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tv   Gutfeld  FOX News  October 11, 2021 8:00pm-9:00pm PDT

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of voting rights. why do you still sell ice cream in georgia, texas, abortion bans. why are you still selling there? >> i don't know. i mean, it's an interesting question. >> laura: i thought that was joe biden. more ice cream, less politics. ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ [cheers and applause] >> greg: yes. here we are. happy monday everyone. or as she likes to call it, iv drip day. because her weekends are a little rough. this show is doing great, and i know this because i actually read the mail. well, my young assistant reads
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them to me as i lay in my hammock. he actually shoots them at me. quite a talent. and a lot of the mail says greg, this show is doing great. also, dude, you have really been working out. and wow, it's like you get taller every day. signed, neil patrick harris. but i get of few complaints. a lot about not enough camera shots of her feet. i forgot take for all mike gave barney my email. but mostly it's about swearing. we swear too much on the show. and i agree. swearing can get an easy laugh and it feels good. but i don't like it when we overdo it. so why am i saying this? because we are [bleep] -- there is no other word to describe this current situation we are in.
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[bleep] think about it. as we criminalize everything, we decriminalize criminals. as we target people trying to protect their kids, we protect those trying to target us. we are living in a time where we played catch and release with deranged criminals, taking them up and then tossing them back into the general population like a fisherman releasing an underweight bass. it is now a game of russian roulette. the government is the gun, the bowl is the criminal, and you are the target. meanwhile, they live in their safe edge washing ""squid game"" on netflix, a drummer from south korea where people are randomly killed in that series children's games. think hide and go seek with machetes. i enjoyed the first episode but then i was done because i didn't need to watch it. i can just walk outside and see it for real on my streets. jermaine foster, a sick maniac who had just allegedly robbed one woman on saturday and knocked another one to the ground.
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a 58-year-old cancer nurse. she fell, suffered a mortal head wound, and died a day later. this occurred in the afternoon in times square. you know, the only time decent people will venture there. it was once the number one tourist capital, but now it is ""squid game"." everyone is a victim, or wearing an elbow costume. here comes the second part of the story. like clockwork. the thief has been rested before but was released. so tell me again how racist the justice system is. maybe the middle-aged filipino woman, nailed on a groping charge and most like other heinous thugs, the victims were women. this story gets repeated more often than seinfeld. if he had been jailed and received the mental health treatment that we paid for, this will not have happened. like when a republican was mayor. but did you know the current mayor's wife rented $800 million -- designed to help mentally ill
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people. it is only help to go so far. the mayor and his wife. there is more nuts on the street now than after an explosion at the planter's factory. a hundred million dollars, no one knows where the money went. i think patio, furniture, and weed. meanwhile the mayor's son gets chauffeured by actual detectives to and from the drugstore. make sense. the boss de blasio does not want a son to be a victim of the crime wave he is responsible for. this is attorney general merrick garland -- yet flat authors have more evidence in support of its claim. as real homicide rates skyrocket, he is focusing on claims of harassment against school boards. yeah. he is right. you've seen all those videos of parents following teachers into bathrooms with their cell phones. screaming at school board members while they are trying to have a quiet dinner in a restaurant. going to people's homes and chanting with bullhorns in the middle of the night. oh wait, that is his team.
