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tv   Your World With Neil Cavuto  FOX News  October 11, 2021 1:00pm-2:00pm PDT

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the story goes on. if you haven't seen it, stay tuned. guess what's coming up on "your world" with neil cavuto in about 16 seconds? william shatner going to space this week. before he goes up, neil cavuto will give him a few weeks. "your world" with neil starts now. >> neil: when you get a chance to be up there for the ten minutes you will, what is the first thing you'll want to do? >> i'm going to look out the window, neil. i'm going to see the vastness of space and the fragility of the earth. >> neil: captain kirk getting ready to fly to space. all the time i thought he had been in space. apparently not. he's excited for it. 90 years young. hear about some of the things
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he's worried about. this whole flight has been delayed because of weather. so for now, he will have to cling on to earth for one more day. okay. i'm trying here. basic cable. welcome. i'm neil cavuto. this is "your world." when he's up there come wednesday, he could look down at an earth that is having its share of problems. rocketing inflation and of course, rocketing chain supply problems that are actually contributing more to that inflation. prices the highest they've been in so many years. touching everything you can think of including cotton and bacon and gasoline. i could go on and on. no real reason to. your used to it. this is far from transitory, right? susan li covering the impact of this and grady trimble on how it could impact your holiday season. susan? >> yeah, daily life is getting
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more expensive. this morning oil prices jumped to the highest in seven years. costing $82 a barrel for the first time since 2014. prices are spiking on supply shortages. it's not just oil and gas. cotton and corn are the most expensive in a decade. aluminum is the most pricy in 13 years. steel and soy beans have never cost as much. the rally in commodities has people nervous and lower growth, which is being made worse by supply bottle necks and the congestion at u.s. ports. the port of savannah has 80,000 containers piled up. 50% above the average. a problem that is affecting many other ports in the u.s. and also around the world. a lack of ships and drivers, labor to take the goods to the final destinations that means american manufacturers are waiting 92 days to get their
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parts and raw materials. that also means there's not enough chips to go into your favorite goods or your pickup trucks, which means a slower economic rebound. goldman sachs cut their predictions for this year and next and the global chip shortage that wouldn't improve till next year. that complicates the federal reserve if they're facing a slower economy with rising prices. that has investors on edge, clinging on, as you say. >> neil: i like that. the dow selling off 250 points on all of these concerns. and they're compounded by the possible that even if you're willing to pay up for these goods, good luck getting them under your christmas tree. here with more on that, grady trimble in glenview, illinois. grady? >> neil, the chip shortage is
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making products harder to come by. if you can find what you're looking for, you'll have to pay more for it. they've had to raise prices several times in the last month to a year here at electronic stores across the country. carl knows it well. you already have customers coming in for christmas shopping and you're asking them to be patient. from the factories, shipping to transportation in the country is causing prices to sky rocket and making products unavailable. >> yeah, we're seeing lots of delays and price increases multiple times in a year where we see it may be once a year, maybe once every other year. now we're getting it two to three times in a short window. >> i want to show folks the numbers. they probably have noticed it. it's not just their imagination. they're paying for things like tvs. other things that you wouldn't consider electronics like refrigerators, washing months.
