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tv   FOX Friends First  FOX News  October 12, 2021 2:00am-3:00am PDT

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the called dealing with the water, the dead bodies. jillian: tuesday october 12th, shocking first-person account of the dangerous trick migrants are making to the us is the biden administration leaves $100 million worth of unused border wall materials rusting away in texas.
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jillian: todd: or chaos in airports across america as southwest airlines leaves travelers stranded for a third straight day and employees say it is the federal government's fault. jillian: a straight a student arrested after lead from school in handcuffs because she didn't want to wear a mask, the-year-old girl and her father will join us. heather: are watching "fox and friends first" on tuesday morning. jillian: thanks for starting the day with us and that begin with the border crisis. a group of mostly unaccompanied migrant children surrendering to agents as a new caravan comes to the us. >> bible canceled plans to protect the border, $100 million worth of material will go to waste. alexandria half live in washington with the growing outrage. >> reporter: when you talk about border security is a clear divide the closer you get to it physically the more bipartisan it seems to become because leaders feel the impact and witness sites like this. border patrol officials say this is part of a group of 125 individuals three court of
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appeal or unaccompanied children. abandoned by smugglers. and were discovered near the arizona border. blacklisted the same to 100 haitian migrants who were arrested after being left inside shipping containers on the side of the road in guatemala. republican tennessee senator marsha blackburn took a trip to the southern border over the weekend, voiced concern not only for people and kids but illegal substances being brought into the us and democrats representing districts close to the border hold similar concerns for what has become an endless stream of migrants. >> are there more? year. there's a lot more coming into the united states. as long as they think the border is open they are going to continue coming, latinos in south texas and i've been in those counties the last several days, they want the border security.
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>> materials taxpayers for the to do just that have been abandoned too. $100 million in unused border wall materials now laying out to rust in texas. president biden said during his campaign that he would immediately halt border wall construction and he did. jillian: thank you. todd: turning to panama where thousands of haitian migrants arriving migrant after crossing the deadly darien gap. >> they haitian migrants who just made the dangerous trick. >> the first tv journalists to come to the migrant camp here in southern panama, the first place migrants arrive after crossing the deadly darien gap, it is ruled by bandits who prey on the migrants. it is part of the panamanian pipeline that start south of the us southern border and we are getting a first look right now. we spoke to one of the migrants named junior who just made that trick. here is what he said.
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>> it was really difficult to deal with it, the water, the death, the dead bodies, really horrible. there are so many snakes, lions, monkeys, so many things, if they deport me to haiti -- it is not what i do. it is like hell. >> reporter: the migrants behind they are lined up to get on a bus where they will be driven 12 hours north of that out at the costa rican border to continue their journey. the cost of a seat on that bus is $40. panamanian officials say they received 500 to 1000 new migrants in the camp every day but 500 leave as they tried to keep up with unprecedented numbers. jillian: thank you. protesters are expected to rally outside the white house
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for a second straight day demanding president biden deliver on his campaign promises and declare climate change a national emergency. todd: democrats continue to turn on each other. >> these activists say they voted for president biden because of his attack on climate change and they expect him to deliver. the group is pushing the president to declare climate change the national emergency and projects involving fossil fuels including pipelines and drilling projects with some in the group vandalizing a statue of former president andrew jackson, spray painting the words expect us. on capitol hill democrat leaders are struggling to unite the party in order to pass the president's $3.5 trillion bills back better agenda. one of the holdouts, kristen sinema who has been heckled on her opposition to the bill. that didn't change yesterday as
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groups gathered to send their message to moderates expected to run the boston marathon but did not because of an injury. speaker pelosi saying, quote, the guidance i'm receiving from members is to do fewer things well so that we can still have a transformative impact on families in the workplace and responsibly address the climate crisis. the bills back better agenda for jobs and the planet for the children but republicans disagree. >> this is about changing american culture. what democrats are proposing is permanent change from cradle to grave taking care of americans pre-k, free college, no college debt. this is about the future of our country. jillian: a new poll revealing 10% of americans know the specifics of the bills back better plan. the president returns to the white house after spending a long weekend in delaware.
