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tv   Outnumbered  FOX News  October 11, 2021 9:00am-10:00am PDT

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>> harris: it we will start with the fox news alert on a major roadblock now to president biden's campaign promise to build back better. and it comes just in time for the holidays. the federal reserve is with the supply chain, and that the trillion dollar spending bill. this is "outnumbered," i'm
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harris faulkner. i'm joined now by my cohost emily combined yellow, former spokeswoman morgan ortagus and in the central virtual seat, fox & friends cohost and cohost of the brian kilmeade at radio show, brian kilmeade himself. hey, merry christmas everybody. >> i know, get used to it. >> harris: christmas is a little more than ten weeks away but cargo ships with holiday items are waiting out there trying to get to us. some for weeks now. they are waiting to dock at u.s. ports to unload all those goods and it's one part of the very complex web of labor products and shortages unleashed by the coronavirus pandemic. this area of depletion and disruption is with jobs going unfulfilled with more help wanted signs to go up and all of this is adding to higher prices for all of us on just about everything. there's a lot to complain about i suppose in this field so legitimate like the cost of
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everything is going up. >> the fact is, i can't imagine what it must be like in california or georgia with these huge ports in florida and all the ships with fall in containers, the dock workers can't get work in the truck drivers evidently are not there to show up. these products that need to be sold that have already been paid for and that ship has got to be empty, and they would not be saying for everyone with two years, how is this happening and how did they fix it, yet this president brings it up and all due to inflation. 60% says they are not paying enough time and attention to inflation and if there is one thing that goes beyond the 30-second spot, you don't need anybody and its inflation, and
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if your groceries cost more than that resonates. >> your icing at all over the place. it's all over the country. i want to get to this and it's according to a recent quinnipiac polling. let's take a look at where the president is again. 39% of voters in this bold proof of biden's handling of the economy and 55% disapproved. it just gets worse. >> i went to the grocery store yesterday harris. i like to shop on sundays, like many americans and many moms and i tweeted as i got out of the grocery store, groceries are really expensive right now. that was a whole tweet. i think i had over 4,000 likes on that tweet which is a a lot for me. but as i went to check that out at the grocery store, i was shocked. i thought this is an annoyance
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for me thank god but i don't have to worry about providing and being able to put food on the table for my daughter. and i almost teared up in the grocery line, here in nashville i looked up a food pantry that i could donate to and i had done that during the pandemic during shutdown and so many people were out of work. i just challenged all of us, and i cannot imagine what it's like. and i was actually really worried to feed my child and feed my baby. that's what a lot of americans are going through as well. it's almost impossible to find the inventory. it goes beyond that, we are starting to see people really hurting from the crisis, and not to mention as we all said, in america right now you see help wanted signs and that you are waiting an extra 30 minutes for
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your food and paying probably 20% more than you paid a few months ago. >> i love the way you framed that in your comments. it's entitlement now to be able to go to the grocery store in a for the bill at the end. there are so many people don't write in that lane. and this is the administration, the largest in los angeles county, so it such a stark contrast now. remember in the beginning of covid between march and may alone, the farm industry lost $1.3 billion of fresh produce, because of how fragile the supply chains are this is also
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illustrating again just how fragile the supply chains are and when we have this larger global talks about climate change and clean energy and people who are comfortably on sofas and at computers who can absolutely vilify hardworking americans who work in the trucking industry for example, they are ignoring for example 70% of wyoming's commerce which relies on the trucking industry. there is a 200,000 truckers shorted's expected in that industry and that was happening again even before covid because of the extracted energy industries which are eclipsing it. there are many converging factors that are easy for this administration to sit behind a pen and a podium but as you pointed out they don't understand economics and to understand all of those complex converging factors that impact ordinary average americans every day. >> harris: it's interesting kennedy that emily brings up energy because one of the first
