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tv   Fox Report With Jon Scott  FOX News  October 9, 2021 3:00pm-4:00pm PDT

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authoritarianism. i am pretty sure that's a contradiction. >> everybody start use the manchin meme. i'm using it. "the fox report" with jon scott starts right now. jon: authorities in mexico detain a group of 650 migrants near our southern border as state governments try to get a handle on the worsening crisis. i'm jon scott and this is the "fox report." homeland security secretary alejandro majorkas and merrick garland met with their counterparts in mexico city to discuss a security deal.
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kamala harris was missing from the talks even though the president gave her the responsible. we have more on the large group of migrants intercepted near the border. >> there are currently tens of thousands of migrants from around the world in mexico who are trying to get here to the united states. and they are doing pretty much anything they can to try to make that happen. take a look at this video from the northeastern part of mexico. authorities busted a huge group of my grants, 650 being smuggled to the u.s. border. they were being kept in storage containers on a bunch of trucks. there were 198 unaccompanied children mixed in with the
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migrants. they did an x-ray and found the people hiding inside. four people were arrested and charged for human smuggling. but as that is happening there are hundreds of migrants in another city where there is an activist and he has some fighting words. [speaking spanish] he says they are ready for war. what he means by that remains to be seen. as this was going on yesterday, secretary of state blinken and doj's merrick garland. absent from the negotiations was
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our border czar. instead of being there she was in new jersey at a daycare playing bingo with kids. she made her infamous comments that there was extreme progress being made at the border. chad wolf reacted to the fact that kamala harris was not in those meetings. >> it's quite unbelievable that you have the border czar in charge she says not border security, but the root causes of migration. that's what this team was doing in mexico talking about the root causes, meeting with the president of mexico. she is completely absent. reporter: back out here live, take a look at our fox news drone in la jolla, texas.
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it's one of the biggest hotpots in the rio grand valley due to the sheer numbers of family units that come across every day. all construction on this wall stopped in january. as soon as the biden administration took over. yesterday dhs announced they are canceling all border wall contracts in the rio grande valley despite the fact that taxpayers are already on the hook for that money. this wall isn't going to get any bigger. as part of the meetings with mexico, the u.s. government officially asked mexico if they would allow u.s. dea agents to operate in mexico because of all the fentanyl pouring into the country. jon: president biden says the
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u.s. economy is making quote real progress, despite adding just 194,000 jobs last month. that's 300,000 less than expected. biden is urging unity to get his spending bill passed. reporter: the president says the latest jobs report is not all bad news and the commission improving. but the numbers show this economy is still in somewhat of a fragile shape because fewer jobs were created than expected. last month employers added 194,000 jobs. the expectation was the number would be closer to 500,000. 74,000 jobs added in leisure, hospitality. we saw job losses in local and
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stated case as well as welfare. the unemployment rate did go down. we have seen the administration online trying to hammer home that point. even the president friday tried to spin this in a different way though most people saw this as a weak jobs report. >> we are making progress. even though it doesn't seem fast enough. >> a quinnipiac survey shows 39% of americans approve of the way the president is handling the economy. 55% disapproving. republicans see this as a real weakness for democrats going into the mid-term next year. saying the economy will surge if congress will agree to the massive spending bills, sending them to the president's desk. democrats are warning their fellow party members that now is
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the time to get on the same page. >> if we don't get these bills passed, democrats are in real trouble. these are the promises the president made when he was running for president. he tells people, these are the programs i proposed. reporter: when asked about the sagging poll numbers, they believe the lagging ecomony is to blame and people will get on board with the president. the president is spending the rest of the weekend in wilmington. jon: for more on both of these stories let's bring in a texas congresswoman who is a member of the transportation and infrastructure committee. what are your thoughts on that jobs report. >> it's a third the number it should be. why in the president says he wants to see more people working. the federal government is block
