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tv   America Reports With John Roberts Sandra Smith  FOX News  October 11, 2021 10:00am-12:00pm PDT

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or do you think it is john? >> i agree with kennedy: getting out of the story paul mccartney blamed yoko ono for five decades. thanks for letting that happen for five decades. >> that is true. i want to hear her statement. he's doing illegal things, to your point, kennedy, philanthropy in order art, but the mystery remains. thanks to everyone and now is "america reports." >> john: emily, thank you don't blame paul. fox news to kick off "america reports" on this monday. president biden tried to save his domestic agenda by pleading with democrats to come together. by then addressing dnc over the weekend and sang the party needs to get on the same page ahead of the 2022 midterms. john roberts in washington, welcome to "america reports," sandra greeted them at good to be back with you. >> sandra: welcome back mime sandra smith in new york and the president's domestic agenda held up by his own party. the feud between moderates and progressives threatening to sink
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his massive spending plan with the price tag remaining the huge sticking point at this point. >> john: progressives calling for $3.5 trillion in spending but moderate say they want to package that costs less than half of that and a key biden ally said it could fall somewhere in between. around $2 trillion. >> sandra: jacqui heinrich is here with the latest from the white house to kick things off, hey. >> good afternoon to both of you guys. chris coons said publicly what we have known through our own stories same for a little over two weeks now at the white house to broker roughly $2 trillion reconciliation package reaching an agreement between house progressives and the moderate senators joe manchin and kyrsten sinema. but since the last deadline came and went two weeks ago, there has really been no progress. progressives are think that is their fault. >> one of them is very much
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fined with that tax pieces. so one of them does not really support that. one supports prescription drug pricing so that americans don't have to pay more for a prescription drugs. the other doesn't really support that. but they are not necessarily both being public about it and i think that is the challenge. >> the president is on board with progressives who still went $3.5 trillion package although biden told house democrats they would have to get comfortable with a smaller price tag. the deadline to get this hashed out is the end of this month. a temporary extension of the hard infrastructure funding expires. but also indicated that headlines could shift yet again appeared in the mean time house republican sticking and said they will not let the democrats passed anything the hurt infrastructure bill with 19 in the house, it's always together. >> republicans we support roads and bridges, we don't support roads and taxes.
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in the house, they are one in the same. >> why would republicans want to cooperate in bankrupting the economy? why would republicans want to cooperate in raising taxes on working-class americans? >> president biden met with senator manchin last week. we've had no updates on potential talks or talks that have happened with senator sinema but as the clock sticks and approval ratings continue to drop, president biden is not at the white house. he is at a wedding for his nephew getting married to a former member of the real housewives of orange county cast. sandra. >> sandra: jacqui, what is all the noise in the background there? >> there is a protest. vandalize asian of the statue in front of the white house and former president andrew jackson. indigenous peoples day, columbus day and there's a little bit of conflict out there happening, folks that don't want the statue to remain.
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>> sandra: jacqui heinrich from the white house reporting, john. >> john: a busy place the white house republicans in congress raising concerns of conflict of interest for attorney general mayor merrick garland because his son-in-law has ties to an education output that is pushing woke lesson plans in public schools. the g.o.p. lawmakers say the company could benefit after a memo from the doj instructed the fbi to look into alleged threats against teachers. andy mccarthy former's assistant u.s. attorney and fox contributor andy come up from the 30,000-foot view what is your take on this? >> john, the justice department has broad standards for the appearance of impropriety that would trigger at least the inquiry as to whether there is a conflict of interest and attorney general sessions ended up having a very sweeping recusal from the russian
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investigation even though he was never a subject of it. the attorney general has a lot of basically flexibility about whether or not he will recuse himself from something, but i really don't think, you know his refusal or nonrefusal would not affect this policy which is ideological policy not a conflict resolution policy. >> john: senate republican ted cruz and marsha blackburn believe there is a conflict of interest. they sent a letter to the attorney general which they published as well as saying there could be some conflict with the ethical guidelines here. here is what the doj ethics guideline says, "employees prohibited from participating in any matter with a financial interest. in addition to own interest, consider an punitive damage those spouse, and business partners and an employee may not participate without authorization in a particular
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matter having specific parties with financial interest of members of the household." it does not specifically mentioned son-in-law but what a son-in-law be covered under the general umbrella? >> it certainly is something, john because this standard really is appearance of impropriety and something that would trigger an investigation, but i really think that, you know what we want to be focused on is the fact that let's say garland did recuse himself even though i don't think he would, if lisa monaco the deputy ag was in charge of the biden, you would have the same memo. and i think if garland did not consider a potential conflict of interest, that is just additional evidence how rash and thoughtless this memo that he issued was pure there may be a conflict issue but i don't think that is the main problem here. >> john: the company in question panoramic education and pushes social learning. it's got its supporters but it's
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also got where school should be involved in teaching kids the three rs and should not be worried about social development. but to do that a new state. some people have said this is critical race theory. panorama education says it is not in a statement "panorama education is not with any legal philosophy including critical race theory and not connected to crt and not a tool for teaching crt." so this is the debate that is whirling around panoramic education, but the bottom line is is the doj targeting parents who disagree with something that the attorney general's son-in-law is potentially making money on? >> that is exactly right, john. you can quibble about the labels and about whether the substance of what they are peddling is consistent with critical race theory or not, but the whole idea of having a standard that
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looks at the appearance of impropriety is supposed to be the substantive and debates that you laid out or beside the point. the idea is garland's son-in-law is profiting lucrative bully from peddling this to the schools. and garland, even though the justice department does not appear to have jurisdiction to do what it's done is sicking the fbi on parents who are descending against these kind of materials. that should be enough to at least trigger an inquiry whether there is a conflict. >> john: certainly raises a lot of questions, andy mccarthy, thank you for taking us off on this monday. >> sandra: thank you, john can make canceling border wall construction in the laredo sector and the rio grande valley. this as we learned that about 60,000 migrants are making their way to the u.s. border hoping to gain entry to the country. fox news tried to get a firsthand look at the massive caravan, but instead the crews were denied access by panama
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military. live in panama with that story this morning, hi, chris. >> hi, sandra we are not giving up either and we are hopeful if we petitioned the panamanian we will get access to 60,000 migrants which we learned about because animal foreign ministry was sounding the alarm today to anyone who would listen particularly who would make a trip to washington, d.c. because of this timeline, she said they typically get 800 migrants. but now it is roughly 20,000. she's had more than 90,000 haitians alone have crossed the border into panama and made their way north to the u.s. among them, at least 52 known terrorists. a very, very dangerous gap. let me show you a map, sandra. here you will see between columbia and points south into south america, you see this marrying gap that connects to panama.