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those have semi conductors, too. prices are going up. i wouldn't ask you to predict the future but you think this is here to stay? >> i think until things gets cleared up, we're dealing with this as things are scarce. prices will keep going up as the demand increases. >> at least the next year? >> at least, yeah. >> we talk about markdowns this time of the year. the message is to be flexible. they might not have exactly what you're looking nor. so just be flexible. you might have to get something other than what you had in mind. >> neil: yeah. no matter how early you start, you'll taste the reality. thanks, grady, a lot of people are jumping on this and saying we had a sputtering jobs reports. we had companies beginning to warn how it's going to impact their bottom line. does that sound like anything to you? a lot of people of a certain age, i'm way too young to remember myself, they harken
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back to the days of jimmy carter when we had a slowing economy and prices going just the other way. they were soaring. could we be looking at that right now? bill mcgurn from the "wall street journal," former speechwriter for george w. bush. bill, what do you think? i don't know if it's too soon to jump on the stagflation theme but the worries are there. >> yeah, i assume you had me on because i'm a certain age -- >> neil: actually we both are. >> i remember it well with the lines for gas. look, it should be a concern. people say the inflation will be temporary. what they didn't predict is where we are today. people are feeling it. you know? first they were told it's not real. you know, this morning i came back from the store. one bag of groceries, $60. my kids go to the gas station and know how much it cost to
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fill the car. people are seeing that. we have a sluggish economy. my fear is that what are we doing in response? the biden agenda is about dumping another $5 trillion in entitlements and taxes and green spending and they say it will have no cost and it's not going to have any inflationary effects. that would get me worries. >> neil: another thing that gets me worries about what is maybe more worrisome, the supply chain problem. it has the weirdest way of impacting different parts of the world. britain where gas lines are forming because they can't get the oil to the refineries, to the stations and we're seeing this play out across the globe right now. will it play out here? >> i think it is playing out. look at the ships backed up in long beach. it's a big problem for suppliers. i hear that when i go to buy
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something and the shelf is empty. i think a lot of this is also the function that a lot of people have not got back to work. even though it looks like we passed through the worst hoff the covid crisis. people should be going back in to the economy. the economy should be humming. that's not happening. if you look at the latest job stats, forget the stats themselves. look at the labor force participation rate, which suggests a lot of people have decided to permanently opt out of the work force. >> that makes it word. you reported on this. we have almost 11 million jobs that go begging right now. only 194,000 americans took employers up on that last month. what is keeping them from at least looking in to those jobs? >> well, people are asking all sorts of questions. normally the answer is for employers to raise wages and
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offer more. a lot of employers say they are. they're offering bonuses. they're having a hard time still finding people. for a while, people were blaming the supplemental jobless benefits. that ended last month. they're still a lot of other ben it's in that might lead people to say, you know, it's not worth it's marginally for me to return to work. then on top of this, if you have inflation eating away at paychecks, you know that is one of the cruellest taxes on working people there is. it gets to food, gas, so forth. robs them of their full paycheck. >> neil: they're seeing a biggest boost in pay but unfortunately what they're paying out. bill, thanks very much. you don't look that old, but i guess we have both been through that route, that 70s feeling. i wonder if he has a leisure suit to prove it.
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we don't go there. >> never had one. >> neil: we don't go there. meantime, we told you how we're looking forward to hear from william he shatner. captain kirk going to space. it's delayed a day because of weather. but could be worse. he could be trying to fly out via southwest. good luck with that after this.
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>> neil: if you're trying to fly on southwest, good luck. about one out of three planes essentially isn't going anywhere and it was compounded by shortages, no one knows for sure except that it continued into today. the latest from lydia who on where things stand right now. lydia? >> hi, neil. yeah, travel insiders are
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calling this an operational meltdown. the cancellations that started over the weekend continuing today. one in ten flights are cancelled today and one in 30 were delayed after 2,000 were cancelled over the weekend. >> we were on the phone for seven hours, 44 minutes before they answered the phone because it was so backlogged. >> they said they're having problems. they wouldn't say what it was. they said you're lucky you got a flight. >> there's no bad weather. there's got to be something behind the scenes they're not telling us. >> southwest blamed them on disruptive weather and air traffic control issues. the faa pushed back said there's no air traffic staffing shortages since friday. no other airlines seem to be experiencing this level of disruption. there's speculation on social media that the airlines vaccine mandate was causing a shortage.
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the cancellations came after the union filed a request to temporarily block the mandate. the airline says that's not the issue. i just moments ago got a statement from southwest airlines on this topic. they say unfortunately "the out of place aircraft and continues strain on our crew resources created additional cancellations." so sounds like they're acknowledging that the staffing shortage that many airlines are experiencing right now. analysts also say that airlines, southwest airlines, packed flight schedule is an issue here where they're scheduling more flights than they can handle. the airline says they hope to return to normal operations soon. on twitter they're saying possibly this week. neil? >> neil: yeah, all of these people grounded as a result. lydia, thanks for that. to mark murphy, the travel
1:17 pm
expert. to show you how sweeping this was, even mark was caught in this. mark, how are you holding up now? >> i'm good. text me 24 hours to get back. i made it back on a different flight. i was able to get picked up and back to ft. lauderdale. >> neil: what was the problem? do you know what was going on? >> so when i first went through security, probably an hour before my flight took off, i got the text saying your flight is cancelled. obviously you can't get through. so you know, you go on and you look at the app and there was nothing available till the next day. then nothing available until the end of the next day. cancellations, they were just sold out. appeared to be sold out. so i booked multiple flights back. i started with the first one i could get and kept checking the app. i ended up with six tickets.