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so let's imagine where this might end up. speak out what are in for? >> i murdered a guy. how about you? >> i asked a question about masks at a school board meeting. >> all right inmate, back to it. >> what about my baby? >> he will raise him. >> hey, he murdered people. >> just one. [laughter] >> greg: those are better than new yorker cartoons. so perhaps it's a game of deflection. create mass hysteria for a free problem to distract from the real problems. it is hard to get distracted from your stolen cars,'s" business, and i fluent. but people keep dying and they don't matter because their suffering serves no political
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purpose. their lives don't matter to black lives matter. so real criminals run free like moose in alaska and parents of all colors get demonized for caring about their kids education. what are you left with? an activist government creating activist parents for the surest way to red pill hundreds of americans is to call them terrorists in the second surest way is to protect the thugs as you do that. put all of us in harm's way and now the type turns. a red tide if you well. and like a red tide, small antigovernment activist groups are going to come to the surface chaim bloom. we have seen movements and go the tea party, black lives matter, line dancing. it is time for a parent movement that stands up to this ball movement we call the government. safe streets and good schools are a popular idea that no matter what news channel you watch. and why pay taxes to a government that chooses the side the victim victimizes you. it's like giving the schoolyard bully your lunch money out
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dominic day after day. they see you as a bigger threat than al qaeda while citizens get murdered in broad day right. it is time for a new black lives matter. collect all lives matter. oh, but that is racist, greg. oh, go [bleep] yourself. sorry. sorry that i swore and i apologize for any future swearing. but it is time we gave [bleep] because if we don't we won't have any left to give. [cheers and applause] welcome tonight's guest. when she says tickets to the gun show, she means -- lara trump. he has a star's name and a lego figures hera. radio and broadcast hosts buck sexton. the fire department no longer response when this kat get stuck in a tree. kat timpf.
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and he is strong enough to beat you in wrestling and smart enough to correct your spelling. my massive sidekick and the champion, tyrus. so, lara, i apologize for being course in front of you. >> i'm highly offended. i'm going to go. >> greg: before you do, why don't you gloat a little bit because you have left new york. you are gone. but this is not just new york. this is happening in a lot of cities. >> and you see why. you just laid out the foundation for the reason that so many people have left new york, have left california. people are moving congressional candidates -- congressional seats in states across the country because people don't want to live like this. you said it exactly right. you want safe streets, you want to good schools for your kids, and if you don't have that, why would you stay in a place? and people aren't. and i am proudly a florida
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resident now. i come back from time to time just to do "gutfeld!" because it's the greatest show on late-night tv. [cheers and applause] >> greg: greatest show on tv. >> period. but it truly is. it's so sad to see what is happening. cities like new york which used to be the greatest -- >> greg: we have great restaurants and great broadway shows. and you really can't say that anymore because a lot of the restaurants aren't open. i have better question. because you are smartish. yeah. i cue about 170 may be. why can't we stop catch and release on wire the facilitation's in the city's doing anything about this? >> people keep focusing on d from the police which is horrible and now they are actually refunding police like austin with a cut the budget by 100 million and they had their highest ever year of murders and
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this is true cities across the country. but it's prosecutors offices as well. i've a friend of the new york city's district attorney office and they won't prosecute more minor crimes because they are getting pressure above, the political winds have changed so much, that they are not allowed to enforce a lot of these laws. if you go to the place on the corner, everything in his in plastic. if you want to get for different things coming up two plus a little button and then the tired, annoyed employee has to come and opened up for you slowly. i go to work every day and tape a tv show it next to what is one of those homeless shelters that is actually a hotel that the folks here are paying for the taxes and it's out in front of me and it's like a refugee camp. people are cooking food, smoking weed, open air. >> greg: you are walking around? >> not going. no. >> greg: don't jump to some conclusions just yet. it sounds like a hell of a time. i think there is a certain
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coziness between these hotels and the politicians. they are full and getting the full price i bet. >> all the usual rules of the quality of light stuff, the broken windows. none of that stuff matters right now because once you stop enforcing senator bennet, there are mad max style drag races with all the legal vehicles and actually look like they are from mad max. atvs with spikes on the side. >> greg: i've seen on a sidewalk when they are up sidewalks. >> that was me. you should have gotten out of the way. >> greg: except you are shirtless. this is the biggest crime increase in my lifetime. and granted, i am only 35. but still it is very dramatic and does a woman, how do you feel about this? that's a really generic question. >> i am a woman. and i feel in this essay i will -- so i don't like that i can't go walk my dog outside at night without being scared.
