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tv   The Faulkner Focus  FOX News  October 11, 2021 8:00am-9:00am PDT

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alabama on saturday night. this is the shot of his family. we got it too late. you should have seen the anticipation they had. watch mom, the blond in the front. watch, i'm going out there. >> dana: wow. >> bill: that was cool. >> dana: that was a big deal. they won notre dame? "the faulkner focus" is up next, here is harris. >> harris: biden is in political trouble and it is contagious. he has come out with a warning for democrats. get unified and now i'm harris faulkner. you are in "the faulkner focus". the president is clearly seeing the writing on the wall as he spoke to the democratic national committee over the weekend and we're already seeing the negative effect of his negative poll numbers in key voting states. including in virginia where democrat terry mccauliffe is locked in a tight race for governor. in fact, he recently admitted this. >> we are facing a lot of head winds from washington as you know.
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the president is unpopular today, unfortunately here in virginia. we have got to follow through. >> harris: but the white house has slipped comfortably into a pair of rose-colored glasses. >> i would say the president's agenda is incredibly popular and probably the reason why former governor mccauliffe is running on that agenda, whether it's reducing costs for the american people on childcare, on elder care, making sure that the tax system is more fair. rebuilding roads, rails and bridges. >> harris: a black caucus of democrats backed the republican. we have more from wilmington, delaware. >> good morning. later on today the president is going to head back to d.c. we're watching to receive if he will schedule any meetings this week with congressional democrats who are haggling over the price of the president's economic agenda. we of course have seen this debate now play on for so long but there is still a lot of
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questions about how long this may last. we've been watching to see whether or not it will get done by the end of the month. lawmakers think it may not wrap up until the end of the year. over the weekend top democrats were trying to reassure their base while the price tag and components of the president's agenda are being debated they believe a deal will get done. >> we're going to get both bills passed and very important to the economy. >> i think the ultimate price will be around $2 trillion but it is the policies that really matter and as a caucus we agree on those. >> but voters don't appear to be satisfied with what they've seen so far. a poll taken this month shows the president getting rough report cards on every issue including those on your screen. pandemic, economy as well as what's going on with foreign policy and immigration. the white house says it knows why people may be upset. >> well, look, i would say that this is a really tough time in our country. we're still battling covid, a lot of people thought we would be through it including us.
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>> republicans believe voters will get fed up more and more with the dysfunction they've seen out of d.c. and it could help them. they want to see the economy bounce back. we've heard from republican lawmakers calling on the president and democrats to move the infrastructure bill forward to create new jobs and fix roads, bridges, airports and a lot more. >> you saw the president last week go to the capitol again. he was supposed to close the deal and instead he made it very clear that the tax and spend multi-trillion dollar bill is tied directly to the infrastructure bill. it undermines the whole process. >> republicans were already feeling fairly confident going into next year's mid-term elections. we'll see if it holds. democrats think if they move the economic agenda forward they'll be in much better shape before people start to vote. >> harris: mark, thank you. the biden administration's plan
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to clamp down on america's parents got a new sharp tongued critic. former education secretary bill bennett. if biden's d.o.j. and f.b.i. start to sij out parents advocating for their children's education and taking on school board officials there are going to be big problems. here is the secretary bennett. >> what in god's name is the justice department and the f.b.i. doing involving itself in these parents complaint about what's going on in school? the notion the federal government should be policing it that is attempting to send a shudder to parents who want to speak up at school board meetings. shaking of a finger, pointing at school board members saying you are wrong and we'll get you out of there. >> harris: miranda devine with an op-ed with the headline a.g. merrick garland is in a war with the american family. the one positive thing to have come out of remote learning parents are more aware of the shenanigans in the classroom.
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they reject the perversions being forced on their children and racism disguised as -- they reject gender ideology which teaches their children there is no such thing as a boy or girl. they reject racial quotas and unscientific pandemic paranoia. in focus ian prior former department of justice official and executive director of fight for schools and a parent of two loudon county, virginia students. great to have you in "focus" today. we've seen videos of parents getting the faces of each other and saying we're united and taking on the issues. how shocked are you we're at the point where the federal government is getting involved? >> it is crazy to see that memo from attorney general garland.
