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tv   Tucker Carlson Tonight  FOX News  October 8, 2021 10:00pm-11:00pm PDT

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♪ look good feel good play good. gillette proglide, five blades and a pivoting flexball to get virtually every hair on the first stroke. look good, game good. gillette. ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ >> tucker: good evening and tocome "tucker carlson tonight." we are going to try to explain what this country is fighting itself about. what are the lines that divide us? it's pretty obviously not the old partisan divide. the rest of us grewol up with republican versus democrat. we figure that out now. over the democrat side, pretty sure she's not on your side,
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obviously. the question is is mitch mcconnell on your side and the answer is no, not really. what gives a dividing line? it's really simple. the people in charge are intent on replacing our free democratic system with an authoritarian system where they don't convince you of anything, they simply make you do things and benefit from that. there are people in this country who are opposed to that. they are antiauthoritarian, and if you look at who we book on this show that may explain why. a lot of former lefties. glenn greenwald is the most obvious and many others. we probably don't agree with these people on a lot of things, are we on the same side on abortion? we've never asked. but one thing we know for certain is that we are totally opposed to authoritarianism, so that really is the divide. people are for an a free america. it's that simple.
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when she start to understand politics with that lens, you figurere out what's really going on. by the way, looking at polls and an unusually bad way to understand what's happening in american politics. polls are often wrong.po they are often wrong in the same direction. the last presidential electionle made that very clear. the polling outfit quinnipiac for example is attached to some college in connecticut predicted that joe biden would win the popular vote by 11 points but it also predicted mitch mcconnell was in top shape in kentucky. pollsters convince a lot of democrat party donors they had a real shot at winning the state of texas. in retrospect, all of this is partisan fantasy and had a purpose. it's all designed to make a mentally decaying center from delaware look like teddy roosevelt, riding a massive wave of popular support. that was a lie. when you understand that, when you recognize what these polls are actuallyha designed to do, they are designed but some kind of party leaders in the best
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possible light, it's worth noting that when the polls move in the opposite direction, when they start to reflect badly on the democratic party. that's been happening over the last several weeks. according to quinnipiac, joe biden's national approval rating is now 38%. 68% of independentses% disappre of what joe biden is doing as president. a new ap poll said 38 americans are pleased with the direction of the country, it's called the right track, wrong track pole. for the party in power, it's very bad news. the very same people who last year lied to your face about how popular joe biden was are now admitting that he is actually the least popular president in modern political history. where it is telling you this all of a sudden? why are these reliably democratic pollsters telling democratic voters that their president is unpopular? maybe because they have no
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choice? there are other reasons, we are not sure. what's absolutely clear is according to a new poll, democratic party voters understand what this means. what this means in a free and fair democratic system they can't win. if we allocate power on who is the most popular with the public, the basic premise of democracy, the democratic party is in very tough shape. and they know that. that may be why according to polls, democrats know of them only make the government make the political opponents to shut up. they want tech companies to restrict false information online even if it limits freedom of information. think about that for a second bit more than 60% of democratic voters want the federal government to control that flow of information over the internet. so all of that contravenes the first amendment, the bill of rights, which is the very core of our system of government and culture. it's what makes america great
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and the overwhelming majority of democratic voters are against it. that's authoritarianism. no other word for it. it's ironic considering for four years, prominent democrats told us we were living through "a fascist system! donald trump was a fascist." of course they were describing their own attitudes. going to spend the next hour looking at the rise of authoritarian impulses on the left and try to figuree out whee they came from and where they are going. none of this is brand-new. you recall the democrat party politicians have been pushing for censorship for a long time. certainly since trump win in 2015. they blame to that victory on facebook but here ed markey last october calling for censorship. >> the issue is not that the companies are taking too many posts down. the issue is they are leaving too many dangerous posts up. in fact, it's amplifying a harmfulli content so that it spreadsul like wildfire and