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you know? apartments, they are small. everyone has a small apartment in new york -- well, most people. not everyone is you, greg. you have to go out and do stuff. if you are a woman, you're by yourself, you have to be worried about going out and doing stuff, so the new dissident home. with your husband. >> greg: i told you -- >> no, we are very happy. >> greg: your point is well taken and the sense that somebody like you or any of us can move but there are elderly people here, there are poor people that grew up here that can't go anywhere and they have to deal with this stuff. the little old lady can't go to the cbs any more because none of her stuff is there or she will get pushed and killed. tyrus, it was more like a statement than a question. >> yeah, because i'm not trying to push and kill any old ladies any time soon. it's not really cost-effective. doesn't get the respect it used to. what you went for?
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i got three grandmas. my god. >> greg: it is weird that it is -- i thought that was off limits. >> i've been giving this a lot of thought because -- we don't really talk about the show you get a rundown -- but the joke is kind of on us. in your monologue you made a great point because we are slowly -- when they keep talking about the coup that happened january 6, there is a coup happening right now to our american way of life where we are trying to be turned into a welfare state where americans only hang out around their mailbox for their checks and that is that. why go to work? i went to get gas this week. it was $100 -- and it stops. which means my truck was still not filled up because it stops at 100. i'm lucky i have a good career but for joe and anna who are paying taxes they are getting killed. when you take all the working away. you let all the minor criminals out so we are hearing about
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murder but i couldn't imagine what assault -- assault rate is up. all these things people are reporting because there is no one coming to the door. so the coup is not january 6th, it is right now and we need to really make sure that everyone gets out and votes and does something to stop that what is going on because it is scary and i'm a 6'8" guy who owns a [bleep] ton of guns and will not take anyone from messing with me but not everybody is me. >> greg: that is true. not everybody is you. >> they don't attack me. they attacked the little old ladies because no one is going to do anything about. >> greg: up next, try to keep a straight face while kamala talks about space. ♪ ♪ ♪ limu emu & doug ♪ got a couple of bogeys on your six, limu. they need customized car insurance from liberty mutual so they only pay for what they need.
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♪ ♪ >> greg: kamala tilts kids forget the haters, let's focus on the creator. in a new nasa video telling kids -- vice president harris comes off as fake as the moon landing. she mentioned her own passion for exploring the unknown witch in her case means the southern border. for some reason, harris who serves as chair of the national spain's counsel spoke to the ad is listens as they if they had had injuries. it's what she picked up from talking to biden all day. although even these -- [cheers and applause] so mean. but then again, even these kids would have done a better job -- which makes you wonder does kamala love the idea of exploring the unknown and are there things we just have not figured out or discovered yet? >> i just love the idea of exploring the unknown.
8:20 pm
and then i think we just haven't figured out or discovered yet. [laughter] >> greg: that explains why they think men can have babies. but it is great to see her acting totally relatable for ones. speaking of which, those kids were paid child actors. and great actors they are considering kamala has all the warmth of ice fishing with hillary clinton. but will they could see the cras of the moon and will be unbelievable? >> that you guys are going to see. you're going to literally see the craters on the moon with your own eyes. with your own eyes! i'm telling you, it is going to be unbelievable. >> greg: are we sure she is not high? because she is really happy. if they want to see something unbelievable, show them sleepy joe awake after 5:00 p.m. but it was like the first time she came into contact with children. they had to prepare that they
8:21 pm
