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tv   FOX Friends First  FOX News  October 12, 2021 1:00am-2:00am PDT

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guys then and jerry had a rocky road. >> your big proponents of voting rights. why sell ice cream in georgia, texas, why are you still selling? >> i don't know. it is an interesting question. >> i thought that was president biden, more ice cream, less politics. >> the water, the death, the dead bodies. >> tuesday october 12th, shocking first-person accounts of dangerous trek migrants are making to the us as the biden administration leaves $100 million worth of unused border wall material in texas. >> more chaos and confusion in airports across america as southwest airlines leaves travelers stranded for a third
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straight day and employees say it is the federal government's fault. >> we will tell you what hillary clinton says she has planned ahead of the midterms. >> you are watching "fox and friends first" on tuesday morning. todd: we start with president biden's for a crisis, a group of unaccompanied migrant children surrendering to agents is a new caravan tricks to the us. >> biden canceled plans to protect the border, $100 million worth of material will go to waste. live in washington the growing outrage. >> we talk about the border situation being a humanitarian issue and nothing quite illustrates that like this image you saw, border officials say this is part of a group of 125 individuals 3 quarters of whom are unaccompanied children who according to authorities had been abandoned by smugglers discovered near the arizona border, smugglers did the same to 100 station migrants, who
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arrested after in shipping containers in the side of the road in guatemala. migrants taken advantage of by smugglers continue to push north hoping to take advantage of the us's seemingly open border. marsha blackburn took a weekend trip there. >> many more of the criminals coming across the border trying to outrun the highway patrol or the cvp. we know they are bringing a lot of fentanyl and drugs and marijuana, meth but also what else are they bringing? >> no need for them to bring any building supplies, we've got that covered, $100 million in unused wall materials laying out in texas on the taxpayers dime, and due to the president's decision to hold project aimed at securing the us border.
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>> turning to panama where thousands of haitian migrants arriving migrant camp. >> griff jenkins live with the haitian migrant who made that dangerous trek. >> the first tv journalists to come to migrant camp in southern panama, the first place migrants arrive after crossing the deadly gap, a lawless jungle rules by drug traffickers and bandits who pay on the migrants, it is part of the panamanian pipeline it start south of our southern border and we are getting a first look. we spoke to one of the migrants named junior who just made that trek. here's what he said. >> it was difficult, dealing with the water, the dead body, really horrible.
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it was more than dangerous because there are so many snakes, lions, monkeys and so many -- of they deport me to haiti -- it is not what i want because it is like hell. there is no life. >> the migrants behind they are lined up to get on a bus where they will be driven 12 hours north and let out at the costa rican border to continue their journey. the cost of a seat on that bus, $40, the panamanian officials say they received 500 to 1000 new migrants every day but 500 lead as they tried to keep up with unprecedented numbers. >> thousands of selfless travelers finally arrive at their destinations overnight following a day of delays the airline canceling 400 flights yesterday after grounding 2000 others over the weekend.
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>> selfless blaming the weather for causing the disruption despite other airlines operating as usual. many believe southwest's new vaccine mandate supported by president biden is to blame. >> it is his fault, squarely his fault. anyone with a critical mind can point towards the federal government and the companies enforcing these illegal mandates from the federal government and see that it is the federal government's fault. >> selfless pilots association is suing over the mandate, it's president joins us live later this are. >> jesse waters predicts the cancel and delayed flights maybe the beginning of the white house pushes vaccine mandates for businesses. >> look forward to more pain and frustration is more mandate deadlines approach. more stakeouts, more travel delays, more supply-chain problems all across the country because president biden is choosing his own radical agenda over the freedoms of the american people, doesn't care if he takes the economy to do it. >> store shelves becoming empty
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as major retailers born use angela scares. jillian: some toy companies telling parents to do their christmas shopping as soon as possible with no guarantee of on-time delivery. jackie ibanez with the story. >> reporter: supply-chain problems plaguing americans as major retailers are limiting household items, ships idol offshore with no relief insight. these ships are bottlenecked in most american ports, some have been stuck for weeks just offshore instructor shortages, overworked docs and troubled railways block supplies reaching store shelves, shipping costs are also skyrocketing. the cost of shipping a single container from china to la hitting 20,$000 less than four times the cost of this time last year. walmart, costco and bj's also club announcing purchase limits on items like 20 people, shelves are empty. toy companies are also warning