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the canadian-american highway runs from south america to alaska, but it is broken up by this jungle. it is a dense, lawless, dangerous jungle ruled by norco traffickers. and many, many migrants are dying trying to get through a track that is on foot. it is no water, no food and very, very dangerous. no doubt you can see the footage in the town north of -- the graves, digging graves for the migrants. many are dying and being buried once they get to this point. this is one of the areas that we want to try to visit. the top prosecutor in this theory in providence where the deer and gap is sagging commit is one of the most dangerous tht they can make. listen here. >> they mentioned a lot of places they talk about going down a hill, the hill of death. they have set on some occasions, some might have access. the hill is steep and they have had accidents and broken their legs. >> officials say there is at
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least a thousand migrants that have crossed in the last 24 hours. they will bus them from an area near made to the coast to rican border and release them there, sandra. >> sandra: reporting from panama for us this morning, chris, thank you. chad wolf coming up will be joining us. for questions for him, john, what this means to national security. 60,000 in that caravan heading to the border as unprecedented numbers continue to pour over the southern border. >> john: at the same time the biden administration cancels the contracts to build the border wall leaving miles and miles and miles of border while sitting there to rest away. sandra, one thing a lot of people don't understand is that, panama doesn't just go into columbia. it does geographically, but there is no roads or anything. there is a huge swamp in between panama at the northwest side of columbia. it is pretty much a no man's land. all that lives there as alligators and snakes and a lot of narcotic traffic and bad people.
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they have to walk on foot miles and miles and miles to get back to civilization. >> sandra: incredibly dangerous journey no doubt. >> john: supply chain crisis causing chaos around the globe. ahead, some critical products raises national security concerns. as cargill get stuck at sea. thousands of people stuck on the ground. >> this is probably the fourth time it is happened to me. like within the last few months. >> sandra: when southwest airlines passengers like the one you heard they are spent going nowhere. the canceled flights continue today. find out who southwest's plumbing for all of this. that is next. ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ find a northwestern mutual advisor at ok everyone, our mission is to provide complete, balanced nutrition for strength and energy.
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>> john: could president biden supply chain trigger a national security threat? our panel sounds often that. but first southwest airlines canceled 300 flights today. this after they grounded nearly 2,000 flights and delayed more than 50 over the weekend. the company claiming problems with the air traffic control and bad weather, but the faa is pushing back saying, wait a minute, there were no air traffic issue since friday. the matter that led to long lines at the airport lines. and with the passengers had to say about what they were doing. >> we did not find out until 5:00 this morning it was canceled. we were on the phone for seven hours, 44 minutes before they answer the phone because it is still backlogged. >> they didn't even tell me it was delayed. >> i trust them but they are having problems. they didn't say what it was and they said, you are lucky you got a flight. >> the weather is fine and all connecting areas.
10:18 am
there is no bad weather. there has to be something behind the scenes they are not telling us. >> john: southwest airlines slamming online chatter saint is staff called out sick to protest a vaccine mandate and dismissing that is nothing more than unfounded rumor. but unless it was a ripple effect from air traffic delays on friday which took the entire weekend to clear, maybe it was something else, sandra. >> sandra: that is no fun, either and at a time so many geared up for the first post covid type of trip to have the air flights canceled. it is disappointing, right, john? >> john: they are left with zero options. so you know, i remember it happening to me -- >> sandra: recently. >> john: in august. thankfully, we were within a 12 hour drive and drove it. a lot of people can't drive from cross the country, coast to coast or the mainland or whatever. >> sandra: all right, john, growing concerns over the microchip shortage that we have
10:19 am
been talking about. now, there were concerns over national security implications. commerce secretary gina raimondo warning the u.s. government could invoke the reduction act to respond to the supply chain. steve morris, the economist and former economic advisor to trump and the fox news contributor and advisor to president obama. roberts, kick this off here, who's fault is it that we are having this chip shortage? according to the susquehanna financial group from the time of putting semiconductor order and taking deliveries commit takes about 21.7 weeks. that has massive implications for big-name companies to get those deliveries to consumers especially when the demand is so hard. >> but is no one's fault, we have had this since the pandemic began. we have this chip's issue.
10:20 am
to be an issue for a while now and we have seen electronics and it's gotten worse because now for the most part the country is wide open again. and we have to to reopen again. people are spending more money and we are getting into the holiday season. the wages are going up and people are spending more. so the issue is to proliferate so more and more and so with the problems. >> sandra: who was doing something about it? we have seen this poem for a while now, steve and we had "the wall street journal" on saying try to go buy a refrigerator or an appliance. appliances are hard to come by right now let alone the automobile industry. and massive job implications and at this point jobs report on friday, steve. we are putting up on the screen some of the biggest companies affected by this chip shortage. so can't the white house to more about this? >> they can but by the way let me say something quickly about the southwest story, if i may,
10:21 am
sandra. i was at bwi airport in baltimore for about three hours. my flight was canceled here than never told anybody what was going on. they didn't alert people, don't come to the airport because the flights are canceled. half of the flights were canceled. around 2,000 people roaming around. nobody knew what to do. southwest is not giving any information. some are infuriated by it. southwest my shame on them or not doing right by their consumers. >> sandra: we are happy that you made your live shot. >> i'm stuck here and supposed to be in south florida. but on this issue of supply chain, look might think there are two big problems with the supply chain right now. there is a labor shortage and that is clear. and i think we are just paying too many people to stay on the sidelines with the increased welfare benefits increase, unemployment insurance, food stamps, that is a big problem. here and any employer large or small. the second problem, we have an
10:22 am
energy shortage too. worldwide, we are seeing a big increase in energy prices weather oil, gas, gasoline at the pump here that will be an increasing problem. and i do -- look, some of this is just a natural result of coming out of a pandemic and the economy up and running, but robert my don't think the biden administration has done a good job in getting your business is the kind of templates they need labor, energy. when you have those cargo ships lined up and there is not people to unload the ships, it is causing clogs and i agree, sandra a big renowned national security problem for the country. >> sandra: this is an anonymous semiconductor industry insider with a warning about just that. listen. >> whoever wins the race for the next generation semiconductor products eventually will have a major military force on the global stage. >> sandra: let that serve as a warning, right? robert my want to move on to
10:23 am
inflation and a different type of inflation, shadow inflation. this has real implications for everyday americans and what we experience as far as what we can get on the store shelves, but also, the service industry as well. this is "the new york times" on that. they are a shadow inflation taking place all around us. a hotel room might cause the same as a year ago but no longer includes daily cleaning services because of the shortage of housekeepers. some restaurants are offering limited services with waiters stretch them. "the new york times," but car buyers are being advised to be flexible on the color and even make and model lest they face a long way to get their new wills. so are we experiencing this, robert? you check into a hotel and while you may not see the price go up, you paid the same rate for a hotel room where you just to just to get a lot more for that night and a lot more services for that night. but they are taking those away. is it real?