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things a president biden did was to flip the switch to off on the keystone pipeline. right? he said yes to the one in europe and russia. >> isn't that nice for them? >> it's wonderful for them. if i wanted to move there it would matter. i'm watching the collision of things in the economy that emily is talking about. >> to your point and energy, we will get off oil when we have more innovation in the private sector and that's ultimately what we want. there are multilayers of government, what kind of a long lag do you think there's going to be with the multitrillion dollar spending. we got inflation now which the fed is finally admitting is not temporary. that means it's going to be longer-term and people are going
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to peel high prices not only when they are buying steak and hoarding toilet paper but also when they are trying to provide -- >> harris: we cannot go back to hoarding toilet paper. >> emily: when people feel the supply being threatened, they panic. if people see empty shelves in stores so they start buying stuff but the bill will come after christmas. inflation will hit even higher and then the bill for all this multitrillion dollar spending, that's going to hit and when that lag hits we are going to be in a compounded recession. i hate to say it, but mark my words. >> harris: you often write about 90% of the time and the other 10% of the time you're right but we just don't know it yet. [laughter] i'm telling the truth. so brian when you talk about empty shelves for all the reasons that kennedy gave, i'm also looking at the really big spike in crime. there's one guy here in new york city that just faced 46 charges of just this year alone of shoplifting, not to give anybody the excuse to go on steel, that creates its own
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problems, taking stuff off the shelves. but i don't know if that also doesn't get worse if stuff begins to get much more expensive. >> i was looking at a series of polls and i don't have that 90 and i would bring this up, when you empty the prisons at the same time that you defunded, defang and diminish the police, that's not a great combination. they always say things have to get worse before they get better and they you have to hit bottom before you turn around. we are looking around. people are paying attention. instead of being slightly bad at a little bit concerning it's very concerning. it's awful. there's a front page on every newspaper and now it's defying party politics. that makes me think the worst is
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over. fingers are crossed. >> harris: i thought the bottom of the pit was when 350-400000 people were getting covid every day and we were seeing death in the thousands daily. i thought that that was what we were told was going to be different. i prayed about that. now, what you're describing seems very long-term. we will lighten the mood just a little bit. say goodbye to pink and blue items at stores. the big woke major now, law of the land in california. they want to get rid of stuff that's boy and girl. the other controversial bill that governor gaston mike gavin newsom signed into law.
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>> kennedy: california at governor gavin newsom has signed several notable bills into law as part of a broad liberal agenda. that's products like toys and toothbrushes. while it does not completely outlaw traditional boys and girls sections at stores if that's a big stores must also have a gender-neutral section to display. another bill will phase out the sale of gas powered leaf blowers and lawn mowers. and also mandated into law america's first ethnic studies requirement for high school students. brian, and terms of the gender-neutral toy police coming into things, who's going to pay
9:16 am
for checking all the department stores for enforcement, to be sure that those who have violated the law have whipped into shape and switched up to pink blue toys. our our tax dollars going towards that? >> i would volunteer kennedy, if you don't mind could you check on toys 'r' us and others? would you dress like a shopper and go in there and tried to pick out lincoln logs with no girl on the cover? if you don't mind. i don't want to put you on the spot but maybe we could discuss it after. it's unbelievable and we discussed when gavin newsom gets renewed, it's not governor get larry elder. this guy is on steroids and what's scary is a lot of times what california presents, aoc and others in their respective areas like queens in new york, they start bringing up here. so it's important for people to push back if indeed you have.
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what's scary also is british airways is telling pilots and cabin crew to no longer refer to passengers as ladies and gentlemen to favor gender-neutral diversity and inclusion so this goes to show you, this is why europe is so mad at us. it's affected western culture with its wokeness. it doesn't stop here. >> emily: part of that impetus, the assemblymen that wrote it said his daughter or a friend's daughter or something said to them, i'm not allowed in the boys section. so now correcting expensive behavior at the expense of all of these businesses and shoppers and employees because one child thought it was off limits. wouldn't that be a parental job? wouldn't it be to open up pink for everyone rather than confining certain things and making it just about yellow? it seems that the answer shouldn't be overregulation, overburdening and over construction, and said it should be more conversation.
