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tv   FOX Friends First  FOX News  October 13, 2021 2:00am-3:00am PDT

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todd: breaking news the white house announcing brand-new efforts to address the supply chain nightmare expert say is about to get worse for businesses and buyers. >> did you hear this? >> a better job at messaging and going forward. how do you sell this? >> you all could do a better job of selling it to be frank with you. >> is at the media's adopted so you want things? speaker pelosi suggest americans aren't by the massive tax and spending plan because the media isn't doing a good enough job. todd: hunter biden's scandal could catch up with the big guy,
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might bring president biden into an fbi investigation. >> we say good morning on wednesday morning. todd: breaking news, the white house announced the port of los angeles will move to 24/7 service to address the massive backlog leaving store shelves empty across the country? >> they are backed up for weeks and the staggering labor shortages, that was a live as the white house insisted is making the crisis a top priority. >> to ease some of these supply chain pressures. the port of los angeles with bottlenecks moved to these operations, walmart, fedex and ups will agree to work 24/7 to clear some of these backups. it will be part of this gathering at the white house that will include major
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retailers, labor unions, the president working on these supply chain problems. >> it has been up in front of the news in the last few weeks but these are issues the president has been focused on since he took office. a fundamental challenges the economy is turning back on and when he's focus on from the first day. >> there are so many factors driving these supply chain back downs and the trucking industry cannot keep up. >> we made it difficult for the trucking industry. if you are looking at anything you need to ease regulations on some areas starting with the trucking industry. >> had to those, the big labor shortage, new figures from the labor department show 4.3 million workers left their jobs in august. that is never we've not seen in
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a long time and an increase from the month before. >> product prices are through the roof. the labor shortages, big stuff out there. applicants, the lowest we have ever seen. we have 40,000 crewmembers and we need 50. where has it gone up? 20% inflation in our business for this year. >> rising inflation is hitting everyone combined with product shortages and we may be looking at a painful holiday shopping season. jillian: i can't start now. i am not there. we look like we are ready for christmas. to more breaking news, the department of homeland security announcing it will reopen us borders with canada and mexico for the full leave vaccinated after a 19 month freeze due to the pandemic which are nationals across the us by car, ferry and
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foot. additional details expected later today. >> 3 minutes after the are. watch this shocking video of another child being smuggled and abandoned as agent still fox news they are overwhelmed trying to process thousands of migrants. >> good morning. that heartbreaking video you were just playing shows the 70 record clinking to the back of a smuggler, scaling a 30 foot wall, border patrol agents were able to find and rescue her in california before sending her for a medical evaluation and processing. shifting to texas border patrol agents arresting 24 illegal immigrants suspected of being part of the human smuggling operation, carrying a bag with both cutters inside which they believe was being used to break into train cars. frustrated board of regents say they are being spread too thin
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as migrant numbers keep searching, with one telling fox news all we do is process which they say end of keeping them off the field. alejandro mayorkas is placing new restrictions on ice agents ordering them to halt mass deportation rates at work sites. he said these highly visible operations misallocated enforcement resources while serving as a tool of retaliation for worker cooperation, more pray standard investigations. senator lindsey graham warning of the risk of the biden administration's open border policies. >> what i saw that bothers me most is another 9/11 in the making. how easy would it be for al qaeda or isis cell to come through the southern border, to blend in the border patrol doing the best they can but they told me the likelihood of a terrorist attack from the southern border grows by the day.
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jillian: more than 200,000 migrants were encountered in july and august. todd: an ominous warning from senator graham. jillian: a new bombshell as we learn president biden should a bank account with his son hunter. todd: the personal finances could be open. >> reporter: emails discovered on hunter biden's laptop could entangle the president in an fbi probe into his son's finances was the messages from eric show arena show the two bidens shared bank accounts and paid each other's bills. one email reads in part your dad's tax refund check came today and i'm depositing it in his account and writing a check from that amount back to you since he owes it to you, don't think i need to run it by him but if you want to go ahead i will deposit it tomorrow.
