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tv   Justice With Judge Jeanine  FOX News  October 9, 2021 9:00pm-10:00pm PDT

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primetime. tune in monday through friday at 7:00 eastern. follow me on facebook, instagram and twitter. "justice with judge jeanine" is next. and remember, i'm watters and this is my world. judge jeanine: welcome to "justice." i'm judge jeanine pirro. let's get right to my open. every day in this country the government under joe biden or whoever is running the joint infringes more and more on our freedom, pushing americans closer and closer to the edge. the latest, the attorney general of the united states instructing the department of justice and the fbi to address threats
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against school boards and teachers over masks and critical race theory saying those threats should be discouraged and prosecuted. it reads constitutional protections don't extend to efforts to intimidate individuals over their views. the constitution protects action and speech where individuals seek a redress of their grievance. not you ag attempts to remove that constitutional right if you are a parent concerned about now your child is being taught. it's okay to follow a u.s. senator into a bathroom and threat onto take her out of office. it's okay for black lives matter rioters to intimidate and burn down our businesses. but mama, don't think about objecting to the ideological
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racial hatred being hoisted on their own children. this is viewpoint discrimination. it restricts speech on a given subject matter. with limited exceptions, the government cannot pick and choose what spieches acceptable and what will be seen as threatening. the singling out of a particular opinion is view point discrimination. the constitution and supreme court disagree that even shade speech is protexted though i'm not suggesting that's what's happening here. but the left is all in. >> they took our school boards hostage like a bunch of screaming maniacs.
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judge jeanine: nowhere does this crony of the attorney general merrick garland who you may recall barack obama wanted to put on the supreme court, described as a moderate. define intimidation? >> parents waiting sometimes for hours to speak at a local school board meeting to express concerns about critical race theory or the masking of their students, the masking of young children, is that harassment and intimidation. >> spirited debate is a hallmark of this country. >> it doesn't define those terms nor does it define harassment or intimidation. judge jeanine: is it reasonable for a school teacher to feel
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intimidated if a parent goes to a school board meeting and says teachers should not be teaching crt? is that enough for the fbi to make a visit to your home? how is it the school board members are the victims in all this. school board members are shutting down microphones where parents are expressing their grievances. it's the parents paying their salary and the parents have a vested interest in their own children. if a parent complains about school board members not reopening the schools, the board members say they will f them up. i'm not hearing the to be general saying any threats won't be toll rated or we'll send the fbi to school board homes or teachers homes. no. because he's nothing more than a political hack following on the
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biden agenda which always money maker for his daughter and son in law whose. merrick garland before you sic your agents on parents. have you heard about their saying with parents? >> if you want to come talk to me about how i'm not doing a good enough job in distance learning? dare them to come at me. >> you going to call me out? i'm going to f you up. >> they want their babysitters back. judge jeanine: want to re-assess who the victims really are? no, you already decided who to demonize. in the coming days the doj will announce a series of measures to
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assess the rise in criminal conduct. wait, you mean the national school board's association send a letter to you to tee up the need to categorize parents as domestic terrorists? and not you fbi tonight middle of local school board meetings? how about the millions of parents who were unable to work because the teachers decide they weren't going to teach your children. how about if they write a letter to you saying they feel threatened every time sthef appear before a school board. and why the fbi? they don't even have jurisdiction of issues own a local level. and calling a parent a domestic tairn rift doesn't change a darn thing. they have no jurisdiction. since when does the fbi, the
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esteemed agency where every agent is special. there are no agents. only special agents. since when do they handle threats on a local level until these aren't national security issues. the local police, the sheriff, the d.a., they do this every day. doesn't the fbi have better things to do like follow up leads, the parkland shooting case. the larry nassar girls olympics case highlighting the fbi. maybe they were too busy on political prosecution. they know all the characters and the proclivities to handle these cases. i guess i forgot. you washington times wants to defunds the police. you want to get rid of them not
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because you don't like police, but because you want a federal police force, you and your political friends can control. this action by an attorney general no less is federal overreach designed to silence parents, accept an ideology, foreign and unacceptable to them and call them and categorize them as domestic terrorists. and worst it's designed terrorize parents and stop them from voicing their concerns. folks, its many all part of the marxist agenda. separate children from their parents, family is not the most important unit, the government is. they imposed political correctness on our free speech with the consequence of being canceled. if it's not acceptable speech to them, the next step is south looking our speech just as they do in europe.
