didn't and mark zuckerberg, one of the world's wealthiest individuals, funded the private takeover of government election offices, and that was, that enabled a bunch of left wing activists to come into government election offices and actually handle many things from voter registration to voting to vote county. brian: he put a lot of money on both sides and said look i'm funding both to make sure this is a pandemic at 2020 effective election, but he was putting an unequal amount so that was disingenuinous. >> well yeah they claim it was bipartisan but they give a little bit of money to a republican leaning county and like $10 million to democrat counties, and it really did make
5:27 am
a difference. its taken a while to figure it out but researchers have shown this elevated joe biden's vote totals in key swing states, a very savvy plan, but now it's being made illegal because a lot of people understand we can't have tech oligarchs funding our government election offices, and be like the new england patriots hiring and staffing the referees for games they play against other people. brian: and the crazy thing is mark zuckerberg, the individual, can only put maybe $2,200 in but as a company you can put hundreds of millions in, it's crazy. here is an excerpt from your book, and you write this. much of silicon valley's anger over trump's victory was about their inability to control american opinion, in the past two elections, the tech industry has loudly and publicly taken credit for helping obama's two victorious campaigns, but, silicon valley's reaction to 2016 proved once and for all this visionaries at america's tech companies were oppressor s, not liberators, expand on that. >> well in 2016, president trump had a lot of success in suing social media to bypass
5:28 am
corrupt partisan media, that would not let his message out and so he used social media to talk directly to the people. these tech oligarchs knew that it happened and they actually overtly promised they wouldn't let it happen again so they knew they had to suppress information constrain the free flow of information, to help their political allies and hurt their political enemies so again they censored, deplatformed, and most dramatically they took one of the most legitimate stories of the 2020 campaign which was the biden family business, and what exactly people get when they give biden family members so much money, and they just didn't cover it, but then when some people were covering it like the new york post, they actually took those people off, they deplatformed them from social media companies, and they wouldn't let people share that information and so they just sort of war on information because they knew if people had information they might vote for their political opponent. brian: it's up to the rnc to read your book, to understand how they were taken advantage of and adjust because a lot of
5:29 am
money flows in, maybe not as much as democrats but they can adjust these elections are still winnable but you have to know what you're up against. they were more nimble, mark elia s, heavily featured in your book, did a lot of suing to change laws to work for the democrats. thanks so much, for coming in we have so much more to talk about it we'll have you in for a second round but congratulations on the book. >> thank you. brian: meanwhile, parents calling for school board resignations following allegations of a sexual assault cover up, author douglas murray reacts to the controversy in loudoun county, next and a country singer saluting the men and women of law enforcement with a touching tribute, jordan oaks joins us for a special performance for national police week.
5:30 am
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steve: we are back with a live
5:34 am
look at van horn, texas wherein about an hour and a half, william shatner, the tv star, is going to make space history. kelly o'grady joins us with a behind the scenes look at captain kirk before blast off, kelly? >> [laughter] steve, yes, the blue origin is set to unlaunch its second human space flight, they are suiting up, captain kirk himself is there set to become the oldest person in space at 90 years old, pretty impressive and yesterday, i actually got an inside look at an exact replica of the capsule he'll be in. >> okay so i'm inside the capsule where that four- person crew is going to take the 11-minute sub orbital flight. now two of the four passengers are paying, blue origin hasn't released how much they are paying but their competitor virgin galactic is selling seats for $250,000 to $450,000 if you have it but good news is, william shatner has a window
5:35 am
seat. the professed aim of democratiz ing space travel but blue origin's goals go beyond commercialization. founder jeff bezos is looking to move industries that stretch earth into space and blue is developing reuseable rocket systems. >> jeff bezos' vision is really remarkable practical one, let's build the industry's that pollute our earth, let's build, in space, this is let's build now and start right now to protect our planet. >> now, as the billionaire space rates keep up we have critics questioning whether a few men should be defining our relationship with space for the foreseeable future. now if you're interested viewers can watch on the fox news channel live at 9:00 a.m. central, and listen, steve i'm hoping for a beam me up scotty, right? steve: at least he got a window seat, all right, kelly thank you very much.
