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tv   Life Liberty Levin  FOX News  October 10, 2021 8:00pm-9:00pm PDT

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courage. today, america must decide how to move forward. as we do let's got forget, there is still much to learn from the past. thank you for watching. ♪ ♪ mark: hello america we have two great guests tonight senator josh hawley, helping to lead charge against tyranny. >> and christopher ruffo tonight it about liberty. your liberty. it about speech. you speech.
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your a freedom of association. about your school districts and your kids and the classroom and neighborhoods, all of whichm are under assault by the biden administration. specifically attorney general of the united states merrick garland and his department of justice, let's begin at the beginning. first amendment to constitution. you would think they would understand there at department of justice, congress shall make no law respecting an establishment a religion or prohibits free exercise there of -- >> >> to petition the government for redress of grievances. we're focused on free speech, freedom of association and petition the government for redress of grievances, the
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bill of rights is under attack by attorney general of the united states, merrick garland. and hisac staff. now we learned also under attack by joe biden's staff. and others at the white house. a coordinated attack to try to silent parents and taxpayers, citizens of this nation. who elect their school boards, sense their children to the class rooms, why? because they are challenging the poison. the rot. the radical marxist propaganda that is being taught to your children from k-12, thatat is too much to tolerate for them. this is the memo that will go down in history as one of most egregious violations of your liberty, signed by merrick garland, gone to criminal division of justice department, the national security division, civil right division. the executive officer of u.s. attorney, federal bureau of investigation, as
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if this is a east german stasy. they will spy on you, they will track you, and organizations that you belong to, and a special phone number is set up so that a teachero a bureaucrat or a union or whom ever thinks if you are threatening or has -- harassing them, they the set loose the fbi. and they will look at effort to intimidate individuals based on their views. they have a dedicated line of communication for threat reporting. there is a a problem, the federal government has no authority. no authority in the classroom in the school district, board meetings president, in is no federal
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nexus and they know it. more over -- the nazis can march in skokie, illinois, at that time a mostly jewish community, they ruled on supreme court you can burn the american flag as a representation of speech and on and on. but if you are a parent, and you raisese your voice to a school board member or hollering or a sign they believe i is offensive, that is a threat. that is a lie. the department of justice has gone rogue. again. this is a attack on your liberty, the liberty of the entire country. and the propaganda corrupt media is silent mostly. there is l a letter september
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-- sent to inspector general of department of justicee by reed rubenstein, i will tell you what they have uncovered, listen to part of this letter, this shows you on pernicious this is with the biden administration, the democrats, the teachers unions, bureaucrats in the education establishment. and the democrats. -- they write this in part: >> >>
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>> this is about as sleazy and untoward as it gets. >> d that would likely be a assume letter from national schoolol board association. that outrageous letter as pretext for federal action
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-- >> according to this, the department of justice, the most senior levels of the biden administration, and the organizations, including national school board association, colluded to set up parents and parent organizations and tax payerses to silence them. on information and belief in or about mid september. work began on development of what became attorney general memorandum --
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>> >> you know on my radio show i said i i smelled a rat, this letter, and the memorandum from attorney general, the overlap was could not be coincidence, letterr was written on september 29, a memo put out 5 days later that is 5 way too fast.
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it continues -- >> the day after memo went out, on october 5. -- >> a a violation of law. intention -- a letter gone to the inspect or
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general of department of the justice, white house senior officials in domestic policy bidenls staff coordinated with senior officials at department of justice that include civil right division, to squash parents who are protesting who are objectingen who are speaking up at board meetings, because the biden administration fear it would have a negative political impact on the upcoming elections, what did they do? theyo alike a totalitarian marxist regime, they will unleash federal law enforcement. they will unleash and coordinate with friendly state law enforcement and local law enforcement. the entire law enforcement apparatus of the united states against t parents. ladies and gentlemen these school buildings belong to us, we taxpayers paid for them, these union members,
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they are our employees, the school board members, they are our representatives, they act. as if they are an operation among themselves they don't want to be challenge or questioned. and attorney general of u.s. in addition to this has a conflict of interest. hiss son-in-law, the husband of his daughter, started a companyy called panorama they provide guidance, seminar and information to promote career critical race theory. so what better way to enhance the millions of dollars earnedan by your family than to squelch parents and prevent them from having an impact on when their children of taught.
