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tv   The Big Sunday Show  FOX News  October 10, 2021 2:00pm-3:00pm PDT

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>> that was live television and claudia you have 24 years. >> not quite as long as you it was nice to watch you at the nasdaq last week to help ring the bell but it was fun to join a startup and it's just a thrill and a privilege to be part of the fox family. that does it for us, "the big sunday show" is next. ♪. aishah: hi, everybody and welcome to "the big sunday show" i am aishah hasnie along with guy benson and emily compagno you and joe, here's what's on tap. guy: gifted and talented programs in schools are racist, he is getting rid of them, and outrage among parents is building. aishah: about to discuss there, emily what you have. emily: tens of thousands of illegal immigrants are inching closer to our southern border
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and what is abided a administration doing to prepare us, they are fiscally stocking the border wall construction. aishah: big news today. joe: ladies and gentlemen, you cannot say that anymore, we will tell you where, coming up. aishah: about to get to but first this, civil unrest sweeping across europe right now over covid restrictions, thousands are packing the street in rome and some clashing with police as a protest of a government role requiring covid vaccination or a negative test to go to work and access workplaces starting next week. but here in america dr. fauci believes restrictions are the best way to slow down the spread of coronavirus income this winter he says the vaccinated should be wearing a mask outdoors. >> you will start seeing the desk go down similar to the hospitalization how quickly they go down and how thoroughly they
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go down will be influenced by things like the colder weather, people doing things indoors even though your vaccinated when you are not home but outside congregants heading to the public wearing masks would be very true. aishah: in australia repeated clashes between people and police with the resignation of one officer who believes law enforcement is grossly overstepping their boundaries. >> the way in which we police now is completely changed. a vast majority of the focus of policing is in two directions which are infringing on every day liberties and rights to freely live in a democratic society. it is not something that any police officer when they signed up to be a cop ever thought they would have to do, although my
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friends that are police officers that are working the front line and separate every day and forced into directions, the vast majority or certainly a great majority do not believe you and do not want to enforce. aishah: back at home come this winter we might be wearing mask outdoors even if her vaccinated. are you really surprised by this? guy: i cannot say i'm surprised by anything anymore when it comes to dr. fauci and his guidance, i am mystified by this and i suspect he might come out with another clarification of what he said, based on my knowledge, i been reading about this disease for so long i have interviewed doctors on the air over and over again on the radio and elsewhere, i have no clue of what he's talking about when it comes to wearing a mask outside. there is no science behind that
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to my knowledge. i see her as someone fully vaccinated and i did what i was told to do, i'm doing what i'm supposed to do i ended up getting a break the case anyway at covid it was very mild, thank goodness that the point of vaccination. when i look at all of that and we consider what we know and don't know about this virus and now we know quite a a lot to see the top dr. to make the most famous doctor in america starting to hint outside mask wearing for fully vaccinated people, to me that is absolutely ludicrous and is why a lot of people ignore what this man has to say it is a very unhelpful messenger on this front even though it's his area of expertise supposedly. aishah: emily, this is been a tale of two americas scenes for the last year end a half were supposed to follow the science, you are sitting in new york city and i'm in d.c., we have a mask mandate, although the rate of positivity is dropping, you do not have a mask mandate up there although your rate of positivity
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is higher than ours according to the recent data from the mayo clinic. what do you think is going on? emily: i think that we are seeing the exertion of control by our government using to their benefit depending on which side of the coin and falls how to use and manipulate data. let's get our friends down under, i want to draw a parallel between there and here that is a festering of hysteria in australia, b member last month we watched a man taking a smoke break get taken down by six police officers, we also watched as there was a covid fugitive manhunt for a man who sneezed alone in an elevator, we heard the horrifying story of 15 foster dogs and puppies shot to death because australia's government didn't want to risk employees or foster humans going to pick up the dog, remember australia has 103,000 covid cases, less than 1300 deaths