10:24 am
shadow inflation? >> it is real but i wait and pack it differently. one, we know that leisure hospitality sector which is predominantly service got hit during the pandemic. we know brick-and-mortar retail got hit during the pandemic due to the pandemic. so with these type of sectors reopening, there is no question that there is going to be transitional service. there will be supply issues discussed. impact on the consumer. and we are seeing it throughout the entire service sector. there is no question that there is also a mismatch between the labor that we need and the labor that is currently available. and so, prices are actually going up there as well. spoon is that a mismatch where people not willing to fill the jobs? i have to get a final thought. >> i think it is a big problem we are paying people not to work but i will give you an example what you're talking about the shadow inflation. i was in a hotel last week and they said they will only clean your room every two or three nights now, right question work it used to be you go to a hotel
10:25 am
room and they would make your bd give you a clean towels. you see this throughout the economy and you are right, people have to wait forever to get something with her dishwasher, crew. look, inflation is rising and a big come up big political and economic problem for president biden. >> sandra: roberts, i have two seconds and i feel like you need to get in there. you are making these issues. but leashes with the hotel -- >> sandra: wow, personal jabs now at steeple for airline and hotel struggles. okay, our panel, we love you so much. i hope you end up in florida. >> at least steve doesn't have to sleep in dirty sheets tomorrow night. exclusive fox news video of brian laundrie's family clearing their front lawn after protesters littered it with laundry baskets. the family also removing a poster in memory of gabby petito to bring her justice straight
10:26 am
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see why a medicare supplement plan from a company like humana just might be the answer. ♪ ♪ >> sandra: in just a moment, acting dhs chad wolf will weigh in weather possible to reverse the department's decision to cancel the contracts with the border wall construction. but first of all come a u.s. navy engineer and his wife set to appear in court yet for trying to sell information on the design of nuclear power warships to foreign powers. the doj saying the engineer passed on secrets to a person he believes was a representative of another nation. but was actually an undercover fbi agent. the justice department released the following statement, "the complaint to transmit information relating to the design of our nuclear submarine to a foreign nation.
10:31 am
they work of the fbi, department of justice prosecutors enable a criminal investigation services and department of energy critical in thwarting the plot." john. >> john: excuse me. the department of homeland security, sandra canceling border wall contracts despite an overwhelming surge of migrants coming into the united states. this has another caravan of at least 60,000 migrants headed to the united states. let's bring in former acting dhs, agent, chad with peer of the rio grande valley sectors of the border, which are to have the most active sectors and lipe year over year change 20 to 2020-2021, 135%, rio grande valley 542% change. is canceling the contract for the border wall the prudent thing to be doing at this moment? >> well, absolutely not. what the border patrol will tell
10:32 am
you they need an effective border wall system particularly in the rio grande valley. that is ground zero where we see the surge happening. they also canceled in the del rio sector. we saw haitians there just a couple of weeks ago. so we can this is another step by the administration of taking away an effective measure to address that illegal entry into the united states. so they are canceling contracts, they are not in plummeting ppp. they are issuing guidelines to ice to not remove individuals in the country illegally. so began in the midst of the worst border crisis we have seen in over 20 years, the administration continues to implement measures that aren't designed to address the situation that are only going to make this crisis worse at the end of the day. >> john: folks have been watching fox news today will see jenkins reporting that there were some 60,000 mostly haitian migrants making their way to the gap between colombia and panama and headed for the u.s. border.
10:33 am
we don't know how many will make it here but they do seem to be determined so the department of homeland security will do as we look at the miles and miles of border wall fencing sitting there being stored, which will eventually rust away or be destroyed or something. dhs is saying, chad, it will take the money that was appropriated for border wall construction and put it toward environmental projects in the border region including biological cultural, and natural resource surveys. is that a productive way to spend the money, or we have some money and we have to spend it? >> well, it is not productive at all. not when you are talking about border enforcement and trying to bring rule of law to the border. you need to provide the resources to the men and women who are down there every day doing this job. time and time again, they have been pleading with multiple administrations building an effective border wall system. why? it gives them impedance and denial of the technology they need along the border as a force
10:34 am
multiplier of sorts. they don't have that now. they are obviously not getting it under this administration. it is one more, again, that for the portable crisis going on for eight months and says, when is their end insight? when will they change policy to address the situation? we don't see a change in the policy. instead, more migrants and more caravans approaching the border. >> john: the cancellation of the construction contract the dhs said look we want to focus on smart border technology. but when you look at what is happening on the border with the lack of manpower to guard the border with people just walking across those weird dams. it is a smart border technology is that the right way to address a situation as we see it now? rico well, what i would say is we need all of the above. you need the right next not only the physical infrastructure, obviously, the personnel, as well as the technology along the border. but what the border patrol does not need cameras, drones to tell
10:35 am
them where individuals are crossing the border when they don't have the resources or the they can't respond to them. again, they need impedance and denial, meaning an individual crossing the border wanting to cross the border is slowed down and is somehow stopped until they can get there and apprehend the individual. there is a multitude of ways to bring security and bring operational control back to the border but it starts with effective border wall system. you can lay on top of that the different technologies that you need to. >> john: as we saw a couple of weeks ago the only way to stop the migrants to walk across the dam in del rio, texas dps lined up the cars and basically made a wall out of cars. chatted with them always good to see you, thank you for joining us today come appreciate it. sandra? >> sandra: gabby petito fugitive brian laundrie by fox news and entertained this exclusive video of his parents emerging from florida home under the cover of darkness to remove various things from the front lawn.
10:36 am
including laundry baskets and along with a sign to remember gabby petito who used to live there with brian and his family before she was killed. all of this coming into the family and accusations of withholding information from authorities. steve harrigan is reporting live in north port, florida, with the latest, hi, steve. >> sandra, that was a rare appearance by brian laundrie is parents held up inside the house throughout the weekend and just after 11:00 p.m. emerging to take some laundry baskets off of their front lawn and the poster that had gabby's face on it as well. the fox news digital team was on it just after 11:00 and try to shout questions to the parents. >> do you have anything to say about gabby? the neighbors think you know more than what you are saying. >> police are described with the parents behavior in this case so far as odd. they refused to allow to interview brian laundrie after
10:37 am
they return september 1st. and they also change the date that they said he disappeared and left one day early septembe. this memorial here that gabby still draws a steady stream of people and many stopped to tell us just how the case has impacted their lives. >> it is heartbreaking, me as a mother, my daughter, like saying she is america's daughter. and this is a young lady that had a whole life ahead of her. it is very heartbreaking. >> this makeshift memorial will be taken down tomorrow and replaced by something more permanent. sandra, back to you. >> sandra: steve harrigan from northport porta, thank you, john. >> john: a real tragedy is times square, dead after not to the ground by alleged mother in times square, the details on this horrible case coming up coming up. >> sandra: plus the fda to announce what could be the first pill to treat covid-19.
10:38 am
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10:43 am
stop treat the virus. how will this help in the fight against the pandemic? fox news contributor dr. marty makary at johns hopkins university johns hopkins university. obviously i use the threat entry interchangeably there because we know dr. mccarrick, the virus works and a growing number of people in the population are getting the virus, giving the vaccine but when it comes to treating the virus once you get it, is this going to help fight the pandemic further? >> would appears so, sandra. the results of the formal randomized control were really dramatic. 762 people sick with covid with milder or moderate illness and the placebo group, 45 are hospitalized and eight died in the drug group. 28 were hospitalized and nobody died. when you have a drug that reduces death down to zero, now we will have to see if that is true in the larger population, but when you have a signal in
10:44 am
the data that strong, you have to ask, why are we sitting around waiting two months for the fda to review something? and it was developed emory university last year. you can go back and do the math and look at the potential savings of life since then. >> sandra: what is the answer to that? why two months compared to emergency authorization of the vaccine being a month? speak with the broader scientific community has been focused on vaccines are not that focused on therapeutics. there is other therapeutics promising as well and pfizer will have antivirals come out. but look at the process by which we do these trials. there is long gaps between phasn phase 2 and phase 3. how about the trails like many proposed an expedited review when phase 2 is done 24 hours and thin phase 3 appeared we've lost a lot of valuable time and we are still doing it now. we have millions of pills on the shelf and people dying.