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having worked in the justice department i've been a part of rolling out memos from the attorney general on big policy matters. when you are doing that it involves subcomponents of the department of justice, other agencies and departments it takes a while to get these memos out. i can tell you two business days? that ain't it. this thing was done beforehand. i think the department of justice and biden administration worked with the national school board association and asked them to send that letter and they had a memo ready to go. in virginia over the weekend the virginia school board association said we had no part in that letter at all. >> harris: that's fascinating. so what you are talking about is premeditated in all of this. really has nothing to do with the current conditions or pointing to someone. this is orchestrated. >> absolutely. >> harris: i will get to this and i apologize. several republican senators wrote a letter to a.g. garland
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criticizing the memo we're talking about and writing equally concerning however is reporting about an alleged connection between your family members and controversial curricula that will directly benefit from this memorandum and the chilling of speech. what is this about, ian? >> well i think the attorney general really opened up a pandora as box with that letter. the fact his son-in-law is part of a company that really is pushing a lot of this curricula in schools certainly has the appearance of a conflict of interest. but i would also add that republican leader mitch mcconnell sent a letter to merrick garland the other day saying he wants him to answer questions in front of the judiciary committee specifically related to here in loudon county where it is ground zero talking about parents trying to take control over some semblance of their children's education. make no mistake. nobody is saying we need to tell teachers exactly what to teach on a day-to-day basis. we want a seat at the table on
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the broad educational initiatives that we're paying for with our taxpayer dollars. >> harris: nobody wants to impede on how they get their jobs done. they have mighty jobs in the classroom. parents have a say as you are saying in terms of what is exactly being taught to our children that maybe we want to give some balance to when they get home. quickly, back to the son-in-law of the attorney general merrick garland. i want to make it clear when they say curricula we aren't just talking about basics here. this has a certain bent, a certain leaning to it. >> exactly. it is not really what you are teaching, it's how you are teaching it. instead of teaching math 2 plus 2 equals 4 we'll look at math as systemically racist and 2 plus 2 could equal 5 because math is a social construct. look it up. look up 2 plus 2 equals 5 and you will be shocked at what you see. this is the kind of thing
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perpetuated throughout the country in the school systems. when we see these companies going in there making hundreds of thousands of dollars of taxpayer money to sprend this kind of misinformation and way of teaching it really creates a conflict between the community and the school systems. >> harris: that's the a.g.'s son-in-law connected with these teachings. one other thing, if these are the people who are in charge of school budgets and what not, no wonder money is flowing in directions we can't trace. neck-and-neck race for governor in virginia. you know this one well, too. democrat terry mccauliffe is defending his comments that parents should not decide what his children are taught. here is what he said about critical race theory and his opponent. >> the issue is he is trying to do a back door deal on the trump talking about critical race theory. i have to be honest with you, that's a dog whistle. we don't have critical race theory taught in virginia. it's a made up and trump/devos and youngkin plan to divide
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people and it really bothers me. >> i would love to sit down with him for 15 minutes and show him receipts from loudon county where they brought in a company to train teachers in critical race theory and also show him an email from the former superintendent of loudon county that said yes, critical race theory is in our teacher training and instructive curriculum. if he wants to lurn what's going on i'll have a cup of coffee with him and second the record straight for mccalebb kaul yif. >> dana: >> harris: they're neck and next against a republican a black caucus group of democrats are backing the republican. if he needs those receipts send them to me and we'll them up on the screen over and over. come back in focus any time. thank you. >> thanks for having me. >> harris: president biden's push for vaccine mandate could have a serious impact on the economy in the wake of the dismal jobs report.