1:18 pm
i cancelled the other five because the miami flight opened up and that's the one i got. so it was a pain. cost me $600 all in. i can afford it. there's a lot of people that can't. a lot of people still stranded. it was really frustrating for folks and continues like you said to this day. >> neil: so far it's unique to southwest. but we're a few months out from spirit airlines having the same scenario where thousands were stranded. how does this happen? >> you have to go back to the start of the pandemic. they ensentivized people to take early retirement. we already had a pilot shortage. a lot of pilots opted out. they went from 9,300 in december of 2020 -- i'm sorry. the end of december. now down to 8,500. so imagine what the count was before that. we're going back to like 2016
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pilot levels when demand is coming back. if it close to 219, it will be felt everywhere in this industry. we hear about supply line, worker shortages, it's happening in travel. it's part of it is the mandates. you say the mandates don't impact things, they're not talking to the people at southwest airlines that are part of that. they call them anti-vaxers. but they have a reason for not taking the vaccine. unfortunately that's part of the problem despite what they're saying at atc, despite what they say at southwest. it's an issue. >> neil: if you're a pilot, you're ignoring the mandate, you can't show up, so fewer pilots. >> yeah. that hasn't happened yesterday. that is scheduled for november what is happening now a lot of folks heard that come november should they take time off, they're not taking it so they're taking the time now. that is exacerbating things. when a flight comes in or
1:20 pm
doesn't make it in, it creates that domino effect. usually it's a 72-hour window after like a major snowstorm cancels flightses. the fact that they say they hope to get back this week to normal, that's not very encouraging. so my tip is don't fly if you can avoid it. if you have to fly, avoid southwest. if you have to fly any airline and you're going on a cruise or something, go out a day or two early because you may find yourself doing a 15-hour drive. otherwise, you'll lose your cruise. you're not going to get the money back. >> yikes. all right. this has played out before. i fear we might see it play out again. thanks, mark. following closely what is happening here. if it can happen to him, can it happen to you. meantime, the battle among democrats over how big to make that big spending package. why progressives are going after moderates and moderates are close to giving up because they are after this.
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so it's like my streaming service. well except now you're binge learning. see how you can become a smarter investor with a personalized education from td ameritrade. visit ♪ >> neil: forget democrats going after it with republicans. it's democrats after democrats. the dominant force of the party is letting it be known they're not making concessions to moderate. it's more complicated than that. aishah hasnie has the latest. >> good afternoon. complicated is an understatement when we talk about anything happening on the hill. so right now we still don't have a top line number when it comes to the president's big spending plan. climate policy is nonnegotiable.
1:26 pm
climate hawks are not holding back. take a look. protesters from the build back fossil-free coalition vandalized a statue of andrew jackson that is outside the white house. they were demanding an end to fossil fuels. they're trying to pressure the white house and democrats. this comes as just last week nancy pelosi was over in italy engaging in climate talks and said it would be a dereliction of duty to pass any ledge that does not address the climate crisis. she was joined by ed markey and bernie sanders. they said they're willing to listen to you, to talk to you but at the end of the day, no climate, no deal. >> we are here to say that we know that unless we do
1:27 pm
everything that we can't solve this problem. we're willing to listen to senator manchin, to try to deal with his concerns. but ultimately all of those programs that we talked about here today we want to have in the final reconciliation. >> so a little bit of a tough issue nor the democrats. "the new york times" is reporting that kyrsten sinema wants to cut $100 billion from the entire package. she's facing a lot of pressure. she's been harassed everywhere from the airport on a plane to a college bathroom and apparently today there were talks that activists from the green new deal network, they were planning to show up at the boston marathon and harass her, track her down and try to pressure her in to supporting the president's spending plan. she's dealing with a foot issue,
1:28 pm
a foot injury, so doubtful that she showed up. that was the plan. neil? >> neil: relentless. thanks, aishah hasnie. bill maher has a message for democrats. keep the infighting going. one guy is loving it. >> it's the easiest three predictions in the world. trump will run in 2024 and he will get the republican nomination and whatever happens on election night, the next day he will announce that he won. i've been saying that since less lost, his like a shark that is not gone, just gone out to sea. >> neil: he's not gone. his polling numbers are looking good. the weaker that the president's numbers get. let's go to our strategists. kelly, are you worried as a democrat here that whatever you say, the gains that donald trump is making going to place like iowa telegraphing something may be down the road, that the president is seriously damaged
