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tv   FOX News Primetime  FOX News  October 12, 2021 4:00pm-5:00pm PDT

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every week. jeff? >> buy those christmas ps right now, a not glum white house warrants. going back to what we were talking about earlier. >> bret: thanks, everybody. that's it for this "special report." fair, balanced and still unafraid. "fox news primetime" with jesse watters just down the hall. >> jesse: welcome to new york at congrats on the book. good evening and welcome to "fox news primetime," i am jesse watters. only ten months into joe biden's presidency but we may already be witnessing the death of the biden agenda. boy, that was quick. americans are already turning on the embattled president as polls show his approval rating crumbling to 38% down from 50% in february. this turn might even be historically bad as biden's approval rating is now 10% lower in barack obama's was at the same time in his presidency.
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so why are people fleeing the sinking ship that is the biden white house? well, it all started when the white house pushed its vaccine mandate in an effort to turn the page on its failed afghanistan surrender. it didn't take long for that one to backfire. just ask the thousands of passengers on southwest airlines left stranded due to staffing problems. funny how these problems suddenly popped up after they filed a lawsuit against mandates. but it's not just angry airline passengers fleeing the pain. what happens when the people who keep us safe are forced to choose between their job and their freedom? look at seattle. or the city is prepared to fire 40% of their police force for refusing to get vexed. looks like seattle's summer of love might soon turn into a very dark winter. or how about in l.a. where only 64% of the l.a. fire department were fully vaccinated, and about 1200 members hadn't had a single
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shot. is l.a. really about to lay off 35% of their firefighters? but this problem is quickly spreading across the country it is about to affect you. hundreds of cargo ships are stuck just off america's shores, waiting to be unloaded and moved around the country. but staffing shortages have left ships full and shelves empty. we even have a backlog of toilet paper. wallets are allowed to feel aboutfeel a lot lighter thanks n economy but don't worry, the white house says it's on top of this. >> the task force to address short-term supply chain bottlenecks. the supply chain task force has been working around the clock for months and months now to address a range of different issues we see. >> jesse: oh, they created a task force. they didn't do anything. it's almost as if biden is going out of his way to hurt the economy. his recovery plan is a failure,
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evidenced by last month's job report after they added only 200,000 jobs after the economists predicted half a million. say it ain't so, joe beer they can't add jobs but it looks like they can't even keep the ones they have, either. more than 4 million people quitting their jobs in august. nearly 3% of the workforce. of course, joe and kamala are nowhere to be found as our economy spirals down the drain. biden is clueless about what's happening evidenced by this very real tweet from yesterday when he says this, i've never been more optimistic about this country and i will start building this economy to beat the competition and deliver for working families. no, this isn't a parody. biden really is that far out of the loop. what about the vp? maybe she's on top of the faltering economy. no, instead it is all the lights camera, kamala she is too busy
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playing youtube star with child actors rather than doing, well, anything. vice president giggles and clueless joe have been steering a rudderless ship and now it's sinking. between spikes in unemployment, rampant inflation and supply chain meltdowns, looks like they're bringing us all down with them. joining us now, louisiana senator john kennedy. you've seen a lot, senator, in your day. have you ever seen in administration create problems and then refuse to fix them? >> not in this short a period of time, jesse. i think it's fair to say that president biden and his merry band of wokeristas have broken a lot of plates in the first few months. that is why his poll numbers are going down like the fat guy on a
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seesaw. everything from afghanistan to inflation, to the border crisis to his handling of covid, one of my constituents this week was asked to comment on the president's covid policy and his response was, and i quote "i am not about to take health care advice from some guy who would leave my ass in afghanistan. that is a pretty practical view of the world. i think it's worth asking why, though, why this is happening to the president. and to the american people. one possibility of course, that president biden's people are just squid brains. another possibility, which i think is realistic, is that they don't understand the american people. large portions of them. i will give you an example.
