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tv   Americas Newsroom With Bill Hemmer Dana Perino  FOX News  October 12, 2021 6:00am-8:00am PDT

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>> you know what? we've been renewed. we'll be back tomorrow same time, same chairs. >> run to the radio. candace owens will be on. >> see you tomorrow. stay within yourself. >> bill: thank you, guys, good morning, america's supply crisis and the effect of the u.s. economy driving up the cost of just about everything and that includes gasoline which is now hitting a seven-year high. good morning, everybody. a lot to get to. bill hemmer live in new york city. how are we doing? >> dana: great. i'm dana perino. "america's newsroom." energy costs effects everything. you know as a family you have to fill up and it will cost even more. all that anxiety happens and this. the high prices and empty shelves is the new normal as u.s. ports struggle to unload
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deliveries. some cargo ships are left floating offshore for months at a time. >> bill: big retailers chartering their own ships. small businesses in america are forced to wait it out on their own. >> no bigger problem for our business than that issue right now. you can't get the product. so as you mentioned we did beyerl on into the pandemic and it proofed to be a good decision. we can't get product now. it's just sprinkling compared to what it normally would have been. it is twice as expensive because of shipping costs. >> we've refunded more money than we have in the history of our company but used it as an opportunity. if people want their money back i say no problem. we're ready to give it back to them. i'm call them when it comes in. if they want it i'll sell it to them and give them a discount because they waited. >> dana: cheryl casone is here with analysis. first let's go to long beach, california where we find william la jeunesse standing by
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for us this morning. it is getting crowded out there. >> yeah, it is not just the pacific rim, not just l.a. and long beach. charleston and savannah, too. the problem is global. a weakness in every link in the supply chain. some of the ships are taking two to three weeks to get into the harbor to download stuff. 124 ships are waiting to get into shanghai to reload. over here you have trucking problems, right? the container capacity is, the volume is up 30%, trucking is up 8%. they tried to go 24/7 here in long beach and there weren't any drivers to pick up the stuff. nowhere to put it. warehouse capacity 98% full in southern california. in the rail yards, containers are being left nine days last month up from 6 days in february. the worst l.a., 16 days to move
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the containers. the point is during the pandemic manufacturing plunged, supplies went down. now you have the surge in demand and we don't have the capacity to handle it. >> so now this congestion is rippling to salve anna, east coast ports and northern ports as well. it is rippling out and they are having back logs now which makes sense because companies are always going to try to find the best way to get to the market. >> so supply chain is really a fancy term for planes and trains and ships and dock workers, forklift, highways, you name it. something made in the u.s., chances are one part is still in a container on its way from china. the pedal for your bike, computer chip for your ford. also people are saying why is it going to cost so much more? a 40 foot container used to cost $2,000 from china to the u.s. now it's $20,000.
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the bottom line is either you are not going to get it, you'll get it late or it will cost more. probably into early next year. back to you. >> dana: set your expectations accordingly. >> bill: what is the administration doing about this? peete doocy is at the white house. what are they saying. >> at the white house they've had a supply chain task force going for several months. one of the supply chains big task force big ideas about fixing things is the same idea that they had to try to restart the economy months ago. get more people covid shots. task force is saying the following, the pandemic has exacerbated the issue that underscores the continued importance of our vaccination campaign. we're in a stronger position than march 2020 but requires continued vigilance. if we can stabilize the pandemic it will have a positive impact on the global supply chain including factories and production. tomorrow the consumer price
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index will come out and let us know how much prices have risen in a year. when we see that number just remember the administration initially claimed moeps issues were driven by meat a month ago. >> half of the overall increase in grocery christs can be attributed to significant increase in prices in three products, in beef, pork, and poultry. in beef and pork we've seen double digit increases. >> problems with the global supply chain persists even though officials saw this coming. remember, the vice president said that people should start buying christmas gifts to avoid shipping delays back in august. bill. >> bill: okay, now you have the other issue on the build back better plan. how much smaller could this become if you start at 3.5 trillion, where is it now? >> we're hearing it might not be that much smaller than 3.5
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trillion as progressives claim the president is on their side. >> the president agrees with the 3 1/2 trillion number even if you look at 3 1/2 trillion it's over 10 years. per year annually it's 1.5% of gdp. the president is with us on this 98% of us are together. there are just two senators saying that they think it is too much. >> one of those senators kyrsten sinema is being followed all around the country by activists. the climate concerned sunrise movement went all the way to the boston marathon tweeting we're at the boston marathon to tell senator sinema to invest in climate, care and justice. you can't keep running from your constituents. one problem with that kyrsten sinema did not run in the boston marathon. she qualified but she has a broken foot so she might not have seen the sign until afterwards. president biden today no public
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events on the schedule. >> two days in a row. >> dana: for more on the supply chain crisis let's bring in cheryl casone. inflation as we've seen it now. car and truck rentals, 52% increase. gasoline up 1.09 and hotels. most important for people trying to feed their families meat, whole milk, eggs all up. the inflation numbers come out tomorrow. what should we expect? >> cpi is coming out and we'll see big jump, a large jump. markets are watching for that. that is baked in. we'll have company earnings tomorrow. labor, supply chain issues and anything else that's on the docket. a couple things i want to say here. those shipping containers that william la jeunesse was looking at. those used to be $2,000 a
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container, they're now $20,000. why wal-mart, target, costco are paying for smaller ships to go to smaller ports trying to avoid the bottleneck. it used to take 20 days for a ship to go back and forth. a ship can come from the asia pacific now and maybe come in 25 days, 30 days, taking it 45 days to go back because the ship is stuck off our coast. >> bill: that's one of the best ways to understand it. i heard it was 14 days from asia. now it's 40 days to get back. that's a lot. >> it's increased. covid disrupted the whole supply chain and haven't caught up after that. the grocery stores haven't really recovered from the pandemic. we're looking at supply shortages on grocery store shelves that i've never seen before or my generation has never seen before.