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what some american workers say they will do if they are force -- forced to get the shot. the biden's spending agenda on the brink -- of what exactly? not passing? democratic infighting bringing it to a halt. can biden restart the engine of a caucus-divided caucus, the house in particular? >> disappointment after disappointment every month because of the failed biden agenda. my car insurance, so i only pay for what i need. how about a throwback? ♪ liberty, liberty, liberty, liberty ♪ only pay for what you need. ♪ liberty, liberty, liberty, liberty ♪
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>> it has been a horrible experience. it is my birthday week. i'm on vacation. i have all my family. >> what was supposed to take a
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few hours was seven. >> we didn't find out until 5:00 this morning it was canceled and we were on the phone for seven hours. >> when i talked to them they said they're having problems. they wouldn't say what it was and you are lucky you got a flight. >> harris: southwest airline passengers not happy. the airline canceled more than 1,800 flights over the weekend and more than 330 flights already at this hour today. the company is blaming air traffic control issues and the weather for all of it. but social media users speculate there may be a different reason. senator ted cruz tweeted this. joe biden's illegal vaccine mandate at work. suddenly we're short on pilots and air traffic controllers. thanks, joe. fox business's lydia hu with the latest. >> insiders are calling this an operational meltdown. the cancellations appearing to continue this morning.
8:18 am
10% of southwest flights canceled as of now. the cancellations on sunday alone amounted to more than a quarter of the airline's scheduled flights. southwest blamed the cancellations on disruptive weather and air traffic control issues but the federal aviation administration later responded saying there have been no air traffic staffing shortages reported since friday and notably no other airline seemed to be experiencing this level of disruption. the cancellations come after the union representing southwest pilots filed a request with the court on friday to temporarily block the airline's vaccine mandate and that's causing some to wonder whether the mandate is causing the cancellation of hundreds of flights. meanwhile the pilot's union insize pilots are not staging a sick out or any protest. they blame the airline's management saying our pilots will continue to overcome
8:19 am
southwest airline management's poor planning as well as any external operational challenges. as we see the number of cancellations growing today and nearly 600 flights delayed, too, southwest said they're experiencing higher volume than usual and anticipate returning to normal service this week. i reached out for southwest for comment on the ongoing nature of the cancellations. no response just yet. this is cree iting a big travel headache for thousands traveling. >> harris: a lot of people have columbus day off. wait until we get to thanksgiving. thank you. >> all the policies under president biden, the inflation that we're seeing, paying people not to work is still a major drag on the economy. all those things are adding up and self-imposed by president biden who walked in with three vaccines and economy primed to take off and yet it has been disappointment after disappointment every month
8:20 am
because of this failed biden agenda. >> harris: self-inflicted wounds the administration of joe biden. steve scalise going after the u.s. economy under president biden as the administration is pushing vaccine mandates that affect some 100 million americans. now many workers pushing back against the orders which steve forbes said on this very program are hard to figure out. >> this whole thing on the vaccines is very confusing. people don't like the coercion part of it and it is leading to people goating fired. -- getting fired. we have health workers laid off. airlines same thing. when there is a shortage. the delta variant hurt in september. the vaccine mandate will also hurt. what's amazing how the economy is rairg to go if the artificial barriers are removed. >> harris: tammy bruce and host of get tammy bruce. this feels like, correct me if i have it wrong.