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torches our democracy. >> tucker: oh! they aren't censoring enough because these posts, according to ed markey, who will eagerly say anything to me should no, are "dangerous." but never explained what was dangerous about them. but you got the message. they all did. a few minutes after marquise said that, they effectively remove the president of the united states from the internet. it didn't stop. it merely accelerated. now democrats and their allies news media have decided to drop -- jonathan chait writes. ""new york magazine"." weirdest people practicing journalism today for he published a deeply revealing piece in "new york magazine." we are quoting, anybody fighting joe biden is helping trump's next coup. all republican politics are
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functionally authoritarian. write! becausere republicans are callig for censorship! that is how the democratic party is responding to the collapsingo poll numbers. they are accusing the other side of authoritarianism while practicing it themselves. right. so you will recall that joe biden voters destroyed statues and destroyed our country a potter's biggest cities in the police did nothing about it. and our media class applauded it. and yet, because justice is no longer equally, if someone dares to this honor the legacy of george floyd, the government's hate crimes divisions springs into action. at approximately 10:15:00 a.m., a person threw gray paint at a statue of george floyd. that's the nypd -- information, contact us, exclamation point! it's not really hypocrisy
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anymore, it's hierarchy. they are telling you that crimes against their ideas are the only crimes that matter. that attitude has no popular support in this country. you can only enforce it by force using surveillance to root out people who had the wrong idea. that's exactly the basis in which joe biden is proceeding. that's why joe biden has given the authority and will monitor everything that happens in your private bank account. >> i know you're a proponent for the irs to connect more information and more tax dollars. but more information about taxpayer bank accounts. i was curious whether you thought the irs has the wherewithal to actually do that. >> well, of course they do. it's a simple way for the irs to get a sense where that might be, a few pieces of information
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about individuals' bank accounts. >> tucker: did you see that? the most interesting part of the exchange -- not the treasury secretary, she has embraced authoritarianism full-blown. the question is not does the irs have the right to snoop into your bank account. with no evidence that you've done anything wrong. his question is do they have the wherewithal, the manpower, can they actually pull it off question what she says, of course. we are the government. we can do anything. after january 6, the show reported that bank of america proactively routed through private information to find individuals who "met thresholds of interest." they spied on their own customers and they passed the names on to the fbi without telling anybody involved. the democratic party approves of this and they want to make sure it's this invasion of privacy is permanent. first they want to control your children too. they'll destroy anyone who tries
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to stand infe the way of them. bradley keys for example, was a track and field coach at pembroke academy peer he was fired because he didn't think it was good for his athletes to have to wear masks as they were playing. watch. >> my goal is to get the mandates removed. it's not that track and field, it's every outdoor sport. masks will be worn at all times, practices, competitions. tennis, a wonderful example. singles tennis. you go watch practices, everyont is wearing masks. competitions, they'll be wearing masks even though they are 30-6. >> tucker: we are going to tell you what we told you a thousand times before, none of this is science, not a single study anywhere in the world that suggests kids benefit by wearing sportss they play outdoors. in fact, they are hurt by it. both common sense and the scientific consensus on the
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question. the fact is it's happening anyway and that's the point. they don't feel the need to justify their decisions and they will punish actual opponents to the mandates. here, this position in university of california direct from the medical ethics program at uc irvine. he said the university j "put me on leave." why? challenging their vaccine mandates in court. oh. it's not a question of whether vaccine mandates helpp or hurt, or are good for public health. it's about power and anyone who challenges it is crushed. in the week are hurt most profoundly, as always. here's a story we tell a lot more about about a woman in colorado who was facing tri- renal failure. she's been denied a kidney transplant. she has a willing donor, everything is ready to go. but according to the health system there, the woman and her
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donor have not taken the covid shot. the donor explained her vaccination status does not affect any other patient on the transparent book. how can i sit here and allow them to murder my friend when i got a good kidney and i can save her life. that's a great question but no one inio the biden the administration bothered to answer her. instead they are forcing anyone who raises these questions to be efired. that's not a democratic system. that's an authoritarian system. douglas murray is one of the smartest people we have ever met. best-selling author, joins us tonight. it's great to see you. >> great to see you too, tucker. >> tucker: i'm sure you feel this way in your own life, all of a sudden you find yourself with sympathy towards and making common cause with people you've never been with on anything the past 20 years and you realize the one thing you have in common is the most important thing, which is you are for a free society and so are they. that does seem like a divide.