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we're talking ice cream, ego pancakes and all kinds of things broiled in this that you continue be able to get at your grocery store. more people ate at home during the pandemic. that trend has continued. this is exacerbating the problem for american families. >> dana: the issue of gas prices also. this does affect everyone, every business, every mom and dad and everyone trying to make ends meet. gas prices show price rises per year from the last five years to today is $3 toin 38. in california you add the taxes you look at almost $5 a gallon. >> oil prices are up 68% year-to-date as of today. we went above $80 barrel overnight. the "wall street journal" wrote about this talking about what if the biden administration
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starts to put more regulation on domestic oil producers. you'll see oil prices go higher. all of it trickles to the same people the biden administration says they're worried about and want to help in all of this. i don't understand it. >> bill: during the trump those we predicted we'd never see $100 barrel of oil again in our lifetimes. we're knocking on that door. >> we're on our way. i remember $140, $170 for barrels of oil. >> bill: fracking brought that price down for the u.s. and around the world. >> yeah, now we're going backwards. we're more dependent on the saudis, opec which includes russia and so all of that combined with the perfect storm of the pandemic and what we're seeing with the global supply shortage. >> dana: the threat of more regulation which would make things tighter. thank you so much. you have your prime time show today. >> american dream homecoming out tonight. it will be great. >> dana: a good thing to look
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at. >> bill: cheryl, thank you, we'll see you on fbn. let's go back five months or so. joe biden the president predicting it would all be solved and taken care of some warnings along the way, watch. >> president biden: there will be supply chain issues, price distortions on the way back to a stable and steady growth. my administration will take steps to combat the supply constraints. my build back better plan. it breaks up the bottlenecks in our economies. goods get to consumers more rapidly. they believe the major independent forecasters agree the bottlenecks and price spikes will reduce. >> bill: it goes exactly to what cheryl was talking about. you saw the problem, fix it, figure it out. we were speaking earlier today. there seems to be no sense of urgency of anything that's happening throughout and this is one of them. l.a., long beach, savannah, here in new york. >> dana: the only thing they
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have urgency is passing 3.5 trillion if you believe congresswoman jayapal. >> bill: a month after her body was found in wyoming we're about to see the final autopsy report for gabby petito. will it have an effect on the search for her boyfriend? >> dana: jon gruden is out as the coach of the oakland raiders. >> bill: another round of cancellations. the pilots union denying it is because of the company's vaccine mandate. what the group is blaming instead from southwest. >> stress, worried all day. >> a little panicky. >> i'm very tired and i want to get sleep. >> we had our flight canceled. >> they canceled the flight and didn't give us any notice or emails.
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>> bill: jon gruden resigning as the head coach of the las vegas raiders last night. this after reports of emails he sent 10 years ago to bruce allen that contained racist and homophobic and misogynistic comments. what happened, jeff? >> what started with one email using a racist trope snowballed into an investigation that discovered more emails said to be from gruden. that trail showed a pattern of homophobic language toward players and nfl. gruden said i have resigned as head coach of the las vegas raiders. i love the raiders and do not want to be a distraction. thank you to all the players, coaches, staff, and fans of raider nation.
6:19 am
i'm sorry, i never meant to hurt anyone. gruden reportedly stepped down shortly after reports on monday revealed excerpts from a string of emails sent between 2011 and 2018. among some of what was written gruden had reportedly used a homophobic slur toward roger goodell. made fun of a team for drafting a gay player and using disparaging language to a female referee. it started on friday. back in 2011 when he was analyst for espn he made a comment about the size of nfl players association executive director smith's lips. at the time gruden defended himself and this is what he had to say on sunday. >> i can't remember a lot of the things that transpired 10 or 12 years ago but i stand here in front of everybody apologizing. i know i'm not -- i don't have an ounce of racism in me. i take pride in leading people together.
6:20 am
>> following gruden's resignation nevada governor weighed in saying this kind of behavior is unacceptable and reprehensible. las vegas is a welcoming city and the raiders are part of our family. there is no place for hate here. the raiders special teams coordinator is reportedly stepping in as the team's interim head coach. >> bill: what a turn of events that is. nice to see you today in l.a. >> dana: fox news alert on a face that may be a bellwether for the mid-terms. president obama will campaign for democrat mccauliffe next month. he is neck-and-neck in the polls and democrats might be getting nervous. let's bring in former deputy chief -- our panel. this is a different race, mo, than the one in 2009. you have the news that president obama has agreed to come in to campaign.
6:21 am
usually you call in the big guns when you are concerned. is there a reason for the democrats to be concerned they might lose this race? >> you bring in the big guns when you want to make sure you have energy up and need to induce turnout. i think that's what the race will come down to. i worked on seven statewide races in virginia over my career. if there is one thing that's clear, there is a misperception that virginia is a blue state. it is a purple state. it might be a bluish shade of purple but still a purple state. this will be a very, very competitive race. both candidates have -- are taking advantage of and suffering from national winds that are impacting their party's perceptions and so you will see both candidates pulling out all the stops at the end. >> dana: one of the issues on the top of mind for parents is the issue of schools and here is something that terry mccauliffe said about parents'
6:22 am
involvement in skoo.s watch this, doug. >> i'm not going to let parents come into schools and actually take and make their own decisions. >> i don't think parents should be telling schools what they should teach. >> dana: the real clear politics average has it 3.5% spread, the margin of error. doug, how do you hand cape the race? >> it is neck-and-neck and always going to be close but leaning to the democrats because terry mccauliffe was elected statewide before. youngkin not a politician. in this environment is a good thing but hasn't been elected or run statewide and it's a challenge for him. we see the mccauliffe's gaffe he doubled down on. doubled down on anti-parental involvement in schools and telling lies about a stolen election that we hear in a different context coming to donald trump. sure he is bringing in the big guns because he is in trouble and that's what you are supposed to do. it is notable he is not
6:23 am
bringing in the biggest gun, the current president. if joe biden numbers continue to go down, down, down the biden wind is running against mccauliffe and democrats nationally is something they're trying to avoid. makes sense to bring in barack obama and jill biden but not joe biden. >> dana: here is a poll showing a drop among independents in support for biden. gallup poll found the approval rating among independents falling to 37%. the lowest since taking office. mo, if the left wing basis e -- isn't motivated does the intensity of the race lean toward the republicans? >> i think you are seeing it is the enthusiasm gap is fairly narrow. both sides are seeing about an equal amount of enthusiasm. last poll i saw was republican. mccauliffe is connecting
6:24 am
youngkin to some unpopular positions in the republican party. youngkin is having a hard time dealing with the issue of choice as to what we saw in texas. he has struggled to navigate how to talk about the 2020 election trying not to offend the trump base while not offending the independents who overwhelmingly believe joe biden legitimately won the election. mccauliffe has been putting pressure on youngkin on some of those issues and i don't think that's helping youngkin at all here at the end. look, i think doug and i would both agree it may be a late night in virginia on election night. it will be a close race. that's normal for virginia. >> dana: a last word on what you see, how much stock you put into the virginia race and what that might mean for the 2022 mid-terms. >> two quick things. you highlighted the real problems we're having with shipping. newport news in norfolk, virginia, it will play a big role with supply chains.
