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tv   Unfiltered with Dan Bongino  FOX News  October 9, 2021 7:00pm-8:00pm PDT

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advocating for chief justice and the american way. i'll see you next saturday night. ♪ ♪ >> doj targeted you and your neighbors. instead of actually going after terrorists and stuff. the lasting damage a radical agenda can have on all of us. facebook whistle-blower, getting red carpet treatment from democrats an media lap dogs why? former facebook employee joins me to expose almost a trap for conservatives we'll expose the left entire plot. and from inflation, china, covid, afghanistan, joe biden has no idea what he's doing he's
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not in control of anything. so who is in control of joe biden? he will break down that embarrassment game is up. folks it is over what one member of the squad said that should have everyone taking off the mask get rid of them for good. [laughter] just the quick note by the way. before we get started, a programming note here, and additional reminder that liberalism is a darn forest fire everything it touches it destroys. job numbers came out yesterday they were catastrophically bad no surprise. because joe biden touched the job numbers and everything this guy touches he burns to the ground. second quick story before i start the show here. bill de blasio the communist mayor in new york city started thought it would be a good idea to dump gifted students and he wants to make sure everybody gets an equally poor education in new york city how to squeeze that in sorry now back it our
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regularly schedule programming for the week. sorry. left is terrified and working heart diseaser than ever to shut us up. conservativeses that. you know patriots. they hate us. the doj is using patriot took into account watch us our nabs, parents, mom and dads and stuff you know the real threats in america, people who choose to voice opinions in a public forum school boards and stuff. this comes with a massive opportunity cost. look at this from the do generic this is incredible talking about a disturbing trend of what? parents showing up in school boards to speak out because they don't want their kids to be taught critical racism theory because that's what it is. but do these people look and sound like a terror threat to the united states? to you? [chanting]
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>> something is wrong with this picture. is this agenda really about public health? >> land of the free -- >> home of the brave. >> no more masks -- chngt you should be ashamed your actions have been despicable it is clear you don't listen to our objections but world is listening. j look like a bunch of patriots to me folks assembling petitions their government left should try that there's an app for the constitution. you can download it i'm serious try it sometime. folks this is the new american left. just like old american left. get used to it. when they can't win an argument like never they try to use government force to shut us up that's who they are and always been. the parents and patriots are starting to figure it out. here's how we fight back. >> the only thing to do is have
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a mask exodus from the public school system. that's it. [applause] we've been at school board meetings forcing opinion an writing articles and they don't care. so i'm leak only thing left to do is to just -- peace out. >> yep. peace out. with you 100% for leftist out there and a lot of you telling us that oh attorney general he's just pure hard he wants peace, and you know he wants peace and quiet school boards and all do you follow money trail? how it hits merrick garland see this article at fox attorney general garland faces scrutiny to disuker bird and amid theory and article is interesting talks ab company panorama with a $78 million investment of coronavirus relief
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that fairfax county public schools directed towards a welcoming and cultural responsive environment for students. funding to support equity professional it sounds like crt junk to me an should look at that panorama company and how it is tied to the daughter of merrick garland according to the report it is just interesting. pretty clear conflict of interesting and biden administration nobody gives damn about conflict of insurance in biden administration it is not the look media will say anything about it and full time activist anyway for biden this works great for them. so what does this reveal about our country. here's the first. there's a massive opportunity cost to this. school board meetings that means they're not watching actual terrorist at the border gee why would we do that? stopping child trafficking, drugs, you know when was in the secret service and was a young guy young age i spent time