8:21 am
it feels like we're just primed for resilience the way we always are as america and someone doesn't want us to be resilient. >> someone has locked that door and keep throwing things at us to keep us down. the american people have seen it, too and recognize it. they see what is happening. there seems to be a presumption by the biden administration that the american people will fold, we'll cave. they didn't anticipate our not wanting to be coerced. we don't want to be forced into doing things and wanting genuine representation. it is in our d.n.a. we won't just refuse something for the sake of it. we have to be convinced and persuaded to do certain things. what the biden administration is doing for some reason is choosing first to force, to jam us into something and that is having a backlash. what i think they expected is that people wouldn't quit their job or they won't say no. of course, we're is seeing that. >> harris: why would they
8:22 am
expect that? they are paying people to stay home. it seems so basic. >> it is strange like the afghanistan decisions were strange. there are certain things. >> harris: they were deadly. >> making no sense. the same with the border. we're told the border is closed and we see the pictures. afghanistan we are hearing lies and misrepresentations or generally things that indicated the left arm wasn't knowing what the right arm was doing and people weren't talking. this is happening here it seems. what we have is an economy and certainly the pilots's union is setting the standard and seen it with police departments as well. people taking early retirements, not getting the vaccination. departments losing high percentages of those forces. so this is about the literal infrastructure of the country coming to a stop when we bailed out that industry. remember, harris, one of the first trillion dollar bills to help them survive and now we are doing something opposite. >> harris: i want to add in one
8:23 am
segment of the infrastructure deeper. military, read that hundreds of thousands of military members have yet to get the vaccine over the issue of mandating in many cases. it is fascinating. try to live without them on the job. >> great point especially the seal team. we are getting word there are seal teams decimated because these are men who won't be doing it. this is a very strange dynamic where every element is being destroyed in a certain sense. i -- then you have jen psaki saying the biden's agenda is incredibly popular. no it's not. you see that in the polls. americans, he is under water on every single issue. >> harris: the favorite again ray would be fantasy for fun, right? the divide in the democratic party bringing president biden's spending agenda to a halt. the president reportedly joked that putting senators joe
8:24 am
manchin and bernie sanders in a room together to hash out their differences would result in homicide. boy, we have to check his humor. is he okay? wellness check. senate majority leader chuck schumer isn't helping. he ripped republicans colleagues moments after a compromise vote to raise the debt ceiling. senator manchin was visibly irritated and not the only one. >> what chuck schumer did this week is going to make december 3rd a much deeper crisis. a sign of his immaturity and sign of his own concern about his own left. >> we have to be able to work together. while i completely understand president schumer's deep frustration. >> thanks for the heads up who accidentally called schumer the president. he joked about it after with chris wallace. >> maybe chuck schumer is the president. maybe that's one of the things we'll find out here.
8:25 am
what's happened even within the democratic party. the disconnection with the american people are so severe. they are oef in the bubble trying to play indicate the left and thought they would move along and american people would be steam rolled. that hasn't happened. they're probably really shocked at the poll numbers. they are looking probably at the swing states. we see that. we know that terry mccauliffe didn't want to campaign with joe biden. that is kind of a toxic attachment. so there is an awareness locally and nationally that what has happened here has been a mistake and now they are trying to retreat. but clearly it has been such a massive mistake it is part of what it is they've embraced completely and i don't think they can walk away from it. >> harris: republicans seemed perched. former president trump was recently in iowa. >> yeah. that was a lot of fun, a lot of great feedback for him.
8:26 am
it certainly has made a lot of people very nervous because of what that meant. his rhetoric was a bit sharper about making -- bringing back america again or making it great again, again. a lot of presidential rhetoric and it is frightening people. we're seeing what is happening. the american people have realized it is not difficult to understand things have gone badly. i predict it will not change. if they were capable of changing they would have changed much earlier. so we're seeing that and of course iowa matters, all other states matter. the democrats have something to panic about. >> harris: while they conceivably are panicking about that here is another thing that's going on with the divide among the democrats. the defendant's harassment of one of their own senator kyrsten sinema of arizona continues with activists reportedly planning on bird dogging her at today's boston marathon and pressuring her to
8:27 am
support biden's spending bill. when you start to crowd in and physically get with people things can happen. be careful. >> it seems to be much easier to do this with women, isn't it? i think if kyrsten sinema was a man you would see fewer people following him. >> harris: they did go to the houseboat of senator manchin. >> a nice separation as opposed to getting physically with someone. this is an interesting kind of dynamic of what women -- what is expected of women. you are expected to do as you are told. this is from the left. you are expected to conform. that this is our agenda. >> harris: unless you are aoc, ocasio-cortez. >> on the left that's who is directing the framework. she doesn't have to conform. she is the one setting the tone. kyrsten sinema is not the one setting the tone. the person who is not adjusting to the agenda of the far left
8:28 am
will be bird dogged, harassed, equivalent would be for a woman being battered just do what your husband says and he will stop bothering you. women have -- face this, this is the equivalent. shame on everyone who has done this. we've fought my generation, generations before me fighting to end this, to get women into positions of power so that they could actually lead so that they can speak for themselves and for their constituents and now they are being harassed to not do so. >> harris: we're seeing that on the right. we see that with ronna mcdaniel seeing the rnc we see it quite a bit. politically speaking on the left it is very interesting to see what's happening. >> it is much more aggressive. at least on the rights there are efforts to change someone to push back. in this case these are physical confrontations. this is harassment to put someone in fear. this is not about persuading. this is about if you don't do this you'll be bothered.