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with a population of 25 million, they lose and contract almost 10000 per year then per year per heart disease. what do they have in common with us, the fact that they are answering questions and confusion with vilification and condemnation and prosecution. here in this country as well we have seen were people prosecuted for covid noncompliance that we have for the destructive disastrous violent riots that we have seen in our cities for the last two years, there absolutely weaponizing fear and hysteria using data that they use on what days to backup the exertion of control taking away your liberties and there in australia i don't see in into it and here it seems to be getting worse especially if you listen to dr. fauci. aishah: we haven't quite seen those protest here at least yet, we will see what happens, the president said vaccine requirements are really about
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being patriotic, listen to this. >> a strong bipartisan majority of americans support vaccination, they know it's not about politics. it is about life and death, that is what it's about. is about looking out for one another, it's about being patriotic. doing the right thing. aishah: doing the right thing, following the science, why do you think that we are still not taking into consideration natural immunity, people who get sick and then have antibodies, why are we adding that into the equation speaker is a great point we don't hear much about, dr. fauci was asked about natural immunity on another network and he had no good answer, can't this protect you even better than the vaccine, the vaccine works and works great in most hospitalizations are the unvaccinated those are all true, guy used the word mystified when talking about dr,
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terrified, petrified, stupefied by this argument he's making that i have to wear a mask outside because i watch college football and nfl every saturday and sunday i'm seeing 70, 80, 100,000 people in stadiums across the country and i look for the numbers to rise in those particular towns in madison, tuscaloosa, i do not see it happening because it is not happening. this is not an outdoor contagion and here you had dr. fauci arguing we should wear masks outside, as for the present he's a guy who were a mask on a zoom call with world leaders he does not understand the difference between computer virus and actual virus to emily's point, australia has a population of 26 million people do you know how many deaths from covid related illnesses ten, that the fraction of a fraction of the total population in a fraction of the number of people who die in australia every day which is about 500 people, ten out of 500. yet the country remains completely shut down this is not normal humans cannot live like this there is completely no
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justification for doing so. i took my kids to the museum of natural history and i had to show my vaccination card, that's fine and fully vaccinated in a had to wear my mask as my family did to. when the new york raiders, islands index plate a game and 15000 people indoors, no masks will be on why people are cheering and screaming yet what in the museum the mask has to stay on all times, the inconsistency is maddening. aishah: i think people are struggling with the big debate if i want to go to work, why do i have to be mandated to do this while people who are electing to go to weddings and events like the met gala and things like that, they really are required to wear a mask or anything like that i think there is a conversation there is an internal struggle happening with people who want to go to work. great discussion i'm sure we'll talk a lot about that and some
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months to carry on, tens of thousands of migrants are heading to a border right now and abided administration just made a move that could make it easier for them to get into our country illegally, that is coming up next. as we go to break, the iconic empire state building lit and red red, white and blue for a day of celebrating 25th anniversary, we are 25 years old, still looking great, fox news channel launched october 7, 1986, we cannot be more proud to be a part of this wonderful family, we are a family, happy birthday fox news. ♪
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♪ ♪. aishah: welcome back to "the big sunday show" texas is bracing for a massive surge of 60000 migrants at the southern border which could be the largest group ever to attend to illegally enter the united states from mexico. admit a record surge of illegals
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apprehended at the board of the dhs terminated the border wall contract in laredo and rio grande valley, former president trump started the construction of the border wall and data rally he named the border crisis as one of many. >> after nine months under biden, violent criminals and bloodthirsty gangs are taking over our streets, illegal aliens and deadly drug cartels are taking over our borders, inflation is taking over our economy, china is taking over our jobs, the taliban has taken over afghanistan. lunatic leftist are taking over our schools and radical socialist are taking over our country. as disastrous as abided administration has been, no one can blame the great state of iowa because boy, we did really
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good here. aishah: that was a pretty good rundown and for a president for us right now who campaigned on being a unifier, it seems as if he's dedicated to two things, incompetence and also absolutely dismantling every single thing that the prior president put in place, including of course all of the border wall contracts. it seems he is ignoring any prior program or policy that was actually serving well and good regardless of what party is identified with the person behind putting a policy in place, what you see happening that is determining all the border wall contracts? speaker is that for me? , i'm so distracted by how well we are matching.