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here his an example. cnn's don lemon. >> what is posted on social media should be true. if it's not true it should be taken down. if it's not true, don't allow people to put it up there. have them face consequences. judge jeanine: more punishment for diversity of thought. this is all very serious, folks. it's one thing to set standards. its many another thing to threaten parents. our children deserve better. it's time to take your kids out of public schools. no matter what clueless joe says about caring. anyone who has kids in public schools has already lost a year to two years of teachers being paid to sit at home while you do your work. you have already lost to charter schools and private schools and
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voyage schools. they lost other countries that kept teaching. on top of that they want to terrorize you and shut you up. it's time your school taxes follow your child. it's note smart to poke mama bear when nice protecting her cubs. you never know what's going to map. let me know what you think on facebook page and twitter, #judgejeanine. here to react to my open, the attempt to destroy free speech in america. lara logan and former director intelligence ric grenell. america is about right versus wrong, good versus evil. are we've on the wrong track? >> you know what, judge within there is a constitution that has
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guided this country since 1776. and that's all we have to do is stick with the constitution. and we are so far down the wrong track at this point that it's falling apart. what you see over and or and all around you is the tactics of tyranny and terror they are using are failing. this exposes how weak they are. we think they have so much power because northeast they take the levers of the understand tiewghtss of society that were established to protect the constitution and protect our rights and use them against us. when they do that, it appears they have an unlimited amount of power. but what it really tells us is they fear the power of the people. that's why the gates around the capitol. all the security. that's why criminalizing parents. this is not a left-right issue. parents across is country they
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want to have a say in their children's education, and they are paying for it so they should. judge jeanine: but the truth is they do the power, don't they, when you have the department of justice or the fbi, whether they are afraid will be ric, or not. have we lost our way? >> i wish that we could rerun your monologue instead of having me talk because that was brilliant. calling it a marxist agenda is what it is. we also have a media that's protect can the ruling party. i worked at the state department for 11 years. if we saw this behavior in on the country we would call it out and say how they are moving away from democracy and human rights. what the democratic party is doing, they are trying to shut down dissent through the
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corporations and big tech, through the progressives inside washington. they have a whole bunch of people in washington protexting them. washington, d.c. loves what's happening. they have the power. they are crushing us outside. you are sitting at home listening to us. gone is the day that you get to turn off the tv and go about your business. you have to fight for this country. ronald reagan told us every single generation has to stand up and fight for freedom. we are not asking you to storm beaches of normandy. but we are asking you to stand up. every great civilization throughout history has lasted about 250 years. let's listen to donald trump who is speaking tonight. >> the radical left brought our
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nation to the brink of ruin. there has never been anything like this. what has happened? after just 9 months under biden, violent criminals and bloodthirsty gangs are taking over our streets. illegal aliens and deadly drug cartels are take over our borders. inflation is taking over our economy, china is taking over our jobs, the taliban has taken over afghanistan. lunatic leftists are taking over our schools and radical socialists are taking over our country and we are not going to let that happen. judge jeanine: there he is in iowa tonight. he hit the nail on the head. the radical left, they have got the power now. >> they do have the power now but they don't have the power of
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the truth. truth is not on their side. what we have forgotten is power is vested in the people. you are right that the whole thing about the parents is meant to take that power away and intimidate the parents so they don't stand up for their children. the same with january 6. it's meant to intimidate all of us and control us through our fear. rick is right. if this is past the time when you can turn off the tv and go back about your business. look how they tried to use the false narrative on the border patrol agents and that they whipped the haitians. it fell apart. and they are trying to separate the children from their parents. parents are going to the school boards saying enough, we won't do it. they make up these memes, it's meant to say every white woman is a racist.
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it's not true. americans have to take their institutions and government and their power back. power is vested in we the people in this country. judge jeanine: final word to you, ric. >> i want to give a shameless plug to what we are doing next we are. we'll have an initiative asking every voter in california, do you want the money that the state spends on education to follow the students, to have 100% student choice. we are organize it right now. watch california next year. we are going to try to up-end the way we fund education. the money follows the student. go to and help us out. lara logan. ric grenell, thank you so much. one outraged mom's prediction
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every parent and grandparent needs to hear amidst the dangerous crisis in america's education system. former professor carol swain a victim of cancel culture herself victim of cancel culture herself joins me to react to it this flag isn't backwards it's facing this way because it's moving forward just like the men and women who wear it on their uniforms and the country it represents. they're all only meant to move one direction which is why we fly it this way on the flanks of the all-new grand wagoneer. moving boldly and unstoppably forward.
