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tv   FOX News Primetime  FOX News  October 11, 2021 4:00pm-5:00pm PDT

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dr. fauci says it's too soon to tell if it is safe to hold the election. >> bret: [laughs] by phone. all right, panel, thank you. tomorrow on "special report," china's latest effort to thwart the international community from discovering the true origins of the coronavirus. that's it for tonight's "special report," fair, balanced, and unafraid. i will be a guest on "tucker carlson tonight," 8:00, 10:00 eastern. jesse watters has fox news prime time all week and apparently he's going to save the world this week. >> jesse: i am and welcome to "fox news primetime." ♪ ♪ i'm jesse watters and tonight we start with thousands of americans left stranded across the country after southwest airlines canceled over 2,000 flights. the company told angry passengers that "air traffic control issues and bad weather were the culprit behind the delays but the people left behind weren't buying it.
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>> they were having problems. they wouldn't say it what it was and you are lucky you got a flight. >> i was told there may be a crew issue. >> they said they needed a flight attendant of a flight arrive here from dallas. >> the weather is fine in all connecting areas. there is no bad weather. it's got to be something behind the scenes that they're not telling us. >> jesse: these people aren't idiots, they know these delays aren't called by bad weather. it's hurricane joe grating a perfect storm that bring the airline industry to its knees. earlier this month, the biden administration turned the heat up on on doxxed airline employees mandating that everybody get the shot by december 8th. and instead of rolling over and complying, the pilots of southwest airlines followed suit to block a mandate. and then just days later, southwest suffers a massive stash staffing shortage. coincidence? i think not. joe biden's mandate are putting lots of unvaxxed pilots and
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flight crews in an impossible situation. >> i'm facing an ultimatum, not a choice, but an ultimatum. i'm being told that in order to continue my career as an airline pilot i must be vaccinated with really means i have been choose between putting food on my fable for my family -- when you compile mandate after mandate and loss of freedom it becomes very significant. >> jesse: in a moment i'll be talking with another pilot from one of america's major airlines, so stick around for that. he tells us these delays were called by sick outs among the crew and air traffic control teams, meaning the employees all took a sick day to send a message, but at the end of the day, the customers paid the price for joe biden forcing his mandates on these airlines. and with the holiday travel season fast approaching, you might really have to go over the river and through the woods to get to grandma's house. because it's not just airplanes that can't get off the ground as the railroads are seeing their
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own stoppages. amtrak tweeted yesterday that two trains in the northeast were canceled after so-called unforeseen crew issues, but it's hard to call those problems unforeseen when it was there buddy amtrak joe that is responsible for all of this. throw in skyrocketing gas prices, barren grocery store shelves, crisis in afghanistan from a along the border, and all of a sudden even people in blue states are starting to ask why did we vote for this guy? biden has seen his approval crater recently, most as bad as he is crater the economy. if 55% of the country, the majority of americans, are now unhappy with the way biden is handling the economy, including 61% of independent voters. wow. and we can look forward to more pain and frustration as more mandates and deadlines approach. more sick outs, more travel delays, more supply chain problems all across the country because joe biden is choosing his own radical agenda over the freedoms of the american people.