5:36 am
meanwhile, ainsley, over to you. ainsley: thank you, steve, furious parents in virginia calling for an entire school board to resign after allegedly trying to cover up sexual assault. >> students currently charged with sexual assaulting while being transferred to another school. what other crimes are you people hiding? do you people even have a moral compass? resign before you face a federal indictment. ainsley: it comes after this father, remember him, he was arrested at that june board meeting now says he acted out after his daughter was attacked in a school bathroom and no one at the meeting would listen to him as outbursts like his are labeled acts of domestic terrorism. author douglas murray joins us now. good morning, douglas. >> good morning. ainsley: pretty shocking when you hear his story he says he was there to talk about what happened to his daughter in the bathroom, and that child, he says and some other people, government officials say that child was then just quietly
5:37 am
transferred to another school where he is being accused of attacking another student. what the are your thoughts? >> yes, mr. smith became nationally famous earlier this year, when he was dragged out of that school board meeting , and left wing media portrayed him as an extremist of some kind. he's just been used by the national school board as an example of domestic terrorism as a domestic terrorist, and now, he's told a more full story about what was going on that day, by saying his own daughter has allegedly been the subject of an assault, in a bathroom and gender fluid individual, the sheriff's office confirms there is an ongoing case, so he's got to be careful what we say about it but what this highlights is parents like mr. smith are not saying what they're saying for nothing.
5:38 am
they aren't making it up they are genuinely concerned and when people like the loudoun county school board tried to dismiss these people and national school board tried to call them terrorists it shows there's something very very badly wrong across the whole system. ainsley: here are what some of the parents in the fairfax county area are saying. listen to this. >> it's chilling, intimidation, particularly with the school boards that feel they are above criticism. >> you did have a wholesale takeover of people who have very far left policies, and you saw the foot go to the pedal. this is a gas and hard driving to their aid young protesters logical agenda and they went forward and said we're going to implement this and it doesn't really matter if we have hundreds of parents show up at a school board meeting. ainsley: douglas that last lady, eliz elizabeth, was on the school board a few years ago she finished her term in 2019 and now this is the school board she served, this is the
5:39 am
county she served or the school district she served, and she just pulled her child out, because she says she's had enough. >> right, and she hit on exactly the right point. these people are wild. i mean, they are trying to push an extraordinarily ideological agenda, across the whole district, across all of the schools. there's a very complex issues underneath this , and i and others have tried to tease them out for years, have tried to explain what is going on and what isn't, but the moment you get these wild idealogs who say there's no debate or discussion , nothing to look into, we've decided what the rules are and what's it's permissible to say and then you get into the kind of trouble we have here and it's more than trouble. it's an absolute disgrace but authorities could be covering up abuse of a child in the name of protecting children, and that's where we are. they are covering up abuse of a
5:40 am
child, claiming that children's interests are foremost in their minds. that's where it gets you when you're the kind of wild idealogs that these boards now clearly are. ainsley: douglas murray thanks for coming on. >> it's a great pleasure. ainsley: more fox & friends right after the break. people everywhere living with type 2 diabetes are waking up to what's possible with rybelsus®. ♪ you are my sunshine ♪ ♪ my only sunshine... ♪ rybelsus® is a pill that lowers blood sugar in three ways. increases insulin when you need it... decreases sugar... and slows food. the majority of people taking rybelsus® lowered their blood sugar and reached an a1c of less than 7. rybelsus® isn't for people with type 1 diabetes. don't take rybelsus® if you or your family ever had medullary thyroid cancer, or have multiple endocrine neoplasia syndrome type 2, or if allergic to it. stop rybelsus® and get medical help right away if you get a lump or swelling in your neck,
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5:44 am