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>> jesse: okay. >> the president has decided to sick the fbi on parents. most americans understand that one of the reasons we have crime problems in america is because of the lack of parental involvement in kids' lives. thousands of kids are more likely to grow up and go to prison and get married or own a home, so we want to encourage parental involvement. parents have been taking an interest in their kids' education, going to school board meetings. what is president biden's response? let's sic the fbi on them. i'm not defending anybody that acts outrageously at a school board meeting, but that's only a small minority of cases. i mean, the president is basically saying to the american people, you don't have a say in your kids' lives and what they
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learn. and common sense would be illegal in washington, but it's not illegal in most of america. and they look at the president and they go, what planet did you just parachuted in from, to sic the fbi on parents who are going to a school board meeting who want to be involved in their kids' lives? in that is just one example. i don't think they get it, i don't think they understand a lot of the american people. >> jesse: they don't get it. they are siccing, as you said, agents on parents. they are going after border control agents who are doing their best from preventing border crossers from entering into this country illegally. it's the police too. he's created a war on the unvaccinated, if you want a religious exemption or medical exemption, he has made you an enemy. and even, like you said, stranding americans behind,
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stranding allies behind in afghanistan. his entire focus is political. it's about revenge politics and waging political warfare on people who just oppose his policies. policies that aren't working, and he is really just trying to silence any opposition to his unpopular policies, instead of what he said he would do is unite the country because he was supposed to be a moderate. he's not. and it looks like the far left has their hopes in him and all hell is breaking loose. i will give you the last word, senator. >> i think it's that and more. i think the president and his people just don't trust the american people to make their own decisions. president biden and his woke friends think they are smarter and more virtuous than the american people, that the american people can't manage their lives without these edicts from washington and that is why i say they have really misread the american people, most of
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whom get up every day, go to work, obey the law, try to do the right thing by their kids, and they know how to run their lives without washington, d.c. >> jesse: like you said, going down faster than a fat guy on a seesaw. senator kennedy has a way with words. thanks for coming on "prime time," appreciate it. our next guest is forced to choose between his medical status and his job. charles leblanc is said to be fired for refusing the vax mandate come along with his attorney. what is your opposition to the mandate? >> my opposition to the mandate, it is basically the fact that i cannot take the vaccine, and this was at the recommendation of my doctor, due to my health issues, i have had anaphylactic shock in the past. i have also had cancerous tumors removed from my, and these two
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items really propel me into an area where to causes consternation on behalf of my doctor and myself and because of those reasons, i cannot take the vaccine. i'm not opposed to the mandate, per se, but there is a percentage of people in this country that cannot take a vaccine, and for whatever reason, we are now being discriminated against at the highest level. >> jesse: excuse me, i think i called you matt leblanc. i think i had joey on my mind from "friends." excuse me, charles. understanding the medical exemption, i'm sure your doctor has written a note that is reasonable and medically justified. what exactly are these lawyers at the fire department saying you? >> basically, it's not the fire department for me. i actually work for the fire
4:11 pm
patrol for the fire marshal in the state reports to the chief patrol and these are not lawyers who are talking to me, they are hr professionals -- >> jesse: even better. >> basically what i was told was the agency accepts exemption request, however, they cannot accommodate me. the way it was explained to me is because i am in a forward facing position, i no longer meet the requirements of my job description, which is being vaccinated. >> jesse: all right, obviously unconstitutional, this has been settled before. this is not the first time we have had a crisis like this before. what argument are you going to be making to these people because this is obviously going to go to court and the decision is going to be looked at by other courtses across the country. what are you going to say? >> this is what constitution violation bingo. in the first case the governor
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does not have the legal authority to do this, on the legislature does and he can do it easily. we have good vaccine laws on the books. i have even drafted legislation, sent it to our representatives by simply changing a couple words. after our separation of powers issue we have nine months pregnant women who have already been approved for fmla, that has been revoked, they are being terminated. the state's own premandate data shows that hispanic people and african-americans are vaccinated at a lower rate by having a mandate that is inflexible, we are necessary -- that is the governor -- sincerely driving people of color out of service. we have whistle-blower documents that show a concerted effort to remove religious people from the state patrol. even if you don't care about separation of powers and civil liberties, and obviously, people should come of the net effectiveness thing is simply
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going to be less public safety. my clients are not going to disappear on the deadline of the 19th. we are just going to have nurses working at denny's instead of in the hospital. we are not in position to be losing nurses and firefighters. >> jesse: yeah, and if you are making a 911 call, who cares if the person is vaxxed or not that comes and potentially saves your life. the small chance of the police officer giving you covid while he pulls you away from a car jack or, balance that against a car checker pulling you out and taking you god knows where. if got to run because i'm up against a break, gentlemen. charles and nate, thank you for coming on and we will follow that litigation as it unfolds. nancy pelosi blaming the press for making her look bad. and kamala harris is paying child actors to make her look good. we will tell you all about it, next. ♪ ♪ headed to the farmers market...