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and he doesn't care if he tanks the economy in order to do it. joining me now is a commercial pilot who is pushing back on biden's vaccine mandates. all right, so, jason, what exactly is the truth about what's happening here? >> well, jesse, thanks for having me on today. i have to say first and foremost, that, you know, we have the u.s. freedom flyers in no way support or condone any kind of work shortage or sick out or anything like that, and i also want to say if someone is on an airplane, you are safe because the system is safe, no doubt about that. that being said, it is stressful. it's a stressful industry, it's a stressful job, and the biden administration mandates being imposed through the federal government are putting an added burden, added stress, onto the employees of the airline industry and the transportation industry as a whole. so what we are seeing now is a ripple effect that will only
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grow worse all the way up until november 24th, the day before thanksgiving, one a lot of people are going to be told you can't come to work because you did not violate your fully formed conscience to get a medical procedure that they don't want to do. >> jesse: yeah, and that's if fauci allows them together for things giving and i understand your contractor not really allowed to take sick outs, so i understand exactly what's going on here. the religious exemption situation, are these airlines just not granting them? because i've heard from my sources that some airlines are saying oh, yeah, we will grant that. what's going on here in this situation? >> sure, for the most part that's an unknown period of up until this point, many of the airlines across this country have done, in my opinion, the right thing. they've given time off, they've given benefit -- you know, extra vacation days for next year. for those who are inclined to go get a vaccine, to go and do
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that. and that's wonderful. a specific airline in this country want to head and from their own volition went and said we are going to do mandates for all of our employees. they said you can have medical and religious exemptions, they took all of those exemptions and they took that list and said now all of you, effective october 1st, or on the street on unpaid, indefinite leave. if that's not what -- that's not an accommodation that any of us can put up with. in other words, unemployment. if we don't know if that's what the rest of the airlines are going to do but we are preparing our case in the event that that is what happens on november 24th. >> jesse: what is your specific objection to the vaccine? to the specific objections in general from these union pilots and flight attendants that are making them a little hesitant? >> sure, and it's not just pilots or flight attendants,
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it's ground crew, maintenance. >> jesse: everybody. >> it's everybody. you know there is the aborted baby issue, fetal tissue testing and substance in the vaccines, that's an issue. broader than that, it's "am i allowed to make a decision for myself on what, you know, medical procedure will be performed on me." the whole basis of all this is informed consent and coercing people, whoever they are, to have a -- something done to them, violates the very premise. >> jesse: and that's a principle that every american should hold dear, because this is about the constitution. we have rights as individuals to do whatever we want if it doesn't hurt anybody else. thank you very much. >> thank you. >> jesse: here now, donald trump jr., executive vp of the trump organization. so, you heard it, this is just a resistance against these mandates, they want a religious
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exemption and now because of this action, joe biden has basically stranded thousands of americans in random cities across the country, although he probably wouldn't refer to them as stranded. >> no. he probably doesn't remember what that means anymore, unfortunately, jesse, but no, it's a fact, and what really has happened is this is going on over the world, jesse. if you look at what's going on in italy, if you look at what's going on in france, people are resisting. people pushing back to these mandates. we will never hear about it. we will never see that because the media has essentially gone in full blackout mode, making sure that no one actually sees what's going on. you won't hear about the southwest much other than perhaps from you and maybe a few other people in the lineup over at fox, but everywhere else will be silent because it doesn't go with the big government talking points. it doesn't go with the democrat talking points. it's a shame, because it's
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affecting people's lives. they are destroying careers and the joe biden can get on tv and say no, the airline -- the airlines, they are 99% -- yeah, they are 99% compliant. after they fired everyone that wasn't. but guess what guys? when those companies, when those airlines start coming to the american taxpayer for bailouts, for billions of dollars of your taxpayer money after they fired perfectly healthy great freedom loving americans who simply want to decide what they do with their bodies, we've got to say no. we got to say hell note to those bailouts because they are going to come, because these companies have gotten themselves in a whole put there by the by demonstration putting stuff on there, promoting them as though they are doing great work when all they're doing is trampling freedom, and it's absolutely disgusting. >> jesse: he ran against your father and his promise was that i'm going to make things normal again, and now look at us. this chaos, you have afghan chaos, border chaos, crime wave,
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inflation. can you think of anything this president has done well? i know you are a fair guy. one thing that this president has done well? >> listen, honestly, i would love to be able to call balls and strikes. i would love to be able to come up with something that he has done well. but as an american, as a father of five young kids, jesse, i literally can't. if china or russia were to pick the perfect puppet to destroy america from within, they got it with joe biden. i literally in almost nine months, i cannot think of a single thing that they have done well for benefits americans, that would put americans back to work. you know what, jesse, i was wrong. there is one thing. you save $0.16 with your fourth fourth of july barbecue. and they were really patronizing about it. if you had to drive about 12 yards in your car to pick up those groceries, it was gone, it was a wash, but if i'm going to be objective and i'm going to
