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tv   FOX and Friends  FOX News  October 12, 2021 3:00am-6:00am PDT

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border or maybe and this is a good one, maybe they should take a trip to the white house and figure out where our absentee president is. let's do this in a way that reveals where we are and where americans are dead last in our own country and then maybe the youth of america will have a chance at understanding and what's going on. todd: thank you. jillian: "fox & friends first" starts right now. have a good day. >> experts warn it's likely to get worse. >> we are seeing a shipping crisis like we've never seen before and it's not going to get better. >> southwest airlines leaves travelers stranded for a third straight day. >> many are wondering if staffing issues are linked to the vaccine mandates. >> many of us don't want to take this. i believe in freedom. >> thousands of migrants are making their way to the southern border as we speak. >> the biden administration cancels all the contracts to build a border wall. >> vice president harris
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facing backlash. >> i'm telling you it's going to be unbelievable. >> turns out those kids were paid actors. >> a second angle, second on the game, there is, touchdown and this game is over. it belongs to the baltimore ravens. a furious comeback. ♪♪ todd: you are looking at the national harbor in maryland. one of the favorite rivers in the country, a convention, a hub and there's also according to reports a ferris wheel. >> yes, a ferris wheel. >> i'm not too sure-- [laughter]
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>> welcome back, ainsley. >> thank you. i went to south carolina to see some friends. >> any praise? >> we didn't see any praise and will we actually came back sunday night. >> the mayor showed up at a parade and he got booed. who would think even though he has been trashing columbus day for his entire seven year reign, who would think he would be booed at a columbus day parade. >> they were 35,000 people in attendance one block around fifth avenue celebrating. so, how many times have you been in the grocery store in the last couple of weeks and it's like i'm looking for something and it's not there? you are not alone, i was buying bacon yesterday and there was no bacon. i wanted bacon. cream of mushroom soup last weekend two days ago i went in and the entire gatorade i'll looked like at that. it's not one particular item, it's pretty much everything and it's a
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random and it's the supply chain thing and we have been telling you about that for weeks, but it's because they don't have enough people to take stuff off of containers and they don't have enough drivers and i don't have enough people work in the warehouse. >> i have the best parents in the world, but i remember one year my brother wanted laser tag and you couldn't get it. that was different, but the point is don't wait until the end because you won't be able to get some of these items and all of these retail stores are warning us, by your toys now, for your kids because things like christmas decorations. >> they were wanting yesterday there are 70 gifts and toys already in containers off of the ports of california and elsewhere here in the east, they won't be able to get them off by black friday. >> they should be the primary focus of this president. if you want to know about the economic underpinnings and what's holding us back, you can say that unvaccinated is destroying america and you can break them, it's not gonna work.
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you had to find out what's holding up people at the ports, i don't care what you have to import workers, get people off the couch and onto the docks and to train them to be truck drivers and find a way to empty out the sports. it's happened around the world especially in our country in california and georgia and new jersey, this stands out and i'm telling you, whatever you want to say about donald trump, he would be addressing this sitting on a dock with a bullhorn saying what is the problem. jay foreman was on earlier from the basic fund sel, which we-- >> tonka trunk, my little pony, care bears. >> said will make or break a christmas and here's what he said the problem is. >> start to put your christmas list together early, get those must-have things that down because they definitely will be in short supply because we are seeing a shipping crisis like we've never seen before. every step of the way from where the goods are produced to the ports to
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the rail lines and trucking lines and it's not going to get better for the next eight or 10 weeks. what's happening with a lot of the bigger bulkier products as they are left behind in china until next year because they are just not economically feasible to bring in and retailers really don't want to raise the prices. of the bargain this year will be not did i get it for 20% less, but did i get it at all and that because of the shipping issues. >> what are some goods being hit? food, carbonated drinks, electronics, toys, christmas decorations, sports shoes and cars. have you noticed that if you try to buy a car there aren't any? >> if you going to buy a car, you will pay whatever it is on the sticker. >> new cars, people are selling them. >> you can't get a car period. >> they are being stolen in my neighborhood. >> how many people leave the keys in them? >> i hope not many. >> that was happening in my neighborhood.
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people drive around and have a contraption where it can determine if your keys are left in your car and they will go for those cars, so don't leave your keys in your car. >> i had never even heard of that. i can't leave my key in my car, it will beep. >> look at the food. when you go to the grocery store, bacon, if you can find it, up to 17%, beef, everything is through the roof of the last year. what about oil? since last october the price of oil is above $80 a barrel now. the process of oil has gone up 25%. >> first time since 2014. >> there's an item in the "washington post" this morning that talks about how you order the stuff that she go to the grocery store and there's nothing there, so you order things online and big corporations like amazon, target, walmart, they are big warehouses can get to work, so they are offering among other things we will give you free college. we will pay for textbooks if you come.
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gap which used to be across the street use-- is so hard up for employees they are giving people a 50% discount. the mattress people will give you a sign on bonus of a thousand dollars if you work in a distribution center and you get a free mattress. here's the thing, longtime employees who have been at these warehouses for a long time are resentful that these new people are coming in getting sign on bonuses, college and all that stuff and they have just been working and it's a tough business, 50 hours a week with plenty of overtime, but you are exhausted. >> also some hotels are able to include daily room service or daily cleaning because they can't get the housekeepers. restaurants, limited services because waiters are stretched so thin. cars, you have to be more flexible in the color you want, the make and model and longer wait times. >> doesn't have a motor, will it move? >> the other question is
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and oil is up $80 a barrel and who benefits? iran, russia, the whole middle east and we aren't drilling and if we drill we are putting in the pipeline and we don't have trucks to deliver it, so if you saw what happened yesterday in washington, they are upset with the biden administration for not going green quick enough and not passing 3.5 trillion which will further green our economy appear we are not ready for a green economy. the solar panels, wind, electric cars, it's not there and we don't have the luxury of going through all of this while the rest of the world does whatever it does. it's not in our best interest and the president of the united states has not shown the courage to stand up to his way far left who is defiling andrew jackson statues and trying to disrupt things at the white house because we are going green quick enough. at the big question is, what do you see in your town, sending her pictures whether it's help-wanted or naked
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shelves, tell us what you are experiencing right now because it's not just the supplemental and employment insurance, it's not just the rent relief, it's a bunch of things. people are saying you know the job i had, i liked being off for a year end a half. i'm reevaluating my life and i don't know if i need to work these days and that's a problem. >> there is that, but also you hear from peoples in the container business and they go you know what the ports there aren't enough gigantic robot cranes to take stuff off. that's infrastructure. how many robot cranes are in the president or rather the bipartisan infrastructure thing or the president's $3.5 trillion infrastructure thing. that is the stuff we need because ultimately, i was reading this morning that apparently the white house is trying to figure out why are joe biden's numbers not going up and it's because they are blaming him for so many things.
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it's often related to the pandemic, but if people can't get bacon or a tonka toy, ultimately by the end of this christmas season, that will be joe biden. >> they are often sold together bacon and tonka toys. >> after afghanistan, after the border and now inflation come the cost of everything going up, it's harder to get things, i mean, i ordered a halloween costume weeks ago and it's not come. >> time to be a ghost. >> exactly. >> a bunch of ghosts in america or a cowboy hat. >> when the kids schools they took a sheet and put musical notes on it and people would go what are you and they would go i'm sheet music. >> that's cute. >> that's enough to traumatize a kid, in third grade at the worst costume in the class and mr. ducey told me too get it. >> it's better to go as
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sheet music that not at all. you hate halloween. >> i remember one time i visited my brother in college and he said i have a problem i'm supposed to go to a costume party and i don't have accosted. i said i have an idea, your backyard is mso be a dirty backyard. we taped hands on him. one of the weeds we taped on him was poison rav-- poison ivy. >> i would rather go as sheet music. send us pictures of-- >> dirty backyard or ghost. >> sheet music. friends and meanwhile, more trouble, southwest airline's forced to cancel hundreds of flights yesterday as the airline deals with gigantic staffing problems. pilots speaking out as vaccine mandates drive chaos nationwide. >> vice president harris is facing backlash for
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baaam. internet that doesn't miss a beat. that's cute, but my internet streams to my ride. adorable, but does yours block malware? nope. -it crushes it. pshh, mine's so fast, no one can catch me. big whoop! mine gives me a 4k streaming box. -for free! that's because you all have the same internet. xfinity xfi. so powerful, it keeps one-upping itself. can your internet do that? >> we are back with headlines that we begin with this foxnews alert, police can permit several people are in custody after a shooting near a-- during a vigil up for a deputy with the shots ring out while family gathered to remember maricopa county deputy lou as. he was beaten to death while arresting a
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suspect. officials revealing a louisiana state troopers murder is part of a crime spree. he was ambushed in his patrol car near baton rouge over the weekend. fully say the killer also shot to family members. the motive remains a mystery. order patrol officials reporting a group of 125 mostly unaccompanied children surrenders to authorities in arizona as they had been abandoned by smugglers, this has haitian migrants push north hoping to take advantage of the seemingly open border and due to the president's decision to haul projects aimed at securing the southern border. las vegas raters coach john gruden are resigning after some comments after k ones used in anti-gay slur in reference to the first openly gay player selected in the draft and made jokes about female referees and mocking the physical appearance of the nfl
3:18 am
players association executive director who is black. saying in a tree, he said i love the raters and do not want to be a distraction. i'm sorry and never meant to hurt anyone. and monday night football action at lamar jackson put the ravens on his back leaving ball leading baltimore to a win over the indianapolis colts. watch this. >> second angle, second in the game, there it is touchdown! this game is over. >> jackson throwing for four touchdowns as the ravens scored 22 unanswered points on the way to the 31-25 overtime victory. all of that pressure. >> think about this, the ravens were the indianapolis colts-- oh,
3:19 am
the ravens were that cleveland browns. >> great point, brian. >> sorry. i apologize. thank you, joel. usually you don't help. i never thank you, so thank you. >> let's talk a little bit of-- >> i'm sorry the baltimore ravens, indianapolis colts where the baltimore ravens-- where the baltimore colts, moved and then became the ravens. that's what i meant. forget about the browns. >> are you guys done? >> yeah, that's all. >> what were you saying, steve? >> let's talk a little bit about the newest for a minute. yesterday we told you about how over the weekend southwest canceled close to 2000 flights, mandates, pilots had to get the shots as per the biden administration.