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♪ ♪ >> jesse: remember when nancy pelosi said this about obamacare in 2010? >> so that you can find out what is in it. >> jesse: back than a lapdog press play ball and helped push her agenda but for some reason she is not getting the same kind of love this time with biden's build back better program, and she is blaming the media for not selling it better to the american people. >> to be very frank with you because every time i come here i go to the list, family medical leave, the issues that are in there but it is true, it is hard to break through when you have such a comprehensive package. but it is a vast bill, it has a lot in it to make sure the
4:20 pm
public does but whether they know it or not, they overwhelmingly supported. >> jesse: to colorado, sitting on the house budget committee, congresswoman, it must feel like you guys are 211. it is the democrats in the media versus the republicans. is that the feeling you get when you are on capitol hill? it must be. >> i am just waiting for speaker pelosi to start recruiting time-share salesman to start passing her legislation, but i don't think they can get this done. can you believe the audacity? she is telling the american people you may not even know what's in it but you like it. only one reason, the president talking about biden's $5.5 trillion fast track to socialism, it's because he is not talking about it. you know how many public appearances sleepy joe has had today to discuss plans? zero appearances today and zero yesterday and zero the day before that. i have the president's schedule for today.
4:21 pm
eight: 45, he had a virtual conference and then a briefing t 10:15. what about the spending spree? nancy wants the media to sell. taxpayer dollars paying for the college education of millionaire families to ivy league colleges, dollars to nancy pelosi's favorite part, illegal aliens, more intrusive irs scanning through your financial transactions? this bill is crap and that is why the american people aren't buying it. we know when president trump passed the massive tax cut to the american people he was basically living on the hill and biden is proving what we have all seen. he is incapable of leading. senator kyrsten sinema won't even return his calls. he is being ghosted by senator. democrats are in charge and can't even seem to pass a
4:22 pm
kidney stone. they will not pass these massive spending bills but mark my words, if these bills pass, it is because weak republicans caved to the democrats. >> jesse: it is a good point all around and i got my hands on some details. they are giving union bosses money, they are giving the legals money, they're making sure we get culturally appropriate foods for school lunches. they are taxing natural gas, they are giving amnesty, it's like millions of dollars to fix racist roads and bridges to topple statues. that is why she needs help selling it, because it can't sell itself. thank you very much. be safe out there. if you haven't figured out by an outcome of the biden administration total fraud. from joseph a quite house at two kamala positive is phony but. turns out the kids in the video didn't really care, they were child actors who audition for their roles. so the marveling at the moon and the fawning over the craters,
4:23 pm
that was all staged. just a big production so kamala could whip out her telescope and play astronaut. >> i wonder who the head of the state's counsel is? >> are you kidding me? the head of the space council is the vice president! >> eight gives us a sense of the magnitude of it all. earth is kind of small, right? >> yeah. >> the earth is like a spec. >> you guys are going to see, you were going to look at the craters of the moon with your own eyes. with your own eyes, i'm telling you, it is going to be unbelievable. >> jesse: joining me to react, lara trump and joe concha, fox news contributor's. i believe it is your birthday so happy birthday, mrs. trump. >> thank you. >> jesse: your thoughts on our money, taxpayer dollars going to pay a canadian company to hire
4:24 pm
child actors to make the vp look relatable? >> oh, and doesn't she look so relatable, jesse? you can feel the sincerity in everything she said in the nasa video. this is the funniest administration in history. the biden-harris administration and don't forget you've got to add harris in there because she does so much it warrants her name being added to the administration. he said it, the white house, the fake sets joe biden is using, obviously, this ridiculous video. how about the ice cream photo op that joe biden does all the time? and still continues to do. i think they went to a doughnut shop yesterday. when do you see president trump doing photos at doughnut shops and ice cream shots? he never did them because he was actually working for the american people but if it wasn't bad enough, this video was so embarrassing, they had to pay the kids to show up to be in this video and they couldn't go out of their way, jesse, to hire