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investigating i wondered what the hell are we doing this and so much more important stuff tods and one guy so much time to spend a day investigating stuff. the second problem with this massive encroachment on civil liberty by the doj. folks the public faith in institutions is entirely collapsing. the liberals not see this -- fidelity to institutions is gone people no longer trust the cdc. they don't trust fauci or the fda or trust the fbi they don't trust the intel community, press, that's a laugher. the press everybody thinks press is a big joke. who were the 7% of i had idiots check out poll right there just 7% who are those 7.? nobody trust these people anymore no sane person. here's the third problem. this is, obviously, gaslighting to target conservatives by
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taping them as domestic terrorists. remember back in august, remember this from the dhs labeled domestic terrorist as biggest thereto here's their bulletin read it yourself. domestic terrorism what about foreign terrorist, al qaeda, aqap isis, china, north korea, no, no -- those domestic terrorists listen, i mean, obviously, nobody wants violence in the country, obviously. right that's pretty common sense. but that's the biggest threat? they've been setting the groundwork to flip the switch to target patriots for a long time now. these big governments swamp rodents and media have been helping them ever stem of the way. some member the far right in this country have apparently decide they will resort to intimidation and in some case even violence to get what they want. sound familiar? sort of like an american -- >> gop want 20 years from
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leading war on terror to now leading defense was january 6th terrorist and that's where they are as a party. >> what's new is the introduction of white nationalist terrorism. that son the rise in america. >> of course media crushes civil liberties god for bid petition their government school boards but what when that doesn't work they sending fact check rs to target american citizens. check out these humiliating, embarrassing fact check probably the worst i've ever seen and that's saying a lot from ap. >> post mischaracterize school board letter to biden we read the post. they're claiming that -- yes this is false. that they were going to label these people domestic terrorist read the letter. it's in the actual letter. you can see it. it says comparing them to domestic terrorist. can you people read at the ap?
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you would think reading fundamental remember psa on the s.a.t.s right? can you people read? what a laughing stock. so how do these people establish by the way the government that's targeting domestic terrorist who a domestic terrorist is. and i'll answer question for you and save you the time. the answer is anyone who disagrees with joe biden and the left. >> up next, if you ever wongdered who is in charge of joe biden? >> get this trouble with my staff i'm sore i'll get in trouble with staff if i don't do this the right way. >> i'll take your questions an they gave me a list of people i'm going call on. >> if joe biden is not in charge of joe biden then who is? we'll ask pete, coming up next. wealth is breaking ground on your biggest project yet. worth is giving the people who build it a solid foundation.
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>> get this trouble with my staff, i'm sorry i'll get in trouble with staff if i don't do the right way. >> i'll take your questions as usual folks they give me a list of people i'm going call on. >> a lot of people here -- in trouble. ladies and gentlemen, gave me the list here. first person was instructed to call on was --
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kelly o'donnell nbc. dan: who is always giving this guy lists? anyone? production team, anybody getting lists? who is in charge of joe biden? feel like he's in charge of anything including himself. joining me now with his take is fox and friends weekend co-host pete hegseth as always thanks for joining me taking the time. >> thank you. dan: guy has nuclear codes who is giving him listings listen i watch you. i've been on with you forever on fox and friends people don't hand you lists you dot show. who is giving this guy lists man what's the deal? >> well first of all listen he's the guy who -- got to the white house by hiding out in a basement rooght so he avoided any scrutiny whatsoever and he was helped out by the media because they didn't ask him nid questions and covered up everything and didn't have to go
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through anything to get there and maintain the office enough so that obama's third term can proceed unimpeded. because what you have is a group of people whether it is suzanne rice, whether it is jake sullivan ron klain others who have an agenda extension of a fundamental transformation of america and they have a useful vessel and in the media, who else is in charge? alexander cortez let me tell you why driving the agenda. the white house knows they have to listen to her you know who else listens to her chuck schumer didn't want a primary race in new york so now the ultimate partisan which he said so only person who is not in charge is joe biden and when he does throw down and make decision, it is a decision leak afghanistan. which we know he was the one that effectively said it will be august 31st no matter what. and we saw how that turned out so they can't turn actual decisions over to the man. instead they tell him to read talking points in a fake that ultimate aspect of this is new