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president biden tried to distance himself from his son's business dealings while campaigning, here's what he said when pressed about the matter in september of 2019. >> how many times have you spoken to your son about his business dealings? >> i've never spoken to my son about his overseas business dealings. i never discussed with my son or anyone else having to do with their businesses period. >> reporter: the white house defending hunter biden's lucrative art deals promising to keep buyers identities secret. >> the white house knows whether there is a departure to the arrangement. >> this is your favorite topic but still is the purview of the gala rest. we still do not know and will not know who purchases any paintings. >> did you have another question on something else? otherwise we will move on. >> despite the new york post reporting lawyers are getting
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several buyers who paid 75,$000 each for 5 prints ahead of the art show in hollywood. todd: thank you. jillian: brand-new details about gabby petito's death which we knew was a homicide but now we know how she died. todd: critical information from that autopsy report coming up. as someone who resembles someone else... i appreciate that liberty mutual knows everyone's unique. that's why they customize your car insurance, so you only pay for what you need. oh, yeah. that's the spot. only pay for what you need. ♪ liberty, liberty, liberty, liberty ♪ hello, for the last few years, i've been a little obsessed with chasing the big idaho potato truck. but it's not like that's my only interest.
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>> a better job at messaging is going forward. how do you sell this? >> you could do a better job of selling it to be frank with you. todd: nancy pelosi placing the blame on reporters for not telling president biden's build back better plan. jillian: joe concha joins us now. there's a lot of opinion out there but also a lot of edible journalists out there and i don't believe it is the job credible journalists to be selling anything to anyone, correct me if i'm wrong. >> the house speaker believes you are wrong in this case. i like the green, nice look for you. it is remarkable. it gives you a look into how
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democrats always expect the media to sell what lawmakers should be selling and it can't be done because the math is never remotely added up because if you have pelosi or the president or jen psaki they keep saying this particular plan which is $5.5 trillion when you take out the gimmicks is going to cost the american taxpayer $0.0, it will reduce taxes and reduce the debt. something that objective reporters will not do and cannot do because it just can't be done because it simply does not add up. todd: we know for years it appears the mainstream media is in the pockets of the democrats, we do stories and segments all the time talking about that but why does nancy pelosi have the gall to say the quiet part out loud and so explicitly to one of the members of the mainstream media that has been on their side. >> she knows she can get away with it.
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let's say somebody on the other side of the aisle, kevin mccarthy, ted cruz, mitch mcconnell, donald trump when he was president said you should do a better job trying to sell what i'm trying to sell to the american people, there would be pious op-eds in the new york times, washington post on talking about how this is an attempt to bully the press and we have to stand up and make sure we hold the powerful accountable. look at the pages of any of those papers this morning there is no reprimand of nancy pelosi, people like us talking about it at this point. that is where we are and this shows you democrats are so desperate to get this bill over the finish line, it appears it is only getting worse in terms of the divide within the party and getting this done by halloween which is the new deadline pelosi has set. todd: my research shows people don't like to be yelled at. jillian: why do you yell at us
2:15 am
every morning? todd: i have a hearing problem. twitter calling maxine waters's bluff after the congresswoman claimed she was hacked. here's this bizarre tweet from maxine waters, i have been hacked and my twitter account has been released. i know who has done this. i will take care of this, the twitter response, open lines of communication with the office and worked with him to assure the account to secure. this time we identified no signs of account compromise. care to hazard a guess what is going on? >> i have 0 idea. she says she knows who has done the russians? people who enact joy read's blog? who could it be at this point? twitter says she is full of energy can go back to inciting violence against conservatives where she says if you encounter anybody from the trump administration you have to push back, create a crowd and tell
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them that they are not welcome and we saw that happen to conservatives and maxine waters gets to keep her twitter account where if anybody else on the other side were to make the statements they would lose their twitter account but i am with you, this whole shopping now for christmas or listening to christmas music anytime before thanksgiving cannot and should not be done but i think we will be forced to do it. jillian: i am usually one who gets ready for the holidays early but it is too early. i like halloween and want to enjoy halloween. i want my candy. rob: i'm not cheering the supply chain crisis but if christmas is earlier it is the season. i love christmas music. love it. >> all the stations that play christmas music for 3 months on christmas day at noon a stop. can we at least enjoy it on christmas. todd: what happened? we thank you very much. merry christmas.
