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tv   FOX Friends First  FOX News  October 11, 2021 2:00am-3:00am PDT

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>> officers rushed to the scene, they got there quickly and walked into a hellish situation. todd: it is monday, october 11th. a horrific weekend of violence across the nation. a live report on the loss of life to american citizens and members of law enforcement. carley: did you see this? >> you can literally see the craters on the moon with your own eyes. with your own eyes.
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i'm telling you. it is going to be unbelievable. carley: vice president kamala harris skipping a meeting with the president of mexico, we'll tell you what she spent her time on instead and it's not the crisis at the southern border. todd: worldwide shortages and delays crippling the supply chain. what private companies are doing to take matters into their own hands ahead of the holidays. carley: you're watching "fox & friends first" on this monday morning. i'm carley shimkus in for jillian mele. todd: hello, i'm todd piro. the president warning his party to stay unified as the clock ticks down on the ambitious agenda. carley: republicans say the out-of-control spending to blame for the weak september jobs report. alexandria, good morning. >> reporter: before the president can build back better he has to rebuild unity within his own party. democrats still have to settle on how much the plan is worth. here's the president addressing the dnc virtually this weekend. >> we need to stay together and
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bound by the values that we hold as a party. here's the deal. we won 2020 as a unified party. and we look to 2022 as we do that we need to stay unified. >> reporter: that message followed a disappointing september jobs report. the biden administration had predicted more jobs would have been added to the economy. republicans say spiking taxes is no remedy. >> really, if you look at all the policies under president biden, all of those things are adding up. they're all self imposed by president biden who walked in with three vaccines and an economy primed to take off. yet it's been disappointment after disappointment every month. >> reporter: party infighting remains between progressive and moderate democrats in washington mainly over the $3.5 trillion reconciliation bill. >> i think the ultimate price will be around $2 trillion. but it's the policies that really matter and as a caucus, we agree on those. >> reporter: larger package is tied to a bipartisan
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infrastructure bill which progressives have vowed not to support if the 3.5 trillion is scaled back. moderates like senators kyrsten sinema and joe manchin have been the holdouts. here the new york times slams sinema for reported cuts she wants to make, fueling the fire for progressive active visits who already acosted sinema in an airport bathroom, there are now plans to bird dog her at the boston marathon today. the quinnipiac poll puts the president's job approval at the lowest since his presidency. he is certainly feeling the pressure to get things done. todd: a little love here. carley: alexandria and i went to college together. i'm so proud of you. she is doing so well. you look beautiful. you're doing a great job. let's turn to this, jesse watters says the far left are dead set on demolishing anything and anyone who gets in the way
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of their free spending ways. listen. >> the left will stop at nothing in their quest for total control. even if it means destroying america, innocent civilians and the constitution. we won't let them. it's time for red blooded americans to stop playing defense and go on offense. keep making your voices heard and never, ever back down. carley: waters says democrats will ignore the real problems facing america like the migrant crisis to the deinstrument of the -- detriment of the republic. todd: panama officials sounding the alarm as more than 91,000 my grants have traveled through the darion gap this year. the dangerous path between panama and colombia is controlled by gangs. more than half of the migrant group are haitians hoping to each the u.s. officials say more than 50 people have died cutting across the path this year. carley: so dangerous. todd: obviously one of the thought processes is they're
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going to try to make sure way through mexico and to the u.s. blinken, mayorkas and garland went to mexico to talk about forging a new security deal to fight the cartels. they formed an agreement to focus on the root and core of illegal drug trafficking and why people flee their home countries. a laudable goal. it wouldn't have been this bad if the biden administration did nothing and kept the trump border policies in place. they put themselves in this position and made kamala harris the border czar. so was the border czar as that meeting? no. she wasn't at the border. instead, she was at a new jersey day-care center, confusing the children with this video. watch. >> think about so much that's out there that we still have to learn. like i love that. i love that. so i'm very excited about the space council. we're going to learn so much as we increasingly i think are curious and interested in the potential for the discoveries and the work we can do in space.