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fake white house they've set up in a shed on the white house complex where we can play president while reading off a tell prompter it could be in the white house where all presidents are and station on a stage and tell prompter he can't talk otherwise because he's lotion. dan: best point you made is when he's forced to make -- forced look the decision is always wrong. they run political interference for him otherwise. let me get to this so i was watching network earlier in the week and there was this doctor with martha. talking about the wuhan lab, pete i want you to listen to this and get this reaction i think cheen has a lot to lose and worried about them in taiwan. listen to what he saw in the wuhan lab i have to tell the volume up say did i hear that right? check this out. >> i have gotten inside wuhan -- in patient specimen in december
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2019, what i found there was that the lab was contaminated with research that's about three years ahead of sars covid now it is 80% lethal. so this is not -- you know, if you didn't like the pandemic that was just one percent lethal this ting they're working on in december 2019 has an 80% lethality that needs to be stopped. dan: eve a couple of things to ask you about china giving your background in national security in the marl. but pete, did you hear what that guy just said and he said it -- casually like we look at the lab and we found evidence of a virus that is 80% lethal and manipulating serious tiff to rewind tape did i hear that correctly is this crazy? >> we don't know but crazy part is you can't reject it. these are -- these are the communist chinese, you know, couple of colonels wrote a book in 1999 called
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unrestrictive warfare effectively a principle that greater powers because they don't want directly military confrontation and we may come to direct military confrontation but again white house right now once called strategic competition. what china is dong is using every aspect of leverage economic, a virus through denial, ports around the world. alliances that they're using, debt indebted third world countries then leverage and then they look at america and say donald trump and joe biden ignoring it and see horrific as covid code and studied other ths saw that it worked and bag of treats is not just regional hedge of money they believe they have the most come dominant is e world and building military to do just that. that doesn't surprise me at all and it wasn't surprise me if american official dos that and they're so hill bent on covering up origin this have veers to begin with.
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dan: it worries me i had any ap history tell me most dangerous people are people with nothing to lose and real estate market going to collapse their entire economy which is happening now and could happen. and then they know this is gong to get out that they're working on deadly viruses like mepa and covid-19, you know it worries me if they cross that straight we could be looking at world war iii i want better news. >> in a foreign war. need a good convenient foreign war. dan: tail wag the dog and patriot awards with great people there and you'll be hosting the thiferred one right at the first one last year with digital get tickets at fox nation/patriot awards what are you expecting this year. last couple of years? j >> exactly. it is in hollywood florida, but the exact on silt of hollywood. we will celebrate america and
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patriots there will not be a dry eye in the place and cool thing is dan it is much more than just an award show but an event and you're giving it an award and people will meet tucker, laura, shawn l be there mingling out there talking, book signing it is a festive event with tons of fox personalities and you're not gong to love the event but whole experience so i hope folks check it out it is a well priced and november 17th, and we're going celebrate america and nobody better about that you to do it i'll tell you that. >> fox awards folks pete thank you for doing it. i was with you that first year virtually last year these are real american heros unlike peak hollywood type. thank you i'll see you there. coming up we're about to become a full blown surveillance state yes we are. warning signs from big tech and biden administration that sound like something straight out of china. coming up next.
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>> welcome to fox news live i am a ashley strohmier the clock is tick on president biden economic agenda, for the deadline fast approaching, fellow democrats in house continue to bicker over how much money to put into the president propose multitrillion dollar spending packagings.
