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tv   The Ingraham Angle  FOX News  October 13, 2021 12:00am-1:00am PDT

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me on politics, i will take it all day long. >> sean: i have a lot to throw out. any time you want. that scared the living dale earnhardt, jr. out of me. thanks for being with us.ylights out of me. thanks for being with us. let not your heart be troubled. laura takes it over. that's great news. >> laura: good to see you. >> sean: i was at dinner >> good to see you tonight. >> i had dinner with people this weekend who said you and laura must have been brothers and sisters in the past life, she picked on her little brother all the time. >> just because i throw things that you, we have done that in the past in studio but it has always been good fun but it was a fantastic show tonight and we will be back at it tomorrow.
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a prank for tomorrow so everyone has to tune in. >> raymond aurora will make a rare appearance. >> on june 20 second loudoun county virginia father scott smith was arrested after an outburst at a local school board meeting, that meeting was deemed an unlawful assembly after many attendees spoke out forcefully about policies surrounding transgender students. it became national news and smith himself became a poster child for a new form of domestic terror. no one thought to uncover the source of his anger until the daily why are did some digging, smith claims a week prior to that a boy allegedly wearing a skirt into the girl's bathroom
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and sexually assaulted his ninth-grade daughter. scott smith is here exclusively tonight with more but first, diversity, equity and exclusion is the focus of tonight's angle. every once in a while and on air exchange slips through the cracks on one of the other cable networks that is worth watching, such was the case this morning on cnn where they booked a point counter point on critical race theory. >> schools to teach reading, writing and arithmetic, they should not be read like -- radicalizing our kids and schools are now radicalizing our kids, this is the volume of the book from critical race theory that is these people say teach in law school bus is now trickling down into little books for children like woke baby, there is very graphic symbol of pedophilia and pornography.
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>> a guest on the angle came armed with tabs copies of the books used in the schools with specific page citations into very calm, very irrefutable presentation that with the hosts grasping. into the defender of critical race. this discussion, a guy build is simply a concerned parent but who actually works the diversity, equity and inclusion racket in austin, texas telling companies and individuals to check their white privilege and re-examine their up session with merit-based hiring, turns out that the lucrative business but money can't buy you logic. instead of refuting evidence proving the poisonous effect of crt curricula he really polled the terry mcauliffe saying parents should generally stop putting in, leave education to
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the experts, presumably experts like him. >> too many people who know little or nothing about education trying to tell professionals in this industry who been working are coming in as weekend warriors trying to tell them what education should look like, we need to put more trust in our educators because of the time and energy necessary to understand the nuances being blown over here in this conversation. >> what does any of that mean you may wonder? it means it is not yours to question of these topics are too complex for little people to understand but what is there to understand about reading assigned to our children that associates white people with the devil. >> it literally says here whiteness is a bad deal and as a symbol of satan, this is the contract they say whiteness brings and children are getting this book and i fit into the intersectional world, i'm a
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muslim, an immigrant, a mom of color, a single mom, but i deny all of these privileges in the new paradigm of the oppression matrix because we are all human beings. >> she is highly educated and minority herself doesn't matter. for the dti cobol all that matters is marketing guilt and shame to schools, corporations, entertainers and sports figures and the churches are in on the act, each comes under enormous pressure to comply. they prove it by linking to vdi posters like this one or by hiring people not on merit but according to the latest woke is and by shutting anyone who refuses to mouth of their platitudes or questions their goals. they i propaganda like ccp
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propaganda must never be questioned by the unenlightened masses. >> the language i'm hearing you hear the speak to the level of sophistication necessary to help our young people prepare for the world of work, the society they are going to be living in. as someone who worked in the university we had two students coming to the university who had little or no experience knowing how to navigate the conversations and relationships related to race. >> what gibberish, don't you feel better about paying that college tuition now but you may not know it, schools and businesses are desperate to check the diversity, equity and inclusion box that they will either hire a full-time ddi coordinator or feel they have to hire random ddi consultants they find on the web. meet the father of bottom consulting, described as a world-renowned consulting firm dedicated to driving