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so that's one of the things i'm most excited about. but the other, you guys are going to see, you're going to literally see the craters on the moon with your own eyes. >> oh, my good gls with your own eyes. i'm telling you. it is going to be unbelievable. carley: yeah. that video is getting a lot of traction on social media. i think it just shows -- well, first of all, that obviously she wasn't at this meeting in mexico despite the fact that she is the border czar but she has done everything to avoid that duty because i think she sees it obviously as a politically polarizing and something she doesn't want to take responsibility for. it also just shows her awkwardness as vice president and a woman in that position, so it's going viral on social media because of that. todd: i think the overall message that she was saying in the beginning of like space is cool, agreet. agreed. the thing attend, where we can see the moon, it's confusing.
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instead of being at the border, she's worrying about that preschoolers will flee the border from little falls to month claire. carley: there was a plan to built a border fence in the rio grande sector, one of the most highly populated areas for people to come from mexico to texas. dhs pulled the plug on the contract last week, despite the fact that they said there could be up to 400,000 apprehensions this month alone. so here is tom homan talking about that very topic. take a listen to his perspective. >> the secretary has no credibility. he is an embarrassment to the position he holds. if he had any integrity at all he would resign today. he is secretary of homeland security. one thing he needs to understand, we don't have national security, we don't have homeland security, unless you have border security. if he took five minutes to look at the data, the data that clearly shows every place they
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build a border barrier, every place, illegal immigration went down, illegal drug flow went down. that is security. the wall is something the border patrol has been asking for for decades. this isn't president trump's wall. this is america's wall. this is a tool the border patrol needs. carley: i'm sure it doesn't come as a surprise to anybody watching right now that the biden administration canceled the border fence. as for how the money is going to be used, they're going to shift it over to environmental projects. i have a feeling that a lot of the people living on the southern border that are dealing with this issue and this influx of illegal immigrants crossing into their own property, i think they would rather have the money spent on the border barrier as opposed to the environmental projects that the money will be going to. we've got to turn to this, mother very important topic. -- another very important topic. two police officers are dead, another fighting for his life as violence and crime spikes across the nation. todd: ashley strohmier joins us
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live with the latest. another monday, another sad report. >> reporter: one of the officers was a 19 year veteran of the louisiana state police force. he was ambushed and killed. his body was found more than 12 hours later inside of his patrol car. a day-long manhunt for the suspect, 31-year-old matthew meyer was launched. he was finally caught and brought into custody. in georgia, authorities say rookie officer 26-year-old dylan harrison was shot and killed on his first day of duty. they say damion anthony ferguson was retaliating against the officer for arresting someone he knew hours before. near phoenix, a deputy is on life support after being shot by a homeowner with a history of conflicts according to police. the veteran was found bleeding from his face and unconscious. it was chaos in st. paul, minnesota on sunday morning, as gunshots rang out, leaving one woman dead and 14 others hurt. here is what witnesses say about the shooting.
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>> people running through the streets and then people are bringing people up to the cops, saying help me, help me. >> the guy right next to me that got shot, got shot in the leg. i was like right next to him. his leg blocked the bullet from hitting me in the chest or head. >> reporter: the st. paul police calling it a tragedy. and in chicago, 39 people were shot this weekend, two of them have died. and 58-year-old oncology nurse is dead after being knocked to the ground by a homeless mugger in times square. jermaine foster was fleeing a robbery when he slammed into the woman three days ago. his charges were upgraded to murder after the family decided to pull her off of life support. carley: this is so sad. we heard from family members yesterday. they're obviously devastated by her death. such a tragic, senseless violence. todd: time now, 10 minutes
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after the hour. the left down playing the hunter biden scandals as art work rakes in big bucks at a gallery that received a massive covid relief check. carley: joe concha has thoughts about it all and he is joining us next. stay tuned. ♪
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todd: hunter biden under fire again as a new report shows the gallery selling his paintings got a massive covid relief loan check after president biden took office. carley: here to react, fox news contributor joe concha. happy monday to you. happy columbus day. >> it's not so happy, actually. the cowboys just scored again, against the giants, a moment ago. not a weekend for new york sports teams. todd: i'm not coming to work on mondayings ever again. carley: -- mondays ever again. carley: take a look at the cover of the new york post yesterday, it says sketchy hunter biden's art dealer received 350,000 in federal loans after daddy became president. what's going on here? >> well, the media isn't just downplaying this. they're avoiding it entirely outside of the new york post and fox news and maybe you can count
2:16 am
on one hand a number of online outlets but if you watch abc, nbc, cbs, cnn it's not being touched because hunter has been deemed the third rail of journalism, thou shall not touch. it was set last year with suppression and censorship of the new york post bombshell report of the contents of his laptop showing influence peddling via the family name. so again, yes, we don't know exactly if there's a direct connection between this particular entity getting this sort of money and the biden administration saying make sure that money gets there but it begs the question once again, what firsttime art dealer -- you could get van gogh, picasso, da vinci, get $500,000 for rookie paintings. everybody sees this as ran sid. cid. and even a former ethics chief is slamming the art sales.