steve: well later today the u.s. supreme court will hear oral arguments on whether to reinstate the death penalty for his role in the 2013 attack during the boston marathon which killed three, and injured 260 others. one of those people, was our next guest. he had just finished across the finish line on that horrifying day when two bombs exploded seconds apart and is pushing for sarnyev to be executed robert wheeler joins us from the boston area. robert good morning to you. >> good morning. steve: you know, they ran the
5:45 am
boston marathon a couple days ago, up there in boston i'm sure that brought it all back. were you, tell me how you felt when you heard that they were setting aside the death penalty and instead, it looks like it's going to be life in prison and now, donald trump said you gotta execute the guy and the biden administration, even though they said they are trying to get rid of the death penalty said let's go ahead in this case. >> i'm thankful that they are still keeping it on the table, to be honest. i was a little overwhelmed and angered that they had removed it , given the horrendous actions that were actually committed. it's not like you're talking a bar fight here. you're talking a very conscience decision to do a heinous act against humanity, so it was, i'm very thankful that it's back on the table. there's joy in life no matter how you toss it i don't know if you're in prison, there's joy to be had in life and he does not deserve that joy given the
5:46 am
atrocious actions that were committed. steve: and you live with this everyday, robert. you have, your diagnosis was traumatic brain injury, you've got hearing loss so every time you struggle to hear something, it reminds you of that day in 2013. >> yeah, you know, it's stressful when the girlfriend wants to go out to a bar and you can't even hear the person next to you or otherwise but simple things like that but there's the memories and other aspects of it. that was my first marathon i was running that year, and i still when i go to cross a finish line of a marathon i still get very emotional that runner's high is directly correlated with that trauma for me, but there's a lot of other people that have a lot worse than i do and i'm thankful to be able to still run, get out there and do these things, but there's a lot of people that don't have that, and there's three people that weren't able to live on at all because of this man's actions, and they just went to a sporting event.
5:47 am
not a political event, not a religious event, a sporting event that is meant for the world to come together, somebody attack that. this is nothing to do with government or politic. it has to do with somebody attacking humanity, attacking a world sporting event that people come together, and that just makes this extra heinous of an action, and more challenging that they even thought to remove the death penalty for this. steve: and that's why you're heartbroken let's see what the supreme court decides robert wheeler thank you very much for joining us live. >> thank you. steve: coming up, 13 minutes before the top of the hour just a couple of minutes after time out, country singer jordan oaks will perform his brand new song to honor america's police officers. but first let's check in with dana perino for a preview of coming attractions. dana: i always love the country music on fox & friends and i'll be watching thank you, steve. well it is t minus one hour captain kirk is going to space we're following william shatner 's trip into the beyond plus brand new inflation numbers
5:48 am
and the supply chain disaster hurdling toward the holiday season, the white house warning about empty shelves and higher prices what the can we done about it, plus bret baier and nancy grace we'll see you at the top of the hour. i've lost count of how many asthma attacks i've had. but my nunormal with nucala? fewer asthma attacks. nucala is a once-monthly add-on injection for severe eosinophilic asthma. not for sudden breathing problems. allergic reactions can occur. get help right away for swelling of face, mouth, tongue, or trouble breathing. infections that can cause shingles have occurred. don't stop steroids unless told by your doctor. tell your doctor if you have a parasitic infection. may cause headache, injection-site reactions, back pain, and fatigue. ask your doctor about nucala. find your nunormal with nucala. that spin class was brutal. well, you can try using the buick's massaging seat. oh. yeah, that's nice. can i use apple carplay to put some music on? sure, it's wireless. what's your buick's wi-fi password? it's buick envision. that's a really tight spot. i used to hate parallel parking. (all) me too! the all-new buick envision. built around you. all of you.