9:18 am
>> this isn't hard. do your job as a parent and asked lynn to her daughters that girls can be anything they want to be in this country and don't teach our daughters that mom that femininity is a weakness. and i am just as powerful as any man in that uniform in the next day, and if i have my pink skirt on i'm just as smart as any man or woman as well. and we are not teaching them that they aren't inherent femininity, and they are doing that with the toys, it's beyond silly. i want to empower girls, and
9:19 am
what gavin newsom should be focusing on is not the toy aisle. he should be focusing on the fact that there's rampant homelessness, a crime and the drug epidemic in california. instead of a bank mandating to businesses what needs to be in the restroom or what needs to be in the toy isle. >> china is busy building bridges and america's busy renaming them and i feel like that sort of at the heart of a lot of the is lives, instead of focusing on skid row which has been in existence for over 20 years, instead of focusing on the abysmal public education property he's focused on proper pronouns and capitulating to those far left progressive liberals that he thinks will keep them in office. >> morgan: and he is survived the recall and 23% of california residents according to a new uc
9:20 am
survey are thinking about leaving the state. already, millions have an account to place like arizona and texas and florida and tennessee and nevada, that have a much kinder tax environment. it's like to grow point about parenting, there is a war on boys. like boys are the enemy but there is also as you talked about that were on time and intn femininity. my pink is wrong. there has to bet be this version of equality but if you bring up girls and give them boy stuff, i would give my boy like motorcycles and hot wheels and all that stuff but they've always gravitated towards pink sparkly things. that's what they wanted and i didn't withhold that from them because it's important for children to express themselves with a proliferation of children comic choices. when you take all the choices away like we do on the fast track to socialism you end up
9:21 am
with a very boring condition children. >> harris: that is so brilliant because what i think they are trying to do is give more choices but what they are doing is taking twice as table. and i don't want anyone doing a gender type check. and i have one in transition in my life right now was a teenager. the pallet has always been open in every category. whatever you choose is what you choose because as morgan and i like to talk about, and morgan is a new mom and she's doing a great job it's what's inside that determines who you are going to be. why can't the world respect that rather than trying to dress us up so that other people feel more comfortable with identifying us? i don't need anyone to gendered check at the target or wherever
9:22 am
it's going to happen. my children are going to go in and do what they do based on who they are. a navy number you've got on morgan, and it looks great. why are they doing it now? it's a low-hanging fruit. he can't fix all the other problems you're talking about but he can identify socially, although we know it's fake because he's about as privileged as they come, but he can identify with the woke folk and certain degrees so he hangs onto that. >> he does. it's part of the manufactured identity. >> harris: will thank you for keeping them from kicking me out of my job. >> we know there are 5-7 incredibly wealthy families, and they are the ones who have essentially gotten the point. but the identity is the one of the progressive left or super liberal left.
9:23 am
80% of the tuition hike goes to cover the pension and the whole point is the state is crumbling. they are creating the gender laws and this is why everyone is leaving and this is why i left california. just ahead, southwest travelers looking for answers after an massive cancellation continues to leave them stranded. the airline is blaming bad weather and air traffic control but some are linking the company's vaccine mandate to the chaos. stay with us. ♪ ♪
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seven hours and 44 minutes before the answer the phone because it was so backlogged. >> they were having problems and wouldn't say what it was and you are lucky you got a flight. >> the weather is fine and all connecting areas, there's no bad weather. there's got to be something behind the scenes that they aren't telling us. >> southwest passengers are not happy, even more cancellations today after the airline canceled nearly 2,000 flights over the weekend, disrupting plans on leaving trent mike travelers stranded. the company blaming air traffic control issues on weatherford's travel mass but the faa responded to southwest statements without naming the airlines and said those issues were limited to friday afternoon early. there is widespread speculation that the vaccine mandate might be behind it. senator ted cruz tweeting this -- joe biden's illegal vaccine late at work. suddenly we are short on pilots and air traffic controllers. hashtag thanks joe. here is obvious they got speculation of course but at the
9:29 am
same time is undeniable that the vaccine mandate is causing widespread recorded consternation among employees that those who have questions and are confused about things are not met with education and answers. they were met with mandates and they are retiring, leaving the workforce and making other decisions in droves. >> harris: they were met with mandates by someone who lied to us and said he would never do this when he was a candidate for president. and i don't use that word lie easily, we have miles of tape of him saying it as a candidate. right? we have receipts we know that he promised that wasn't something he was into and that's when he answered back but i don't get speculation to say it's part of the problem, i don't think you could point to one single thing and say it's all the mandates. and and so we will probably say that about the situation.