2:17 am
he served in the obama/biden administration. he said it's a whole bowl of wrong but they'll get away with it because hunter biden isn't getting the media scrutiny that if donald trump junior did they would get. todd: hunter's gallery received by far the largest fba loan, 580,000 bucks in total. meantime, want to go to the next topic, the new york times in hot water after overreporting the number of kids hospitalized by covid-19. here's the article, the correction. a new vaccine strategy for kids is the topic. the article misstated the full r of covid hospitalizations in u.s. children, it's more than 63,000 from august 2020 to october 2021. not 900,000. that's a pretty big nugget different there, concha. how does one make an error that grave? >> come on, todd. give them a little credit.
2:18 am
they're only off by 837,000. right. in this situation. it's amazing how these mistakes always seem to go the wrong way, right? and in this case, this was a viral story on social media, i saw it being shared several times on facebook by concerned parents talking about, hey, this is a lot worse than maybe we realized, maybe we should reconsider the whole in-person school thing. and then once the times gets around to correcting it, that's nice and all. at that point, the allegation got major attention while the correction is barely mentioned outside of us talking about it. so it's incredible. fear and division is what some media outlets specialize in. carley: i was reading the woman who made the mistake, she said on twitter in may that the theory that the coronavirus leaked from a lab had racist
2:19 am
roots as well. we know that is the prevailing theory, of course. >> you're no longer a reporter at that point. you're just supposed to report x, y, and z and who, what, when, why, where, how. now you're injecting your activist feelings into it when you start using those terms. got to go. carley, good to see you in the anchor chair today. carley: good to see you. >> let's do this again tomorrow. i have a feeling we'll be right back here. carley: just didn't outlets, maybe a different person sitting in the chair. todd: and the giants will be down by more somehow. it happens. thank you very much. time now, 19 minutes after the hour. businesses struggling to keep open as new york city ramps up vaccine mandate enforcement. we're joined by three business owners fighting back against the restrictions. carley: did you hear about this, travel frustrations, thousands of people are stranded as southwest airlines cancels flights across the country. yikes. ♪ waiting for tonight.
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todd: severe weather hitting northeast oklahoma. look at that, those are pingers as an old meteorologist i used to work with says. carley: a possible tornado touched down near tulsa causing damage to a high school. schools have been canceled today. officials are surveying the damage. todd: meteorologist janice dean is here with the fox weather forecast. >> it's active. we have the threat for severe weather not only today but tomorrow and then we have a big winter storm across the west. so a lot to cover. here are the storm reports last night. it looks like a dozen reports of torcheds -- tornadoes in and around the oklahoma area, moving towards missouri and then we have the cold front associated with this that could also griffg
2:25 am
some stronger storms. parts of the midwest, up towards the great lakes, and another day as we get into tomorrow for the plains states for a lot of the areas that were hit hard last night with the tornado reports. we're getting into this active season. two big severe seasons, the spring and the fall when we transition into the wintertime and then the summertime and that's when we typically see the severe storms and a big winter storm, a really early winter storm for the rockies and parts of the northwest. winter storm warnings are in place for all of these areas. so some of these regions could get two feet of snow in the mountains and we could see some snow across the lower elevations as well. so that's a pretty big deal, especially for this time of year. they do see snow typically in october but to see this amount in the pretty short period of time across the mountains, that's pretty epic. todd: even in the grand can von. >> absolutely, some snow across the grand canyon. we'll keep you up-to-date with fox weather. carley: janice, thank you so
2:26 am
much. todd: michigan governor gretchen whitmer feeling the heat as ford looks to build new electric vehicle plants in other states. carley: congressman tim wahlburg is here to react. when you think of ford, you think of michigan. why are these facilities being built in other states, kentucky and tennessee? >> well, that's a question, good morning, good to be with you. that's a question that we're asking, why did this happen on governor whitmer's watch? i mean, this is the motor capital of the world. it started all here. ford still has its home plant here, its headquarters and you would think that our governor would have had intimate involvement with even acquiring this plant but it appears like she wasn't even aware, her economic development team wasn't aware. ford made decisions on their own for their best interest, of course, and while we would love to keep them here, they decided to go to tennessee and kentucky.