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attorney general of u.s. failed to recuse himself, he signed memo, one of the -- we'll have senator josh hawley and christopher ruffo and a further discussion about this, i will be right back. ♪ ♪ you're in good hands with allstate. click or call for a lower auto rate today. centrum multigummies aren't just great tasting... they're power-packed vitamins... you're in good hands with allstate. that help unleash your energy. loaded with b vitamins... ...and other key essential nutrients...'s a tasty way to conquer your day. try centrum multi gummies. now with a new look.
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mark: welcome back america, senator josh hawley half the week you -- last week you had a hearing, deputy attorney general of united states was answers questions, or was she, she seemed to be ducking a lot of questions about the memo and first amendment. but civil liberties, what did you make of her. >> it great to be with you, i made of her, she didn't want to actually answer questions or take responsibility for this memo from the justice department at the direction of joe biden, idea to use fbi to intervene at school board meetings with the purpose of, to be honest,
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intimidates and harassing parents, i said this is not about violence, we know local police would book and charge that person. that is about use federal law enforcement to try to intimidate parents because theat parents are daring to stand up and criticize critical race theory, i said what are standards your memorandum said that fbi will investigate intimidation and harassment, according to who? what standards, she never answered, she kept saying that everyone is against violence, of course, we are, we're not against the -- they are attacking our basic first amendment to shut down moms and dads, parents, they pay taxes, they have kids in school,
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they have a right to express their opinion at school boardd meetings. mark: this is same attorney general who refused to call the attacked at the oregon federal courthouse, an act of terrorism, because no one was there. i'mou not aware that violence is so out of control that local police cannot handle it, that is a lie. arer you aware of them go to school boards and question parents who are provocative. >> i cannot imagine what the basis would be to have the
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fbi get involved. interesting that biden administration is found some form of violence that it does not approve of. as we see violent crime surge across the nation. and biden administration has done nothing. they will not lift their finger, but they want to shut down parents from speaking. by calling that violence. that is just -- truly dangerous, this is a dangerous precedent to go after citizens to stop them from speaking about things that you don't like. citizens, parentk pairs, who -- taxpayers who are speak their mind, they have every right to speak their mind about any topic that critical race theory, they are right to stand up and say, they don't want
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their kids taught those lies or to be indoctrinated and the idea to use federal government to shut that down is wrong. mark: interesting senator hawley, different groups and different people are treated differently by this administration, they have not gone they have not goning if you borewn against black lives matter. a marxist organization, violence as we saw this summer. they won't recognize antifa as an organization, they are not tracking the antifa and funding sources, but, people are not showing up at school board meetings with frozen water bottles or molotav cocktails or anything like that. the effort to characterize these parents, as domestic terrorists that is what they are doing, because there is no other hook. is really des disgusting and
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afalling and lack of media outcry is shocking, are you not appalled by fact that media iss not even standing up for freedom of speech. >> i am appalled and disturbed, the trend is dangerous. it too see this government, joe biden go after and try to silence parents tax pay are parents by using federal law enforce. you know that you lost the argument and out of touch when youut try to use the arm of the federal government to tell moms and dads, they don't have a right to speak. if they want to question what is going on in their kid's schools they might get an fbi agent knocking at their door, i don't think that parents will put up with it. i know the intent is meant to silence parents, i think that important people -- american people will say no
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way, it have right to know what is happening in my kid's school and to have an opinion about it and express it. i will not be intimidated. mark: we'll be right back. one of my favorite supplements is qunol turmeric. turmeric helps with healthy joints and inflammation support. unlike regular turmeric supplements qunol's superior absorption helps me get the full benefits of turmeric. the brand i trust is qunol.
