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tv   The Faulkner Focus  FOX News  October 12, 2021 8:00am-9:00am PDT

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break in new york. air travel has been nothing, right? last night you had three planes in the sky coming into laguardia backed up which i thought was a positive sign for us moving forward and coming out of this thing. >> dana: where do you want to go? >> bill: all the time. >> dana: cincinnati always? >> bill: been there too often. >> dana: harris faulkner is up next. >> harris: feeling the fire. president biden nearing a make or break point now to pass his social agenda. his party is fighting with each other as biden's ability to govern for all americans is hanging in the balance. i'm harris faulkner and you are in "the faulkner focus". left wing climate protestors swarmed the white house yesterday demanding president biden follow through on his campaign promises. well, if they're mad, imagine being biden. his agenda is no closer to the goal line than it was two weeks ago. it could explain why he was preaching party unity at the democratic national committee.
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>> president biden: you know, my message is simple. we need to stay together and bound by the values that we hold as a party. here is the deal, we won 2020 as a unified party and we look to 2022 as we do that, we need to stay unified. >> harris: can't they all just get along? while he is talking unity he doesn't seem to follow his own advice. he is publicly shaming senators joe manchin and kyrsten sinema for their stance on his spending plans. they don't agree with him. our own tucker carlson sums up the democrats' nightmare. >> biden's poll numbers have declined not just by a little bit but by such a dramatic margin that some prominent democrats are worried about it. the point of last week's appearance outside chicago was to remind all of us in the country that our percent exceptions of biden's performance as silly and
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baseless. he is actually a great president and knows exactly what he is doing. and he has your well-being at heart, not the narrow economic interests of some soulless multi-national corporation that hates america and your family. no, you. because joe biden is awesome. >> harris: sarcasm at its best. white house correspondent peter doocy is live from the north lawn. >> good morning. officials here are trying to put out the word to progressives that as they pierre down the progressive wish list the climate change stuff will be off limits. official white house account tweeted this a little while ago. president biden thinks about climate change and jobs. his build back better will position the u.s. to advance environmental justice by supporting millions of good paying union jobs. the president appears to be deferring to progressive lawmakers as they negotiate ahead of a vote by halloween because a leading progressive
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says bernie sanders and joe manchin are pulling the strings. >> all democrats want to deliver on the working families agenda. they want to give folks childcare and make sure americans can have pre-school education. that seniors can get dental care and hearing aids but right now there is a disagreement with two senators and there is an effort to persuade them and there has to be a compromise between senator sanders and san tore manchin. >> to avoid a default the democrats are bringing a measure to raise the debt limit today but leaders express growing concern about rising prices. >> the secretary of treasury that has a credit card that's maxed out. instead of finding a way to pay the credit card off, all they think to do is you shouldn't limit how much i can spend. that is what's put us in this problem and what has increased inflation that we haven't seen in decades. >> as congress comes back to
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town, president biden is keeping a low profile, no public events on the schedule today. harris. >> harris: no, but obama has one. we'll get to that in a minute. peter doocy, thank you. now for the piling on for biden. the american people weighing in with their voice in those poll numbers. "politico" is out with this headline. the president's decline is alarge. biden trapped in coronavirus virus malaise. a biden supporter told "politico" biden and democrats in washington are fighting with each other over a bill no one knows what's in. it looks like a cluster. democrat terry mccauliffe locked in a tight fight for governor in virginia, has gone after the president twice in two days. >> we've got frustration with washington why haven't we passed this infrastructure bill? we passed the u.s. senate with
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69 votes two months ago. i have been very straight on television, we're tired of the chity chat in washington get in a room and get it figured out. >> harris: well, it's not just terry mccauliffe. democratic congresswoman susan wilde said this. i'm disappointed. i haven't seen much in the way of results. florida congresswoman stephanie murphy says the current situation doesn't reflect the skills i know biden must have from his years as a legislator. jason chaffetz, fox news contributor, former utah congressman. jason, this is more than just about whether or not it is fodder for political for republicans in 2022. americans are watching this and saying nothing is working. this is serious. >> they are nine months in and have nothing to point to. i would argue the policy positions of biden and harris are losers. nobody wants the policy
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positions of joe biden pinned to their donkey. you don't see their cabinet out there arguing for these policies. as martha maccallum pointed out where the pete buttigieg with all the containers and shipping problems and trucking problems we have in the fulfillment industry? he is nowhere. in virginia specifically terry mccauliffe, a seasoned political operative running for governor again has said biden/harris bring head winds. in the final three weeks of his campaign you have barack obama going there but you don't have joe biden going there. you don't have kamala harris going there. that's very telling. >> harris: you brought it up and we have it in pictures. let's take a look at the scheduled campaign stops for democrat terry mccauliffe with soeft party's big guns. that tight race for virginia's governor seat will see jill biden, the first lady, stacey
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abrams, former president obama, speaker nancy pelosi, but so far not on the list president biden. now, is failing contagious? >> yes. the problem with joe biden is he has failing policies, he has yet to fulfill the promise of being able to unite the country and he is a weak communicator. you just know that if he goes out there and starts speaking there is going to be some political gaffe. and also not on that list is kamala harris. normally it's the vice president that can go in and rally people and attract people. but she is a horrible communicator. nobody wants to come out and see her. she is one of the worst vice presidents that we've had. so her policy initiatives, the things that she is supposed to be in charge of, american people know even in virginia that they are going backwards. she is in charge of the border. nobody believes that the border is going well.