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that from happening. they are having -- the federal government is competing with the private sector to pay more than the private sector could handle. it's increasing corporate taxes and inflation. making it much more difficult for people to get jobs. and it's forcing these vaccine mandates which means corporations, businesses having a hard time now hiring people will have to fire them if they don't have the president's executive orders. jon: the president is saying the media is the regional the economic challenges seem so pro found. listen. >> niece are talks that happened in -- these are talks that happen in any administration. jon: we'll get to that in just a
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bit. let me read you the verbatim what president biden said. we do have that now. >> right now things in washington as you know are awfully noisy. turn on the news and every conversation is a confrontation,er disagreement is a crisis. if you take a step back and look at what's happening, we are making real progress. it doesn't seem fast enough and we are going to make it faster. jon: he says we are making real progress with the economy. and even though the unemployment rate did drop, that's because so many thousands of people decided to quit looking for work. what's your assessment, congresswoman? >> i think the president and his administration is in complete denial of what the american people need right now and what they are feeling. we are paying more at the gas
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pump and the grocery store and paying more to go out to eat. if you didn't know any better, looking at the way they are acting, acting like on board terrorists trying to rip this country apart from the inside. they are dee ming what's happening at the border and across the country and across the world. look how they are denying the damage their botched withdrawal from afghanistan has caused. all these things are pricey that seem to get pushed off the front headlines because another crisis takes its place. they are not concentrating on what the american people need. they are look at ways to get into people's bank accounts with more than $600. they are calling parents who are
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focused on their child's education, they are calling them domestic terrorists. and they are not looking at the human crisis we have at the southern border. jon: the number of migrants encountered at the southern border from mexico. a little over half a million. you might expect that. other nations not from central or south america almost 300,000, 281,000 from honduras. and 85,000 from el salvador. it's a flood. and the administration does not have any plan or intent to accept it at this point. -- to stem it at this point. >> they are actually putting up blockades for the states on the borders who are trying to do whatever they can to stem it.
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not finishing the wall that's already been paid for. trying to block the state of texas from building a wall. they are con standingly putting blockade -- they are constantly putting up blockades. as a freshman i'm shocked how much damage this administration has caused in the last 8 months. we'll continue to talk about the issues the american people want us to talk about. jon: good to have you on, representative van duyne. tomorrow we'll have steve scalise and chris koons.
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at la guardia airport an airplane was evacuated after a security issue on board. molly line is there. molly: it was forced to make an emergency landing at law guard yeah. one man is in custody for alleged suspicious activity. some 80 people deplaning right on the taxiway. this was about 3:00. the video showing significant emergency response. it happened on american eagle 017. the port authority reports an emergency was declared by a pilot regarding a suspicious passenger and luggage on board. upon ex exiting the active
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runway, the plane stopped at a taxiway. the crew responded according to procedures and with concern for the safety of all on board. the passenger involved in the incident was taken into custody. the investigation is ongoing. you can imagine pretty disconcerting for some of nose passengers. jon: coming up, we'll take you to des moines iowa where president trump will speak in about an hour. steve harrigan is tracking the search for brian laundrie in florida. steve: i'm steve harrigan in florida, that story ahead. wortho build it a solid foundation.
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jon: as the search for brian laundrie enters its fourth week, police confirm they have not located the cell phones gabby and brian laundrie were using during their trip.