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organizational change. >> i'm talking about the embodiment of white american, white anglo, white eurocentric ways of behaving puts you in a place where your better, more deserving, more confident over people who embody behaviors that connect communities of color and indigenous communities and the connection between racism and white supremacy is racism is a manifestation of white supremacy. >> what a terrible way to make a living, no real knowledge of history, 0 appreciation of the great blessings of liberty and opportunity that america presides, only resentment politics and hand movements. the point of this is to turn neighbor against neighbor, student against student, citizen
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against country. >> white populist is always been susceptible to manipulation around racial animus. >> really about white people and particularly white children being exposed to ideas that previously were segregated. >> of your children of schoolteachers this nonsense demand that your son or daughter be permitted to opt out in favor of those accomplished writers like having way, fitzgerald, twain, harriet beecher stowe, the great american writers but remember, the goals are always shifting, 20 years ago it was tolerance for different points of view but that wasn't getting the far left anywhere so they shifted to demanding diversity but that too they found to be limiting so they moved on again. lecturer paloma medina gave a tutorial to a packed auditorium on how to establish true racial and gender equity in your workplace. >> we need to verbalize the goal. the goal isn't diversity, the goal is equity.
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performing a diversity committee, hire outside experts to help you audit for and achieve equity in salary and promotions which you can do it in two years, you can. >> look at those clapping seals in the audience, they don't even realize the speaker is showing for her own industry and her solutions would mean forcing a lot of them in the audience out of jobs and hiring of this purely on racial or gender lines. the temptation is to laugh at this cottage industry for the perpetually aggrieved but that is a mistake. real racism is repugnant and everyone but the lowest of the low know it but what we are doing to schools, workplaces, everyday life is corrosive and divisive. the only other people we help by
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heart, fire promoting people based on immutable characteristics are people getting rich from teaching bitterness and virtue signaling, where hard work and effort usually suffice. they are not alone. every piece of this is treated as gospel by president biden and his team. >> america has a history of systemic racism. >> systemic racism is a stain on our nation's so. to lean on the neck of justice for black americans. >> must improve equity between our countries, impose economic, political and social gaps that persist based on race, gender and other parts of our identity. laura: they will use every bit of their power and there's a lot of power to force you to live in a country dominated by the ddi police which takes us back to the discussion that caught my
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attention earlier today. what a great country it is thus a muslim american woman who arrived here not speaking our language is far better versed in the guarantees of our constitution the meaning of our declarations and countless native born ddi experts not to mention the buffoons now operating the white house, think of tens of millions of immigrants become small business owners and successful professionals, who did so without relying on government handouts or ddi mandates to clear the path for themselves. maybe, just maybe it is time to focus more on parenting and less on complaining, more on showcasing talent and less obsessive on race or ethnicity and that is the angle. joining me knows florida congressman byron donald, this is backfire on the left and minorities i believe, they are
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now beginning to move away from the democrats, your thoughts. >> you are absolutely correct, the left got caught with their hand in the cookie jar, they are the ones that still milkshake on the table and try to act like they didn't spill it themselves and parents are waking up to this, they have realized what they want to do is with a nice our children against american society. this type of division does not help our children succeed, doesn't help our children succeed and when people get confronted with the evidence of what is happening in our schools they can do nothing else but tried to backtrack and blame other people but the fault is theirs because they got caught trying to divide our country and that is not what is best for america. >> tampa bay dimes smeared concerned parents as activists
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using the term critical race theory is a catch all to describe a broad set of practices aimed at focusing public schools on the needs of a diverse student body. among the targets, programs that encourage equity and antiracism and work to reduce unconscious bias in the classroom. this is the media's convenient framing so parents who are saying no, we want real education, they are the radicals of the crt experts, the pushers of all this division are the normal people. okay. >> correct, the tampa bay times and media outlets like that, what they want is to support the radical left and their agenda which is to unwind our entire country and our entire society and they are not comfortable with just winning a political fight for a political election, they want to distill it down to our kids. what parents want more than anything else is for the children to learn reading, writing and arithmetic, they want to learn history so their children are empowered to take over the country that will be left to them but if we let