1:29 pm
here. >> no, i definitely don't think so. i do think that trump is going to run in 2024. we have to think about what the american people and the american people need and what they want. a majority of the american people support the infrastructure bill and they also support the build back better act. i think we need to focus on that and build back better and bring this country together and help the american people. >> neil: all right. they might like a lot of aspects of the build back better plan but right now a lot of people at this point, are saying it's looking pricey and divisive just among democrats. republicans are saying they want nothing to do with that expensive package. is there some risk to just saying no to it? >> you know, as far as the republican aspect goes, i don't think that there is much risk to holding firm. the only thing that i can say would be something within the
1:30 pm
infrastructure package. right now i think that the republicans are sitting back and watching and looking at how the democrats are fighting with their own party, especially the progressives that look like that they're going to stand strong and apparently going on some sort of a listening tour with joe manchin and senator sinema. but not willing to do much about it. so the republicans, i don't really think, have a losing position in holding strong. >> neil: does it look back the way some have gone after krysten sinema, following her into a bathroom. that the tactics jar people and independence in particularly who the president has lost the support of by 50% of what he enjoyed on election day. >> i would disagree with you on that point. first off, i agree that someone
1:31 pm
should not chase someone into the bathroom. we can agree to disagree. i don't think it's appropriate for them to do that. i believe democrats with their progressives or moderates will come together and unit and have a plan to help the american people. >> neil: if they don't, noel, do you think that republicans at this stage are just salivating at the mid-terms but also worried about how 2024 is shaping up? will all other potential presidential candidates in the grand old party stand back if it looks like donald trump is indeed stepping in? >> that's a great question and very difficult. i work on campaigns. they're all waiting to see what will happen. if he teases 2024, you know, there's a lot of consultants and candidates that will hold back. it will be interesting to see if feel -- some people declare their candidacy.
1:32 pm
i know that ron desantis is a very strong person that a lot of people are rallying behind silently. chris christie has expressed interest, nikki haley, a lot of candidates that people are thinking may end up being something, you know, that we want to take a look at. trump talking about 2024, whether or not he does it or not, kind of pulled back on a lot of candidates that want to come out. because right now you said earlier, shows the numbers that he pretty much trumped everybody that whould be considering a run right now. >> neil: we'll see. some might run whether he does or not. hard to say. thanks very much here. we told you about the
1:33 pm
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>> neil: you know, it's not only a supply chain issue. you're looking at a lot of empty store shelves and a lot of cities. people are swiping the stuff. i kid you not. joe joins us, the former nypd lieutenant. so they're taking stuff. it's happening in a lot of cities, isn't it, lieutenant? >> neil, you and i had this discussion not too long ago. >> neil: yeah, yeah. >> it's the same thing and migrating across the united states and it's in liberal cities that allow it. when you don't have fear of prosecution, you don't have fear of apprehension, this is what will happen. they use our system to their advantage. who wouldn't?
1:38 pm
look at the prosecutors. they're not doing their jobs. they get the cause and say no, we're not going to prosecute that. more importantly, the stores aren't doing anything, so it's open season. they can do whatever they want to do. so until you have the triple effect where the stores cooperate with police, the police make the arrests and the prosecutors prosecute the crimes, this is going to continue to happen all over the united states. >> neil: we should explain to people particularly in california when we first noticed this, joe, they have a rule unless it's more than $1,000 of goods sold -- i'm simplifying it here -- they won't do anything to you. so we would see people carting out goods from stores. you know, people taking smart phones and store guards all but opening the door for them because they know there's nothing they can do and they don't do anything. this is spreading elsewhere where the same kind of liberal rule -- i say liberal by open policy where up to $1,000 you can steal without worrying about
1:39 pm
being punished. what do you think? >> absolutely. so think about it. they have a threshold that they sit there with their phones with a calculator and they say hold up, john. we're about there. go grab a couple more. >> neil: we're 898. careful. >> who pays for it in the end? you being the economics experts sea it ripples down to the consumer. somebody pays for it. the stores that say we've had enough of this in this area, let's close the store pack up and go. who does that hurt? the people counting on the stores in the community. until it's a unified effort across the united states with the big chain stores, this will continue to happen and we just need somebody to step up to the plate and say enough is enough. maybe new york will be that example in the near future.