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we will see if he can unite the party and save his agenda. jillian: thank you very much. todd: critics are blasting california for some of its newest liberal laws up, banning gas powered lawn equal intense gender-neutral toy sections in stores. >> i have a big problem like everybody in california that our governor is trying to dictate marketing campaigns to stores. why is he involved? we are not participating in the explosion of liquid natural gas because our governor is worried about toy aisles. >> that is rick rendell. the laws going to affect in 2024. >> doctor anthony fauci facing mockery of repair to grant permission for parents to take the kids trick or treating. >> go out and enjoy halloween as well as the other holidays coming up. jillian: critics taking to social you to share their gratitude.
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former congressional candidate alicia andrew saying interestingly, i know 0 parents who asked him. lance gooden saying retweet if you don't give a darn what fauci thinks about your holiday plans and former arkansas governor mike huckabee saying no one elected fauci to anything. we don't need his green light to live our lives. i will eat candy. todd: we will always candy, could get a second job as a beeper when people curse on the air. i want credit for the beep. 8 minutes after the hour. big blame game erupting as southwest airlines leaves angered passengers stranded in airports across the country for 3 days in a row. the airline blames the weather but some are blaming the president. jillian: taking a hard turn to the right after some in the media say about resistance to her party's spending spree, live reaction from joe concha next. ♪♪
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how do things look on your end? -perfect! because we're building a better network every single day. jillian: welcome back. 5:38, subset of abc news claiming senator kristen sinema is confounded her own party by resisting the democratic spending plan.
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todd: arizona's senior senator taking a hard turn to the right. joe concha joins us. i was under the impression 530 it was a data-driven site but since when does voting with president biden 100% of the time and voting to approve all his nominees qualify as hard right? >> that is a need silver's -- stats around. i love a hard turn to the right as far as describing kristen sinema. not supporting trillions in new spending when folks pushing the plan have no way to pay for it because it doesn't cost $0 like the white house claims it does is hard right in terms of a position in the eyes of abc news. when was the last time organizations like abc news declared president biden or house speaker pelosi having taken a hard turn to the left supporting billions in new spending for things like free
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equity your free college or ending the previous administration's remain in mexico policy but don't bother answering because that is a rhetorical question. activists plan to held christensen of the during her running of the boston marathon yesterday but she had to drop out because she is recovering from a broken foot. activists limited we can't find her. in the end all these efforts are going to strengthen kristen sinema's result, natural human reaction. the more groups and media try to shame her or force her to flip the more she will dig into where she is now which is not supporting this bill. jillian: we will continue to follow the moves of kristen sinema and manchin. kamala harris, i did you to take a look at a clip of this video. >> i who the head of the space council will be? >> the vice president. >> you will see the craters on
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the moon with your own eyes. with your own eyes. i am telling you. it is going to be unbelievable. >> on its surface, that is nice, a lot of people would like to hear more from her on topics like the border in afghanistan and other things but you can do multiple things at once, then you dig in a little more in here a little more about this and it is alleged that these kids are actors and they had to audition for this role. a mother of one of the kids said that. if that is true what are your thoughts? >> it is true. the parents confirmed it in interviews which i don't get this. i have a kindergartner and second-grader, they love space and taught me more about space than you can imagine, saturn has the most wins, no, jupiter protect earth from asteroids, i had no idea. why hire child actors, the white house could have gotten any classroom in the country and found a few kids to listen to the vice president about
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this goes back to kamala harris's primary issue, she has an authenticity problem. he can't connect with regular people, pulling a 35% favorability, her performance on the border, how is she doing as vice president outside these pr moves she gets 23% approval on the border. one national network interview if you want to count the view as an interview, her handlers in the end of petrified to put her in any situation that isn't scripted. if the president doesn't run, good luck, she may have to speak extemporaneously with her handlers. >> have to apologize like president biden every time he does extemporaneously. is the actor admission or parent of the actors that he had to send in a monologue talking about something he is passionate about and questions you would ask a world leader,
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next step was for trevor, the young man interviewed for the thing and got -- could get an insight into trevor's interviewing skills. dear point, half a minute on this. why is everything the white house does so choreographed for the cameras? >> because i don't think the people running the country, the handlers of the president and the vice president simply trust president biden or kamala harris to make an argument on their own. they think they can script a presidency and when conditions on the ground change whether it is the border, afghanistan, inflation, crime in american cities you can script that and that is why they are pulling as poorly as they are. i wonder i could get my kid in, she's an excellent actress, to get paid for something like this. >> i wonder if that is unionized. >> who hates? white house pay? so many questions. >> we pay, good point. jillian: goodbye.