7:25 pm
add to that the latest labor figures, which reveal america work force added only 194,000 jobs last month, about 300,000 fewer than expected and despite setbackings the president insist the economy is showing, quote, real progress. and former president trump took to the stage at a rally in des moines, iowa earlier tonight a recent des moines poll show trump favorable is higher there now than it was during his presidency with 53%. democratic party chairman will remind former or president is bad for democracy pointing to last january's at the u.s. capitol i'm ashley strohmier back to unfiltered with dan bongino. >> welcome back to unfiltered we tush to a surveillance state here. who is the biden ad mrgs on the doj taking cues from china he's the big guy right according to reports, joe biden. remember that? listen, the evidence is
7:26 pm
everywhere. it should be a big like clockwork orange wakeup call to everybody. according to "forbes" department of jt is issuing warrants based on personal search term and goggle did you see this headline government secretly order it is google to those address and telephone number, look at the end of this at the this is really important. another detail in 2017 reveal that a minnesota judge signed off on a warrant asking google to provide information on anyone who searched a victim name from within the city of where the crime took place. huh? folks the constitution's clear. you want to target someone for arrest or a warrant? then probable cause get a warrant against person and produce facts you know facts an stuff so we don't just randomly start locking people up. we don't arrest someone in the country because they decided to search on the internet for how
7:27 pm
to rob a bank. i mean think about it for a moment right. say you're writing a movie remember that heat bank robbery scene everybody loved that scene from movie but here's a hint for all of the big government totalitarian that bank robbery didn't actually happen so what if screen writer punches in google or search engine how to rob a bank find a subject of an officers warrant if a bank gets robbed in a town? don't laugh these are serious questions. we've got leftist totalitarians running government now. blanket warrants? blanket warrants are the hall mark of jug about every totalitarian regime throughout human history someone of them don't bother a warrant they lock people up for anything is that next? i better not give them any ideas. you know what's another hall mark of a surveillance state they watch everything you do with your money, how you spend it what you spend it on they control how it is spent issued,
7:28 pm
everything. now that wouldn't happen here. it is the great old us of a you think it can't happen here? it already is -- i covered it last week on this show and i'm telling you it is one of the most important issue was our time. the dangers of a digital dollar run by the froflt look at the story from the wall street "the wall street journal" it highlights smflt problems with this. and digital dollar all transactions would be a matter of public record, oh no problem. you want joe biden sniffing over your should or about where you spend where are money? they note that financial privacy would also be difficult to maintain. do you think? and since the currency would be a liability of the fed it could nudge users in desire directions go buy a gun? pack a stowing stogie can't do that or buy that fella and
7:29 pm
ladies. listen folks, you believe in freedom in liberty or you don't all right. the constitution is not a suggestion. it is a foundational document meant to ensure big god given right and freedom. it is not a peck and choose document, it is not a local buffet. it is a foundational document meant to secure big god given right freedom and liberties you either support it or you don't it is not a buffet it is not all acart pick a side. we've got to do a better job of getting across that america is freedom. freedom of speech. freedom of religion, freedom of enterprise. and freedom is special and rare. >> you and i have a rendezvous with destiny we preserve for our children this last best hope of man on earth or sentence them to take last step into a thousand years. >> to believe that together with god's help we can and will
7:30 pm
resolve the problems which now confront us. and after all why should we not believe that? we are americans. >> on this -- only have a voice like that again. freedom and liberty they matter pack a side you're either for it or you're not. still ahead, the media democrats and congress they're all talking about the facebook whistle-blower. but i'm telling you folks it is a trap don't fall for it. i'll walk you through their plot that ends with silencing conservatives. >> you really think we were set up? >> you even doubted? i don't think we have --
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dan: welcome back to unfiltered listen to me the facebook whistle-blower is, obviously, a
7:35 pm
trap. >> riddlers up to something treky better let us handle this. it smells leak a trap. >> it is a trap. dan: media facebook whistle-blower doj setting narrative perfectly start with that "60 minutes" interview she did. >> francis showed us she was recruited by fob in 2019 and agreed to take the job only if she could work against misinformation. because she had lost a friend to online conspiracy theories. >> i never wanted anyone to feel pain that i had felt and i had seen how high stakes were in materials of making sure high quality information on facebook. it is, obviously, on the narrative now and evidence is everywhere. here's senator ed markey months ago saying that quiet part outloud. >> the issue is not that company