2:27 am
that's 11,000 jobs. that's new energy opportunities, new training opportunities. so it's a real concern. but here's a state that has shown with this governor lack of interest and understanding what really makes things work. we had the shutdown that went on for so long. she is still trying to shut down line five which is key to energy development in this state and states around and then went on with some heavy requirements, regulatory requirements beyond what the legislature gave a number of years ago at the behest of the people. we are a right to work state. she instigated a change to demand prevailing wage for government contracts. all of that may have said to ford, you know what, if we're going to look for the long-term with ev vehicles, we're going south. todd: here's a statement from the governor's office, these ongoing investments build on ford's continued commitment to electrifying the future of mobility in michigan with the
2:28 am
ford ion park announced in romulus this past july and the transformation of the central station as innovation hub. is that statement any consolation for you and the people who aren't going to get jobs now? >> not at all. not at all. we have those small entities still there in michigan, close to the headquarters. but the jobs that we feed for our people -- i mean, you think of the number of jobs that will be lost simply going from internal combustion engines to electric vehicles, but now those jobs are even taken out of the state. that's a concern. this ought to be a place where we could have found the necessary infrastructure to put a plant like this, with frankly workers that are trained in the auto industry, workers that know auto. why move south? you know, i guess i have to
2:29 am
rejoice with my southern compadres but it should have stayed here in michigan, at least given us a shot. they didn't even talk to the governor as far as i know and she wasn't talking to them. carley: a huge loss for the state of michigan, like you said. it could have been 11,000 jobs in the state. congressman, thank you for joining us this morning. appreciate it. >> good to be with you. we'll fight back. todd: understood. carley: there you have it. the time is now 29 minutes after the hour. multiple new york city businesses are getting slapped with fines for defying de blasio's vaccine mandate. todd: three business owners fighting back against the restrictions join us live, next. ♪
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metamucil. support your daily digestive health. and try metamucil fiber thins. a great tasting and easy way to start your day. todd: hundreds of thousands of u.s. troops reportedly are not vaccinated. active duty av marines have until november 28 to get the shots. in the air force, 60,000 members have three weeks to roll up their sleeves. the president announcing the controversial vaccine mandate over the summer. carley: new york city officials are ramping up enforcement of mayor bill de blasio's vaccine mandate. so far, 14 businesses have been hit with steep fines for disobeying the rules as thousands of others are issued warnings. here to discuss co-founders of ice cream, along with owner of brooklyn chophouse and brooklyn dumpling shop. good morning to you all. >> good morning.