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>> that's definitely right. i'd add one other thing to that which is i think there have been increasing number of people on the left in america and around the world who are just seeing their own political side is gone wrong. they've seen it's gone off. this is to my mind unended business from the 20th century. it's been my profession for the long time saying this. after the 20th century, we know where the right can go wrong. we have left unbothered about business, the question where the left goes wrong. the left is very coy about this. it's very obvious when the right -- certainly on the far right, the alt-right, as some people like to call it in america call it, that we know is where the far right goes way wrong. but what. about the far left? when it is expected to go wrong, not everyone seems to agree that they do, people seem to think
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that you keep running left and thee worse you get to is veganism. but if you don't take that view, what you find is all the way along to the left, you never get to the gulag, you get this amazingly clever dictionary they've got so that, for instance, they talk about equity when they mean discrimination. they talk about fairness, when they mean unfairness on an amazing scale. they talk about justice, and they really mean revenge. but it takes a long time for people to see you through this and by the time people have seen through this, we are way down this track. >> tucker: it's interesting that all of a sudden a lot of the debates that we've been having, in my case you've both been involved in public events, they are really at the center of our professional vibes, they look almost meaningless compared to this, the question of how we
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are going to can you live in a country where you follow your own conscious and say what you really think. >> absolutely. >> tucker: we didn't see this coming! >> some people didn't see it coming. >> as they say it, this unfinished business has meant that the left has been able to push an incredibly long way very, very easily and very far, relatively unresisted. we see it now, historical terms it seemsar hilarious to say. but basically committees on the public face state, robespierre would've called it in theer french revolution, effectively this that we see around the world and americans go as far down the road as some. we've all seen the footage from australia where you see the police battening the public down for public safety, for the public well-being, they have to
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be passed around the head by police wearing masks. we said this week that the rich and australia have a reportage of hospital bed so they are being hospitalized their own good. we are in an extraordinary stage where everything from public health to education and everything else has been just hijacked by this leftist language and not enough peopleeo have stood up on the left or anywhere else to say no, we see through this. we know what you are saying. >> people who don't stand up our duplicitous, they are cowards allowing it to happen. >> absolutely. >> tucker: a great man. appreciate you coming on tonight. >> thank you, tucker. >> we are going to spend the entire hour looking at the sensual question of our time. this surge of authoritarianism, how i got here, where it's going, and who's been hurt by it, americans with the wrong ideas being crushed.
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the biden the administration gave the most recent example now using the irs to spy on your bank account and every single financial transaction you've engaged in. they have the right to see all of it. that's next.
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♪ ♪ >> tucker: the story is come in, everything today, not only is it written in a very straightforward manner in app style, you think, wait a second, that's never b happened before. this is a massive departure. appeared this and you present. this is kind of scary. very scary. here's the latest. biden administration is directing the internal revenue service to dig in and scrutinize every bank account in this country with a balance of more than 600 bucks. that's essentially every body. not because there's evidence you did anything wrong, but because they are the government. they can do whatever they want. janet yellen really is responsible for a lot of the economic devastation in this country said the plan is completely routine, not a big deal. >> do you distrust the american people so much that you need to know when they buy a couch or a
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cow? i am astounded by what you are supporting and proposing. i think it's invasive. i think privacy for individuals is getting ignored. and i think treating the american people like they are subject to the government is unconscionable. >> tucker: all true. on the other hand, what are you going to do about it? nothing. pedro gonzales is the editor -- he joins us now. thanks so much for coming. the pretext of this is that janet yellen wants to make sure that rich people are not getting away withnt tax fraud. which, by the way, i'm for that. but janet yellen herself is a show for the big banks that have made her personally rich. millions and millions of dollars she's taken away from being banks. this isn't about making sure that hedge funds or jpmorgan pay
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their fairr share, is it? >> no. but this is biden asking you for $80 billion to weaponize the irs against you to raise an army of bureaucrats and have them invade your privacy to get more control over your life so they can access the details of your bank account. this doesn't sound like healing me.unity to but like you said, i'm not against using the irs to punish enemies, the oligarchs hiding in tax havens in delaware and south dakota, exploiting cheap illegal immigrant labor, we should go out and crush them. but the irs is at least on middle american specifically which tells you who's side is. obama do the same thing. he is the irs to target conservative groups. >> tucker: go ahead, i'm nodding in agreement. >> the funny thing is the irs apologize for that in 2017, but
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now biden is turning the guns on the little guy and allowing the most powerful to slide. of course he would, they are in his administration. but the irs is one head on this monster. attorney general merrick garland has recently instructed the fbi to investigate threats. threats of parents protesting the teaching of critical race theory in public school. if they don't want your tax dollars to go into indoctrinating your children in white guilt, you might bes taggd as a threat by the fbi. charge google to track and provide people on any when using certain search terms through "keyword warrants." biden effectively declared war on privacy and middle america. >> that's what it is. the people who benefited on our system for the past 20 years will feel no pain here. i appreciate the clarity of your thinking. thank you.
