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tv   The Five  FOX News  October 11, 2021 2:00pm-3:00pm PDT

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to alan shepherd, the first american to go into space. there's plans to go beyond there for jeff bezos. elon musk and others are playing in this game, as well as richard branson. the captain is going with jeff bezos. that will do it. >> dana: i am dana perino. it's 5:00 in new york city and this is "the five" -- this is "the five." chaos, confusion, mass cancellations. thousands of people living their worst travel nightmares across the country. southwest airlines canceling nearly 2,000 flights and that instruction continues today with more than 350 being called off and another 750 delayed.
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frustration boiling over for passengers who say they were completely blindsided. >> we didn't find out until 5:00 this morning that it was canceled. we were on the phone for seven hours. it was so backlogged. >> said they were having problems. they didn't say what it was and "you're lucky you got a flight." because the weather is fine and all collecting areas. connecting areas. that has to be something we haven't seen. >> dana: southwest blaming it on air traffic control and severe weather. the faa contradicting it saying it's not to blame for what happened. the cancellations, during a controversy over the airlines vaccine policy. southwest and its pilots unions denying it had anything to do with the wave of cancellations but one pilot did warn it could lead to shortages. stick with it going to bring the airline industry to its knees. they can't operate with a 10% loss of their workgroups. it affects the consumer. we don't just fly people.
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we fly organs, blood for hospitals, medical equipment, fresh food. it's going to affect the economy. it's going to affect your lifestyle. it's going to affect the markets. it's a big deal. >> dana: greg, seems like airlines forget it's not the 1980s. if they said that there was a weather issue, you are like, okay. no way to tell. not everybody has it on their phone. >> greg: will you are seeing is government isn't controlling this. its pilots. if this is true. if it's actually about the mandates, then you're seeing a group of people who decide that it's important enough that they can actually control a resource that can put a stop to anything because they believe they have the right to. the personal is always political for the left. decades ago it was essential with jim crow, makes a personal but now everything personal is political except i am willing to bet that 99% of the people that are involved in this stance, it's not us versus them.
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it's not a political thing. i think it's a personal thing. it's about their families and the decisions they want to make about their bodies but when the left introduced politics, it becomes a prison of two ideas. okay, you're either forward or you're against it. democrat, republican. i think that leaves out, it crowds out the reasons and stories and realities that people are basing their decisions on. i think that's what these pilots are doing. i also think we are at a stage where we keep redefining normal everyday stuff. look at australia right now. the accelerated government intervention in the name of acceptable risk. they keep making risk and risk less acceptable. until the government shows up at your house because you went to a anti-vaccine mandate protest. there is not going to be a mandate. masks don't have to be worn outside but every day it slightly changes. something becomes more
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acceptable. population falls more and more in line it makes you wonder, what will it be like in 22 or 23? how much will he accept? >> dana: what could we be like in two months? the left's war on christmas could continue with delays and shortages of pilots right around the holidays. >> jesse: mayor pete is going to have his hands full. he's in charge. where is mayor pete? all this labor action before the holidays, christmas. >> greg: it is jesse jr.'s first christmas, he must have strong feelings. >> jesse: he does have strong feelings. he said dad, joe biden wants this. he was bragging about companies laying off the unvaxxed so this is exactly what happens when you slap a mandate like this. dana, if you read the latest in "the federalist" and i'm sure you have. the vaccine mandate is a mirage. the rule has never been written. it might not be written.
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once it's written, has to go through lawyers and then once it's established, it is six months until companies have to do anything so the companies fell in line over a press release, over a threat. now you're seeing the results of that threat. i was in california over the weekend giving a speech. i ran into, i think she was a flight attendant, could've been a pilot. she works for southwest. >> dana: she could have been a pilot. >> jesse: she had a uniform on. it was hard to see. after she was mad at me. saying you trash southwest. i said there's a lot of fights there. just doing my job and then she said jesse, i've been at this company for 22 years and they are about to fire me because i have the antibodies but because of my religious reasons, i do not want to get the shot. i'm about to be fired after 23 years. she said a lot of the other people, the other people at the other airlines, they are giving religious exemptions. american airlines, check. they want to keep people.