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steve: much of that focus has been in a nature preserve. 24,000 acres, 10 miles from the house. authorities say they have not had any sightings of brian laundrie in that nature preserve. the water in that preserve has receded. they say they did everything they could legally to keep him under surveillance before his disappearance on september 13. this house the laundrie family has has become a focal point for people interested in the case. we saw a plane fly overhead yesterday with a banner, justice for gabby. and one of the protesters shout at laundrie's parents inside the house. >> you are horrible. why don't you come out and speak
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to the authorities. steve: the mayor said despite the attention and the tension in the air, the community is still holding together. >> this community has faced tragedy before, and they always rally around and support each other because we are a community. we are family. steve: a makeshift memorial for gabby has grown considerably and will likely be replaced by something more permanent. jon: former president donald trump is holding a rally in iowa tonight, his first trip back to the hawkeye state since the 2020 election. rich lowry is there. rich: we have the iowa penn
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state football game going on. this is in between the number of local republicans out speaking. they have been warming up the crowd. one of the republicans is senator chuck grassley. the 88-year-old is running for another term in the u.s. senate. we asked him about the trump effect for the mid-term and whether he's planning to campaign with the president. >> does he want to? would he be better off spending his time in other races? if he wants to come to iowa to campaign for me, i would welcome that. when a former president has 91% approval among republicans, it would be stupid to turn that down. reporter: here necessity iowa the stage is set up and it's
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very reminiscent of last year. the former president has yet to say whether he will run again. last year trump said it was an easy question as to whether he will run in 2024 and quote i think you will be happy. a favorability poll shows 53% have a favorable view, 45% unfavorable. among republicans that number hits more than 90%. the former u.n. ambassador nikki haley, former vice president mike pence, senator ted cruz, and senator marco rubio. the democratic party chairman says the former president is bad for democracy. we'll see how events are running
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since this program is running a little bit behind schedule. jon: see you what is down by 7 to penn state right now. but anything could happen. two 5-0 football teams. rich henson live in iowa. you can watch the rally live on our streaming service foxnation. it begins 8:00 p.m. eastern time. we are learning how long a california pipeline has been spilling oil into the pacific ocean. why a massive bottleneck of cargo ships to be to blame. president biden painting a rosie picture despite big red flags on the jobs report. we'll take it up with james freeman next straight ahead.
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>> tech: when you get a chip in your windshield... trust safelite. this couple was headed to the farmers market... when they got a chip. they drove to safelite for a same-day repair. and with their insurance, it was no cost to them. >> woman: really? >> tech: that's service the way you need it. >> singers: ♪ safelite repair, safelite replace. ♪ jon: i'm jon scott and this is "the fox report." here is a look at our top stories. new york city mayor bill deblasio announces plans to end the gifted and talented program in the city. he says it discriminates against black and hispanic children. but some parents say it
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encourages gifted children. a gunman took someone hostage inside an apartment yesterday. a 3-year-old texas boy is found alive and safe after he disappeared wednesday. officials say he disappeared after he followed a neighbor's dog into the woods near his home. he reportedly was found five miles down the road, but in good health. for more stories you can scant qr code on your screen. a federal appeals court restored the texas state fetal heartbeat law. after an appeals court temporarily blocked the law. >> attorney general ken paxton
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asked the court to reinstate the law. it gives enforcement rights to ordinary citizens. paxton shared this tweet. the court has granted an administrative stay. this abortion ban went into effect last month in texas but was put on pause when a district judge sided with the justice department over the debate of its legality rages on. they argue it undermines the roe versus wade decision and calls the enforcement mechanism unconstitutional. barbara lee said this about being reinstated. >> this is a bad and dangerous
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moment. but it better compel us to engage in political action like we have never done before. attorney general paxton says the court has until tuesday to respond. jon: the supply chain crisis that has many ships stuck and waiting to get into port might have played a role in the gas pipeline leak in california. claudia is live in our l.a. bureau. reporter: we may be able to blame covid at least in part for an oil spill that looks to have been months in the making. it was hit over and over again by the anchors much ships because of a backlog at the port
3:32 pm
