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tv   America Reports With John Roberts Sandra Smith  FOX News  October 8, 2021 10:00am-12:00pm PDT

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workers and most innovative minds in the world. we risk losing our edge as a nation if we don't move. our infrastructure used to be the best in the world, according to the world economic forum, united states of america ranks 13th in the world, 13th, on infrastructure. roads, bridges, ports, etcetera. we're among the first in the world to guarantee access to universal education, back at the turn of the 20th century. now, catch this, america is ranked 35 out of 37 major economies. when it comes to invest nothing early childhood education as percentage of gdp. 35 out of 37. all these investments, fuel strong economy, we've taken our foot off the gas. the world has taken notice. including our adversaries, and now they're closing the gap.
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look, it is essential we have to regain momentum we lost. my wife says all the time, professional she is, any country to outeducates us will outeducate us. work of our time prepare ourselves to be competitive to win in the 21st global economy. i propose two critical pieces of legislation being debated in washington now. one focus on investments we need to make fiscal infrastructure in america, roads, bridges, ports issue etcetera. second focus on investment in the american people to make us more competitive. i know this is my legislation, i feel strongly about it, but the people who have the most at stake are the american people. we need to stay focused on what the bills will mean to the people who are just looking for a little bit of breathing room, a fair chance to build a decent middle-class, to succeed and thrive instead of hanging on by
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their fingernails. need to keep an eye, an eye on what is fundamentals at stake for our country, ability to compete and win the race of the 21st century as we did for the 20th search. a race other countries are doing everything they can to win. in recent years china spent three times as much on infrastructure, three times as much, as share of the economy than the united states has. our infrastructure bill makes investments to rebuild the arteries of our economy issue the roads, the highways, bridges, ports, airports, the rails and will allow us to replace lead water pipes which are poisoning our children and families. it is ridiculous. modern energy grid that can withstand storms and carry renewable energy across america. make high-speed interpet affordable and available to everywhere in america. and create good union jobs in the
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process of putting that together. we'll make largest investment in public transit in american history and in rail since creation of amtrak 50 years ago. we will lead the world like we used to, if we're going to do that, we have to invest if our people. that is what my second bill does. build back plan, that is what it does. today, only about half of the three and four year olds in america are enrolled in early childhood education. in germany, france issue the u.k., latvia, that number is 90%. we're falling behind. it is not just early education, according to one study, america ranks, catch this, america ranks 33rd out of the 44 advanced economies when it comes to the percentage of our young peep whole attained post-high school
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degree. united states, 33rd out of 44? my build back better plan gets us back on track to making four additional years of public education available for every person in america. two years of high-quality preschool in the front end indicate 56% of children will go through all 12 years and beyond without any interruption. and investments in community college so students can gain skills they need, carve out a place for themselves in the 21st century economy. we're going to help build families, we're going to help them afford to care for their new baby, a child, an elderly relative. it will extend the tax credit for families with children. it will help us meet the moment on climate change and become a global leader in the fast-growing clean energy industry like solar and wind
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power. whole world knows that the future of the autoindustry is electric, electric. battery technology. we need to make sure america builds that future instead of falling behind. we should build those vehicles and batteries that go into them and the charging stations they'll need, the 500,000 we'll build across america. here in the united states, we should be doing this. look, we get this done, we're going to bring new life into our economy and our workforce and breathe cleaner air at the same time. these are the kind of investments that will get america back in the game and give our workers a chance, a fighting chancing. economists issue left, right and center agree. earlier this year, moody's on wall street projected it will bring higher gdp, arkditional two million jobs per year and lower unemmroip ployment.