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radical leftists and newspaper organizations and media organizations divide our country there will be nothing left for them to take over. our nation is great, people can come here, thrive and prosper, the best of their lives as they see fit but we can never survive this rank division that the radical left wants to bring in the form of critical race.. that is why it should not be taught, its elements should not be in textbooks. people should be free to learn our history, learn all our history but be prepared to lead america going forward, not divide america going forward. jillian: your thoughts on the lisa gruden emails. the atlantic's jamal hill. >> the steep of a problem when it comes to racism, sexism, misogyny, homophobia if they can correct themselves, the ownership groups look like what they look like. this is america as well and what we have seen is what every black person knows, behind closed doors this we are facing. jillian: is this an attack on
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gruden, trying to ruin and end his career or is this a professional attack on football? >> it is a perpetual attack on football. john gruden's emails shouldn't have been linked with other horrible, yes they are, should it cost him his job? i'm not quite sure. the key point is this. what happens when these emails come out is the left seizes on them to perpetuate a division that exists in america. he has been in football longer than i have been alive and is an exceptional football coach. what he said was absolutely wrong, nobody condones it but at the same time that does not mean there is a perpetuation of discrimination throughout the national football league. there have been so many people that have been able to earn livelihood that is transform their families through the national football league and one
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thing we've got to do is take a look at his emails, move that to side and focus on the fact that people of all races and all creeds can into the nfl or any other major sport and thrive and succeed in america but the left wants to do that by taking that and have it be the new focus to make you think all of america thinks that way is the wrong way to go, the wrong focus but once again this is the left agenda all the time to divide america. jillian: the nfl made a lot of people of all racial backgrounds really rich, really rich and it is based on merit which is a good thing. thank you. and while biden's administration is seeking to target parents protesting crt in school they are missing the real problem that is hurting all communities. nearly 4.3 million americans, and all-time record, quicker jobs in august, 900,000 workers at restaurants and hotels. in the meantime inflation continues to outpace wages at an alarming rate. joining me is ohio senate candidate jds and which
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americans are suffering economically, some are choosing to opt out of the workforce for a variety of reasons, but we are obsessing on gruden or ddi or how awful america is on the left, that is their daily obsession. >> it goes to show so much of this is a distraction from the fact that biden's policies failed normal people so you are right. why does it matter what john gruden said in an email ten years ago. who were the people victimized? not the recipients of his emails. it is ridiculous that i lost his job over it but it is the media is focused on this when we have real problems to solve the economic consequences of a lot of workers not working is a problem. i see the fact that so many workers are refusing vaccine mandates as a good thing, it suggests there is some fight in the american people not to
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accept vaccine mandates and pushing back against it. it will cost them short-term obstruction. laura: were you surprised america was as compliant as it was for all these months in blue states where they were locked down longer than they needed to be, kept going along. >> surprised and worried by it. i went to san diego to visit family over christmas and you walk outside in public beaches, 99% of people wearing masks, you realize the mask and the lockdown regime, the anti-covid thing became a sort of blue state culture war, it wasn't about public health, wasn't about protecting people. it was about showing that they were virtuous and that his continued. we are 18 months into this. we've got to get back to a level of normalcy but you have people attached to the away of doing things. laura: they don't like the old
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normal, it is rotten, racist, misogynist, homophobic, they have to destroy what they believe america is to get to the new america. that has been happening for a while. great to see you tonight. loudoun county father's brutal arrested a school board meeting went viral it was seized on by the left as an example of the new domestic terrorism. he's here to reveal the shocking truth behind what upset him so much. the interview you cannot afford to miss in moments.