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jillian: you know what i won't say merry christmas yet, too soon. 16 after the hour, americans seeing bare shelves of stores and labor shortages grinding the economy to a halt. here's what the white house is saying about it. >> the president has the supply chain taskforces been working around the clock for months and months, something he has been working on and his team is working on. todd: what is the president doing? we are talking to brian bromberg next what he is walking, he will talk next hour. ♪♪ br 25% of your mouth.
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todd: treasury secretary janet yellen defending president biden's proposal to spy on your bank account saying it is aimed at high income individuals. >> does this mean the government is trying to peek into our pocketbooks if you want to look at $600 transactions? >> absolutely not. this proposal has been seriously mischaracterized. there is a lot of tax fraud and cheating going on. todd: here to react executive vice president at the kings college and associate professor of business, what do you make of yellen's comments? >> every time she's asked about this she has to say this is not about snooping on you and the obvious response everyone gives, the mainstream media, you're looking at accounts of 600 bucks, that sounds like snooping, doesn't it? she can protest all she wants
2:23 am
but the fact is she is protesting too much. most people look at this and see you are not going after the wealthy here, you are looking at anybody who gets a paycheck which means it could be me, it could be you. people don't love the idea of being snooped on. todd: here is the biden proposal. financial institutions report to the irs on transactions over $600 and banks are required to provide the total amount flowing in and out of an account. that is the red herring. that is what people need to follow. as an expert in money it can't be the best way to do what biden is trying to do. >> i have problems with what biden is trying to do but he thinks he's going to raise a slew of money by looking at people's bank accounts and figuring out what they haven't made and making them pay for it. the us government brought in more money this year than it ever has before, $4 trillion. they kept their spending through under $4 trillion we wouldn't have deficits worry about debt.
2:24 am
we don't have a tax collection problem in this country. we have a lot of revenue to work with. the problem is congress spends one dollar plus for every dollar we take in. todd: my concern is this will drive it underground and people that can afford to drive things underground and deal with that shady world or the billionaires. todd: let's be honest. >> every time you tinker with tax code to govern the wealthy, i will hire another attorney, another account and the rest of us say i can't afford to deal with this. i'm the one who's going to get hit. that is why nobody believes this stuff. it is not believable when you say you're going to look at a $600 bank account and they protested is not going to matter for you. of course it will matter. todd: jen psaki saying president biden has been focused on the supply chain for months. take a listen. >> i would say that the president has the supply chain
2:25 am
taskforces been working round-the-clock for months and months to address a range of different issues we see on the supply chain, not domestically but globally as well, several supply chain events to lift this up until the american people what we are doing to help address the bottleneck. >> you are an astute observer, have you seen anything they've done? >> they have been working round-the-clock and focus, come on. there's a reason people don't buy this stuff. the president obviously hasn't been working around the clock and if he is been working around the clock, if anything his spending plan, the supply chain issues are causing real problems for people in higher prices and degraded service and lack of availability. she is manifestly not -- to his political detriment but more importantly to the economic detriment of america.