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southwest is not doing that. they are being real tough with that and she actually predicted that there was going to be action taken to have something like this happen. in the next day, monday, look what happens. >> dana: in august president biden said the supply chain concerns really temporary and that his experts had told him that they would alleviate it in the economy would improve. we are not saying that. shelves are empty. now you have airlines saying the cascading effect could be that the economy does not improve. >> without question. you saw today some of the retailers are contracting their own cargo ship to bring in products to make sure there are products on the shelves for thanksgiving and christmas. this airline, they mismanaged it. whether it's a mandate or not,
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they should of told consumers on flyers that they were going to be inconvenienced. that being said, if i were a passenger on southwest airlines i was on a plane with an unvaccinated pilot with my unvaccinated 7-year-old and 6-year-old, i would want to know. i'm not sure they are sharing it. i think the airline is probably looking at the liability and saying maybe if we don't have everyone unvaccinated, we are going to have an even bigger set of problems. as i have shared before, i thought colin kaepernick was right for teams to be able to say you've got to stand when the national anthem islam. the people defending this freedom platform, i applaud you but let's be consistent. there is a consequence if you don't get vaccinated in the private sector. this isn't the government telling united airlines and southwest, it's that airlines think we want our pilots and those who work for us vaccinated. we can disagree. everyone has the right to express their freedom however they choose but there are consequences when you do your freedom.
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if you would've told me at 2020 last year, we were in a presidential race. we had our first debate. biden and president trump. then vice president biden. if you would've told me a year later we would have three vaccines and that only 60% of americans will be fully vaccinated, less than 60%, i would've taken a bet on the opposite side. i would've thought we would have three quarters of our nation vaccinated. the first that i came on the show, you are kind to have me and jesse said clearly if everyone who is vaccinated software masks, that's wrong. i'm vaccinated. the likelihood of me getting this virus is so small and the likelihood of me getting sick is very small. infant. infinitesimally small. those numbers still exist today. i hope people get vaccinated and those who choose not to, there will be consequences. obviously the southwest airline pilots and the personnel there are experiencing some of those consequences. >> greg: i'm sorry, you said something that i think is at the kernel of the problem.
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the question of liability is different than the risk. the risk is so small. you're talking about the liability but you're talking about a pilot that's not going to have any contact with the 6-year-old or the 5-year-old. the air circulation in an airplane is amazing. >> i hear you but of the pilot is communicating and has interactions with the flight crew and the flight crew is delivering apple juice to my 6-year-old or 7-year-old or ginger ale, that is -- i'm not a doctor. i'm not a professional. one thing i do know, i do not want to be in an enclosed environment with someone who's not vaccinated. >> did you fly before the vaccine? >> i did not. >> the spread of covid was not a problem on planes. >> i don't want to be the first. a lot of this is the fear of the unvaccinated by the vaccinated and that defies the logic of getting vaccinated in the first place. let me finish. okay. last year we asked airlines,
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employees to get back on the job. the pilots and flight attendants and gate agents and baggage handlers. come back to work. get america back well before there was a vaccine. the spread of covid on airplanes, fully masked and they do enforce those mask mandates on airlines and the airport. the ventilation system on the plains. to ask these individuals to work when it was certainly a lot riskier to do that last year and then to tell them get a vaccine or you're fired, that's profoundly unfair. you're a democrat. don't you believe in the sanctity of the union employer contract? that's what this is about. the pilots on friday and this looks like a -- 25% of flights were canceled yesterday. there's a lawsuit filed on friday by the pilots union.
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they are challenging the vaccine mandate in courts because they say that it violates the railway act. i didn't mean to cut you off. >> by no means. >> dagen: before we go, if i have one -- here one more people say pack your patients if they're flying southwest airlines, they should be pelted by stale doughnuts. >> greg: throw them out of the emergency exit. >> dana: if they tell you it's weather-related, then they don't have to pay for your time. they say it's not about the vaccine. >> greg: does not work outside of airlines? >> dagen: it's a creditability -- credibility problem. >> the courts will decided. >> dana: they better hurry. president biden begging democrats to unite and give him a lifeline.