9:30 am
and so we can't fly, so on and so forth. it's worse if you call 911 and no one comes. we they are saying that worker shortages in the coming months and year are going to be at a peak. again, you can't just point to the mandates and say that but what you cannot say as there are a fair amount of medical professionals and tease emfs, nurses and doctors who were saying no to the vaccine mandate. it's not necessarily that they are opposed to a vaccine but they don't want to be told what to do. if that managed to infect areas that we simply cannot live without like law enforcement and first responders, and arguably, travel, too. if you haven't seen your family and the pandemic and you just want to hug them again. regardless of what dr. fauci says about halloween. but if all that's on your plate then the mandates of help. they are part of the problem. >> emily: if that's one of many factors was also undeniable is that many factors flow from
9:31 am
that of administration. all of the burdens and what's affecting americans and their ability to get work and to keep work, hire people, survived their livelihood go about their business and have their child be educated et cetera, those are all beings strained or depleted or destroyed. >> it's regulations and rewards, new laws and new mandates. and it was the health and human services secretary who said we'd made this investment in people. we've given you $3 trillion and therefore we can tell you, you get the vaccine. and that is the mentality. one of the things that i did like about the trump administration was the idea of putting two regulations for every new one that was implement it. it's very interesting here because it is going to be the unions who push back the hardest and democrats will not be able to say no to them. they would love to have a
9:32 am
convenient narrative that is only trump voters who are crazy anti-vaxxers pushing against a vaccine but that's a really good point that you made. there's a big difference between pushing back against vaccines and pushing back against the vaccine mandates. plenty of vaccinated people don't want the vaccine mandate. and morgan, that's why people are requiring or requesting there to be alternatives. there is a way to go about the push by the administration in a less draconian way. >> morgan: in the case of southwest as it relates to these private businesses, they are mandating the vaccine and i believe the private entities should be able to do that. but i thought to myself when all of this started, where are the unions and all of this? there's going to be a ton of pushback whether it's federal unions or the unions that you are seeing not just for southwest but for other airlines. so these sorts of things have to go through the process and should have been negotiated with the heads of the union.
9:33 am
especially for private sector companies. you have to say does the company mandate any other vaccines? the bottom line is as many of you have pointed out, i'm a big supporter of the vaccine and i think you should talk to your doctor about it and make the right decision but these sort of do coney and ways of ruling hand over fist over people's what's leading to the backlash. >> brian come up this be the beginning of the end where workers will send a message to the administration that this is not tenable, it's sustainable? >> you mean hundreds of thousands of military men and women who are not taking the vaccine, has anyone seen that story? have you seen that southwest has mandated it? by the way southwest and their seating arrangement does not work. please stop it, it's too stressful. it reminds me of musical chairs. because of the stress of not getting a seat, it was just too much for me as a young child and
9:34 am
it's too much for me now as it southwest seating arrangement. i just don't know why they are delayed. he said unexpected guests come up my car had a flat iron, my car wouldn't start. he had every excuse and nothing stuck so i don't have the answer to this. if ted cruz is right and it's the mandate, it's a canary in a coal mine, stop it, it's getting out of control. >> harris: why won't the white house address this? >> they are busy, they're on vacation. >> if they are putting themselves on the back randomly for no reason, and we have to move on. coming up, borders are kamala harris at a new jersey bit bakery while other members of the biden administration head to mexico to discuss the surge of illegal immigrants. this is the white house now attracts a new caravan getting ready to swarm the southern border. ♪ ♪
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>> harris: as the white house attracts tens of thousands illegal migrants headed for the united states the key biden administration met with their mexican counterparts about the ongoing border crisis. however the borders are, vice president, harris was not among them. the vp was at a new jersey bakery instead. look. i live in jersey on the suites are fabulous, honey, i get to the border. there's a crisis. >> it's amazing. i've never in my life see someone get assigned a job and have no interest in doing it. couple of zoom calls on one visit, goes to the border and goes about her way. she thought it was a controversy, and they said this is a problem, and it turns out
9:40 am
the investigation is still ongoing. you need with kamala harris, and it's unbelievable. try to solve the problem, meet with the people and she besides putting the effort in, she doesn't put the effort in which there is no excuse for. and it happens over and over again. >> harris: that's really sad morgan. our standards should be higher than that is the american people, the president is giving you that task and basically nobody else in his office is doing it. parts of his administration are trying but he gave it to her so trying, i don't know, brian. i think she's got to do better than try. >> brian: first steps, baby steps. >> harris: baby steps but she is the vice president.