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parents to do their christmas shopping as soon as possible. >> start to put your christmas list together and holiday list together early, get those must have things now because they definitely will be in short supply because we are seeing a shipping crisis like we've never seen before and it is not going to get better in the next 8 or 10 weeks. >> president biden establishing a supply-chain distribution task force including secretary of transportation pete buttigieg but as reports of growing problems and no solution surface this week. instructor twitter to celebrate indigenous peoples day not addressing the growing crisis. some retailers like home depot are paying skyhigh prices to charter small cargo ships to get product as quickly as possible, which started as a joke but is now a life raft to meet consumer demand. federal reserve chair jerome powell is one of the supply-chain crisis is getting worse and expects it to continue
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into next year, holding up inflation longer than expected. >> not what people need especially small business owners who have been able to survive during the pandemic for the last 18 months and have been thankful to be able to survive. that is what you think about, small business owners who are forced to jack up prices on all of their products that i am sure they would be upset to do with their loyal customer coming in day in and day out during this pandemic and people who lost their jobs in the last year and been able to get by, there are jobs available as we know in this country, people aren't going back to work still but a lot of people who have lost their jobs and wanted to work during the pandemic and paying more for simple things like beef which is up 12.2% over the last your a bacon which is up 17% over the last year, fish and seafood which is up 10.7% and eggs which are up 10%. this affect every single person
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in this country. >> i heard jackie talk about the discretionary pressures, president biden wants to pump trillions of dollars into the economy for the spending plan. that will just make inflation exponentially worse and the majority of the american people seem to understand that. look at these numbers, 60%, resident biden doesn't focus enough on inflation, trucker shortages not helped by the government, paying people not to work, high gas prices gives energy independence and made is dependent on foreign oil once again and it is all coming ahead of the time of increased demand. the holiday season. i don't know how the american consumer makes it through this much less the added price hikes sure to follow if the biden spending plan goes through. jillian: we always make it through.
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think back to 2008 when things were bad, there've been times things have been mad and we made it through but coming on the heels of the pandemic is an entirely different situation we've never experienced before and that is the game changer. todd: especially looking at 2021 is this is the year everything was going to get good at christmas will be awesome because i will be with my family and tons of gifts and food, not if the prices are this high and bought of the shelves in october are already stripped bare. my mom tried to get some toys for the little one and walmart got the supply boats they are charting themselves and they didn't even have stuff on the shelves. granted the little one comply with the empty butter container and be happy but it's not about her about the 3 or 45-year-old for whom this was the exciting christmas because last christmas just have to suck it up and it will be better next year.
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tough on all of us. >> of you thought about starting your christmas shopping yet or have you started? todd: we talked about this, we are not going to do gifts, we are going to do experiences or nothing at all or just stuff for the babies. jillian: glad i don't live in your house? todd: you are not getting anything and not because i don't like you but the supply-chain issue. it is not just christmas, look at the food prices you mentioned, that will affect thanksgiving which is a food holiday, you are seeing with telling people having trouble getting their costumes. it is a couple weeks away. >> what is levi going to be? the nation -- give the nations something, got to do with the inflation give them something. something has to be done and so much of this is covid but so much of it is self-interest on the part of the biden administration, we didn't have to destroy energy independence, we don't have to pump trillions upon trillions of dollars into the economy and we need to get people back to work because there are a lot of people - we
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got to get the bodies in there. jillian: how do you do that when people don't want to go back to work? todd: start giving them free money. >> it is more than that. some kind of cultural shift where people just don't want to work. not saying everybody, not a blanket statement. todd: back in the 40s there were a lot of people who didn't want to go on a 4 year vacation to europe or japan, they didn't want to fight a war but they had to in order to secure our american freedom and make sure we aren't speaking german or japanese, they did it, they are now lauded as the greatest generation and we have a story later in the program with tomi lahren talking about how people are upset about their zoom experience, got to get tougher as a country. >> i'm already over it. >> you won't pick up the phone. todd: let's go to texas and talk about this. governor greg abbott banning any covid 19 vaccine mandate in the