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>> jesse: president biden's build better agendas in full meltdown. joe practically pleading with democrats to save him. >> we need to stay together. bound by the values we hold as a party. here's the deal. we won 2020 as a unified party and we are looking to 2022 and as we do that, we need to stay unified. >> jesse: democrats are
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worried that the tanking poll numbers will sink their chances of holding on to. dana, checking between the moderates in the far left, biden has thrown in with the far left. someone is going to have to cave or compromised by the end of the year. >> dana: think they look at their numbers and realize there's a cascade of a lack of confidence. all of the issues. education, immigration, inflation, foreign policy, afghanistan. all of it. that means that joe biden's credit in terms of political capital is really low. he doesn't have any juice. saying that you better get in line. he said he was going to run as a moderate. he was going to run as a person that would reunite everybody and he has not done that. everybody gets it. he won the battle but bernie sanders won the war. they are calling the shots. there is a woman named abigail
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spanberger, congressman from virginia. she wrote an op-ed saying we need this infrastructure bill but that ship has sailed. president biden said no they will be linked with the 3.5 trillion or whatever they end up with. do not underestimate their ability to get something done. they know they have to have something to run on. someone eventually will cave but i think it will be the moderates. psaki moderates are the only reason they have the house majority. >> dana: on the house side. i don't know about sinema and manchin. >> greg: i was thinking about a spam burger. >> dana: her name is spanberger. if i mispronounce it i apologize. >> greg: the grand unifier cannot unify his party. can barely unify his bathrobe. his only purpose was to unify to
2:20 pm
beat trump. it wasn't that hard for him. they just needed the vessel. they needed the look of an old white moderate as comfy as milk and cookies at that time and you're watching the whole thing employed. it was a trick. the voting public is seeing that he was a full front. designed to win and election. now the implosion comes. given the choice, this is what you would have done. do you want the bernie sanders or do you want to pretend to be something else on win? they still won. they pulled the wool, if i might say so, over our eyes. >> jesse: the poll came out, no one knows what's in it. no one thinks it's going to help the economy or their families. whatever they are pushing, infrastructure, build back better, no one knows what's in it. >> dagen: the american people are smart despite the way biden and company speak to the vast
2:21 pm
majority of the country and they know that inflation is spiking. you have a variety of commodities that are near or at all-time highs. gasoline prices at a seven year high. they look at $5 trillion in this new welfare monstrosity and they think more money equals more inflation despite what jen psaki says that we need to spend money to solve the inflation problem. it's that simple. they are not behind it. the american people. for that very reason. however, joe biden is standing up there like willie loman, trying to sell it to america. in terms of unity, i think 48 out of 50 democratic senators in favor of this new century welfare monstrosity is pretty good. 96% of the democrats in the senate. what happened to the party that there are only two people saying social security and medicare, $112 trillion.
2:22 pm
medical or hospital funds running out of money. there's nobody there. >> jesse: is joe biden working the phones unknown is listening? is he not working the phones? >> he should be working the phones. the only thing he should be saying is that the country is prepared to pass an infrastructure plan. let's do it. see how the country digest the first set of things. >> dana: he already said no. he went to the hill. >> he can change his mind. if he is going to find his way to higher ground, he's got to do it. but you're right, he was elected on covid and i think his numbers are falling largely because people are saying my lives are not normal. even the first story, the southwest pilots saying what's wrong? why can't we get some normalcy. people come at it from different ways. dagen and i might disagree but we want the matter resolved and we are not there.
2:23 pm
his stability and confidence. my pal thin congress, they seem to think they have a 50 seat majority in the house and senate. you don't. if you get there, then you can come back and perhaps to some of these things. the country would've said this is what we want. the country is willing to go forward on some things. the thing they are willing go forward on is what joe biden and republicans and democrats in the senate negotiated. pass it first. >> jesse: you're making a lot of sense. i had come a insanity ahead, moral insanity.
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♪ ♪ >> harold: more tragic examples of crime in america. a police officer killed on his first day in the job in georgia. he was shot outside the alamo police department saturday. the suspect has been arrested. a nurse visiting new york city died over the weekend after homeless man slammed her to the ground moments after mugging another woman. the suspect reportedly on the streets because of bail reform. greg, as we think about the way we criticize politicians and policies around crime and defund the police has become the moniker but i think we have moved beyond that. i know you are sensitive around mental health issues but what can be done to address these kinds of violent crimes?
2:29 pm
>> greg: we have to throw out this bail law. the same way andrew cuomo sent contagious covid patients to rest homes that killed thousands, that's what de blasio is doing with criminals. letting them loose in an innocent, defenseless population and it's killing people. it's truly defenseless because none of us can have guns. we have no immunity against this threat. once the population finds itself helpless, they find getting angrier -- they get angrier and angrier. we are lucky. a lot of us could move out. we have the will and the means. but there is poor and elderly in the cities that are screwed. think about the elderly asians that are been targeted and the hate crimes and stuff. it's a large population in new york city. it's chinatown. this tragedy. in times square in the daytime. this never used it to happen even in the needs. it's unconscionable.