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>> thank you. >> tucker: the doj is now targeting parents with any complaints at all p about the lunas see their kids are learning inn school. white people are bad, don't complain. but some parents are not afraid, they are fighting anyway. we continue our assessment of the authoritarian church in the united states.
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>> fox news live, i am ashley strohmier. the nation's strictest abortion law is in play. friday a federal appeals court reinstated the texas law which prohibits most abortions even in the instant of rate or rape orincest. a federal judge suspended the law allowing federal clinics to reopen. right to life actress were calling on the appear in court to settle the matter once and
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for all. close to 1 million a day so far below number of shots last spring critical reasons for the high, more seniors getting boosters, mandates pushing workers to get their first dose. especially if it already i'm ashleystrohmier. back to to "tucker carlson tonight." >> tucker: the biden administration has now unleashed the most powerful law enforcement apparatus in the world, the u.s. department of justice, against american parents, middle-class parents whose kids go to public school and voiced any opposition whatsoever to the racism now being pushed on their kids. why are they doing this? something called the national school board association has told the doj that these parents are domestic terrorists. a recent briefing at the white house, the chief of staff apparently -- watch. >> parents upset about their
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kids curriculums could be considered domestic terrorist? >> let me sketch as a little bit, the school board association is not part of the u.s. government, i point to you for it with the department of justice said in a letter from the attorney general is "threats to get public servants are not only illegal, they run counter to our nation's core values." this is true. these were threats against public servants, threats against members of the school board people regardless of the reason, threats against public servants are illegal. >> tucker: threats of violence are illegal. rarely prosecuted if ever if committed by loyal democratic voters.l that's not the point. the justice did not give a single example -- these are thought crimes being prosecuted here. erica stands he knows thisre we. she joins us tonight. thank you so much for coming on. so you basically because you
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want some say in what your own aychildren are taught, you have been likened to a domestic terrorist. where does this leave you? >> it leaves me frustrated, but not surprised. over the summer, the teachers union signal -- actually, they didn't signal that explicitly said they were going to invest money investigating terror groups. so we knew that something like this could be coming. it's clear that school board and school officials are simply not used to this level of scrutiny. i was on a school committee so i can say that this is something new. covid blue the curtain wide open and now parents are expressing concerns over a variety of things and it seems that almost regardless of what it is that they are expressing frustration about, they are mocked, they are dismissed, or they are told that it's going to cost them many thousands of dollars to get the
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information they are asking for. obviously we are very concerned, particularly because it takes a lot of courage for parents to go before school boards and express their thoughts and how they are feeling about their children's schools, doesn't come naturally to most h people. when we saw this come down from the department of justice, we knew it was an attempt to intimidate parents in silence, e even though they are not doing anything wrong. >> they are doing what they are required to parents to look out for the best interest of their children. when they were concerned about police brutality and misuse of police powers, they push for body cams,s, the argument is if you got nothing to hide why wouldn't you allow it to be on tape and that's happened, why don't we have cameras in classrooms, every single classroom? >> that's an interesting question and the truth is i still come down on the side of cameras though i understand the impulse to people wanting that to happen read but i do take
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your point about the hypocrisy pay the same people who wanted to defund the police want to sick the fbi on parents and the same people that were four cameras are now saying that parents don't even have the right to see their curricula materials beingg used in their children's schools. >> tucker: it really is a deep question, whose children are they? do they belong to the teamsters union or to you? you are a brave person to persevere in the face of this. hope you come back. erica, thank you. >> thanks for having me. >> tucker: authoritarianism is not new, of course. it's a future of human nature, arisen in every government throughout human history. things are changing fast. the biden the administration is openly authoritarian. but again, they are not the only ones. so our corporations. so is big tech. alex berenson has been the last two years exposing what's actually going on with
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coronavirus, mask and mandates. for that, he's been completely asbanned from twitter. he's now on substack and tearing it up. much deserved. alex berenson joins us now. there are so many questions, those of us whon. read your substack faithfully, i do multiple times a day, too many questions for you. i want to start with what you wrote about just hours ago and that is on this push to vaccinate a 5-11-year-old amerin kids. the bottom-line question, is there is scientific data as of tonight that shows it is a good idea and are necessary? >> i would say no.ou scientific data that shows the mrna vaccine that pfizer makes works as advertised. because your body to make a lot of slight proteins, then makes antibodies for the spike proteins. what pfizer and biotech have not demonstrated if that's good for any children five to 11. we know these vaccines cause side effects.