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todd: we have been telling you about the supply chain crisis for a while. it is expected to get worse. jillian: if you don't think it impacts you wait until you see your holiday shopping. we have an expert on deck to tell you what you need to know. >> ♪♪ come they'll away with me ♪♪ come sail away ♪♪ come sail away ♪ breeze drifting on by you know how i feel. ♪ ♪ it's a new dawn... ♪ if you've been taking copd sitting down, it's time to make a stand. start a new day with trelegy. no once-daily copd medicine has the power to treat copd in as many ways as trelegy. with three medicines in one inhaler, trelegy helps people breathe easier and improves lung function. it also helps prevent future flare-ups. trelegy won't replace a rescue inhaler for sudden breathing problems. tell your doctor if you have a heart condition or high blood pressure before taking it.
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>> the layers, continued bottlenecks and pressure on holiday item prices and we will get through that. todd: a federal reserve official morning of a christmas crisis as the supply shortages and price headaches, the supply
2:23 am
chain, insights director, how bad does it get for the average american? >> a challenging situation. there is high demand, tensions of increased, people are excited to get out and buy, trying to catch up from the huge spike primarily driven by the covid 19 pandemic and not enough inventory. and a challenging time period. will: 80,000 shipping containers stacked at the port of savannah and you have la, in the northeast but how much is the inability to get workers off of the sidelines to blame
2:24 am
for what we see going forward. >> still experiencing labor shortages. if you have a cargo ship sitting at the port sometimes you can't sit there for several weeks because there might not be room to unload, definitely a problem, not only that but once the cargo shipments are unloaded, you get them on another boat or a truck or a train and even trucker shortages and truck drivers in huge demand. todd: we have two months until christmas and two month for the holiday buying season to kickoff in earnest. what should all of us be doing to deal with this in anticipation of a problem that
2:25 am
will get worse? >> start your holiday shopping as soon as you can for items you want with higher probability of getting them, retailers starting their holiday promotions earlier this month to encourage shoppers to buy doubt and tips you need to mail for friends and family you never want to get those in the mail as soon as possible. todd: what do we need the biden administration to do to make this better for the common man? >> to evaluate the situation at the ports especially all the ports throughout the us that were big ones in long beach, houston and to make sure the
2:26 am
situation is improved and to do what they can to help unclog these ports to help with that. it will take several years to advance. the situation will help in the short term. todd: hopefully mister buttigieg is watching this, thank you for joining us. we appreciate it. jillian: a tornado touching down in illinois shocking residents filming the cyclone. >> look at that. >> that is nuts. todd: you would curse too if it happens you, storms cross of
2:27 am
the midwest. inosine with the fox weather forecast. you showed it yesterday and it happens. >> janice: we will see that today too, several reports of tornadoes in illinois and missouri and another round as a cold front moves through. we are concerned from texas all the way to oklahoma to kansas and missouri and even up to the northern plains. the front will bring not only potential for tornadoes with large hail, damaging winds and heavy rainfall. we will monitor that. the cold front will move through this afternoon and this evening. the coldest air this season, snow in the higher elevations, really impressive, widespread winter storm watches and warnings all the way to the grand canyon. there is your forecast, we will deal with that.
