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tv   Fox News at Night With Shannon Bream  FOX News  October 11, 2021 9:00pm-10:00pm PDT

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2 we are out of time. thanks to lara tromp, our studio audience, "fox news @ night" with evil shannon bream is next. ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ >> shannon: hello, and welcome to "fox news @ night." i am shannon bream in washington. breaking tonight, americans frustrated with items out of stock and empty store shelves. experts warn it is likely to get worse. what you need to know before the shortages could impact your holiday plans. and what is behind a travel nightmare for passengers on one airline in particular?
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hundreds of flights canceled, more than 1,000 flights delayed, some are cheering, but plenty of frustrated passengers across the nation are stranded. >> we are on the phone for what, seven hours? 44 -- so backlogged. >> they said they were having problems. did not say what it was and you are lucky you got a flight. >> said it was bad weather. has to be things behind the scenes they are not telling us. >> shannon: we will dig into that, plus, california said to require retailers to provide gender-neutral toy sections. folks upset with newly emboldened governor newsom again. we begin with a deepening supply chain crisis. allowing costumes and decorations in short supply and that is not the only holiday that has folks in the know concerned. garrett is tracking this for us tonight. >> folks at home have not
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already felt the impact of the supply chain crisis, chances are they will file a lot over the next few months as we roll into the holiday season and first up is halloween. >> looking for superman shirts and capes. not the easiest thing to find. >> decorations. they are sold out. >> costumes, decorations, and candy are all expected to be in short supply this year. for thanksgiving, you will want to plan your menu early because some ingredients may be even harder to come by the normal if you wait until the last minute. and for christmas, boys are the new toilet paper. when industry executive said trying to get this year's top toy is like war games and we are still more than two months out. >> there will be merchandise to buy. the question is, the top five or ten things on your list, the things that your kids want or you want, are the same things that everybody wants. and those are going to be in much shorter supply than other products that are on the shelf. >> industry analysts say almost every step of the supply chain
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is playing a part in the current crisis. there were all kinds of lingering delays from the pandemic. ports across the country are seeing lines of shipping containers growing by the day and a shortage of truckers means it can take weeks for those containers and all the toys and decorations inside to reach their destinations. >> we have 80,000 containers on a terminal right now. if we lined those up and to end, that would be about 600 miles of containers, and so we have gone from 300 miles of containers last summer to 600 miles. that is a big deal, and it's creating congestion. >> that federal reserve is urging americans to buy their holiday necessities as early as they can and be prepared to pay. >> going to be delays, going to be continued bottlenecks. probably going to be some pressure on holiday item prices and we are going to have to continue to get through that. >> the big question is when will we finally have all these delays and shortages behind us? last week, pete peter judge said
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some of the delays and shortages could last for years. for this holiday season, plan ahead, buy early, and don't expect to see a lot of the big markdowns we typically see when you are making your holiday purchases. >> shannon: high demand. thank you. scores of southwest airlines southwest airlines passengers nationwide remain stranded tonight. as hundreds of flight cancellations and delays that mark travelers weekends spilled over into monday. these service disruptions come days after southwest announce an upcoming covid-19 vaccine mandate for employees. raising the issue of workers choosing individual freedom over potential job loss. here is alexandria half. >> i am not afraid. they can fire me. they are going to have to fire me. i'm not going out quietly. >> joshua currently flies for a major u.s. airline. he has no plans to comply with his employer's vaccine mandate. feeling it violates his medical freedom and says hundreds of his colleagues are with him.