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of u.s. air traveler southwest airline is playing catch up after cancelling over a thousand flights and delaying others, many travelers are strand, southwest blames bad weather and air traffic control problems. no other airlines appear to be as impacted. >> and actor william shatner having a few flight troubles, star trek captain kirk has to wait an day to boldly go where no one his age has gone before, blue origin next launch date is moved to wednesday because of a wendy forecast, he will be oldest person to reach the edge of space at age 90. back to "life, liberty and levin." mark: senator josh hawley,
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fbi, department justice has not conducted itself in an exemptly way, what can a senator do, when you are in minority, what can be done. >> i think we have stand up and demand answers. this is why when we had justice department officials last week in front of us, i asked about the fbi crackdown on the local school boards and drive for answers, i it democrat on the committee say this is not the right forum, this is a hearing about something else. the answer is, you can't wait, you have whatever you have an opportunity you have to push ar answers, republicans need to keep doing that. speaking of fbi for a second we heard testimony with the u.s. gymnasts who were
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abused, they went to the fbi, they gave their cases, details, what they testified is that fbi did nothing, you have fbi not acting on what turned out to be credible allegations of abuse. but now the biden administration wants fbi to go to local school boards? that is their priority, not going after crime but going after parents, that speaks to the misplaced priorities. we learn in last administration that officials at fbi and department of the justice falsified evidence to a court to get wiretaps on the former president's campaign and campaign officials by lying to a court about it. if that is not corruption then what is. mark: it seems that culture, media, the democrat party surrogates have a very low standard when it comes to morality and t ethics and complying with the law. we saw the summer before
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last all of the violence thatt was taking place, that was called mostly peaceful. you saw democrat mayors painting blm on their streets. you saw budget player -- basketball players and others contributing to black lives matter. the organizations was celebrated, marxist founders were celebrated. and here we have parents and taxpayers, who are voicing -- let me say this. constitution senator does not say you have to go and sound like a host on npr, if they go there and be -- you are allowed to raise your voice and raise your arms and picket and protest, you are just not allowed to be violent, that is different, they provide no evidence. very, very sketchy, though evidence of this widespread violent. so, the civil libertarian
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groups. let me ask you, any democrats in the senate join you when you were raising concerns with the deputy attorney general about how the d parents were about to be treated in. >> no, what i said, attempted to stop me from asking the questions. said this is not a hearing about that. this is you know among, this is -- right time or place. when you come before u.s. senate, you take an oath. and you use fbi against citizens, if you come before he and you are under oath i'll ask you tough questions, i'm not letting you off easy, i will now say, oh,well, i have to get the democrat's permission beforehand. the left has gotten weird, they are following kyrsten sinema into the back
8:31 pm
bathrooms, they are violating basic principles of decency, they are doe, that but when it comes to the parents that want to express their views at school board meetings, they can't haveis that, that is harassment. the left has theirrypriorities backyards and standards doubled up, it is weird, weirder and weirder from the lifted. the fact they are using federal government to enforce the speech codes and enforce their political ideology that is dangerous. mark: you said to the chairman of the committee last week, we need to have a hearing on this issue, we need attorney general up here and question the attorney general about what he has done here. is the chairman of the committee calling a hearing. >> no, he waved that off. and they will look away like they dorf l time. the democrats have been doing this on every subject,
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afghanistan, that debacle they look the other direction, and fbi abuses in last administration, now the fbi abuse and justice department abuse with school boards are they look the other way, they are enablers, they are enabling this administration and its lawlessness andth fecklessness and dangers they are creating for this the country. the attorney general of united states will have to come back up to the senate to the judiciary committee, when he y does, you can expect, w i at least will press him for answers, he might try to stonewall me or deny maybe the ability to get the answers, i am putting the questions to him. mark: i notice that head of fbi christopher wray has not objected, i guess he is all in. >> senator josh hawley thank
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mark: welcome back america, christopher has been ruffo expert on the critical race theory. would you first explain to american people what is career critical race theory. >> it is an academic discipline that holds u.s. was founded on white supremacy and that it still serves at foundational ideology of the nation, the critical race theory argue that our rights and constitution and --
8:38 pm
declaration are camouflages, they argue white supremacy today is as bad as it was 300 years ago, and racism is a permanent endemic condition and all americans by virtue of skin color are inherently racist and oppressive. and the way to fix -- top up en our economic system and engage in marxist race base economic redistribution. mark: this is taught and pushed in our elementary schools, isn't it. >> right. i have done a series of reports, dozens of institutions, including elementary schools, the public schoolteachers were forcing children to deconstruct their racial and sexual identity and rank
8:39 pm
themselves according to power and privilege, telling some first graders they are opressors and others they were opressed. this is not just bad for white kids who are told they have internalized white racism. also bad for minority kids are told they could never succeed andut someone is always out to get them, it fills them with despair. can only a destroy. it is a philosophy that operates byat negate, they believe that somehow that will unleash marxist utopia that has escaped them. mark: national education association, american federation of teachers, 4 million membersio strong, in back pockett of democrat party, they are in on this, they said they are in.