7:36 pm
today are taking too many posts down, the issue is that they're leaving too many dangerous posts up. >> now here's the very same ed markey just days ago with the whistle-blower. >> you agree that congress has to enact special protections with children and teens that stop social media companies of manipulating young users threatening well being stop using all gore algorithm to harm kids. you believe that? >> congress must act to protect children. >> one of the most liberal of the senate and whistle-blower agree congress needs new rules. did you still think it is not a trap? >> you really think we were set up? >> you doubt it man, i don't think we got set up. i know we got set up. >> i have more here's jen psaki pushing same censorship narrative that it is up to congress to fix facebook. >> efforts to attract young
7:37 pm
users and negative effects on terming'ses mental health are certainly troubles our effort is going to be continue to support, fundamental reform, obviously, that would but to the purview of congress but certainly we view these as a continuing in a series of revelation about the parody of the platform. dan: that's not it doesn't end there facebook itself -- is even pushing for congressional reform you see this statement they issued. as if on cue just really weird. >> it is time for congress to act. makes the decisions that belong to legislators. could it be any more obvious this is a censorship trap? if that's not enough the left calls in reenforcements here's the embarrassing don lennon from facebook check this out. j i think social media like any other media company especially legacy media and traditional media there should be, they should face some sort of
7:38 pm
consequences and they should be regulated. that's just at the very least what you put on there should be true and if it is not true then it should be action. dan: be honest here please the whistle-blowers, obviously, moving the censorship agenda here. perhaps matt walsh dal wire put it best along with tucker. >> good general rule here when the media tells us about a whistle-blower, the first hint that it is not a real whistle-blower is that media is telling us about it. facebook big tech, the democrat party media all part of the same system. their issue and francis issue is they're not stifling speech -- dan: yolk is on us here. democrats want to silence us. >> give it up kids surround by dentists. >> it was a trap. now it is exposed you're through. dan: joining me now to discuss this former facebook analyst kara thanks for joining us
7:39 pm
really appreciate it. >> thanks for having me. >> kara used to work at facebook this is so, obviously, a setup here to sensor conservatives there's no misalignment of the message that whistle-blower, congress, the white house they're all coming for same thing shut conservatives up am i reading this wrong? >> you are reading right actually this is a leftist strategy. i mean, the documents are damming for took on their own. conservatives need to focus. they need to pox on what those leak actually said. the information within those documents themselves that were leaked so don't give into the editorializing that's going on by the media that's going on by the whistle-blower and her leftist hand leers we need to focus on what the issue is at hand here and that's facebook's acknowledge of toxes toxicity ad willingness to expand their behavior. you know they got caught. they have that research in 2019 and 2020 in particular about teen girls how toxic platform
7:40 pm
was for young women and still decided to move forward with an under 13 instagram now that everything is out in the public okay. we're going pause. but in my mind facebook is forgings ahead with all of their toxic behaviors because they know what they're doing and they want to grow and they want to make more money. dan: did you notice kara, that everyone congress, all of the lettist, even sadly some rhinos not picking up on track whistle-blower "60 minutes" and talk about misinformation but notice something very specific. they never define what misinformation is. because they want it to be anything that -- that doesn't align with their leftist world view. that's my opinion on it. >> oh, exactly look when google announce with youtube recently this past week demontizing so misinformation is whatever they want it to be that day. it is a catch all for --
7:41 pm
information that the left doesn't like. that the white house doesn't like. they're looking at the wuhan lab theory that was misinformation before and hunter laptop story that was information before talking about putting mask on kids, and how that might not be great for them that was misinformation. so whatever they want it to be that day whatever conforms to the lefts i ideological agenda that's misinformation. so conservatives get your heads out of the sand, wise up to actually what is going on here. there are trying to fuse big government and big tech and it is not going to stop so don't fall for it. dan: last question for you kara but this was important a big tell in this. but notice the whistle-blower when asked to break up facebook she said no. she doesn't want to break up facebook. they all want the government to be in charge of facebook, so they can police speech. she didn't want it broken up that was a tell wasn't it? >> oh, xeangt. it was any politically expedient
7:42 pm