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>> it's going to bring the airline industry to its knees. they can't operate with a 10% loss of their work crew. especially with pilots and -- retirements that started in 2020, and ongoing for the next ten years, most airlines are facing 2500 to 1,000 retirees a year. >> remain stranded through the country as a mass flight cancellations that started saturday press on. >> my daughter was packing at midnight and we found out our flight was canceled. speak of the disruption games just days after southwest announce that it too would implement all my but the pilot association denies that -- >> it is not a pilot issue. what it is is an internal process at the southwest airlines. our pilots are out there serving our customers. they are out there picking up extra time. >> southwest now joins every other major airline aside from
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the ultimate requiring workers be fully vaccinated by december 8th. large carriers also serve as government contractors therefore fall under the president mandate. it can take at least a decade of training to pilot a major airline jet. some fear they will not have time to fill potential vacancies. united airlines with the first implement a mandate. they now say 99% of the workers have been vaccinated or applied for medical or religious exemption. alexandria half, fox news. >> shannon: so many workers seem willing to face losing their jobs rather than to be forced to get a covid-19 vaccine. so let's talk about the mandates, the objections they are sparking, and whether they will be any consideration to natural immunity with dr. marty makary. good to have you back. >> good to be with you. >> shannon: so much news out there. i want to start with this. this market pill that is potentially -- here's the headline from the ap, mark asks u.s. fda to authorize covid
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pill. "the wall street journal" also talking about that pill getting to this point said when merck and -- that their new antiviral pill reduce covid hospitalizations by roughly half, some in the media blamed donald trump. but in fact trump officials pushed for government funding to accelerate the development of the drug. they were opposed by a career official, rick, who democrats praised as a whistle-blower. so what's talk about this medically and scientifically. what can or can't this pill do? what do we know, and are you worried that things like this are trying into political football? >> i am worried that the scientific community has lost a lot of their objectivity because of the biases and we saw this after the hydroxychloroquine debate. just for the record, i don't think the science supports hydroxychloroquine but after we saw this mass this massive argument over it, what you had with this anti-therapeutic approach by a lot of the scientific community. so those -- specifically ray, the one celebrated as a
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whistle-blower, he actually said he didn't want to give money to molnupiravir -- nobody died who got the drug. we've never seen anything like that to date. it blows away the survival benefit of say regeneron therapy. >> shannon: we are going to watch for that as it works of the process. i know though, too, you have an op-ed coming out talking about it saying some of our agencies things in an old way prepandemic that won't help save lives in the situation. >> that's right. and molnupiravir is a good example. every results in a large population are similar to what we saw on that randomized controlled trial. if we have a drug that reduces the death rate 20 or near zero, cuts hospitalizations in half, look at the fact that it was invented last year at emory university. so do the math on the number of lives i could've been saved. what was happening with this drug, if this is not a statement
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of our slow regulatory process about the weight we are using peacetime protocols to do drug studies at a time of war, nothing is a statement about how we need to change about. the gaps between phase one train and phase 2. the size, the failure of our rigid fda to use hybrid studies and to do expedited reviews, here we are with an amazing result. going to wait to go more months until the fda gives us a decision as to whether or not we can use it. >> shannon: the governor, greg abbott today issuing an executive order. he says no entity in texas can compel receipt of a covid-19 vaccine by any individual including an employee or consumer who objects to such vaccinations for any reason a personal conscience, based on religious belief, or for medical release and in concluding prior recovery from covid-19. that will set up a big state versus fed -- i've had a few --
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he mentions the prior recovery from covid-19. why are they not willing and some of these other agencies willing to have a part of the conversation, natural immunity? >> well, because we have a small group of doctors and the government making all of the decisions nationally on covid and they have decided early on today again against the position that natural immunity was effective. it turns out the efficacy of natural immunity is about 99%. and for vaccines at somewhere between 63% and 92%. so the amount of data is now profound. overwhelming data is something where if you don't believe it now, then no data in the world is going to convince anybody. we have done a lot better with some more flexibility around the vaccine requirements and not ignited these culture wars over the unvaccinated and vaccinated. >> shannon: as a studies continue to come in and point to what you are saying about natural immunity, do you think the administration will take