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a poll released last week was devastating it shows the biden harris administration is pulling 23% approval on their handling of the border and i would love to sit down and have strawberry, 23% somehow they think they're going well, and this urges to your point it is only increasing, the president can travel 23 times to delaware since beginning of the year but is yet to travel to the border in the 50 years in government all this while his vice president who once compared ice to the kkk is mia at the border, wtf, not lol as we go full accurate on this. they would not continue to make every wrong decision on securing the border and bring insanity back to enforcing the laws and the books but sure enough they won't leaving some on the right as it's becoming a fair question, i thought it wasn't at first but how do you ignore
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2.5 million people coming into the country, is this intentional at this point because it does not seemed like they have any interest in fixing this problem before when there's a negligence standard there is so much negligence it becomes criminal and absolutely ludicrous. as we were just talking obama ago this administration maintains the highest priority is covid, the highest priority is managing every single thing that flows from the pandemic and that's why they have restricted somebody liberties and freedoms and the like, how does that fit in with the fact that they are ignoring what is occurring on the southern border, the almost 15000 haitian migrants that surged across-the-board in the last few weeks. that is less than 1% vaccination rate, this administration allows for all the illegal migrants coming in to over 30% vaccination declination rate, the spread of the transmission is over 6%.
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they close new york city public schools at 3%, how does that even fit maintaining the covid at the highest priority. aishah: this is not a political problem, i think everyone can agree our hearts break for these people in the position that they are put in as they cross the border. sitting next to each other under a bridge as we saw not too long ago and also the way the cartel are taking advantage of the situation i have been down there twice and obviously i've seen the equipment and the materials to build a border wall just sitting there rotting away and obviously we found out through our brilliant bret baier that we were spending $5 million a day to not build a border wall. i want to make sure that we do not forget that the problem that were not confronting right now are the cartels that is what you would hear from the border patrol agents and henry cuellar
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a congressman from this district to is a democrat, not for the border wall but for border security would like to see some of this money that is now going to be diverted somewhere else and spent on technology and finding ways to better protect the border from the cartels whether that is cameras or lighting or adding more border patrol agents but we really need to center the conversation back on the cartels because the cartels are really taken advantage of the situation in advantage of all that these people that eventually some will be trafficked. they will not be able to live the american dream once they get into this country and will be abused. emily: there is a complex web of factors at the southern border not least of which the human smuggling industry which is the largest industry besides drugs. the cartels are freely seizing upon pushing so many hundreds of thousands of people across the
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border, a reign of terror we have a commander-in-chief who touted his 50 year experience in government as part of his international savvy as a diplomacy required to work with mexico and central american countries in government to help manage the international cartels, nothing is happening in other dismantling contracts and putting the money towards environmental sectors, you cannot make this up. guy: the policies are just breathtaking, if you look at the economy right now we have very disappointing job numbers that came out on friday, growth not the expectation, we have inflation hating americans in their pocketbooks and their bottom lines, the policy solution from the democratic party and the white house on those friends are to raise taxes on job creators and trillions of more dollars in an age of inflation those are to me shockingly bad ideas under any
2:22 pm
circumstance but especially under the circumstances you apply that to the border in the crisis that we are seeing, what are the things that biden has been at the border. number one he has now stopped and cut off all funding and contracts for building a barrier, a wall and i think people don't like trump or his slogan and they want to distance themselves from building the wall because of the tribalism but when you watch people walking across into our country it is hard to argue that some barrier wall would not help but they will not do that because of political reasons and secondly they have canceled and terminated the remaining mexico policy which is the single most successful trump air policies on the books that helped get a previous crisis under control and they've abandoned it entirely even though it is on its face and manifestly worked, they are not interested in that,
