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tv   The Ingraham Angle  FOX News  October 12, 2021 7:00pm-8:00pm PDT

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all day long. >> sean: i have a lot to throw out. any time you want. that scared the living dale earnhardt, jr. out of me. thanks for being with us.ylights out of me. thanks for being with us. let not your heart be troubled. laura takes it over. that's great news. >> laura: good to see you. >> sean: i was at dinner with people this weekend. they said you and laura -- you must have been like brothers and sisters. yes, she picks on her little brother all the time. >> laura: just because i throw things at you -- we have done that in the past in studio. it's always in good fun. a fantastic show tonight. we will be back at it tomorrow. i have a special prank for you. >> sean: a special what?
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>> laura: a prank for tomorrow. so everyone has to tune in. >> laura: scott smith was arrested after outburst at a local school board meeting. that meeting was deemed an unlawful assembly after people spoke out about policies about transgender students. it was national news and smith was the poster child for domestic terror. no one sought to uncover the source of his anger until the daily wire's luke did some digging. a week prior to that a boy wearing a skirt entered a girl's bathroom and sexually assaulted his ninth grade daughter. scott smith is here exclusive with more.
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first diversity, equity and ecclusion. that's the focus of tonight's "angle." every once in a while an on air exchange slips through the cracks on another network that is worth watching. such was the case on cnn on point and counterpoint on critical race theory. >> schools are radicalizing our kids. this is the volume of the book in critical race theory for law school but this is going down to younger kids like woke babies and there is a graphic symbol of
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pedophilia. >> laura: she came armed with an irrefutable confrontation that left the host gasping. a guy who works the inclusion racket in aunt, texas. -- austin, texas. telling companies to get past their obsession with lucrative hiring. he pulled a terry mcauliffe saying parents should stop butting in and leave education to experts like him. >> too many people know little or nothing about education trying to tell professionals who
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are working hard, we are coming in as weekend warriors to tell them what education should look like. they need to put more trust in our educators because they spent the time and energy necessary to understand the nuances that are blown over here in in conversation. >> laura: what does that mean? well, it means it's not yours to question. these topics are too complex for the little people to understand. what is there to understand about reading to children that associates white people with the devil? >> it literally says here whiteness is a bad deal. it has a symbol of satan. children are getting this book. i am a muslim and immigrant and a mom of color.
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i am a single mom, and yet i deny all of these privileges in the paradigm of the oppression matrix because we are all human beings. >> laura: he is highly educated and a minority doesn't matter. -- she. all that matters is marketing guilt and shame to schools, corporations and entertainers and sports figures and the churches are in on the act. each comes under enormous pressure to comply. they proved they are bonified by linking to goofy posters like this one and shunning anyone who refuses to mouth their platitudes or questions their goals. the dei must never be questioned
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by the unenlightened masss. >> this doesn't speak to the level of sophistication that is necessary to help young people prepare for the world of work and society they will be living in. we have too many opportunities coming to the universities who had little or no experience of knowing how to navigate the conversation and relationships related to race. >> laura: what gibberish. don't you feel better about paying that fat college tuition now. you may not know it. schools and businesses are desperate to check the equity inclusion box. they feel like they have to hire random consultants they find on the web. this is the founder of a firm described as a dei firm.
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>> i think whiteness. talking about the embodiment of white angry -- anglo waves of behaving [inaudible]. the connection between racism and white supremacy is that racism is a manifestation of white supremacy. >> laura: what a terrible way to make a living. no real knowledge of history. zero appreciation of the great blessings of liberty and opportunity that america provides. only resentment politics and a lot of hand movement. the point is to turn neighbor against neighbor and citizen against country. >> the white populace has always been susceptible to manipulation
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around race. >> this is about white children being exposed to ideas that were segregated. >> laura: if your children's school teaches this nonsense, demand that your son or daughter be able to opt out. the goals are always shifting for the dei. 20 years ago it was tolerance for different points of views. that didn't get the far left anywhere. they shifted to demanding diversity. that too was limiting. they moved on again. a lecturure talked to a packed auditorium on how to establish through racism and gender equity in your workplace. >> the goal is not diversity. the goal is equity. >> [cheering].