6:25 am
go back to 2009 and 2010 when republicans won in virginia and new jersey it was a har ginger of a 63 seat pickup for house republicans. democrats are scared to death if they lose this what it means for next year. >> dana: thinking about it and talking about it. we'll continue as the race is less than a month away. thanks doug and mo. >> this fencing is being put up right now by the state of texas. the state of texas has to get the approval and buy-in from the property owners that they want this fencing in front of their property. this fencing, the goal of the state of texas, is to do half a mile a day. >> bill: texans are taking matters into their own hands after wall construction was canceled leaving material to rot in the desert. maria joins us to talk about that story. an awkward moment with v.p. harris on space and science could be even more awkward.
6:26 am
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>> dana: thousands of frustrated and angry passenger stranded at airports coast to coast after southwest airlines grounded flights after disruptions, delays and cancellations. jonathan serrie is live at the airport in atlanta. how is it going today? >> the situation is dramatically improved over what we saw yesterday and over the weekend. according to the tracking service flight aware, 89 southwest flights are canceled today and southwest has delayed 242 flights. that information in being tracked live by flight aware. that's an improvement from yesterday when the airline
6:32 am
canceled roughly 400 flights and sunday when the figure reached 1,000 cancellations. over the weekend frustrated passengers posted videos on social media showing long lines at kiosks and empty baggage -- >> our flight got pushed back to 12 in the afternoon. then pushed back to 5:00 all within the same day. >> initially the airline blamed the disruptions on band weather and air traffic control issues. the faa pushed back on air control issues. the disruptions began after the union representing 9,000 southwest pilots asked a federal court to block the airline's vaccine mandate. both the airline and the union say the flight delays and cancellations were not caused by any employee demonstrations or sick-outs. >> what we're seeing is failures of internal processes as well as i.t. issues that
6:33 am
don't support the size that the operation has become. >> the company issued this statement quote, southwest airlines extends a tremendous apology to our customers and employees for the flight cancellations and delays which occurred over the weekend and on monday. the airline says it is working around the clock to restore its full schedule as quickly as possible and the pilots' union says its members will work hard to get passengers safely to their destinations on time during the upcoming holiday travel season. back to you. >> bill: from atlanta to the border. a huge caravan, tens of thousands of migrants making their way to the u.s. from central america. construction on the border wall is dead in the water. maria bartiromo took a chopper tour with the state attorney general ken paxton. here is part of that. >> what is the biggest numbers in terms of the biggest groups that you've encountered
6:34 am
>> i've had 50, 100, stuff like that. >> how many gotaways would you estimate have gotten away this year? >> oh, i would -- a lot. >> hundreds of thousands? >> probably. >> bill: maria is with us from the border. you have been down there before a couple times now. what is it about this trip this time that surprises you? >> it's a great question. thank you for having me bill and dana. i learned a few things on this trip. one, the gotaways we just referred to, the gotaways are people who are seen on surveillance cameras or arrested later. they got away and did not want to be apprehended. it's very easy to just walk through the river, the rio grande and get apprehended. these people are walking 25, 30 miles on people's property and i spoke with several ranchers, please join me tomorrow and thursday on mornings with maria and i will air these interviews with people who told me they
6:35 am
can't throw out their garbage without carrying their pistol. they have a gun with them at all times because gotaways are on their property, damaging their property, ripping into fences. that's one thing. another thing that i learned is that i didn't realize before i connect the dots in terms of the help on the other side. mexican cartels are advertising their services, charging people $8,000, 10,000, 20,000 a head to get into america. they are advertising their services on tiktok and american citizens. you are having american citizens driving cars for the cartels. that was compelling to me. finally another item i want to share with you is this crisis is getting worse fast. right now we're seeing texas explode. first i was in el paso, a tough situation. not as bad as mcallen when i visited there in april. it was overflowing.
6:36 am
now what i see happening is it's moving into arizona in a big way. one of my border agents sources yesterday told me they're making 5,000 arrests a week in yuma, arizona, bill. >> dana: you spoke to one of the migrants, a venezuelan. let's take a look at that. >> that's it, no more home. you have all your stuff? you are just coming to america and you left. why? [speaking spanish] >> dana: getting a chance to speak to them, tell me about that. >> this particular group was from venezuela and they told me that they were charged $8,000 per head by the cartels to get into america. the cartels are making out huge. they are becoming billionaires because what they're doing is flooding one area because this
6:37 am
administration reinstated catch and release, they flood the area with people the way that the haitians were under the bridge two weeks ago, 15,000. it forces the border agents to go deal with what's happening at that moment and then it is leaving all of this mileage of the border wide open for the cartels to push through more humans and more illicit drugs. here in del rio it's 240 miles of linear border. all they have to do is flood one of those areas and you've got 200 miles wide open. that particular group said they were going to boston. they are going wherever they want. there is miami, new york, chicago, all areas that are attractive for these migrants. they're coming from several countries, not just the northern triangle. the word is out. america's borders are wide open. now is the time to attack, to approach. by the way, there are also criminals and gang members
6:38 am
being arrested increasingly within the ranks of these migrants. >> bill: amazing thing how the cartels can use human beings to raise money for themselves and also use the human beings to divert our own resources to open other areas of the border to move drugs. extraordinary thing. thank you for sharing your experiences with us today. thank you. >> dana: meantime the person who is supposed to be leading the administrations response to the border crisis is facing questions about another project, youtube series on space. >> you will see the craters on the moon with your own eyes. with your own eyes, i'm telling you. it is going to be unbelievable. >> dana: turns out those are child actors who had to audition to book the part. it was a media company based in canada. one of my favorites parts of the story is the name of the production company, would you like to hear it?