are smaller, dumber versions of adults. wait until you guys see the moon. i am telling you. i don't know what it is about those craters on the moon. >> i just -- i don't know what it is about those craters. [laughs] >> greg: i don't know either. a quick reminder that you don't need an actual telescope to see the craters on the moon or you can check out the harris-biden economy. that is cratering too. a little fun with language, kat. what is always come off as an authentic? is it because she has? >> yes. this was not live. i want to see the other takes. if these were the best takes where she was the most relatable and a normal, what are the other takes look like? the sad thing is, you can't teach this. she clearly has no understanding of how to just be a person that
8:22 pm
has feelings and an interest in others. so that is probably why we haven't seen her around very much. >> greg: yeah. buck, they actually hired image consultants to make her a real person. speak out you have to wonder at this point do democrats feel like the better option is to keep trying things that may be she will look either competent or likable and/or just to completely sidetrack or because there is a big theory out there that she's going to be the one who steps in for biden. the more he wanders off when the secret service is calling him and she is supposed to step in, i feel like you see stuff like this and it's a reminder that outside "the new york times" editorial page in the cnn greenroom, not even democrats like her as a candidate. oh, she was a senator from california. she knew the california political machinery and made her way up through that machinery. she is not someone who has the common touch. not someone people can relate to. i don't think that's going to change. i love it when she can try to
8:23 pm
get away with things like she is into the border when she hasn't. and assume you guys are the media, you are supposed to come along with this. you're not going to call me out on it. >> greg: my theory is that they are trying to get her as far away from any practical issue so why not outer space? >> there was a moment there when she was like, i was kind of hopeful that she was telling the kids you are going to love the craters. because i think that is the first time in history everyone has loved a crater. especially kids. you get a crater on your face it's like the worst thing ever. so i was waiting for it. if you look under your seats, everybody, there is a helmet, and we are going to the moon. and then the kids would've been like, yeah! but instead they are like look through this magnifying -- look at the thing and you can go see the moon and the kid is like well, i can still see it. like, they had to be child actors because i've done a
8:24 pm
commercial with kids and the moms there making them smile and laugh but i just -- i don't know the system but i know you can't have it all. like, you can't be smart and well -- i guess you can. that was very nice. i was talking about me. she has no -- i'm going to say. she has no personality. she would be better served if she was like i'm the vp and i don't like nobody. >> greg: s exactly. >> especially kids. which is crazy. the reality tv star -- but all the movie sets and fake stuff is the woke president. >> thank you. [cheers and applause] >> greg: lara, tyrus is onto something. i am terrible with kids. i don't pretend to be good with kids. why bother pretending? >> they're trying to force a
8:25 pm
square peg in a round hole and it's almost insulting i feel to the american people at a certain point because there is a crisis honor southern border, kamala harris. in case you have not noticed. it's like she is folding origami in her bedroom and her front door is on fire. she does not even care that there is a real situation that she is supposed to be addressing. we have a nasa video which children and she looks ridiculous and obviously trying way too hard and it's very uncomfortable to watch that. but they are trying to force it. man, are they trying to force can't mike bell make it, and it's not working. >> greg: she couldn't handle illegal aliens. may be space aliens. >> you're not going to be able to call them that. >> greg: undocumented extraterrestrials. >> two words >> greg: jon stewart gets paced if you tell him cancel culture exist.
8:26 pm
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>> greg: he would rather preach than worry about free speech. jon stewart shows he has a touch by calling cancel culture a crutch. in his interview, he claims cancel culture is a myth. >> people that talk about cancel culture never seem to shut [bleep]. the internet has democratized criticism. what you do for a living? we talk leap -- criticize, we opine, we make jokes. i know other people are having their say, and that is not cancel culture. that is relentless in a's. >> greg: whoa. hold on there, bearded guy. you are not talking about cancel culture, you just described how an internet comment section work. cancel culture is about people losing careers, not telling people you suck in a chat room.