3:20 am
now, we are learning more of the discord and the problems. it comes down to this, remember airlines got $54 billion to keep the people on the payroll during the pandemic. at that time, a lot of people retired or took a long term leave. 5000 people left southwest permanently. 11,000 went on extended leave and now people are back at the airports and they want to go places and there is demand. southwest is now struggling to get people back and retrain them and at the same time the very ambitious schedule because people want to fly and last friday there was much of a florida and lousy weather and half of their jets fly through florida on any given day. so, it's all messed up because they have got a terrible planning model. >> saturday they canceled more than 800 flights, sunday more than a thousand, that's 29% of the scheduled flights that day and
3:21 am
yesterday 600 southwest flights were canceled or delayed. they are blaming the weather. they are denying a sick out and a lot of people are saying like ted cruz tweeted out about how there is a pilot shortage, air traffic can shorter shortage and blaming biden's vaccine mandates. >> last night tucker has sources that said it has a lot to do with the mandate a lot of people say they are about to get band and told to go home so we will do a preemptive-- preemptive strike and stay home and right now the plethora of excuses make me think they don't want us to know the truth. here is a commercial airline pilot speaking out against the vaccine mandate, maybe indicating where we are headed plus we have an overall pilot shortage. >> don't want to take this, people are being coerced and i believe in freedom and i'm here to support the freedom of my fellow employees and all people across the country. if companies virus and
3:22 am
fire 30% of the workforce, aircraft will stop moving and it will affect you, your air travel and it will affect the economy. >> a specific airline went ahead from their own volition said we are going to do mandates for all of our employees and they took that list and said now all of you effective october 1 are on the streets unpaid in on indefinite leave. that's not what-- that's not an accommodation any of us can put up with. in other words, that's unemployment. >> this president of the airline in a video sunday the airline initially said air traffic control issues in florida but the faa issued a statement saying there were problems for a few hours friday, but not on the weekend and doesn't explain why the other airlines didn't have problems. >> if they do fire people who don't the vaccine, absolutely that will cause problems. keep in mind, on the
3:23 am
other airlines except delta have a vaccine mandates. i think united is at 98% of their employees have gotten the vaccination, so it's not like it's impossible to do. it's being done at the other airlines. >> 2% of the workforce over that time, you have to pay the price and at this whole mandate mania we are experiencing because this president wants to make unvaccinated people the dredges of the earth, they should be vilified and told never to leave your house, how dare you, look at the medical professionals, the hundreds of thousands of military men and women who are saying i'm not getting that shot in the fact they refused to take in natural immunity even though more studies show it's probably better than the vaccine. doctor j from stanford, he weighed in last night with laura. >> mandates, what they have done is taking working-class people who worked through the whole
3:24 am
academic, firefighters, nurses, airline workers, many of them got covid and they are immune. we treated them like euros last year end now, we are treating them like pariahs this year. the vaccine works to protect the vaccinated against the disease. they aren't threatened by the unvaccinated, what is going to cause is a shortages across the country in vital services. >> southwest said yesterday that they hope to be back to schedule, back to normal, not today, but maybe tomorrow. >> how are they able to do that if they don't have the workforce? >> planes are in position because there was bad weather in florida because my daughter was flying down there and she got diverted to fort myers for three or four hour set. at the plains whined about a of position pilots timeout and because they have such a poor planning model,
3:25 am
they-- it takes days to get things back on track and they hope to be back on track by tomorrow. >> assigned seats, i don't like what they do with these seeds. >> i kind of like that. >> so stressful. >> like a catapult. >> as long as you are first. >> that's the problem. >> then you can't get the starbucks five minutes before. you have to get in line like an hour early. >> handcrafted. >> meanwhile, if you thought the craziest thing you saw was the secretary of state, homeland security secretary meeting with-- in mexico city with mexican officials about immigration issues without the vice president even though she was given that mandate and then you saw the scene with her talking to kids about craters on the moon with music and you thought why is she doing that, why is she had a bakery in new jersey, why she talking to kids about
3:26 am
space instead of dealing with the number one issue she's been handed and that is the border and the origins of the problem, why aren't you in panama with griff jenkins on a raft trying to find out why people are coming here. it just got even crazier end of the vice presidents first nine months. >> she has a youtube original series called get curious with vice president harris and she hired these child actors to be a part of this and she's trying to get them more interested in space. >> these were child actors we saw yesterday? >> apparently. >> let's watch. keep in mind, she's very excited to talk about space to actors. >> and they are listening as if they are hearing this for the first time. they are actors and reading a line. they addition to, so none of this is normal. it's a show, folks. we should point out that she is the chairman of the national space council so that's why
3:27 am
they round up on her front porch talking about the moon. watch. >> to think about so much that is out there that we still have to learn like i love that. i love that so i'm excited about the space council. we will learn so much as we increasingly, i think, are curious and interested in the potential for the discoveries in the work we can do in space. that's one of the things i'm most excited about, but the other-- you guys are going to see, you are going to literally see the craters on the moon with your own eyes. >> oh, my goodness. >> with your own eyes, i'm telling you it's going to be unbelievable. >> and you know they are actors, seems so phony. >> almost looks like a campaign ad. >> you are right. >> she's recently hired two more messaging specialists to help improve her communication strategy.
3:28 am
i think it's just not honest because if you have actors just say we brought these actors and >> why even have actors cracks you could go to any school in america and say the vice president wants to sit down with five children. >> thank you. it's not. you don't need a crisis manager, you need a competency manager. the shimmy instincts, does the president want her to fail cracks he might went to whisper in her ear you might went to handle the border. the only time she weighed in was when she thought she had a controversy with the horse with the border patrol on a horse, which she doesn't, by the way. >> given this administration with mask mandates and other stuff, she's sitting a couple of feet away from five or six unvaccinated children that look like they are under 12 so they wouldn't be vaccinated. i'm surprised the white house would allow that.
3:29 am
sure it's outside, but remember didn't she kiss her husband outside and they were both wearing masks? >> that's the least of her problems. the state higher child actors to make the president and vice president look good and she's overacted she wouldn't have passed the objects-- audition. she's talking about craters on the moon, it's a whole, we've seen craters on the moon since 1969. >> and there are so many other pressing issues. she needs to be on the border. she's need to be seen on the border. >> speaking of the border, this particular production company from north of the border, it's a canadian company. couldn't find-- >> i think it's called sinking ships. >> so appropriate. they couldn't hire an american company with the american actors? >> unbelievable.
3:30 am
>> 6:29 a.m. here on the east coast in america supply chain crisis wiping shelves nationwide and how to small business owners are staying afloat ahead of the holiday season plus counsel culture backfires as a professor who was silenced on a college campus is now expecting an even bigger audience and why students are eager to let him speak. ♪♪ >> tech: when you get a chip in your windshield... trust safelite. this couple was headed to the farmers market... when they got a chip. they drove to safelite for a same-day repair. and with their insurance, it was no cost to them. >> woman: really? >> tech: that's service the way you need it.
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ask your doctor about once-monthly cabenuva. >> good morning. we are back with headlines and a shocking video as a homeless woman in new york city strangles a teenager while she was having dinner outside. witnesses say there was nothing that appeared to provoke the woman who attacked the girl. she was later arrested and charged in the attack. the 36-year old woman has a lengthy rap sheet and a history of mental illness. a florida state trooper has-- watch this, the trooper was helping a woman with a flat tire in palm beach county when he heard screeching sound from the truck as a loss control. the trooper, dominic alexander said he prayed before his shift that day and it's a miracle he still alive. the woman suffered minor injuries to her legs, but is expected to be okay.
3:35 am
the founders of ben & jerry's ice cream can't answer when pressed on why they refuse to sell ice cream in israel, but sell in red states. take a listen. >> you guys are big proponents of voting rights, why do you still sell ice cream in georgia, texas, abortion ban, why are you still selling their? >> i don't know, i mean, it's an interesting question. >> ben collin and jerry greenfield insisting the move was not about profits. >> i think they sell a a lot of ice cream and those estates and that's probably why they do it. meanwhile, let's talk about ice cream and everything else in stores as there is a lot of empty shelves in america. it's a supply chain crisis. to battle extreme port delay some retells are chartering their own expensive cargo ships to keep shelves stocked, but what about the little guys and small businesses that can afford to charter a ship
3:36 am
joined me now georgia furniture store owner and founder of pod lead llc a nebraska party supply retailer. good morning. >> good morning, steve. >> jeremy, let's start with you. you knew there was trouble coming and you ordered as much as stuff as you could ahead of time, but how big of a problem is getting stuff from overseas, getting it to you so you can ship it out? >> well, there is no bigger problem for our business than that right now. you can get the products, so we did buy early on into the pandemic and it proved to be a good decision, but now, we can't get product. it's sprinkling in compared to what it normally would be and it's twice as expensive because of shipping costs so it's been a real challenge for our business. >> we have the holiday season coming up shortly
3:37 am
jeremy, are your customers thinking that when they order from you , you will get it to them in a couple of days or are they going i will get it when i get it? >> all of our products ships two to three days so we don't sell anything we don't have in the warehouse. >> good. let's talk about your situation just like jeremy, before the lockdowns hit you bought a lot of stuff, so that's good for you, but your furniture is manufactured in a lot of places not in the united states and so you really as well are dependent upon ships and trucks and stuff to get it to savanna; right? >> absolutely, sir. steve, we are also, our domestic manufacturers are well holding-- beholding to the same situation because if they don't have the components they need to build furniture we don't get it like we were getting furniture-- we have recliners made in dallas texas by
3:38 am
americans and they do not have the mechanisms for them so we are waiting for four to six months if we are lucky, so everyone is stuck with the same situation. we will just have to start building more stuff here in the u.s. >> absolutely. we have been talking about that for a long time, but if people are trying to buy furniture for their home and you go, i know you ordered that step six months ago when we still don't have it, are people asking for refunds? >> steve, we have refunded more money than in the history of our country, but we used it as an opportunity that if people want their money back i say no problem and we are ready to give it back to them and i will call them when it comes in and if they still wanted i will even give them a discount because they waited. people may forget about situations or whatever, but they always remember how you make them feel so we are fortunate to
3:39 am
be able-- we are smart enough to do that and you know you want to treat people the same way you want to be treated. >> absolutely and it's not as if they can walk across the street and buy the stuff there because they don't have it either. jeremy, before we leave, one of the problems supply and demand is ultimately if the supply is restricted, the demand goes up in the prices go up, so are your customers okay with the fact that now they are paying more than they did last year? >> thus far, they have been willing to spend the extra. at some point there is probably a breaking point where you will just have to eat some of that incremental expense and you will be losing money relative to what you could have been making in the past, so you can only charge so much. thus far, fortunately, we have been doing alright, but i feel like this new stuff coming in will be a higher price point and we will maybe have to make tough decisions at that point. >> best of luck to both
3:40 am
of you guys. >> steve, thank you, sir. i would like to add to that you may be able to get those higher prices, but people will remember, so you have to keep that in line so they will come back and see you. >> absolutely. guys, good luck to you. >> thank you. >> after mit canceled a professors guest lecture for his stance against woke, thousands have registered for his speech at a different school, one of the students that signed up for his lecture expresses her support coming up next. ♪♪ is struggling to manage your type 2 diabetes knocking you out of your zone? lowering your a1c with once-weekly ozempic® can help you get back in it. oh, oh, oh, ozempic®! my zone... lowering my a1c, cv risk, and losing some weight... now, back to the game!