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it is not modern versus progressive or anything else that pits americans against one another. these bills are about competitiveness versus complacency. opportunity versus decay. there are about leading the world or whether we're going to let the world pass us by. the american people understand what is at stake here, they understand that when workers and families have a better shot, america has a better shot. given half a chance, the american people have never, ever, never, ever let their country down. today receive more evidence of progress we're making. i know we can make a lot more in the days ahead. i want to thank you and god bless you all and may god protect our troops. thank you very much. [discussion at the same time] >> allowing a beep to see if the president took questions from
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the white house as he with respects his remarks on the dismal job reports that stunned as inflation fears and supply chain rattle recovery. hello, i'm sandra smith in new york. this is "america reports." trace. >> trace: i'm trace gallagher in los angeles. john roberts is off today. u.s. adding 194,000 jobs for the month of september, well short of 500,000. unemployment rate falling as americans face higher prices in grocery stores and at the gas pump, where gas prices have surged to seven-year highs. >> sandra: a lot of americans feeling that pain at the pump. supply chain bottlenecks getting late, some shelves empty at stores across the nation, threatening the holiday shopping season. we work our way to mid-october. team coverage of this, karl rove
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will react to the president's comments in moments. >> trace: jacqui heinrich is live from the west lawn. jacqui. >> jacqui: the president is taking a lap on this jobs report, which was far cry from the 500,000 jobs added that economists were looking to, 194 really missed the mark there, the president called it evidence of progress we are making. he pointed out a couple bright spots in the jobs report and noted unemployment fell below 5%, first time since march of 2020 and noted report comes from september when covid casess were higher. should note he's using numbers toic mathe case for more vaccinations, saying people will feel more comfortable going back to work when the delta variant threat is mitigated. something we heard from the labor secretary this morning. he made the case in an interview on fox news in the hospitality
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and leisure area, people were not going out and shopping or dining for instance because of the risk of the virus. another note here, this is the first jobs report where extended unemployment benefit was not received in all 50 states and this is not proof the money was keeping people from going back to work. really interesting he's using it to push his spending packages. he's -- the president making the case the infrastructure bill, the hard infrastructure will create jobs, the family plan in the social infrastructure package, reconciliation deal, will somehow mend these issues. those are very things republicans are leery about. you had a couple republicans today saying especially with that plan being paid for by taxes on corporations and the rich, small businesses are not sure what will come next, feel like the other shoe is going to
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drop, their view anyway. really interesting to hear the president making that case when the other side is viewing it from the complete opposite end of the spectrum. >> trace: president says things are great, numbers say different. jacqui heinrich live on the north lawn. thank you. sandra. >> sandra: bring in karl rove, fox news contributor. karl, you were sitting down already to hear the president's speech in its entirety. this was his words after a dismal jobs report. he spent a big chunk of that speech, pitching his infrastructure bill. if that is so important to get americans back to work, building roads and bridges, why doesn't he allow congress to take straight up and down vote on the standalone bill? >> karl: good question, sandra, if they pass the infrastructure bill, including reauthorize of highway trust fund we've been
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doing for 70 years, every five years we've been renewing it. if they pass that bill, likely hood of him getting gigantic expansion of welfare state, he calls build back better, is unlikely to happen. i was taken aback by it. glad i was sitting down, if i weren't, i would have fainted when he said this is a sign of progress. in july, 1 million 91,000 new jobs created in augusta, 366,000 jobs created. september, 194,000. only joe biden's alternative world is this a sign of progress. think about this, there were 317,000 jobs in the private sector offset by losses in the government sector in september, that ain't progress. remember this, there are five million fewer jobs, five million fewer americans working today than there were in february of 2020 and if we're coming back at
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194,000 jobs a month, you do the math, how long will it take to get back to where we were before covid hit and just astonishing to me. >> sandra: the president chose to focus on drop in unemployment to 4.8%, that doesn't take into consideration a lot of employment situation in the country. it is barometer and it did go down, karl, the job participation rate in this country, is unchanged. six months, we'll put on the screen for you, showing from april, it was sitting at 61.7% to last month 61.6% in september. talking about one tenth of percent change, karl. it has not budged. >> karl: that means translate the same work force participation rate we had in february of 2020, we would have 5 million more people working, 5 million people working who would
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be able to help their families build their communities, make their lives better and we don't have them. for the president to come out and say we're making progress, is a sign of how out of touch he is. remember, this guy not long ago said my 5 trillion dollar build back better plan will cost zero, 5 trillion turns into 0 because he says so, similarly progress on jobs market doesn't happen because he says so. i got to tell you, sandra, being reflected in the polls. >> sandra: put them on the screen. white board, we will take it. >> karl: here is quinnipiac, brand-new poll, 80% approve of -- 4% of republicans, so he is upside down and for him, politically, it is a big problem when on issue of covid, economy, 82% approval among democrats, but independents are 33% and the republicans are 3.