6:39 am
sinking ship entertainment. >> bill: out of toronto. not even an american company. i was reading about some of these actors. one of them apparently had an interview with michelle obama, so she was in the queue first and one of the fathers of the 13-year-old says my son has an agent in l.a. and they will send him to castings and he responded to the casting call and got the job. >> dana: there are lots of kids. ask secret service agents do you have kids you would like to have? >> bill: we said it's good for the vice president to have such enthusiasm for space and science, a good thing to see. then the back story. >> dana: right before the five the back story. greg and jesse loved that. >> bill: consumers paying more for basic household items. look at these cargo ships. still backed up along our shores leading the supply chain issues. why some think the issue will
6:40 am
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>> bill: as you know, scientists have a duty to not let politics affect their research. one northwestern university professor saying in a "wall street journal" op-ed it is happening. he said scientists corrode public trust when they pretend to have authority on social and political matters. we thought our next guest, the author of the new book, the dying citizen, would be perfect for this topic. victor david hanson. good morning to you. science is to be respected and explored. we all know that. it is also to be questioned to make sure the science is correct. how do you see the position of this professor here? >> i think he is absolutely right. what we've done, bill, is entrusted these unelected people, bureaucrats with judicial, legislative and executive power. dr. fauci practices the nobel
6:46 am
lie. wear no mask, one mask, two masks. when caught he said i didn't do it for your own good so you wouldn't buy all the masks up. herd immunity, i kept changing the figure because the science was necessary to adapt to show you that you still had to get vaccinated. the worst, of course, as people pointed out is natural immunity was superior to acquired but didn't want to tell you that because he is afraid the citizen might say i'll take my chances and get covid. if i'm under 60 it's 99 plus. he was afraid of that and they would get covid and not have to take the vaccination and get superior immunity. how absurd is dr. fauci. if you get vaccinated he is saying if you have covid you still have to get vaccinated. the people with covid are saying if covid acquired immunity is superior do i have to -- do the people who are vaccinated have to go out and get covid so they have double
6:47 am
protection like you want me to have double protection? this is common, build. we had the 1200 healthcare professionals saying the mental health of the blm rioters was more important than mask wearing and social distancing. i'm disgusted with it. everybody is. they don't like the noble lies. james clapper when he lied if you remember under oath and said the national security agency doesn't surveil people and when caught he said well, i only gave the least untruthful answer. those 50 letired c.i.s. expert scientists said hunter biden's laptop is probably russian disinformation and they did it because they thought it was noble not to see joe biden lose the election. >> bill: i would just argue. >> these people are dangerous. >> bill: if science takes you in a different direction you have to change your feeling on that.
6:48 am
this op-ed writes last year in montana's glacier park they had to remove signs that glaciers would be gone by the year 2020. that's an irony there into itself. the governor of texas, greg abbott, had a breakthrough case with covid and just this week he signed an executive order banning the vaccine mandates. now, assume that his position is based on science, how do you feel about a governor of a very large state like that taking that position? >> well, i think what he is saying is i have informed citizens and i serve at their behest and they are rational people and will make a decision that if they are under 60 and it's very unlikely they will die from covid and they may prefer to take their chances rather than get a vaccination, i didn't do that. i don't recommend it but i won't tell somebody that
6:49 am
acquired immunity is not as good as a vaccination when the science says otherwise because i'm nobly going to lie and hope they'll get otherwise vaccinated. that's what he is trying to tell people. that i'm going to give you the facts and let you make the decision because i trust your judgment more than i do anthony fauci. remember fauci is a person who routed 600,000 dollars through echo health in some insane idea to promote what was gain-of-function research at the virology lab in wuhan that was ground zero of the pandemic and still denies it is gain-of-function research. a citizen wouldn't do that. nobody would elect a representative to do that. only somebody who is unaccountable to the people has that latitude and power. yet we're not supposed to get upset about it. to this day he won't tell us why he routed that $600,000 or whether it is or not gain of function and the science suggested he is incorrect. >> bill: fair point.
6:50 am
mike gallagher congressman is coming up in 45 minutes on that topic about wuhan and what the access is or isn't. fauci once said if you are seeing attacks on me quite frankly those attacks are on science. his quote. victor david hanson. >> we have a lot of cult figures and religious figures throughout his re who said if you doubt my word you are an apostate or irreligious. he is treating science as a religion wrapped up in his own persona. he should say look at the data. use the scientific method and see if i'm on the right or wrong side of science and make your own decisions not trust me i'm a cult figure. >> bill: nice to see you. thanks for coming in. >> dana: coroner is set to reveal the final autopsy report in the death of gabby petito. that will happen today. how that could fundamentally
6:51 am
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6:57 am
conference. what the cause of death was and possibly the time frame of when she died. her remains were found near the grand teton national park september 19th in jackson, wyoming. on the 21st the f.b.i. released a statement on twitter saying the teton county coroner initial determination for the manner of death is homicide. that's all we got back then. the news, of course, will be difficult for her family and friends no matter the outcome. last week her stepfather jim schmidt who was in wyoming when her remains were discovered told us about the difficult moment he was asked to identify an item of clothing located with her. >> right away it was her. it was a sweatshirt from her favorite local surf shop that she was wearing and i started crying immediately. >> investigators remain silent on most every part of this case including what could be crucial crews in the police body cam
6:58 am
footage during a traffic stop when she and her fiance were asked about the physical altercation witnessed august 12. petito admitted laundry hit her and grabbed her and she said she hit him as well. i spoke with forensic pathologist a former chief medical examiner of new york city who tells me in addition to cause of death we should hear information like the toxicology reports. if there was evidence of a struggle and if there was any evidence of any prior injuries before her death. bruises, cuts, injuries that were healing, for instance. >> dana: thank you, we'll stay in touch with you today. >> bill: i want to bounce down to florida and steve harrigan in north port, florida, outside the home. good morning there, steve. >> good morning, bill. the case making a huge impact. this memorial behind me was just picked up by city workers, took eight city workers and three trucks to box it up and give the items to the petito family. a steady stream of people coming here some from as far as
6:59 am
way as california to pay their respects. as far as the laundrie family goes the parents are holed up inside their house coming out only briefly at night sometimes. as for brian laundrie himself, no physical evidence to show he is in this area. back to you, bill. >> steve harrigan in florida. a lot of people will be waiting on the coroner's news. >> dana: the family has been so willing to talk to the media. his family has not. brian laundrie's family continues to keep their silence. >> bill: we were talking during the commercial some people believe the reason why law enforcement keeps this information so close is that they don't want others to make a claim about a murder. perhaps a copycat or something and it can confuse the case and investigation itself. why they kept this so quiet is a bit of a mystery. >> dana: it might be something they answer today.