10:45 am
>> sandra: merck put out a statement. at the interim analysis, it reduced the risk of hospitalization or death by approximately 50%. 7.3% of patients who received this were hospitalized or die day 29 following randomization compared to 14% of placebo treated patients. this is former scott gottlieb how he sees the over all impact of the pill. >> i think they will provide psychological and this drug was probably the best data i have ever seen for orally available drug with respiratory pathogen. this pill could provide a real difference in how we address this virus given the magnitude, the effect it is having. >> sandra: that seems like a very promising outlook for this drug. the overall pandemic, dr. makary, you have been talking to the audience throughout the pandemic. how would you classify or how would you characterize where we
10:46 am
are today? it still feels like we are in that environment. where we can cherry pick the headline. you want to see things getting better with enough headlines to make you feel better as we are coming out of this. but really the negative headlines are out there. are things getting better at this point? >> well, sandra, i think we are on our way to a good place within a few months. right now, cases have been collapsing in the south and southeast of the united states but the north and northwest, we see a plateau and persistent numbers of high cases. it is really affecting those with no natural immunity or no vaccine and no immunity. that is the population at risk. it shows signs of decline if you look at the states that dealt with delta early, they should be 70% off peaks right now. >> sandra: dr. makary thank you for joining us, appreciate that. >> thanks, sandra. >> sandra: anything promise we will listen, right? merck has a drug and seeking emergency approval to treat covid, that is obviously a big
10:47 am
development in this pandemic. >> something as helpful as molnupiravir, sandra and the fda would want to get out on the market as quickly as possible. safety trails obviously show that it is safe and that it works. so why not make it available? >> sandra: a lot of bureaucratic red tape. >> john: like we've never seen that before. philadelphia, sandra celebrating columbus day with the statue of the famed explorer boxed up and play would, at the back story coming up in the next hour. >> sandra: and the boston marathon taking place today after a long break of the pandemic. we are live at the finish line next. ♪ ♪ to run a growing business, is to be on a journey. and along the ride, you'll have many questions. challenges. and a few surprises.
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♪ ♪ >> sandra: the galleries holding hunter biden's artwork and getting a ton of attention. and federal covid money. the dealer representing president biden son with several disaster loans. the amount nearly doubling after biden took office bringing the total to $500,000. the u.s. post calling it "sketchy, especially since the
10:52 am
gallery only has two employees." this one still ahead scratcher for many. the prices of those paintings for what they are selling, right, john? >> john: it is like a big ogre or a big onion. it's got a lot of layers and we keep filling it back. one of the world's most iconic 26-mile run is back on track today. the boston marathon taking place for the first time in october this year due to the covid pandemic. it is also happening during the same week the supreme court has had to hear arguments on the 2013 bombing of that same race. molly line live in boston, everybody seems to be having a good time today, molly. >> that is right. covid could not thwart this year's running of the boston marathon. you can imagine the delay of the runners. these are the athletes crossing the finish line. we are just past the finish line. a beautiful day for a long month. 64 degrees or so and breezy. these are the heroes that have made it to the end of the race this year. it is usually held in april.
10:53 am
this field a little bit reduced with a smaller field of razors. 20,000 making the long trek from hopkins to boston and already out there on the course. the elite runners have crossed both of the winners and kenya this morning. that is not required after the course but runners were required to show proof of vaccination or negative test to participate. organizers, of course, making efforts to mitigate the spread of covid and refrain from kissing a stranger. that is familiar with this race with well -- where the students are famous for and embrace for the runners. also this week chapter 1318 years after target at the supreme court will hear arguments whether convicted marathon bomber can be put to death for the 2013 bombing. the justice department with high court to overturn a decision by the lower court and to reinstate the death penalty but right here
10:54 am
on the ground to take him a gorgeous day for a run and and handing out apples. of course fall and apple season. so just wonderful day on the ground in boston and you cannot miss monday in the city. >> john: glad to see so many people have been fun. molly line in boston, i know, sandra, you wish you were there. >> sandra: you know what, it brings a smile to my face to see that marathon happening right after chicago happened as well. it feels like the marathon runners to get back out there and so many people training for this. happy, happy to see it happening. >> john: picture is. >> sandra: thick chaos this holiday with thousands of items stuck on the ship in the ocean. the pictures are stunning. and in the stores were struggling to reach out with basic items once they leave the store shelves. the next hour, a firsthand look
10:55 am
at how supply chain issues are impacting your shopping. ♪ ♪ >> tech: when you get a chip in your windshield... trust safelite. this couple was headed to the farmers market... when they got a chip. they drove to safelite for a same-day repair. and with their insurance, it was no cost to them. >> woman: really? >> tech: that's service the way you need it. >> singers: ♪ safelite repair, safelite replace. ♪ at humana, we believe your healthcare should evolve with you, and part of that evolution means choosing the right medicare plan for you. humana can help. with original
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to relieve occasional nerve aches, weakness and discomfort. try nervivenerve relief. ♪ ♪ >> sandra: fox news alert now to begin a brand-new hour as america reports on the supply problems putting the holidays on notice. here we go, good afternoon, sandra smith in new york. have you made your santa list yet? >> john: my santa list will be very small because we will trap us over christmas. so it will be little packages. >> sandra: good idea. >> john: john roberts and welcome back, sandra as our two of "america reports." facing bear store shelves and prices climbing higher and the possibility they will wake up to emptiness under the tree this christmas. the nation's biggest court in los angeles container ships are still stuck waiting unable to unload. now, some big names are having
11:00 am
to charter private carter endemic ships. >> it is in shambles, companies struggling to hire much-needed drivers here are those still on the road say they are overworked. >> john: all of this as the fed warns americans to shop now for whatever they can find. and if you do find what you are shopping for, get ready for even higher prices. in a moment, we will talk with the executive toy company that makes everything from tonka trucks to lincoln logs. he wants a sheer tons of his toys will not make it home for e holidays. >> sandra: john, we begin with the reporters on the ground, and fox team coverage as we kick off this hour to and stay warm this winter. we are listening, jeff. and to buy something as simple as a washing machine. first, live the store out side of chicago. >> sandra commit is that chip
11:01 am
shortage. traditional electronics, but also things like appliances here at the raw materials like steel, wood, other materials, are also hard to come by right now. you have all the supplied chain strains along the way. john, one of the presidents at the electronics. people expect big markdowns this time of year. instead, they see the opposite of that. >> we are definitely seeing steady price increases throughout the year. there will be some markdowns over the holidays. i think the manufacturers will sort of pinpoint particular products rather than have it a wide group of offerings. >> i want to show people what we are talking about in terms of increases, year-over-year, tvs, major appliances, washing machines, all up between 7% to 13%. you are stocking up on as much inventory as possible to make sure you have products on the shelves. the message this year might be shop early and when you do come, be flexible, right?