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independents begin to look like republicans than they do democrats, it is a problem for the sitting democratic president on all the issues. economy, foreign policy, tax and the border, president in bad shape with the american people and losing support among independents, he needs to keep for his own purposes and his party's purposes. >> sandra: approval among independents has to be catching the eye of this white house. we'll put it together when we put this up on the screen. the same quinnipiac poll showing economic approval rating of the president sinking to 39%. you pointed out taxes, karl, he was polling in the poll on his approval rating on taxes to also lowest of his presidency, 37%. what is the white house going to do about this? karl, you been within those walls when you try to manage the messaging and things get this bad. >> karl: they're managing by caging self-denial f. only we
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can get out the details about good spending we're going to do, get that out, the american people will feel better and we'll be rewarded, that is what he did today in the speech. we will have free child care and free community college. bread and circus for everybody and you'll reward us. the economy number, people know the economy is softening and they don't think more government spending will do anything for it and concerned about taxes and what are we ready to enter into? discussion about what they want in additional taxes that american people understand will come out of somebody's pocket and ultimately going to be theirs. white house is putting itself on a path i don't think is going to turn this around. it will get worse before it gets better. >> sandra: we haven't touched on inflation, supply chain issues, ships off the coast of california.
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karl, hope to have you back soon. trace, you are on the west coast, you see what is happening. the atlantic ran a piece you have to read. put it up on the screen. america is running out of everything, the headline reads. sub, global supply chain slowing down when americans demand it go into overdrive. put up on the screen issue the images, they are stunning, of ships off the coast. we're getting word of people heading into local pharmacys or grocery stores and seeing empty shelves. trace. >> trace: that is not an accurate picture, i was down at port of entry five or six days ago, you can literally walk from ship to ship to ship, that is how many are backed up there, that is the problem. watching all morning long, sandra, the liberal analysts were trying to spin job numbers like the president just did there and you can just tell from what karl is saying, the public is not buying it, the poll numbers show the public is not buying it, one reason, look off
10:17 am
the coast of long beach and see the ships and think why can't we bring them in and unload them, because you don't have the people. >> sandra: very real problem and attention being brought now that we got abysmal job report. trace. >> trace: democrats taking steps to narrow president biden's plan to force banks to turn over account information. will it be enough to ease security concerns? >> sandra: family of gabby petito sending a message to brian laundrie as the manhunt for him continues, the latest on that investigation, we'll have that for you next. >> tell your son to do the right thing and if you have contact with him and if you know anything, please tell us. someone else... i appreciate that liberty mutual knows everyone's unique. that's why they customize your car insurance, so you only pay for what you need. oh, yeah. that's the spot. only pay for what you need.