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that's because you all have the same internet. xfinity xfi. so powerful, it keeps one-upping itself. can your internet do that? >> [cheers and applause]. >> [shouting]. >> laura: that moment turned scott smith from an laura: that moment turned scott smith from an outraged father to the new embodiment of the right wing domestic terrorist but what was the real reason smith showed up the school board meeting the first place? because weeks earlier he says his daughter was sexually assaulted by a boy wearing a skirt in the girl's bathroom at school. what is worse is school officials attempted to cover it up.
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>> do we have the stalin are bathrooms or locker rooms regularly? >> to my knowledge we don't have records of assaults occurring in our restroom. the usual basalts taking place where transgender students assaulting other students in the restroom, time magazine in 2016 called that a red herring. the predator transgender student or person simply does not exist. >> according to the senate disclose a by the daily wire that uncovered all of this wasn't just loud and school officials trying to brush this under the rug but the county of soros backed prosecutor as well. scott smith joins me exclusively, thank you for coming on the show. i know this is an emotionally grueling time for you and your family. tell us if you can what happened to your daughter and how loudoun county officials handled it.
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>> thanks for having us on the show. this has been a crazy three months but my daughter was sexually assaulted at the end school in may of last year and i went to the school board meeting to see what was going on because i had seen this crazy stuff on tv and i went to see what was going on after my daughter had been assaulted and there was some crazy stuff being talked about, people for things were against things. i wasn't there for any -- i am good with gay people, cross gender people, everybody, anybody who wants to be a good american i'm good with. i went there to find out why our children weren't safe.
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and next thing i know another parent activist approach to my wife and started attacking eyes in her -- antagonizing her, i turned around and said stop, then i tried to tell the lady what had happened to my daughter and she looks needed in the face and said that is not what happened and that struck me like how do you know what happened? you don't even know me. and then she kept going, the police came and the officer was trying to help out, said we need to be kind to one another. i said okay and i turned my head and she started in on me again and threatened my family business, my livelihood. everything that gives my family what we need, she threatened to
12:28 am
ruin my business on social media. next thing i know i'm getting touched from all over the place. i didn't know who was touching me, who was grabbing me. i turn around, the police are grabbing me and next thing i know i am tackled to the ground. i am just shocked and horrified. i do want to say we support our first responders and law enforcement, this didn't have to happen in this could have been handled a lot differently. laura: i to ask, the prosecutor new about your daughter but the school board officials at the meeting, drinking their diet coke or whatever they were drinking, seemed bored by the
12:29 am
entire conversation citing some article and some other media publication that had nothing to do with what happened to your daughter or any other possible assault, did they seem to have a compassionate or concerned reaction at that meeting? >> to what was going on? laura: all the concerns of the parents being raised? >> know. they were tuning us out. they were looking away, reading magazines, i believe -- i've never been to a school board meeting before so i didn't know what to expect, but i believe they had full intentions on trying to shut that thing down early because every time we clapped to try to support somebody we got scolded for it. why aren't we allowed to clap for blue?
12:30 am
everybody has their own opinion, why can't everybody just get along and discuss our differences. that's not what has been going on in loudoun county. it is all 1-sided. jillian: the county sheriff's enough announced a teenager from ashburn has been charged with sexual battery and abduction of a fellow student, that suspect remains held at the loudoun county juvenile detention center, the name of the suspect cannot be released due to the fact that the juvenile. you say this is the same boy who sexually assaulted your daughter. how do you know that? >> this is the sexual predator that assaulted my daughter. we were under the impression from the prosecutor that the sexual predator was being held with an ankle monitor and would not return to school until these court sessions were done.