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lone star state, signing an executive order for pivoting employers from pressuring texans with medical religious exemptions get key shot. also authorizing maximum fines for any entity that fails to comply writing, quote, the covid 19 vaccine is safe, effective at our best defense against the virus but should remain voluntary and never forced. todd: the afghan interpreter who helped rescue president biden after an emergency helicopter landing finally states the taliban controlled country, he was among the government employees who drove the group to safety during the blizzard. he pleaded for help after being stranded following the us withdrawal. the purple heart recipient with the arizona national guard joined us next hour to discuss the successful rescue mission. >> today a wyoming corner will give an update on gabby petito's final autopsy report at a new york, broke -- can ground in
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grand teton national forest. her death was initially ruled a homicide. the final autopsy is expected to include the time and cause of death. a makeshift memorial honoring gabby is expected to come down in florida. the site was beginning to show signs of weather damage. the city of northport is working on a permanent memorial, join us tomorrow as we break and what is uncovered in the autopsy report. >> monday night football action. a lot of teams had a chance to draft lamar jackson including mine, they didn't do it so he puts the ravens, the team that addressed him on his back leaving baltimore to a comeback win over the indianapolis colts. >> second in the game, there it is, caught, touchdown. ortiz brown and this game is over. >> why would you want to draft an awesome player like that 340 yards and four touchdown desiree scored 22 and into points on their way to a 31-20 overtime
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victory after the indianapolis kickers 47 yard at the desert -- what you think it is going to do? we wouldn't of had the bar jackson story, it is up next. >> got a message saying carson wins. i told you. that is it. that's my story. >> your team won sunday and you are here to gloat. just got breaking news. 10 more points. scores 140. jillian: cancel culture backfire after mit yanks a lecture because the twitter mom doesn't like him because how many people signed up to go to his rescheduled event? todd: it is a bird, it is a plane latest bisexual superman, dc comics waiting too far into wokeiness who played clark kent and i believe he played superman. joe concha and tomi lahren
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coming up, don't go anywhere, very busy tuesday.
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's massive expansion of government role in our life cradle-to-grave, some of to sundown and all might long
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government is going to be more involved, janet yellen, treasury secretary wants to hire an army of irs agents to spy on americans checking account, banking accounts. >> debate over the massive spending bill rages on his anger goes over the plan to report all transactions to the irs. great to see as always, what do you make of the latest government overreach? >> huge government overreach and attempt to control every aspect of our lives. it is disgusting to me. i was in switzerland. i was discussing the taxation system in the us, and they
1:21 am
laughed and shook her heads that the taxes, shocked that the government overreach. of our current government. i think it is a joke and it is ridiculous overreach. >> trying to go after billionaires which they say they are trying to do why are they literally in snaring 99% of all bank accounts. >> it is about control, spine in every aspect of our lives and that lets them into everything. so many rules and regulations that you are probably going across the street to get a cup of coffee. it allows them to be invading every aspect of our lives.
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>> we have you the day after this story broke, dc comics reviewing the superhero son of clark kent and what was lane will start a romance with his mail best friend two month after robin came out as bisexual in the batman series. john kent fisa's identity in superman coming out as bisexual available at comic book shops november 9th. having actually been superman, having been clark kent, what is your reaction? >> hard to keep track of the different superman worlds, but it is lois and clark's son john, a bold new direction. robin came out as buyer gay recently. who was shocked about that? i had talked about that long time ago, the new captain america is gay, my daughter and
1:23 am
supergirl where i played the father she was gay. i don't think it is bold or brave or crazy new direction. that was 20 years ago, that would have been bold and brave but brave would be having him fighting for the rights of gay people in iran or throwing you off a building for the offense of being gay, fighting real-world problems like climate change or deportation of refugees, dating a hacktubeis at, what that is i don't know. why not have him fight the injustices the created the refugees whose deportation his protesting. i brave -- are fighting the rights of women to attend school and have the money to work and live and boys not to be raped by men under the new and fuzzy taliban, that would be brave, there's real evil in this world today, corruption of government overreach, plenty of things to fight against, human trafficking, actual slavery, it would be brave to shine a light on those issues which i would like to see the character doing
1:24 am
that. i would read that comic. this what i don't think i will be reading. i can watch cnn or msnbc to get this. >> it is bravery for the left, not bravery for the world, superman used to fight all injustice like you said. there's a lot of injustice including against gay individuals that needs to be rectified yet superman is not focused on that right now, probably should be. dean cain joining us live, thanks for being on the program, see when you get back to the states. >> 24 after the hour. a near catastrophe after a car careens to the florida trooper and a driver who was stranded on the side of the road. wait until you see how this ends. >> we need more police officers on the street to protect our community, protect our streets. they are killing our kids.