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those into consideration for decisions moving forward? >> we got the first indication that may be they will start to change their position because for the last year, all of us who have been arguing for natural immunity have been given this sort of hard dismissal by our public health officials. and so for the first time two weeks ago dr. fauci responded to it point blank by saying we need to discuss that. and the reality is you can't ignore this overwhelming amount of data at this point and there's probably a lot of people who are seeing through the phoniness of the scientific community that has lost their objectivity. >> shannon: with you have had covid and recovered or been vaccinated, there are very easy ways to get that blood test and test your immunity and see what are and whether you need a booster what you need for your particular medical situation it's an easy thing to do. give much. >> thanks, shannon. >> shannon: with president biden's poll numbers
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plummeting and his infrastructure initiative and legislative window, the infighting between progressives and moderates in the democratic party continues tonight. david spunt is here with details. good evening. >> the clock is ticking. first nancy pelosi hopes to get the president's package through by the end of september. has a been extended to halloween as the fighting on her side of the aisle continues. >> climate cannot and will not be tough. no climates, no deal. >> money is tight, tempers are flaring, and time is running out. top white house officials although it the president himself are working to broker a $2 trillion compromise not between republicans and democrats but between democrats and democrats. >> we need to stay together and bound by the values we hold as a party. here's the deal. we won 2020 as a unified party
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and we look to 2022. speak of the moderate wing wants a traditional infrastructure package focused on roads and bridges. the progressive wing is pushing forward with social spending. think cutting the price of college tuition, prescription drug prices, and a focus on climate change. speaking of climate change, a protest in the nation's capital on monday ended with this graffiti sprayed on a statue honoring the late president andrew jackson just yards from the front door of the white house. the two holding up the multitrillion dollar plan -- >> the two of them don't have the same priorities. one of them supports prescription drug pricing negotiation so that americans don't have to pay more for their prescription drugs. the other one doesn't really support that. but they are not necessarily both being public about it. >> but some democrats are optimistic. >> we now have the next month to
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get it done, and i know senator manchin, i know the people involved in this, i've been in the room, we will get this done. >> republicans are sitting back watching, waiting for an intraparty implosion across the aisle. >> i think there is a very good chance that the spending bill will collapse. one, because the american public is starting to see what is in it, and to go, moderate democrats really do understand they are on their own. >> and the president out with a tweet just hours ago. he said despite the attacks and misinformation, my plan still has the overwhelming support of the american people. they understand what is at stake here. they understand that when workers and families have a better shot, america has a better shot. shannon, the president back at the white house this week after a weekend in delaware with his family to meet with members of congress in the coming days. >> shannon: also over the weekend, more of these folks out
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there who are -- are turning the let's go brandon chanting into a viral sensation. that's the pg -- let's play the clip that started some of this. i suspect there will be some bleeping. >> such an unbelievable moment. speak up brandon, you want some -- >> you can hear the chants from the ground. >> [bleep] joe biden. >> one not exactly what they were saying. started as an anti-biden chant at football, nascar, gone to a whole new level. what happened this week and? >> have an even more at college football over the weekend. sports games, other public events over the past few days. even how meant at a trump rally in iowa over the weekend. the chant which contains a four-letter word broke out over the weekend at the oldness-arkansas game. as i mentioned at the trump rally picked up quite a bit of
9:16 pm
-- interviewing brandon brown's thought the crowd was chanting let's go brandon. turns out it was something else. not very nice or respectable but it is happening and even inspiring a song online. i'm sure -- not appropriate for either side of the aisle but it is making waves on line >> shannon: it is. sometimes things catch fire at a moment in history were people are very frustrated. we will see as a continues. come back and we'll talk and news in just a bit. navy engineer and his wife will appear in court in a matter of hours. they are charged with attempting to sell top-secret information on u.s. nuclear submarines to what they thought was a foreign country. federal prosecutors want jonathan toebee who had a top-secret clearance to stay locked up as a case against him moves forward. one neighbor in annapolis, maryland, says the couple was tough to get to know. >> they didn't talk to anybody on the block. he lived here over 20 years.