7:00 am
border agents and local law enforcement overwhelmed by the influx of migrants and we're learning more than $100 million worth of border wall materials are going to waste after the biden administration decided to cancel all construction contacts. welcome in a new hour of "america's newsroom." >> bill: i'm bill hemmer. good morning. as the migrant surge showing little sign of slowing down there is no word whether president biden will ever visit the border. witness firsthand the challenges officials are facing there. we're live in la joya, texas, to pick up reporting now. good morning. >> good morning to you. you talk to law enforcement out here whether it's local police, state troopers, or border patrol agents themselves they are all on the same page. having a completed border wall would be a huge help for them and disappointed they won't get one under this administration. take a look at this video we shot where we're standing last night. basically as we get ready to pack up you can see a group of
7:01 am
migrants walk by and strode right by the border wall. a popular path once the migrants cross the rio grande they walk right by the edge of this wall here that was never completed. you can see there is an atv following them. that's the tiny la jolla police departments. no border patrol out here. they follow them until they find border patrol. these family units can turn themselves in. speaking of this, we did an embed with them. a tiny police department. they have more than 4,000 people and they have been having to do the federal government's job part of the time. they have to help out with patrols down on the rio grande. last night they encountered several family units including pregnant women who came across the rio grande. didn't know where they were going. the police had to get them to border patrol. agents severely overwhelmed right now. they are busy with processing. not a lot of agents out there on the front line. la jolla pd said having a
7:02 am
border wall would be a huge help. not having one makes their job harder. >> it puts more stress not just on border patrol but local law enforcement and all the agencies working together to try to find a way to give these people assistance. it just makes it more challenging. >> what you saw were family units. the ones willing to turn themselves in. what you look at here are the runners who don't want to be caught. we embedded with texas dps as they were on the hunt with human smugglers. they were arresting human smugglers here. they post up on the local highways because they're swarming with human smugglers who pick up the runners as they come across the border and try to take them further inland and look for load vehicles. they look for the frame of the vehicles would be riding lower to the ground suggesting they are heavier and have human cargo. they make the arrests every hour every night as the smugglers are picking up these illegal immigrants trying to
7:03 am
take them further into the united states and back out here live you will notice everything you just saw on the video we played was all local and state law enforcement having to do part of the federal government's job out here. you have the tiny police department here having to find and apprehend migrants and texas dps having to patrol highway for the human smugglers bringing illegals further into the country. not border patrol's fault. they can't be everywhere at once. so many of their agents are pulled off the front lines because they have to do the paperwork because there are so many family units coming across in the rio grande valley sector. >> bill: nine months later and still no change in that flow. thank you. >> dana: sticker shock at the pump as the price of gas keeps getting higher. the average cost for a gallon is $3.28, a seven-year high and up more than a dollar from last year. the former chairman of the counsel of economic advisors. want to read from the op-ed.
7:04 am
bad policy, a biden ban on oil exports would make supply shortages work. this is what jen psaki said october 6. >> we want to keep gas prices low but the threat of climate crisis can't wait any longer. >> dana: what's the policy prescription or will they change course at the white house? >> you know, that's actually a lie that she just said. they are trying to drive oil prices and gasoline prices through the roof because of their green new deal. the target of biden policy. oil and gas prices are skyrocketing and gasoline prices are up $1 since he took office, a dollar a gallon. i would expect they go up another dollar or so as the winter approaches and people start using heating oil and so on. the price of a barrel of oil has gone all the way up into the 80 a barrel. i expect it will go north of $100 in the next few months.
7:05 am
while they've been saying they aren't wore eefd about the priels of gasoline or we want it to stay low they've been attacking u.s. oil producers. u.s. oil production is 15% below where it was before covid hit. 15%. nobody is putting those oil mines and drills back online because they are worried about the punishments that the bidens will throw at them. >> bill: what's interesting about the psaki comment. they are leaning on opec to pump more oil and russia as well. you mentioned the cost of a barrel of oil. just a couple of years ago some people thought we would never go back to $100 a barrel again because of the fracking revolution in the united states and now that is really in the rearview mirror. our economy is on the line. i don't think people understand that germany's economy is on the line. but yet there doesn't seem to be a sense of urgency at all on this issue to solve it, figure out and go all hands on deck to get it done. why?
7:06 am
>> right. they are against the keystone pipeline because that's what the far left of the u.s. wants them to be but for the nord stream pipeline that makes germany dependent on russia. another story with emergency prices going on now. europe is consuming an enormous amount of coal and natural gas and oil. all of those windmills and solar panels aren't working. they are having an amazing and extremely costly electricity shortage and using the generation from fossil fuels to try to make up the shortage because the renewables haven't been working and drove up the price and the glimpse of the future of america if biden's policies are enacted. >> dana: at the end of the month the president will meet with the leaders in scotland talking about tackling climate change. everyone will say we have a problem that we need more traditional sources of energy and we need them soon because the winter is approaching. also want to read you this from
7:07 am
jamie diamond of j.p. morgan. he doesn't speak up too often. here is what he said. he says i should never do this but i'll make a forecast. this will not be an issue next year at all. this is the worst part of it. great market system will adjust for it like companies have. do you agree with that? >> no, no. he is dead wrong on that. i know jamie and i would be happy to argue with him on your show. the bottom line is right now workers aren't going back to work and people aren't building new factories because they are looking ahead to really high tax rates from president biden and if you want to get past the point where we've got supply disruptions you fix that by putting in pipelines, building factories, increasing capacity. they are threatening the biggest corporate tax hike in history. why would you build a new factory for pipeline now? it won't work itself out. you could see double digit inflation next year. it won't be the west wing tv show about the biden administration. it will be that 70s show.
7:08 am
everything you guys are too young. let me tell you, gas lines, high prices, it is not going to be pleasant until biden's policies change or somebody else is in the white house. >> dana: you would be too young, too, kevin. >> bill: dana is too young definitely. kevin, thank you so much. nice to get your input. i hope you -- jamie diamond has been right about a lot of things in his lifetime. i listen to every interview he does. fascinating person and running a great company j.p. morgan. he was wrong on cryptoabout a year or two ago he said it was dead. i mean, it's not dead. bitcoin is still out there and a big deal. last spring he said by september or october of this year in new york city you will not even know that there was a pandemic in this town. i think he is half right on that. the city has come back quite a bit but not fully. i would argue that you still -- >> dana: if you come to
7:09 am
broadway and have to go to broadway in a mask you know there is a pandemic and you try to go to a restaurant, oh that closed and that store closed and there are still remnants of the pandemic. >> bill: we'll grade him wrong on crypto, and give him a c on new york. >> dana: you have to call sean for crypto. >> bill: fox news alert now. an hour away the first court appearance for a navy engineer and his wife charged with trying to steal information about u.s. nuclear subs and give it to a foreign country. lucas tomlinson from the pentagon. what happened here, lucas. >> good morning. for about a year a u.s. navy nuclear engineer was under investigation for passing along allegedly top secret information about navy nuclear reactors to an unknown country. his neighbors in annapolis didn't suspect a thing. >> they didn't talk to anybody on the block. they moved here in 2014 and been up and down the block so
7:10 am
many times and we'd see them and never even say hi. don't even catch your eye. >> jonathan was a nuclear engineer and naval reactors in arlington, virginia. his wife was a teacher helped plot the transfers of top secret information serving as a lookout for what spies called dead drops and sold classified materials about nuclear reactors about the newest submarines in exchange for cryptocurrency who they thought was a foreign power. it was an undercover f.b.i. he spent more than a decade at naval reactors. in april last year he sent the first package of classified documents to a foreign government which then sent them back to the u.s. leading people to suspect this country was an ally of the u.s. the couple was arrested last weekend at a deed drop site in west virginia. from the complaint the sd card
7:11 am
was wrapped in plastic and placed between two slice of bread on half a peanut butter sandwich housed inside of a plastic bag. according to his wife was posting very pro black lives matter movement material on facebook and anti-trump rants. >> bill: there we go. lucas, nice to see you from the pentagon today. thanks. >> dana: cancel culture backfires after an m.i.t. professor who was dropped over his views on college admissions fought back over being silenced. >> i think censorship wherever it exists should be opposed. >> administration taking heat talking about taliban leaders as professional. congressman mike gallagher is coming up next live on that.