8:29 am
>> harris: nancy pelosi is missing speaker of the house. tammy, you will be hosting hannity tonight filling in for sean at 9:00 p.m. eastern. we'll all tune in for that. william shatner will be boldly going where no 90-year-old has gone before, space, the final frontier. the actor best known for playing captain kirk will blast off wednesday on the spaceship. they're talking about it on cavuto coast to coast at noon eastern and on your world with neil cavuto at 4:00 p.m. eastern right here on the fox news channel. last year halloween was considered a high-risk super spreader event. last week it was too soon to tell about christmas. dr. anthony fauci and what he is saying about halloween this year. plus this. >> the last 10 years he
8:30 am
dedicated his life to serving the public and he did it so selflessly. >> that's just who he was. he always put others first. he loved his family more than anything. >> harris: crying with that family. we cry together. family members of one of two fallen officers speaking out, both ambushed and killed in the line of duty over the weekend. now one celebrity is splitting from hollywood's pack calling out the defund movement. jason rantz is in "focus" next. we'll get into it.
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8:36 am
he leaves behind the wife and their baby. in louisiana, officials are investigating the death of master trooper adam gobert. he was also killed and ambushed in his patrol car and that the suspect is now in custody. gobert was a 19-year veteran of the force as hollywood a-lister morgan freeman has had enough and speaking out against defunding the police. >> i am not in the least bit for defunding the police. police work is -- it is very necessary for us to have them and most of them are guys that are doing their job, they are going about their day-to-day jobs. >> harris: the rnc released a scathing 7 minute video of top democrats supporting the defund movement.
8:37 am
jason rantz seattle talk show host. i can't even imagine for morgan freeman what the response immediately has been. you are in a city in seattle that has really seen the ramifications of defund. what do you say about freeman? >> he is correct in his statement. i'm glad he is saying something. it will take more than just morgan freeman defending police and pushing back against defunding in an interview that not that many people are going to see in order to undo some of the damage that blm and democrats have brought to this country. democrats in the black lives matter movement has butchered policing as we know it and they think they're doing a favor to society because they pushed along this absurd belief that cops are evil or worse acab. as they scream that from the top of their lungs, democrats say nothing. they ignore some of the violence done in the name of the movement or they justify it. what do we see?
8:38 am
we see a movement that dehumanizes police to the point where there is open season on police officers. we don't hear the sense of alarm coming right now from the democratic party and not from any of the activists. >> harris: they are facing 2020 like a headwind. it is interesting you mentioned the black lives matter movement. we saw protestors in the street. there was no cohesiveness there and never a set of ideas coming from blm the organization. it was always something mightily missed. and then you get cries for whatever that street came up with on signs and what not. now a year after defund, "the new york times" with this made line. police departments get their money back. the abrupt reversals have come in response to rising levels of crime. the exodus of officers, and political pressures. this is exactly what you are talking about. they have to refund now.