2:30 pm
i don't understand how de blasio gets away with it. why isn't he held accountable? his wife are in the mental health program. how are they getting away with this. meanwhile they are having their kids chauffeured by a police detective. he doesn't want to brave the danger is streets. why does he get a detective driving him? >> harold: the -- there were reductions in crimes of the president you served under. do we bring it back? i agree with greg. we have to get rid of bail reform but what other things? >> dana: the very liberal prosecutors that will prosecute the crimes. the other thing is, we talked about the crime last week of the woman who shoved the other woman into the train. when the reporters catch up with that woman sister, the perpetrator sister, she says she's obviously mentally ill. they took off her medicines. they send her back saying she's not mentally ill. families are begging for help.
2:31 pm
i think that part is what we should try to focus on. the families -- if the family says, it's like the red flag law. this person needs help. they can't keep going back out on the street. i think it's a very liberal prosecutor. but if you look at philadelphia, that guy was reelected by a huge margin. i feel a little bit at a loss. >> harold: dagen, what's the disconnect? prosecutors don't seem to have a link up with crime reduction. why do you think people are voting for these people? >> dagen: i don't know. i really don't know. there was a woman. there was a speech, our rally yesterday here in new york city of people whose children have been the victim of shootings, unto another problem. "new york post" had an editorial that said new york leaders have blood on their hands and we know
2:32 pm
the price victims pay. injury and death. we know the price that the public ps. it's fear and chronic paralysis. afraid of getting attacked or seeing a loved one get attacked. we know the price the police pay. they are demoralized. they are afraid of losing their jobs. losing their pensions. they're afraid of losing their freedom quite frankly and going to jail. but you have a de blasio who after his time as mayor is talking about running for governor. it's happening over and over. quickly with the profoundly mentally ill. this has been something that's going on for 60 years in this country. it started when president kennedy was in office. the deinstitutionalization of the profoundly mentally ill. they are violent. they are on the streets. this man who killed this
2:33 pm
oncology nurse, he hadn't taken his shot. it's what his family talked about. it's a shot you have to get every month for schizophrenia. he hadn't taken his shot and that's what happened. >> jesse: to answer your question, why are they voting for these crazy das? nanda wealthiest campaigns. they are getting boatloads of money from people like george soros. the other thing is what do you bring back that his work? three strikes. those things work. the same criminal, they are committing the same crimes. it's the guy and george, he's out on bail for arson. he has two other felonies. that's three. it should have triggered go to prison, no bail. it's the same guys doing it. the southern mentally ill person, this guy was on a crime spree. he was out on bail. symptoms develop you
2:34 pm
then he ran into some poor woman's apartment. he robs a person runs a poor lady over and kills her. they had to pull the plug. there is no way she was coming back. if they had taken 800 million from the pot instead of laundering the cash to these people to buy votes, they could build one institution in each borough. five institutions. one in each borough. re-institutionalize these people. give them the medication they need so they are not out on the streets committing violent crimes. >> harold: i don't disagree. up next, vice president harris catching more heat as they accuse vice president of avoiding the border crisis.
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♪ ♪ >> dagen: surprise, surprise. borders are kamala harris still not taking the crisis seriously. vice president speaking up big meeting mexico with secretaries mayorkas and blink. she was in new jersey visiting a day care center and stopped by a bakery and she had time for this. space video for kids which critics are calling cringeworthy. >> i love the idea of exploring the unknown. you're going to literally see the craters on the moon with your own eyes. we want you to really remember this. never let anybody tell you who you are. you tell them who you are. you've got that? i have more advice. [laughs]
2:40 pm
>> dagen: [laughs] greg. >> greg: . >> greg: like a cheerleader on psilocybin. weird, bubbly, you don't know why. i love the fact that she's worse with children than i am. she should take a page out of my book. don't interact -- they ask you to do it, don't do it. she's fake. she's super fake. she was the one who called joe biden the worst thing you could ever call somebody these days which is racist and she was asked about it again when she became vp and she laughed. it was the debate. calling somebody a racist knowing that it's not true, that's pretty bad but i understand why they have her talk about the moon. they want her as far away from any other practical issues. >> dana: next week she'll be on blue origins with william shatner. >> greg: she should be. sleep that they get her away from what she is supposed to be responsible for, the border crisis, but then they do this.