2:28 am
the cold front slicing across the central us. warm ahead of that front, 70 in new york, 78 in atlanta and still very warm in texas. speaking of texas we will see the remnants of hurricane pamela which is in the pacific as we get through wednesday and thursday. it will weaken obvious but bring some tropical moisture to areas that don't need to see any more moisture. a lot of heavy rainfall across the plane states including texas and behind that window advisories in effect, high fire danger in southern california towards the southwest. a lot of watches and warnings across the country. in new york very tranquil, 70, above average for the eastern third of the country. todd: fresco, thank you. time 28 after the hour. we spoke with the afghan
2:29 am
interpreter who helped rescue president biden in 2008, he is now out of the taliban and controlled country. jillian: not just your christmas gifts but inflation at the grocery store for months. cheryl casone joins us to explain why price tags could spike even higher. ♪♪ some medicines only treat the lows or highs. vraylar effectively treats depression, acute manic or mixed episodes of bipolar i in adults. full-spectrum relief for all bipolar i symptoms with just one pill, once a day. elderly patients with dementia-related psychosis have an increased risk of death or stroke. call your doctor about unusual changes in behavior or suicidal thoughts. antidepressants can increase these in children and young adults. report fever, stiff muscles, or confusion, which may mean a life-threatening reaction, or uncontrollable muscle movements, which may be permanent.
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todd: a bizarre lockdown at a wyoming high school with a 16-year-old getting arrested in handcuffs. that student and andrew smith are with us now. describe what happened. >> i've been protesting the mask thing. >> >> a continued disobedience for not compliance with mask mandates and during the first hour i went to office and with them on lunchroom before i was suspended and gave me a second citation for trespassing after
2:34 am
my suspension it proceeded to arrest me after an hour and a half. asking to go back to class. >> this is happening. >> i want to go back to class so i can learn, never thought they would arrest me. it surprised me. todd: how tough is it to see your daughter being treated worse than actual criminals in the country are being treated right now. >> it is appalling. we approach this from a perspective of constitutional law. not only designed, individual citizens of this state but also the state of wyoming will step in and act on our behalf.
2:35 am
we were appalled after the whole process that nobody would act on grace's behalf, civil liberties guaranteed in wyoming so it has been amazing to witness from an outsider's perspective and took it this far. nobody through the entire administration whether it be law enforcement officers and county sheriff, didn't go. to step in on her behalf. todd: let's continue to view this. i to keep on this dad be. with the reaction to your daughter taking a stand like this?
2:36 am
>> she is a strong-willed child, she is brilliant and amazing so my reaction to this process has been support after we figured out the mask policy was unlawful. bursting with pride, and standing up for herself. todd: there was a brief lockdown, student disciplinary disturbance, goes on to have a few more details, the lockdown was issued to prevent further interruptions to academic learning. would you do it again.
2:37 am
>> not safe to be at all, there's a threat of school shooting -- todd: all over a mask. what is your message to those who feel their rights are being trampled on in this context or just in general. >> every right you feel is being infringed upon is worth fighting for you. a quote of benjamin franklin saying those who sacrifice a little bit of liberty for a little bit of safety deserve neither liberty nor safety. todd: what are we doing? and won't where a mask. sad state of affairs. how it is going to play.