2:26 am
>> one step he could take today to fix the problem? >> stop talking about spending money. the big driver of this is inflation expectations. that was the key coming out from the atlanta federal reserve bank, people think prices are going up, stop talking about spending, give people the sense this problem will be resolved, that will help us in the near term. todd: we appreciate your time. >> senator ted cruz blasting jen psaki going head to head over claims vaccine mandates led to thousands of flight cancellations, cheryl casone as crews called out the comments as snarky. >> a war of words after vaccine mandates were causing more pressure. >> world-renowned business
2:27 am
travel and health expert senator ted cruz is made that claim but i wouldn't say that is widely acknowledges or echoed by business leaders who have implemented these mandates. >> ted cruz responded on twitter, the white house plunging insults from the white house press room, i spoke with a very critical source who told me the following. there was a sick out of air traffic controllers in jacksonville ever maintain -- vaccine mandates, 33 air-traffic controllers only three showed up to work with mass cancellations, southwest airlines, many believe that was due to a sick out which the airline and pilots association. jillian: and asked pentagon official has a serious warning. >> former pentagon official sound the alarm on china's tech dominance over the united states. >> if you don't change the way we plan on attacking this issue
2:28 am
in cybersecurity we have no chance of winning in the next 50 to 20 years from now. we have to wake up right now before it is too late for our kids and grandkids to compete. >> reporter: he was i from his post in september. heather: some new demands from aoc. >> reporter: alexandria ocasio cortez wants to keep the social in the dems $3.5 trillion spending package original letter to them she says, quote, the bill has been a reconciliation package is a once in a generation opportunity to build a sustainable and prosperous future for our country, affordable housing, sustainable and accessible public transportation, immigration reform must remain priorities but the bill has some stalls by inviting among democrats. christensen cinema and manchin barking of the price tag. what brian broberg said to you,
2:29 am
spending of $3.5 trillion. we get tpi data, consumer prices at 8:30. 1000% tell you we will see a huge jump in consumer prices when we get the fresh government data. and got to look at this. why spend $3.5 trillion when you are going to create more inflation on top of that inflation? jillian: a lot of questions, thank you. todd: 29 after the hour getting new answers on gabby petito's death from the autopsy. jillian: a doctor is here to welcome us through the details that explain what it means for the investigation. good morning. is struggling to manage your type 2 diabetes knocking you out of your zone? lowering your a1c with once-weekly ozempic® can help you get back in it. oh, oh, oh, ozempic®! my zone... lowering my a1c, cv risk, and losing some weight... now, back to the game! ozempic® is proven to lower a1c.
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jillian: looking at san diego, california. todd: janice dean has the fox with a forecast. >> janice: calm in california across the central us, severe weather, tornado watch is in effect overnight, oklahoma through kansas and several reports of tornadoes, the watch will be good for the next hour or so and severe thunderstorm warnings within the watch area. a lot of the storms take people off guard. have a way to get your watches and warnings, no weather radio is a good thing to have. that front will come through and that snow will wrap up on higher elevations but a blizzard
2:34 am
warning in effect in parts of the rockies including areas of wyoming. the cold front will move through the central us, snow behind it and watching hurricane pamela even though it is affecting mexico it will make landfall in the next couple hours, the moisture from this is going to move into texas and oklahoma so flood advisories in effect with a couple inches of rainfall in a short period of time. a lot to cover. we will keep an eye on it for fox weather. todd: gabby petito's mother calling response from brian laundrie's attorney garbage after he double down his client is only a person of interest, this comments after wyoming coroner revealed petito's cause of death.
2:35 am
>> we find the cause to be death by strangulation and mannerism homicide. >> reporter: the corner believes petito died 3 or 4 weeks before her body was found, the fbi issuing a west the measure restored on fraud charges alleging he used petito's credit and debit cards. >> let's bring in doctor michael, good to have you here this morning. for many people watching yesterday it was understandable but frustrating how we didn't get a ton of answers as they kept going back to the fact that in wyoming you only give the manner and cause of death. my curiosity in talking to you is what other questions do you have and what information did you gain yesterday? >> two important things. one is the outside of her body, bruises or injuries, recent injuries on her body in addition
2:36 am
to the strangulation marks, that will give an answer to one of the things the defense is going to bring up with the diagnosis of strangulation, the preppy murder of the 1980s that was popular, a young woman in central park, thought to be severe consensual activity and the jury went to trial and hung up on it and did not convict him of the murder even though what he claimed during rough sex, rough sex defense. jillian: they didn't clarify if it was manual strangulation. >> he didn't. it is interesting.