definition of misinformation where government can get in there and they can put the pressure on these tech companies to pull down people individuals, accounts they don't like. that's what she wants that's what her left hand hers want and yeah that was a big red flag for me those documents need to be the focus. focus on the pernicious behavior of facebook reveal by documents don't pox on all of the editorializing that the media is doing and that this whole strategy is behind. dan: kara thanks a lot for joinings us it is really value valuable information appreciate it. economy is in the tank hemorrhaging job and don't worry says joe biden. >> when you see headlines and reports of mass firings and hundred of people losing their jobs, look at the bigger story. united went from 59% of their employees to 99% of employees in less than two months charles payne joins us tbhex his take on how much more our economy can
7:43 pm
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nornlings one making under 400,000 a year will see a penny in their taxes go up. let's start with what i will not do. i will not impose any tax
7:47 pm
increase on peel making less than $400,000. cialg reason a.m. bothering to do this i see bideen be raise your taxes anybody making less than $400,000 will not pay a penny in taxes. >> won't raise their tax i hope you don't believe that and pumps trillions into the economy forcing to spend more on everything. what's the difference charles payne host of making money on the fox business network joins me now to make sense of it. charles thanks a lot for join me really appreciate it. >> it is great to be here. >> charles i turn volume up when you're on the air because you tell it luke it is. isn't -- you do isn't inflation the most pernicious fax of all one of the best ways to attack money from people plucking feathers from goose is take it directly or print is spend it yourself and in devalue everything they have either way you get the money.
7:48 pm
>> it is insidious it is insidious it is in so insidious for middle income folks for poor folks, there's nowhere to turn -- if you've got to get up in morning and drive a few miles to your job, you must do that. you have no way of getting out of it guess what, those gasoline prices withdraw 50% since election day since election day because president biden declare war on fossil fuels you've got to pay that. and the grocery prices everything else, you have to pay. so americans let me tell you our real income this year as a nation has gone every single month it is amazing that you can even get a raise you can get a raise to attack that sail paycheck into the store come out with fewer bags because that's what inflation is doing right now. >> charles that's what worries me. i mean, math here is honestly it is not complicated you and i both like finance economic i get it but this isn't complicated you get a 3% raise you collectively bargain and inflation is 6% you're not
7:49 pm
making more money and maybe nominally but real value of your salary actually went down. this isn't hard. >> people are seeing. you know we got data on a credit card used in august. down per sip us toly people are getting afraid now and this is really a problem into holidays earlier a two trillion dollars that money goes back into the economy. you know people talk about trickle down economics it is all trickle up you give someone free money they're going run out to spend it and it triples up and so do prices. imagine being someone working really hard. you know, you don't want to get in welfare system or want free money this is ab opportunity to take care of yourself take care of your family but everything that you buy is going up. because someone who doesn't work or hasn't had to work -- is driving price up. so country is getting split.
7:50 pm
we're all getting fed you see president poll nurls they correlate directly with what's happening in the economy. dan: glad you brought that up that trickle down doesn't xes and asking someone to find trickle down theory no such thing. but on to job report which was a total disaster. it was a nightmare. 500,000 expected jobs only less than half 194,000. charles how is it that the economy is opening up grant and still in the middle of this pandemic but opening up you've got open jobs everywhere. how is it that we can't find people to work? what's going on? >> one word i'll use for it is heart breaking and one of the things happening and we talked about that free money a lot of people are sitting on cash. a lot of people don't have to go back to work. now, some of it is listen, i didn't work for year and a half two years, i kind of leak staying at home i'm looking at myself i think i can get a better job. all of those things are cool but here's the interesting thing. remember all of the years raise
7:51 pm
wages to $15 an hour well guess what leisure jobs now are -- seem $2 a raise year over year and hourly basis no one is taking them so something deeper to that and i think we're going shoot ourselves in the foot as a nation i really do. frightening we can't let that happen. dan: yeah i'm afraid we're going back to inflation thank you for joining us. appreciate your perspective don't forget to check out charts and upcoming town hall new invest revolution on fox business november 9th at 2 p.m. eastern time mark your calendar. up next, whatever hunter biden kirsten sinema and chappelle have in common? they're all in our lightning wealth is shutting down the office for mike's retirement party. worth is giving the employee who spent half his life with you, the party of a lifetime.