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we know the side effects can be severe. we know that especially in younger men, there's a lot of mild could 's -- there's a lot of heartinflaw these vaccines but we have no evidence thatt suggests the benefit of vaccinating five to 11 years olds outweighs the risk clinically. there are a lot of scared parents out there who watch too much of your competitors, a lot of scared teachers out there who don't want to get covid and think kids are going to give it to them although all the evidence suggests thatth the adverse is true. those people are trying to get kids vaccinated basically for their own peace of mind. i think that's a terrible thing. >> tucker: it is an absolute terrible thing. the questions arises, never been -- what threat to the vaccinated posed to the unvaccinated? you are the first person to point out the president of united states came out in television and said, i demand thante employers with more 100 people working for them
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impose vaccine mandates. but there was never an executive order to that effect, has there been as of today? >> no. there has not been as of now. this is really interesting for this goes to the right of your question in termss authoritarianism. compelled twitter to push me off and compelling social media companies to crackdown on dissent around covid. we made -- i hope at some point very soon i'll have discovery to show exactly what happened in all of this. they are backdooring a maxine band-aid vaccinemandate. a lot of companies to essentially force all their openings to be vaccinated and force the subcontractors to be vaccinated. without even an executive order, just buy a ministry to have orders at regulatory administrations they are trying to do this. what's amazing, tucker's big companies are not pushing back
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at this. they like this because they don't want to have to lose employees who would go elsewhere to companies where they don't have the vaccinated. if you're a big company, all you care about is that you don't lose employees,ou especially ina tight labor market. that's what these companies are doing. i have to say, to think about this level of corporate government autocracy, you are thinking about modern china, preworld war ii germany, it is really dangerous when all the levers of power are pointing the same way -- not even talking about academia are the rest of the media. but big companies you thought of as conservative are on board with this authoritarianism. >> when every institution in american life is against a middle-class, the country will change fast and you been one of the great chroniclers of that. thank you. >> thank you, tucker. >> tucker: by the way, to be totally clear, this has nothing to do with the vaccine itself.
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you can get the vaccine, good for you if you want that. you can work at pfizer. it doesn't matter. forcing people to take medicine they don't want is a turning point from which we will not return. this is the single biggest issue in american life and it has nothing to do with covid or the vaccine. it has to do with forcing people to violate their own consciences, violating the bodily autonomy and basically making the pointut that the t government and big business is in charge of view. every detail of your life. there's nothing bigger than this. the republican congress is ignoring it almost completely. it's not just the united states that's the authoritarian wave breaking over. take a look at canada and the man who runs that country, justin trudeau. obviously a lunatic and a buffoon. but in his public statements, a picture of our future. we'll have that next. by the way, right now you can get the new book.
10:42 pm gets nothing! like saying that. after the break.
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♪ ♪ >> t >> tucker: donald trump and alex jones and aal whole lot of people are no longer allowed on twitter, but justin trudeau is. the prime minister of canada. that's unfair come out. way crazier than any of the people who have been banned from twitter, but you can see him think and reveal in real time. he just sent this out. "people across the country are lighting candles to honor indigenous women, girls, and 2 sl gbt qi a+ plus. that's group so-called community -- as people who got nothing in common with each other and know each other, they aren't real communities, they are constructs and politicians. but whatever. what the hell is he talking about? what is a chance that justin trudeau has no idea what he's talking about. not even sure he if he supposed
10:48 pm
to say the acronym. watch. >> tucker: i will never >> i will never apologize for standing up for lgb... lgbt 2q plus 'kids rights. >> tucker: it's all entertaining. author of the new book "the parasitic mind," how infectious ideas are killing common sense. professor, thanks so much for coming on. we appreciate you being here. what you make of the prime minister of canada coming out with a vehement defense of, and endorsement of a group whose name he can't even pronounce or define? >> part and parcel of his moral confusion and moral hypocrisy. when he was a parliamentarian when harper was prime minister, justin trudeau got very upset because stephen harper referred to honor killings and child
10:49 pm
bride and female mutilation as barbaric. justin trudeau was not angry at those acts, he was angry that stephen harper would call them barbaric. that gives you a sense of his moral compass. >> tucker: is not about protecting human rights which i think all of us would be strongly four. it's about elevating some groups and hurting others? >> indeed. i see this all through my a scientific career. it is no longer about judging when you apply for scientific -- is no longer the words of the scientific application, it's about whether you adhere to certain diversity and inclusion and equity edicts. so these dreadful ideas, these parasitic ideas have real-world consequences. they start off in the esoteric world of the ivory tower but eventually they break out and now they infect every nook and cranny of our society. >> tucker: i hope our audience