8:39 am
>> yeah, they are getting the refund but let's be clear no one is stepping up and saying my bad, i screwed up. i shouldn't have done that. >> harris: they won't do that. they'll take the cash back. >> of course not. they'll take the cash back but let's be clear their actions led to people dying directly. when they defunded the police that folks that hurt the most were black communities. the same communities they said they cared about. when you look at the people who are the victims of crime and communities, disproportionateological black. every single time and dollar you took from a police department meant there was less policing in those neighborhoods and beyond. again, i'm grateful for the cities that are refunding. to the clear lots of cities aren't refunding. seattle being one. they aren't taking any sort of blame and responsibility. the media isn't placing the blame where it belongs. they're pretending it didn't happen. >> harris: they've done that all along.
8:40 am
small and mid-size businesses no matter what their background really suffered mightily, too. mass shoplifting has left new york city drugstores empty. look at this. we show these pictures every week and they get worse. they'll get shipments in and gone the next day. toothpaste, face wash, hand sanitizer, wipes, just things taken from the shelves. blame being put on the state bail reform making it easier for serial shoplifters like this one, isaac rodriguez. he has been arrested for shoplifting 46 times this year alone. he just hits the same places over again. nypd commissioner tweeted this. insanity. no other way to describe the resulting crime that has flowed from disastrous bail reform law. jason. >> when there are no consequences for your actions guess what? bad guys take notice and they take advantage. there are some cities depending
8:41 am
on how much you steal will automatically be rejected for any charges whatsoever. we're just constantly putting these people back on the streets and doing this in the name of criminal justice reform. just throwing someone in jail won't change their behavior. in some cases that's true. unfortunately throwing someone in jail might be the only option to stop them from becoming prolific offenders. >> harris: actually following the law that used to exist. >> shocking. >> harris: dr. anthony fauci with his advice on another american holiday. giving us permission to enjoy halloween. >> particularly if you're vaccinated. you can get out there. go out there and enjoy halloween as well as the other holidays that will be coming up. >> harris: this comes after critics went after him mightily for saying he was going to quote, unquote, see it if it's too soon to tell if families should get together for christmas.
8:42 am
he walked it back a bit but when you are explaining you aren't winning. jason. >> let's be clear on the inconsistencies. last year when we had zero vaccinated kids were told not to celebrate and cdc called it a high-risk environment. this year we have a more virulent strain and fear mongering opening schools would lead kids to overrun the hospitals. fauci and cdc saying go ahead and trick-or-treat. it makes no sense and why so many people have said i don't trust you guys anymore. >> harris: jason rantz, thank you for stopping by in "focus." don't take it personally mr. spaceman or woman. but our vice president is more into space than she is the border. and didn't do that to her critics who were fuming what she did and didn't do, plus this.
8:43 am
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>> president biden: i have said from the beginning and haven't changed my view, my overarching objective is to unify this country. we must unify this country. >> harris: that was then, president-elect joe biden last winter. and based on those blank joe biden chants because we can't say what fills in the blank at recent supporting events not so much unity going on. [crowd chanting [bleep] biden] >> harris: the ugly chants directed at the president have been heard at multiple college football games and other sporting events including this weekend's much-watched alabama, texas and am game. those chants have created quite an awkward moment for an nbc reporter that's gone viral at a
8:49 am
nascar race last week. >> oh my god, it's unbelievable moment. >> brandon, you also told me -- you can hear the chants from the crowd, let's go brandon. >> harris: that's not what they were saying. that reporter claimed the crowd was chanting let's go brandon in reference to the winner of the race, brandon brown. that moment has led fans to sar castically chant let's go brandon in mockery of president biden. there is a piece in the "washington examiner" asking are voters giving up on the president? power panel now. mercedes schlapp from the american conservative union and former white house advisor richard fowler fox news contributor. mercedes, i'll come to you for your first reaction. is biden in trouble? let's go, brandon, what? >> well, you know, i think the babylon bee t a great headline
8:50 am
biden should invite brandon to come to the white house. i think when you are looking at the biden strategy, it is clear the team is using a shelter-in-place mentality where they don't really allow biden to be off of script. pretty much they control what questions he does or does not answer. spends most of the time not even addressing the media. and then on top of that you have a list of failed policies starting with the disastrous withdrawal of afghanistan to what we're seeing in terms of inflation and these vaccine mandates that are causing a huge uproar in some of our industries especially the airline industry. biden is in trouble and you are having more americans even doubt if he is even mentally capable of doing the job. >> harris: these sporting events are so cross section. you and i talk reality about things. every type of voter is at these events. you can't nail it down.