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>> instead of saying you are going to form a diversity committee, hire outside experts to help you audit and achiever equity if salarys and promotions. you can do it in 2 years. >> laura: she is schilling for her own industry. the temptation is to laugh at this cottage industry. but that's a mistake. real racism is repugnant and everyone but the lowest of the low know it. what we are doing to our schools and workplaces and every day lives is divisive. the only people we help by promoting people based on
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immutable characteristics are the people getting rich off of teaching this. remember, they are not alone. every piece of this garbage that the hard left espouses is treated as gospel by president biden and his team. >> america has a long history of systemic racism. >> systemic racism is a stain on our nation's soul. a knee on the neck of black americans. >> close the economic and social gasps that persist based on race and gender. >> laura: they will use every bit of their power and that's a lot of power to force to you live in a country dominated by the dei police. that takes us back to the discussion that caught my attention earlier today. what a great country it is that
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a muslim-american woman who arrived here not speaking our language is better versed in the guarantees of our constitution than countless native-born dei experts and the bafoon occupying the white house. think of the tens of millions of immigrants who became small business owners and did so without relying on government hand out or dei mandates to clear a path for themselves. just maybe it's time for us to focus more on parenting and less on complaining. more on showcasing talent and less obsessing on race. that's the "angle." joining me now is florida congressman. this is back firing on the left and minorities i believe. they are beginning to move away from the democrats, your thoughts? >> laura, i think you are
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absolutely correct. the left got caught with their hands in the cookie jar. they spilled the milk shake on the table and parents are waking up to this. they want to weaponize our children against american society. this doesn't help our children succeed. when they are confronted with evidence of what is happening in the children they try to back track and blame other people. the fault is theirs. they were caught trying to divide our country. that's not what is best for america. >> laura: the tampa bay times smeared parents as activists using the term critical race theory are aimed at focussing public schools on a diverse student body.
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this is the media's convenient framing. so the parents who say no, we want real education, they are the radicals and these pushers are the normal people. >> absolutely correct. the tampa bay times and media outlets like that want to support the radical left in their agenda which is to unwind our entire society. they are not comfortable or happy with winning a political election. they want to disstill it down to our kids. what parents want more than anything else is for their children to learn reading, writing and math. so their children are empowered to take over the country left to them. if we left radical leftists and media organizations divide our country, there will be nothing left for them to take over. our nation is great.
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people can come here and thrive and prosper and make the best of their lives as they see fit. we can never survive this rank division that the radical left wants to bring in the form of critical race theory. it should not be taught. it could not be in textbooks. people should be free to learn all of our history and be prepared to lead america going forward and not divide america. >> laura: the leaked gruden emails. >> i don't know of a league that has this deep of a problem with racism and misogyny if they can correct themselves. this is america as well. what we have seen is what every black person knows. behind closed doors this is what we are facing. >> laura: is this an attack on
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gruden trying to end his career or an attack on football? >> i think it's an attack on football. jon gruden's emails should not have been leaked. are they horrible? yes, it should have cost him his job? i am not sure. the left seized to them to perpetuate division. what he said is absolutely wrong. nobody condones it. at the same time that, didn't mean there is a perpepution of discrimination in the national football league.ation of discrimination in the national football league. people of all races and creeds
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with enter the nfl and thrive and succeed. they want to make you think all america thinks that way is the wrong focus. this is the left's agenda all the time. divide america. >> laura: the nfl made a lot of people of all racial backgrounds really rich. based on merit which is a good thing. congressman, thank you. while the biden administration is seeking a target of parents about crt in schools. 4.3 million americans quit their jobs in august. 900,000 were workers at restaurants and hotels. inflation is outpacing wages. joining me now is an ohio senate candidate. americans are suffering economically. some are choosing to opt out of
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the work force for a later of reasons. we are obsessing on gruden or dei or how awful america is on the left. that's their daily obsession >> yes. it shows that so much is a distraction for the fact that biden's policies failed people. what does it matter what jon gruden said in emails 10 years ago? i think it's ridiculous that the guy lost his job. i think it's ridiculous our media is so focussed on this when we have real problems to solve. i see the economic consequences of workers not working is a problem, but so many workers are refusing vaccine mandates is a good thing. it suggests there is fight in the american people. they are pushing back against it.