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call balls and strikes, you saved $0.16 on your and entire fourth of july barbecue. >> jesse: that was the fourth of july barbecue he allowed us to have, that fauci says he may allow us to have christmas and we might be able to get to our family's house come christmas time because flights are going to be grounded but this is novel we were promised in the biden administration and you really nailed it, i think it's really about what has he done for the american citizen. not what he's done for the chinese, not what he's done for the illegal immigrants. what has he done for unions? he was supposed to be the union guy and a bunch of units are just going to get shellacked by these mandates. he hasn't even gotten on the phone and tried to deal with this. >> yeah. just like per member, he's going to be a moderate on all things. not so much. he's going to save energy -- she's knuckling to cancel your pipelines day one, but russia can have a pipeline, no problem. russia can have -- will cancel
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the military aid package to ukraine, no problem. like i said, it's as though he's working for the other side. he's getting lax on china. they look at him, they see an empty shell of a man. they see someone with zero resolve, jesse, no guts whatsoever, so they will fly hundreds of airplanes into taiwanese airspace. our allies are looking at us wondering and knowing, unfortunately, that america will not be there to have their backs. that's going to lower our standing in the world, that's going to hurt us with our friends, that's going to hurt our ability to get things done, the currency that america has wielded beyond what happens to the dollar eventually with what he will do, but the currency of our strength is diluted so badly in eight months it's almost hard to believe. maybe that's the other categories over over performing, if his goal was to destroy america, joe biden is doing one hell of a job, jesse. >> jesse: fair assessment from donald trump jr., thank you so much for coming on prime time. >> good to be with you, man.
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>> jesse: kamala harris has abandoned her assignment to fix the border. of now she's going to space. sarah palin reacts to whatever this is. ♪ ♪ >> i just -- i don't know what it is about those craters on the moon. ♪ ♪ as someone who resembles someone else... i appreciate that liberty mutual knows everyone's unique. that's why they customize your car insurance, so you only pay for what you need. [ nautical horn blows ] i mean just because you look like someone else doesn't mean you eat off the floor, or yell at the vacuum, or need flea medication. oh, yeah. that's the spot. only pay for what you need. ♪ liberty, liberty, liberty, liberty ♪
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♪♪ i've always been running. to meetings. errands. now i'm running for me. i've always dreamed of seeing the world. but i'm not chasing my dream anymore. i made a financial plan to live it every day. ♪ there was a dream ♪ ♪ and one day i could see it ♪ at northwestern mutual, our version of financial planning helps you live your dreams today. find a northwestern mutual advisor at ♪ ♪ >> jesse: for years, democrats and the media have been trying to convince us that kamala harris is a rising star, but anyone that's been paying attention can see that star is fading fast. sleepy joe's world kamala at every glass ceiling he can find and she hasn't been able to shatter single one of them. >> president biden: the house was also working on the john those voting rights act to sigg
4:19 pm
group -- to them vice president harris to help these efforts and lead them among her many other was months abilities. this new search we are stealing with now started with the last administration but it's our responsibility to deal with it humanely. the vice president has agreed among the other things -- and i appreciate it, agreed to lead our diplomat effort. >> jesse: none of that happened, but hey, at least she's having fun. >> [laughs] >> [laughs] where shall i start! [laughs] >> [laughs] >> jesse: this is why you don't see much of the vp anymore. they keep her locked up. on purpose. joe biden's handlers know kamala harris is never going to reach the stars on her own. that's why this week they gave
4:20 pm
her a telescope and a new job. no more border, forget about the root causes, something that's a little more her speed of, teaching kids about the magic of outer space. >> my mom was a scientist i love the idea of exploring the unknown. and other things that we just haven't figured out or discovered yet. to think about so much that's out there that we still have to learn. i love that. >> i don't know what it is about those craters on the moon! >> never let anybody tell you who you are. you tell them who you are. >> dream with ambition. have big dreams! >> jesse: joining me now, former vice president of candidate and former governor of alaska, sarah palin. all right, to the moon, governor palin, to the moon! >> that was just painful. caption that when memes come
4:21 pm
true. you know, i have to to the kids though, the students who were standing there sitting there listening too because the kids -- you know, they are so candid if they are allowed to speak their thoughts. you know what they're thinking. they're looking at her thinking "why are you so awkward," because that's probably the most awkward presentation that i've ever seen. >> jesse: i believe those were child actors. we have some reporting on that. i'm not kidding, governor, i believe they may have been child actors. not even real kids. >> this gets better and better! hours go by. >> jesse: she needs help. she's not done a great job with her border assignment buried pretty much got out of dodge after afghanistan. so she is looking for stuff to do, can't find anything good to tackle here on this green earth. you know, she's got to go to a galaxy far, far away. >> [laughs] yeah. you know, those clips really are painful to watch.