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>> that push to cancel him backfiring as thousands register to attend his register now rescheduled. audrey will be attending the speech and she joins us now. why was it important for you to be a part of this comeback story for this professor? >> thank you so much for having me and i am so, so excited to attend professor abbott's speech next week. i have known professor abbott for about a year now. he's a geophysicist and professor at the university of chicago where i'm currently a senior and at the university of chicago i cofounded the chicago sinker which is a student newspaper where on the editor-in-chief and we are dedicated to challenging the mob's crusade against free speech and i have to say that professor abbott is a seen as one of the few faculty members willing right now to put his name and career on the
3:46 am
line in order to defend free speech and he's always said that he's not a particularly political person and has never thought of himself as a political person, but he's extraordinarily brave and really, really leading the charge right now against the cancel mob and i'm so grateful for that. >> university of chicago and princeton usually not pushing back against the cancel mob, usually joining in, not this time. here's an excerpt from the newsweek editorial he put out, the words diversity, equity and inclusion are often supported by well-intentioned people but the effects have the opposite requiring being willing to tell an applicant i will ignore your merits and qualifications and deny admission because you belong to the wrong group. we propose an alternative called merit, fairness and equality whereby the university applicants are treated as individuals and evaluated through a rigorous nonbiased process based on their merits, and qualifications alone. i am heartened by the story in a way, but also
3:47 am
surprised, audrey. this is an anomaly, isn't it? >> yeah, yeah i think so , but i hope that professor abbott's cancellation is one of the last and if-- maybe that's naïve, but i'm heartened by the amazing support he has gone from all across the country, countless supporters here at the university of chicago and beyond and i really hope we americans can keep showing the woke mob they aren't going to win and we will stand by one and not let intelligent well-intentioned voices be canceled. >> people should be rewarded for their success, hard work and that's called merit. i earned it and you don't want to get something handed to you for any other reason appear audrey, thank you and congratulations on taking such action at such a young age. appreciated. >> thank you. >> i look forward to hearing your review of his lecture.
3:48 am
let's check in with senior meteorologist janice dean for the fox weather forecast. she promises to be accurate again. >> i will try my best. there are current temperatures and you can see the cold air across the west. is now working its into the northern plains, northern rockies and here in new york 63 degrees. we will have 70s this week so warmer than average for the eastern third of the country. we have one system that moved across the great lakes and brought severe weather yesterday to portions of illinois. severe threat today from texas all the way up towards nebraska because we have a cold front that will move in, a powerful cold front so tornadoes will be a risk in some of these regions. just know what to do if there is a watch or warning in your area. we have a early snow in the higher elevations, one to 3 feet, that's quite incredible. i mean, they do see snow this time of year, but
3:49 am
this amount will be in the northern plains and that's pretty impressive. no snow in new york yet, brian. >> according to predictions, no snow this year. >> i don't know about that. >> i don't like snow. straight ahead, hospitals america are forced to offer incentives to keep employees employed as they face major labor shortages. we will talk to one man whose hospital is missing 10% of its workforce. scary.
3:50 am
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3:53 am
so go ahead. take advantage now. ainsley: hospitals across the country are trying to makeup for lost workers by offering incredible incentives to new hires, in michigan, beaumont health is offering a $10,000 sign-on bonus to registered nurses and in port huron, they are paying double time for emt workers while they work on filling 10 openings. tri-hospital ems president and ceo ken kummings joins us now. great to have you. i know that you've lost 10% of your workforce. why is that? >> well, i think it's a combination of a number of factors. you know, normal attrition, we typically have a turnover rate in our organization around 8% annually. that's gone up a little bit, but
3:54 am
i think the real issue more than anything else is ems workers are getting tired. the wages are not very good. they haven't been good for many many years, and so people are choosing different career paths to pursue, and they're leaving the ems field. ainsley: why aren't they making more money they are saving lives >> it's a longstanding problem with ems. the staffing shortage didn't begin just because of covid, its been building for a number of years and really its been the result of just in credibly inadequate funding from the pay er sources that are used to fund ems services across the country. payer services have just been historically low for ambulance services and that translates into very low pay, unfortunately , and so we typically have a fairly high turnover rate in this industry. ainsley: how is that affecting the 911 calls are you seeing delays? >> you know, we're not seeing delays in my market right now;
3:55 am
however, being down 10% of our staff, we've been able to backfill from these vacant positions with other employees working overtime, with management staff, but i will tell you, there are certainly delays occurring throughout our state here in michigan, as well as across the country right now. i think organizations are being forced to prioritize the calls, choosing to respond to the more critical cases first, forcing the other cases that maybe less critical to wait for the availability of resources. ainsley: would you call this a crisis? >> i think it's absolutely a crisis. we definitely need our elected officials to step in and provide some assistance. i believe the pathway out of this is getting some additional funding so that we can increase these wages and draw more people into the industry as well as keep the people that we have right now. if we don't do this , we're facing a serious serious crisis and shortfall of ems workers
3:56 am
across our country. ainsley: ken they were basically working in a petri dish of covid so we thank you all for everything you've done, especially to just keep us all safe and take care of all of us. i hope that the solution, the problem is looked at by your governor and they really focus on this. >> thank ainsley appreciate it. ainsley: still ahead, superman comes out as a bisexual but is d.c. comics going too far into wokeness? we'll hear from dean cain, the man who was superman, after the break. >> ♪ put your arms around me baby, i just wanna fly ♪ as someone who resembles someone else... i appreciate that liberty mutual knows everyone's unique. that's why they customize your car insurance, so you only pay for what you need. oh, yeah. that's the spot. only pay for what you need.
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>> america's supply chain crisis is wiping shelves clean, nationwide. >> we're seeing a shipping crisis like we've never seen before. >> we're waiting for four to six months, if we're lucky. >> the fact of the patter is we'll have to start building more stuff in the u.s.. >> a straight a student is arrested and removed from school in handcuffs because she didn't want to wear a mask. >> its been appalling frankly they would take it this far. >> i believe that every right that you feel is being infringed upon is worth fighting for. >> it is a story rocking the sports world overnight. >> john grudan, his time in the nfl is over, he resigned as
4:01 am
the head coach of the raiders after e-mails were exposed that show him making offensive comments. >> hernandez, to left center field, here it comes! >> [applause] >> ♪ steve: well, do you know what? if you're going to go out into the atlantic from port canaveral out that inlet now be a good time because the coast is clear, beautiful morning along the space coast right now they have 73 degrees going for a high of 82 on this october 12, 2021 and we're listening to ray lynn, the country singer whose with us in the next hour. ainsley: looking forward to that when we talk to her at the end of the show. brian: when they stopped the space shut el when barack obama thought it was a good time to do that, put it in a museum,
4:02 am
cape canaveral went quiet and now it could be busy because private industry is renting things out, taking over, blue origin isn't captain kirk do everything, building rockets and going up in rockets? steve: the last frontier, they were delayed i think they take off tomorrow ultimately. it was supposed to be earlier, but weather. oh, actually, he had trouble getting to the space place, he was, he had a ticket on southwest. brian: [laughter] i mean, he's 90 years old don't delay too long. ainsley: speaking of delays your christmas presents might be delayed. steve: might be easter. ainsley: we're being told, shop now. have you all started your christmas shopping for anyone in your family? brian: are you kidding? ainsley: i actually have. steve: so has my wife, buying stuff and making stuff as well, i talked a little bit about all of the needle point. brian: i've gotta get a hobby and make stuff because nothing is going to get delivered.
4:03 am
ainsley: brian ran yesterday for the first time in a long time. brian: the whole control room didn't think i ran a marathon and i said well, i have not run in a while. so i ran yesterday. ainsley: how did it feel? brian: i feel good. ainsley: are you sore? brian: i'm a little sore in my hips. i'll rub them later. steve: okay, but as we look at those store shelves, there's been a run on stuff, and it's not any one particular thing. across-the-board there are supply chain issues because we don't have enough drivers, we don't have enough people working at the warehouses we don't have enough people -- ainsley: shipping containers. steve: there are plenty of shipping containers. ainsley: expensive reporter: they? steve: the problem is, we can't take them off of those ships and so, there are so many christmas gifts and products people are waiting for on those ships, off the coast of california. they are saying some of that stuff will not get off the ship by black friday, which is the day after thanksgiving the biggest shopping day of the year and that has a ripple effect across the country.
4:04 am
people are going to have to lower expectations because stuff just isn't getting here. ainsley: lack of truck driver, labor shortage, backlog of the container ships waiting to enter the port of los angeles, you have container shortages, floods causing this , covid infections set off port closures and factory shutdowns in vietnam brian: over the last two years we've had trouble getting together on christmas, now we can get together we have nothing to give each other. ainsley: right! it's all stuck on the ship. brian: sorry i don't have anything. steve: maybe that's okay. brian: exactly. steve: remind you of what the spirit of the season, what it's all about anyway. brian: not really i'd rather have gifts i think. steve: well we know. brian: thank you. or a gift certificate. ainsley: a lot of the stores are saying what the we experienced during covid you can only buy x amount of paper product, toilet paper, paper towels. steve: it's a problem just about 40 minutes ago, i spoke to somebody who runs a party supply company based in nebraska and somebody who has a furniture
4:05 am
store down in georgia both talking about the every day now it is a challenge to open up the door and try to do business with america. watch this. >> there's no bigger problem for our business than that issue right now. you can't get the product, so as you mentioned we did buy early on into the pandemic and that proved to be a good decision but now we can't get product. it's coming in just sprinkling as compared to what it normally would have been coming in as and it's twice as expensive because of shipping costs. >> we've refunded more money than we have in the history of our company but we've used that as an opportunity that if people want their money back i say hey, no problem we're ready to give it back to them. i tell them i'll call them when it comes in and if they want it i'll be glad to sell it to them and give a discount because they waited. steve: here's the thing if somebody gets the money back, and they decide do you know what i'll buy it across the street, go across the street, you'll have to wait six months for it
4:06 am
there. everybody is in the same boat. and the boat is off the port. brian: the other thing is people have to understand too, as we're outlining here, don't lose your temper. don't get mad at people. no one is holding back. the problem is, don't blame the guy on the ship. don't blame the people. there's just not enough people to do the job so if your order is late, do not get mad at the person on the phone. just for example, if your food is late in a restaurant customer service is going down, a lot of it is well-intended, just under staffed. steve: it's frustrating because if you go to the store and you want cream of mushroom soup, like i did last week and there isn't any, it's like what is happening? brian: the good news on cream of mushroom soup, pull top. ainsley: whoever invented that is genius. brian: the pabst blue ribbon people got rid of the tabs, campbells soup picked up the tabs. steve: i wound up buying fat free cream of mushroom soup. brian: is it possible. was it empty? ainsley: genius on wine bottles.