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that's good even though it will cause short term interruptions. >> laura: were you surprised that america was so compliant in the blue states? they were locked down longer than they needed to be but they kept going along. >> surprise asked worried about it. i went to san diego to visit family over which is. people on the beaches were wearing masks. it became a weird blue states culture issue. it wasn't about public health. it was about sowing they were virtuous. we are 18 months into this thing. -- showing. we have to get back on normalcy. people are attached to the old way of doing things. >> laura: they don't like the old normal. that's rotten and racist and
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misogynistic. they have to destroy what they believe america is to get to the new america. that's happening for a while now. months ago a father's brutal arrest at a school board meeting went viral as domestic terrorism. he will reveal the shocking truth about what upset him so much. the interview you can't afford to miss in moments. it's not a sign of weakness,th but really a sign of strength. people sometimes don't want to talk about mental health, they don't want to talk about problems that they might have that aren't physical, but those problems are just as real. i have this disease you know, and it makes it awkward that i have to explain myself or prove myself in certain situations. a lot of times i'm not feeling good or you know not having a good day,
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but through the music i'm able to have a good day by expressing something that feels good to me that i can pass onto others. one of my favorite phrases to share with not only my kids but anybody is never compare your insides to someone else's outsides. we are creating conversation we are raising awareness and we're kicking the hell out of this stigma saying get away from the people we love the most. ♪♪
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>> [cheers and applause]. >> [shouting]. >> laura: that moment turned scott smith from an outraged father to the left's new embodiment of the right wing domestic terrorists. why did he show up at the school board meeting? he said his daughter was sexually assaulted by a boy
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wearing a skirt. officials attempted to cover it up. >> do we have assaults in our restrooms? >> we don't have any records. the issue of transgender students assaulting other opportunities if the restroom, "times" magazine called that a red herring. it does not exist. >> laura: according to the exposee by the daily wire it wasn't just the school officials brushing this under the rug but the county prosecutor as well. scott smith joins me now exclusively. thanks for coming on the show. i know this is an emotionsally gruelling time for you and your family. tell us what happened to your daughter and how the county
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officials handled it. >> thanks for having us on the show. this has been a crazy 3 months. basically my daughter was sexual assaulted at the end of school in may of last year. i went to the school board meeting to see what was going on because i had seen all of this crazy stuff on tv. i went to see what was going on after my daughter had been assaulted. there was should crazy stuff being talked about. people for and against things. i was not there for any -- i am good with gay and cross-gender people. anybody who wants to be a good america, i am good with. i went there to find out why our children were not safe. the next thing i know, another
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parent activist approached my wife and i turned around and said stop. then i tried to tell the lady what happened to my daughter. she looked me dead in the face and said that's not what happened. that struck me: how do you know what happened? you don't even know me. then she kept going. the police came and the officer said we need to be kind to one another. i said okay. i turned my head and she started in on me again and threatened my family business, my livelihood. everything that gives my family what we need. she threatened to ruin my business on social media. the next thing i know, i am
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getting touched from all over the place. i didn't know who was grabbing me. i turned around. the police are grabbing me and i am tackled to the ground. i was just shocked. and horrified. i do want to say, though, we support our first responders and our law enforcement. this did haven't to happen. this could have been handled a lot differently. >> laura: scott -- i have to ask you this. the prosecutor knew about your daughter but the school board officials at that meeting drinking their diet coke, seemed bored by the conversation citing some article that had nothing to
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do with what happened to your daughter. did they seem to have a compassionate or concerned reaction at that meeting in june? >> to what was going on? >> laura: to all of it. the concerns of all parents? >> no, they were tuning us all out. they were looking away and reading magazines. it was a zoic. i believe -- and i had never been to a school board meeting. i didn't know what to expect. i believe they had full intentions to shut that down early. every time we clapped or supported somebody, we got scolded for it. why aren't we allowed to clap or boo? everybody has their own opinions. why can't everybody just get along and discuss our differences.