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>> sandra: massive manhunt for brian laundrie is intensifying as the lawyer for gabby petito's fiance. phil keating has the latest on that search. hi, phil. >> phil: hi, sandra. today markss 25 days that brian laundrie disappeared into thin air ever allegedly driving to a nature trail for a hike. the parents of gabby petito are slamming the family of brian laundrie saying the parents have never shared anything about the disappearance of their daughter, especially when the time was critical and they had not reported her missing nor had the laundrie parents divulged what exactly and how brian explained to them when he returned home in
10:23 am
gabby's white van without her. this morning, father chris laundrie did briefly step out to get the mail and once again, saying nothing. first time thursday he joined law enforcement for the search for his son. he went down a trail and into the nature area, the father and deputies spent three hours in the back country, laundrie showed deputies where they sometimes hiked and places he thought brian might have gone that way. the tour did not last long and chris laundrie drove back home three hours after starting. per the family attorney, no discoveries issue but the effort was helpful. seems water in the preserve is recedeing and certain areas are more accessible to search. hopefully brian will be located soon. the parents say brian laundrie went for the hike two days after gabby petito's parepts reporting her missing. laundrie has not been seen
10:24 am
since. he had been with her on the summer road trip out west, with gabby petito, who was found dead in a wyoming national forest three weeks ago. as far as recent report the carlton reserve search area discovered recent camp site north port pd telling us today, that is not true, no camp site was found and the cell phones that both petito and laundrie had with them as they toured the national parks out west, the cell phones have never been found. sandra. >> sandra: usually such a great source for tracking someone down, that manhunt continues. phil keating reporting from north port, thank you. >> trace: outrage against the justice department getting intense after the doj says it will monitor what happens at local school board meetings, asking people to report threats to the f.b.i. parents at family research council pray vote stand summit refusing to be silenced.
10:25 am
watch. >> parents are shut out, concerns are ignored, people like me are considered a domestic terrorist? i don't know. the f.b.i. is on our heelss. >> the only thing to do is have a mass exodus from the public school system. that's it. been at the school board meetings, voicing our opinions, writing articles and they don't care. >> an entrepreneur and author of "woke incorporated" joins us this morning. i am astounded to see liberal analysts literally calling parents white extremists. it is preposterous and two, they appear to be getting away with it. your thoughts? is >> i think so, i had the pleasure of speaking in virginia yesterday, these are not domestic terrorists. what we've seen in recent months is emergence of new vocabulary.
10:26 am
hate speech, misinformation, now they have new magic wored, domestic terrorist, terrorism. i cannot think of better way to divide this country than take parents concerned with what their kids are learning in the classroom and call them domestic terrorist. this is a farce. even if that existed, that is what local officials and police officials are supposed to handle. idea of getting f.b.i. involved is making naked political statement to silence political decent and need to call that out for what it is. >> trace: it is opposite of robust debate, it is effort to crush decent, the way i view this thing. your thoughts? >> two things going on here, you have political party in power using every tool from big tech and private companies to police state on the other hand to
10:27 am
silence political decent in the name of inclusion, democracy, diversity, we've sacrificed values of inclusion and certain views are not woman in the name of diversity and sacrificed diversity of thought. there is something else happening, this is great way for school boards to insulate themselves from accountability. the prompt for this was a school board group that asked doj to come in for help. we are saying teachers and teachers unions in this country are failing our children and they are now using this to insulate themselves from the mechanism that holds them accountable, namely our school board. instead of math, they are saying math is racist, for example. there is a two-part problem here, one is federal government, other is rise ofgerial class. >> trace: they say they are targeting criminal threats, national review is asking should the doj and f.b.i. be involved
10:28 am
at all. quoting here, united states department of justice has no business involving itself in give and take with school administrators and parents. it is quintessential domain of state and local governance and legitimately manner of robust democratic debate. i think that is a fair assessment. >> that is a fair assessment, this is a farce they are using to intimidate parents into silencing decent. that is what we're seeing in the online world, offline world. fear has eroded our culture of free speech and open debate in our country. wherever you stand on critical race theory, where you stand on cultural debates, we should want, restoring culture that allows us to work out the questions through free speech, open debate issue not through the use of force, not through use of federal police force,
10:29 am
that is where we are today. >> trace: the doj says they are going after criminals, parents feel they are going after them. great to see you, thank you. >> good to see you. >> sandra: pfizer asking feds to green light the covid vaccine for children ages 5-11. how will this advance the fight against this pandemic, dr. marty mccarey will weigh in. >> trace: and america's ceo sounding the alarm on the labor shortage and the problem is about to get even worse. grover norquest breaks down how the package may be hurting women especially, next.
