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tv   The Ingraham Angle  FOX News  October 12, 2021 12:00am-1:00am PDT

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this opportunity and his entire team for making this so easy. make sure you check out that tammy bruce streaming on fox nation, my show which is why it has my name and you can also find meha on locals. as always, thank you for joining us, always an honor and a pleasure and also an honor to be able to hand this off now to laura ingraham coming up next. >> laura: great j > laura: great j laura: great job. great to see you tonight. ucla doctor was aggressively removed for a few refusing to comply with mask mandate. kamala harris stage of the political stop and what happened when nancy pelosi met the pope. first the democrats long dark winter is the focus of tonight's
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angle. we already know that president biden's team is incompetent on many fronts. humiliation would carry across the table from counterparts with the ccp and they are importing a trifecta of disasters from covid to crime to poverty. as nightmarish as that has been president biden is on track with his handling of the economy. >> when you take a step back and look at what is happening we are making real progress. if it doesn't seem fast enough i like to see it faster and we are going to make it faster. laura: he will selling making this claim in 2024. it is coming faster any day now. things are always going to improve in the future but they never do. it is the ultimate bait and switch.
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we should call it bankrupt and switch. this could have been a slamdunk for the economy. we have the strongest economy of any g7 country in 2018, 2019 and 2020. that was all under trump and despite the challenge of covid last year our real median household income was more than 67,$000 which was 6% higher than it was in 2016 under obama and thanks to donald trump's leadership biden's team not only inherited new vaccines but an enormous supply of them at a time many countries didn't have any. all president biden had to do was make the vaccines widely available, lift all restrictions on economic activity and let the trump era policies and hard work of the american people take us
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back to the booming economy we enjoyed before covid. they did the opposite. they canceled trump policies, overreach with vaccine mandates and scare the public into staying at home. and over the last few days we've seen this all that biden's radical agenda is taking on the economy. it started with friday's abysmal jobs report. >> 194. ic 194,000, that is real though. >> people are not in a hurry to get back to work, when and have jobs for every unemployed out there. >> christmas at risk, supply-chain disaster gets works, holiday turkey may be harder to come by this season. >> the turkey is going to take your turkey. you also wants to send biden to
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the islanders miss it presidents this christmas, thank goodness and's way doesn't need gas because the price per gallon is up 43% under president biden than it was in december of 2020 but don't worry because i'm sure our energy secretary is working hard right now to turn it all around. >> we don't own our own gas supply or oil supply so the market is what the market is, presidents don't control the cost of gasoline and we want to move into a clean energy environment while this transition occurs, don't want to raise costs on every day people for anything. laura: she is either stupid or so for she thinks we are. not only do we have a strategic petroleum reserve for this type of situation, the feds control billions of barrels of oil and natural gas on public lands of first biden band new oil and gas leases on public land, then after he was rebuked he slowed
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the issuance of new permits. this slams working people by worsening inflation which the angle warned you about earlier this year is the prominent democrats like larry summers but president biden's experts just kept downplaying it. >> i see important transitory influences at work and i don't anticipate it would be permanent. >> most of the prices increases were expected and are expected to be temporary. >> last week the definition of the word temporary changed. >> supply bottlenecks that caused inflation, i believe they are transitory but that doesn't mean they will go away over the next several months. >> depends on what the meaning of the word temporary means.
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the things of huge traffic jams at major ports worships are idling for weeks or months is another devastating indictment of the biden administration. we brought this up a few weeks ago, new york, la and savannah, georgia are in gridlock. i realized that comes up as well. when yard in chicago reportedly had a line of trains waiting to be unloaded that stretched for 25 miles but at least we have a former rhodes scholar restaurants rotation secretary to fix it for us. >> what looking at is basically everything between those ships and your shelves gets the goods where they need to be and we are partnering with the deposit of labor to establish more apprenticeships and make sure of that.