12:31 am
you are innocent until proven guilty. i understand that but we do have to protect everyone at the same time. i was told by everyone, the prosecuting attorneys, friends of the family, people i don't even know if i wanted justice for my daughter i needed to keep my mouth quiet and not speak out because in order to get justice for my daughter which is the most important thing to me was to not come out and let justice prevail. jillian: you were supposed to be -- >> on friday night. >> correct. it was my decision not to speak out, nobody muscles me but i was told that if i wanted justice for my daughter and wanted this
12:32 am
case to have fidelity and possible conviction -- laura: you have every right to speak out, you are a father of a daughter who was sexually assaulted by someone wearing a skirt and they are making you out to be a domestic terrorist of the department of justice by implication? >> but that just started. that just happened a week or two ago. you got to understand this happened the last week of may and school ended and the school board and the school system went on summer break and abandoned us. my wife and i had to spend the entire summer rebuilding our daughter. there was a couple rough nights. it was hell. the good news is my daughter is doing very well, she is a survivor, she's a winner and so
12:33 am
are me and my wife. laura: your message across the country to parents who want to have their voices heard on any issue at any school board meeting, should be feel intimidated given what our political system is saying about meetings getting out of control and extremists or domestic terror or threats? >> that whole thing is nonsense and i will tell you why, because first of all i didn't go there to boycott anything. >> you are not political, you established that but other parents across the country are afraid to go to school board meetings because of the intimidation. >> right, so all summer long we are waiting for justice and i'm keeping quiet and then last friday night the phone rang, it was a text, from a concerned parent to my wife that said i
12:34 am
need to know what the boy's name is and we said we will never discuss that. and they proceed to tell my wife there was another assault in the rumor is that it is the same boy. i couldn't believe -- i started arguing with my wife about it, this is impossible, stop feeding into social media. this doesn't happen. within half an hour it was confirmed that yes, this did happen and i said that is it, i won't stay quiet anymore. laura: we are having this ongoing discussion. >> this stuff has to stop. laura: the rights of transgender students -
12:35 am
>> that is scary that our government is going to weapon eyes themselves against parents and using my video across the nation to spread fear, that is wrong. i'm not a bully, not a racist, i love everyone. i love this country and i want better stuff for it. laura: we all want people to have freedom to speak out and not be branded terrorist especially if concerned about the safety of their children in schools. we wish you all the best luck and your daughter especially after a special prayer for her tonight and all victims of sexual assault, thank you for being with us. democrats are beginning to sweat over the increasingly unpopular biden agenda had the 2022 midterms. bret baer has reaction plus congressman jim banks has exclusive details on how house republicans intensify democrats and the $3.5 trillion makeover of america coming up.
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>> laura: nancy pelosi emerged for her weekly laura: nancy pelosi emerged for her weekly press conference the sobering message for the progressive wing of her party. >> we have some important decisions to make in the next few days so that we can proceed. i'm disappointed were not going original with the $3.5 trillion which was very transformative. you could do a better job to be selling it to be frank with you. >> he sees the media as a personal propaganda arm but also see the writing on the wall. if the sprawling plan to expand the social safety net is too big moderates use the loses seen is too small in the base won't turn out. joining us is bret baer, author of the brand-new book just out today to rescue the republic
12:42 am
everyone should buy about ulysses s grant. we will get your book in a moment. first your thoughts on the bind democrats find themselves in. >> it is a big bind. progressives feel if it's not too big they are not going to have the turnout to the midterms and that's the thing that will lead to their demise. moderates think too big package will lead to their demise and their pr ploy and something to talk about with the gop, the gop, you have to look back in history, 2010, remember the midterms after the obamacare vote and what that led to. it was in president obama's words a shellacking and that midterm the republicans picked up even though democrats and
12:43 am
progressives believe this was the thing everybody wanted. in that race in 2009 just before that, there was a governor's race that was a canary in the coal mine about what was to come. the governor's race was in virginia and the republican be the democrats significantly. now there is a very contested virginia governor's race and interested to see if it follows history. laura: your new books rescue the record public about the unappreciated role of ulysses s grant and his work forging our nation. what should politicians today during the stoltzfus time learn from our grant and the gop were able to hold the country together after the civil war? >> this is about the forgotten history of grant and how he save the united states where people can take from readers especially that we have to keep fighting for the republic every day, it's that important, freedom is not