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>> the only thing to do is have a mass exodus from the public school system. that's it. [applause] >> we have been at these school board meetings voice our opinions, writing articles, and they don't care. judge jeanine: outrage as parents like that florida mom blast attorney general garland and the biden administration for basically weaponizing the department of justice to silence parents. parents whose only crime is speaking out against the controversial critical race theory pushed in school. here with reaction to that and more. black eye for america. how critical race theory is burning down the house. dr. carol swain. doctor, it's so good to have you on "justice" tonight.
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what are the schools so afraid of? >> they are afraid people will realize they are counterfeit. the government that we have operating today in washington bears no resemblance to the nation that i grew up in as a child. we see the department of justice, the various institutions, that they are not following the rule of law. when the doj encourages the violation of the civil rights of americans, when the doj doesn't stand up for the constitution's equal protection clause. when they encourage the shaping and bullying of america, then it's clear we lost control of our nation. and i think people need to realize the america we once knew no longer exists. and we are at a do now or never moment. a moment where we have to stand up and be like our standard, be
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willing to risk our lives, our foretube and sacred honor. because this nation will fall if it hasn't already fall be. it seems our leaders are more attuned to the needs of foreign leaders than they are to the american people. judge jeanine: the interesting part of all this, it seems the department of justice should be defending our civil rights. where do you see all of this going in the end? >> i mean, they are clearly advancing a marxist agenda. they are dividing americans. whether you are talking about parents and children. males and females, heterosexuals and homosexuals. the vaccinated and unvaccinated. they are bullying, shaming, keeping us at each others' throats, and while we are doing
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that, they are doing things underneath the curtain, behind the blinds to further undermine our country. so we are focused on critical race theory, and they are doing other things -- detrimental to our nation. i wonder why donald trump is the only politician who seems to be willing to speak the truth. why aren't they speaking out against general milley's treason. and when they give a press conference and say a few word and move on to the next issue. why can't they stick with something. judge jeanine: i only have a few seconds. if americans have to be willing to stand up and be like the founding fathers, they take a risk. if we don't wrestle this whole thing it will be too late. is that what you are saying? >> absolutely that's what i'm
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saying. we are all going to die some day. i think it's a moment where people need to stand up and have courage and realize what you do today matters for your descendants and it matters for our nation right now. >> okay. dr. carol swain, thank you for being with us tonight. just ahead. horrifying video of drug cartels shooting what the our u.s. border. fox news was there to witness it. we'll show you that video next. what does escalating national security crisis mean for the safety of you and your family. safety of you and your family. tulsi gabbard joins me live.
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headache, nausea, diarrhea, trouble sleeping, tiredness, and anxiety. so much goes into who i am and hope to be. ask your doctor if treating hiv with dovato is right for you. ashley: welcome to fox news live. i'm ashley strohmier. the biden administration will have until tuesday to respond to the texas abortion law. a judge blocked the law, but an appellate court reinstated it. pro-choice activists say it's time the supreme court got involved. nature series showing little
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mercy on an island in spain destroying homes and lands in la palma. hundreds of homes are now gone. i'm ashley strohmier. back to "justice with judge jeanine." coastline. i'm ashley strohmier. judge jeanine: the empire state building is lit up in red, white and blue in honor of 25 years of fox news which we celebrated this week. as our team covering biden's border crisis captured the
9:31 pm
shocking video of drug cartels shooting at a u.s. border station in roma, texas. take a look. >> that's just [inaudible] judge jeanine: here now to react, former hawaii congresswoman and presidential candidate tulsi gabbard who is now a lieutenant colonel in the u.s. army reserves. i want you to think back to the 17 years when you were in the national guard. if you can picture yourself or some of the members the guard you were with being in techs as at the border and having drug cartels shooting across the rio grande into the united states at the national guard. that's what's going on as we
9:32 pm
speak in the united states today. what is the biden administration doing about this and what should they be doing? >> first of all, for our soldiers serving down there, i'm sure they have rules much engagement to deal with this sort of situation. but the bigger issue here, judge, these drug cartels, the human traffickers are incredibly emboldened where they feel they dock this without consequence. where they can continue profiting over human trafficking on borders that are essentially open. it doesn't matter how many times secretary blinken or kamala harris or anyone from the administration says don't come across the border, the reality is people are being let in and crossing the border every single day. if we look at the numbers in
9:33 pm
august of this year, 200,000 people were and pretended for trying to cross the border. and we are seeing hundreds of thousands more crossing the border who are not and pretended. actions speak louder than words. the open door policy this administration has in place is posing a humanitarian crisis as well as a very serious security threat for our country. judge jeanine: at what point do we hold joe biden and his administration accountable? there is so much going on from the border to covid to schools. it goes own and on. >> you make a good point here. the faith and trust the american people need to have in our leaders is dropping every day. the department of homeland security recently told congress our borders are secure.