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laura: did he say apprenticeships, we are going to get us out of the situation blooge-help us because this entire administration is an apprenticeship. meanwhile president biden's labor secretary has no clue as to how to fix the labor shortages. >> if i had that answer - i think one thing i'm going to do if i were the mayor of boston, an understanding of why this is happening. >> we went from labor secretary jean scalia to that guy. my goodness, when you see it altogether the totality of the incompetence is quite staggering. looks like we are in for a long and difficult winter of shortages and disappointments especially for americans living in cities strangled by restrictions, mandates and through the cold weather into that it is all playing out exactly as the angle predicted instead of just reopening the economy the biden team did everything to protect americans and convince them to stay home.
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the folks in college station, texas, saturday night were obviously not listening to anthony fauci at all. not a lot of masks there. the vaccine mandates did nothing to save lives but they are pushing people out of the workforce, pilots, healthcare workers, teachers, firefighters and police. it is criminal what is being done to these people. the administration has resisted efforts to return welfare payments to normal or allow landlords to collect their rent, restricted the oil and gas industry, now they want to waste
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trillions or a new government programs that will harm era, competitiveness. common sense is out the window in this administration and they believe that americans are mostly racists who are destroying the planet anyway so why should people as awful as that have a higher standard of living, they shouldn't have a higher standard of living than people living in greece. if we had a real press they would be all over this. instead we have pretender pundits who can't quit their trump addiction. >> trump wants and army back he wants his army to help them have vengeance on the entire american democratic system. >> trump is marshaling those forces to seize power in 2024 whether you the voters elect him or not. >> trump's reason for being in politics is trump. in an interview with the bbc - >> that was just today. went on for hours and hours and
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hours but what else are going to talk about. is no defending biden's policies or his performance, he can barely locate the exit in any given room where he is speaking and i know you're thinking this is depressing, we're in for a rough ride for a while but let us never give in to despair, i said this the day after the election, keep us to buffer that. we know how to turn things around and in time we will. we survive jimmy carter, we can survive this. the carter years led to ronald reagan and if the american people are smart and i think they are the biden years will lead to the new and better economic policies after 2024 and that is the angle. joining me knows michael rubin, president and ceo of the florida fourth council will explain this tonight. do you get the sense that our leaders in washington have any clue how bad this is gotten at the ports and why it has gotten bad?
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>> we used to have bipartisan transportation bills that passed out of congress, been a while for that. i can remember congressman dan webster standing beside congressman hastings, the yin and yang of republican and democrats passing out substantial transportation bills and we are not there and it is a shame because i think what we are seeing now is there is a need to invest in mobility and infrastructure in the united states. certainly here in florida i know our governor, ron desantis and our if dot secretary have made investments and made mobility a significant part of florida's infrastructure.
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>> people are ordering things, someone needs a new dishwasher because everything is computer chips and it could goes that it's more expensive to fix it and they are being told they can't get a dishwasher for 6 to 8 months, ditto with parts for certain vehicles. they are hearing infrastructure and for them they just want the parts and pete buttigieg says we are going to look into apprenticeships, because he is our transportation secretary. are apprenticeships the immediate answer? >> know. i would hope that group talked about supply chains but the new appointment out of massachusetts would be able to help a focus on supply chains, that issue more so than ancillary issues that don't impact the movement of
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those goods. that is a significant in fifth those infrastructure needs to meet those goods. >> our unemployment benefits and continuation continuation of them beyond covert emergency situation how has that affected employment and vaccine mandates? speech can speak specifically to unemployment but certainly i know the trucking industry, truck driver, professionals out there, a number of companies are offering incentives to get additional individuals to take those jobs. not a lot of takers for whatever reason. some of that may be they are happier running -- during unemployment compensation than taking a job at the moment. >> you are a smart guy. trying to be diplomatic here, you have to deal with both parties but if you're going to pay people not to work when there are jobs that they used to