caused by the pandemic. the pipeline off huntington beach was likely snagged by a ship's anchor a while ago and it was hooked and dragged by other ships until it ruptured. >> we are pretty sure there was an anchor drag situation a year ago. it's not clear exactly when the oil began to leak. that's another factor we'll have to look at. the length of time this could have been in place. >> new video shows a section of the nearly 18-mile long pipeline. officials say it has been dragged 180 feet like a bow string. it may have allowed between
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125,000 gallons of crude. there is an unprecedented backlog of ships waiting outside the port of los angeles. the ships, mostly from asia are waiting to unload their cargo. in newport harbor workers in haz-mat suits mingled with beachgoers. the water is still closed, so no swimming in the ocean until the scope and impact of the spill is known. the section of the ruptured pipeline will under goat forensic analysis as investigators try to zero in on the exact cause of last week's disaster. >> despite labor shortages and supply chain issues across the u.s. president biden is pointing to the coronavirus as the cause for september's lower than expected
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jobs report. here is what the president said yesterday. >> remember. the survey was taken during the week of september 13. not today. september 13. when the covid cases were averaging more than 150,000 per day. since then we have seen the daily cases fall by more than one-third and they are continuing to trend down. jon: let's bring in the "wall street journal" assistant editor. does the president have a point there blaming the disappointing numbers on covid? >> it playing something of a role. i think a lot of people are still very afraid of covid. but there are an historic number of jobs available. the government's latest reading, it was almost 11 million job
3:35 pm
openings. there is know better time to look for a job in america than right now. and we see people dropping out of the labor force. people were expecting a big month of job creation. we got very little, and we got fewer people in the u.s. workforce. i think if we are talking about covid the president ought to accept some of the blame for encouraging vaccine mandates. that's not a way to encourage more hiring and job creation to put new hurdles in front of people who want to take a job or remain in a job. >> it struck me as we were playing that sound clip. he came into always claiming he had a plan to beat the virus. now he's blaming the virus for the disappointing jobs numbers. he has tried to explain this away. it was a huge disappointment.
3:36 pm
you look for reasons. why is it we have employers trying so hard to hire across industries, high skill, low skill, small business, big business. they are saying they can't find workers. they are raising compensation. they can't find workers. why is it that people relieving the labor force. why don't they want to work? why are they not willing to work, why are they not taking these jobs? you have to look at the biden policy which is a lot of money pushed out of washington the last year through covid. some of those benefits ended in early september. maybe we'll see those added incentives kick in as we go. federal reserve printing trillions of dollars. a lot of money is in the system where people don't have the incentives to take some of these jobs.
3:37 pm
i urge anyone who served on the feds, if you are on a been first program it doesn't give you the opportunity working does in terms of getting experience and learning new skills. a disappointing month, i hope next month is better. jon: i was at a mcdonald's in wyoming about a week ago. when i got to the window if it was covid related. he said no, give us 15 people we can hire and we'll open the dining room back up. your "wall street journal" editorial board said this about the problem friday under the banner, where did all the workers go. the white house and fed employed the keynesian boost of demand while they squeezed the i supply side with incentives not to work
3:38 pm
and higher taxes. the result is 5% inflation and supply chain disruptions ceos say will stretch well into 2022. we are being warned to buy our christmas presents now if we can finds them because of the supply chain problems. some of the store shelves are bare. >> inflation is part of this story. as you said. if you are trying to persuade people to come back into the job market. if wages are rising 4.6% per year, that's good. except if inflation is rising at 5%, it means your incentive to work has gone down because your real earnings are being eroded by inflation. the supply chain and all of the disruptions, we are talk going
3:39 pm
vaccine mandates, but obviously we are coming out of a year and a half of all kind of disruptions in terms of shockdowns and mandates and things that put sands in the gears of the economy. and that needs to change. this pernldsing bill in washington goes in the opposite direction. more money, more benefit programs that will create a greater incentive for people not to work. if we want this to turn around and get the growth we are capable of. we need to avoid giving people more reason to stay home. jon: a quinnipiac poll indicates the american people are taking in the of this. 38% say they approve, 55% disapprove. it will take some effort to turn
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jon: senior u.s. and taliban officials re holding talks in qatar on combating extremist groups in afghanistan. it's the first direct talks between the two sides since the taliban takeover of kabul. >> u.s. official and the taliban are holding talks in qatar.