4:25 pm
an american company, god forbid they do that, they had to go ahead and hire a canadian company to command and shoot the video. i guess our taxpayer dollars, not only are they being spent on the billions of dollars we gave in military equipment to the terrorists in afghanistan, it is now also being given to canadian companies and child actors to make her look so relatable and they did a great job doing that. >> jesse: and the canadian company we paid for to make her look good is called sinking ships. >> productions, that is the best part about this. here you have the vp, more child actors in this thing than the te brady bunch and sinking ships. it is indicative of how this administration has gone, supply chain crises, afghanistan, and our terrorists' disneyland. in underscore the simple fact, that president bosma's handlers
4:26 pm
are petrified to allow them to exist in any situation publicly that is unscripted and homogenized, particularly with kamala, who has authentic as a milli vanilli and the public knows it. i dated myself with that, i'm sorry, i am an old man. but real clear politics, biden was 13 points above water with independents. he is now 23 points underwater. that is a 36-point drop among independents and only ten months and it's only going to get worse given the crises under his watch right now because he was in charge of fixing them? the former mayor of south bend pete buttigieg as transportation secretary on supply chain and joe biden who turns 79 next month and his work ethic, he is the commander-in-chief right now. what confidence does that inspire? not a lot, my friend. >> jesse: maybe he is the paid child actor they hired, you never know with these people. >> my mom loves milli vanilli, by the way.
4:27 pm
>> jesse: that is right, who doesn't? everybody does. we are also over 40. thank you guys. fox news alert, a bombshell story about the school board broke this week. outraged parents are starting to show up and speak their minds. that is next.
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what do you say we see what this bird can do? woooooooooooooo... we are not getting you a helicopter. looks like we're walking, kid. only pay for what you need. ♪ liberty. liberty. liberty. liberty. ♪ ♪ ♪ >> jesse: fox news alert, the bombshells from hunter biden's laptop from hell just keep on coming. new details obtained by the daily mail kept showing that hunter and the big man, joe biden, shared bank accounts and paid each other's bills. now questions persist as to whether money from hunter's chinese business dealings and russia's were sent to their joint accounts. it's important to know after joe denied getting involved with his family's business dealings, remember? >> did hunter biden commit a crime? have you spoken to your son,
4:33 pm
mr. president-elect? >> i have never discussed my business or their business, my son plus wrist or daughters, i've never discussed them because they know i have to do my job and that's it. >> how many times have you ever spoken to your son about his overseas business dealings? >> i've never spoken to him i about his over sees business dealings. >> i've never spoken with my son or anyone else about their business dealings, period. >> jesse: guess what, the justice department is plugging away on the probe of finances and the emails may lead him right to pop a joe's door at 1600 pennsylvania avenue. in the meantime we will have more for you on that tomorrow. another fox news alert, or outraged parents came forward in loudoun county, virginia, over a story that broke this week. according to that story, scott
4:34 pm
smith is seeing the school covered up the rape of his ninth grade daughter after after she was sexually assaulted in the ladies room by a boy wearing a skirt. video of smith went viral in june, he was arrested for confronting the school's superintendent. now, look at what is happening tonight. >> when is dr. ziegler in the sport going to be held accountable? what did you think was going to happen when you push porn into the classrooms and libraries and let boys into the girls bathrooms? there is something seriously wrong with the system that prioritizes recording a rape internally to the superintendent so that they can control the narrative instead of calling the police. >> hiding evidence from every parent about a heinous sexual assault of a student that occurred in a bathroom so you could pass a radical policy 80-40 is more important to you
4:35 pm