8:40 pm
the national school boards association inn their better to the president of the united states, this is an know side job. no -- this is an inside job, they want federalal government to use patriot act to investigate what they call domestic terrorism, the matthew shepard and james bird jr. hate crimes prevention act and conspiracy against rights statute, there is no federal nexus for this. i guess we could conclude that the biden administration, department of justice aredm 100% in, in this racists marxist ideology, poisoning our children, right? >> i think that is right, we haves seen context of national education association, the nea, over summer endorsed critical race theory by name. they pledge to try to bring it to allll 50 states and all 14,000 loca school districts, they doubled down, we see now there
8:41 pm
is incredible pressure built up on public school systems they, shut down in some cases for over a year, they have adopted insane, nonscientific mask policies now exposed for enforcing racial ideology down the threats of -- throats of children, the parents are revolts, they have been to ally in biden administration, and said time to unleash the fbi. on parents. this is not only designed to launch a national dragnet again others in the move. but also to suppress, decent and criminalize a simple democratic behavior such as your right to showur up at your local school district and protect the toxic,
8:42 pm
racially divisive theories that are hoisted on kids outside of democratic process by teachers unions and national school board -- they are trying to till us as americans you don't have the right to determine your own child's education,n, sit down, shut up. we'll did what we want to do. mark:: d you personally have come under attackwe by many sources, including washington postand msnbc. >> yes in the summer joy reed put my face and words on the w screen every night, and "washington post" put out 10 hit pieces again he in two months. success that we m had, mobilizing social media. is it is mobilizing parents, and standing on a strong bedrock of truth, i, able to rebut the these attacks,
8:43 pm
forcing the "washington post" to retract their score, embarrassing the reporters, they have nothing to stand on but lies, american people may not be able to trace is back to other theory orists of neomarxism, but they know what isbu happening is wrong. they continue trans greses there rights we're winning we 20 to 40 point margin, critical race theory is one of most unpopular ideologies in america, i will hammer them every day. mark: when we come back. i want to ask you about profiteers from critical race theory, authors to a company called panorama. which has connection to attorney general's family. that a industry has been built at h pushing racism, transgenderrism and
8:44 pm
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mark: welcome back, christopher ruffo. panorama is in 25 percent of our schools and son-in-law of the attorney general is the founder of panorama. he could have recused himself but did not. >> this scam we see everywhere. important to understand critical race theory is not an organic belief system that emerged from american people, it is an elite ideology subsidized and funded by federal government from beginning to presence. from grants, and subsidies and university now 8 billion dollar business where in many cases consulting firms gain contract at the
8:49 pm
government levels, that are not subject to public records request. not subject to oversight. operate outside of the democratic process itself. they are funneling millions of dollars of public money to promote and fund private ideology, i have documented one individual, howard ross, billed federal government over 5 million for the training programs that include a power and privilege sexual orientation workshop for energies at nasa, we're seeing is that we need to -- expose the grifters, cut walker their funding next opportunity. otherwise we'll see this spread and multiply. mark: president of united states is all in. he signed one or more executive orders promoting critical race theory in our government.