4:07 am
brian: don't impress me with cork. we're tired of it. we're done with cork. we should have, i don't want any more corks, because the minute you take it off, you're under pressure to finish the bottle. steve: cork is bark, essentially brian: thank you. enough. steve: according to my research, writing the cookbook, it sounds like a large percentage, i heard once, one in four bottles of wine, with cork, goes bad. brian: right. steve: so you feel like a knuckle head. ainsley: but the nicer bottles have the screw tops. steve: screw top is great. brian: we moved past things, for some reason the wine people stuck with the colonists had had. steve: if you had something fancy you can charge $50 for a bottle of wine, but the good news about the supply chain aside from cream of mushroom soup with the fat is coming back brian: which is impossible. steve: is the president has launched a white house supply
4:08 am
chain task force. brian: that'll go well. put the vice president in charge steve: he's going to look at it and try to fix it. unfortunately, for all of us, we're not going to get this stuff before christmas. ainsley: bacon has gone up 17%, steve we know how much you love your bacon, beef has gone up more than 12%. steve: america loves bacon. ainsley: and fish and seafood is up 11%, eggs almost 10%, poultry , 7% these are things we buy every day and depend on. brian: the only thing we can do is start our own farms. if you have your own room, start your own farm, it's not a good time to start because it's fall, but starting in spring, live off the land. that's our only choice. ainsley: if you go in the grocery store and see some of these empty shelves you say naked shelves, if you see naked shelves, send us those pictures we want to know your story, where you're seeing shortages. steve: absolutely. brian: meanwhile a live look at capitol hill where speaker pelosi is working overtime, with a press conference about 8:45,
4:09 am
overtime to get her party in line. they're not close to getting in single file. ainsley: the democrats are scrambling back to washington as climate protesters descend on the white house. brian: look at that. steve: peter doocy is live at the white house, across the street from where he's standing there is a vandalized andrew jackson statue. reporter: yes, good morning, and democrats are trying to transform the country, but they have come to the realization now , just from a practical standpoint, that they do not have the votes to do that as much as they like, so as nancy pelosi gets ready to take an act to the biden build back better plan, knowing full well that depending on what she pulls out of it to slim it down, could mean that she's losing more support within her own party. she's saying that overwhelmingly , the guidance i'm receiving from members is to do fewer things well so that we have a transformative impact on families and the workplace and responsibly address the climate crisis. a build back better agenda for jobs and the planet for the
4:10 am
children. activists are hoping the climate change parts of the biden plan remain intact. protesting outside the white house, and even spray painting graffiti on a statue of andrew jackson, nearby, but while they wait for answers about what is in and what is out of the biden plan, some officials are saying don't worry, because you talk about slimming the package down, could be just talk. >> when this thing gets written it's going to have the same level of spending, it's just going to have a bunch of accounting gimmicks that allow you to make it look cheaper because you've had artificial sunsets and expiration dates but there's still mammoth new entitlements. reporter: president biden's schedule today has a word on it that has not appeared there in several weeks. that word is "afghanistan." he's going to zoom with some of the other leaders from the g-20 to talk about the afghan economy , but that meeting is going to be closed press. back to you. brian: right, i'm sure he'll
4:11 am
get an earful, peter, because our nato allies were never read in and didn't return calls for about 36 hours. thanks so much which is pretty amazing too when it comes to the afghanistan, real quick. they had a series of productive meetings, evidently, in doha, at which time, the taliban told us, we're not going to do anything to stop isis or al qaeda. isn't that the whole premise of the agreement that was allege allegedly entered the six pager with president trump that he couldn't get out of? absolutely a tragedy. steve: and going back to that image that we had of andrew jackson in lafayette square across the street from the white house, you were wondering what it said, it said respect us, that's the word. ainsley: expect us. steve: because what they did is on one side, it says there are two messages, because protesters were chanting "respect us" or "expect us" so that's what that says right there. it's not latin. it's just two words. brian: you've got video of these people: arrest them, you
4:12 am
know exactly who they are. that statue is iconic obviously. that's where ronald regan went, the first day to have his picture taken and cover of news week or time, one of those. for them not to be guarding that is sinful. ainsley: just an example of how people take everything too far and that's exactly what we saw in wyoming, a teenager was arrested at her high school because she refused to wear a mask. she's a straight a student and her name is grace smith, and she's never broken the law, she says. i would never choose to do anything wrong and i never saw myself sitting in the back of a cop car, handcuffed. steve: right. the school has got the district, rather, has got a mask mandate. you've got to wear a mask and apparently she broke the rule a couple times, they wound upcoming in and they said listen if you don't put the make mask on, you're going to be in trouble and she would wouldn't do it and then they said you're
4:13 am
trespassing, if you do not leave within 20 minutes we're going to arrest you and she did not leave she was not wearing the mask, so they arrested her. ainsley: she was suspended three times, two days each. steve: because she was breaking the rules. ainsley: fines $1,000 and final ly, arrested. brian: we'll find out how little affect the mask has, especially on vaccinated people. it's all a show. it's hygiene theatre. grace smith weighs in on what happened. ainsley: she was the young girl. >> yes, sir. >> even if you're risking your citation. at this point i'll place you into custody for trespassing. i won't put your hands behind your back. >> okay. >> do you have any guns or bag s on you that we need to know about? >> no, sir. steve: so she was not arrested for not wearing a mask. she was ultimately arrested because they said you're trespassing because you were thrown off campus, because you wouldn't wear the mask.
4:14 am
her family says her constitutional rights are being violated, by not allowing her to get an education, and here's what it all comes down to. the mask mandate that the schools put into effect is supposed to expire tomorrow, so they have another meeting tomorrow, to decide whether or not to extend it further. ainsley: grace and her father were on fox & friends first earlier, listen to what they had to say. >> i thought it was absolutely ridiculous. i want to go back to class so i could learn, and i never thought they would actually arrest me, honestly, really surprised me to see them put me in cuffs and take me to jail. we're appalled that through this whole process, nobody would step in and act on grace's behalf and support her civil liberties that were guaranteed to her by the constitution of wyoming. >> i believe that every right that you feel is being infringed upon is worth fighting for. brian: yeah now when grace is in jail that school is so much
4:15 am
safer. everything was fantastic. steve: they had a school-wide lockdown, which impacted every kid. ainsley: the dad says this is her decision, she's a genius, he supports her and she will be attending school at home now, home schooled. steve: well the good news is, if the school board decides tomorrow that you don't have to wear a mask she will be right back in class without a mask. ainsley: right. brian: and the good news is on sunday, anthony fauci allows us to have halloween -- ainsley: how upset would you be if you saw a video of your child handcuffed at school. brian: of course but then again you'd be proud of her because she stands up for something she believes in, obviously, she's not spray painting george floyd 's face that we saw in the park here in new york. what she's doing is standing up for something she knows is a lar k what they're doing to these kids, three-year-olds in masks in preschool. amazing. steve: the rules out there and
4:16 am
the fact that the cops would go ahead and put her in handcuffs. brian: amazing. steve: all right, 7:15 in new york city, and once again, we were just talking about laramie, wyoming. jillian: good morning so let's begin with this , today a wyoming coroner will reveal new details about the death of gabby petito. her body was found last month at the grand teton national park. the death was ruled a homicide this as a memorial for gabby in north port florida is expected to come down. authorities are searching across the country for her once- boyfriend brian laundrie. >> a small plane falls from the sky crashing into several homes in a san diego neighborhood. at least two people are dead including a ups driver who was delivering packages. the other victim, the pilot, who was a cardiologist, two more people hurt in the crash, remain in the hospital. air traffic control warning the pilot he was flying too low just moments before the crash. >> let's go to fox weather now
4:17 am
where a tornado touched down in illinois, shocking the person recording video of the storm. watch this. >> look at that! >> yeah, dude. >> what the! >> that's nuts. jillian: several severe storms sweeping across the midwest, leaving a trail of destruction, a tornado flattening buildings and silos sending corn flying. >> okay, superman will come out as bisexual in the newest issue of the iconic comic books. john kent who took over the super hero title from his father will reportedly start a romance with his male best friend. dean cain played superman and joined us earlier on fox & friends first. >> i don't think it's bold or brave or some crazy new direction. if it was 20 years ago perhaps that would have been bold and brave. this one i don't think i'll be reading. jillian: the comic book will be available november 9. that is a look at your headlines , back to you. you by the way i would have
4:18 am
probably had the same reaction to that tornado video. [laughter] a few words we cannot repeat. brian: thanks jillian. 17 minutes after the top of the hour new footage captured by fox news shows millions of dollars worth of taxpayer-funded border wall materials wasting away. yeah, we paid for this , congress gave us this , our next guest has been covering the migrant surge and it says this video proves our border is wide open, and this story. >> john gruden steps aside as raiders head coach in the fourth year of a 10 year deal after incense it derivative e-mails are released, the shocking exchanges that led to the end of his tenure, coming your way. >> ♪ they got the beat, they got the beat, they got the beat ♪
4:19 am
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go online to transfer your services in about a minute. get started today. steve: speaking of government waste, footage captured by the fox news flight team shows more than $100 million worth of taxpayer funded border wall materials as you can see right there, just stockpiled in texas. there is reportedly enough steel for over 100 miles of border wall, but only about 14 miles were built before construction was halted when president biden took office. town senior writer juli o rosa has been cover ing the border crisis firsthand and joins us from the d.c. area with reaction. good morning to you. >> good morning. steve: that's just one of the reasons people hate washington. you look at waste like that. there's, whether you like the wall or you don't, it's
4:24 am
like okay, we paid $100 million for that stuff and it's just going to waste? >> right exactly. i mean that's just the typical example of d.c. politics getting in the way and it's not even just the wall materials that are not being utilized right now, but alongside the rio grande valley sector and tucson sector i was most recently at there are parts of the border wall that have the lights built so that border patrol has an easier time of seeing at night if anyone is attempting to cross but because they weren't plugged in prior to president biden ordering a halt, they're just useless and decorations at this point, and so even if it's not saying that well if you're not going to build the wall can you at least build the technology or finish or plugging in the lights but because that order was just so wide-sweeping, even something as simple as plugging in lights is not allowed by the administration and on top of that, we're still paying the contractors because the contracts were already signed but we're paying them to not continue the work, that we're doing and so as a result, and as what i've seen personally
4:25 am
in my time down there, we seen people having a much easier time going in through the gaps in the border wall system because obviously, no barrier preventing them from illegally entering the country. steve: right, well if you were trying to get into the country illegally, you know, there's the u.s. border right there, the imaginary line and it's like okay there's a little border patch right there, a little wall there, it made it so easy, and it's not, i know there are a lot of people say well this is just evidence of the open border but at the same time, it just goes to show you, that you would think that if i know it's two different administrations, but if the government, the federal government had the stuff to get us closer to a secure border , you'd think they would have continued it but they officially canceled it this weekend. >> right and it's just another signal from the biden administration that says that our border is open, and that's why we're continuing to see these high encounter numbers
4:26 am
along our southwest border, and as i recently saw in arizona, not just people from the northern countries of mexico , people as far away as pakistan. steve: crazy. >> it's insane but that is a consequence of the open border rhetoric and policies from the biden administration. steve: but it's also, when you look at what's going on it's also a symptom of corruption, in mexico, for the most part, because we did a story yesterday about how people seem to be caught off guard, how did all those people wind up under that bridge in del rio, texas? well it turns out they had all been, apparently, at the southern end, the southern tip of mexico, and then 250 buses just showed up over a couple of days, shipped those people up there. it looks like the mexican government looked the other way, and the cartels probably just shipped everybody up to del rio, where they stayed under that bridge where they were shipped all across the united states of america. >> exactly and that's how
4:27 am
president trump was able to stop the caravans when they came towards the end of his administration. he was strong with mexico, by saying hey, look, you have to enforce your immigration policy as well because mexican government understandably just views us as oh, this is just an american problem so we'll just let them through, but they know mexico, once again, know they are able to continue that policy like we'll enforce our laws every once in a while because they know the biden administration is not going to take that strong approach like president trump did, and so all this matters. steve: absolutely, you got to figure the cartels are making so much money with the human smuggling for certain parts of mexico to look the other way, you've got to figure there are a number of officials who are on the take and just taking the money, and looking the other way. >> yeah, no, exactly. this is a longstanding problem. they had longstanding issues at the border, but i can tell you, and people that i've talked to, its gotten worse under biden. steve: terrible. thank you very much for the
4:28 am
report from the border. >> thank you. steve: all right, still ahead, on this tuesday, commercial airlines nationwide forcing employees to get vaccinated or lose your job. we're going to talk to a commercial pilot choosing the fight over flight. >> i have to choose between putting food on the table for my family and my freedom of choice but when you begin to compile mandate after mandate, and loss of freedom after freedom, it becomes very significant.