4:22 pm
and this is a tough interview to do because i have some people in the studio who are laughing so hard that they are kind of getting me off track right now. because they saw the clip. but yeah, awkward videos that were presented -- at least the media didn't hide that one. at least founded and ran it. but same with president biden's videos, watching him try to speak and read the teleprompter. i get cold sweat. it's difficult for me to watch. i think in his case it's elder abuse where they trot him on out there and expect him to be articulate about anything. it's tough to watch. >> jesse: he's delegating everything. first he sends kamala down to south america, that didn't work, now he is sending his ag, his dhs secretary, secretary of state. sending all of his cabinet down to mexico to figure that out because kemal is basically like, you know, washed her hands of it.
4:23 pm
i don't think it's -- what's interesting today as hillary popped out of the woodwork to remind us that you know what, she is still here. >> any interest at all inning back into the game of politics? >> i will never be out of the game of politics. i'm not going to be running for anything, but i really feel, amy, and i know george was interviewing adam schiff before, i really feel like our democracy is at stake and there's many reasons for that. i really am worried about what's happening at home and around the world, so i'm never going to get out of, you know, being involved, worried, and hopefully trying to help in some way. >> jesse: she's never going to get out of politics. that sounds like a threat. >> well, this just seems to be a day where a lot are getting trotted out to get some comments. that's kind of ironic. let me address though the good point you are making about kamala -- kamala -- kamala being sent to the border but not doing a doggone thing.
4:24 pm
she didn't show up in the right place anyway. but then president biden announced -- sent the rest of the team down to the border trying to figure it out. what's to figure out, jesse? what is to figure out? trump had the answer. any reasonable common sense constitutional conservative has the answer, and that's you build a wall, you pay attention to what's going on of the border, and you go from there. what is so difficult about that? what am i missing? >> jesse: it's not difficult, and he's making it difficult, and that's the problem, and i think the fact that hillary is popping up and saying hey, america, i'm still here, signals that a lot of folks and said the democrat party know that joe is going to be a one termer. they know kamala is plotting to be the nominee. no one thinks kamala can win in 2024, so hillary is like saying hey, you know, i'm still here. don't forget about me, i got more votes in the popular vote than donald trump. hey, hey guys.
4:25 pm
>> wouldn't surprise me. it you know, i wouldn't bet against that at all if hillary jumps back in there. and remember what happened to to kamala during the primaries, she didn't go anywhere. even the democrats within her own party, they weren't going to nominate her. they weren't elevating her into any kind of position and, you know, i think she checked a lot of boxes for the need they are on the ticket, and that's why she's there today. >> jesse: she shorted and i think she should focus on solving problems here on earth before she starts focusing on outer space. thank you so much, governor palin, always enjoy having you one. >> thank you. >> jesse: next, you can smoke grass in the state of california, but don't you dare cut it. governor gavin newsom just outlawed lawn mowers. plus, there's something going on at cnn, they are making their ratings disappear. we will tell you why after the break. ♪ ♪ (burke) i've seen this movie before.