9:17 pm
they moved here in 2014. been up and down this blog so many times and we would see them i never even say high neck >> shannon: hours from now, news conference from the coroner and wyoming. the results are expected to be released from the autopsy of gabby petito. still no sign of her missing former fiance, brian laundrie, a person of interest in the investigation and petito's death. been a month since he went missing from his parents home in florida. ♪ ♪ first up into nights "real news roundup," las vegas raiders head coach resigning. the formal champion under fire following the discovery of emails he sent between 2011 and 2018 that reportedly contained racist, sexist, and homophonic terms. he was in the fourth year of a 10-year, $100 million contract. netflix ceo standing by his
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streaming service and dave chappelle as a comedian faces backlash for transgender jokes in his later special. he said the company will not remove the special and it demands to do just that. ben and jerry again defending their decision to stop selling their products in the west bank and east jerusalem. they appeared stumped when asked about their consistency in boycotting. >> we hugely support israel's right to exist. but we are against a particular policy. >> you guys are big proponents of voting rights. why do you still sell ice cream in georgia? texas? abortion ban. why are you selling there? >> i don't know. >> shannon: well, dc comics announcing that its new supermen will be revealed as bisexual in an upcoming issue. the character john kent instead of clark kent and lois lane will take on the role of superman
9:19 pm
while also being in a relationship with a male journalist. lego saying monday it will -- gender bias and harmful stereotypes adding the goal is to make their toys more inclusive. a study conducted by the -- institute found that 76% of parents encouraged boys to play with legos compared to just 24% for girls. coming up, a lovely site to see, and if you like to bet on nfl games, -- today's best viral videos, next. with skyrizi, 3 out of 4 people achieved 90% clearer skin at 4 months after just two doses. skyrizi may increase your risk of infections and lower your ability to fight them. before treatment, your doctor should check you for infections and tuberculosis. tell your doctor if you have an infection or symptoms, such as fevers, sweats, chills, muscle aches, or coughs or if you plan to or recently received a vaccine. ♪ nothing is everything. ♪ woman: talk to your dermatologist about skyrizi.
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♪ ♪ >> shannon: class is in session for a school of fish and it was the look of love. check it out there from this group off the coast of juno beach forming a arc shape in the
9:25 pm
clearwater monitors their caught on camera by a drone in palm beach, florida. gorgeous. watch your step and north carolina. i gigantic sinkhole filled with moderate water is falling an intense rainstorm in the region. luckily no one was hurt. the storms drenched to both carolinas and georgia as well. football season this back. hands routing and betting on their respective teams along with bears? yep. seen here, despair selecting her pig for the vikings versus lions teams the past sunday. lives at the minnesota zoo where she selected the jack-o'-lantern carved with the vikings logo and she predicted that win correctly. >> i will note your social security number before i get off this plane. >> yikes. more trouble in the sky. the passenger kicked off the united airlines flight and reach for them from newark to
9:26 pm
new jersey to los angeles i he was screaming and reportedly threatened the flight attendant who asked him to get off his phone and put on his mask. the passenger caused a three hour delay and was eventually removed from the play along with two other passengers who at some point got involved. and finally, i determined the hub has a place to call home. they were traveling through the spanish countryside when they noticed this little guy, dog out of nowhere just chasing their car. the couple pulled over, took a lonely pooch to several nearby villages looking to see if they could find her owner. he spent weeks spreading the word on social media the window and stepped up, they decided to keep her. they say she is very funny and great with their kids and cats. happy ending. if you have a viral video you want to share with us, it is up on social media >> thank you for -- >> shannon: and bolding by last month's recall election, governor newsom made his oak
9:27 pm
friendly priorities into california law over the weekend. matt finch from our west coast newsroom and los angeles. good evening, matt. >> here in california and the sale of traditional gas powered lawn equipment like leaf blowers and grass cutters will soon be outlawed. governor newsom signed a new law that beginning in 2024, possibly sooner, will ban the sale of new gas powered equipment. it's a broad category from lawn mowers, generators, and pressure washers. the equipment will have to be electric or battery-powered. the american lung association responded writing in part, "i am sending lot really sets a strong -- to transitioning to zero missions but also to cleaner air and healthier lungs." 30 million euros of the state budget has been set aside to offer as rebates to lawn and landscaping businesses that will likely have to completely retrofit their equipment. >> already the industry is
9:28 pm
saying this is nowhere near enough money to actually make companies and it's going to cost these small businesses a fortune to comply whenever they are buying new equipment they can afford that. people can afford to live in that state already. >> also signed a law that we are his large retailers to provide a general nature i'll for children's toys. applies to businesses with a 500 employees. they will need a section that is gender neutral for items like toys or toothbrushes. clothing is not affected. the stores can still have boys and girls sections. stores like target have already been doing this since 2015. governor newsom vetoed some bills. rejected the bill to decriminalize jaywalking and a bill that would have been california the first date to pay people to stay sober. and the governor also signed bills that will allow restaurants and bars here in california to continue selling to go cocktails and served outdoors. >> shannon: thank you so much.