9:34 pm
this is what he said. this kind of bald face lie whether it's domestic or foreign policy issues. we saw this with afghanistan and the tragically botched withdrawal. when the american people are lied to it's revealing of the arrogance and self-serving nature of leaders in power and the disrespect they have for the american people and it's why people are losing faith and trust in those leaders. if we have leaders who respect the people, the people will respect our leaders. if we have leaders who trust the american people, we'll trust our leaders. we don't have leaders who have that trust and respect and they put themselves ahead of the interests of the people. judge jeanine: there is no question. but what do we do now? you have got majorkas lying and joe biden leeing, we are not
9:35 pm
going to leave any americans behind. you have got kamala harris, the vice president, all of them are a disaster. blinken is a disaster. what are americans supposed to do, just wait until 2024? >> we have representatives of the american people in congress who have a responsibility to hold the administration accountable. it many the bay six of our civics 101 when we have the coequal branches of government. congress needs to take action to hold this administration and any administration accountable to make sure they are working in the best interest of the american people. and congress, they have to put the partisanship aside and putting the well-being and interests of the american people first. judge jeanine: it's not going to happen. >> we have to keep calling and keep their feet to the fire.
9:36 pm
judge jeanine: no, we have got to vote. we have a lot of the respect for you. thank you for joining us tonight. joe concha joins me next.
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judge jeanine: you may remember a few weeks back australia reneged on a submarine deal with france to partner with the united states. france shocked the international community by immediately recalling their ambassadors from the u.s. and australia. australia. john kerry said the president didn't know about the whole thing. >> he asked me, he said what's the situation. i explained exactly. he had not been aware of that. he literally had not been aware
9:41 pm
of what had transpired. >> biden had not been aware that america's oldest ally recalled their ambassadors? here is jen psaki trying to walk it back. >> he of course was aware of the french being displeased about the deal with the australians. john kerry also speaks regularly to the french as part of his role as climate envoy. he served as secretary of state. judge jeanine: john kerry says one thing, jen psaki says another and our president is silenced. joining us joe concha. do you know who's pulling the springs? who is in charge will? >> joe biden if he actually spoke to the press outside of
9:42 pm
the teleprompter could say of course i was aware. so he has john kerry saying one thing. then jen psaki who at this point would make baghdad bob blush. forget what john kerry said, he knew what was going on. why else would john kerry offer that up? people are getting it now. not just republicans and conservatives who got it all along in terms of the person that was elected. 81 million people didn't vote for joe biden because necessity wanted joe biden. they voted for him because he wasn't bernie sanders and he wasn't donald trump. judge jeanine: what about the fact he has a fake window behind him. why does he need to use a fake white house set. you can see biden's approval ratings there. i'm not sure. i think that says quinnipiac.
9:43 pm
some are worse than that. let's talk about the fake set. why doesn't he just have the press conferences in the white house? >> just have them in the east room where most press conferences are held. he held one solo press conference since he has been president. you can find jimmy hoffa or brian laundrie before you can find kamala harris in front of a microphone. they are trying to script a presidency. and you can't do that. because conditions on the grounds dictate how your presidency is going to go. when you peel off the onion, forget about the overall approval number. 32% of independents. less than one in three americans approve of the president over 9 months in office. he's seen honest and trustworthy by a solid majority of voters.