8:50 pm
and also for the private sector to monitor how they comport with this theory. it is unbelieve able. talking about attorney general son-in-law. tanner, cofounder of panorama. just in fairfax county northern virginia public school system, 1.8 million dollar contract for social and emotional learning, 78.8 million investment coronavirus relief there. some of it was redirected to this quote, unquote culturally unstrongive environment. then you have the union trying to get elected to school boards to control both management side and the employment side. this is a monopoly that needs to be busted up, isn't it. >> right. it is. you have people playing all sides, the teachers unions funding candidates to get on school boards, that can then funnel contract to private
8:51 pm
diversity consulting firms, you have a circular ring of corruption, they are all enriching each other and boosting this dominant ideology, the answer, what we've seen over summer that state after state passed legislation banning critical race theory ideology from public schools, that is really a band-aid, larger fix is school choice now, every parent should have an opportunity and right to exit public school system if it transgress their values and failed to educated their kids, only way to break up this to give parents education dollars and maximum latitude to find an education that serves their kids, marchs their value -- and matched their values, the school are afraid of this, they are unleashing fbi, calling parents ugly names, we have to stan strong and break
8:52 pm
up and we have to get school choice now. mark: very well said. that is why they oppose school choice whether it is a charter school or credit system or a voucher marriage between government and government bureaucracy and educational bureaucracy is no solid,. and national education association is a surrogate for democrat party as is the aft. what the attorney general of united states has done is demanding ideological compliance with democrat party, with the big unions and also with the educational bureaucracy. i don't think that parents will buy this. >> no, i down, don't. we're seeing that biden administration, and the administration previously failed to engineer societies
8:53 pm
overseas to their image, now they try to turn national security apparatus against american people domestically and socially energy the public to confirm with ideologies and standards of places like harvard and yale and federal department of education, american people are standing strang against this -- strong against this. i have talked with hundreds of parents, they are awakening, they are realizing that public school system of the past is no longer the public school system of the present, they got a glimpse to what is happening as schools went remote last year, and they were horrified. mark, i think something real both confident poignant i spoke with parents who immigrated from places like iran, and soviet union. and they told me, this feeling they get from public schools in united states of america in 2021 remind them of their
8:54 pm
childhood, growing up in repressive abroad, the same brain washing, these people are giving us a warning light, they are flashing a warning light, we have to take action and re-- rethe truth. >> thank you, sir. >> thank you. mark: we'll be right back. welcome to allstate. here, if you already pay for car insurance, you can take your home along for the ride. allstate. better protection costs a whole lot less. ♪ age is just a number. and mine's unlisted. try boost® high protein with 20 grams of protein for muscle health. versus 16 grams in ensure high protein. boost® high protein also has key nutrients
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>> welcome back, america. what we're talking about tonight and every sunday is this american marxism and this is what we are confronting. i want to speak directly to the attorney general america land. my grandfather fought my great
8:59 pm
uncle fought at the age of 17 my father registered for the war in world war ii after we were attacked at pearl harbor. my family is not alone we have many women all over the world today fighting to defend us. with our bill of rights and constitution do you think we will roll over for you? do you think this piece of garbage will stop us from expressing our constitutional right? you want to talk about violence? are parents are nonviolent. our taxpayers are nonviolent. it is your supporters who are violent. black lives matter. in del rio. that mayor who attacks the cops the governors who undermine the cops joe biden who allows to happen what happened in afghanistan on the border the party and ideology of violence the party and
9:00 pm
ideology of the constitution you will not silence us. not one of us. you will express our constitutional rights and their saturday thing you can do about it. you got that mr. attorney general? i will see you next time on "life, liberty & levin". ♪♪ steve: good evening everyone welcome to "the next revolution". this is the home of t11 t11 one of the establishments was that died in 2018 he released a novel called the plot against america in which fdr loses the 1914 election to a republican who signs a peace treaty with the nazis in the tradition of characterizing authoritarianism and


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