9:29 pm
time to bring back in david spunt. he has been looking into the scientific mystery. we know the northern lights are beautiful to look at but can you hear them? something that has baffled scientists for more than 100 years. we have a new development? >> i just want to see the northern lights. hearing them would be an added bonus. so seeing as more of a priority for me. according to this new study, you can hear the aurora borealis. listen to this. the lights are seen near the poles, north and south poles where there is a strong magnetic field. the beautiful sight comes when solar particles mix with the gaseous molecules from the earth atmosphere. it comes from a finnish study and for decades there's been been a debate among scientists whether it is actually possible to hear the lights. if you don't hear them, don't
9:30 pm
expect to see those lights and hear the sound. it took hours of it compiled together. he took a trip to iceland a few years back. went outside in the middle of the light was sitting on his back shooting up into the sky and captured the beautiful images. but when you see these images online of the northern lights, they are usually enhanced, usually moving a little bit faster, something i've always wanted to see. not going to give up. >> shannon: i think it's on both of our bucket list, maybe we need to take the show on the road because i bet a lot of people out there would want that experience too. >> i would love. >> shannon: will get with accounting and see what they have to say. think is a much. an update on the 10,000 more illegal immigrants making their way toward the overwhelmed u.s. southern border. we get an exclusive look, next. ♪ ♪ ♪girl, i don't know, i don't know,♪
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millions of dollars worth of steel panel sitting unused in south texas. resting away and viewed the taxpayers expense following the biden administration's decision to cancel border wall construction contracts and already overwhelmed authorities brace for a new onslaught of migrants making their way to our southern borders. chris reporting tonight from panama. >> a pipeline of haitian migrant streaming towards the u.s. begins thousands of miles south of the americans southern border. the foreign minister says they are are currently -- passing through her country with another 30,000 waiting to cross from columbia. but that crossing is through some of the most treacherous terrain on earth. the darien gap a lawless -- jungle ruled by drug traffickers, smugglers, and bandits who prey on the migrants. it is the only break in the pan-american highway from alaska
9:37 pm
to the tip of south america and many never make it through. >> they mention a lot of -- going down the hill. the hill of death. many accidents. >> now grace our dogs in nearby towns for those who perish along the way. if the international organization of migration says more than 91,000 migrants have successfully made it to the gap this year. it's a pipeline that is turned profitable on the colombian side. residents are being thrown out of their homes to make rooms for a place to safer paying haitians. >> from local renters to give them to haitians and around 50 commercial hotels have also been taken or contracts have been ended to rent to haitians. speak at the next stop in their journey, shelters here in southern panama and our cameras got an exclusive look at. >> you saw dead bodies? >> yes. so many dead bodies. >> really?