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>> harris: it is affecting every state. every place is feeling it because drugs don't know anything other than let's go north on the backs of drug dealers and cartel members. how do you think they land in those places? ? those people are the gotaways that the border patrol calls them and why wouldn't they go to those states? i want to get to this. when a protest falls flat let's look at what it looks like. far left activists flew to boston to confront kyrsten sinema to her opposition to biden's agenda and show her who is boss. signs were ready. there was one problem. the senator did not run the marathon. her office says she has a lingering foot injury. she has been the target of liberal harassers so many times in the last few days. remember the video of them following her to the ladies room in a locked off area that they got into. jason. >> the kyrsten sinema i know is
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a maverick not because she seeks to do something differently. it is because she doesn't embrace idea. it is invented in arizona following in the footsteps of john mccain. the idea she will think for herself and make her own decisions. to try to harass her on an airplane or bathroom those types of things. it will have the total opposite effect on the kyrsten sinema i know. she doesn't relish that but it won't intimidate her, no possible way. anybody that knows her knows that true. >> harris: you know politics in that part of the country so well from utah to arizona and when you look back at sinema's voting record she has done some progressive type things. she is a democrat. when president trump in his lead-up, she agreed with him 60% of the time. her record in the past as a congresswoman before she was a senator would lead you to believe that she is going to stick to her guns. we'll see.
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a group financed by george soros, well-known for financing campaigns of lenient prosecutors and funding efforts to legalize marijuana released an ad, airline in west -- airing in west virginia pushing part of biden's spending agenda. it doesn't mention senator manchin by name but it doesn't have to. >> we need paid leave in the moments that break our hearts and in the moments that fill them with joy. we're counting on congress to do what's right for moms, families, businesses and our economy by passing the american families plan. >> harris: american families plan is part of the multi-trillion dollar build back better agenda that the president is seeing stalled in the weeds. when you hear george soros is involved, trouble is coming. he comes with a lot of money. what does that mean for biden? >> well, i think they're trying to couch the green new deal and these other things and put the
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prettiest face they can on it. if you dive deep into the policies, they are anti-liberty, anti-freedom. more government, more spending, more regulators. it doesn't resonate with the people of west virginia and i think they understand that how important the energy sector is to west virginia and i have to tell you, joe manchin has stood up for that and if you are going to enact the green new deal that isn't going to help the people of west virginia and it won't help the people in middle america and wyoming and utah and other places where they are energy-producing states, new mexico, for instance. >> harris: does it backfire? >> that doesn't help there. i think it will backfire. i think if you look my guess is if you talk to the people of west virginia they're proud of the fact their senator is not just kaifrg. -- caving. maybe he will eventually cave. they always shoot so high. we talk 3.5 trillion on top of 1.whatever trillion on top of
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another trillion and cut it in half and look how reasonable we were and still trillions more than we've ever had. i fear joe manchin will go that direction. right now i think you hope he stands up for west virginia. this is not a good policy for west virginia. >> harris: it is interesting to see billionaire jumps in. nobody understands what the voters want except for the people in their constituents, right. the president trying to throw on tapestry and outside money and they just want what's best for their state in west virginia as you pointed out. jason, always great to have you in "focus." thank you. >> thank you. >> harris: more backlash against the d.o.j. targeting parents. now two state school boards say they had nothing to do with that letter pleading for federal protection for fr* moms at meetings. uh-huh. joe concha weighs in. inflation nation in "focus." the supply chain crisis taking
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a toll in stores and at the pump. come on, you see it. this is in our hands as the people. we have see the money flowing away from us. companies and consumers feeling the pinch and the future is not looking much better. we dig in. >> we're seeing a shipping crisis like we've never seen before. every step of the way from where the goods are produced to the ports to the rail lines and trucking lines. it is not going to get any better. and need money for your family? newday usa can help. we earned a lot of va benefits with our service, but the va home loan benefit is a big one. by refinancing up to 100% of your home's value, you could take out $50,000 or more. you could use that money to pay credit card debt and other expenses, plan for retirement, and get back on your feet financially. call newday usa right now.