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over and over again they put politics ahead of successful policy and it is extremely frustrating thing to watch. aishah: entries before this administration theater to everyone thank take away your liberty and money or blame the prior president for anything that goes wrong. gifted and talented programs coming up in schools are designed to help advance students excel but the new york city's mayor said the program is racist the outrage over the move to stop the popular program next. ♪
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♪ ♪. guy: welcome back to "the big sunday show" school programs for
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gifted and talented students allow qualifying kids to learn at advanced levels, new york city mayor bill de blasio says a program in his city is racist. he is ending it understandably many parents are furious and meanwhile a lot of the programs rejected this on "fox & friends" weekend early on. watch this. >> we have a gap in information being equitably spread across the board as well as preparation that can lend itself to being racist because certain communities have access to more resources than others, it comes down to the information gap as well as a preparedness gap once you close the two barriers a lot of the black and brown students will have access to the educational opportunities. guy: this goes to one of the points that infuriates me about the story, working-class families and underprivileged a lot of students of color, benefit from exactly these kinds
2:29 pm
of programs, this is a ladder up for them and huge opportunity and a way out and you have leaders like bill de blasio saying this is just like segregation, this is racist and let's get rid of the program and let's pull everyone down to the lowest common denominator and i understand the theory among the parents of the families and the communities and the kids who are benefiting from something that has been snatched away. emily: it's widely seen a homeschooling centauri 15 and spiraling out of control in a most 50% increase from public to private schools in what we saw just there in the clip of an interview is an example of someone using the term of racist when actually should've been disparate impact or disproportionate impact and to your point if there was a disparate or disproportionate
2:30 pm
impact on the population why would you punish everyone by diminishing all opportunities for everyone why would you not divert funds, invest in listing up all of the children rather than squashing any opportunities for those who have succeeded and all of the parents who have children in the programs it's an accelerant they have thrived now were taken out of program in which children are under in which children thrived because other children were not having the same opportunities or resources to testing at a younger age, why don't we invest in school choice in invest in the caliber of teachers and invest in dismantling the crippling hold the teachers unions and the national school board association has on this country, it is absolutely ludicrous to identify racism as a problem and identify the solution in dismantling the successful program.
2:31 pm
guy: they cry racism somebody time and so many issues we all become an ear to it, it loses its meeting and it's a big problem in a real phenomenon but when you apply that to everything even policy that you have a problem with a lot of people roll their eyes except in new york city you might roll your eyes but this is the new rule and new policy under this mayor and call me cynical but i wonder if the success of this program is actually the problem when they talk about equity and fairness some people having a leg up because of gifts or talents that they have on a god-given level they look at then say it's not equitable and it's not fair so let's get rid of it and if it brings down the overall levels so be it that is part of the mentality, isn't it? >> a trophy for everyone and not judging people on the merits of their hard work or god-given talent and you talk about race it is been overused to hear the
2:32 pm
racecars being played at the bottom of the deck, thank god my kids don't have to be in the new york city school system, that's what's going on you see why there's a mass exodus at that city and you want to be horrified in october by watching friday the 13th, mayor de blasio may be governor de blasio is it to get elected by a landslide, sleep tight he can actually win, the gifted and talented program is very key as well without the input appearance like we are seeing so often where you just have one person or one school board move ahead with something without asking the parents of the kids who it's going to impact in programs like this are vital to her students and eliminated them is only going to deprive hard-working students, opportunity that they earned on their own and is a drastic decision made by de blasio and his wife he's named conrad de blasio instead of mayor may be soon to be governor at this
2:33 pm
point. guy: we talked about the education wars in your background covering these issues and they can be tough there an array of stakeholders, whose voices matter, which choices you highlight and amplify and who is making the decisions based on what metrics that have coverage of these issues. aishah: graduates voice matters, sound like we need a good audit for this program, not just getting rid of it altogether like we do everything else, defund the police why don't we audit and figure out what's going on and fix what's wrong. i agree this opens up larger discussion about who should be in control of our schools and right now new york city the mayor controls what happened to school policy that is not the case for every school district after i know people watching this are thinking the mayor is making decisions and there's a lot of school boards that are elected by taxpayers, u.s. home to make decisions of what happens to your kids that