12:44 am
free. sounds like a cliché but it isn't and it takes effort and it takes a lot of effort to get people together. grant's eight years in office are characterized broadly as scandalous and there were scandals but he did amazing things, 13, 14, fifteenth amendments him he thought for black citizenship, the right to vote and he thought the kkk but most importantly kept the union together and that was his goal. to fight for the republic every day and not give up. laura: i jumped into the book in the middle, didn't have time to read it yet but the little terse meeting everyone has to read about between grant and robert e lee, 15 minutes long, pick up
12:45 am
the book, congratulations, to rescue the republic, just out today, great to have you on and speaking of policy the house approved raising the debt limit for two more months and unlike in the senate every single house republicans voted against this bill including my next guest indiana congressman jim banks joined me now. the media is framing this as staving off catastrophe but kicking the can down the road to use that terrible cliché when before christmas nobody wants to get the pile of coal in their stockings. >> keep in mind they are raising the debt limit to have the room to pay for their massive radical socialist agenda, the $3 trillion reconciliation bill, speaker policy talked about scaling it back a little bit today but make no bones about it this is still a massive bill that would transform america and make this is a socialist nation overnight if the biden agenda passes and that's why republicans have to do a better
12:46 am
job communicating to the american people how dangerous this reconciliation bill really is, that is why i put out a memo today with republican study committee with 42 reasons every republican should vote against this bill and 42 reasons the american people should be aware this bill is not just the price tag, not just what it will do to inflation but the dangerous component in this bill that will affect your daily life like shutting down your day care facility especially if it is a faith-based daycare facility, give illegal immigrants free college tuition and child tax credit. it will create a climate police department, the aoc came up with a couple years a go and we laughed and thought it would never happen and it is on the brink of happening. >> sorry we are so short tonight. we will have you back soon and a word to the wise about raising
12:47 am
the debt limit yet again. why is singapore with an 80% vaccination rate and strict covid restrictions in an explosion in cases and deaths? free mandates, their wide-open see the opposite. doctor harvey rich has interesting data about why this is happening next.
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>> laura: vaccines are laura: if vaccines are the second back to normal why is singapore where 83% of the population is fully vaccinated in the midst of another covid wave. in scandinavia life is back to normal, no mandate, passports, masks, everything is open. despite much lower vaccination rate places like denmark averaging fewer than one covid death a day. what is going on? my next guest has some ideas, epidemiology professor joins me now. what is going on, confusing to the average american. >> singapore has done a thorough job vaccinating its population but the population has little natural immunity. hardly anybody got the vaccination in the first place and the vaccines are wearing off. vaccine in the unity has a finite lifespan between 3 to 6
12:53 am
months and it is losing that over time and more people are getting infected again. they are relatively protected from severe outcomes which is a good thing by and large when people take it but they need more natural immunity from the infection going forward in order to prevent what they are seeing and they need the natural immunity to combat other viruses, other strains that may be coming as well and longer-lasting protection is longer-lasting. >> the natural immunity our government claims isn't protective at all. a big problem is that singapore has its own mixed messaging from their leader. >> cut back on social activities to slow the spread of the virus. get vaccinated if you haven't already done so.
12:54 am
go for your booster shot when your turn comes. as more people are exposed to the virus and recover immunity levels will increase, covid will spread less quickly among us. laura: two different things, seems outside of scandinavia none of these leaders know what they are doing, they don't realize locking down prolongs the pandemic for most of these countries period. >> he said as more people get the virus -- >> after he flip-flopped early on so they didn't happen exactly at the same time but heard immunity is a real thing, yes or no? >> absolutely, natural immunity is a real thing in large-scale, 70% now and increasing - >> thank you. pelosi by the numbers is next.
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>> laura: our feature laura: biden by the numbers,
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here's pelosi. >> build back better, which we spent time talking about already helps job security and moral responsibility, healthcare. medicare and medicaid and family care. laura: gutfeld - >> i would say the president has the supply chain task force working around the clock for months and months. something he has been working on and his team has been working on. jillian: the white house says president biden has been on it but experts say the supply chain nightmare is about to get worse. what companies are doing to stay afloat and how it could impact your wallet. todd: did you hear this? >> a better job


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