10:50 pm
pick up your book, but i want to sum up by asking the question,ow is it slowing down or is picking up steam, do you see in end to this? >> it is picking up regrettably but i am optimistic that i believe the silent majority despises this stuff. ifif we can activate our inner honey badger and speak in unison we'll get rid of these pairs thesedg specific ideas by next tuesday but if we don't, it'll be a slow train ride to hell. >> tucker: i am glad i asked that question! if we could activate our inner honey badgers, we can end this by next tuesday. ebut if we don't, it's a traino hell. let's put that on the fridge. i appreciate coming on. congrats on the book. >> thank you so much. cheers. >> tucker: so corporate america is not completely committed to activism for how to that happen? it wasn't by accident, it happened all at once. what is the mechanism that allowed you to wake up one
10:51 pm
morning and coca-cola all of a sudden hates your family or how did that happen? our next guest knows, he's a wall street analyst, he has the answer. we will be right back. every day, coventry helps people get cash for their life insurance policies they no longer need. i'm an anesthesiologist and a pain physician by specialty. i was trying to figure out what i could do with this term life insurance policy. i'm sorta stuck because i can't just go out and buy more insurance, because of my diagnosis. i called coventry direct and everything clicked. there actually were a lot more options that i thought there ever would be. coventry helped michael like we've helped thousands of people sell all or part of their life insurance policies for
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>> tucker: all of a sudden dealt diet airline sounds like a socializing department. it happened superfast really quickly pay for a brand-new episode of "tucker carlson today," we spoke with a man who knew the answers. spent decades analyzing wall street. he knows how corporate america went left. here is part of it. >> i want people to understand what's going on. what's going on behind-the-scenes to understand how radically political it's become and how dangerous that is to what we understand as america.
10:57 pm
what we understand as a free enterprise system, the engine where it is, and tremendous risk and eventually it will have unpleasant uncomfortable ramifications. >> tucker: a lot of conservatives have been very slow to criticize corporate america because they believe in free markets as they ought to. free minds in free markets, somebody slogan in washington at some point. most people agree with that. they do not want heavily regular did markets. they really believe in capitalism in its purest expression. does that system, the free market system does exist as a scale in this country question marks bu wilco it does but it doesn't exist in big business. we've got to the point where our federal governmentnt supports business when they should be supporting markets which would've involved supporting smaller businesses. the overwhelming majority of americans work at small
10:58 pm
businesses. the byproducts are from small businesses. and yet small business has almost no political clout. big business has all the political clout and big business is basically driving the government along by its nose. >> tucker: one of the victims of the coronavirus hysteria has been small business. once smoke begins to clear, what does the picture look like. what percent of the economy was represented by smaller businesses? what do you think that a look like going forward? >> i'm afraid it'sk going to lk a little lesser percentage every year henceforth in large part because what we've gotten ourselves into is a system there is some debate amongst those of us who study this. whether it's a corporate state or corporate bureaucratic state -- >> tucker: what's the difference? >> collusion between business
10:59 pm
and government in which thebu government is pulling the strings. talkers see would be the same collusion but the business is pulling the strings be it i think we are in what we would call a corporate toxic corporate talks received. >> tucker: is what it looks like? >> i believe the government is doing what business demands of it as oppose the other way around. >> tucker: it seems even less healthy than government helping business or government controlling business. at least government is theoretically accountable to voters. >> that's one of the things but when i talk about woke capital, the dictatorship of wall capitol, i use that term to mean top-down and antidemocratic means by which some of the biggest names in business are trying to change the relationship between citizensio and the state. thee antidemocratic nature of it is one of the key components to what's going on and why it
11:00 pm
matters so much. >> tucker: that guy knows a lot. absolutely fascinating hour. a brand-new episode of "tucker carlson today. we are out of time tonight but we'll see you monday and every midnight 8:00 p.m., the sworn enemy of line come, pomposity, smugness and groupthink. see you then. ♪ ♪ 's vehicle welcome to the special edition of "hannity." i'm jason chaffetz in for a sean. joe bryden's presidency is implodingth. there is to his melted temper job report that fellll short of all its dictations. the single worst report of the entire year. today, joe biden, proudly announced that everything is going according to pla


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