3:45 pm
it's the first talks since kabul fell to the taliban in august. an attack killed 4 oh people in a busy mosque, targeting people attending friday prayers. funerals for those who died in the bombing were held saturday. over 100 were also injured. the taliban insists it has the capacity to tackle insurgents and won't be working with the u.s. to bring them under control. as part of the dough shah deal the taliban agreed to prevent extremist attacks originating from afghanistan. but with the new regime in chaos, questions remain about how much influence they have. there are concerns the new taliban government won't be able
3:46 pm
to control extremists. in the past it was u.s. airstrikes that was so effective? curbing them. jon: we'll have more fox report in just a moment. music ♪ [sigh] ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ [typing] ♪ ♪ [typing] ♪ ♪ [typing] ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ music swells ♪ ♪ ♪ [footsteps] ♪ ♪
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or xfinity rewards members, get the inside scoop on halloween kills. just say "watch with" into your voice remote for an exclusive live stream with jamie lee curtis. a q&a with me! join for free on the xfinity app. our thanks your rewards. jon: fox news celebrates
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hispanic heritage month with one woman helping the hispanic communities? kansas city. reporter: this hispanic heritage month honors her for what she has done for latinos. she is president and partner of tico production and tico sports. providing spanish language broadcasts for sports teams like the kansas city chiefs. >> we are able to give young people of color an opportunity to get into sports. reporter: she is a third generation mexican-american. she began her career working at a local car dealer smip. >> i'm the only minority on the
3:51 pm
sales room floor. i learned the product better man my colleagues and i outsold them. reporter: today she is the president of the latino coalition, a non-profit advocating for hispanic entrepreneurs. >> what motivates you to lead this organization at this point in your career? >> we need a strong collective voice not just in washington, d.c., but local. reporter: she has been leading the he community even though she battled cancer twice. >> it's not just knowing you will get to the end. but you have to have allies and friendships along the way. reporter: she says they need to engage with the latino community
3:52 pm
because they will be driving corporate. the u.s. general best known for leading president obama's troop surge in iraq has died of cancer. general otierno. he served 50 months overseas. he became the army chief of staff. he is survived by his wife linda and three children. he was 67 years old.
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>> the empire state building is lit up red, white and blue celebrating fox's 25th anniversary launched on october 7, 1996 and i was here 9:00 a.m., has a platforms including our newest box whether launches october 25. erupting volcano causing more damage with lava flows destroying more homes and covering more land and love, lightning flashes around the rim of the volcano probably caused by ash particles the lipoma airport which close because of ash clouds has reopened thousands of people have evacuated islands and to volcano erected nearly three weeks ago.
3:58 pm
a highflying competition in the skies above a small german resort town a hot air balloon championship 28 german teams completing a different task each day over five days friday the pilots had to place fabric attached to a sandbag as close to destination point as possible across the contest runs through sunday. we wish them well. former president trump is back in the hawkeye state since the first time since the 2020 election take a look at des moines, iowa where the president will take the stage an hour from now the president is hinting he might launch a 2024 run for the white house but has not said for sure if he will several rumor 2024 candidates have made trips to iowa those include the former vice president mike pence and his former secretary of state mike pompeo and his former un ambassador nikki haley.
3:59 pm
you can watch the former presidents valley in its entirety on our streaming service fox nation, he begins an hour from now at 8:00 p.m. eastern time. we will also have the latest on capitol hill spending battle tomorrow on "fox news sunday" chris wallace has live interviews with steve scalise as well as democratic senator chris coons, that is tomorrow 2:00 p.m. on fox news channel. that is how "fox report" on this saturday october 9 october 2021, in the 26 year, i am jon scott, thank you very much for watching, we will see you tomorrow. ♪
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♪ ♪ >> hello america imr club then this is life liberty and love then to great guest tonight expert on communist china i want to ask him about the phone calls to the communist party military, it's actually millie diffuse something or in crated


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