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do, this is not -- i'm not the greatest economic sinker out there but it is pretty obvious what we've done to the distortion of the employment situation in our country, supply and demand, producible, a lot of people sitting on the sidelines, some people are afraid, other people still being paid to stay home. when we need workers, correct? >> correct. and we've made it difficult on the trucking industry to not only hire those individuals but there are a lot of penalties for time, with your moving stuff, now is the time to look at those limitations on our drivers operate. >> deregulation. >> got to look at those regulations. if you're looking at anything you need to ease regulations on several areas starting with removing the disincentives to
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move that product. >> people can't get stuff they order in a reasonable amount of time, they are going nuts and doesn't look like it is going to that are in time for christmas and there's going to be hell to pay for moms and dads, good to see you tonight. we will be tracking this issue and democrats want this winter to be a stark one not just for you but also the former trump officials who were subpoenaed by the house january 6th committee, none of the four officials targeted have supplied so adam shifted a new round of threat yesterday. >> we want to make sure those witnesses come to testify and we are prepared to urge the justice department to criminally prosecute anyone who does not do their lawful duty. laura: joining is mark meadows,
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author of the upcoming book the chief's cheats, one of the four trump officials targeted by adam schiff. there's a lot you can't discuss relating to the subpoenas were given what my angle laid out it is amazing this is what the democrats are focused on as the country is reeling from inflation, supply chain issues, border, etc.. >> i can tell you what we are seeing is democrats want to talk about anything other than the economy and there are more people that could be working that aren't working and you were right to hit on all of these. we went from energy dominance and we have a secretary of energy that is somehow lost, they need to go back to high school as relates to what we can do.
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we went from energy dominance to begging opec to reduce oil prices and get gasoline prices down and we are paying people not to work. we have a supply chain issue that is going to affect not only our economy in the near-term but the long-term but here's what democrats are trying to do, they are trying to replace a robust economy with big government and we can't let that happen. >> fiona hill was sounding the alarm over trump's political movement over the weekends. >> i'm seeing the populism on the right as the most threatening. it is on the right that we are seeing -- who are basically calling for violence against fellow americans at all kinds of talking down the integrity of the election system. laura: are you talking down the integrity of the election system? >> not at all. we need to make sure it is easy to vote and hard to cheat but at
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the same time fiona hill has shown her colors and who she sided with. when we start to see her get politically active it is because the biden administration is hemorrhaging when it comes to independent voters because they care about the things you were talking about, their jobs, their schools and everything in terms of inflation impacting it and they may not be able to get it for six months where there is a car or washing machine they care about that and that is why the biden administration is having a tough time doing anything other than blaming trump and trying to take credit for the few things that were left in place on january 20th. >> your message to adam schiff after threatening you with criminal prosecution, your response? >> i will let the attorneys handle all of that. i can say this. when i talk to people they say we've been through two
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impeachment, why go through and impeachment of donald trump on this very issue and now we are holding hearings, they don't quite understand that. the american people know that it is politics as usual and hopefully we will get beyond that. >> vaccine mandates continue to wreak havoc on our workforce and the country. we will speak to a doctor who was forcibly removed from the building for define ucla's mandates and why the vaccine fight between southwest airlines and its workers is so important, don't go away.
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>> laura: in recent weeks, weeks we've seen government, corporations universities take of radical stance on vaccine mandates. we want you is would come and it has. doctor christopher, anesthesiologist at the university of california los angeles learned this firsthand when he had the audacity to show up to work unvaccinated. as punishment for this heinous act he was treated like a diseased animal and forcibly removed from the building. >> what is your title? >> i take it as a threat. i am telling you that right now.
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>> i'm being escorted out of the medical plaza west of santa monica for standing up for freedom. this is what happens when you stand up for freedom. and when you shop to work willing to work despite being unvaccinated and this is the price you have to pay sometimes. i am willing to go with everything. job, paycheck, freedom. even my life for this cause. >> doctor, they are acting like -- the security guards removing you, it was embarrassing. we took the beaches of normandy, our people and they are treating you like you are literally a rabid animal. were you carrying a weapon we weren't aware of?