11:02 am
>> we are deafly encouraging the customers to come to shopping earlier this year. flexibility is key because like i said earlier, not everything is going to be specifically may or may not be available. so we should be loose with the offerings. >> so you heard it there, sandra. shop early. it looks like a lot of people are doing it. they are here -- oh, accidentally setting off alarms over a year. >> sandra: brady, maybe it was you. be careful. we don't need an arrest on camera. really fascinating story. i think people are hearing the warning to shop early, brady, thank you. john? >> john: the lesson to pay for the item before you walk out of the store. now to jeff to explain why it is not just gas for your car that is spiking. this winter gas for heating for your home set to go higher and higher. he is live in pennsylvania not far from scranton, hey, jeff. >> absolutely right, john. yeah but that is natural gas
11:03 am
drilling rig back there behind me. the problem is the cost of what is coming out of the ground there. you mentioned at the outset big price increases for natural gas. yeah, it is not the production that is the problem. it is the price. the future of the cma chicago up about 119% over the course of the last year. business not production. they are making plenty, not making but harvesting plenty of natural gas from the ground here in the marcella shale in pennsylvania beneath the ground where i stand. they harvested about 5 billion cubic feet of natural gas about ten years ago. a day. now, it is 35 million cubic feet. that is 6%, 7% increase. plenty of gas but getting it where it needs to go. take a look at this map. it shows you multiple, natural gas pipelines that were set to be built going from here to new york city to new jersey to
11:04 am
upstate new york where the problem is, thanks to environmental concerns, permitting, and all the rest, none of those pipelines have been built. they were all canceled. the folks that will mind that natural gas here in pennsylvania say, it is a crying shame because they can bring the prices down. take a listen. >> what we really see is a lack of infrastructure. lack of infrastructure in the text crisis, and protects availability of natural gas and the ability to get natural gas to where it is needed. >> for those environmentalists who are concerned about the whole and heating oil, well, that is certainly much dirtier than the natural gas that they are mining here in pennsylvania. they either way, you flex it and it will cost you a lot more to heat your home this winter. most people heat their homes with natural gas. you should burn in your
11:05 am
fireplace instead of. >> john: that will be great for the environment and a number of different ways. jeff, thank you so much. sandra? >> sandra: thank you, john ten weeks to go before christmas but if a last-minute shop of this year for the last minute might be right now. the next guest says what was once a routine effort to check off the princess list is like war games. jake foreman the ceo of a toy store basic funds and all like the toys we love my lincoln log and care bears. i will say that because i'm an early care bear fan. what is this looking like? are the store shelves to be empty by christmas? what are you seeing with your company? >> so listen, what we are seeing is not necessarily that there will be no goods in the story. there will be merchandise to buy a pair of the question is the top five or ten things on your list some of the things that your kids want or you want are the same
11:06 am
things that everybody wants. and those are going to be in much shorter supply than other products that are on the shelves. so the advice is suggested earlier is to put your christmas list together and holiday list together early. get those must-have things now because they will typically be in short supply. we are seeing a shipping crisis like we have never seen before. every step of the way from where the goods are produced to the port to the rail lines and the trucking lines. so it will not get any better for the next eight or ten weeks. >> john: james, we mentioned at the top, your company brings in tonka trucks. you will have to leave behind 160,000 of those in china because of shipping costs. we break it down. it used to be that a container would cost you $3,000 to lease. you would fill it with 2,000 trucks because they take up a lot of room which is $1.50 for each truck. that same container cost $18,000, which means it cost you $9 a truck to ship those tonka trucks. you just can't economically, you
11:07 am
can't do that. >> it can't be done without raising the price. and we are reluctant to raise prices and particularly the retailers are reluctant to raise the prices just before christmas. what is happening with a lot of the bigger, bulkier products, they are being left behind in china until next year because they are not economically feasible to bring in. retailers really don't want to raise the prices. you will likely see products in the stores, but you will see a lot less discounting. the bargain this year is going to be not that i get it for 20% less, but did i get it at all question work that is all because of the shipping issues. >> sandra: that is just hard to believe. and then there is sort of a problem of exacerbation like you will exacerbate the problem by telling everybody to go out and shop early, right? because this is the bad warning of delays and price hikes. mary daly resident ceo of san francisco, we can put on the screen where she said it actually, let's listen. >> if we continue to have supply
11:08 am
bottlenecks we keep spending, then we will have more inflation. right now we see consumers trying to get out early and spend their money to get their goods before they run out. >> sandra: so it kind of remind you of the toilet paper days of covid. everybody felt like they had to run out and get it not knowing what the future supply would be of it appear that sort of made the problem worse, right? >> for sure. i certainly can't advocate not buying. i don't know how that is good economic advice from any standpoint. it wouldn't help any of us. businesses about transaction and the consumer buying and us folks selling. but again, a lot of the problems by christmas or not toilet paper or ppe but things we want but not things we have to have. so in the end if you want to have him, you have to buy early. if you have to have them, that is a little bit of a different story. we know christmas gifts are usually like to have spirit and
11:09 am
a lot of this was brought up earlier, infrastructure. there is a bill in washington right now by both parties to improve roads, rail, and that will put a lot of people to work. so if they could just pass that bill and we can start to get our infrastructure in shape, this won't happen next year. but if we don't do that, we will go through the same problem again next year and maybe even worse. be to explain for folks at home because i don't fully understand this myself. we had shortages the height of covid but coming out of the back and now. how did it get to be this bad, worse than the height of the pandemic? >> well, during the height of the pandemic come everybody was going for a certain kind of product. you know paper towels, pp, hand sanitizer and those things but now everybody is going for everything. because people aren't traveling as much and not going out to dinner as much or to movies or to the bowling alley, they have some extra capital. they are buying stuff.