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♪ ♪ >> jesse: chances are you haven't seen what's happening on cnn lately. very few people have. it lets put it this way. last week its highest rated show lost to a rerun of ninety-day fiance. now, everybody seems to be thinking the same thing. hillary was. what happened? i'll tell you what happened. people don't like being lied to. cnn was dead wrong on russia, wrong on covid, wrong on hunter biden's laptop, just to name a few. the only reason they had viewers to begin with was because donald trump was president. trump was their golden goose and then they killed it. some people at cnn seemed to notice so they are desperately trying to resuscitate donald trump with anything they can find. for example, an in-depth story about george clooney calling trump a knucklehead. that's news you can lose. needless to say, none of this is working. the american public is onto
4:32 pm
them. think of cnn as the titanic. they drove themselves into an iceberg that everybody saw coming. they are taking on water, there aren't enough boats, but donald trump and fox news will always be there jack. >> i'll never let go. i promise. ♪ ♪ >> jesse: time to let go. columnist for "the new york post" and a fox news contributor. aranda, what is happening over there? it's not pretty. >> no, it's not, and you're absolutely right. the whole business model was based on hating donald trump, trumped arrangement syndrome and what that -- without donald trump around anymore, they really don't have anything else, especially in prime time, all their opinion hosts, they're just sort of living on the fumes of the trump era, and i think they are all praying like hell
4:33 pm
that donald trump will come back in 2024 even though they pretend that that's the worst thing in the world. it's what they need to kick-start their ratings. >> jesse: yeah, they're two hosts in prime time accused of sexual assault, none of them can crack over a million all day at any hour, and you're right. i've heard from the inside that not only cnn, but all of these mainstream legacy reporters are dying for trump to run again because that's all they have. >> it's all they have. cnn was supposed to beat the 24/7 news channel. they've given that up for 24/7 propaganda, and as you said so aptly, they have lied to their viewers, and i think their ratings are tied to joe biden's plummeting poll ratings, because they were all in on joe biden, on mythologizing him as this unifying president who was a moderate, and especially as
4:34 pm
independents of come to their senses and realized that in fact that's the opposite of what joe biden is, that joe biden himself has been lying to them just like cnn lies, they are completely disillusioned and switching off on both the president and cnn. >> jesse: there watching "90-day fiance." and you're right about the business model. that was half of the business model. the other half was governed big breaking live news events and what have we had? we had afghanistan, we fed the delta surge, we had these very controversial mandates and even with all of that pretty juicy news, they still have underperformed. i don't think they know what to do. >> and if you look at -- you know, those of their hosts that have actually clung to news, breaking news and not being so biased and not pushing propaganda as much, there ratings have survived a bit more, but people like don lemon,
4:35 pm
brian, the media guy, who is constantly ravaging on how cnn people have the moral high ground and people at fox are dreadful, even wrote a book about that, he is number 18 on the weekend viewers. i mean, the only reason he's there it's because he is sort of a clone of jeff zucker. he looks like jeff zucker, he loves jeff zucker, he is jeff zucker, the boss' mouthpiece. of otherwise would you give the guy job on tv? no. >> jesse: zucker might not be there for that much longer if this continues and maybe brian won't either. we will see what happens. miranda, thank you so much. they need all the help they can get. thank you. california governor gavin newsom spent the weekend checking some high-priority items off his list. no, not the criminals looting the walgreens or the people were leaving themselves all over the streets of san francisco. no, no. he's cracking down the public enemy number one.