than protecting the dignity and safety of our children against the likelihood of a repeat occurrence. >> jesse: fox news asked of the school district for comment and we haven't heard back. a county sheriff's department confirmed some sort of investigation took place but didn't get into that many specifics. joining me now, nationally syndicated radio host dana loesch. looks like a quarter into this daily wire report which did a very good job is that a boy put a skirt on and exploited the county school district's transgender locker room bathroom policy, allegedly sexually assaulted viciously this ninth grade girl, and the father was outraged by this and they made him, i guess, the face of these parents who are so-called domestic terrorists because he tried to confront the school's superintendent about this, and
4:36 pm
he is a school superintendent, he lied and said nothing happened. take it from there. >> this story is one of the most outrageous things i have ever heard happening with a school district like this. scott smith and his family have been put through a living hell by the school board. they've been put through a living hell by the surrogates, by antifa because not only was this man, this freshman girl, was she raped in the bathroom, they were going to handle it internally but the family ended up pressing charges. they surreptitiously transfer this mail, identified as a male -- identified as gender fluid, they surreptitiously transferred him to a different school where he also sexually assaulted another girl. that also took place because the school board would rather sacrifice girls and their innocence at the altar of
4:37 pm
political correctness and they would rather accommodate progressive male desires dan actually protect the innocence of our women. i'm going to tell you what, if parents don't take to the streets with porches wow torches, then we certainly will. you want to know who the real domestic terrorists are? it's these school boards and people like merrick garland terrorizing parents and saying they are domestic terrorists because they are trying to protect their kids who have been raped. and just t add you mentioned this school board superintendent who said he lied about this, he had said that there were zero attacks in the school bathrooms that had taken place and this father was barred from going to the school board meeting where they were holding a vote on the transgender bathroom policy and he was arrested. it gets crazier, people should look into the lab and officer thatwas looking to docks who were part of the school board. it was a mess and lou did a
4:38 pm
phenomenal job at "the daily wire." it was fabulous. >> jesse: we are trying to track on the second violation of a female committed by this guy who wears skirts. i can't even imagine being a father and having this happen to my daughter in ninth grade in a ladies room by a boy who shouldn't be there and who is taking advantage of this ridiculous policy by this school superintendent who obviously is a villain, to have someone who you care for who is under your tutelage at your school districts, to have a ninth grade girl raped and the ladies room by a boy and then lie about and cover it up and make the father out to be the bad guy and have him arrested in public? it's unconscionable that this is happening, and this is the same
4:39 pm
school district, they say, we don't teach crt. we don't teach -- we don't have to worry about anything. >> yeah, which is not true. i can't imagine, god love this freshman girl because as you know, you are a parent and you have girls and this breaks my heart as a parent because i even imagine what she is feeling. the whole nation knows what she has gone through and her dad has been attacked and smeared by members in the community. one quick point if i can make it, man, if they identify as women, they are told for their comfort they can have access to the women's bathroom, right? if they feel more comfortable doing that, that is fine. but if women object to that because we feel like we are not comfortable, women are told, their sexually slurred as terfs and they are told to be silent because the mail is the priority. we are promoting men over women in the so-called republic. i don't see how that is a legal entity adult social experiments on kids at this age in the
4:40 pm
schools were clearly the school authorities are not protecting them, what did they think was going to happen? this is horrifying. >> jesse: they hijacked this crazy policy and committed rape and lied about it and i hope everybody pays a severe price for this. thank you so much for coming on with us. raiders head coach john gordon is out after his emails. many, pretty controversial, were leaked to the press. but should he have been forced out because of them? we are going to debate that with will cain and richard fowler up next. shingles? camera man: yeah, 1 out of 3 people get shingles in their lifetime. well that leaves 2 out of 3 people who don't. i don't know anybody who's had it. your uncle had shingles. you mean that nasty red rash? and donna next door had it for weeks. yeah, but there's nothing you can do about it. camera man: actually, shingles can be prevented. shingles can be whaaaat? camera man: prevented. you can get vaccinated. baby, call the doctor.