8:31 pm
i know you've been out of the game, but read up a little before you call something a myth. but it's easy for him to call cancel culture a myth. it's not like he ever had to worry about the mob coming for him when they already approved of his talking points. and it's not about famous tv stars with f you money getting canceled, it's about parents, business owners, even refugees who can lose it all when the mob comes for them. like university of michigan music professor who was born in china in 1950s and survived mao's cultural revolution. but now he's being accused of racism for screening the 1965 of shakespeare's othello in one of his classes because she wore wor black faced away where play the character. and now he has stepped down from his role. that is one example, and there are more. john is still stuck -- if someone complains about a problem, he would say no that
8:32 pm
doesn't exist and actually listen to the complaint itself. but i guess why the show is called "the problem with jon stewart." so -- do you think it is just him being lazy that he didn't bother to look up -- because every night you are about people losing their jobs. >> i think it has to be the case. also because he doesn't have to worry about it. he has enough money. he does not have to worry about it but it is not the same as people being mean to you on the internet. you don't have to look that hard to find examples of people who lost their jobs. you google it. it doesn't take that much work. so i think laziness has to be the only explanation for it. because there is a lot of examples. >> greg: we do probably three segments on this a week, lara. it it's not that hard if we are doing it. >> everyone knows that. no, i mean -- maybe this is what he would like it to be, that
8:33 pm
cancel culture is not a real thing. it is a real thing. people's lives are forever changed because they said the wrong thing, because they supported the wrong candidates, because they are not going along with with the mainstream media and the political elite want them to. it's that he real thing. i had to tell you, and it has affected a lot of people. so i'm going to say he is wrong. disagree wholeheartedly. >> greg: you shall be canceled. no -- speak out we have been canceled a million times. you can cancel anyone more than we have been so bring it on, we are ready for more. >> greg: is he just inside a bubble? >> no, i think he is trying to get into the bubble. no, i think he is trying to pick a lane. he is trying to get noticed. we are talking about him. it worked. do you think his plan was to walk away from a really successful tv show because he was done and over it and then when he came back he is dreaming? do you think that is the desire?
8:34 pm
was a shock that comedy central was like we are going to stick with the other guy. we can bring you back because it would take away from this or that. so he is on the streaming service now in his office, nice to court, he went all out. but the point is, he is trying to find a lane. he is going to be cancel culture as champion which will probably get the viewership up until they roll back a joke he made 20 years ago. it's always the same thing we cancel culture. stop being a frog because a scorpion is going to sting you. but we are talking about a man and for a guy i thought who moved on and crew the beard. he is a silly. and now he is back and better so he sounds like he wants a big c on his chest. champion of cancel because it's relentless. >> greg: part of it is he has nothing to worry about. i don't know if they were i will find anything -- i am wrong. there probably is something. >> realized that bill marr,
8:35 pm
obama, all these guys that were the enemies of the right and turns of debate and policy are now closer to us, and they are more alienated by the left. so he is trying to get on the right side. >> but he's not going to get canceled. he is beyond the point where everybody cares. more trying to be relevant get again and what culture cancel is is weaponized political correctness. and because of the internet and the social d plot for me you get a mob altogether and attack somebody, a private person, does not have to be a public person. i think he knows that some level but this is part of the tactic. he is to do clown nose off, clown is on. joke and then interview the secretary of defense and want to be taken seriously. >> that is the dream though. >> and then -- that's fine, but when he would get pushed back,
8:36 pm
he would say i just have a show before people that are doing prank phone calls. but with a do it with cancel culture is they say it does not exist and then you say hold on this i can, yes it does. and they go oh, actually it's accountability culture. running around in a circle so that people don't ever stop and realize this is absurd, it's insane, and it ruins people's lives. and it's an endemic on left. it does not is exist among conservatives. >> greg: rather than actually argue a point you change the terminology. >> that's what they do with crt. it went from a doesn't exist, you don't know what it means, to shut up and over we put the doj on your front step with the fbi agents and windbreakers. that's what happened. >> greg: all right. let's move on, shall we? coming out, mccartney says you are loco if you blame him instead of yoko. ♪ ♪ stopables in-wash scent boosters keep your laundry
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>> greg: john said i am leaving to be with yoko and paul said, is this some kind of joke-o? in a bbc interview that will be broadcast next month that we will be listening to, paul mccartney pushes back on the narrative that he was the reason that the beatles broke up more than 50 years ago. that's a long time. saying the real reason was that john was making a new life with yoko and added john walked into a room one day and said i'm leaving the beatles. is that instigating the split or not? maybe that's how they wrote "hello goodbye aired" he says he has no hard feelings against yoko and that they were a great couple but he does hope to outlive ringo. that's a lie. let's not forget that following lenin's departure, the music took a noticeable turn.