8:51 am
this is a problem for some across the board. my question for you is when biden was speaking of unity last winter i'm assuming he meant among democrats and republicans. you can today you can take that message and apply it in the democratic party and its split with progressives. what happened? >> thanks for having me, harris. let me be clear i don't think there is a disunity how it comes to how we want to get things done for people. >> harris: progressives are keeping you from getting anything done. >> the question that is mired in the price tag and not having a conversation what's actually in the build back better plan. a recent poll pointed to the fact only 10% of americans know what's in the plan. when they are educated about the impact of the build back better plan on their lives and lives of their neighbors and communities a majority of americans say it's a good idea. a good idea to help moms and dads get back to work and
8:52 am
making childcare more affordable. after losing thousands of healthcare workers we provide free community college for folks who go into nursing, physician assistant work and etc. >> harris: senator manchin of west virginia is at the top of the party. he is one of the sticky wickets. those people are digging down into what's in the plan and what they need to the plan. we know from nancy pelosi speaker of the house even some people on the hill don't know what's in the plans. that's part of the problem. >> that's right. it made me laugh when richard with all due respect because i think you are great, 10% of americans don't know what's -- they might know what's in the plan. that's a high number even for congress. congressional members don't know what's in the plan. reality is we can't spend our way out of the problem and that's what the democrats are hoping for. progressives are in charge of the democrat party which has only weakened joe biden.
8:53 am
>> harris: i'm waiting to get nancy pelosi get in and protect kyrsten sinema from other women who seem to be going after her. the vice president skipping a meeting in mexico city who discussed the crisis at the southern border and critics are going after her for this. the border czar what they call kamala harris for making time to film a children's video for nasa. she loves space but can't get to the border. >> the idea of exploring the unknown. you are going to literally see the craters on the moon with your own eyes. i want you to really remember this. never let anybody tell you who you are. you tell them who you are. got that? all right. i got more advice. [laughter] >> harris: one person tweeted this kamala harris wants to go to space but never been to the southern border not as vice
8:54 am
president. and this one, have you ever seen someone as fake as kamala is? richard, i'll come to you first. this question is simply this. she can do whatever she wants with her time. it is amazing to uplift and be aspirational and inspirational for children, right? but you have to do the seven or eight jobs the president has given you, too. it's about balance. women are asked about that all the time even though we hate it. >> i think that's right. there has to be balance here. what you see from the vice president. she is committed to empowering america's youth about space the white house means to double down on how they deal with the issue at the border when it comes to dealing with the crisis in haiti and how that is impacting and how those downward pressures are impacting the southern border. >> harris: i will give 20 seconds to you, mercedes. >> women are great multi-taskers as you know.
8:55 am
kamala is mia on the border. avoiding the problem is not going to solve the problem at the board. >> harris: we know the vice president went to the border not since june and met with a couple of the northern triangle countries as well but she didn't go to del rio, texas, didn't go to the epicenter. good to sigh both, thank you. "outnumbered" after the break. >> good to see you, take care. country give our veterans oa is eligibility for a va loan for up to 100% of your home's value. so if you need money for your family, call newday usa. with automatic authority from the va, we can say yes when banks say no. veteran homeowners. three reasons to do a cash out refi right now. home values are high while rates are low. newday lets you borrow all of your home's value.
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>> harris: it we will start with the fox news alert on a major roadblock now to president biden's campaign promise to build back better. and it comes just in time for the holidays. the federal reserve is with the supply chain, and that the trillion dollar spending bill. this is "outnumbered,"


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