2:34 pm
schools it opens up a larger discussion will see what the next mayor does in the democratic nominee will be the next mayor. we will see what he does. guy: shifting gears you might call it "the art of the deal", in our gallery hunter biden gets a big boost from the federal government, details coming up. ♪
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2:40 pm
the sketchy revision that allowed the gallery to receive $500,000 in covid disaster assistant loans with the amount doubling after hunter's father took office, prior to biden taking office the gallery was approved for 150 grand but additional 350,000 was approved this summer. lots of publications are reported about this, obviously we don't have any evidence that the president was involved in any way it's not a good look when you consider the countless number of restaurants and small businesses that closed during covid even after they received the loans. unfortunately they were not in the pricing neighborhoods like soho and tribeca in chelsea, what does it speak to those people? emily: you hit the nail on the head, there are over 200,000 small businesses permanently closed because of the covid pandemic and the government's response to the covid pandemic. there in the district of more
2:41 pm
than 100 art galleries, for some reason this one received by far the largest sba loan of over 350 grand the second surge that they received. the numbers speak for themselves, and to the point those shuttered, tutors or professional services, small businesses with two employees that deliver barber services or nail services, these are small businesses that provide the backbone for our economy and clearly money talks, do we know anything yet, no, but what i know in the latest bill $80 billion was included to go to the irs for more staffers that they claimed would call back $750 billion of our taxpayer funds perhaps they should look at the monies and where these monies delivered and the largest legal unregulated industry in our country. aishah: i want to bring up the graphic i think this is where the conversation moves next
2:42 pm
according to sba's own research when they first started getting out the loans in 2020, about $78 billion potentially went to businesses and places that money should have never gone to. the top republican on the house small business committee congressman blaine made the case time for the government to stop this, stop giving out loans to people stop these direct loans, do you agree with that? joe: i guess a for beauty i guess that's fine. aishah: that's not why i did that. look the whole thing is rented and optics matter to your point because we do not know why this money went where it did but it did get there and it bears the question once again what first-time art dealer then
2:43 pm
picasso and george w. bush gets $500,000 from rookie paintings even the white house ethics chief slammed these his name is walter he served not under trump and the obama biden administration he says the white house has outsourced government ethics to an art dealer that is an industry that is victorious for monday under money-laundering no standards in the industry. another example of hunter biden sell enough as it epithelia, we know if this is donald trump jr., it would be a media apocalypse hunter has protection because he cannot be whacked in the biden justice department will make sure of that. aishah: a lot alone to help a lot of businesses i spoke to a lot of business owners in the money was crucial but is it time now where we are in this pandemic is it time to stop? >> the way that the program was designed was to shovel as much
2:44 pm
cash out the door as humanly possible immediately because we had a thriving economy and the pandemic came in and wrecked everything and people being forced not to operate their business by the government, i understood at the time and i still understand the rationale we have to do this quickly and people are not at fault, when that happens inevitably like the graphic that you put up you will see money that goes missing and money directed places that are eligible into me this is an argument in favor of klein things back and being much more careful about the next trillions of dollars we will send out the door as we look forward without using any lessons from our recent past. aishah: still ahead from stores to airlines the new push for gender-neutral with "the big sunday show" returns. stay with us. ♪
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joe: welcome back to "the big
2:49 pm
sunday show" states and airlines going woke gavin newsom signing a new law forcing stores to have general neutral sections were traditional blue and pink products are bands, the bills author saying we need to stop stigmatizing what is acceptable for certain genders and just let kids be kids, my hope more businesses across california and the u.s. to avoid reinforcing harmful and outdated stereotypes. meanwhile british airways also following the trend by telling flight crews not to refer to passengers as ladies and gentlemen, to celebrate diversity and inclusion. a spokesman for british airways, they still call a spokesman not a spokesperson telling the daily mail we celebrate diversity and inclusion and committed to ensuring all of our customers feel welcome when traveling. lots to unpack, emily i will
2:50 pm