7:12 am
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7:17 am
>> dana: a new report says china has once again blocked the w.h.o. into the origins of covid denying them access to bat caves where the virus was first detected near wuhan. >> the world health organization wants to investigate a region in china with a massive cave system. 37 miles of passages that are home to bats. nearby are other animals. the type of species scientists say could have been a host to the coronavirus before it jumped to humans. all according to a report in the "washington post" which also says that china is denying access to international inspectors trying to figure out whether covid-19 evolved in nature or leaked from a chinese government research lab in wuhan. even the w.h.o. acknowledges there is no rule forcing china
7:18 am
to participate. >> the international health regulations and other processes are there to hold member states to account for the actual sharing of verified information with w.h.o. for the purposes of confirming epidemics. it is for the member states to decide what the rules of the game are regarding transparency and accountability. >> republicans on the house foreign affairs committee released a report this summer claiming the preponderance of evidence points to covid-19 starting as a leak from the wuhan institute of virology. white house ini shall yaifted an intelligence review. intelligence community's report was inconclusive. the next step the administration is pointsing to the w.h.o. investigation that china is blocking. some republicans and former administration officials say the u.s. should sanction the chinese government for its failure to participate in this investigation. we're watching at the state department. >> dana: we will, too. thank you. >> bill: want to bring in
7:19 am
republican congressman mike gallagher member of the house armed services committee representing his home state of wisconsin. the headline. "washington post" put the headline up. to prevent the next pandemic we must find the source of covid-19. china's stonewalling is unacceptable. no one outside of the chinese communist party who would disagree with that. the world health organization is kidding themselves. they have been blocked repeatedly trying to get to the origins of covid-19. you will have the olympics in beijing in four months and the world will be invited back to china without a resolution. >> in order to give the chinese communist party a massive propaganda victory for hosting the olympics and more crazy about the story you played they are still allowing bat carve tourism in the province. you can get access to the -- you can't get access as a w.h.o. scientist but you can if you are a -- if you believe it
7:20 am
was natural and that it came from a bat cave you wouldn't allow people to go as tourists to the bat cave. the entire thing is a massive cover-up by the chinese communist party and you have to ask where is the out rage from the biden administration. they told us it would be a top priority. 90 day intelligence committee review was a joke and now they refuse -- they are conceding to the chinese communist party on the most important question facing the world today. >> dana: and so you speak about the olympics as something but also president biden announced he and president xi will have a virtual summit. is that also a reward? >> it is a reward particularlyly as we've seen increased aggression with taiwan. my belief is that general secretary xi after they have the olympics in 22 and installs himself as dictator for leech with the 20th party congress. it is a gift.
7:21 am
we can expect some sort of announcement about a climate agreement with the chinese communist party that is a total fantasy. they face an energy crisis now and increasing coal production 50% up in inner mongolia. no agreement with the chinese communist party on climate change will be worth the paip it is printed on. it is a fantasy john kerry is thinking now. they want to force taiwan, stonewalling the inquiry into the origin of a pandemic and the administration is adopting and going back to a more cooperative approach. i don't understand it. >> bill: i want to get to the taliban. local chinese media was reporting that the wet market in a certain region of china have been closed 8 to 10 days prior to china talking about the covid pandemic. that would synchronize with a government that was trying to cover up potentially a lab
7:22 am
issue or a lab leak issue to make sure they had an alibi that they could show to the world. keep an eye on that story. taliban nick price -- ned price, discussions were candid and professional with the taliban, he said, with the u.s. delegation reiterating the taliban would be judged on its actions not just its words. the phrase candid and professional stuck out to a lot of people. what should we expect? >> candidly the biden administration is fooling itself to believe in the taliban we have a reliable counter terrorism partner. the taliban actually just came out and said they won't work with us when it comes to tackling isis-k. the entire counter terrorism strategy the over the horizon we've been sold is the way going forward is collapsing. it doesn't work. it came out in the hearing we had with general mckenzie, secretary of defense as well as chairman of the joint chiefs milley last week. we don't have a plan for over
7:23 am
the horizon counter terrorism. it requires partners on the ground that we can trust and work with and the taliban is not that. furthermore, cent com commander confirmed to me at the moment 13 of our troops were killed by a suicide bomb, the taliban unit that was doing airport security around the perimeter of the airport was a unite called 313. the taliban unit that specializes in suicide bombings. the entire thing is a massive fiasco. for our military to portray it as an operational success doesn't hold water with the american people. >> dana: it shows in the polls actually in terms of reaction. the taliban will also face something else which is a humanitarian ciels is probably of the highest order. no money, no electricity, no food. we're heading into winter. at that point what do you think the united states does if anything? >> i believe the biden administration will and intended to provide humanitarian assistance to the taliban. furthermore i'm concerned they will provide international
7:24 am
recognition to the taliban which i think would be a massive, massive mistake. >> bill: mike gallagher, nice to see you. >> dana: please come back. great to see you. >> thank you. >> dana: authorities rescuing a group of more than 100 migrants most of them children left for dead at the board are by smugglers. national border patrol councilman on the challenges agents are faintion and hear from griff jenkins reporting from a migrant camp in panama. hi, griff. >> dana, the first folks are arriving out of the jungle. a treacherous path through the darien gap. exhausted and injured. they talk about the horrors and we'll have that story coming up. and home values are at record highs. the newday 100 va cash out loan lets you borrow 100% of your home's values and you can take out $ 50,000 or more.
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7:29 am
>> you're from haiti? what was the journey like for you? >> it was really difficult but we just had to deal with it. if you are looking at the way,
7:30 am
the mountain, the water, the death, the dead bodies, it was really horrible. >> bill: that's griff jenkins' interview with a haitian migrant. the 60,000 migrants slowly making their way back to the u.s. border. fox news also getting exclusive access to a migrant shelter in panama where 900 haitians are waiting to leave the darien gap. a dangerous stretch 50 miles long of jungle that connects central and south america. griff jenkins reporting from there now in panama. hello. >> bill, good morning. now junior had come out of that darien gap and road in a boat like these arriving at the lajas blancas migrant camp. it is very difficult to get out. we've counted 20 boats so far, bill. there is about 15 people in each boat.