4:29 am
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brian: man this is ugly overnight john gruden stepping down from the las vegas raiders year four of a 10 year contract. carley shimkus is here, as all of the e-mails come back to haunt the head coach who carlie wasn't even the target of this investigation. reporter: yeah, that's exactly right. old e-mails, new fallout to say the least. john gruden resigning as head coach of the loss vegas raiders after e-mails exposed him making offensive comments during his time as an espn analyst. the correspondence report elid reveal gruden mocking the executive director who is black, he wrote, "he has lips the size of michelin tires" and
4:33 am
smith writing back writing"the e majority ill from john gruden confirms that the fight against racism, and intolerance is not over." the new york time report also says gruden criticized the hiring of female referees and said a player who protested during the national anthem should be fired. the 58-year-old also used an anti-gay slur when speaking about nfl commissioner roger goodell for allegedly pressur ing the rams to draft the first openly gay player michael sam. gruden leaving the team just hours after the new york times published his e-mails. he said in a tweet, "i love the raiders and do not want to be a distraction, i'm sorry, i never meant to hurt anyone." gruden was five games into the fourth season in a 10 year contract with the franchise, the special teams coordinator brian is now taking over. brian: unbelievable series of events from 10 years ago thanks carlie. ainsley? ainsley: thank you, brian. a commercial airline pilot sound
4:34 am
ing off on his employer's vaccine mandate saying it violates his medical freedom. >> i'm facing an ultimatum. not a choice, but i'm being told in order to continue my careers as an airline pilot i must be vaccinated which really means, i have to choose between putting food on the table for my family and my freedom of choice, but when you begin to compile mandate after mandate and loss of freedom after freedom, it becomes very significant. ainsley: this comes as thousands of americans were left stranded after southwest airlines canceled more than 2,000 flights our next guest, shawn walker, is the pilot behind that video that you just saw. good morning to you, shawn. >> good morning. thank you for having me. ainsley: thanks for coming on. i know you and your wife are pilots you've been in the business for what, 15-17 years something like that and what are you all going to do because you have to be vaccinated by november 24? >> correct. my wife and i, we looked at the research, we spoke with our
4:35 am
medical professionals and we don't believe it's right for us and so we're going to stand for our medical freedom. we believe we have a choice and we should have a choice and so we're going to continue working with groups like u.s. freedom fliers to help all americans who feel an ultimatum is not the right way to go about this. ainsley: what is your boss saying? >> um, i haven't heard directly from them. we've just seen blanket kind of statements out that says we are following the guidelines of the government mandate, and all employees have to be vaccinated by november 24 or termination. ainsley: you don't want to announce which airline, understandably so, that you fly for but united, american, southwest, jet blue, alaska airline and hawaiian airlines, they are all going to follow biden's executive order to vaccinate. are they going to terminate have they told you you'll get fired if you don't get the vaccination? >> yeah, we've heard that it's going to be termination, and
4:36 am
i've heard from fellow pilots all over from all airlines and it's a lot of us are facing the same situation, but this goes far beyond the pilots, because it's not just airline pilots. sure, there's airline pilots speaking out and you're seeing it in the forefront of news but it's the flight attendants, the ground personnel, everyone who works for these major airline corporations, and it goes far beyond that. we're talking department of homeland security is faced with these issues and the customs and border patrol, air traffic controllers, teacher, rental car employees, truckers, healthcare workers, the list goes on and on and on. you know, it's every corporation or company that has over 100 employees and some people may have thought like hey i'm going to slip through, i don't work for one of these companies. i may or may not have to get the vaccination, i won't be mandated but there's even bills on the table like hr-4980 that's really going after the passengers. you know, trying to push something through that says all passengers leaving any airport
4:37 am
in the u.s. or territory is going to have to be vaccinated. ainsley: shawn what are you going to do to survive? how will you pay your bills if you and your wife have to leave? >> my health and my medical choice is more important to me than my career at this point, and i believe standing up for this and all the americans who feel the same way as i do, as my career is a small sacrifice and i'm just going to keep working with groups like u.s. freedom fliers and you know , i reach out to all of you. if you are in the same situation , join us as u.s. freedom fliers because we started as a group of airline pilots and now its gone into anyone who feels that their medical freedom rights have been taken away have joined us and we're pushing back. ainsley: shawn are you talked to other pilots? what are they saying? >> lots of them. they are frightened. i mean, i have a number of, most of my friends are airline pilots and working somewhere in the
4:38 am
industry and they're scared. they are in a situation, some of them are single dads and they are in a situation where they're like man if i don't succumb to this dictatorship if you will, i may not be able to feed my children, but then, also, they're concerned about their health with the vaccinations and so they're like well if i have some sort of health issue regarding this , i still may lose my job, because as pilots we're held to a certain medical standard and so there's risk there for pilots. so there's some concerns on both ends, and people are frightened from the airline industry. they want to speak out but there again, we can be attacked by our companies, attacked by other people, so it's a tough situation for everyone on both sides. ainsley: yeah, i understand. i can't imagine what you're going through, but thank you for standing up, and for being brave enough to put that video out. >> you're welcome, thank you for having me. ainsley: in a new fox nation special, three women, who survived attacks from ted bundy
4:39 am
share their encounters with a serial killer. >> he looked at me and he would turn away. i'd look at him, he'd turn away. i think he had been stalking women for a while. ainsley: nancy grace gives us a sneak preview coming up, next, plus america's shelves are empty , as ports and rail yards are backed up. texas congressman dan crenshaw is going to react to the supply chain crisis, next. >> ♪ this is the sound of an asthma attack... that doesn't happen. this is the sound of better breathing. fasenra is a different kind of asthma medication. it's not a steroid or inhaler. fasenra is an add-on treatment for asthma driven by eosinophils. it's one maintenance dose every 8 weeks. it helps prevent asthma attacks, improve breathing, and lower use of oral steroids. nearly 7 out of 10 adults with asthma may have elevated eosinophils.
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nicorette knows, quitting smoking is freaking hard. you get advice like: try hypnosis... or... quit cold turkey. kidding me?! instead, start small. with nicorette. which can lead to something big. start stopping with nicorette brian: he's one of the most notorious killers in history talking about a serial killer ted bundy, murdering 30 women during his reign of terror. ainsley: in a new fox nation special "surviving bundy " with nancy grace we hear three women who survived his attacks. >> do you think bundy had been stalking you, following you?
4:44 am
>> yes, i do because i remember doing laundry, i remember doing laundry, i awe some guy, an older guy, he was kind of cute and he looked at me, and he would turn away. i'd look at him and he would turn away. i think he had been stalking women for a while. steve: she's right about that. here with more is fox nation host nancy grace. nancy, good morning. >> good morning. steve: we know that ted bundy, responsible for the death of what, 30 people or something like that, but this is such an incredible series you've got, and this particular episode where you talk to three women who are so lucky to be alive. he was that close to killing them. >> i've got to tell you something. sitting down with these ladies in that dark studio, when i walked out of there, i felt like i'd been in a whole different time and place because to hear their stories, i thought i knew everything about theodore bundy.
4:45 am
i didn't. i didn't know anything. do you know these women, one of them, the one you were just talking to, was unconscious in a coma, for 10 days? another one, this gorgeous dance student, was beaten so badly, she lost her hearing, and there had been a new york director that had come down to watch her dance in production. she had such a future, then she couldn't hear, to keep a beat. i mean, the way this affected all of their lives is just, and i hate that it's always about bundy. it's, for me, it's about them, and what they have to say to other survivors. brian: the thing is, nancy, he didn't look the part, right? he didn't look like a killer. how rare is that? >> no, he did not, in fact people say he was charming, smart, charasmatic and the way these women talk about when they realized he escaped from jail, oh, dear lord, in heaven. just their stories, and you know
4:46 am
, he's described, as i said, charming, let me remind everybody. thirty is a minimum of dead bodies and he would revisit the dead bodies and let me just say have sex interaction with them, with their dead bodies. there's a lot about this guy, we don't know. ainsley: nancy, auto it went to florida state my freshman and sophomore year and i remember hearing the stories about how he broke in and killed the girls there and he was at a bar and followed some of them home. there were so many different rumors. some of the ladies you interview ed survived that, right >> absolutely and the one you're talking about she had this little off-campus apartment and she would do two of them were dance students. she would practice her steps inside, she had no idea bundy was outside watching her dance and do all her moves. ainsley: what's his background? >> his background was number one, hated his mother.
4:47 am
his mother was an unwed mother, he was raised partially thinking his grandparents were his actual parents, so he hated her. the rest of his life, and i wonder if he reenacted all of that against his victims. steve: man oh, man so much to un pack there. if you want to see this amazing interview with these three women check out "surviving bundy" now available on fox nation. nancy, great reporting thank you very much for joining. ainsley: i'm looking for a new show to watch i'll be watching this one. brian: you can binge her. steve: meanwhile, it is a grey day here in new york city, and janice is not outside. she's inside. what kind of a day do we have in-store? >> we have pretty good clear skies for the northeast. it's cloudy right now, but otherwise, we're going to get into the 70s for a lot of folks, above average temperature s ahead of a cold front, that's going to bring the potential for some severe storms, we had severe storms last night across the midwest, and this new front that's going to move in from the west, that's
4:48 am
going to spark some of the showers and thunderstorms which could turn severe, large hail, damaging winds and tornado es as well as heavy rainfall will be a big problem especially this afternoon and this evening with the daytime heating, so watching these areas from texas all the way up towards nebraska again east coast looks pretty good. we do have scattered showers offshore, we're going to watch but otherwise pretty good looking day, central u.s. we'll see showers, thunderstorms and perhaps severe weather and looking ahead, look at the snow we're getting across the west. over a foot in higher elevations that includes parts of colorado, even the grand canyon could see some snow today, and there's hurricane pamela we're going to see a landfall across mexico, but some of that moisture is going to get its way in towards central texas so we'll keep an eye on that with fox weather. steve, ainsley, brian, back to you. steve: we got stuff to worry about all over the place thank you. brian: right. meanwhile, 12 minutes before the top of the hour still ahead, joel oostein is giving back
4:49 am
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jillian: good morning we're back with headlines. two georgia election workers are
4:53 am
fired for allegedly shredding 300 voter registration applications. the state calling in the department of justice to investigate. the move could lead to a change in leadership on the county's election board and after a failed run to the white house, hillary clinton says she's not quitting politics. take a listen. >> i will never be out of the game of politics, i'm not going to be running for anything i really feel like our democracy is at stake. jillian: clinton did not clarify any specific role she could play in the future. send it back to you, brian, steve and ainsley. steve: thank you very much. brian: does anyone want to ask her about 2016 what her campaign was up to and why michael suss man didn't come clean on who he was actually working for when he went over to the fbi and said i've got some fake linkages between the trump organization and russia? i mean, the more you look at what john durham is doing the more you get a link back to hillary clinton.