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>> harris: wow. he says it, doesn't he? many of you are getting hit hard biff the supply chain crisis. high prices, empty store shelves are all over the place. major retailers such as target and home depot have a tough time keeping products in stock as cargo ships are stuck in ports or farther offshore. the cost of gasoline is making it more expensive to get inventory to stores. even if you can get them off the ships, getting it here is pricey on those trucks. another whammy for consumers, the average priels for a gallon of gas has hit a seven-year high at $3.27 a gallon. only a handful of states are seeing the price under $3 at this point. that small cluster in the center of your screen. william la jeunesse is live in long beach, california. >> harris, gasoline here is $4.50. under the biden administration
8:20 am
we have to buy more from abroad and true with the supply chain crisis. it is playing out here in long beach and the port of los angeles. so there are 143 ships like you see here off the coast. some are at dock, some at anchor, some drifting 30 miles out to sea waiting to come to port. similar situation on the other side of the pacific, even more ships are waiting to get into shanghai to reload. then of course here we have another problem with truckers. container volume is up 30% at the port, trucking capacity is up only 8%. long beach trying to go to 24 hours a day at the port there but there weren't any drivers. warehouses in southern california are 98% full. 96% across the west. the rail yards, average turnaround time for a container in february was six days. now it's nine days.
8:21 am
in l.a. 16 days. the point is during the pandemic demand fell like a rock and production. now we want stuff, we don't have the capacity to match it. >> we're seeing a 4 times increase for containers coming in. other he not good news for any schipper. great news if you are an ocean carrier or carrier truck provider. >> supply chains talking about planes, ships, forklifts, dock workers, trucks. basically every link to get you the stuff that you want. why is it costing more? three years ago a container from china cost $2,000. right now to go to the west coast $13,000. to go east coast $19,000. we say made in america, chances are there is at least one part made in china and that's probably on some container off the coast of long beach.
8:22 am
the bottom line either you won't get it, you will get it late, or you will pay more. harris. >> harris: this is a nightmare for retailers because when those things do finally get here they won't have the places to put it all. they've lost a customer base potentially that doesn't want to pay more for what they can get not too many months ago. a nightmare all around. is the white house even watching? it's a rhetorical question at this point. an answer would be good. william, thank you. more fallout now after the d.o.j. announced it will use the f.b.i. to investigate so-called threats of violence against school employees across america. that announcement came in response to a national school board association letter claiming concerns over violence. school board associations in two states are pushing back saying we didn't have anything to do with that letter. louisiana and virginia school boards saying they had zero input into that letter. and that local law enforcement is more than capable of
8:23 am
handling any threats. ian prior former d.o.j. official under president trump an education advocate bringing it all back to the biden administration just yesterday on "the faulkner focus". >> i worked in the justice department and been a part of rolling out memos from the attorney general on big policy matters. it takes a while to get the memos out. this thing was done beforehand. the department of justice and biden administration worked with the national school board association and asked them to send the letter and they had a memo ready to go. >> harris: that would mean there was pre-meditation for anyone who had a dissenting voice from the administration's policies with school boards. joe concha is here, media and politics columnist for the hill. you will see the big story here. crickets elsewhere off this network. >> very good point, harris. i would think it would be a
8:24 am
lead on abc, nbc, cbs, evening newscasts. this is impacting every parent across the country, the type of people that watch those sort of newscasts and can anyone point to one situation at one school board meeting, one district where the situation, the threats got so out of control that local law enforcement couldn't handle the situation and the feds have to be involved? that's the question why do they have to be involved? because it's to make parents voicing their concerns over what their children are being taught out to be the bad guys and girls. such a big issue they have to bring in the federal government. we have no choice. if i have an issue with my kindergartner or second grader being taught to see kids through a racial prism they'll hear from me. for my kids' education in a country where we rank 25th in the world in math, reading and
8:25 am