7:31 am
they expect 700 to 900 today to come here. they pay $25 apiece in the boat. quite a profit as they continue through here. now you mentioned that darien gap. we have seen already this morning one woman bandaged with her leg. infection. the red cross coming down the hill where we are. i want to try to go up the hill and show you what they do, bill. they will walk up this hill and be processed by the panamanian immigration officials and have an overnight stay of a night or two and get onto the bus and head to the costa rica border. you see this white tent. that's where they are putting people who believe to have covid are put. they aren't testing for covid, there are people showing up on this bank very, very sick.
7:32 am
now we also talked with -- [inaudible] what he had to say. >> i would say that the president, thank you, and help us because it is not easy for us. everything -- there is no security, people keep shooting on people. people get kidnapping people. it is not safe over there. >> we're told an undersecretary for humanitarian affairs will be in panama this week and hope she comes here to see this. bill. >> bill: thank you. that's a fascinating look. griff jenkins in panama. sorry about the breakup of the signal given the remote location he is reporting from. watch the caravan and it is on the move and we'll follow it. >> dana: some red states tried
7:33 am
to make it alone. budget shortfalls are forcing governors to call back the national guard troops leaving some sections of the boarded completely unguarded. a spokesman for the national border council. i know the national guard troops were a great help. now many of them have had to return to their states. what does the border situation look like without them? >> you know, they were a great help down here filling in a lot of spots where we had gaps in coverage. right now it just seems whenever we start to get any progress to start catching up we get another hand tied behind our back. it is too bad they're gone. >> dana: and i'm sure that all the border states appreciated that help and understood it couldn't last forever. the federal government isn't doing anything more to help. i want to ask you about this disturbing story in arizona. a group of 125 migrants, put the tweet up on the screen for everyone to see, a group of 125
7:34 am
migrants surrendered to three point station agents in arizona. 3/4 were unaccompanied children, large groups of moefsly children continue to be exploited by smugglers who leave them at the border for agents to encounter. these young people were found thankfully. is it possible that some could have died out there? >> yeah, very possible that somebody could have died out there either on our side or somewhere along the journey. what's most disturbing is a lot of times the parents of these children are already here in the united states and we reward these parents by giving them the child back and completing the smuggling process for them. some type of consequences for endangering their child. it can't go on. as more children come, more won't make it. >> dana: i thought about this, too. if in america you are a parent and abandon your child you would be charged with reckless endangerment of a child. the point you made is
7:35 am
interesting. if we have no consequences for sending your children with smugglers into all of this danger, then they will continue to keep doing that, right? >> yeah. we've heard stories from some of these kids that cross how there was others in the group that didn't quite make it. we continue to be this beacon on light for them to come across and put themselves in danger and put their lives and children in danger. yet we give them back at the end of the day and at some point there needs to be a consequence, whether it's getting child protective services involved or locking somebody up. it is not right to put these kids in the situations they're in. >> dana: did you ever get a sense among the people coming across that you had a chance to talk to or heard from other agents, do they think that the biden administration has an open door policy. the administration says they've told them not to come. >> there is no think about it. we know there is an open door policy. you can say what you want until
7:36 am
you are blue in the face. if your actions are allowing people to come in and stay and you have secretary mayorkas saying just because you came in illegally doesn't mean you should be removed, well, that's exactly what it means. their actions are proving that it is an open door policy and she don't care how many people come because we'll let them stay. >> dana: anything you do in terms of plans to deal with all the migrants coming now that we just saw griff's report out of panama up to 80,000 to 100,000 migrants making their way north? >> i think the main thing there is nobody knows exactly where they will go. i can tell you once they get here no matter where they hit from ground zero to san diego like always we'll be reactive instead of proactive and just be chasing everything down trying to get it done at the last minute and not given the resources to give it done. we'll do the best with what we have. apparently the administration is not too concerned about what goes on down here. we can't even get them to come visit. >> dana: thank you so much.
7:37 am
we would love to stay in touch with you as this unfolds. appreciate it. >> bill: major headlines from over the weekend from president xi in china. taiwan's president now rejecting his call for peaceful reunification. tensions on the rise. military experts here say all-out war may be a few years away. is that true? >> the outgoing indough china commander said we're getting closer to this in possibly six years. i think in terms of potential invasion. >> bill: the pentagon's top software chief in addition to that saying the u.s. has already lost the cyber war with bay jik. -- beijing. rick grenell next reacts on that. ♪♪♪
7:38 am
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>> dana: chicago university professor whose appearance at m.i.t. was canceled after a twitter campaign against him over his views on diverse teef has a new platform for his science lecture. it will be hosted by princeton university remotely on october 21st and thousands have already registered to attend. here is what dr. dorian abbott said on this show last week. >> so a fundamental principle of moral philosophy is that we have to treat each person as an individual with inherent dignity. if we violate that we run the risk of repeating atrocities of the 20th centuries. nothing to do with the speech. that was a criticism of my political positions and attempt to cancel my talk because i didn't agree politically with
7:44 am
the activists. >> dana: he hope he is successful. columbus, ohio dad is taking matters into his own hands. shaun rogers junior began ferrying his own kids to school in his family's limousine and offering the service to kids across the country. shaun rogers junior is here and the kids love that they have a way to get there in style. why did you have to resort to this? >> my kids they missed a couple weeks of school -- they missed a week of school and, you know, if anybody knows me i don't like my kids missing any days of school. i actually stay 30 minutes away from them so it is hard for me to get up in the morning to get them to school. their mother takes them to school when they miss the bus or whatever. they missed the bus about a
7:45 am
whole week i would say so i stepped in and decided to take them to school. as i got to the bus stop they had friends there as well and they missed the bus as well probably like about a week or so. so i ended up taking the next step of getting them to school and i get on social media and it is more kids saying they missed school and this and that so i took the next biggest step to get a bigger vehicle, the limo and decided to take them in a limo. >> bill: i'm from ohio, there are good people in that state and you are proofing this. i think it is such a cool idea. you take matters into your own hands. if you got an issue, you have a problem especially with your own family and neighbors you take care of it. you took 25 kids to school on monday. the next day you had 42. what are you up to next?