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>> know. don't know why they didn't just call me, i would have left but you make the point, the beaches of normandy, this is kind of the beaches of normandy. this is our generations world war ii. maybe world war iii, the war we fight without arms. this is an ideological war, a war against totalitarianism and my grandfathers fought in world war ii and one of them was shot down in rachel: liberator and landed safely in sweden and came back home because i'm here now because of that but they fought and took up arms against tyrannical governments. we have to fight against tyrannical government saying you have to take these injections or you can't be involved in society, can't goes your kids heiskell baseball game, can't go to grocery stores, church, wherever it may be, you take the injection or you have no
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freedom. >> just so people understand your perspective here what is your problem with the vaccine? was it conscience? religious? efficacy? what is it? >> it is real young. there is not enough evidence supporting its safety, there are some concerns about it. i have a group, citizens united for freedom. we have vaccinated people in america, we are medical freedom, i don't agree, this is the greatest human rights violation of our times that the government can inject you with these things. personally i'm not ready to take the vaccine yet. i don't think it has been proven safe but more importantly, they are tying this to my freedoms and -- even in israel saying you have two shots it is the same as 0, better take your first shot,
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better secure fourth shot. >> the ucla sent us a statement tonight. the state public health order, active you cal -- receive an exemption so that of compliance are subject to progressive discipline including restricting access to worksites and being placed on leave, your response to that? their argument is you are not just endangering yourself but endangering others by not being vaccinated i imagine everyone else is vaccinated if they are there so i am not quite following. >> most people are vaccinated. if president biden says we have to protect the vaccinated from the unvaccinated, protect the protected from the unprotected by forcing the unprotected to take the protection that didn't protect the protected.
12:29 am
if you want the protection you take the protection, if you don't you don't but for me this is an issue of medical ethics. for a doctor sitting in sacramento to say i have to -- he knows what is best for my body even though i am a physician and read the data and decided for my body, my risk situation i don't want is a. he is saying i know what is best for you and you have to take it. i told my administration this violate the nuremberg code. there is no proved fervor covid vaccine in the united states. this is still under the un, page number 2 of august 2, '03, it's is clearly the pfizer vaccine is under dua and federal law title 21 section 360, to take you a treatment and medical ethics. >> what is next for you? are you filing a lawsuit? >> we are looking at legal options. don't want to give my have up
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too much but we are looking at those options. laura: we are going to be following your case as well as many like you, there are a lot of people around the country who for whatever reason is not right for them at this time. this is wild. we are going to lose a lot of great doctors out there, thank you. and if you were one of the thousands left grounded by southwest airlines this weekend the company would have you believe the cancellation delays and nothing to do with employees protesting the vaccine mandate. it was issues with air traffic control which only impacted one airline. the ap notes the disruptions begin shortly after the union asked for a federal court to block the airline's order that all employees get vaccinated. joining me is stanford university professor of medicine. you say this isn't just a
12:31 am
political issue now but a health issue. explain. >> the vaccine mandates what they've done is taken working-class people who worked the whole epidemic, firefighters, doctors, nurses, airline workers, many of them got covid, they are immune, we treated them like heroes last year and bell light pariahs is your. the vaccine works to protect the vaccinated against the disease, they are not threatened by the unvaccinated, they can get the disease from the vaccinated
12:32 am
themselves. what caused is shortages across the country in vital services, you heard about 70,000 nurses in new york state. we are going to have shortages that overwhelm hospital systems because of this vaccine mandate in the coming months. >> we heard doctor ray, border anesthesiologists at one of ucla's medical centers, pretty important position don't you think? anesthesiologists are critical to operations and the health of the healthcare system. >> doctors, nurses, firefighters, policemen, regular working-class people who are essentially being told they are on the outskirts of society and not able to do their job because they chose not to get vaccinated many of whom had covenant recovered. makes no sense. if you deny basic facts like i had covid i'm immune to it, you undermine trust in the public health system, look at someone who doubts that, and they don't know what they're talking about. >> but this is happening across
12:33 am
corporate america, across government, local, state, federal government, refusal to recognize the robust and durable natural immunity and cross adaptive immunity to covid i'm not often speechless but i am speechless because it makes you wonder what this is really all about in the end. final word. >> the ultimate effect is you have a bunch of people who made will just say the earth is flat in charge of the public health system. it's going to breed distrust and these vaccine mandates are going to harm the health of the public and i wish people in charge of these organizations would start doing it. >> fauci predicted is going to be some superspreading events the college football. how much superspreading has there been a college football?