9:44 pm
now a solid majority sees him as dishonest. that was his go-to. and now he doesn't have that. this should keep mr. biden's handlers up at night. by a 13-points margin, everybody on team bind is seen as not being competent to run the government. in the time it takes to carry a baby to full term team bind has almost destroyed any positive perception it had going into office. inflation, the economy, it's more expensive to live in this country. crime, it's unsafer to live in this country. isis and al qaeda has a playgrounds to. you look at the four fronts, there is no easy exclusion. i don't know how he fixes it because we don't know who is in
9:45 pm
charge at this point. judge jeanine: i continue to ask the question, month is in charge. up next, the swamp in d.c. is flooding tonight as joe biden's son hunter is cashing in on his dad's presidency. the disgusting details and reaction to leo terrell and tomi lahren are just minutes away. go with simparica trio it's triple protection made simple! simparica trio is the first and only monthly chewable that covers heartworm disease, ticks and fleas, round and hookworms. dogs get triple protection in just one simparica trio! this drug class has been associated with neurologic adverse reactions, including seizures. use with caution in dogs with a history of these disorders. protect him with all your heart. why do nearlyrica trio. one million businesses
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judge jeanine: ethics are on holiday at the white house as new reports that joe biden's drug addicted son has sold at least five prints to buyers. they were purchased for $75,000 each. and tonight the big question is, what exact hi does that $75,000 get you. access to the president? access to the white house? where is the biden fbi when you need them? joining me, foxnation host tomi lahren and leo terrell.
9:50 pm
is this poor guy, he's drug addicted. he doesn't have a real job. do you resent the fact that he's trying to make a living? come on, leo. >> i totally resent it. he has no qualifications. no skills. but he's shaking people down for money because of his last name. hunter biden cares about no one but hunter biden. he's having a drug addiction problem and he's trying to make millions of dollars which he's doing quite easily because of his last name. he's selling access. he sold five pictures in los angeles. and guess who was there. our disgraced mayor begging for a job, eric garcetti who is trying to be ambassador.
9:51 pm
judge jeanine: i remember the white house commenting about this. and they said something like we'ller in know who actually bought those pieces of art. it will be secret. it's all behind a veil. baloney. the guy is at his own sale. he's at the gallery. >> not only that. if people are going to pay this much money for one of these beautiful works of art, they are going to display it i am sure around other rich people talk about having a hunter biden original. we have so many rich people in the united states. there are plenty of jobs he could get. but he's a scam artist, a degenerate. you can't google hunter biden with children in the room.
9:52 pm
we are concerned they are going to have more access to the president than the average american. where is the press? they spent four plus years and they are still going after all the trump children on a daily basis but they have no problem with this degenerate selling these pieces of art to god knows who. unbelievable. judge jeanine: leo, let me ask you a question. this past week when senator kyrsten sinema went into the lady's room. you had people from generation z chasing her into the ladies room saying we can make sure you are not elected if you don't do what we want you to do. why isn't the attorney general siccing the fine on those people. >> those are professional
9:53 pm
agitators. go after parents challenging this racist critical race theory and allow these agitators who are hah rationing u.s. senator kyrsten sinema. they are part of the progressive left. they are extremists, and they are cannibalizing their own. sinema is a democrat. they don't care. if you fall out of line with the extreme left, you are persona non grata. the left requires obedience and they don't allow difficult sent at all. judge jeanine: tommy, what do you think about that? >> this is the maxine waters model. now it's starting to shift on the voice what i have believe is the democrats that believes in a
9:54 pm
secure border and note having gas prices to the roof and not taxing the american taxpayer over and over again. we have two senators who are standing up for those democrat moderate. but the extreme left, they can't tolerate that. this is a maxine waters model. they go after larry elder. they go after all of us. they go after conservatives. now they are turning on democrats. i hope democrats around the country take a look at how the radical left treat even democrats. you have a choice in 2022. >> tomi lahren and leo terrell. thanks as always. up next, an exciting announcement you won't want to miss. we'lle bacac if you're 55 and up, t-mobile has plans built just for you whether you need a single line or lines for family members,
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thanks for watching i'm advocating for chief justice and the american way. i'll see you next saturday night. ♪ ♪ >> doj targeted you and your neighbors. instead of actually going after terrorists and stuff. the lasting damage a radical agenda can have on all of us. facebook whistle-blower, getting red carpet treatment from democrats an media lap dogs why? former facebook employee joins me to expose almost a trap for conservatives we'll expose the left entire plot. and from inflation, china, covid, afghanistan, joe biden has no idea


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