2:41 pm
>> dana: i don't know what's happening, i don't understand it. i really think her instinct seem to be really off. if you followed her senate career, she never actually passed a bill. she showed up at every press conference to talk about the bills that had passed. the root causes of the immigration debacle, they are not going to be solved in this administration were she could give a press release. she had the gaffe where she laughed about going to the border. the next day president biden said now you're in charge of the border. five days later, they were like nell. just the root causes of the border. here's a person who achieved an incredible accomplishment. she's the first woman vice president in our country. amazing accomplishment. comes with a lot of power that a lot of prestige and she doesn't use any of it and it drives me crazy. if i were in her position, i never would've let those three guys go down to mexico without me. i would've said you can fly with me and briefed me along the way
2:42 pm
and then will walk in together as a team and i will be the one to speak. take charge of it. instead. it's perfectly fine to talk about space with kids. it's great but you think about the enormity of the power she has in the capacity and the capabilities to come with the offense and she is not utilizing it, drives me nuts. >> jesse: at least she didn't sniff the kids hair. that's something to be thankful for. she doesn't love people who explore the unknown. she is anti-columbus. the best explorer we've seen. there's two scenarios. one, she has the immigration thing removed from her portfolio because the last time she went there she brought nothing back and border crossings exploded, or she herself removed immigration from her own portfolio. now joe biden is sending pretty much the whole cabinet there. biden is running out of time. he can't keep sending everybody down south to deal with immigration. eventually it comes to joe. joe has never been to the border.
2:43 pm
it's only been nine months and he has already deputized five people to go fix the problem? 20% approval on the border. he is going to have to do something executive action or administratively to repel people from crossing into the country instead of absorbing them. >> dagen: you know how i know this is a big problem. hillary clinton came out today and said she will never be out of the game of politics. she sees president stumble bus. she says she's not going to run for anything that we know that might not be true. >> harold: i said that secretary's mayorkas is probably a good guy but he's not a man you want when a crisis is underway. i would think differently about that. maybe it's best not to be on that plane. democrats need to build a wall. republicans, invest in the hemisphere. democrats, it's important we send more judges. more judges to the courts to expedite this stuff at the
2:44 pm
border. republicans, getting dreamers bill. that's the only way we get to a path to citizenship which is what you trying to get to under president bush. president biden doesn't seem to have a policy. to your point it does come back to him. as much as i want to blame some of the others, if you don't have a policy for them to execute, it's hard to fully blame them. as to how they are managing it. we need a policy. if not, polling data shows this border crisis botch is a huge part of why these numbers are where they are. the 2022 election in 2024 election will depend a lot on how we deal with this going forward. >> dagen: she will be remembered. the pre-k speech she gave. four score and seven years ago paired up next, the pandemic making work nightmares worse.
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♪ ♪ >> greg: increasing number of people say work has invaded
2:49 pm
their sleep. workers have dreams. in most cases nightmares about their jobs. we may be some good news. experts think it can help with your career and solve problems. harold, have you had any "the five" dreams? >> harold: the last year and a half i've had a share of dreams that are online dreams i've had before. some of the things we were talking about, has a lot to do with my family and work. a lot of times it's not. i can't quite figure it out. i have stopped eating, drinking. >> greg: i do the opposite. i increased the drinking and the spicy foods just so i could have insane dreams. it works. what's your dream -- what are your dreams? >> jesse: i don't like to share my dreams in public because it's kind of soft. we are doing this for my job which i have to perform. i'm going to share a dream i had. last night, you could call it a nightmare. somebody told me i was getting
2:50 pm
fat. there was a bold. i remember someone had told me that and it was someone really close to me and it really -- >> harold: he is showing his stomach. >> greg: [laughs] >> jesse: when i went to the gym, i didn't do anything except abs. that's we need to do. take your dreams and deal with the challenge. >> greg: that's why my dreams are often about world peace. >> dana: what you're saying, if you're having work-related stress dreams that could help your career. because you had a good point, if you're worried that you're going to be late or you have a punctuality problem, dream about it you might leave earlier. >> greg: that's what you said didn't work and then you said the same thing about your abs. it's because you do do more ab work. >> jesse: i had a dream that fans kept coming up to me and interrupting my dreams. for selfies. fans were coming up to me and my dreams. >> greg: did you turn them
2:51 pm
down? you are a jerk in your dreams. >> jesse: i didn't turn them down. >> greg: dagen, do you have nightmares questioning >> dagen: my biggest nightmare recurring is being late and oversleeping. my alarm goes off at 2:30 in the morning. i have to be on the air with no makeup and my hair is wet because my face is asymmetric without makeup. it is picassoesque. not a complement. i have no eyebrows. i have to draw my eyebrows on. yeah. i look like a coffee mug. with no makeup on. it's the same dream over and over. i am so boring. >> greg: i'm not going to talk about my dreams. i have a log of dreams that involve hygiene. trying to go to the bathroom but every toilet is broken or dirty. trying to find a place to sleep but the beds are dirty. the mattresses.