2:38 am
jillian: thousands of southwest passengers left stranded from coast to coast. todd: the airline struggles to get back in. >> southwest airlines is denying the sick out as the carrier is struggling to get flight schedule back to normal. the airline and i was union saying the cancellations were not in response to the airline's decision to mandate vaccinations. casey murray joins you this hour. >> processes are failing and being reassigned or flight attendants being reassigned and covering trips. 3 or 4 days. >> southwest on friday evening the airline into the day with numerous cancellations which lift aircraft and crews out of preplanned positions. that didn't stop chip roy from
2:39 am
telling southwest on twitter, working on legislation to clawback covid given to airlines if they fire employees not vaccinated. carley: can you see if that is the first we the never included the words eat it? jillian: i enjoyed that one. it will costs a lot more. that was a segue. a global measure of food prices hitting a ten year high, seeing space in the meat supply beef up of 12%, eggs are up 10%, fresh fish up 10.5% and energy prices jumped in the last 12 months. jillian: it is a serious topic.
2:40 am
>> went from laughing to crying, but the funniest thing i ever heard you say. this isn't funny. this is serious business. jillian: get ready on american dream home. a california er nurse and single mom decided to find her american dream loan on the big island. heather and matt were restaurant workers saving their tips. they buy their first home, now they are looking for a second mountain cabin and have 3 big kids and wants to have a good time. todd: trying to monetize eat it is embarrassing. jillian: we should call texas.
2:41 am
40 minutes after the hour. if you thought it was over in 2016 think again. >> i ever be out of the game of politics, not running for anything. i feel like our democracy is at stake. >> hillary clinton not ready to leave politics just yet. >> the pandemic has been anything but a fairytale but one of her is incorporating covid 19 into childhood favorites to create bedtime stories for trying times. we are talking to tomi lahren about it coming up. ♪♪ work work work work work with heart-healthy, idaho potatoes. always look for the grown in idaho seal.
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>> coming up on the tuesday episode of "fox and friends" in 13 minutes america's supply chain crisis wiping shells clean nationwide as big box stores raise prices and limit sales to things like toilet paper. we will find out straight ahead. an airline pilot goes viral after selling off on vaccine mandates. why he is choosing fight overflight. general austin, charles payne
2:46 am
and leo terrel and country star ray lynn. his personal album, her new song reflecting on a mom choosing not to end a pregnancy. she still shows me straightahead on "fox and friends" kicks off on the channel you transfer your morning news. like todd and the jillian. >> an afghan interpreter helped rescue then senator joe biden during an emergency helicopter landing in 2008 finally escaped afghanistan. we spoke that interpreter in september. >> they left me and my family behind.
2:47 am
jillian: successful rescue mission, a combat veteran is here. thank you. thank you for joining us, thank you for your service and everything you've done and continue to do. can you tell me about this rescue mission and how difficult it was to help him and his family get out of afghanistan. >> it was very very difficult. i'm just the civilian and started with blake's cell phone and that one contact grew bigger and bigger. we went through several different stages to do what is best for him. started off in kabul and we moved to a safe house and an
2:48 am
opportunity, they were able to get there for a couple weeks, by the time he got up there, the telegram closed off no passport, no fly, another route which took them across the border to pakistan where the embassy picked them up from there. jillian: it was devastating for all of america and knowing him and having that contact and that relationship what it was like to hear him plead with the president, help me, he was one of many left stranded there. >> absolutely. the course of the 7 or 8 weeks
2:49 am
i have been working on this and we have been working on this. everyone had a point of view, he was scared, yesterday, and as opposed to him, a sigh of relief that it happened, never thought this would come. jillian: tell me how he is doing and what he plans on doing going forward? >> it is a step in a new direction, doing little things first.