9:41 am
morgan? >> morgan: everything that the president will vice president does is all about inventory. we see the vice president at bakeries and whatever happened to apples? when we were all supposed to be healthy? i digress. it does have this, let them eat cake feeling, doesn't it? i guess from a comp's perspective i don't understand why the white house has the president eating ice cream and the vice president eating bakery suites. it just all seems, i think it's indicative of how out of touch they all are. let everyone eat kick. >> it reminds me of nancy pelosi in the heart of the pandemic. people dying by the thousands every single day and we are still losing good people i like
9:42 am
ice cream, it's over pricey but remember she was eating it? it's kind of the epitome of out of touch. i do want to get into the nitty-gritty. and she assured us in the campaign that she was competent and she campaigned on need to reform immigration laws. she champion for the rights and humanity of those people of color who are trying to come across our border she said. and now she is missing. the brands point i agree with how he said, if she would just show up that she would then have measurable impacts. >> harris: how does she do that in california? i don't think that's enough.
9:43 am
>> i hear what you're saying but what i need to highlight is the fact that it's an incredibly complex situation that would never likely be solved within one administration and the fact that mexico is our greatest ally, and she continues leaving behind and everyone she to represent. >> kennedy: when she laughs and appropriately, some of the things she does come off as very unserious and unlikable. so maybe in her mind she is like let me talk to kids on the go to bakeries because people love kids and i love bakeries. so if i'm around those two things, people like me. that's not really doing the job the vice president is trying to do. it always looks like he is ready to get in the ring no matter what. that's what she needs to do. >> harris: it's needs to drop the sports coat? >> she either needs to go to mexico and the border or all of the cities that are plagued by this cool and inhumane immigration broken system. >> harris: all the way to
9:44 am
indiana, montana, all of it. >> she needs to be talking to them about that, this is the biggest pile of sexist claptrap's and the administration does not take her seriously and they are plugging into bakeries and nurseries. >> harris: it got such a great point and were talking about pink and blue colors earlier and this is just another way of saying this is a woman with the job and she doesn't have to be hard about this. she doesn't have to do the difficult part. >> i have likened it to that friend that you have that's always on their phone. and you know they are always on their phone because all you see as the top of their head. yet when you call them and they say there's a crisis, they don't pick up, and they go steel. that's what's happening with the vice president, she is coasting us. we fire that friend, don't we? i'm just using it as an analogy and maybe you don't have a friend like that. up next, a crack in the armor of
9:45 am
the hollywood left. oscar-winning actor morgan freeman says he is against the defined police movement. his comments, next. ♪ ♪ knows everyone's unique. that's why they customize your car insurance, so you only pay for what you need. oh, yeah. that's the spot. only pay for what you need. ♪ liberty, liberty, liberty, liberty ♪ i brought in ensure max protein, with thirty grams of protein. those who tried me felt more energy in just two weeks! ( sighs wearily ) here, i'll take that! ( excited yell ) woo-hoo! ensure max protein. with thirty grams of protein, one-gram of sugar, and nutrients to support immune health! ( abbot sonic )
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>> at the white house cancel contracts to build a border barrier as 60,000 migrants make their way through panama headed for the border. what is the plan to do with illegal migration or is there a plan? cargo ships clogging americanness harbors jamming america's rail lines. what happened to the u.s. supply chain and what does it all mean for christmas? our econ panel and the toy company ceo join us on that. and should fda grant a new covid drug? >> harris: no one asked questions better than john roberts. my palms are sweating. i might go get those answers john roberts, it's great. morgan freeman distancing himself from the progressive left during a recent interview. the academy award-winning actor says he doesn't not support the
9:50 am
police. >> i am not in the least bit for defunding the police. police work is, aside from all the negativity around it, it's very necessary for us to have them and most of them are guys that are doing their job, they are going about that day-to-day jobs. >> harris: i'm surprised they didn't cut his mic because that's kind of counterculture to the discussion that goes on among democrats about defunding the police. we will do a lightning round. brian, you go first. >> brian: evidently frankie for sonic, he also agrees not to defund the police. they got to tell cori bush because cori bush come at the congressman woman believes they should defund the police. as does most of the squad. congress has to get in line with some of those powerful african-americans in the country. i'm heartened to hear it because he does have real life experience. >> morgan: i love this stuff