2:52 pm
always looking for a clean place, clean place. >> dana: so if you were a dream analysis person, send us your information. >> greg: i'm not filthy. i'm not a filthy person. i tell myself that. >> dana: is it covid related? >> greg: it has been going on for a while. that's disgusting. "one more thing" is up next. that spin class was brutal. well, you can try using the buick's massaging seat. oh. yeah, that's nice. can i use apple carplay to put some music on? sure, it's wireless. what's your buick's wi-fi password? it's buick envision. that's a really tight spot. i used to hate parallel parking. (all) me too! the all-new buick envision. built around you. all of you. pay no interest for 72 months plus current eligible buick owners get $250 purchase allowance on 2021 buick suv models.
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>> dana: time for "one more thing." i'm going to go first. we lost a great american hero. a retired army general. commanded forces in iraq. capped 39 year career by serving as the army chief of staff. he passed away over the weekend after a brave battle with cancer. he is 6'5", very commanding
2:57 pm
presence. just a gentle giant, full of courage and compassion. he played football as a cadet at west point and retained a lifelong interest in the sport, served three tours in iraq and i was sad to hear he passed. rest in peace. >> jesse: our last great general. this weekend i was at the pacific justice institute giving a speech for one of their gallows called reclaiming freedom and we had a really great time. i was the keynote speaker. greg spoke a few years ago. let's say i'm glad i followed greg. >> greg: ha! >> jesse: hosting "fox news prime time all this week. tonight, don jr., sarah palin. that's what we like to call fair and balanced. tune in at 7:00. tonight and all the of the week.
2:58 pm
>> greg: i want to read a text. "i have recurring dreams that i have to go number two and every toilet is filled. i'm in a mall and running to the next restroom." that's in my brain. >> dana: sharing a dream. >> greg: it's weird. we are all the same. greg's weather report. the weather has been weird. let's go to the goldendoodles. looks like we have 80% chance of high winds with a 73% chance of wild hair. great weather for flying a kite but not for being a golden doodle. you have to be -- have your mousse and hair spray. >> jesse: i've filled in when you were off. >> dana: harold. >> harold: the reason my kids love greg is because you show those dog videos. they probably watch them with
2:59 pm
their mom. michael jordan, so the bees selling off the first pair of sneakers. the sneakers are owned by a fellow who used it to be a ball boy for the denver nuggets. jordan gave them to him in the early '80s. sotheby's says these collectible sneakers are the fastest growing category of things they are selling. the jordans released -- "the last dance" his last year with the bulls. everything associate with jordan has been selling for record highs. congratulations to them and sotheby's. >> jesse: and the ball boy. >> dagen: get me a pair when he played for carolina. that's money. how about some hot bare breath. check it out. the buyer is coming back. the bear.
3:00 pm
this is in colorado. he comes by about once a week. doorbell cam. >> dana: hello. what a way to kick off a monday. jesse, good luck all week at 7:00 p.m. that's it for us. "special report" coming up next. >> bret: you are talking about dreams. i've had a dream about this handoff any many nights. [laughter] a lot of it involves bears. >> dana: we dream about it too. >> bret: breaking tonight, tens of thousands of migrants making their way toward the u.s. open border as we speak. the panamanian government says most of those travelers are haitian. also new images of americans tax dollars wasted after the biden administration takes new steps to specifically abandon a physical border wall championed


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