4:54 am
will someone ask her that. steve: that's important because there was some suggestion that with the new administration, they were going to fire him or say okay, your work is done but he obviously is still working at the fbi, and it sounds like there could be more grand jury indictments handed up. brian: and jake sullivan has to answer questions too he's all over this. steve: i'm sure they've asked him the big question is when will we find out about it. ainsley: so long when will we find out. steve: the fbi never releases information about ongoing investigations because a lot of types it doesn't pan out and then you don't want to soil somebody's reputation if it turns out there's nothing there. brian: did hillary clinton actually pay for the dossier, that be one question maybe they could squeeze out on the view. steve: well, there is some connections so maybe we'll see that. you know the other interesting story that she led that newscast with was the fact that down in georgia, they fired those election workers for shred ding ballots, and now, there are going to be a lot of people who said i knew that was
4:55 am
happening back in the last presidential election. there's no evidence of that. it was happening in anticipation of this november's elections, and so what's going to happen is , if somebody, you know, sent in that application, and it wasn't processed because it was shredded, they are going to be given a provisional ballot as they try to figure out okay i guess that's one of the 300 people who sent in an application and it was ground up and thrown away. what a mess. ainsley: yeah. steve: the big question is, what was the motivation of those people to shred those? i mean, were they looking at them saying oh, this is a voter on that side of the aisle? don't know. more coming. brian: right. i know the president talked a lot about 2020 over the weekend. meanwhile, this story. in our final hour one university is threatening to arrest student s on campus if they aren't vaccinated but that's not stopping some undergrads from fighting back. ainsley: plus country star, ray
4:56 am
lynn is going to join us live and she explains her emotional new song, celebrating motherhood , and the gift of life >> ♪ (burke) i've seen this movie before. (woman) you have? (burke) sure, this is the part where all is lost and the hero searches for hope. then, a mysterious figure reminds her that she has the farmers home policy perk, guaranteed replacement cost. and that her home will be rebuilt, regardless of her limits or if the cost of materials has gone up. (woman) that's really something. (burke) get a whole lot of something with farmers policy perks. wait, i didn't ruin the ending, did i? (woman) yeah, y-you did. ♪ we are farmers. bum-pa-dum, bum-bum-bum-bum ♪ when i heard about the science behind the new sensodyne repair and protect with deep repair i was super excited about it. it shows that the toothpaste goes deep inside
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this is sarah. sarah tried to save money by ordering a do-it-yourself orthodontics kit. turns out she can save more money with amerisave's great rates instead. smile, sarah. things are looking up. see how much you could save at >> supply chain problems are plaguing americans.
5:00 am
>> it's simply not enough inventory to satisfy the high demand. >> there's no bigger problem for our business than that issue right now. >> the fact of the matter is we'll start building more stuff in the u.s.. brian: millions of dollars worth of taxpayer-funded border wall materials, wasting away. >> just another signal for the biden administration that says that our border is open. it's insane. ainsley: a commercial airline pilot sounding off on his employer's vaccine mandates. >> i believe standing up for this and all of the americans who feel the same way as i do is my career is a small sacrifice. steve: after m. i.t. canceled a professor's guest lecture thousands registered for his speech at a different school. >> i really hope we americans can keep showing the woke mob they aren't going to win. >> second and goal, second in the game, there it is! caught! touchdown. and this game is over, it belongs to the baltimore ravens, a furious comeback! >> ♪ is
5:01 am
ainsley: what do you call that? the batman building. that's down in nashville. it's a hazy day down there. steve: it's a cloudy day i would imagine that means southwest is canceling flights in and out of nashville right now. ainsley: [laughter] steve: because they've been blaming the weather although it was weather-related but they didn't have enough people. brian: not every place was weather-related they threw everything at it no one is buying any excuses but i will say this , ainsley, i think it was a very good point. i give out zip codes and you talk about birds on your shots we all make different choices in this world. ainsley: i'm just telling you what i saw. brian: play-by-play. steve: she reports you decide. brian: you're in the moment. ainsley: i reported there were birds you can decide whether or not to see them look at them. brian: it's good because you give a choice. you're not for a mandate. ainsley: it is television i would hope they watch. steve: you hope so. brian: but you're not mandating
5:02 am
steve: no, you know what we should mandate and watch the show every day. brian, what are you talking about? you want people to watch. brian: all right, well, and for that we're not going to ridicule people that don't watch we'll urge you to watch. steve: let's see if texas congressman, dan crenshaw, who has a new kids book out called " fame, blame and shame" is it possible to mandate the whole country to watch"fox & friends"? >> huh, that be interesting, i don't think so. i don't think i could do that for you. brian: because you're in the minority. steve: we are number one already so we're fine. ainsley: what do you make of all of these shortages we're hearing you need to buy christmas presents now, christmas tree shortages, we know bacon is up 17%, beef is up more than 12%, fish, seafood, eggs, poultry everything is through the roof now. gasoline prices. >> yeah, americans are struggling on this probably why you should go by fame, blame,
5:03 am
and the raft of shame, because it's produced here in america, but you like that plug? but seriously, this has been a long time problem now, and it's for a variety of reasons so it's hard to narrow down exactly what we should do about it, it's labor shortages, not enough truck drivers to get these goods off of the cargo ships, it's covid restrictions and protocols that slow down the entire process and create these bottlenecks at our ports and ed: is feeling it, and it just compounds, the supply chain issues they compound one after the another and whatever business you're in you can't seem to get what you need nor can you find workers so watt can we do domestically, we should be encouraging the biden administration to do is really the opposite of what they're doing. they should be doing pro-growth policies that encourage more hiring if we incentivize anything, it shouldn't be incentivizing worker toss stay-at-home, it should be incentivizing them to come back to work if republicans have been putting forth that kind of legislation for just about a
5:04 am
year and a half now, whether that's like work bonuses or whatever it might be. brian: but dan, i had a ceo just right me now, and just say this is so important to unload the ships and drive the trucks, is it enough to mobilize the military to do it? after all, when you talk about prices and goods, and you talk about shortages, isn't this a national emergency? >> it's an interesting take. i'm not sure what be involved in that, even if that would help, it's not as if -- brian: do they drive trucks? >> yeah, possibly. yeah, possibly. but we have to be thinking of creative ideas like that to be perfectly honest. this is what happens when republicans haven't been in charge for a couple years, able to pass common sense legislation we've been trying to pass legislation for instance that streamlines the process, we're getting qualified truck drivers on the road at all, but of course you could pass that right now. it doesn't necessarily flip a switch and you have 10,000 truck drivers, so you know what you're
5:05 am
right. national guard folks a lot are qualified to drive trucks it's an interesting point to make, and when our economy needs to recover, wants to recover, but can't because it's constricted by these factors have you to take some action. steve: i think your point earlier when you were talking about your new book that we'll talk about in a minute cyst made in america and unfortunately this country has become dependent on stuff that's made some place else and then when covid hit, everything shutdown its taken so long to get backup to speed because they didn't anticipate the demand. it's all supply and demand. >> uh-huh, yeah, that's exactly right. a lot of places shut shutdown, production fell through the floor, and then people, you know, a few weeks later said look, we want to buy things whether it's online, or whether going out to the retail stores, and that surge in demand costs is dramatically also causing a dramatically for energy prices you're seeing that around the world especially in places
5:06 am
like europe that have been implementing their own version of a green new deal for quite a while now, they simply don't have the capacity to deal with an upcoming winter, so they are importing more coal, importing more russian gas, china is doing the same, vastly ramping up their coal production and keep saying this over and over again, what we should be doing is exporting our u.s. natural gas, which is extremely plentiful to the rest of the countries and this administration attacks our oil & gas companies and tells opec to turn up the heat. it's ridiculous. ainsley: your governor, greg abbott is banning any entity from enforcing a covid-19 vaccine mandate. what's your reaction to that and what are the folks in texas saying? >> look, i hate that we have to play this game. this isn't the right way to govern, to go from mandate-to- mandate against a mandate. it's not the right way to govern i still generally believe in this whole freedom of association principle where you can associate with people you want to associate with as an
5:07 am
employer, as an employee, but here's the thing. the federal government already took that first step and they are still in the process of writing the rule under osha that would require businesses to vaccinate their employees or have them fired. this is an absurd rule, such an overreach, unconstitutional so these reactions you're seeing from the states are reaction to that overstep, in the first place, and governor abbott did what he had to do in order to protect texas businesses. this is already even though the rule is not technically implemented yet, it will have, it already has a chilling effect on businesses. a lot of the ceo's who, you know , they are either woke or they are so risk-averse that it's pathological, thee immediately implement this stuff and people are frightened back, we've all been seeing what's going on with southwest, people are fighting back. they know it's not practical, they know it's not necessary, a lot of these people have natural immunity. if you're a pilot you're sitting away from everybody, it's not like you're in a crowded area.
5:08 am
brian: what a joke. >> we just don't need to be doing this. brian: and dan here's the other thing. look at the tone of the uniter. just villifying unvaccinated people and not even bringing up that 36 states have a decrease in the delta virus and like israel and the uk, its fallen off a cliff, instead of trying to turn the corner he's trying to get ratings up by villifying the unvaccinated. here's one of them, shawn quaker , an airline pilot, who says you can fire me because i'm not getting it. listen. >> heard from fellow pilots all over from all airlines and it's a lot of us are facing the same situation, but this goes far beyond the pilots, because it's not just airline pilots. sure, there's airline pilots speaking out and you're seeing it in the forefront of news, but the flight attendants, it's the ground personnel, everyone who works for these major airline corporations. my health and my medical choice is more important to me than my
5:09 am
career at this point, and i believe standing up for this and all of the americans who feel the same way as i do is my career is a small sacrifice. ainsley: dan his wife's a pilot too so both because they aren't going to get vaccinated by november 24 they are both out of work. he talked to some other pilots and one side was a single dad and he's worried about feeding his family. >> you know what's infuriating about all of this is we already have a shortage of pilots as well. it's hard to recruit people in the military, because you're see military as well, people are just willing to throw away their careers because they don't want to take the vaccine and the military is obviously a little different than a private organization, but the same problem keeps bubbling up. why are we doing this? just because you can do it doesn't mean you should, and we're at a point now, we're well over 70% of the country is vaccinated, and then if you add
5:10 am
in natural immunity to that, it's a very high percentage of the country that is protected to a pretty high extent from this disease. we can call it good. we've already seen the down drop we know that and based on the experience of the past two years you're going to see these spikes every once in a while and we're probably closer to the end of that and it starts to look a lot more like the flu. we can stop panicking and forcing people to deal with it the way we'd like them to deal with it because it makes us feel better. it's time to start looking at the science and what works and what doesn't, and accept what we cannot change, as well without forcing people into positions they don't want to be in. steve: well let's see what they do. i see the houston sky scape behind you, the skyline, down in texas. the fox drone team took a shot, dan, of about $100 million worth of the border wall and border wall supply that they simply are
5:11 am
not going to use. it's just going to stay there until who knows what happens. texas wind blows it away. brian: until we get a republican president. steve: this is one of the reasons why people hate washington. you are calling for the impeachment of the secretary of homeland security mayorkas after canceling this. explain more. >> so yeah, i don't just say that. i don't use that term loosely. i don't think it's a good thing to do. i think some people scream impeachment every time a politician does something they don't like. i'm not doing that here. there's very clear examples of deliberate dereliction of constitutional duty on the part of the secretary of homeland security. steve: to protect this country. >> it actually, it has very little to do with the cancellation of the border wall contracts. i think that's infuriating, but the real dereliction of duty is simply refusal to actually
5:12 am
enforce the laws of our country. those laws might be our asylum process laws, those laws might be internal enforcement inside where deportations are necessary , those laws might be simply crossing the border illegally and the only action that dhs has taken has been against those border agents trying to do their job on horseback, trying to stop people from rushing the border, so this is very deliberate and the intent matters when you're accusing somebody of what is effectively a crime, and in this case, i think he deserves impeachment, absolutely. brian: he knows better, now the president of the united states will have a virtual g-20 today and discuss coordination, you shouldn't even use that word with afghanistan, but coordination on afghanistan. the taliban, by the way, added to us, that they will not do anything to stop isis or al qaeda but we are agreeing to give humanitarian assistance. i would like total transparency on that. what is your take? if he doesn't get an earful from the nato whose left out in the cold in the g-20, i don't
5:13 am
know when they will. they are probably going to let them have it, i imagine. >> well, i would hope so. i think the rest of the world is frustrated with how biden pulled out of afghanistan and left us with this mess, which you're going to continue to hear horror stories coming out of afghanistan whether it's girls schools closing, girls being kidnapped, public hangings, the economy completely crashing, all of it. i mean, none of this was done responsibly. i'd be interested to see what kind of humanitarian aid the g- 20 comes up with, but look, we can't trust the taliban they won't work with us on any counterterrorism, they said that multiple times, we'll take care of it ourselves and take care of isis. now they may not like isis because they have issues with them internally but they certainly like al qaeda and there's no reason to think they are going to stop al qaeda.