12:34 am
>> to see them -- i haven't seen any evidence of that, don't know what he's talking about. >> the biden administration caught using your tax dollars to stage an event with kamala. seen and unseen is next. no longer need. i'm an anesthesiologist and a pain physician by specialty. i was trying to figure out what i could do with this term life insurance policy. i'm sorta stuck because i can't just go out and buy more insurance, because of my diagnosis. i called coventry direct and everything clicked. there actually were a lot more options that i thought there ever would be. coventry helped michael like we've helped thousands of people sell all or part of their life insurance policies for cash. even a term policy. there probably are a lot of people that are in a similar situation who don't know they have an option. i would definitely recommend talking to coventry about it. coventry made it very easy.
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>> laura: it's time for seen and unseen where we jillian: time for seen and unseen where we expose the cultural stories of the day and for that we turn to raymond arroyo. over the weekend nancy pelosi showed up at the vatican. she got a private audience with the pope. i don't think you've got that. >> it was as you might expect, awkward.
12:40 am
>> too overwhelming. >> very very weird. the pope can meet with whomever he wants and even the lord met with thieves and prostitutes and tax collectors so this is not unprecedented but the problem is pelosi has been called out by her own archbishop for her militant supportive of abortion on demand. after she passed the bill the lifting restrictions on abortion coast-to-coast last month the archbishop asked catholics to pray and fast for pelosi's conversion of hard on this issue. the pope meeting with her in his public way does undermine is bishop and sends the message you can support the taking of innocent human life and still be a catholic in good standing which you can't even the purpose of this is like hiring a hitman. >> it was amazing when the
12:41 am
lightning bolt came down and hit the dome of st. peter when he was meeting her, that was quite - >> the foundations of st. peter's were quaking. >> isn't she supposed to wear - >> she dispensed with -- when benedict met with terry released a statement saying we met for 15 minutes, we talked about life but he released no pictures. it is that time of year again, the autumn surge at the border, pumpkin cappuccino has returned and an unwelcome seasonal classic is that, the great fauci, charlie brown, who is rising again to tell children whether they can trick or treat this year. >> if you vaccinated but if you're not vaccinated think about it. a good time to reflect on why it is important to get vaccinated but go out there and enjoy halloween and the other holidays that will be coming up. >> i think fauci saw his shadow which means we have 3 months of holidays with small groups and
12:42 am
random masking. >> what parent checks in with fauci before deciding when your kids can have fun. with that parent, is there a single person in the country still waiting with baited breath for what he says about any occasion? on friday you did share a video of kamala harris discussing space with children at the naval observatory, blue origin rockets don't go this far into orbit. >> i love the idea of flying the unknown. don't know what it is about those craters. sears is a spec scientists and engineers came up with the idea that if you build something that looks like that - right? have big dreams.
12:43 am
>> turns out that completely impromptu video is part of a series called get serious with vice president harris. the president's artificial white house set, turns out these videos are all fake. of 13-year-old actor named trevor bernadino tells the california affiliate he was hired and flown to dc for this shoot and auditioned for the part was all the kids are actors and the series is produced by a canadian company called sinking ship entertainment. if the ship fits get in it. laura: she must've gone to the tony robbins school gesticulations. she's always look at this. if i do this with my hands no one will notice the border is wide open and i never went there. >> that is how you talk to kids.