8:42 pm
seem so far away. [laughter] spewing all right. my theory, tyrus, i believe that lennon was right to get out then because of the beatles had stuck around as a group, they would've put out lesser and lesser quality products and they would be rich but they would be like u2. -- maybe they did put out a lot of good albums. arrowsmith after "toys in the attic." >> i'm sorry, but did anyone wake up this morning going we have to find out -- no, no, no, kids, we are not going to school today. daddy has to know it was a
8:43 pm
ringo, was it john? was it the man? and we already know it's ringo. ringo did it. he was the one going back and forth telling each guy he was better than he really was. it was like man, paul, if you are in charge, i would get more drum solos and then he would go to john and be like hey, paul said i could get more drum solos if you sang less. we know he did it. it was ringo's punk who did it. he broke the team up. >> greg: that is the first time i've ever heard anybody blame ringo. he was in a great movie called "caveman." >> i had a bird named to ringo. i was a huge fan growing up and i don't know why. >> and then he ruined. >> i had a bird named ringo that my mom made me giveaway and then i got a dog. speak out ringo let you down.
8:44 pm
>> greg: don't apologize for being a beatles fan. >> no, it's funny because my parents weren't into the beatles that much and i found them and there are one of the greatest musical hats of all time and so i love them but i saw -- this was not my idea. i saw somebody post earlier yoko ono was to the beatles what meghan markle is to the royal family. that is not mind and i'm not saying that but i'm just throwing it out there. >> greg: that implies that prince harry had talent. you know it's funny? you know it's funny to me is that when i was growing up, the beatles with a good band and the rolling stones was the scary band and that surely the rolling stones would be the one that would disintegrate. because they were the bad boys. and who you are. it's like 60 years the stones have been around. >> they had great hair style so we can start with that. beyond that --
8:45 pm
mccartney on the fall right there. but i will say this. am i in the only person here who thinks the beatles is overrated? take this for a second. >> so many people have said that. oh, the beatles are not even good. i'm going to come on the show and be about us. i'm so cool. i'm too cool for the beatles. let's see what you have, buck sexton. >> i just said they were overrated. >> you it -- >> i will have you know. it's the propaganda here they are telling you you have to like it. we even care why they broke up at this point? they broke up. no one cares. what was the last time you listen to a song by the beatles on spot five. do not live.
8:46 pm
>> i did on vinyl on sunday. >> vinyl? speak out yesterday. >> i am choking on the pretension right now. >> is a pretension or do i actually know what i'm talking about? >> so ringo did it. >> greg: is in it the bigger story that no matter how well you get along in a band, no matter what you end up hating each other. >> yes. >> too much time together. >> greg: if only there was a tv show i could reference. >> we will never break up. >> i am the only person who thinks there overrated. >> i'm a stones guy. led zeppelin guy. just the hairdos, the bowl cut. spewing they did some interesting things. and they created basically -- >> they changed music forever but that's not enough for buck sexton. >> greg: what do you listen to and your shaggy wagon?
8:47 pm
>> cassia >> you are not supposed to tell people -- >> who are you. >> come >> greg: you threw him under the bus. >> but i think we can all and the segment on one thing. ringo did it. hashtag. >> greg: we must move on. up next, older mobsters bemoan c young gangsters on their phone. ♪ ♪ now, she can have her cake and eat it too. nexium 24hr stops acid before it starts for all-day, all-night protection. can you imagine 24 hours without heartburn? >> tech: when you get a chip in your windshield... trust safelite. this couple was headed to the farmers market... when they got a chip. they drove to safelite for a same-day repair.