come to you first a very basic question have we lost our freaking mind? joe: seems our fellow americans have, i love to all of us are in pink or blue celebrating this topic or protesting it. aishah: clearly i should be wearing pink. emily: as you read assemblyman said we need to let kids be kids why do we let taxpayers be taxpayers and small businesses be businesses and do what they want for god sake, once this bill has been passed who is going to pay for the enforcement who is going to pay for people to go around california and make sure the toys are displayed in rainbow fashion instead of pink over here in blue over here what happens if there's a violation who it is going to pay for the upkeep it's a misdemeanor in california if you refer to somebody in a nursing home facility by the wrong pronoun and for someone like myself who is the yes, ma'am, no, sir type of person i find myself being
2:51 pm
like what am i supposed to say how am i supposed to be polite it seems like all of that is out the window i go from being polite to criminal and .5 seconds. guy: is amazing i think it was penn state you cannot use freshman yet to be a fresh person no more a mailman a male person a policeman a police person, at this point does it get so watered down when we hear the story so ridiculous we cannot take it fiercely anymore? guy: with joe and pink and aisha and blue, very subversive, very impressed. this is absolutely preposterous you would think in california they would have other things that they should prioritize like homelessness exploding, people unable to afford housing, wildfires, crime in the major cities on the rise, you name it but the focus leica laser beam
2:52 pm
on the stuff that matters like gender-neutral toy aisles at toys "r" us, that's what the governor is focused on evidently in the british airways, i think we can be kind and polite and accommodating to everyone and we should be, i welcome that and i think that we could've done better in the past and maybe were making a lot of progress, there is such a thing as overcompensation and in this case, what percentage of all travelers would be offended by a lady or a gentleman, literally i'm asking how many are offended by that, a tiny .01%, i don't fall into one of those categories and i'm mad about it to hear it on the pa system why are we changing our entire language around a fractional radical fringe, we should not have to do that but until we stand up to it the crazy will continue to whip. guy: given the exodus out of
2:53 pm
california and the tax revenues, arizona and idaho would have this priority straight but of course this is virtue single billing at its finest. i'll leave you here bill maher once said you can agree or disagree with bill maher he is genius and analysis, the chinese are going so far ahead of us because they are building bridges while we are thinking about what to rename them, i guess my question is a journalist, could you do a story like this or read a prompter presented with a straight face and if so how. aishah: can i tell you a story, not guys, people, can i call tell you people a story very quickly, my brother had to wear pink for the first couple of weeks after he was born because in the 80s) had no idea what he was going to be and now he's an er doctor, i think he's doing okay me and my sister had a thousand barbies growing up she has a phd in psychology, i am doing whatever, i think we all
2:54 pm
turned out okay, i think it is about family values and the ways parents raise their kids but that the tepper conversation to have than the color that we pick and choose for our kids. that's what i think. guy: i can't wait until my kids are teens and i have to have this conversation. stick around. that is next. ♪
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♪ ♪. aishah: welcome back it's time for the big four our predictions for the stories they will be talking about this week, emily taken off. emily: new york, con is back after going virtual in 2020 i think what everyone will talk about is not only the awesome costumes that we have been seen all around town and you can see on your screen, but the price of amazing comics that are being sold at auctions we have the original mention of batman and detective comics in 1935 going for $300,000, stay tuned it's a great topic. guy: netflix is saying that the popular series squid gang is on track to become the biggest most-watched series ever on netflix and 30 number one in 90
2:59 pm
countries, it is absolutely wild we were addicted and binged right through it it is sort of like black mirror meets hunger games meets kill bill extremely violent but i understand why it is so popular, if you have not seen it yet do not watch it with kids but you will be hooked. joe: emily you said you guys twice in the last read. anyway. donald trump will indeed run again in 2020 for more than three years from the election and struggling look like cnn are pining for his return sooner rather than later he's criticizing the current administration. upside did it to. aishah: mine is my parents celebrating their 40th year of wedding anniversary these two love birds fell in love at first
3:00 pm
sight at least my dad did but my mom took a little bit longer. these crazy kids gave it up and gave up everything to move here into this country for the betterment of their children, we are so grateful and i'm so thankful for them i think we should talk about the people in our lives that we inspired to be like that does it for us but the "fox report with jon scott" start right now. >> dhs announces it is canceling border wall construction contracts as another migrate care of it heads to the u.s., i am juliann and for jon scott and this is the "fox report". those contracts and board border wall in the laredo sector in the rio grande valley where border virtual agents have already been overwhelmed, this as an estimated 60000 mostly haitian migrants are making their way through south america and


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