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jillian: good morning welcome back we begin your headlines gabby petito's mother calling a response from brian laundrie's attorney "garbage" after he doubles down that his client is only a person of interest. those comments coming after a wyoming coroner reveals petito was strangled. authorities are still searching for brian laundrie. there is a warrant for his arrest on fraud charges and this morning, fox news cameras capturing laundrie's father, chris, out front mowing his lawn he was also spotted at a north port store, buying goods. >> okay, a school is canceling halloween in the name of equity. ktth reporting seattle's benjamin franklin day elementary is telling kids not to dress up as they take their annual pumpkin parade off its calendar because "historically, the event marginalizes students of color who do not celebrate." officials say they plan to throw an equity day instead. that is a look at your headlines let's go out to senior meteorologist janice dean. >> good morning, jillian. let's take a look at the maps because we had a rough night
5:53 am
last night across the central u.s. with tornado reports in oklahoma, you could see where that cold front is situated over the central and southern plains, behind it, very cold air, cold enough for snow and the highest of elevations and we had severe thunderstorm warnings in effect as well for parts of kansas and missouri so just month if there's a watch or warning in your area know what to do, heavy rainfall will cause the potential for flooding not only that we have a hurricane that's making landfall across mexico, and the moisture associated with hurricane pamela is going to cause the potential for flash flooding in those areas, speaking of the winter storm we have blizzard warnings in effect for parts of wyoming and winter storm warnings as well so there's year forecast today and you can see all that moisture streaming into texas and oklahoma so lots to cover today just know again, what the to do if there's a watch or warning in your area. we'll keep you up-to-date, ainsley over to you. ainsley: i know law enforcement is important to you, it is to all of us here at fox and this is the first day of national police week, and we want to say thank you to everyone who served. steve: and our next guest is
5:54 am
paying tribute to police officer s and first responders who are fighting on the front lines with his new song, "he bleeds blue", he's going to perform that in just a little while in the meantime say hello to singer jordan oaks. >> good morning how are you doing? steve: i love your story because when you were a little boy you were a police cadet. >> i started off as a little boy, being a police cadet. >> ainsley: until 19 years old you thought that was the road for you and you tried to sing a year ago. >> absolutely. ainsley: and it all took off. >> absolutely like a rocket, and we were on fox news and hopefully next the grand ole opry. steve: where did this song come from? >> it came from a songwriter, pat kelly from springfield, vermont. steve: we're surrounded by
5:55 am
officers and they will love the message because they don't hear it enough. ainsley: what is the message to them? >> it's just honoring those who serve for our country honestly. steve: fantastic, and not just the folks here, it's all across the country. all right where will people be able to get it download it? >> if you go on any of the social media platforms, look up jordan oaks it'll be up there steve: jordan oaks "he bleeds blue." ainsley: take it away, jordan. >> thank you. ♪ she runs her hand over his hard, and i pressed home, ♪ ♪
5:56 am
the job he loves so much, and he bleeds blue, ♪ as they're trying to make this , protecting me and you, because he bleeds blue ♪
5:57 am
♪ there's kids that hang at the park, he's taking a liking to, takes time with them to listen, and to shoot some hoops, he brings it there because she's been laid up for months, when the streets come alive with the bad guys, and they are away in cuffs ♪ ♪ just a routine traffic stop, like it's done a thousand times, soon his partner cries when he tells the wife, i brought our brother home tonight
5:58 am
♪ ♪ he bleeds blue, he knew the danger, and did his job any way, after trying to make a difference, protecting me and you, he was scorned and ridicul ed, yet he bleeds blue ♪ ♪ scorned and ridiculeed, yet he bleeds blue ♪ ♪ she runs her hot iron over his uniform, it's clean and crisp with a crease,
5:59 am
except where the threads are torn, dispatched to 371, dispatched to badge 371, officer , thank you for your service, your work here is done. ♪ >> [applause] steve: that was great! just off camera is the guy who helped you with this , pat kelly wrote it. he said that he was listening to the news for officers who were killed and he was out taking a walk, had the idea, recorded it on his iphone, went home, wrote it down. >> unbelievable and i knew as soon as i heard it see said we have to play this song. ainsley: so emotional because it reminds me when our police officers sometimes they get their son on the radio, the
6:00 am
last day, when they retire it's a beautiful song thank you for remembering them. >> appreciate it it's an honor to be here. >> thank you for being here and sharing that with our audience it was beautiful. steve: that's right so check it out as he said on social media, the song is called "he bleeds blue" jordan oaks we thank you very much. >> thank you very much. ainsley: thank you to our police officers,oday, we love you. >> thank you all. >> [applause]


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