1:25 am
>> new york parents demanding for their families, that mother lost her son to senseless gun violence joins us next.
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police confirming several people in custody after a shooting near of vigil for following arizona deputy, shots ring out our family, friends and colleagues gather to remember juan luis was beaten to death while arresting assessment. officials revealing a louisiana state trooper's murder as part of a crime spree. he was ambushed in a patrol car near baton rouge over the weekend. police say the killer shot two family members, his motives remain a mystery. miami chief of police out after 6 months on the job, the top, permanently suspended after a falling out with city hall. probably referring to some of them as the cuban mafia.
1:30 am
the city manager said is a transplant to miami, expect to understand the southern florida culture, he is the houston police chief. jillian: parents say they are living in horror as gun violence claims lives across new york city. a mother leading with leaders to put more police officers on the streets. >> we are living a nightmare because we do not know if our kids will return home from school. we do not know if our kids will return home from the playground. these guns are killing our kids. jillian: that mother whose 17-year-old son brandon was killed in a shooting last year. thank you for being here, sorry to talk to you under the circumstances but you are trying to affect change in the city. take me back to june 20th, 2020, and tell me what happened. >> june 20 ninth of 2020 was a sunday morning, we were home doing everything we do, had
1:31 am
church service, going to a bbq and after midnight they are going to call from a friend of hers and she said eve, i'm going to get to the point, brinton god shot. that changed my whole world, changed my whole life. i still do not believe it up to this date, my son, my brinton got shot. jillian: we are seeing pictures of him growing playing basketball, he was on his way to college, he was a star basketball player and had a bright future ahead of him. can you tell me why after what you experienced your taking this fight to the streets and making your message heard about what we need on the streets including more police officers?
1:32 am
>> the way i feel. the way i live. in the past before my son brinton was murdered, gun violence did not affect me. i am living it. i don't see and think it is right for any other parent to live this way, to feel this way, to feel such pain. no mother should bury their child especially when their child wants to live, their child was a good child. every child has a bright future. gun violence should not be the end of the child's life. we have to take it in hand. we have to fight to make sure every child lives and every child out there go to school and return home, go to play and return home. no one should have to suffer.
1:33 am
i have to be unselfish, someone has to speak on behalf of our kids, have to speak because my son is not here to speak. i have to tell the whole world how much he loved life and wanted to live and succeed and since he's not here, they have to have it and as a mother i have to make sure i contribute. laura: jillian: do you feel your voices being heard by our elected officials? >> yes. i think it is. i think it is. we demand more police officers on the street, we demand to put them in jail. if you're big enough to pull a trigger your big enough to serve the time but they are listening. jillian: 21 kids have been
1:34 am
killed in new york city street violence so far this year. that is 21, five too many. thank you for joining us, sorry for your loss. >> thank you so much. todd: it has gotten out of hand, 33 minutes after the air. one big blame game erupting at southwest airlines leaves angry passengers for stranded in airports for 3 days in a row now. the president of the southwest pilots union joins us next. vice president harris facing back lash for this conversation with kids about space. >> you are going to literally see the craters on the moon with your own eyes. it is going to be unbelievable. >> turns out those kids were paid actors, details on this story are out of this world. ♪♪
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your home's equity just might be the right talk to aag for the best reverse mortgage america's leader in reverse mortgages is ready to help you reach your retirement why don't you give aag a call? i trust 'em. you can too. jillian: welcome back. a florida state troopers is god is watching out after this terrifying near miss. this video is in, the trip was helping a woman in palm beach county when he heard a vehicle screeching sound from the truck as it lost control, the trooper says he prayed before his shift that day and is a miracle he's still alive, the woman suffered minor injuries to her leg but is
1:39 am
expected to be okay. the second video like that we've had in two weeks, a small plane flying from the side crashing into several homes in a san diego neighborhood, two people that including a ups driver was delivering packages, the pilot was a cardiologist, two more people heard in the crash remain in the hospital. air traffic control warning the pilot he was flying too low moments before the crash. >> southwest flight delays dragging on after a disruptive weekend left thousand stranded nationwide. the airline's travels do not stop there is the pilots union is suing the company over its vaccine mandates. the president of that union casey murray joined me now. let's start with the numbers, southwest airlines flight canceled over the weekends, 410 yesterday, thousand sunday, 808 on saturday. why do you say these flights were canceled? >> southwest is failing its
1:40 am
customers in the fact that this is becoming a fairly routine issue with southwest which we saw it all summer, we've seen it over the last couple years and we saw it this weekend. we are seeing failures of internal processes as well as it issues that don't support the size the operation has become. todd: does this have anything to do with pilots not showing up to work in one of these, quote, walk outs? >> we were able to look at the data yesterday and our sick rates are right in line with where they were this summer. our pilots do a lot of work in their off time so we have seen it at almost record highs.