5:14 am
in fact they are back on track to grow and reconstitute so this is a problem of epic scale. ainsley: congressman, tell us about your new book, the children's book. >> sure, so look we look at this problem where kids are exposed to plenty of children's books that are woke and progressive, often as we're see ing all over the country, schools are infusing crt within their curriculum, they hide it under the guise of diversity and inclusion, it's time for conservative parents to be able to pick from a set of tools and provide that to their child, so i partnered with brave books and go to, it's the only place you can get it, not on amazon, and you can get my book it's the most recent in what's going to be a long saga. a saga that seckers itself around freedom island, a lot of the same locations, when you get
5:15 am
this book, they get a map of freedom island and it's very interactive, and you'll get a mission and a cool envelope, and games to play with your parents in the back of the book to hammer in the lessons that we're trying to teach, and as you can imagine might be about cancel culture. so my book is about cancel culture, how to overcome it and what cancel culture is and what it isn't because we put that into a fun story kids can relate to. steve: it sounds like you put a lot of work into it for folks who would like to get it it's at called fame, blame, and the raft of shame. he's a rhymer. ainsley: dan, what age-group? >> oh,, young. definitely for younger kids. probably under eight, but -- ainsley: all right i'll go buy it. brian: good. thanks, dan appreciate it.
5:16 am
>> thanks. steve: although, i bet a lot of kids over 8 would probably like it too. ainsley: parents do want to know how to talk to their kids about these topics. brian: tell me if you have any questions after you hand them the book. steve: you don't want to scare the kids. just saying. because there's a lot going on. ainsley: you might not want to send them to a new york city school. steve: there's a reason i live in new jersey. 8:16 here in the east and we've got a fox news alert. jillian: that's right good morning so let's begin with this , because police are confirming several people are in kudlow, after a shooting near a vigil for a fallen arizona deputy. shots ringing out why colleagues gather to remember juan ruiz, beaten to death while arresting a suspect. officials revealing a louisiana state troopers murder is part of a crime spree, he was ambushed while in his patrol car over the weekend near baton rouge. police say the killer also shot two family members, his motives
5:17 am
remain a mystery. >> las vegas head coach john gruden resigning after e-mails. gruden once using an anti-gay slur in reference to the first openly-gay player selected in the draft. he also made jokes about female referees mocking the physical appearance of the nfl players association executive director who was black and gruden saying in a tweet, "i love the raiders and don't want to be a distraction, i'm sorry i never meant to hurt anyone." >> this is an interesting story. an airline employee comes up with a solution to a six pound problem. you see it right there the southwest ticket agent discovering a little chihuahua inside a piece of luggage. the bag, weighing six pounds over the limit, so when the texas couple went to check what was inside that was causing that extra weight, they found their dog hiding inside a cowboy boot. that agent stepping up to watch the pup, until the couple came home. i just have a lot of questions
5:18 am
about this story. steve: me too. first of all why wouldn't the bag move when you're carrying it and why didn't they hear the sound. >> i've never been, i had a lot of dogs in my life and they are always at the door begging you not to leave when you leave but you always take them out to go potty before you leave, like i just don't. steve: are they suggesting the dog snuck into the boot? jillian: yes. but if you had dogs you know of you change their food sometimes they get sick so how did this attendant or , you know, the airline employee take care of the dog. a lot of questions about this story. brian: my dog likes when we leave. just wants rest. he wants peace and quiet. go! take your time. jillian: you know the details of the story let us know. ainsley: dogs when you leave they shake. we had one that had separation anxiety. we had to give her medicine. jillian: my dog lays by the door until i get home. brian: that's what the producer s do when we leave. wait by the door until we come back in the morning. meanwhile, 18 minutes after the hour thanks, jillian, with
5:19 am
america's shelves bare and businesses having no means to get products charles payne is live in studio to break down what the supply chain crisis means for you, and your wallet, ahead of the holiday season. that is charles waving. ainsley: plus, ray lynn, she's opening up with her most personal album yet celebrating life and motherhood. she's going to join us live coming up. >> ♪ bogeys on your six, limu. they need customized car insurance from liberty mutual so they only pay for what they need. woooooooooooooo... we are not getting you a helicopter. only pay for what you need. ♪ liberty. liberty. liberty. liberty. ♪ your heart is at the heart of everything you do. and if you have heart failure, there's a medicine specifically made for heart failure entresto.
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for san franciscans. we're proud to have built the city's recycling system from the ground up, helping to make san francisco the greenest big city in america. let's keep making a differene together. baaam. internet that doesn't miss a beat. that's cute, but my internet streams to my ride. adorable, but does yours block malware? nope. -it crushes it. pshh, mine's so fast, no one can catch me. big whoop! mine gives me a 4k streaming box. -for free! that's because you all have the same internet. xfinity xfi. so powerful, it keeps one-upping itself. can your internet do that? >> now we can't get product. it's coming in just sprinkling as compared to what it normally would have been coming in as and
5:24 am
it's twice as , you know, twice as expensive because of shipping costs. we've refunded more money than we have in the history of our company but we've used that as an opportunity that if people want their money back i say hey, no problem we're ready to give it back to them. steve: the businesses should keep the money, not have to give it back but that's where we are because america's small businesses reeling from the pandemic, now grappling with a growing supply chain crisis, wiping the shelves nationwide, out. charles payne, the host of " making money" on fox business joins us right now. charles, you know, it's delivery issues, it's container ships, there aren't enough people to man the warehouses. it's a mess. charles: it's a mess, a comedy of costly errors, obviously, and i heard the interview with dan crenshaw and you guys were talking about potential solutions, because that's where we need to be focused. you look at what are all of the things combined for this. obviously i think one of the big lessons for me, at least, is we sudden be making a lot of this stuff here in first place.
5:25 am
you think about vietnam and they have 3.5 million migrant workers , but because of covid, over 2 million went back home, so they aren't making this stuff the furniture store waiting for this furniture from vietnam, the schoemaker and shoe stores they won't get the product it's not being made and you think about our labor shortage here, it's not really a labor shortage we have people, it's a worker strike, how come they are striking because they can. the amount of money -- we put out almost $900 billion in direct payments, direct payments went to people's checks , whether it's unemployment benefits, a stimulus check, that money a lot of it has been saved up people don't need to go back to work. they can sit at home and think about their ideal job or maybe the next package that might have more goodies in it so it's an amazing quandary, it's been an amazing set of mistakes that happened over and over if we don't learn from it at this time , it's our fault next time. steve: of course we're thinking okay, we'll be fine once we get all of the stuff now it
5:26 am
turns out, there's a terrifying story that apparently china is facing an energy crisis, and they've got to turn the lights out at the factories, one or two days a week, so they are cutting production by 20-25%. we're expecting that stuff to get here, it's not going to be coming anytime soon. charles: president xi of china has a real serious problem when he was rising up in the ranks, he had a rival that said if you go this way there's income and equality and you'll have billionaires and not everyone benefits. that happens. xi is in trouble so what's he got to do? make sure the electricity gets to households he can't raise the prices even though the prices are going up he has to shutdown the factories or this whole idea that hey, you know, you actually turned this into a capitalist society instead of a communist one is going to come back to haunt him. he's made crazy decisions for political survival but why are we so reliant on china in the first place? again this is a wake up call. we've got the spending bill. we should be talking about real infrastructure.
5:27 am
we're building these giant distribution centers but we should build rail, not high speed rail or amtrak stakes, where 10 people live, listen. we need real infrastructure. we can build the right kind of infrastructure in this country, to setup factories to setup distribution centers, to create jobs here, to create independence here, we should be building actually refineries for oil, not shutting down the oil industry. we should be building sawmills. steve: 100%. charles: all of these things are a wakeup call. steve: wakeup, it's screwed up. and that's one of the reasons why on november 9 you'll have a town hall. it is called the new investor revolution. who are these new investors? charles: 30 million people who are never in the market before, march of last year, the market went down wall street said it will never be the same, all of a sudden people at home say you know what? i'm not going to listen to wall street this time. i'm getting in because i'm buying low and this time i'm doing it by my own rules. you know yesterday was the 20th anniversary of goldman sachs putting a strong buy recommendation on enron.