2:34 am
>> good morning. carley: so stratus, 14 businesses have been fined so far. what do you make of that? >> well, for us it's a little different. in the beginning i've been very vocal against the mandate. i don't feel like restauranteurs should have the right to force someone to have a vaccine to enter our restaurants and beloved businesses. i believe that one size doesn't fit all. we were lax about it in the beginning. an inspector was sitting at the bar, she said i'm watching what's going on here, if you're not going to follow the mandate, you see the liquor license, we're going to remove it if we see you're blatantly disregarding the mandate. that was basically forcing me to go against my personal beliefs, making sure my 90 staffers have a job. if i don't have a liquor license, we would have to close. carley: absolutely. i want to get to you, your business posted something interesting on instagram
2:35 am
recently. you say we never have and never will require our customers to wear a mask or show papers for service, whether to slow the spread or during the variant, ice creams will remain a place for freedom of choice. why did you post that on social media. >> we posted that early to the fight. we posted that on august 12th. we saw that things were probably going to speed up pretty quick as far as enforcement of mandates were concerned. we want to make our position known to everyone on social media that we weren't going to participate with that. we promote freedom of choice. i think it's kind of a bully tactic to have restaurant owners, everybody on the ground being the enforcing leg of the orders handed down. it's a great way to do it for the city but it's not appropriateal all. it's just not right to do. carley: what was the reaction
2:36 am
to the post? >> i would say it was mostly positive. but you obviously always have people who don't like the stand that you're taking, who strongly disagree, who have extremely negative comments, you know, hateful messages, a couple threats, things like that. carley: yeah. you know, stratus, some people say they can't get vaccinated because their doctor has said they can't for medical reasons or other people say they don't want to because they've already had covid and they're protected. so this mandate means those people can't go to restaurants anymore. >> yeah. so i believe one size doesn't fit all especially in medicine and i shouldn't even be in that conversation. i'm a restaurant owner. i've not been educated in medicine. stories i hear is, hey, here's my anti--- sorry, positive antibody test and my negative covid test and they're dated like 48 hours within their visit and you know what i said, mr.
2:37 am
jones, how many are you going to be. like they're vaccinated. i'm not allowed to get the vaccine. i just beat covid three weeks ago. i'm like let's get seated. you know what? in a situation like that, i'm not -- first of all, i shouldn't know about your medical history. that's a violation of constitutional rights and protections. carley: it must have been such an awkward conversation to have. you're handling it the best ways you possibly can. thank you for joining us this morning, telling your stories and making sure that people across the country can still eat ice cream and go to restaurants and live a normal life. josh, marina and stratus, thank you for joining us. retailers are going to extremes to work around the supply chain crisis in hopes that their shelves are stocked for the holidays. todd: cheryl casone from our sister network fox business has all the details. cheryl: companies like home depot, costco, walmart, target and more have resorted to paying
2:38 am
for their own ships to get goods to americans in time for the holidays. port backups, covid outbreaks and supply country worker shortages mean that toys, decorations, appliances and furniture may be delayed. what usually takes 40 days now takes 80 days for shipping transport. some are pointing the finger at the biden administration. >> where are they on addressing the shipping problem or trying to unclog the ports. the answer is they're absent without leave. the biden administration wants to regulate shipping rates. it said so even before we had this crisis. that throws more sand if the gears. cheryl: large companies are absorb the cost on a temporary basis. small businesses are really the ones that are in jeopardy in all of this. carley: and what, cheryl, is the latest out of california. cheryl: a nuchal important ya law -- new california law signed by governor newsom will ban the sale of gas powered equipment by 2024.
2:39 am
state officials say running a gas powered leaf blower for an hour emits if same amount of police station as driving -- pollution as driving from new york to denver. carley: they're micro managing how you do your lawn. todd: the gas blower works. it blows the leaves. the electric blower like -- nothing goes anywhere. carley: ridiculous. todd: you know why i'm angry. the giants and cowboys. cheryl: we'll talk. todd: seems like everyone associated with southwest might want to get away. cheryl: you know where southwest is based? they're based in dallas. so the airline canceling nearly 2,000 flights over the weekend, citing weather and air traffic control issues. frustrated travelers stuck in several major hubs, tampa, orlando, baltimore, they're not happy. >> when everyone gets up to that ticket line, they're saying i need to get home, i need to get home. we all need to get home. >> when i talked to them, they
2:40 am