11:10 am
they are buying a lot of stuff. the fact is, you know, santa's sleigh is only so big. you know, only so many container ships on the face of the earth. so many trucks and railroads. once they are filled up 100% capacity, if the consumer wants ten, 20%, 30% more, that is when you get the problem here is another consumers are buying everything. not just ppe or thanks for the home but buying all kinds of products that are repurchased in every store that made here and made overseas and just straining the entire system. it's not just things on ships from overseas but things that are produced in the united states and you have to go on real or trucks to different parts of the country. it is things we may connect with a building system. 85% of the parts are made in pennsylvania. 10% come from china. but if i don't have that 10%, i can't make the 85. if you don't have the $5 chip to put into the dashboard of the car, you can't produce the one
11:11 am
made in alabama. >> sandra: a follow-up to that, would you consider what you are going through right now to get these goods at home and dependent upon some of those parts coming from china, are you considering moving fat production to the united states as a result of this? >> sure. listen, we would love to move production to the united states but there is not enough labor here. the unemployment rate is about 5%. we need more workers where we need workers to be making pipelines and building and rebuilding ports on the electrical grid and not necessarily teddy bears like the care bear. >> sandra: hold on, show us more. do you have this season's hottest way with you? what is it? >> the togetherness care bear and everybody needs to be together and everybody needs a hug. this is one of the hot ones, care bear but other hot stories this year. again, the messages, they are going to be harder to find a pair of the hot ones are harder to find. it is sort of the shop early and
11:12 am
let's get the infrastructure bill passed so we can start creating jobs in america and improving our infrastructure so this doesn't happen. >> john: you do know about 1 million people went online to get a care bear. jay foreman, good to talk to you. good luck to you. >> great to be with you. >> sandra: good luck getting one of those bears in december. that was a good way to have that on in the middle of this. jay foreman, ceo of basic fund. it is really something. his message on the infrastructure bill is point taken and i wonder if that messaging is getting to the white house, john. >> e even if you pass it tomorrow it will not solve the current problem. this is affecting his bottom line. they were expected to grow 30% for season and it looks like only half of that because of the bottleneck and trying to get goods here. >> sandra: really interesting stuff, shop early is the message. >> john: and often apparently. >> john: crime, a nurse dead
11:13 am
after homeless man allegedly shoved her to the ground. we will be covering that for you. >> sandra: now the international community calling out the big apple how bad things have gotten in this day. we are live on the scene next. ♪ ♪ has thin history. lowest rae 2.25% with an apr of 2.48. save thousands every year. plus there's no money out of pocket and no up front fees. newday is holding the line on interest rates so every veteran family can save. call now. that spin class was brutal. well, you can try using the buick's massaging seat. oh. yeah, that's nice. can i use apple carplay to put some music on? sure, it's wireless. what's your buick's wi-fi password? it's buick envision. that's a really tight spot. i used to hate parallel parking.
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11:18 am
♪ ♪ >> sandra: a nurse is now dead after suspected mother shoved her to ground times square. they charge the man with murder. bryan llenas is live in times square with more, brian. >> sandra 58-year-old maria ambrocio walking down the street times square friday in the middle of the day with her friend when she was knocked to the ground by suspected thief who collided with her as she was
11:19 am
sprinting down the street after having joe stolen a phone from another woman. maria ambrocio on oncology nurse hit her head on the pavement and knocked unconscious, forming at the mouth and died at the hospital saturday. the suspect 26-year-old jermaine foster faces second-degree murder, charged with robbery charges and reportedly homeless and suffers from mental health issues. about an hour before he knocked maria ambrocio, heath allegedly forced himself into a woman's apartment where he smashed furniture and stole money. the tragedy comes days after mentally disturbed person pushed a subway rider into an oncoming train in times square. new york senator eric adams tweeted this "again and again we are seeing the deterioration of our city. we cannot allow this to continue." both adams and curtis fully water promised to get criminals off the street.
11:20 am
>> these are the most disturbed persons to roam the streets in the parks. a danger to themselves and everyone else. common sense says time and time again remove them off of the streets. >> a month ago, foster was arrested for forcibly touching a woman, but a judge in the city denied bail and released him back onto the streets. today, the philippine general conflict maria ambrocio was filipino holding a mass for her and this honor. they released a statement reading in part, sandra "how many more maria ambrocios do we need before the streets are made safe again? "sandra. >> sandra: bryan llenas in times square, thank you, john. >> john: rafael mangual sr. fellow research for policing and public safety initiative at the manhattan institute. while failed commit is good to talk to you. the death of maria ambrocio according to colleagues at the hospital she worked out in
11:21 am
brooklyn was a shining light. is this a crime crisis? is this a mental health crisis, or is it both? >> well, i think it is certainly bold. one of the things that we have to do a sort of look at this case in the context of a broader deterioration in public order and public safety that has hit the times square area particularly hard appear to think it is worth noting the nypd south where times square is situated has seen felony assaults and robberies increased 141% and 178% respectively year to date through to the first week of october this year. if you look at misdemeanors, those are up 80%. shootings are up 700% in this area. this is really, really problematic because what is happening is when you have these high-value public spaces like times square and shopping districts via the district, when you have this kind of prime domain crime problem, they will start to feel fear and pull back from the public safety areas.
11:22 am
when we saw in 2020, when the forces pulled back in public spaces, those public spaces become more vulnerable to crime. that is what we are seeing now. >> john: the question is who is at fault in what can be done about it? if you look at this guy, jermaine foster as bryan llenas was saying, last month he was arrested for groping a 30-year-old woman. the prosecutor wanted $3,000 bill, which might have kept him in jail because he's homeless. he doesn't have much of an income but the judge let him go on no bail. >> that is exactly right. this is just, you know, and other unfortunate example of the failure of our criminal justice system to do his job to secure the public by holding serious high-risk offenders in detention. this is something, you know, we have seen for too much in the last couple of years. we will see more of it if there is not a culture shift. in terms of what can be done about this, there are a couple of levers the city can poll and one is to increase the police presence in and around trouble places like times square. but there is a limit to what
11:23 am
that can do. one thing to mentally, seriously ill mental population will have a different risk calculus then you and i. so just increasing police presence may not deter those folks. but it can help a little bit. but the thing we have to understand, the criminal justice system has to back what the police are doing out there in the field. if the police are making a rest from the high risk individuals and releasing them on the street, then simply increasing please present is not going to do the trick and it really needs to be done here -- >> john: go ahead and finish. >> the city has to really, i think, we consider approach to serious mental illness. we focus the dollars it spent some mental health on the seriously mentally ill but the focus on more and more serious supervision, more stringent supervision. these people are not getting the help they need on the street. we are not doing them a service or the public service. >> john: it in terms of
11:24 am
crime's not being persecuted and we saw this in new york and san francisco, store shelves are bare. people who have been arrested for shoplifting at 46 different stores are going back on the streets because, first of all, it is considered a large degree a misdemeanor and never prosecuted. even if people are arrested they were back on the streets. we have a shoplifting crisis leaving bare shelves. many drugstores in new york city. what is that all about? >> that is exactly right. i mean, this is part of a broader mission on the part of criminal justice reformers who are really just pushing 2d course array on a mass scale. in their minds, the people behind this movement incarceration is just always bad and should be delayed at all cost. the problem with that approach is what we saw with maria ambrocio case. there are individuals who need to be held to attention and not on the street. if we continue to shirk our duty as a city to the public, we will see more of these instances.
11:25 am
>> john: it certainly affects the quality of life for thousands of people. rafael mangual thank you for joining us today come appreciate it. >> thank you. the two sandra. >> sandra: chaos at the airport, 2,000 flights canceled and the blame game between airlines and the faa. >> john: plus companies barely survived the pandemic try to get back to business but they might have to stay closed if nobody shows up to work. so why is it there isn't anybody working? >> james freeman is here to help us answer that.