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and ask your doctor if keytruda can be part of your story. that was quick. and rewarding. i earn 3% cash back at drugstores with chase freedom unlimited. that means i earn on my bug spray and my sunscreen. you ready to go fishing? i got the bait. i also earn 5% on travel purchased through chase on this rental car. that lake is calling my name! don't you get seasick? we'll find out! come on. and i earn 3% on dining including takeout. so much for catching our dinner. some people are hunters. some are gatherers. i'm a diner. pow! earn big time with chase freedom unlimited with no annual fee. how do you cashback? chase. make more of what's yours. dan: welcome back to unfiltered these people believe anything democrats say. but even worse why do people believe that democrats when the democrats don't believe
7:56 pm
themselves? [inaudible conversations] leftist corona bros wear a mask but i don't wear my mask but only when republicans are looking game over folks. corona is loose breathe a little bit it helps. hear hunter bide maskless at his own show. listen. folks you've got to admire the grip here. the biden family these are gold metal winning and gold medal winning you don't have to agree with their politics but you have to admire the gritting it is aplus and if there was an oscar these guys get the statue every single time. so here's jen psaki with assist on this grip. this is just magic. >> point to specifics of the restrictions that were put in place. >> great what about position and
7:57 pm
president who ran on being transparent and you've got -- >> transparent about what recommendations were made to the gellars and i would again point to them or many times i've spoken about that. >> what restrictions? what restrictions he sold five for $75,000 each according to reports. there's restrix and -- jen psaki joins in with assist she's the nba lead nor political asocial security listen it is all a racket all a grift and they think we're all suckers all of us. i know you're not but the lefties are. ever drive on the highway behind a leftist and you see that tolerance bumper statisticallier on their car i've seen tons of them they're great you have to love the guy who invented that considering that left doesn't tolerate people going into the bathroom by themselves. they used to be gross to follow people in with a camera remember that? they used to be disgusting.
7:58 pm
not with today's left. here's a bunch of leftist losers harassing senator kyrsten sinema and here's biden without a shred of human decency not even defending her. >> i don't think they're appropriate tactic it happens to everybody from -- from only people it doesn't happen to people who have secret service standing around them. so it is -- it's part of the process. dan: by the way a prnl experience with this, my wife and i were harassed by some leftist lovelies exiting the white house when trump was accepting the nomination. take a look at this. >> father -- [inaudible conversations] [bleep] [bleep]
7:59 pm
dan: that's just who the will have the is and what is interested in austin, texas for e see the story pouring money to impose reenstating police units? you know he's also seemingly interested in groups with him funds as well conveniently a lot of district attorneys don't seem to enforce -- support law enforcement. some would say as if they want street chaos did i miss something am i wrong? and the last story dave chappelle giving it right back to cancel culture over his netflix comedy special. they're trying to cancel him because comedy and stuff. and he said hey, if this is what the cancel is leak i love it he dropped a bunch of f-bombs saying that's how it is done folks they have allusion of consensus it is not there.
8:00 pm
before you go remember you can stream the dan bongino show on fox nation weekdays from 12 to 3 p.m. but that does it for us here tonight on unfiltered see you back here next saturday at 10:00. ." [♪♪♪] jesse: welcome to "watters' world," i'm jesse watters. liberals destroy you when they can't debate. that's the subject of tonight temperatures watters words. one thing we learned during the trump term is the left will do whatever it takes to get their way. they will demolish anything and anyone who slows down their radical agenda. no matter how much blunt force it needs, they will make it a crime to resist them


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