science it will be worth it. >> harris: a self-proclaimed life long liberal mother is calling out the new york city school system over critical race theory as well as the justice department now threatening parents. she writes you may disagree with parents like me who do not want our children indoctrinated with critical race theory, masks during recess or told their biological sex is not real. but in a free society we don't call the feds to police our fellow americans because we don't share their politics. the incident cite evidence by the nsba, the school board association, are not criminal and they definitely do not warrant federal intervention. so this is politically starting to turn. >> it's political suicide in my opinion, harris. look, we talk about inflation being at a 30-year high, skyrocketing crime, the border being wide open. afghanistan being a mess, education all going in the wrong direction and it goes
8:26 am
back to the president. you look at these polling averages. i always try to take out what republicans think of the president, what democrats think of the president. they cancel each other out. i look at the independents. real clear politics average this morning joe biden is at 34% approval, 57% disapproval. that's minus 23 points among independents. he is down 10 points in the last week and a half alone. he was at plus 13 among independents when he came to office. now this big drop. >> harris: it wasn't that long ago. it hasn't been a year yet. quickly you heard ian prior talking about pre-meditation with the biden administration and where they want to go. where they are willing to go with parents. what do you make of that? >> i have think if you make parents -- you pit them against school boards and teachers unions i would think most parents will support other
8:27 am
parents. particularly when we see -- premeditated. we see that with this administration a lot. premeditated what happened at the border in terms of that policy and they aren't pivoting or fixing it. afghanistan was pre-meditated. they would withdraw regardless of what the generals were telling them or conditions on the ground. this is an administration i'll leave it here trying to script a presidency while ignoring conditions on the ground. that's why they are in such trouble right now if places like virginia. let's put it this way. if terry mccauliffe loses in virginia we'll look back on this comment. i don't think parents should be telling schools what they should teach. the watershed moment in this race. that really changed the dynamic certainly down in that virginia governor's race where it is a toss-up right now. >> harris: thank you for being in "focus." we got to a lot. crowds at sporting events across the nation making their feelings known about president biden and very clear they are
8:28 am
communicating. [crowd chanting [bleep] biden] >> harris: we're bleeping out that part. and the whole thing is taking on a life of its own now going viral in a huge way. jimmy failla is coming up. plus this. >> some loyal customers who think the move is anti-semitic. >> i mean -- i mean, what? i'm anti-jewish? i mean, i'm a jew. >> harris: okay, those are the co-founders of ben and jerry's ice cream and they are getting ripped for closing shop in parts of israel for political reasons but not doing the same here in the united states. power panel next. i would like to take a moment to address my fellow veterans.
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>> my health and medical choice is more important to me than my career at this point. and i believe standing up for this and all the americans who feel the same way as i do, my career is a small sacrifice. >> harris: the commercial pilot there sounding off on vaccine mandates for airline employees. and that comes after southwest flights cancellations yesterday and delays stranded thousands over the weekend. critics speculated it was due to employee's protesting the company's vaccine mandate. the company blamed bad weather and operational issues. congressman chip roy isn't buying that. this makes me happier than i can possibly articulate. eat it, southwest airlines. i stand with employees telling their corporate government overloads to shove it. no mercy. bring them all to a halt. shut them down.
8:35 am
he is not shy. governor greg abbott taking action against mandates. he issued an executive order banning all businesses in the state of texas from enforcing them. power panel. a former trump advisory board member, crystal knight former political director former founding executive director for emerge tennessee. thank you for being in focus. jason, i'll start with you with your take on all of this. >> harris, southwest is paying the priels for vaccine mandates and vaccine mandates was never the way to increase vaccination rates. you cannot coerce the american people into taking what was until recently an experimental drug for a virus that for the most part and most of us has a 99.97% survival rate. that's a decision they need to make with their physician and primary doctor. not to mention if you look at places like israel and
8:36 am
singapore right now that have vaccinated upwards of 85% of their populations, they enforced lockdowns, facemask mandates, they had the highest case rates in the world. so there are reasons to question the he have castsy of the vaccine. i'm not vax, i'm anti- vax mandate. this administration lost afghanistan, lost the economy, lost global supply chains, they are going to lose the airline industry and that's just the beginning. >> harris: texas republican representative chip roy again was all over twitter. now he said i am working on legislation to require all companies that took bail-outs to pay them back in full if they fire any employee for lack of vax for joe biden's unconstitutional order. crystal, your reaction to that and i have a quick follow-up.