12:44 am
gavin newsom signed a new california bill requiring big retailers to establish gender-neutral - >> they have a place to sell the new superman bisexual dc comic toy that was announced today. >> that comes after a gay aquaman, boy sexual boy wonder robin and gender fluid loki. call me when they have a gender stable i'll with superheroes his sexuality we know nothing about. why are they sexualizing superheroes? i was a batman, superman, spiderman kid, i loved those he was, we just wanted them to get the bad guys, not any real disease. leave our comic book heroes alone. laura: i will say this. kids have to be kids, let them be children. we don't need --
12:45 am
>> don't corrupt their innocent playthings and play toys. >> of people a good i will post a photo of raymond and batman from a few years ago and the joker at halloween. thank you. after president biden's push to cancel columbus day it is worth asking what do we know about the indigenous people we are told to honor. victor davis hanson with a history lesson next.
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laura: according to president biden today isn't sentiment to celebrate anytime explore but declare a national day of mourning over the painful history of wrongs and atrocities european explorers and fix it on tribal nations and indigenous communities, left in the white house celebrated. >> having this holiday replace columbus day as a support in acknowledging colonization and genocide and oppression of the original people of these lands that have suffered. >> there's a is to be told and there are many truths that made up this country. >> replacing columbus day, would you like to see it replaced? >> yes absolutely. >> recognizing today's indigenous peoples day is something the president felt strongly about personally and to make it history moving forward.
12:51 am
>> moving forward. joining us is victor davis hanson, author of the dying citizen. are you write about columbus day in your book, the history moving forward. it is all about that, isn't it. >> an attempt to apply the morality of the present to judge the preindustrial past, a therapeutic exercise of the elite. i don't think the average people buy into it. recent poll said to to one americans want to retain columbus day, in a mexican american community of wonderful people, most people i know are the knights of columbus, a fraternal organization in the late nineteenth century to help impoverished immigrants from catholic countries, the idea that genocide, this pseudo-drama, it would be as if
12:52 am
the european or the new world gave to the old world syphilis which scholars think they may well have or cocaine or chocolate or tobacco and how absurd to say millions of people died from smoking because of indigenous peoples practices, the europeans were addicted to. that is not history. it is psychodrama. >> san antonio's first coach greg popohvick, think that is outrageous we ever somebody christopher columbus saying he took slaves, murdered, mutilated, not a knock on italian-americans, like say we should be proud of hitler because we are german. what is wrong with this man? >> don't know. a lot of the -- this is top-down, a lot of the elite purchasing the list, like the use of latin x that nobody in the real world uses but they feel it is a cachet among the wealthy and elite and privileged. most people understand christopher columbus was a
12:53 am
heroic individual, there was always tragedy when two cultures, lighted but as we speak today there are millions of indigenous people in central america, southern mexico who choose to leave those cultures, not congress, choose voluntarily to cross the border, to accept a very different paradigm of free-market capitalism and constitutional government, equality of the sexes, independent judiciary, bill of rights, all of that unique product of the european enlightenment. people are voting with their feet and voting in the opposite fashion the delete say they should apparently. laura: they wrote about the atrocities that were committed by explorers. this is all already accounted for, written about. we always look back with a sense of poor because people change, things evolved, people have a new sense of understanding but indigenous people also had which are well-documented their own atrocities, correct?
12:54 am
>> it is not just the idea of ancient mexico city, talk about human sacrifice. i'm not talking about one or 2, i'm talking rates that surpass auschwitz, 10,00015,000 within a 30 or 40 day period from indigenous evidence and cannibalism. if you want to pick and choose and turn history into this melodrama it doesn't lead us anywhere. when two cultures collide there is going to be tragedy and melodrama but you don't use the morality of the present to condemn one side and say these -- >> we have to end by saying happy columbus day to you. when we come back, been and jerry are melting. i will tell you why.
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>> laura: the ice cream guys hit a rocky
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guys then and jerry had a rocky road. >> your big proponents of voting rights. why sell ice cream in georgia, texas, why are you still selling? >> i don't know. it is an interesting question. >> i thought that was president biden, more ice cream, less politics. >> the water, the death, the dead bodies. >> tuesday october 12th, shocking first-person accounts of dangerous trek migrants are making to the us as the biden administration leaves $100 million worth of unused border wall material in texas. >> more chaos and confusion in airports across america as southwest airlines leaves travelers stranded for a third


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