said they're having problems, they wouldn't say what it was. you're lucky you got a flight. cheryl: the faa contradicted southwest, saying there were not air traffic issues this weekend, just on friday. southwest pilots saying, quote, our pilots will continue to overcome swa management's poor planning. external operational challenges remain the most productive pie lots in the world. ted cruz tweeted this, joe biden's illegal vaccine mandate at work. suddenly we're short on pilots and air traffic controllers. there's a lot of back and forth on this one in the great state of texas where, yes, todd, it was a -- it was brutal. it was brutal. todd: when you knock out my quarterback and running back, yeah, it was 10:10. i went to bed. cheryl: at least we don't go to physical blows in the fourth quarter of the show. .todd: i'm going to find you,
2:41 am
i'll probably buy you breakfast. carley: more back and forth on mask wearing as dr. fauci says even those vaccinated should plan to cover their nose and mouth outdoors this week end. todd: dr. marty makary breaks down the white house's warning and what it could mean for people ahead for the holidays, next. ♪
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>> welcome back. i can't wait to tell you what's going to happen in 16 thins, until the promo is from another day. this will be a great show. dan bongino will be live, gives us his take on america's crime crisis as nine rikers inmates recently freed are already rearrested and this story, is immunity stronger than covid vaccinations. dr. nicole saphier breaks down the latest studies. former snl star joe piscopo will be live, he sounds off on cancel culture, going after columbus day by the throat, today is columbus day. should we let it go? italian people i know for one will say no. then live from inside the caravan, griff jenkins is in panama as officials say more
2:46 am
than 60,000 migrants are making their way to the u.s. is anyone trying to stop them? and finally, this heart wrenching story, a rookie georgia police officer shot to death while working his first shift leavings behind his wife and 6-month-old baby, his brother joins us to talk about this brother. that story and much more starting at the top of the hour only on "fox & friends." todd: heart breaking story. day one, day one. and that happened. brian, thank you. looking forward to hearing that. the migrant crisis getting so bad even democrats calling out the white house. >> the department of homeland security secretary recently told congress our borders are secure. this kind of bold-faced lie, whether it has to do with domestic issues or foreign policy issues, when people are being lied to, the american people are being lied to it, it revealing of the arrogance and the self-serving nature of leaders who are in power in this country.
2:47 am
carley: here to react, national border patrol council president, brandon judd. you heard her say the american people are being lied to. >> good for tulsi. i'm glad she came out and went against her party to tell the american public the truth they need to hear. we want people to be able to form opinions based upon facts, based upon all of the evidence rather than being misled by politicians like secretary my i --mayorkas. until we have that honest conversation, until he is willing to step to the plate and say there is something wrong, we have to fix it, we're always going to be talking about this situation and it's never going to get fixed. todd: tulsi gets it. do enough other democrats get this? >> no, they don't. you know, i spend an awful lot of my time on capitol hill. i have to speak with lawmakers on a regular basis. and i can tell you behind closed doors they understand exactly what's going on and behind closed doors they'll give you lip service but in the public's eye, no, they will not admit to
2:48 am
what's going on because they're pandering to their base. they want to continue to get the support of their base which of course then will get them the support of the donors and money that will come in for their campaign. carley: dhs said there could be up to 400,000 apprehensions this month alone and they also just announced they were going to cancel a fence that could have been built along the rio grande valley sector. i'm sure that doesn't come as a surprise, given we're talking about the biden administration but that fence could have helped out with this problem. >> no, and it does. when you look at -- i'm going to go back to my station, early in my career. we were apprehending over 100,000 people a year and when we built the -- when we had the infrastructure, when we built the walls it dropped to less than 10,000 people per year. when you look at that, the evidence clearly shows that when we build the proper -- when we have the proper infrastructure, when we build the proper walls, we can control illegal immigration, we can dictate where illegal crossings take
2:49 am
place. when you hear they're not going to continue with the construction, you know that's politics, you know they're looking at pandering to their base rather than doing what's right for the american public. todd: with that as the backdrop, the border czar, kamala harris, skipping a crisis meeting with mexican officials to visit a day-care center in new jersey, sending secretary of state blinken in her place. i love day-cares and bakeries. she has a job to do. is she ever going to do it? >> no, she's not. look at the first eight months. when you look at that and you see the illegal immigration is out of control and we're not talking about legal immigration. we are the most compassion net country in the world. we're talking about illegal immigration. when you look at how she has been derelict in her duties, i don't expect anything to happen that's going to be beneficial. secretary mayorkas said these are high level talks that will mark a new point with the mexican government and to not have the border czar there, clearly shows that this administration just doesn't care