9:38 pm
>> i was really shocked when i saw them and i was like forget about that. we just have to forget and do what we have to do. >> conditions in the migrant camp are a humanitarian crisis that panamanian officials are doing the best they can to handle. they say roughly 500 to 1,000 migrants arrive every single day but also roughly 500 to part day waiting on a bus to the costa rican border. the costs for the ride? $40. >> shannon: so as the biden administration continues to take heat for failing to get a handle on the chaos of the border, the approaching caravan could very well mean things are about to go from bad to worse. the panel. kevin and fox news political analyst, gianno caldwell. i went to play something from a public and kevin brady from
9:39 pm
texas about what is going on at the border. here is his take. >> i have never seen it like this in my lifetime. every month you think it can't get worse. it does. the president continues to ignore this border crisis. but it's more than that. it affects the trafficking crisis, the drug crisis, it is a criminal gang crisis, states like ours pay the price. >> shannon: the message we get from the white house is the border is closed and that it is as safe and protected as i was under the previous administration. it is almost as if we can't acknowledge or have a conversation about the fact that there is trouble there. hearing from democrats and republicans down there saying we need help. >> the truth of the matter is the administration is living and a reality that most americans aren't. there is a crisis at the border. they refuse to acknowledge it. we have seen a surge in
9:40 pm
migrants. over a million folks have come since the beginning of this year. and not only that, we see to go different policies that relate to it certain kind of immigrants. african-americans, those who supported joe biden rca there haitian brothers and sisters being sent back home where as other are allowed to stay and in some cases gets lost in the system. but yet we see other folks who are black sent home. this has become problematic not just for the american people but certainly from an optics perspective for the biden administration, especially one who claims that black lives matter to them which we continue to see from this policy but that is not necessarily the case. >> shannon: the polling shows -- fox news polling and many other polls across the board that people are losing confidence and feeling that the biden administration is not equipped. they are losing it when it comes to the border. >> my heart breaks for the report that just entered from down south in terms of these
9:41 pm
mass graves that we are seeing and the horrific nature of this traveling to the southern border. i'm a democrat the supports the resources to the border. we need more funding, was pleased to see the biden administration negotiated security aid package to the mexican government of $3 million to help stem the tide of these migrants into mexico and stopping them at the mexican southern border before they reach our southern border. but the optics are terrible. it's a humanitarian crisis certainly the administration needs to do more. i think not just to counter the narrative but to provide real support as the situation at the border for sure. >> shannon: as you say, these are human beings and real crisis and many taken advantage of on the dangerous journey. another headache for the white house as the economy. "the new york times" had this headline. inflation warning signs flash red posing challenges for washington. so the headache for presidency
9:42 pm
six is white house -- and houses and cars proved sharply more expensive and difficult to buy. i will have you tackle that one first. >> i think this economic situation is intrinsically linked to the covid situation. we saw 7 million shots administered in the last week. nearly 80% of american adults have had at least one child. i think we have to get the covid situation under control, especially with a delta variance and we can see this economy that has been revving take off. 500 million new jobs since the start of his term in office, unemployment is now down to levels before that we saw during the pandemic to start. so all indications are that we have a strong job market but there are serious concerns about inflation and we have to keep our eye on it certainly. but again, this economy is revving back up. never seen it across the world shutdown like we did under the trump administration because of
9:43 pm
the pandemic and of course they're going to be issues with supply chain and things like that as comfort touch 5 million new jobs since the start. gdp growth in the sixth percentile. this economy is revving up. >> shannon: your response. >> first and foremost, kevin, thank you for providing us the democrats talking points. i do agree with much of what you said but let's talk facts here. we know the policies that heave implement a don't build back better. you talk about the unemployment rate being lower but the fact of the matter is the unemployment rate is now lower partly because women's participation rate has decreased as well as black men. so that is nothing for any of us to celebrate. the truth of the matter is inflation is high, gas prices are high, we do have a crisis. we have a man in the white house who seemingly does not even want to take questions from reporters. these issues are the fact that
9:44 pm
the democratic party as a whole but the biden administration and americans have lost complete and total faith in his ability to bring us back to a place that we were in the trump administration era. >> shannon: when you have millions of open jobs that we hope to employers who are desperate to open their retail establishments and restaurants will be able to bring workers back, especially heading into the holiday season. going to be a tight squeeze for a lot of folks. we always appreciate your time. thank you both. >> thanks. >> shannon: how one group of students fall back and won of the core against vaccine for college athletes. that story is next. ♪ ♪ it was very hard. kimberly came to clearchoice with a bunch of missing teeth, struggling with pain, with dental disease. clearchoice dental implants solved her dental issues. [ kimberly ] i feel so much better. i feel energized to go outside