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that's not what has been going on here. it's all one sided . >> laura: the county sheriff's office announced sexual assault in another high school. the name of the suspect can't be released because he is a juvenile. you say this is the same boy that sexual assaulted your daughter. how do you know that? >> this is in fact the sexual predator that assaulted by daughter. we were under the impression from the prosecutor that it sexual predator was being held on in-house arrest with an ankle monitor and would not return to school until these court sessions were done. you are innocent until you are prune guilty.
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i understand -- proven. but we have to protect everyone at the same time. i was told by everyone, my attorneys, the prosecuting attorney, friends of the family, people i don't even know, that if i wanted justice for my daughter, i needed to keep my mouth quiet and not speak out because in order to get justice for my daughter, which is the most important thing to me, of course, was to not come out and let justice prevail. >> laura: you were supposed to be quiet? >> correct. it was my decision not to speak out. nobody muzzled me, but i was told if i wanted justice for my daughter and wanted this case to have a finality and a possible
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conviction -- >> laura: i am sorry. you have every right to speak out. you are a father of a daughter who was sexual assaulted by subpoena who you said came into the bathroom wearing a skirt. they are making you out to be the domestic terrorists the department of justice by implication? >> that just started. that just happened a week or two ago. this happened the last week of may. school ended. the school system just went on summer break and abandoned us. my wife and i had to spend the entire summer rebuilding our daughter. unfortunately there were a couple of rough nights. it was hell. but the good news is my daughter is doing very well. >> laura: god bless her. >> she is a survivor and
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a winner and so are we and my wife. >> laura: your message to parents across the country who want to be herd at any school board meeting should they feel intimidated given what our political system is saying about possible meetings getting out of control and domestic terrorists or threats? >> well that, whole thing is nonsense. i will tell you why. i didn't go there to boycott anything. >> laura: you are not political but other parents across the country are afraid now to go to school board meetings. >> right. all summer long we were waiting for justice and i am keeping quiet. last friday night the phone rang. i believe it was a text from a concerned parent to my wife.
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it said i need to know what the boy's name is and we said we will never discuss that. why? they proceeded to tell my wife there was another assault at a high school and the rumor is it's the same boy. i could not believe -- i started to argue with my wife about it. it is impossible. this didn't happen. within half an hour, it was confirmed yes, this did happen. i said that's it. i won't stay quiet anymore. >> laura: we are having this on-going discussion. >> [overlapping talking]. >> this has to stop. >> [overlapping talking]. >> asked about the doj thing too. that's really scare that our
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government will weaponize themselves against parents and using my video across the nation to spread fear. that's wrong. i am not a bully. i am not a racist. i love everyone. i love this country. i want better stuff for it. >> laura: we all want people to have freedom to speak out and not be branded a terrorist especially if they are concerned about the safety of their children if schools. scott, we wish all the best luck and a special prayer for your daughter and all victims of sexual harassment. sexual assault. democrats are sweat over the biden agenda and bret baier has reaction and how house republicans intend to fight democrats and their $3.5-trillion make over of america coming up.
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>> laura: nancy pelosi emerged for her weekly press conference with a sobering message for the progress wing of her party. >> we have important decisions to make in the next few days to proceed. i am very disappointed we are not going with the original $3.5-trillion. y'all could do a better job of selling this. >> laura: of course. she sees the writing on the wall. moderates worry they will lose their seats and too small and the progressives think the base won't turnout. joining me is bret baier with a brand new book out today. we will get to your book in
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a moment. first your thoughts on the bind that democrats find themselves in. >> bret: it's a big bind. progressives feel if this is not too big they won't have the turnout in the mid-terms and that will lead to their demise. moderates think too big of a package will lead to their demise and something to talk about for the gop. look back at history. 2010, remember the mid-terms after the obamacare vote and what that led to. it was in president obama's words a shelacking in the mid-term. in that race in 2009 just before that, there was a governor's race that was a canary on in the
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coal mine about what was to come. the governor's race was in virginia and the republican beat the democrat. now there is a contested virginia governor's race and see will we if it follows history. >> laura: your new book is about the under-appreciated role of grant and his work forging our nation. what should politicians today during these times learn from how grant and the gop were able to hold the country together after the civil war? >> this is about the forgotten history of grant. what people can take from it we have to keep fighting for the republic every day. that's that important. freedom is not free. it sounds like a cliche but it isn't. it takes effort.