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♪ ♪ >> greg: you want to become a made man while using the unlimited plan. according to "the wall street journal," old blue new york mob bosses are handing over the rain to the next generation of wise guys. the problem? millennials do toomuch texting. they think those who grew up in the suburbs instead of the city are softer and dumber and didn't learn the business. but solving carbs -- carbs and public schools?
8:52 pm
and now the younger cell phone mobsters keep sending texts that make crimes all too easy to prove in court. last month, turn themselves in on a racketeering charge after a son tweeted a photo of him relaxing in a pool. you could see how this could be crushing to a business sense based on a code of silence. listen to the secret recording we obtained today. >> i don't know what the hell these kids are talking about. i like things clear like the guy who did the thing. >> which guy? >> exactly. >> what is lol? >> lasagna. >> what about btw? is that big tony the weasel? >> no -- it means [bleep]. i'm pretty sure tmi means tommy moreno is a known format. are we going to kill him or what? >> hold on --
8:53 pm
>> greg: if you are in law enforcement, i didn't even know they were still mobsters. >> their names have changed. they used to be things like frankie to toes and jimmy the scar and now it is casper the latte drinker from brooklyn. it is changed according to the new guys. but i will say this, they don't like that they use the social media stuff because it is not a good idea. it turns her out working on some terrorism cases even when you say things like yes i want to create a pious and they say oh, great, bring those. how much will they be? and they say $30,000 in crates, law enforcement tends to figure out that you are not selling papayas. turns out they can figure these things out. and when you are looking at using social media, a lot of these guys, especially '80s on '90s, is not scary but if you saw them it's like hunched over guy. looks like he was earning a pizzeria somewhere.
8:54 pm
i don't think they would be as scary in the social media era when people see them. these guys are -- speak out now mob bosses are not scary enough for you. >> did something happen? >> did he get in your makeup chair? >> no. >> greg: i think things went downhill when mobs changed suits for sweat suits. i sweat pants. >> you don't like the casual look. >> greg: i want my mobster to be well-dressed. >> a gets tough i think for the older mobsters now with all the technical stuff. it is hard for them to find the right not to say that i just got the guy. so i think that's good how be frustrating for the mob if we are bringing them down maybe that's a good thing. am i the only one that does not think this is a bad thing that
8:55 pm
we are taking them down? >> greg: i thought the mob did a good job taking care of their neighborhood. right? >> i am taking crazy pills today. we are talking about the beatles, who is in charge of breaking them up and now criminals artist because they are young sons who they trying to be criminals are going to get caught because they might tweet. isn't the problem that you are training your son to be a criminal? why do mob bosses get a pass? jimmy the tornado or it ever either go to jail because your was on your mama's phone talking about killing somebody or one of your friends who you play golf with every day shoots you in the face and buries you and we are worried about what he is tweeting? what are we doing? i'm going to stop right now. >> it's concerning but text messaging was going to be the end of all of us someday. you have feel it feel like it's your journal but it's not. it's another person. >> there are some people i know that say they don't receive tax
8:56 pm
and they are smarter than all of us. >> did they end up being president? >> no, those are emails. >> greg: we have to move on. we will be right back. but new preparation h soothing relief spray is the 21st century way to do all three. even touch free. preparation h. get comfortable with it. bogeys on your six, limu. they need customized car insurance from liberty mutual so they only pay for what they need. woooooooooooooo... we are not getting you a helicopter. only pay for what you need. ♪ liberty. liberty. liberty. liberty. ♪ ♪i'm a ganiac, ganiac, check my drawers♪ ♪and my clothes smell so much fresher than before♪ switch to gain flings. one sniff and you'll be a ganiac too!
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2 we are out of time. thanks to lara tromp, our studio audience, "fox news @ night" with evil shannon bream is next. ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ >> shannon: hello, and welcome to "fox news @ night." i am shannon bream in washington. breaking tonight, americans frustrated with items out of stock and empty store shelves. experts warn it is likely to get worse. what you need to know before the shortages could impact your holiday plans. and what is behind a travel nightmare for passengers on one airline in particular?


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