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camera man: hey! you can also get it from your pharmacist! 50 years or older? get vaccinated for shingles now.
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♪ ♪ >> jesse: old emails are coming back to bite raiders coach john gruden forcing him to call it quits. according to reports the emails came to life in a toxic workplace investigation into the washington football team, the skins. they came out of his personal account when he worked for espn. according to the original point by "the journal," one of them from 2011 said this.
4:46 pm
smith has lips the sides ofmich. he is black. more dicey messages sent by john gruden, emails, he called roger goodell the f word and a clueless football p word and said fisher, then the coach of the -- in reference to a gay player drafted in 2014. should john gruden have been fired? "fox & friends" we can host and fox news contributor richard fowler. to begin, obviously, he said something really bad against the commissioner, the commissioner then leaked it to "the times" to get him fired and mess with the commissioner like that that is what happens. so richard fowler come up with that aside for a second, should
4:47 pm
gruden have been asked for this? >> i'm happy to see he resigned so he wasn't actually fired even though we are not sure how that went down but i think he should have been. not only were these emails heinous but beyond that, they speak to the opposite of who the raiders franchise try to be. the raiders franchise is known for being a trailblazer in diversity and inclusion and what makes these emails even more upsetting is that he send them to nfl president, nfl team owners and other nfl coaching staff. maybe john gruden is more emblematic of what the nfl leadership looks like than anything else. >> jesse: it is football, you know, people think it is a private situation, i don't know, there was some bad stuff in there. do you think he should have kept his job? >> let me first submit to exactly what he said. these were vulgar and shameful statements john gruden made but to answer your questions directly, should he have gotten fired? i have to ask what is the standard for somebody getting fired because all i can ascertain in 2021 is you are
4:48 pm
fired when the mob requires that you are fired and we are increasingly enacting execution and mob justice with a greater speed greater punishment. this happened ten years ago, 2011, they were all by previous employment. none of them with the raiders so he's going to pay the price with his current job for what he did in his past job. what's more, and i think this is important, i don't think anybody is truly, truly outraged. anybody in the locker room, not only have they hurt worse, they have said worse. i think most people who have covered sports have heard worse and said worse. i think people in executive offices of the nfl on park avenue have heard worse and said as bad. that is not to excuse john gruden at all but i want to say who is morally pure to keep casting these executions and keep firing people. i want to know what the standards are if we are so morally pure. >> jesse: it is not a pure league. players in there, some of them put knives and people. some of them are wife beaters,
4:49 pm
some of them are child abusers. there has been some real rough stuff, people have been giving second chances in the nfl because they had talent. d any sort of hypocrisy there? >> listen, i think there should be accountability and transparency across the board but it's worth pointing out that not only were these emails from 2011 but there were some from 2018. if you are a coach of the team, you're supposed to be the leader, the one that sets the bar, both in your locker room as well as on the field, how do you have the ability and authority to do that if you're sending emails that are racist, homophobic, emails that are downright degrading to people who work for you? this is not only problematic but it's a larger problem with the leak. >> jesse: you take private emails from many, many years ago there is obviously going to be trouble but to his point, if he comes out and says i've changed or i apologize, do you think he can still lead an nfl team? you think these guys are going to be offended by some of these
4:50 pm
comments are they going to be like, let's go win on sunday? >> i think some will be offended and ultimately he probably could have held this locker room and had the raiders off to a great start this year. that is beside the point of how well he coach is or how well they were doing. >> jesse: quickly, we've got to run. >> richard said we need accountability. i'm not looking for accountability, i'm looking for power in that is why deshawn watson although he is suspended is still in the nfl and john gruden is not. we're not looking for accountability. >> jesse: now, we are looking for scapegoats. he crossed the commissioner, you're toast. up next on the clock. migraine medicine. it's ubrelvy. for anytime, anywhere migraine strikes, without worrying if it's too late, or where i am. one dose can quickly stop my migraine in its tracks within two hours. unlike older medicines, ubrelvy is a pill that directly blocks cgrp protein, believed to be a cause of migraine. do not take with strong cyp3a4 inhibitors.