9:51 am
just can't be undone or fixed so quickly or so easily, and what i was reading in "the new york times" this morning that the l.a. police department is getting a 3% increase and around the country all the cities where we were "defunding" the police, people a year later after rampant crime and drugs and everything else that was going on, people are saying wait a minute, maybe that wasn't a good idea. throwing more money at it after a year it if not more of demonizing the police is not going to defund the police. >> chief best was part of the diversity build in seattle and then they cut her pay. they wanted her to do the same job because they were defunding police but you can get the money back. i don't think so, she's moved
9:52 am
on. how do you replace what you've lost? >> you think you're having a hard time in retail and entertainment and it's even harder to find new officers and law enforcement because if you look at the young people who might one day want to be part of the forests, they look at people having milk and poured on them in places like portland and new york city and they ask themselves, do i want that kind of abuse? i bet morgan freeman has family members on the force who wear the badge. >> harris: o'brien was talking about his real life experience. >> exactly because you can't paint everyone with such a broad brush, and the whole point is that we are all human. so what is coming in is making news of someone speaking with common sense which is that in the human experience there are good people doing good things and they are different from outliers that do poor things. that statement applies to every industry because society is so backwards at the moment, you have to have common sense to be
9:53 am
different. >> harris: that's amazing. hollywood will need a food services taste tester. coming up, palma currently gives his take on what really went down and the beatles break up over 50 years ago. the infamous splitsville. ♪ ♪ people with moderate to severe psoriasis, are rethinking the choices they make like the splash they create the entrance they make, the surprises they initiate. otezla. it's a choice you can make. otezla is not a cream. it's a pill that treats plaque psoriasis differently. with otezla, 75% clearer skin is achievable.
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♪ ♪ >> sir paul mccartney putting to bed that he was the reason for the infamous beatles break up. for over five decades, many speculated who exactly decided the band split. mccartney had this to say i did not instigate the split.
9:58 am
that was howard johnson. john walked into the ground up and said i'm leaving the beatles. is that instigating a split or not? this is so important to national security. [laughter] >> it is the ongoing debate why the doctors leave brooklyn is who broke up the beatles? there is nothing new here. john lennon might have i left but yoko could have said you are better off on your own. they are holding you back. that is why i'm breaking up and they kept quiet because they said they have more business to do separately. my feeling is that that lunatic, lennon would have gotten back to gather with solo careers prove the next time they would have been back with but kennedy you know best. >> and does it have an english accent? paul mccartney? >> no john lennon. >> not anymore. >> harris: goodness. >> they absolutely did.
9:59 am
big deal. i'm actually -- i've grown more fond of yoko ono over the years. and you know, sometimes bands break up. and he was more artistically hole with her. and i think, you know, she's already with this, but may be paul was a pain and the keister and maybe john was no longer happy. because happy for a long time and you wouldn't want to force them to be together, maybe yoko was his other half and he finally experience true love and artistry. >> i cannot blame him for that. >> always blames two people. >> harris: are you talking about the bible? >> yes, i am. >> harris: we have to draw the line to difference. kennedy, i can listen to you talk about this all day. your passion and you have been there every turn with politics and everything. there was a lot going on in the celebrity that we don't know about peer the kennedy news. >> kennedy: morgan, quick,
10:00 am
tell us do you think it is yoko or do you think it is john? >> i agree with kennedy: getting out of the story paul mccartney blamed yoko ono for five decades. thanks for letting that happen for five decades. >> that is true. i want to hear her statement. he's doing illegal things, to your point, kennedy, philanthropy in order art, but the mystery remains. thanks to everyone and now is "america reports." >> john: emily, thank you don't blame paul. fox news to kick off "america reports" on this monday. president biden tried to save his domestic agenda by pleading with democrats to come together. by then addressing dnc over the weekend and sang the party needs to get on the same page ahead of the 2022 midterms. john roberts in washington, welcome to "america reports," sandra greeted them at good to be back with you. >> sandra: welcome back mime sandra smith in new york and the president's domestic agenda held up by his own party. the feud between moderates and progressives threatening to


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