2:50 am
his son has arthritis and do the little stuff first, every process is done legally. jillian: thank you for joining us for this rescue mission and what it means, thank you for your service and joining us this morning, keep us updated. >> thank you for this. jillian: hillary clinton says she's not quitting politics. todd: how the former president happens to be involved. >> her first foray into fiction. she just revealed her future plans in real life. >> i will never be out of the game of politics are running for anything. i feel our democracy is at stake. >> is not running for anything but she cited the riots that
2:51 am
took place on january 6th and disinformation on facebook is reasons to stay in the political game. she's worried what is happening around the world and here at home as well and she's the lady to solve it. jillian: we will see. in the football world. >> reporter: john gruden is out of beautiful, reside as head coach after emails were exposed of him making offensive comments during his time at espn. one of them he used an anti-gay slur to describe michael sam, the first openly gay player to be selected in the draft. he made a joke about female referees and mocked the physical appearance of nfl players association executive director smith who is black. he wrote on twitter i have resigned as head coach of the las vegas raiders. i love the raiders and did not
2:52 am
want to be a distraction, i am sorry, never meant to hurt anyone but he is out as head coach of that team. todd: leaving $60 million on the table. students get the last laugh after one college campus's attempted cancel culture backfires. jillian: tomi lahren joins us live next. ♪♪
2:53 am
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jillian: canceled culture backfires as thousands sign up for university of chicago professor lecture click mit mixes him from speaking. todd: tommy, great to see you. students basically said it instead of focusing on diversity and equity we should focus on merit, fairness and equality. i want to focus on merit to. how how we got to a point where merit is so controversial? >> here we are in 2021
2:57 am
and this is the democrats america and the far left agenda has been promoted for the last several years and kowtowing by so many on the left with democrats who are in political office and the council culture mob has gained so much strength they can cancel people that have concept that is based on logic and reality but we've come to a point where words like merits are dirty words and speaking truth to power is a dirty concept where it's controversial to follow the law and a controversial two enforce the law, but i think what we are seeing is a correction in cancel culture where people say, we thought this was woke and on trend and popular, but we are realizing it's a ridiculous. we are at risk of being canceled so we are can do it anymore and i'm happy to see young people might actually be leading the charge. there's hope yet for the younger generation. jillian: here's what mit had to say, suspending the cancel
2:58 am
lecture quote we felt with the current distraction we would not be in a position to hold an effective outreach event. i made this decision at my discretion after consulting with faculty and students in the department and knowing some might mistake it as an affront on academic freedom, a characterization i do not agree with. your response to that? >> there is such a gap between those in academia and really the academia elite and the average person going to college or the average person that wants to attend college and you're starting to see the cat. i don't see indoctrination will work as well as it did not pass because i believe academic elites on the left have overplayed their hand with cancel culture, but let's keep in mind how many universities have hosted what i would be controversial speeches and ideas, critical race theory, pushing the fact that police are murderers and white people are inherently bad, those things are woke, progressive and fit into their category
2:59 am
of free speech, but when you speak on logic and reason and true equality that's what offends the elites, so i hope parents and students are paying attention. if you stop going to these high price academic institutions that believe more in indoctrination and education they will be forced to change their curriculum. todd: a book reimagining nursery tale characters, here's part of a quote that was me stressing the inside my apartment in the worst year on record and when i wasn't panicking i would escape reality by envisioning a gentler kind world because these days adults need bedtime stories also appear do these people have no shame celebrating how weak our society and a whole has become? >> if we want to make children's books more realistic, i'm all for that. we should talk about how our rights have been infringed upon, the rising inflation, skyrocketing gas prices and may be frog and toad to head to the southern
3:00 am
border or maybe and this is a good one, maybe they should take a trip to the white house and figure out where our absentee president is. let's do this in a way that reveals where we are and where americans are dead last in our own country and then maybe the youth of america will have a chance at understanding and what's going on. todd: thank you. jillian: "fox & friends first" starts right now. have a good day. >> experts warn it's likely to get worse. >> we are seeing a shipping crisis like we've never seen before and it's not going to get better. >> southwest airlines leaves travelers stranded for a third straight day. >> many are wondering if staffing issues are linked to the vaccine mandates. >> many of us don't want to take this. i believe in freedom. >> thousands of migrants are making their way to the southern border as we speak. >> the biden administration cancels all the contracts to build a border wall. >> vice presideri


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