1:40 pm
>> neil: don't hold your breath just yet. you're right. anything is possible, this is bold as brass. these people just going out of the store with all of these goods. when i saw the guy take the giant reese's peanut butter cups, i said wait a minute, pal. thanks, joe. let's see what happens here. man, this is surreal. it's playing out in a lot of cities. what is happening on the energy front, natural gas prices, you've heard about this prices are rocketing. >> maybe you should steal the that's gas. that's what they're drilling for back there. that's a gas only drilling rig. you get your gas and you're going to pay for hit the heating season. we'll explain why in just a minute. a chip in your windshield... trust safelite. this couple was headed to the farmers market... when they got a chip. they drove to safelite for a same-day repair. and with their insurance, it was no cost to them. >> woman: really?
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>> neil: what the heck? if you're going to pay more for a lot of things, just add natural gas to the bill, this winter it could be quite the bill at that. jeff flock with more from pennsylvania. hey, jeff. >> it's normal, neil, to have natural gas be the cheapest way to heat your home in the winter. in fact, most of america does heat its home with natural gas. this is where they get it or at least a lot of it.
1:45 pm
this is the marcellus shale operated by chesapeake energy. they're drilling a new well there. they have drilled multiple wins in there as well. there's plenty of oil or gas out there. if you look at the numbers here in appalachia, the amount of natural gas they're extracting now to ten years ago is incredible. it's maybe six or seven times what it was. but you're going to pay for it. because there's great demand all around the world and the u.s. is an expert of liquefied natural gas now. look at the heating cost for a home heated by natural gas. last year it was $572 for the average home. this year they say it's $743. an increase of 30%. why is this happening? it's not because there's not enough gas. there's plenty in the shale be need the ground where i stand. the problem is getting to it the
1:46 pm
places where people need it like in new york, new jersey and upstate new york. there were three pipelines designed to do that so more gas could get out there. more on the market means less cost. the problem is they were all cancelled. that is because there were environmental concerns, permitting problems, people that just didn't want it, fought it. so no pipeline. so i guess you're going to pay this winter. if you could steal it, go ahead. it's going to cost you if you don't. >> neil: jeff fleck recommending that you steal natural gas if you can. i know that there's a special place for william shatner. he's coming up next.
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plus, our plans always come with unlimited talk, text and data included. so, switch to t-mobile and get 2 lines of unlimited for only $27.50 a line. that's half the price of verizon or at&t. only at t-mobile. the leader in 5g. >> neil: you don't want to be outside right now. little did he know being inside wasn't safe either. and 11 minutes later, along with six of his fellow crew members, they would all be dead. the nasa organization will make with that extra $1 billion they have been promised by the
1:51 pm
president to land on mars. who better to talk about this subject than john glenn, the first american to orbit the earth that went back a few decades later. the value return is way off and that the cost of this, way i don't the billion the president has promised nasa that this is a pipe dream. people forget how concerned you are when you and neil would walk on the moon that you would sink in or never get off or never come off of that. michael collins would be flying back alone. >> to me, it was a magnificent tribute through all of humanity and to the united states. to be able to carry out this sort of a challenge. >> i didn't realize that at least in jim lovel's view, that he wasn't confident that they would get back. he scored it 10%. >> during the mission, the white house constantly kept asking,
1:52 pm
what are the odds of bringing them back? they said we're getting them home. there was no question i was going to get my crew home. one of the los angeles papers called me the arrogant optimist. >> joining on this journey is the oldest and youngest human beings to go into space and your brother. that is a lot of pressure. i know you've had 50 flights. this is the first one with human beings. are you a tad anxious? >> neil, i'm not. i'm excited but not anxious. see how i feel when i'm strapped in my seat. i'm very excited. we're ready. >> indeed they were. 25 years at fox, talking to astronauts and some of the original astronauts and all the way through apollo 11 and the space shuttle, sky lab, all of the programs and now business
1:53 pm
enterprises taking over and now launching captain kirk into space himself. i'm talking about william shatner with three others will get their ten minutes of flight in space on wednesday. let's say kept kirk is excited. >> again, congratulations. william shatner, i understand that you would turn down a flight on richard branson's virgin galactic. now here you are going up on blue origin, jeff bezos plane. why the bezos rocket over richard branson's? >> well, it's not that i don't love each of those billionaires, but it's because the opportunity presented itself. jeff bezos vision is a remarkable practical one. let's build the industries on earth, build it in space.