2:37 am
the report, the cause of death that was issued a week earlier, sign off as manual strangulation so the manual strangulation brings up that worked pretty much back in the 1980s. it was consensual. a mistake that he panicked afterwards and left. jillian: what you are implying is you are looking at this defense in the case that perhaps going to start to build on that. brian laundrie is a person of interest. dna samples taken from law enforcement, how important or not do you think that is going to be? >> the only way it will be of
2:38 am
any value, it doesn't tell you anything, normally. jillian: what happens to the body in the wilderness for 3 or 4 weeks? >> the insect and animal activity, it will not change internal injuries, it was found immediately, there were internal injuries to the neck and that is how they can make a diagnosis of strangulation which they would have known on day one. they didn't release the cause or manner of death in a while and it is not clear, he didn't answer the question why it took so long to release this information. jillian: why do you think it took so long? >> they were overly cautious
2:39 am
because it is wyoming. if it were a big thing like new york city or chicago or miami the cause and manner of death would be released immediately as it always is if someone gets shot or beaten up, and dies, the next day the whole thing is in the newspaper because cause and manner of death usually are determined 95% of the time at the time of the autopsy. jillian: anything important that stands out to you? >> what stands out is the concept of what the defense is doing, defense attorneys getting scientists involved was maybe brian's leaving and what he did or whoever did it, he panicked and left and didn't cause the death would be part of the defense evaluation and that is why the prosecution, they are
2:40 am
doing so much work even though they appear to be straightforward strangulation case at this time. if it were a rough sex defense that is an accident, seem to work in the murder case which at that time was a very big case in new york city. jillian: makes you wonder the case the defense is going to build on and makes you wonder still what brian laundrie's parent of known, they have been silent. >> that is another issue, very unusual for brian's parents to be so close to melts. we don't know what is going on between the fbi and families that have been more cooperative than they looked like.
2:41 am
jillian: thank you for joining us for your insight. >> frustrated parents taking on school boards for labeling them domestic terrorists because they want answers about their kids education. he will hear from them next.
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jillian: afghan interpreter who helped rescue then senator joe biden during an emergency helicopter landing has escaped afghanistan. his journey was anything but easy. carley: great job following this story, he spoke for a lot of people when issuing a desperate plea to the president please do not forget me and my family but he is unique because he helped rescue president biden in 2008 and after the disastrous troop withdrawal, he spent weeks in hiding and thanks to a veterans group is now out of afghanistan with his family. it was a dangerous and difficult journey but he spoke to jillian earlier in the show say it is worth it because these are the conditions in afghanistan right now. >> the taliban, they don't have
2:46 am
a -- with these sources. jillian: many people like him still in afghanistan and the taliban is hunting them. >> in the desert for 24 hours with nothing, devastating to hear because it is so dangerous. carley: not just being in that position, is my life going to end, but i have a life after this? this one has a happy ending. >> parents do not like being called -- carley: the story is not going anywhere and the reaction to this that the fbi is getting involved in school board meetings and threats against school board members, reaction among parents ranged from concern to outrage. fox news digital spoke to concerned parents in fairfax county, virginia and this is what they had to say. >> i'm very angered at what is going on. i came to this country believing this was the land of liberty, the land of freedom.
2:47 am
>> the concerned citizen like me, domestic terrorists. >> fear among the community they are supposed to serve and support. >> the school board association has rejected the fbi's assistance investigating violence at school board meetings, they say it is something local law enforcement should deal with. louisiana and florida also rejecting it. jillian: a lot happening in virginia. todd: companies in a race to get toys on store shelves in time for the holiday shopping season. the white house says you better start shopping now. >> addressing those bottlenecks would address what we see in many industries across the country and people who are preparing for holidays, christmas, whatever they may celebrate.
2:48 am
>> the ceo of twin make her entertainment joined me now. thanks for being here. as someone who lives and breathes supply chains and has for decades how dire is the situation? >> almost 2:405 am here. the situation is very dire. i have doing the basis over 40 years to be controlled. everything that has to go wrong has gone wrong. there are millions of toys sitting in the china warehouse and it is going to be a tough christmas for consumers for other toys. leave earlier you won't get it for your children. todd: as a toymaker how much do christmas sales contribute to your yearly bottom-line?
2:49 am
>> 65%, profits come during the fourth quarter. >> a few numbers, the shape of one container, china to los angeles in september of this year. those were four times from last year. the average wait time from the port of los angeles, 11.3 days. what do you need the white house to do immediately to fix this. >> the story here, one of the hardest toys, selected by target and amazon, number one toy and i am afraid 60% of demand.