8:37 am
>> well harris, over 700,000 americans have died from covid and so to have a panelist say they aren't anti-vaccination but anti-mandate doesn't make sense. we need every single american to be vaccinated so we can get through this pandemic. if there is a ceo of an airline who is taking the step to make sure they are protecting all of their customers that's the right thing to do. instead we're seeing governor abbott punish them by saying he is anti-mandate in his date per, you know, his own authority and that just shouldn't be. >> harris: it's interesting because what i wanted you to do is react to the possible legislation coming down the way for chip roy. that's okay. we're out of time to do that. i'll skip to this, crystal. it is a conversation that people should have with their doctor. and you just heard jason meister saying it is not he is
8:38 am
anti-vax he just doesn't want to be told what to do. i'm summing that up, jason. the bottom line is this, this is the trump vaccine. we know it works. many trump supporters have had it. talk to them. talk to the black and brown people who have not had it who don't have the same politics but everybody likes to say it's just certain voters. it is not. it is certain life experience. crystal, i hear you saying that but the president had a delicious moment he could have taken at the beginning of the year. took two presidents to get this to you. one gave you the vaccine through operation warp speed, let's get out there and get it and i'll go into black and brown communities to make sure they understand it is safe and encourage them to talk to whatever medical professionals that we can provide. we understand there are pharmacy deserts. you didn't get a chance to answer the previous question. how does it work? you've convinced people not to want to participate based on your politics. not you, the president of the united states. can you put that horse back in the barn? >> well listen, do we want to
8:39 am
get through this pandemic yes or no is the simple question? it depends on americans -- if we're depending on every single american to do the right thing. >> harris: you know not every single america gets a flu shot or not everybody can. that's a medical thing. >> what president biden is doing is trying to get us through the pandemic and it takes leadership. >> harris: he missed his opportunity 9 or 10 months ago. meanwhile ben and jerry's co-founders ben and jerry, are now coming under fire after failing to give a reason for their refusal to sell their ice cream in parts of israel for political reasons but not doing the same thing here in the u.s. let's watch. >> if you disagree with the israeli government policy why not stop sales completely? >> well, i disagree with the u.s. policy. we couldn't stop selling in the u.s. >> you guys are big proponents of voting rights.
8:40 am
why do you sell ice cream in georgia and texas? why are you still selling there? >> i don't know. >> one thing that's different is that what israel is doing is considered illegal by international law. >> harris: twitter coming down hard on ben and jerry. one user said it's clueless hypocrisy. another user tweeted none of this is sincere, it is white boomers terrified of young progressives and just want to fit in. crystal. >> well listen, they're the founders of this company and they have the option to decide how and where they are going to sell their products. does this interview cause damage to their company? absolutely. it does look critical for them to say one thing to do one thing in one country and not the other. their shareholders and customers have to decide what they will do as it relates to supporting their ice cream and
8:41 am
their products and revenue will speak for itself by the end of the year. >> harris: jason. >> watching that interview was very difficult. they look like they ate too much jerry garcia and got brain freeze. watching the founders of a than ice cream company made it better. this hypocrisy was unbelievable. they made decisions so blatantly against israel. anti-semitism is shown and hatred for the jewish people and you saw that in the interview. no decision other than anti-semitism and hatred for the jewish people and no reason why people should buy their ice cream. >> harris: the one shrugging the shoulders goes on in the interview to kind of go against what you are saifmgt he sliek how could i be anti-jewish? any quick thoughts? >> i think it's very clear they made this decision from a place of anti-semitism.
8:42 am
i think hypocrisy that the journalist and god bless her for asking the proper questions challenged them and made them freeze in their thought -- chain of thought. it made it very clear to the viewer where their decision was coming from. >> harris: all right crystal and jason. good to see you today. thank you. gruden is gone. offensive emails the foerls forced the coach's exit. there is this. >> she is a political nightmare more the biden administration. that was not real. she wasn't sincere. she was trying to act. to me it was a giant fraud. a misleading representation of kamala harris. it is damage control. >> harris: just when you thought it couldn't get any phoneier it just did. social media critics are all over it. jimmy failla in "focus" next.