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>> shannon: student athletes at this university will not have to get vaccinated in order to participate in their sport. that is because of a sixth circuit court of appeals decision which denied the school appeal of a federal judge's ruling. it violates their constitutional rights to follow their religious convictions. the case has reignited debate over whether or not religious exemption should exist at all for something like the covid vaccine mandate. let's set the ruling with -- joining us live along with her attorney. great to have vocalist and they. >> thanks for having us
9:50 pm
>> shannon: it is a little bit narrow because it is specifically about religious objections were objections to the vaccine mandates for student athletes at the university level but what is who are about how it may be extended or interpreted with regard to other vaccine mandate challenges out there? >> it's a huge change because it is the first one i am aware of at the federal appellate court level that has put a stop to vaccine mandate on the basis of religious objections. there are a lot of cases going around the country at the district court level, a case in new york where a decision is expected tomorrow, but now there is a court of appeals decision in the sixth circuit covering the four states, michigan, ohio, kentucky, tennessee. so will be persuasive in other states around the country. but it does establish that when universities or government action is taken to put a mandate on people to get a vaccine, that
9:51 pm
there should be accommodation for religious conscience and they should not be denied a benefit will constitutional right and they have to make a choice. the court made it really clear in its opinion. they said that students were given a stark choice. follow their religious beliefs or play college athletics and the court said that was not loud. >> shannon: why was important to you to get involved with this? >> this is something i feel very strongly about and my religious beliefs. and just standing true to what i believe in and i hope that this will continue to motivate others who are in a similar situation and other athletes. >> shannon: there are many around the country who are involved in these cases and similar ones as you mentioned. i want to read something from wired. there headline is religious exemption for vaccine mandates should not exist. it says that -- while it was never meant to excuse people from obligations that apply to
9:52 pm
everyone. the article goes on to say experts who study the matter come to the conclusion that almost everyone who claims a religious exemption is using as a cover for secular concerns like side effects or general distrust of government. how do you respond? >> well, that's ridiculous pier the court made it clear there are different standards and if there is a rule of general applicability they would be right but that does not apply in this case. the court made it clear that the higher standard -- we call it strict scrutiny -- in the legal language applies here because the university acted and a discretionary way. and when they are making decisions on an individual basis, case by case, the higher standard applies, the people who are making those arguments don't understand the legal issues in their flat out wrong. >> shannon: i am wondering, did you take some heat from fellow players or other students when you took the stand and how did it feel when he found out you guys had won at the circuit court level?
9:53 pm
>> we obviously are very happy about it. everyone has their own personal beliefs and i respect everyone and their decisions. but we are very happy again with a ruling that came out on thursday. and a huge thank you to great lakes justice center for supporting and continuing to stand by us are at. and we look forward to see where it goes. >> shannon: at this point, the only place left to go is the u.s. supreme court. there will be other cases to bubble up and we imagine this will be one of the key first rulings in this whole plethora of vaccine mandate and legal challenges to them. so we will continue to watch have. thank you very much for coming on. >> thank you. >> shannon: and some good news before we say good night. a father-daughter duo on a mission to deliver arby's to people who lost their home in tragedies like the california wildfire. this idea started back in 2018 when he realized what a lifeline
9:54 pm
on an rv could after they lost everything to the wildfires except for his rv. so now woody and his 9-year-old daughter have coordinated the donation of 95 motor homes to people who would have to wait months for emergency housing. if you want to donate or need help you can find it there. she said to her father that god and santa claus would be really proud of them. we love to see what people see a need and they find a way to meet it and the father and daughter are feeling that. >> they are. i've a story. he is a janitor in minnesota. he saved the life of a doctor, an anesthesiologist, the anesthesiologist was feeling unwell. decided to examine one of the monitors and fortunately things did not go as planned. that's when he was lying on the floor. authorities then say that there was a blood clot. but he saved his life. the janitor kendall to save the
9:55 pm
life of this doctor in minnesota. kudos to him. >> shannon: i'm sure the doctor wants to keep pushing through and like you said he was trying to do an exam on himself when this happened to them so thank goodness his coworker was there to save the day and to save him. thank you very much. that is that for us. from washington for tonight. we will be back here tomorrow. i am shannon bream. lavender baths calmed him. so we made a plan to turn bath time into a business. ♪ ♪ find a northwestern mutual advisor at >> tech: when you get a chip in your windshield... trust safelite. ♪ ♪ this couple was headed to the farmers market... when they got a chip. they drove to safelite for a same-day repair. and with their insurance, it was no cost to them. >> woman: really? >> tech: that's service the way you need it. >> singers: ♪ safelite repair, safelite replace. ♪ are you one of the millions of americans who experience occasional bloating, gas or abdominal discomfort? taking align every day can help. align contains a quality probiotic developed by gastroenterologists.
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