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as someone who resembles someone else... i appreciate that liberty mutual knows everyone's unique. that's why they customize your car insurance, so you only pay for what you need. oh, yeah. that's the spot. only pay for what you need. ♪ liberty, liberty, liberty, liberty ♪ ♪ ♪ >> jesse: just a few minutes left in the show, so it is time to put raymond arroyo on the clock four stories, 60 seconds each, let the emojis be our guide. pop star demi lovato has found a new thing to complain about, the term alien because how offensive that term is to
4:56 pm
extraterrestrials. she says the ets should be called vts instead, raymond. >> jesse, i have not heard crazy space talk like this since kamala harris last week. i don't know what demi lovato is after here. first of all, we don't know what to call some of the people who live in our neighborhood. let's stick with that before he moved to the aliens. the other thing, why is she talking about aliens? what expertise does demi lovato have? turns out she is hosting a new show on peacock called "unidentified," and in "unidentified," i thought it was a biopic about her, turns out it is about summoning alien life-forms, at one point i kid you not she serenades an empty room trying to bring in extraterrestrial to her. i hope she keeps that up because the audiences will be running the other way. >> jesse: if the ets to catcher her, try not to
4:57 pm
offend them, they are there to l you, demi. next up, sleepy joe's border crisis out of control and he doesn't know what to do. the answer has been right in front of you the whole time. just put up the unused border wall that trump left you because, as we know, walls work. i think one of our guys on the border shot this from a drone, it is just sitting there, raymond! >> jesse, i have seen this image in person. i have flown the helicopters -- in the helicopters, i didn't fly them, but in the helicopters of the border patrol, the texas public safety poster, you see, this goes on for miles, this sort of scene, and the problem is, biden said "i'm not trump, we are stopping the wall," not only do we have $100 million left of unused materials, we are paying contractors $5 million a day to not build the wall, meanwhile, this crisis is blowing up all along the border. all the border wall it does, jesse, is move, create
4:58 pm
choke points, so border patrols had a chance. right now, they outnumbered. >> jesse: the perfect symbol of a biden presidency, just the solution staring him in the face but he will not act. next up, if you see hogs roaming around, which i'm sure many of you might, don't expect it to be your friend because chances are you are going to end up on the floor like this guy. you hear that? [laughs] i'm nervous. how about you? >> at the end of it he says "help!" i don't know what he thought he was getting here, pumba, if he thought the thing was going to sing "hakuna matata," but they are not for petting, jesse. this is nothing to play with, it is not a poodle or a cat, so don't touch it. >> jesse: when the tail is wagging like that, it is not there for a little treat, it is there, you are the treat, that
4:59 pm
is what it is therefore. >> coming in for the kill. >> jesse: just don't call it a warthog, it might offend you. maybe it prefers another name. >> not alien, that is for sure. >> jesse: congresswoman maxine waters, no relation, broke the news today that her twitter account was hacked and erased. she said she knows who did it and is ready to go after them but she made the announcement on twitter, from her own account, that was not erased at all. >> this does not make any sense. this is like picking up the cell phone and going "officer, i am missing my cell phone, it has been stolen." what are you calling from? the cell phone! twitter says both her personal and professional accounts have not been compromised. so i thought, what would an aging boomer scrolling through twitter accounts imagine might be her account? the ominous line, "i know who did this and willing to take care of them," i thought she surely came across watters' world and thought "i am
5:00 pm
maxine waters, this is my world, when she attempted to tweet "nothing happened. jesse, go home, put emma and junior in the car and run for your life. >> jesse: she did say to get up into people's faces. thanks, ray meant. thanks for watching "fox news primetime." we will be back tomorrow at 7:00. check out my book, still available. tucker is next. ♪ ♪ >> tucker: good evening, and welcome to "tucker carlson tonight." happy tuesday. there is probably no institution in american life that has more effect on how you live but that we talk about less than the federal reserve. people don't care to talk about the federal reserve because it seems very complex and a lot of what it does is in fact complex unless you have a grounding in monetary policy, it is hard to know exactly what is going on. but the basics are not that complicated, actually


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