1:54 pm
connection with space. it's not flying to flying to mars in 1 1/2 years, six months there, six months back, this is let's build now and start right now to protect our planet. >> neil: you've heard this more than you care to, mr. shatner that at 90 years young, you're the oldest human being up to this point to travel into space. when you were peppered with that question, you said over the weekend, i'm bloody captain kirk. yet all they're focusing on including this questioner is your age. what do you think of that? >> yeah. well, the only thing about age that has an application to this particular vehicle is getting in and out of the seat with any kind of three cyst. so unless you're really supple,
1:55 pm
getting in and out of these seats in weight when we're on gravity is a chore. but it's designed to float out of the seat and be weightless. >> neil: yeah, that should be cool. audrey powers, that's the blue origin representative, the vice president of the company. i'm sure you're familiar with this faa, the safety concerns raised by present and past workers. is that an issue going forward here? is there something to this that should cause some of your colleagues there concern? >> well, my experience at blue -- i've been here eight years. my experience has been that we're exceeding through thorough. we conduct safety reviews continually through the design, through the flight test program, through our operations and maintenance of the vehicles and
1:56 pm
ground systems. so my experience is that we've been very thorough, we bring in outside reviewers from other agencies and companies that we partner with, our faa partners to assure the safety of people on the ground. my experience has been that we're as thorough as any of the other companies that i worked on through my career in this industry. >> neil: after all, you're flying in this thing. you're part of the process. >> right. >> neil: glen, you and chris are paying customers here. the reported check you wrote out is $250,000. it's still prohibitive for most folks to get the chance that all of you are. how soon do you think that average folks will be able to afford a trip like this, get an opportunity like this? >> what do you think, glen? >> equity and access is something that we have to think about in everything. i think about in medicine and
1:57 pm
healthcare every day in my profession. i'm not going to try to predict when it will happen, but the point is this industry, these opportunities for us to travel to space is about accelerating how quickly we can get access to space for everybody and how we can do it. that's what is exciting as a paying customer. >> space has always been the domain of government. it's remarkable that in 2021 there's five private space flights. we'll look back at this year and this was the beginning of the public's movement into space. so it's a really exciting time to be doing this with this crew. >> neil: william shatner, you know, you are obviously an iconic figure, 30 books a lot of people harken back to your star trek days that turned out to be a hit that lingers to this day.
1:58 pm
you're not the first actor in space. as you probably heard, a russian actor and director are filming two weeks on the international space station. how do you feel about that and those in the entertainment business doing what you're doing? >> well, he's there doing a job. rush to english is very difficult. that's my way of saying of course, the entertainment industry wants to dramaize what is going on. our lift-off and weightlessness and return to earth is very dramatic. filled with a certain amount of possibilities, different outcomes are possible. and to regard this and to dramatize it and to speak about it is very important. so doesn't matter which language
1:59 pm
it's in except there's more people speaking english than speaking russian. >> so when you get up there, what is the first thing you want to do? >> i'm going to look out the window, neil. i'm going to see the vastness of space and the fragility of the earth. i'm going to continue that theme in my thinking and in my work. >> neil: it's a good goal. >> this view that he's describing has been seen by fewer than 600 people in the human race. it's a privilege to see it and can't wait for more of you to go and experience the same thing. >> neil: you have a whole world proud of you. enjoy that flight. special flight at that. congratulations. >> thank you, neil. >> thank you. >> neil: all right. it will last all of ten minutes.
2:00 pm
the suborbital flight referring to alan shepherd, the first american to go into space. there's plans to go beyond there for jeff bezos. elon musk and others are playing in this game, as well as richard branson. the captain is going with jeff bezos. that will do it. >> dana: i am dana perino. it's 5:00 in new york city and this is "the five" -- this is "the five." chaos, confusion, mass cancellations. thousands of people living their worst travel nightmares across the country. southwest airlines canceling nearly 2,000 flights and that instruction continues today with more than 350 being called off and another 750 delayed.


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