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it takes really a lot of effort to get people together. grant's 8 years in office are characterized broadly as being scandalous. there were scandals but he did amazing thing. he fought for black citizen. the right to vote. he also fought the kkk, but kept the union death. -- every day. >> laura: that little terse meeting which everyone will have to meet about between grant and robert e.lee. pick up the book. congrats. "to rescue the republic." just out today.
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pelosi the house tonight approved raising the debt limit for 2 more months. every house republican voted against this bill including jim banks congressman from indiana. the media is saying this is staving off catastrophe. but we are kicking the can down the road. before christian nobody wants coal in their stocking. >> they are racing the debt limit to pay for their massive radical socialist agenda. speaker pelosi talked about scaling it back. this is still a massive bill that would transform american and make this a socialist nation orton. -- overnight. republicans to communicate to the american people how
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dangerous this bill is. i put out a memo today with 42 reasons every republican should vote against this bill and the american people should be aware this bill is not just the price tagore what it will do to inflation. the dangerous components in this bill that will affect your daily life like shutting down your daycare facility if it's faith-based. it will give illegal immigrants free college students. it will create a climate police department. this was a whack idea that aoc came out with a couple of years ago. we laughed at the time. now it's on the brink of happening. >> laura: congressman, i am sorry we are short tonight. we will you have back soon. word to the wise about raising the debt limit again. why is singapore with an 80%
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vaccination rate and strict covid restrictions seeing an explosion of cases and deaths and scandinavia is not. why this is happening next.
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>> laura: vaccines are the ticket back to normalcy why is singapore with 83% of the population is fully vaccinated in the middle of another covid wave. in scandinavia everything is open and despite a much lower vaccination rate. denmark averages fewer than one covid death a day. what is going on? a doctor joins me now. what is going on here? it's confuseing to average americans? >> singapore was thorough in vaccinating the population but nobody has any natural immunity. hardly anybody got the virus.
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the vaccinations are losing their strength. they are protected from severe outcomes which is a good thing. they need more natural immunity from the infection going forward to prevent what they are seeing. they need that natural immunity to combat other viruses that may be coming as well. >> laura: natural immunity that our own government claims is not protective at all. okay. a big problem, doctor, is that singapore has is mixed messages from the leader. >> cut back on social activities to slow the spread of the virus. get vaccinated. go for the booster shot.
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as more people are exposed to the virus and recover our immunity levels will increase and covid will spread less quickly. >> laura: okay. two different things. none of these leaders know what they are doing. locking down prolongs the pandemic for most countries, period. >> he said it. >> laura: after he flip-flopped early on. herd immunity is a real thing yes or no? >> yes, absolutely. natural immunity is a real thing in large scale. we have about 70% in the u.s. >> laura: thank you. pelosi by the numbers is next. this isn't just freight. these aren't just shipments. they're promises. promises of all shapes and sizes.
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each with a time and a place they've been promised to be. a promise is everything to old dominion, because it means everything to you. ♪ ♪ you don't become a runner, who breaks eight world records... after age 65, without a serious support system. kathy martin has one in medicare from blue cross blue shield. she won't go a day without the right card. because she can't go a day without running. the medicare coverage trusted by more doctors. this is the benefit of blue. find your local blue cross and blue shield plan at
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>> laura: our feature biden by the numbers.
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here's pelosi's try. >> build back better is climate. health, job security and moral responsibility. healthcare. the issue tas relate to the affordable care act medicare and medicaid and family care. >> laura: 3 or 6. whatever. "gutfeld!." >> [cheers and applause]. >> greg: happy tuesday. the greatest tuesday in the history of tuesdays. why? i woke up this morning to find out the new super man is bisexual.


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