2:50 am
what the white house has to do is get extra truckers at the ports to clear the merchandise. the other issue is a huge cost of containers, $200 of gone over 20,$000. the cost of toys. todd: a bad news bears situation. hopefully the extension will alleviate some of that. thank you for your time, good luck this upcoming christmas season. jillian: it is 10 minutes until the top of the hour. the biden administration issued the latest limit on immigration enforcement by directing -- >> thank you. todd: we are talking to sean duffy about that next.
2:51 am
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>> exclusive access the migrants urge intel real. >> we have a firsthand look. what are you experiencing? >> i have the opportunity to be embedded with texas state troopers special operations division. an opportunity from the air to see what is happening on the grounds. the biden administration says the border has slowed. migrants were coming into the country illegally and if it wasn't for the department of public safety having their eyes guiding border patrol we wouldn't have captured those illegals that are on the ground. a lot of these folks were able-bodied males and females. it wasn't yesterday. a lot of these folks were
2:56 am
trained, we will be with the special operations unit today as well and they jump off these trains as they are moving, showing the desperation to get into the country. a lot of the community people on the ground saying they won't get any assistance from the federal government, towns run by democrats, they are upset with the biden administration. they tell them they see the problem and will give them resources but in front of the camera they tell a different story. we will be with them all week to see what is happening on the ground and how it is impacting the lives, i told you 3 weeks ago on the ground, texas leading the way. a lot of border patrol aren't allowed to do this. they are depending on the texas department of public safety
2:57 am
taking the lead on this. maria: look forward to your reports the rest of the morning on friends. the biden administration's latest limit on immigration enforcement acting ice to stop conducting it. lauren: sean duffy joins us now. let's get to the key line in this mayorkas memo, the deployment of operations resulting in simultaneous arrest of hundreds of workers one is not threatened are the most pernicious aspects of the unemployment challenge, exploits hated employers. wire they focus on this instead of the southern border crisis that is getting worse by the minute? >> think about this. step one is to open the border up, stop building the wall, remain in mexico, stop catch and release, message that the american border is open. a foot of people coming in. once they are here stop enforcing american law and deporting people who come here illegally. one of the places to do that is
2:58 am
workshops in which illegals are employed, mayorkas says it is misallocation of resources. we should use our resources elsewhere. the question is where? to let more migrants in the country, this is frustrating. i think the message is one thing, the border is closed. however we all know the truth which is the left-wing party, the democrat party, the open borders folks are winning the argument with the administration and the border is open. >> are you surprised it has gone on this long but we haven't heard much from the likes of kamala harris or the president about the border? the first few months it seems they are trying to figure out the game plan but we are still not hearing much from a lot of them? >> they don't want a message to the american people are answer questions reporters because
2:59 am
there is no answer. their best bet is to remain silent and implement the policy that floods millions in this country. that is what they are doing. americans are angry about it. they want people to go through the legal process, to be vetted when they come into the country. you don't have good answers don't take questions, that is what the administration is doing. we do a quick final answer to the last question. 30 seconds on the back end. why can't this white house walk in to come at the same time, they are talking about causes, why can't they attack causes but also the problem we are seeing right now at the border? >> diversion tactic. they know the root causes are the biden policies that opened up the border. we are not enforcing the border, not enforcing immigration laws internally. they want to divert and say this root causes in the
3:00 am
northern final countries, people who want to come to this country. it is a diversion. it >> you see the wall materials, millions of dollars going to waste. >> appreciate it. when a pipe bursts in the house you have to fix the root of the problem and the flood that is now on your floor. we got to go. fox and friends starts right now. goodbye. >> americans hit hard as they >> , on. at there's a reason people don't buy this stuff. it's ludicrous. >> bidens will border crisis is worsening. >> the board patrol told me the likelihood of a terrorist attack grows by the day. >> just adds to the public's right to know what's going on here. >> there is no end of incriminating materials that's really bad new


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