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>> harris: we didn't queue up the [bleep] machine that time. no let-up in the vulgar chants against president biden over
8:48 am
the last few weeks at big sporting events. it's getting more frequent after a reporter said it was let's go, brandon. a plane could be seen pulling a banner now let's go brandon over the georgia/auburn game and inspired a song that got tens ever thousands of likes on tik tok in a matter of hours. ♪♪♪ >> harris: oh, you haven't seen anything until you see jimmy
8:49 am
failla. fox across america on fox news radio. look, i know that reporter probably meant well but we all know what they are chanting. why do you think it's breaking out at huge stadiums? >> this is part of the problem biden has is a boring president. if something catches on about your presidency it has a longer shelf life. when trump was around he would tweet and you would move on to other things. with biden he has -- those were the days. biden has the public schedule for a groundhog. if something happens relative to his administration it is never going away. at this point they are chanting let's go brandon in the white house. what is not being said and i want it to be acknowledged.
8:50 am
the conservatives have the fun side. we're associated with the good time. look at gutfeld. he is saying it's because of my guest appearance but there is a bigger shift in the country. >> harris: greg is also really funny. >> fantastic. >> harris: you guys are brothers in that sense. one quick follow. when you say he has a schedule like a groundhog that's actually not untrue, right? today no public events to speak of. yet former president biden is the one going to help salvage terry mccauliffe, the virginia democrat. think about that. you have heavy hitters and obama goes instead of biden. >> gas prices are up and border crisis is amess and if trump was going to delaware every weekend we would be talking about it. they'll be chanting let's go, brandon in the white house. it is bad for them.
8:51 am
>> harris: sports world shocker, jon gruden stepped down as coach of the las vegas raiders after a bombshell report from "the new york times" saying he sent emails while working at espn that contained racist comments. the emails were discovered as part of a workplace misconduct investigation into the washington football team. many messages were sent to bruce allen, president of the franchise. some are asking where do we draw the line when it comes to cancel culture? jason whitlock tweeted this. wonder if anybody at the nfl offices has listened to a dre', snoop or eminem album. every rapper the nfl has performing at the super bowl has more offensive lyrics than gruden had in his emails. >> there is a double standard when it comes to rap lyrics and private emails. gruden's comments aren't good
8:52 am
and nobody should want to live in a world where their personal emails are made public. the truth is the nfl would rather create the perception they care about helping the black community and helping injustice than the reality they went out of their way and paid a billion dollars in a lawsuit to hide the results of concussions on athletes. the majority are black. they want to obscure the outcome. optics if they get it right it looks like goodell cares. he doesn't. nothing said in those emails or rap lyrics can be as offensive than the cost of beer. call me any name you want for a bud lite. >> harris: there is the shipping christs and waiting to deliver stuff. i want to get to the vice president now. you saw the nasa space video.
8:53 am
she got roasted for that. vice president kamala harris is in the hot seat again after revealed some of her passionate display was made in child actors. the kids weren't actually real. they were paid. or something. twitter users are going after the v.p. and biden administration with blistering comments like even in the kamala harris is a fraud and they couldn't hire an actor to play the v.p., too? one more. joe biden has a fake oval office said and kamala harris said fake children. nothing is real in this administration is the misery. >> kamala's office issued a statement saying the v.p. didn't hire these kids which checked out. hiring has been less than expected under this administration, let's be honest. she is the least authentic human being i've ever seen. the takeaway from the video.
8:54 am
i have one kid. the state wouldn't let us have two. even around my one kid have you ever seen somebody less comfortable around kids? they're acting and there to react to anything she says. she is still talking to 12-year-old kids like they are 2. it was weird. >> harris: one of the things i love about talking to you she will go there with a joke but let's look at the bottom line in all this. why does something like this heat up with all of those other crises going on and she has been given eight jobs. usually we scroll how many jobs the president has given her. she is not engaging in. why does this catch fire? >> such a dereliction of duty when it comes to her v.p. responsibility. she was the border czar and didn't go. she was kind of 600 miles away in el paso. going to el pals owe to survey the border crisis is surveying the middle east violence by going to epcot. not the same thing. one is far from the other.
8:55 am
when it comes to her, people have such a disdain for her because she has failed at every turn. she was terrible in the primaries, terrible as a v.p. no one can stand her. she will get a let's go, brandon chant before it's over. >> harris: my heart goes out to all the people named brenda and brandon. >> it just surpassed karen. >> harris: "outnumbered" after the break. the newday two and a quarter refi has the company's lowest rate in history. 2.25% with an apr of 2.48. save thousands every year. plus there's no money out of pocket and no up front fees. newday is holding the line on interest rates so every veteran family can save. call now. hello, for the last few years, i've been a little obsessed with chasing the big idaho potato truck. but it's not like that's my only interest.
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