5:28 am
you know? so here's the thing people are saying my mom bought ge at $50 and i want a piece of this but i want to do it my way. we'll talk about that on the show the most amazing thing to happen in this country. steve: one of the great things is you take questions from the audience. charles: right. steve: so you're the audience if you got a question for that you're a small investor just got started send them to investedin and watch this man, on "making money" this afternoon at 2:00 eastern over on fox business. charles thank you. charles: thanks a lot appreciate it. steve: coming up next on this tuesday, we're live inside a migrant camp with griff jenkins as thousands of haitians are making the dangerous treck to the united states. they're there now but heading our way. plus, students at colorado state could be put in handcuffs, if they don't get the shot and don't ask for an exemption. hear from one student fighting back against the campus rules,
5:29 am
straight ahead. >> ♪ shake it up ♪
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steve: welcome back. you'll want to see this. it's a fox news exclusive. right now, we are live inside a migrant camp in panama, where thousands of haitians are bound from the united states. griff jenkins is live in panama half way between north america where we are and south america and you're with a bunch of people heading our way, griff. griff: that's right, good morning, steve. the border crisis in the u.s. starts thousands of miles south down here, on the border between central america and south america, and we are the first tv journalist to gain access here. let me show you over my shoulder , this is the actual camp we're being respectful this morning, because people are starting to stir, but everyday, some 500 to 1,000 migrants, mostly haitian, are arriving here. now we can show you some video, we walked through here yesterday
5:35 am
afternoon. it is a humanitarian crisis. officials are doing they can, the red cross is here, unicef is here but they are being overrun by unprecedented numbers and this is where the migrants first arrive after coming out of that dangerous deadly gap, lawless jungle run by drug smugglers that we talked about yesterday. we talked to one of the migrants named junior from haiti when he just arrived yesterday, here is what he told us take a listen. >> it was really difficult, but we just had to deal with it. the water, the dead body, it was really horrible. that was more than dangerous, because there are so many snakes , there are lions, monkeys , and so many other stuff . griff: to get to this point, out of the jungle, migrants paid $25 a head for a boat right. here they will be put on buses
5:36 am
at $40 a pop and head straight 12 hours north to costa rica where they will be let out and continue their journey to the u.s.. this has turned into a profitable pipeline, no doubt. steve, brian. steve: it starts there griff, great reporting thank you very much. 25 minutes before the top of the hour, brian? brian: meanwhile colorado state university student fighting back after being threatened with arrest after the school's covid policies became transparent. the school warning students who don't submit proof of vaccination, or an exemption say this. if you're found on university property, or any university building, you maybe cited for arrest, for trespassing, and face further disciplinary action aren't they paying tuition? colorado state university student gabby reichart received that letter and she joins us now gabby you aren't vaccinated. do you feel if you go on campus you're going to be arrested? >> i don't think i'm going to be arrested if i step on campus. there are many students beside myself who have received this letter, with the trespass
5:37 am
notice and some of us recently had holds placed on our accounts for registration for next semester "until we comply with the measures" that came in just yesterday afternoon for me. a lot going on. brian: you don't want to be vaccinated, why? >> for several reasons but something i really want to focus on is that the school doesn't care about our health. if they cared they would cancel all of the massive football games they are holding on campus , all of their private donor events ask anyone visiting our campus their vaccinated status not just tuition paying students and faculty and staff. brian: you said illegal immigrants, no one checks, they never check their immigration status. they let alumni come on and off. they don't check their status and you think it's a double or triple standard. here's what the university says, colorado state is not arresting students who are unvaccinated. they are free to come and go from our campus, as they want including to attend class. students who do not provide their information or declare an exemption are not allowed on
5:38 am
campus, before they provide their information will be trespassing. so, you're not changing your status, they aren't changing their policies, what are you going to do? >> well i, myself, have request ed an exemption from the vaccine so i've been exempt from taking the vaccine from the school but the problem is they want me to test twice a week to prove my health to the school to be on campus, even though once you're clear for covid, if you're sick with something else you're clear to come to campus and the vaccinated students who can still get covid, spread covid and god forbid die, are not being held to the same standard. brian: you can get vaccinated, still get it, you get vaccinated , you can still spread it it doesn't matter you're 100% right. gabby best of luck. the school doesn't seem to care whether you come or go so looks like you have to make a decision , gabby, thank you. >> thank you. brian: meanwhile critics are bringing vice president harris back down to earth after learning kids in her nasa video are paid actor kids. leo terrell says harris may love show business, but she has no future in the business of politics, he'll say something
5:39 am
else, next. >> ♪
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and with their insurance, it was no cost to them. >> woman: really? >> tech: that's service the way you need it. >> singers: ♪ safelite repair, safelite replace. ♪ >> when you see the craters on the moon, with your own eyes. with your own eyes! ainsley: vice president harris taking heat for that conversation she had with children about space. it turns out, those kids were actors, who audition for the role, fox news contributor leo terrell is here to react. good morning, leo. >> hi, ainsley how are you? ainsley: doing well, thank you what's your reaction? >> first of all, she is a political nightmare for the biden administration. that was not real. she was not sincere. she was trying to act, and what bothers me is that she has a problem resonating with everyday american citizens. kamala harris is not a likable person, ainsley, and what they
5:44 am
did was they scripted an act to try to mislead the public that she's interested in nasa, interested in space, and to me, it was just a giant fraud. a misleading representation of kamala harris. it's damage control. ainsley: what gets me though she's the vice president of the united states. she could walk into any school and ask the principal to line up five kids for a video and she could sit down and have an honest conversation with them >> ainsley, that's the problem. the biden administration, kamala harris cannot go into an average school, because she has a problem connecting with people. kamala harris, if you honestly ask yourself, when you look at what she's done for the last nine months she's done absolutely nothing. she has an image problem and i'll tell you right now, ainsley , that if she has any political futurity does not exist. why? because she does not have that like ability. she is not feared by 2024 democrats or republicans.
5:45 am
this vice president honestly was selected for the wrong reason, for optics, for image but not for substance and performance. that's why she's a very very bad vp. ainsley: what is it that she's lacking. why don't you think she can connect? >> simply, she has no warmth, she has no sincerity. everything is politically motivated. i could sit here and tell you she was from california. she has no moral compass. she'll do anything for herself. she does not have the country at heart. it is not a priority. priority number one, ainsley, is kamala harris. prior number two is kamala harris. she doesn't care about this country. ainsley: i know how republicans stand on her reluctance to go down to the border, really try to fix the problems down there, but what do democrats say? >> i'll tell you right now the problem with the democrats is they have to be loyal, but deep down inside they know she does not have the connection,
5:46 am
even with democrats. let's not forget she dropped out of the presidential race. she threw joe biden under the bus. there is no relationship. she went to the brown school of politics which means focus on yourself only and you'll shift your position on anything if it's for your political advantage. she got a gift, ainsley, of being nominated vp. her political career was going nowhere. ainsley: leo terrell, thank you for coming on. >> thank you, ainsley. ainsley: you're welcome. let's check in with our senior meteorologist janice dean for our fox weather forecast. >> good morning, good morning to everyone. we have cold air moving in from the west, and a cold front that could bring severe weather along the east coast, temperatures in the 60s, 62 here in new york, we are looking at the potential for some stronger storms across the plain states last night, we had several reports of tornadoes in illinois, and you could see those reports there, also reports of hail and damaging winds, so more of the same for
5:47 am
the central and southern plains, as this cold front moves through, and not only the large hail, the damaging tornadoes we could see heavy rainfall as well forecast radar will show you the snow across the west, early season snow for some of these areas, mostly in the higher elevations one to two feet already, so we have widespread winter storm warnings. if you like to ski, probably a good thing. ainsley, back to you. ainsley: okay, thank you so much , janice. 8:47 here on on on the east coast coming up next country star raelynn shares what inspired her to write her new song, called "she chose me", but first let's check in with bill hemmer for what's coming up at the top of the hour. bill: good morning to you big show straight ahead, nice show this morning, watching all of that, thank you. dangers to an already fragile economy when the supply gets so backed up we'll explain that to you also maria is at the border what you need to understand about how the cartels use human beings today. congressman mike gallagher wants to know what china is hiding on covid he's here in studio, victor davis hanson, when you
5:48 am
question science, and why a virginia race is setting up alarm bells inside the dnc, big two hours, come join dana and me , we'll see you then at the top of the hour. dignity. it demands that we can still do the simple things. so it demands life-changing technology, to relieve chronic pain. ♪ ♪ this is the kind of card that has america talking. with it, people with medicare are getting all in one coverage for their doctor visits, to relieve chronic pain. hospital care, prescription drugs, and more. this kind of insurance, called medicare part c, may also cover dental care, eyeglasses, hearing aids, fitness programs, vitamins, even healthy meals and rides to the doctor. with this kind of coverage, you do not need a medicare supplement insurance plan. you will access your benefits through your medicare part c plan for one low and
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give you the power of sd-wan and advanced security integrated on our activecore platform so you can control your network from anywhere, anytime. it's network management redefined. every day in business is a big day. we'll keep you ready for what's next. comcast business powering possibilities. brian: country music star
5:52 am
raelynn calls her all bum baytown. her most personal yet, as she celebrates life and the gift of motherhood. ainsley: in her new song, "she chose me" the singer songwriter tells the story of a mother who chose not to enter pregnancy despite all of the today's against her. >> ♪ steve: and she chose me singer raelynn joins us live right now, good morning to you, raelynn. >> good morning how are you guys doing? steve: we're doing okay so your song "she chose me" this is very personal to you, because you just had a baby, but it also talks, congratulations. >> thank you. steve: but it also talks about
5:53 am
the story and the journey of your own mother. >> yes. i found out, it was about a year into my marriage, that my mom was thinking about aborting me, which i think for anybody was behind of a hard pill for me to swallow. i didn't know how to think about it and i was not aware of this part of my story and so for me, the way that i process things is i write about it. i did that with love triangle when i wrote about my parent's divorce and i got to thinking about my mom and the place that she was in and i'm sure how it felt to be, you know, married and pregnant with another man's baby and just dealing with all of that, and moms an incredible person too and i just, then i came up with the idea for "show chose me" and i've been thinking of really the right time to put
5:54 am
it out and when i was putting together baytown, i just said this song had to be on this record, because this whole record is about, you know, where i grew up and my story, and i think that it's awesome to be vulnerable with your fans, because when you do that, it makes them more connected to you , and since i released this song, its been amazing. ainsley: you write about a lot of the things we've all gone through so we can relate to you and we all need songs to help us get through the hard times. i am so glad that your life turned out this way. what a beautiful story but to look at you and how far you've come and what a blessing and now you have your own baby girl. what's it luke being a mom? >> oh, my gosh, i just love it. i can not say enough good things about it, besides sleeping, i wish i had a little more sleep, but hey, anytime i get four house, it's like hallelujah, i did it! but its been honestly, such a
5:55 am
blessing to get to just every little thing she does is absolutely magical. my husband is super dad, and i just feel have blessed to be able to be her momma. brian: the police just called they want that line back, every little thing she does is magic but you can actually it's appropriate. what's your mom's reaction to this song? >> when my mom first heard it, a lot of tears were shed, but she was proud of me in the way and i was proud of myself in the way that i wrote it because i just i think this song is so special, and it's kind of, it's done, it's talking about a very serious subject, and something that i think a lot of us are probably scared to talk about but in a very non-judgmental way , and because when you're telling your story, you you kno, that's what matters, and the cool thing about this song that i've loved is on tiktok, there's been over 12,000 videos made since this song came out
5:56 am
and just girls telling their story, and that speaks volumes to me, and i mean, i literally just get on tiktok and that's all i do. steve: absolutely. so many people are choosing your song to be the sound track of their lives. that's so cool. check it out, download it right now. the soprano is called "she chose me" raelynn thank you for joining us live. ainsley: thank you congratulations on everything. brian: download the whole album why not. ainsley: baytown which is where she's from, in texas. >> ♪ you get advice like: just stop. go for a run. go for 10 runs! run a marathon. instead, start small. with nicorette. which can lead to something big. start stopping with nicorette.
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>> you know what? we've been renewed. we'll be back tomorrow same time, same chairs. >> run to the radio. candace owens will be on. >> see you tomorrow. stay within yourself. >> bill: thank you, guys, good morning, america's supply crisis and the effect of the u.s. economy driving up the cost of just about everything and that includes gasoline which is now hitting a seven-year high. good morning, everybody. a lot to get to. bill hemmer live in new york city. how are we doing? >> dana: great. i'm dana perino. "america's newsroom." energy costs effects everything. you know as a family you have to fill up and it will cost even more. all that anxiety happens and this. the high prices and empty shelves is the new norm


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