4:36 pm
lawn mowers. he's outlawing all gas powered lawn mowers and leaf blowers by 2024, so basically he's okay with you stealing a lawn mower as long as you don't use it. that's a crime. joining me now is the host of "the guy benson show," guy benson. guy, who is going to mow nancy pelosi's long? she's got about 16 acres. >> that's going to pose a problem, jesse, and i can tell you, we both live on the east coast. watching california politics from afar, it feels like just a game of woke mad libs. it's like what have the even doing out there? i found out about the story today, someone said to me did you see this crazy california start. i said oh, yeah, the toy store regulation about gender-neutral toy stores? no, no, the ban on lawn mowers. so i said what and i had to look that when i. to your point, jesse, and san francisco in particular you have this problem.
4:37 pm
under his guidance and under this restriction, you could not have a gas powered pressure washer to spray away that mass, because that is what would be unlawful. >> jesse: guy, i want to be fair. if you can have electric powered lawn mowers, so you have to plug in the lawn mower somewhere and you know, the court is kind of getting in the way, it's wrapping around trees and things like that, so to be fair, the lawns will grow. maybe not with all the water they restrict over there because they can't even manage their water, but that's how they're going to have to do this now. how are the hollywood elites going to have these lawn care services come, all of these companies are going to have to ditch their gas powered mowers and buy plug-ins. >> and the electric powered ones or the battery-powered ones are much more expensive and much less efficient. so it will take a lot longer to
4:38 pm
finish these tasks, especially a big lush property of celebrities and so on, that they enjoy, and it's going to cost the small businesses a fortune to comply whenever they are buying new equipment. they can't afford that. people can't afford to live in that state already. that's why there was an exodus. that's why they've lost population. that's why people are saying we can't do business here, we can't live here, and other going to look at, what, like small landscaping companies, small businesses, some of which i would imagine a probably minority-owned, saying sorry, we are going to put in a new regulation, it's way too expensive for you to comply with, good luck, because it's what's necessary for the environment. here is the money that we will throw you to help try to build up your new stockpile of equipment and already the industry is saying this is nowhere near enough money, taxpayer money, of course, to actually make companies hole. i think this is going to be another fun experiment out there that will drive more and more people out of the state, because
4:39 pm
just the lunatics are running the state now, period, and they have no one standing in the way. there's no meaningful opposition. this governor is newly empowered, the people said yes, let's have more of this, by 30 points, they are going to get more of it nice and hard. if >> jesse: for the people who don't even believe that i would ever mow a lawn, i mowed so many lawns growing up, guy. it's all they did. that's the only way i made money growing up. and you can't have a plug-in lawn mower. it just doesn't work. as an experienced landscaper guy, all right, i'm telling you the truth, you can't be plugging in the lawn mower, it just doesn't function like that. you probably don't know anything about that great of >> excuse me, i also have those, but i also had to cut the yard with my dad growing up and then as soon as i went off to college, they got landscapers, so what about my younger sibling, they get it so easy. >> jesse: it builds character, guy come it builds character.