2:50 am
about border security. carley: well, senator marsha blackburn was on with jillian yesterday, talking about kamala harris' handling of the border. take a listen. >> you need to have this administration and the border czar, vice president harris, start to pay attention to securing the southern border. vice president harris basically went to the wrong address when she went to the border. she did not go out with the border patrol and with local law enforcement. carley: what's your reaction to that? >> oh, we encouraged the administration to go to the right places and if you want to go to where the vast majority of the apprehensions take place, it's going to be mcall len, texas. if you want to go where the most got-aways are happening, it's tucson, arizona. it's not el paso, texas which is where she went. she didn't go on the border. she was several miles off the border the entire time. she didn't look at the problems
2:51 am
that we have and, again, unless she's willing to do that, we're not going to solve this problem and we're going to continue talking about it in perpetuity. todd: yeah, brandon, here's what she's doing instead. take a look. >> you're going to literally see the craters on the moon with your own eyes. oh, my goodness. >> with your own eyes, i'm telling you. it is going to be unbelievable. todd: what's your reaction, brandon? >> you know, todd, you said it right. there's these high level security meetings that are taking place in a foreign country that talks about the welfare and the benefit of this country. there's a time to go visit children in day-cares. there's a time to talk about the moon with children and get them excited. this was not the time. we're in the middle of the biggest border security crisis that we've ever faced in my career and to see her not taking that seriously, to see her wanting that photo op, to, again, pander to the base rather
2:52 am
than do what's right for the american public, frankly to me is disgusting. carley: brandon judd, thank you so much for joining us. we appreciate it. >> good to be with you. thank you. carley: you bet. the time is now 51 minutes after the hour. todd: more masking confusion coming from dr. anthony fauci. we have dr. marty makary on deck to respond next. don't go anywhere.
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>>]] . >> studied on covid-19 suggesting national ineffect shurn may be stronger immune response than van joining me let's a readeded with a sun says while a natural infection may induce nat regulations of antibodies with broader activity than vaccine a natural infection can kill you a vaccine don't do that protects against risk of serious illnesses or death from infection what do you want parents your painters to take from this study when it
2:57 am
comes to vaccinating their kids? >> well good morning, todd we have been basically saying natural immunity is reliable in periods in studied coming on two years 16 other studies, showing that natural immunity from prior infection is reliable durable a lodge extension also applies to kids as well sort of implication saying don't put kids in to get chickenpox i don't think anybody is thinking of doing that what is the takeaway that the studys authorize authors wants you to have whether or not child at risk, child needs a vaccine, that if had covid the answer don't need to they can but don't have to. and you know, the last studies
2:58 am
done on natural immunity shows it was 27 times more effective, that is pretty powerful. >> a struggle for parents i want to switch gears to this dr. fauci recommending, wearing masks even outdoors this winter let me read when you have a lot of infection in community, even though your vaccinated when you are not home but outside in settings in the public wearing masks i think would be very prudent, i thought we settled this will ask it again is there any significant medical benefit to wearing masks, are outdoors. >> worst in public health is set guidance that no one is going to fop right now there is a lot of mouths to feed district attorney -- people need help i would not encourage people wearing masks
2:59 am
outdoors at this time, especially if immunized. >> why keep saying it? >> well partly country hungry for exit criteria when are restrictions lists right now sort of open-ended there is no indication, that even parts of the country where low rates of infection you see relax we need exit criteria. >> great point doctor also a a pleasure to have you on if program have a great monday. >> you, too, thanks. >> all right did you hear william shatner has to wait another day to become oldest person ever to travel to space. "star trek" star voyage delayed from interest tomorrow to wednesday anticipated conditions. >> honesty. >> told a comic-con crowd he is terrified, fine with that tradition day, the kids call it tune in for shatner and fellow passengers, neil
3:00 am
cavuto, a big space guy. >> he is. >> 4 pm eastern today would you bes scared erred. >> i love to watch interviews 90 years old said he can't wait to be rocket man. >> the i think makes shatner sense, come aboard "fox & friends" starts right now. >> i think the ultimate price will be around two trillion dollars. >> this is the biden agenda, with two and a half trillion-dollar number . >> playing tug of away over price tag of two massive spending bills, the bill will eventually get done? you thousands southwest airline kerz stranded mass flight he cancellations a second day didn't say what it was, you are lucky you got a flight. >> maybe a


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