11:26 am
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11:31 am
out there? you can walk anywhere in new york city and help wanted signs are up everywhere. >> it is so historically weird. we normally think hard economic times when people can't find jobs and businesses don't want to hire. we see the opposite. we have never seen it work worker shortage like this. put it another way, never a better time as long as the government is keeping records to find a job. you mentioned all of the businesses in new york. you see hospitality across all industries. construction particularly bad, but pick high skill or low skill and we can't find the workers. i think it has a lot to do with the government having pushed a lot of money out into the economy the last year and a half, two years without the incentive to work. what they were trying to do with covid is basically assimilate an economy without people doing their normal work. i think we see the result. we have a lot of people that have gotten a lot of money whether through inflation or stocks and the value of their
11:32 am
house or direct payments from the house and the incentive to work has been reduced. >> sandra: that is a big statement never a better time to find the job. the jobs are out there and really interesting that we got from that point from eight toy company ceo who joined us at the top of the hour. his big problem with the supply chain is about 85% of what goes into the toys they make, either you can get right here in the united states, but he is dependent for a chunk of that manufacturing in china. that is his big problem right now. i asked him, why don't you consider moving all of your production to the united states? he said this. >> we would love to use production to the united states, but the problem is there is not enough labor here. the employment rate is 5%. we need more workers where we need workers to be making pipelines and building, rebuilding ports on the electrical grid, not necessarily teddy bears like the care bear.
11:33 am
>> sandra: bright might take some of the care bear but no, really it gives you a bigger pie because the supply strain struggles, he would love to move wouldn't be able to fill the production facility because he can't find workers. >> i think it is a great point. strategically, the united states is leaving a lot of opportunity and money on the table. this could be a moment. >> sandra: yes. >> expanding manufacturing and expanding production of all kinds of things. >> sandra: by the way, passing the infrastructure built to the white house. >> this is where i would disagree. i think part of how we got here is, you look back in march, the economy was rebounding. fortunately the crazy lockdowns largely ended. and what did washington do? it passed another $2 trillion of covid related spending. now, we've got infrastructure plus reconciliation, trillions more on the table, and i think that is exactly what we don't need. what we are seeing in the economy is having pushed all of
11:34 am
this money out from washington, people have less need for work. >> sandra: i don't think the message has the social spending package. >> i think he's more confident than i am the impact of the infrastructure bill. i think he thinks we will get more but roads and bridges that i think we are. but certainly that will be tough sledding. in an environment where you can't find people working oh, we will build roads to make roads and bridges but with who? >> sandra: but still clearly explaining this labor shortage, biden labor secretary seems to be perplexed with this labor shortage. listen. >> i think it is work-life balance. >> if they're not working what's the balance question marks because they are looking at their career and i want to get out of this career and move for. people have to go back to the workforce. i don't think there is an answer. again we are living in the pandemic and we saw $317,000 in
11:35 am
the private sector. we saw in the private sector as well. >> sandra: is that it work-life balance? >> 200,000 people dropped out of the labor force last month but if all of those people or some of those people are able to do it because they can thrive and not have to work so much, that is wonderful for them. but i would point out to people, if you are making that decision, you look through history, stocks don't normally rise the way they have since rebound started in spring 2020. so, if the idea -- and by the way, this government assistant that has come out come i would hope at some point it ends. i'm not sure it is a long-term strategy to say that we are just wealthy are are better off and people don't need to work as much. >> sandra: this is why the joe manchin's of the world are big on saying we are a rewarding society, not an untitled one which is why you have some of those moderates like joe manchin getting in the way of passing that massive social spending package. >> thank goodness.
11:36 am
and he has also pointed out about inflation, inflation risk. when we keep having government spending money, borrowing it essentially from the federal reserve, buying treasury debt to fund more spending. what does that do? it creates inflation. when you have more money, that makes more work less rewarding. >> sandra: james freeman, good to have the discussion, thank you. john. >> john: in order to pass massive spending plan, the democrats are using a special process. it is called, you heard it before, budget reconciliation. but many americans have no clue what that means or why democrats want to use it in this particular case. so, we turn to correspondent chad program on capitol hill who explains it all for us. >> the filibuster in a bill to bypass a filibuster with 60 votes but it's hard to wrinkle 60 days in the senate but you don't need 60 votes for budget reconciliation. >> number one, the issue of reconciliation, which is by code
11:37 am
to the american people. >> it is confusing a reconciliation bill was exempt from a filibuster. it only needs 51 votes to pass. here is the catch, only certain things qualify for a reconciliation bill. reconciliation is reserved for taxes and entitlements, physical issues, d.c. statehood does not qualify for reconciliation. immigration, not quite. >> budget reconciliation is kind of like a sport. so you need certain types of equipment depending on the sport you are playing. if you are going to play baseball, you need a baseball. how about this, a softball. that may work if you are playing baseball. it's not unprecedented for lawmakers to use somewhat related legislative items and budget reconciliation. so guess what? a softball might work in playing baseball reconciliation. here are some things that won't work. a tennis ball, this, this really
11:38 am
won't work. again, all balls but we are playing baseball today. this is way out-of-bounds. but guess what? this does work. a baseball bat. we are playing baseball reconciliation. so this applies when we are playing baseball reconciliation. >> everybody needs to think through at the craft and the sports equipment out of the locker room what will work for the referee. instead of parliamentarian. >> senate parliamentarian it decides what's in or out. >> abiding by the rule of parliamentarian is essential to the function of the senate. >> even the man partly responsible for writing the reconciliation process and the 1970s, late parliamentarian bob deb said they use reconciliation as a crutch. >> if there was anything that i could undo in my life, it was helping create the reconciliation process in the budget act. it is now a monster, and it is
11:39 am
showing its monstrous qualities repeatedly as it is used by both parties. >> reconciliation remains the only way the senate can pass major bills. that is why there is a push to alter the filibuster. >> john: chad pergram from capitol hill and chad, there are some people with the committee for responsible federal budget that say this build 3.5 trillion bill should not qualify reconciliation because it aggregates certain debt rules to apply for reconciliation bill. >> sandra: and chad pergram, he is a gem to the fox news channel. anytime we have questions, he takes us through all the nitty-gritty. >> john: any time you want to deep dive into the weeds, called chad up. >> sandra: he is eager and willing every time. all right southwest airlines canceling 2,000 flights over the weekend. you probably heard about the meltdown with customers all over the country. it came after pilots blocked the
11:40 am
company's recent imposed vaccine mandate. they are lined denying so-called stake out cause the cancellation of what we are hearing about. lydia, hi, lydia. >> i met cassandra at southwest cancellation wrecking holiday plans for thousands, more than 18,000 flights over the weekend at the cancellations co, 10% southwest flights canceled s of now. the airline blamed the cancellation on disruptive weather and air traffic control issues. but over the weekend the federal aviation administration responded saying, there has been no air traffic staff manage gnomic staff shortages since friday. no other airline seems to be experiencing this level of disruption. now the cancellations come after the union representing southwest pilots filed a request with the port to temporarily block the vaccine mandate. that is causing some to wonder whether the mandate is actually causing the cancellation of the flights. but the pilots union insists the