4:40 pm
>> all right. >> jesse: there's no character out in california anymore. thanks for coming on. up next, joe biden and elizabeth warren are busy celebrating indigenous peoples day, but not dinesh d'souza. why is standing up for christopher columbus after the break. ♪ ♪ kidney alert for type 2 diabetes! forty percent of people with type 2 diabetes will develop chronic kidney disease, or ckd. did you know ckd can lead to kidney failure and dialysis? kidney alert! ckd often has no symptoms until it's too late! help protect your kidneys. call your doctor for a uacr test. it shows one of the earliest signs for ckd. visit! there's software. it shows one of the earand then there's kd. industrial grade software, forged from decades of industrial experience and insights. meet honeywell forge. analytical software that connects assets
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♪ ♪ >> jesse: some people just don't know when to quit. today, fake indian liz warren, trump famous the calls are pocahontas, posted a tweet in supportive reparations for her "ancestors, the indigenous people, who suffered of a has a crisper columbus. senator, little advice, you might want to set this up. leave it to her buddy joe biden, who issued a proclamation wearing today indigenous peoples day. clearly the left has no interest in acknowledging our celebrate and customer columbus the man who discovered the western hemisphere. dinesh d'souza is an offer, a filmmaker and an immigrant who loves columbus. before we begin, we had our dna tests done on "the five" and i'm 99.9% european and .1%
4:46 pm
sub-saharan african, so i'm actually more black than liz warren is native american. she's like .0009% native american. my goodness. but that's besides the point. your thoughts on columbus day as the left has renamed it indigenous peoples day? >> well, of course i was kind of chuckling when you said -- you used the word discovery, columbus discovered america, and of course this is one of the sore points on the left, because they say that he couldn't have discovered america because america was already here and there were people who were already here, so this was not a discovery, this was kind of an encounter. the indians in columbus mutually encountered each other. i think what's going on here, as usual, the left is trying to camouflage something truly important. what are they trying to hide? they're trying to hide the fact that it was columbus, european -- by the way, a
4:47 pm
genoese sailor who got supported and bankrolled by the spanish. >> jesse: and italian bankrolled by the spanish crown. >> by the spanish crown, take three ships across the atlanta goshen in a ten week voyage and land in the americas. now, no american indian tribe at that time could have taken about and gone the other way and let say gone up the thames or gone up the same -- in other words, there was not a civilizational parity between the two groups, and that is why discovery is such a fighting word, it implies that western civilization was somehow more developed, more advanced, more technologically sophisticated. >> jesse: welcome it was. it was more technologically advanced. it was. they were able to cross the atlantic in these vessels that before then had never been done before. and to the point about quote unquote discovery, is like kamala wants to, we're going to be sending all sorts of shuttles
4:48 pm
into outer space we were going to maybe land on a planet that had life on the planet. we would claim that we discovered life on other planets. there might have been life before we got there, but that's what discovery is. >> well, remember that when america got to the moon, you know, neil armstrong planted the american flag on the moon in very much the same mode of "i was here, we discovered this." the left doesn't like that part either, and sometimes people compare columbus to the space program, but i mean, there's no comparison, an astronaut didn't come up with the idea of going to the moon, there's a massive infrastructure of technology and billions of dollars in financing that makes it possible. if columbus came up with the idea himself. he got the team together, he raised the money, he did it and later when he was in prison and a lot of his critics came up to him and laughed at him and said look at you now, columbus, you're in prison, he goes yeah, but history will remember me differently because i did it and you didn't.
4:49 pm
>> jesse: so many historians have documented that the tribes here in the western hemisphere were pretty vicious. they practiced polygamy, sometimes some tribes practice human sacrifice. there were -- you know, there's a lot of nasty stuff that went on here, cannibalism, in this hemisphere, and now they have their own day. are we going to cancel indigenous peoples day because of all of these horrible atrocities that they committed? no. we can celebrate both them, we can celebrate columbus. nothing needs to be canceled. we see history in its context, i will give you the last word. >> i agree completely. that's were member the world before the american revolution was defined by the most part but what can be called the conquest epic. columbus was part of that, but so were the indian tribes. there were passive and weak tribes and they were overrun by
4:50 pm
the more powerful tribes, so most of the indian tribes that were powerful and had land had taken that land from someone else. >> jesse: and some of these tribes even held slaves, if people want to get into that, we can get into that. i do have to run because we are up against a hard break so i got to let you go but before i do, have become a mistake. don't go anywhere, abby hornacek is on the clock. ♪ ♪ >> tech: when you get a chip in your windshield... trust safelite. this couple was headed to the farmers market... when they got a chip. they drove to safelite for a same-day repair. and with their insurance, it was no cost to them. >> woman: really? >> tech: that's service the way you need it. >> singers: ♪ safelite repair, safelite replace. ♪
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and a partner who includes 5g in every plan, so you get it all. without trade-offs. unconventional thinking. it's better for business. ♪ ♪ >> jesse: just a few minutes left in the show, time to put abby hornacek on the clock, four stories, 60 seconds each, but the emojis be our guide. first story. it last week, reporter mistook a crowd chanting f joe biden four let's go brandon. >> such an unbelievable moment. >> you also told me you can hear the chants from the crowd.