1:41 am
our pilots are out there supporting the customers and trying to get them safely and efficiently to where they want to go. todd: a statement from southwest, quote, the lawsuit from the union representing our pilots has nothing to do with the operational challenges of the weekend, we experience whether challenges at the beginning of the weekend, challenges compounded by air traffic control issues in the same region. what is interesting to me is neither you nor southwest say this has to do with the lawsuit on covid but what is your response to the statement, specifically that they had weather issues, the other airlines did not? >> it is looking at these airlines they didn't have the same issues. whatever is causing the initial problem causing the domino effect that is where the processes are failing, how
1:42 am
pilots are being reassigned, how they are having to cover trips and that is where the failure occurs and that is why the initial problem that causes this cascades for southwest three or four days. >> both sides not blaming the covid vaccination mandate for these issues, that said there is a lawsuit from your union against southwest with regard to to the vaccine mandates. what's next in your fight? >> i to be clear. we are not anti-vaccine. with we haven't been able to do that all our peers have done have been able to sit down, talk, come to agreements that cover pilots medicals which our pilots are required along with her pilots license to have a medical certificate and every 6 months we have a full battery of tests and there's a lot of uncertainty, short-term,
1:43 am
long-term, over the vaccine that we want our pilots to be covered for through long-term disability, loss of license insurance, all things we cover to make sure we continue our careers and we haven't had the opportunity to sit down and speak with southwest and come to agreement on how that will take place. all of our peers have. we see where their vaccination rates are and that is all we are trying to do. it is unfortunate we have to file a lawsuit to have these discussions. todd: with all these factors at play how bumpy could the upcoming holiday travel season be for the flyer? >> our pilots are working on off days, they are covering the system. our pilots will always be there to support and get passengers where they want to be. todd: we appreciate it. jillian: the story everyone is talking about. climate change protesters are
1:44 am
expected to rally outside the white house for a second straight day demanding president biden deliver on his campaign promises and declare climate change a national emergency and end projects involving fossil fuels, protesters took spray paint with a statue of our president andrew jackson writing expect us on the base. it is not clear if police have been able to find those responsible. vice president kamala harris allegedly hired child actors for this video about the wonders of space. >> you are going to see the craters on the moon with your own eyes. it is going to be unbelievable. jillian: a mother of one of the children telling the washington examiner they had to audition for the role. the video was reportedly shot at the vp's california home the same weekend as terrorists - todd: i've got nothing.
1:45 am
i don't know why i laugh but i'm also upset by it. we will see. we will talk to carly and a few other people about it. mit canceled a lecture because of twitter mom doesn't like the speaker. thousands are signing up to see him speak. plus this. >> i ever be out of the game of politics. i'm not going to be running for anything. i feel like our democracy is at stake. jillian: hillary clinton ready to leave politics. carley shimkus has the story next. that spin class was brutal. well, you can try using the buick's massaging seat. oh. yeah, that's nice. can i use apple carplay to put some music on? sure, it's wireless. what's your buick's wi-fi password? it's buick envision. that's a really tight spot. i used to hate parallel parking. (all) me too! the all-new buick envision. built around you. all of you. pay no interest for 72 months plus current eligible buick owners get $250 purchase allowance on 2021 buick suv models.