11:41 am
pilots are not taking a stakeout or another protest. instead, they blame airline's management. southwest is dealing with a staffing shortage command the airline packed flight schedule. it may reduce the schedule moving forward, but today we see delays are also mounting 25% of flights now delayed. southwest told twitter earlier anticipate a return to normal services this week. thousands of travelers are left scrambling now. i reached out to southwest for comment about the ongoing nature of the delays and no response just yet, sandra. >> sandra: idiot, thank you. >> john: sandra, california's brand-new law or fire with requiring big retailers with gender-neutral toy aisles. details coming up just ahead. >> sandra: debate over what is hot in the nation's pools taking center stage for the race for virginia's governor. we will have that for you next. ♪ ♪
11:42 am
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>> sandra: california's governor signing off on new laws with part of a far left wishlist saying we require a big retailers to have gender-neutral toy aisles. why don't michael live in los angeles, hi, joe. >> the new law to impact new
11:47 am
stores but workers will have to have a general neutral section. boys and girl section won't be banning california" are not included, but the low will impact things like toys, child care items such as toothbrushes. we should mention target already started doing this back in 2015. another new law that involves kids deals with the classroom. governor newsom is making ethic studies a requirement for his school graduation. this will impact students graduating in the 2029-2030 school year in public schools. now switching over to the environment, there is a new law to impact yardwork. california will eventually phase out the sale of items like new gas powered leaf blowers and new lawn mowers. supporters of the law say their aim is to curve commissions of small gas powered motors, which they say are to pollute more than cars. the governor did veto a few bills. he rejected a bill to decriminalize jaywalking and a
11:48 am
bill to make california the first state to pay folks to stay sober. restaurants and bars are getting a little relief after a tough year of outdoor and indoor dining bands. governor newsom with two privations to keep the go cocktails in play an outdoor surface at the movie built apartments. sandra. >> sandra: a lot of changes. jeff paul, thank you, john. >> john: say what? virginia, folks in virginia fuming what their children being taught in schools. that issue taking center stage in the race for governor which analyst they could be a trend center for the nation. chief correspondent mike emanuel here with more in this race is a lot tighter than people thought it was going to be. >> no doubt about it, john, welcome back. education is a hot-button issue in the governor's race. school board meetings have been the center of the fight over critical race theory, transgender policy and controversial books and school libraries. democrat terry mcauliffe raised eyebrows when he said he doesn't think parents should be
11:49 am
telling schools what they should teach. the republican opponent says the controversy over critical race materials in virginia schools ties directly with mcauliffe's previous term as governor. >> that was in 2015 during terry mcauliffe's administration. fast forward, go to the state board of education website. you will find a book on the recommended reading list that is teaching critical race theory in the classroom. to suggest that it's not there is patently false. >> mcauliffe is firing back saying there is nothing to see here. because let's just be clear. we don't teach critical race theory. this is a made up, this is a trump open plan to divide people. and it really bothers me. i tried to unite people. >> the real clear politics recent polls terry mcauliffe up 3.5% over the public and businessman, and that campaign
11:50 am
aides are convinced the race is closer than that. for context joe biden won virginia by ten points and making it a little too close for the democrats. that suggest it will be a fight to the finish in the final three weeks of this campaign, john. >> john: that's right the margin of error for most polls. 2.5 points, tight race. >> a nail biter. >> john: thanks for filling in last week. >> sandra: thank you john, thank you, mike. something out of the movie. a couple busted for trying to sell nuclear submarine secrets and passing the info along and ate peanut butter sandwich. ♪ ♪ i'd like to take a moment to address my fellow veterans because i know there's so many of you who have served our country honorably.
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we've been married 53 years. we love to walk on the beach. i have two daughters and then two granddaughters. i noticed that memories were not there like they were when i was much younger. since taking prevagen, my memory has gotten better and it's like the puzzle pieces have all been [click] put together. prevagen. healthier brain. better life. >> captain kirk's latest trip to space has been delayed because of winds. william shatner was supposed to
11:56 am
last off today but it has been postponed till wednesday. shatner will go 66 miles into the sky. he sat down with neil cavuto to talk about his upcoming space flight. >> everybody is talking about your age. what do you think of that? >> the only thing about age that has an application to this particular vehicle is getting in and out of the seat with any kind of arthritis. so unless you're really supple getting in and out of the seats in weight, in gravity, is a chore. but it's designed to float. >> you can catch the full interview with "your world" at 4:00. i have to say, sandra, he doesn't like anywhere near 90.
11:57 am
>> sandra: i love his enthusiasm. 90 years old. can't wait for that interview at 4:00 "your world" today. >> george bush went sky diving at 90. william shatner is going to place. >> sandra: we'll have to make plans for when we're 90. what are you going to do? >> john: i have time to prepare. >> sandra: a navy engineer and his wife accused of selling navy secrets including through a peanut butter sandwich. jennifer griffin has more. >> hi, sandra. it's a story line worthy of a hollywood screen play. almost a year, jonathan toebbe, a nuclear engineer and his wife, diana toebbe a school teacher sold top secret information concerning design of the virginia class nuclear powered warships in exchange for cryptocurrency to a person that they thought was a representative of a foreign
11:58 am
power. that person was an undercover fbi agent. the couple lived in a quiet unassuming neighborhood in annapolis and drove a mini cooper. the toebbes have been charged with violating atomic energy act. the navy engineer worked for the top secret naval reactors program in april 2020. he sent the first package of classified documents to a foreign government, which passed the information back to a u.s. defense attache suggesting the country may have been in fact an ally. the package had a returned a dress in pittsburgh according to the criminal complaint. i apologize for this poor translation into your language. forward this letter to your military intelligence agency. i believe this information will be of great value to your nation, this is not a hoax. in one of the more unusual details from the criminal complaint, toebbe visited washington d.c. over memorial day posting as a tourist.
11:59 am
he asked his landlers to fly a flag signal from the roof of the embassy to indicate he was talking to the right people and not the fbi. the fbi recovered a blue 16 gigabyte sandisk card at the drop location the complaint reads. the sd card was wrapped in plastic and placed between two slices of bread on a half of a peanut butter sandwich. the half sandwich was inside of a plastic bag. that dead drop was in west virginia where he and his wife were arrested saturday. that will be in court saturday. they have two children. sandra? >> sandra: a remarkable story. jennifer griffin reporting from the pentagon. thank you. can't make that up, john. >> john: hiding secrets in a peanut butter sandwich. that is new. >> sandra: that is new. it's good to be starting a new week with you, john. good to have you back.
12:00 pm
another busy day. >> john: yeah. it's going to be a busy week as well. there's never shortage of news in this town or this great nation of ours. >> sandra: thanks for joining us. i'm sandra smith. >> john: the "the story" typically held by martha is being hosted by trace gallagher and starts right now. >> welcome back. sandra, thanks. good afternoon. i'm trace gallagher in for martin luther king -- martha maccallum. the president urged his party to get unified or tanking the economic agenda. many people are unsatisfied with the president's handling of the economy according to recent polls. city biden and the democrats are pushing for cradle to grave entitlements with millions jobless, inflation burning a hole in american wallets and supply chain issues leave shelves empty just in time for the holiday


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