4:56 pm
"let's go brandon." >> jesse: that was smooth, the way she handled that. but it's like this is all you hear all across the country. let's go, brandon. >> yeah, a lot of bleeps there. this is differently caught on, it was a viral moment that's going to stay for a long time but this is sports. you've seen politics now seep into the fabric of sports culture, so now this is what's going to happen. i kind of see the 2020 election like the yankees versus the red sox, you have two very polarizing figures and then you have the fan bases of both and they are in competition, their rivals. if >> jesse: you would never do this. >> never! >> jesse: you are such a good girl. >> you can't put it past any sports fans because they want to get under each other's skins. >> jesse: if he even knows it's going on. we are not sure. moving on. superman has come out of the phone booth. superman is bisexual. dc comics revealing its latest man of steel will have a
4:57 pm
same-sex partner. you are saying in the green room, you thought that superman was always bisexual with the types that he wears and he's always jumping out of places. >> i did not say that, but i actually think this is a great thing because superheroes are meant to save lives. if you really look at the statistics, the cdc in 2020 found that an lgbtq member is four times more likely to contemplate suicide than its peers, the trevor project found that lgbtq youth -- let me get the stat right, one lgbtq youth between the ages of 13 and 24 attempt suicide every four to five seconds in the united states. in the united states. >> jesse: all right, you're going to save lives here. i think lgbtq -- there's other things that follow that and there's you leaving them out. >> plus. >> jesse: plus, don't forget the plus. next story, researchers have come up with a possible cause for breakthrough covid cases.
4:58 pm
according to a new study, smoking cannabis may be to blame. the study found that those with a substance use disorder are more likely to contract covid after being vaccinated, so greg gutfeld must be in huge trouble. >> is going to say jesse, talk with the greenroom. >> jesse: they don't call it the greenroom for nothing. >> so they're talking but the link of the risk with the behavior. people with marijuana use disorder, it's the behavior, so -- what's interesting though, substance use disorder, they found a link between socioeconomic status and underlying conditions, but that was not the case with marijuana. >> jesse: you're doing a lot of research for on the clock. >> you don't want this research? >> jesse: this is very heavy research buried >> i thought this was news program. >> jesse: it is. >> i won't give you my stats.
4:59 pm
>> jesse: dr. fauci has granted us permission to take our kids trick-or-treating. last year the activity was labeled high-risk but this year he's fine with it, probably because, you know, kids are being masked up. >> no stats here. nancy pelosi this. i think this is great because parents need it as well, they've been with their kids for the last year and i'm sure you'll see this in jesse, jr., but it's great, you get out and about but i'm a little worried because you always have that dentist in the neighborhood who gives you a toothpaste and toothbrush. >> jesse: he does? >> if you look it's going to be all hand sanitizer, you're going to dump at your candy and it will be a bunch of hand sanitizer. >> jesse: you're probably the person a puts out a huge basket of candy and then says a note that just says take two please. and everybody comes to your house, the first person pours the whole thing in the bag, and you're done, and you look like a grinch. >> i go to a good sale at cvs and they get all the candy. and a scoop it up.
5:00 pm
>> jesse: don't smoke weed and eat too much candy, you might get covid according to research. thanks for watching "fox news primetime" and we are going to be back here tomorrow night at 7:00 with me, jesse watters grade and did i tell you i had a book out? how i saved the world? still on amazon. check it out and check out tucker, who is next. thank you guys. ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ >> tucker: good evening and welcome to a columbus day addition of "tucker carlson tonight." yes, it is still columbus day on the show and we are still alive. we are employed and happy enough to show up for work. speaking of work, joe biden showed up at a construction site in illinois to explain what a terrific job he's been doing. biden's poll numbers, you may have noticed, have declined recently not just by a little but by such a dramatic margin that some prominent democrats


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