7:46 am
>> well, the numbers have started climbing and i'm going to continue to do what i can do to help these families get their kids to school. a lot of them doesn't have parents to take them so they use uber and lyft or don't send their kids to school. if it gets to the point where, you know, the limo is not enough, then i will definitely -- we have a charter bus and i would put a charter bus out and go from there. >> bill: he just keeps going. >> dana: in columbus, ohio school bus drivers in 2019 there were 765. today there are only 557. this is being -- happening across the country as well. columbus is not alone in that. one of the things you said is that you are not the kind of father who likes their kid to miss school. and i think it's really remarkable that you are saying then i'll drive them myself. tell me about your hopes for
7:47 am
your kids there. >> well, my kids will always be in school and have and education. one thing that i know that they will always be in school. without education i feel like there is nothing in this world that you will be able to succeed. so education to me comes first. that plays a big part in our family. >> dana: great dad. >> bill: sean, i have a business idea for you. start the limo business. you are a fifth grader, who wants to get back on the hello bus? -- yellow bus? it's right there. >> right. well, everybody keeps telling me i should start my own service. i have some plans in the future but right now my plans are -- right now my main focus is
7:48 am
these kids and getting kids to school. once i get that we're just -- i'll see what the next step after that. >> bill: tell your neighbors hello and especially tell your kids hello and family back in columbus. thank you, sean. >> thank you. >> bill: well done. wyoming high school student handcuffed and arrested for trespassing refusing to leave school grounds for not wearing a mask. 16 years old, vowing that she will not back down. >> i believe that every right that you feel is being infringed upon is worth fighting for. have discovered the power of using their va home loan benefit to get money for their family. we called and we got $58,800. newday lets you borrow 100% of your home's value. i called and got $54,200. near record low rates means lower payments. turn your equity into cash with the newday 100 va cash out loan.
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>> harris: it's getting worse by the day for president biden. some democrats are saying the quiet part out loud. they have had it for the way he is handling the stalled agind. the poll numbers with a whole new sting. jason chaffetz is in focus. when it comes to vice president
7:54 am
kamala harris. the video she did with kids became more fake. >> a top software chief resigned from his post last month in protest saying they've lost the cyber fight with china. richard grenell is with me now. nice to see you again and good morning to you. nicholas is how you say his name. financial times. his quote. we have no competing fighting chance against china in 15 to 20 years. right now it's already a done deal. it is already over in my opinion. you were hot on this topic. is he right about that? >> look, anyone who is paying attention to their classified intelligence briefings knows that russia is a problem but china is a crisis. and we have to be able to make changes. let me say that again. we have to make changes to how we are dealing with china.
7:55 am
you look at microchips, drones. this is not a republican versus democrat problem. we have a lot of republicans in washington who are part of the problem, who are protecting this idea that u.s. corporations can have sensitive intelligence or military contracts while also working in china. remember, bill, china requires you to have a junior partner. if you are an american company doing business in china, you have to have a chinese junior partner. that company is loyal to the communist party of china. there is no getting around that. we need to have a very strict rule in the united states that if you are an american company getting sensitive intelligence, military or diplomatic contracts from state d.o.d. or intelligence agencies, you should be barred from working inside china. we've pushed that. i've talked to congressional people about it.
7:56 am
look, we have the ranking member of house armed services mike rogers who is against that. he is a republican and he is against that because it impacts businesses in his state of alabama. i think that's unacceptable. we need to have a wall that separates these two because china is coming for us. >> bill: well stated. we have called on general jack keane numerous times in the past month to talk about what president xi is doing and how he is changing that country day-by-day and week-by-week. then you add the military incursion over taiwan a few days ago. what was it 150 flights? here is keane on what he thinks the administration should do with regard to that. >> i think it's time for the biden administration, because of president xi's aggressive behavior and say unequivocally that the united states will come to the defense of taiwan if the mainland china takes any military action whatsoever. >> bill: do you agree with that?
7:57 am
make it public and state it and stand up for it? >> look, i've been at the state department for 11 years. i'm a diplomat. i think diplomats should be talk about solving the problems even while the pentagon is making threats. i will let the pentagon and military officials make those threats. i think it is really important right now we have aggressive diplomacy. not normal diplomacy with people meeting together in alaska and lecturing us on what to do on human rights. we have to have diplomacy with muscle and that means retraining some of our diplomats to be much more aggressive when they are synth at the table. if diplomats fail and we're sitting at a calm table and we fail, we pass this file over to the pentagon and they don't negotiate. i think it's really important that the state department get much more aggressive on their diplomacy. >> bill: do you expect that?
7:58 am
remember the meeting in alaska several months ago when the chinese met with their american counterparts and they were the ones who were aggressive at that meeting, rick? >> they were lecturing us on human rights, which is unbelievable. we need to have diplomats willing to push back. by the way, i know career diplomats at the state department willing to do that. they have to be led by the political people. right now we've got political people running the state department that are inept. and there is no other way to say it. >> bill: rick grenell, please come back soon and we'll continue the discussion. it will be here for a while. nice to see you again. thank you. >> thanks, bill. >> dana: wyoming high school student arrested after she refused to comply with the school mask mandate. 16-year-old grace smith was taken away in handcuffs for trespassing after being suspended for not masking up. she has racked up $1,000 in fines and there was an incident
7:59 am
that caused a lockdown. what is going on in wyoming? >> bill: her father was on earlier today on "fox & friends" first. he said this. >> we were just appalled through the whole process that no one would step in and act on grace's behalf and support her civil liberties. >> bill: there you have it. : >> dana: sometimes it takes one person to get a conversation going that could maybe lead to some changes and maybe not. she now has a record. here is wyoming confirmed covid cases going way down in august. 253. september at 400 and now just 53. >> bill: i want to add to this. breakthrough cases and bad news about covid. there is good news in america with regard to this pandemic. you are 14-day average of cases now was almost 25% lower than it was before. that's awesome news. we're down almost 25%. good. i was saying in the commercial
8:00 am
break in new york. air travel has been nothing, right? last night you had three planes in the sky coming into laguardia backed up which i thought was a positive sign for us moving forward and coming out of this thing. >> dana: where do you want to go? >> bill: all the time. >> dana: cincinnati always? >> bill: been there too often. >> dana: harris faulkner is up next. >> harris: feeling the fire. president biden nearing a make or break point now to pass his social agenda. his party is fighting with each other as biden's ability to govern for all americans is hanging in the balance. i'm harris faulkner and you are in "the faulkner focus". left wing climate protestors swarmed the white house yesterday demanding president biden follow through on his campaign promises. well, if they're mad, imagine being biden. his agenda is no closer to the goal line than it was two weeks ago. it could explain why he was preaching party unity at the democratic natiol


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