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jillian: welcome back. president biden's approval rating thinking among black americans, latinos and women. in july he was at 85% support among those groups and that number falling to 67% in september. a military veteran and small business owner in georgia live with me to explain what is going on. thank you for your service, what do you see as the reason behind those numbers. >> thanks so much. there not alarming to me. the american people who voted for joe biden are waking up and
1:50 am
experiencing the buyers remorse especially the black community, the democratic party have taken the black vote for granted for use, we all know this and the biden administration what they're doing is a bit embarrassing. we had 16 mandates costing jobs in the black community, the debacle in afghanistan and military members were black or embarrassed about that and a border crisis that is poorly managed and don't forget inflation. inflation is sitting everybody and their pocketbooks. we want opportunities to like any other american. we want to pursue our american dream and don't want handouts or special privileges. this is why i am running to protect and preserve the american dream. i look forward to standing to do so with senator or doc represents george on the debate
1:51 am
stage to discuss how he and the biden administration have failed and failed the black community. jillian: you talk about buyers remorse, tell me why people feel that way, broken promises or unkept promises, what is the reason behind you saying buyers remorse? >> that is exactly it. the democratic party made promises to the black community unique and specific to the black community that were never fulfilled starting from this information about stimulus checks, the amount that was different from what was passed to $15 minimum wage to hbcus funding which was cut under the current administration to releasing student loan debt. not saying these promises were okay, they are not republican principles but there is still promises made to the community and when you don't step up to the plate and fulfill what you
1:52 am
say you read the backlash and that is what you see in these low polling numbers. >> everything we've seen going on at the border, withdrawal from afghanistan, inflation, the economy, everything we've seen happening in the last year can you tell me what you expect the midterms to look like? >> we can all forecast with the midterms will look like if this continues even if there is no more, there's been so much negative information, so many failures from the administration i believe we will win the u.s. senate seat in georgia. i expect to have a strong campaign and contribute to that and the midterms will be a real way. >> appreciate your time, thank you for your service and we will continue to follow what is going on in georgia. thank you. >> please do, thank you. >> after a failed run for the white house hillary clinton says she's not quitting politics. >> carley shimkus with how the
1:53 am
former secretary of state plans -- >> a request is promoting her brand-new book which is her first foray into fiction. she revealed her future plans in real life and they have everything to do with politics. >> i will never be out of the game of politics. i'm not running for anything. i feel like our democracy is at stake. >> clinton cited the right that took place on january 6th, disinformation and facebook is reasons to stay in the political game. she says she is really worried about what is happening around the world and here at home and she's the lady that is going to fix it all. >> focusing on the bigger picture we've heard tomography at stake a lot over the course of the last 9 months but in last week you noticed the left really camping up that language. pay attention to that. meantime it is the story rocking the sports world overnight. >> johnny griffin resigned as
1:54 am
head coach of the raiders after emails were exposed to show him making offensive comments during his time at espn so in one of the emails he used in anti-gay slur in reference to michael sam, the first openly gay player to be selected in the draft, he made a joke about a female referee, mocks the physical appearance of nfl players association executive director smith who is black. he said in a tweet i have resigned as head coach, i love the raiders and do not want to be a distraction. thank you to all the players, coaches, staff and fans of raiders nation. i'm sorry, i never meant to hurt anyone. he is out as head coach of the raiders. jillian: quite a story. that's not the last we will hear of it and not the last we will you cancel culture which is taken over everything but this is the backfire. >> this has to do with really
1:55 am
poor people. at princeton and mit. and attempt to cancel a professor giving a college lecture at mit backfires, the professor's name is dorian abbott and he was supposed to give a lecture at mit but they canceled it after students slammed him for saying college admissions should be merit they saying that violates equal treatment to it actors lecture that was going to be on climate and potential life on other planets or had nothing to do with the controversial topic at hand. princeton decided to host him, thousands of people have signed up. professor robert george, princeton professor said i'm delighted to report that we've expanded the zoom quota for doctor dorian abbott, princeton lecture, the one shockingly canceled by mit and literally thousands of people have registered. you left up the literally.
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jillian: a straight a student arrested and removed from school in handcuffs because she didn't want to wear a mask, the 60-year-old girl and her father join us. >> talking to joe on show and tomi lahren next on "fox and friends first" do not go anywhere.
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the called dealing with the water, the dead bodies. jillian: tuesday october 12th, shocking first-person account of the dangerous trick migrants are making to the us is the biden administration leaves $100 million worth of unused border wall materials rusting away in texas.


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