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>> grover: can upon can will
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i've always dreamed of seeing the world. but i'm not chasing my dream anymore. i made a financial plan to live it every day. ♪ ♪ find a northwestern mutual advisor at >> sandra: u.s. economy added 194,000 jobs in the last month, well short of the 500,000 economists were expecting, the lowest monthly total of the year. there are growing concerns about all the women who have yet to
10:34 am
return to the workforce full time due to lack of childcare. bring in grover norquist, founder and president of americans for tax reform. let me get to that portion of this in a moment. we're all takes on this jobs report and wonder if this trend continue and is this result directly of this administration's policies? >> grover: it is certainly a direct result of what they say they are going to do. if you are thinking of investing in creating jobs and hiring people and told the president wanted to take the corporate income tax in the united states to be higher than communist china and higher than europe, would you invest in america or somewhere else? if you were looking at what they plan to do with capital gains tack, biden wants to take it twice as high as communist china, would you invest in america? if you were not working and biden is telling people, i will give you several thousand dollars a month and give you these benefits and nobody asks
10:35 am
you to work or look for work, how much do you look for work and how much do you wait for the check that biden says he is sending you you? you are both depressing people's interest in getting into the workforce and you're scaring away creation of better jobs. both things give the number we're looking at today. >> sandra: interesting analysis. to the way women have been affected by this pandemic. we know many women had to drop out of the workforce to care for children at home, especially considering so many school closures. this is "washington post" reporting on the mothers not getting back into the workforce. what is going on here and why not, after reading this. 1.6 million moms of children under 17 are missing from the labor force. they dropped out during the pandemic to care for children and have not returned to work as the school and daycare situation remains chaotic, especially for unvaccinated children under the
10:36 am
agea of 12. grover, why is it difficult for women to get back into the workforce? >> grover: several things doing that. one, if there was a job they wanted to go to and they wanted to hire somebody for daycare, the fact it is administration is handing out money and increasing welfare benefits so younger person having a starter job, they are not able to do that, their babysitters are tough to find. mom has to stay home or somebody has to stay home. two, the schools in and out, if you have your children with you most of the time, you can't hold on to many sorts of jobs, if you can't count on when your child will be at school and some people are doing it virtually. the other one, with all the craziness, crt that schools are throwing around, we've seen jump in number of people who decided to home school. some numbers are moms or dads deciding they are going so crazy
10:37 am
in some schools and what they are teaching and won't let us look at what they're teaching, they must be crazy. i learned last year going to my child's school with him or her by zoom, i could do this, i saw what the teachers do, i see the books they read. i could do that myself. >> sandra: some parents would disagree, it is a tough job. we love our teachers. >> grover: not everybody. >> sandra: i hear you, many different reasons behind this. marty walsh was on fox news earlier today, said people are not getting back in the workforce, but he was pushing back on claims people were not getting back into the workforce because of federal extended unemployment benefits he said those are gone and we haven't seen a change. >> people are still concerned about the pandemic and delta variant. people thought it was $300
10:38 am
benefit keeping people out of work and that wasn't the case, if it were, it would be reflected in this job report. did you see the same? >> what we did see, back when blue states kept higher rates and some red states didn't, there was a difference. red states have lower unemployment numbers than blue states. it took place in red states. nice try by him, the idea people are indifferent to the fact they are paid certain amount of money and don't make much more if they work, they ask how much do i get value, what is value of going to work over remaining on unemployment. the president has done nothing, but talk about sending money out to people, you don't have to look for work. labor secretary should talk to people at hhs and find out what he's having trouble getting workers. >> sandra: a lot to take in
10:39 am
there after the jobs report revealed lower number of jobs add. the number did drop. grover, thank you. >> grover: good to be with you. >> sandra: trace. >> trace: hunter biden fetching a price for his artwork. how much was handed over, that is next on "america reports." whether it's 2 years, 4 years, or 32 years like myself. one of the benefits that we as a country give our veterans is eligibility for a va loan for up to 100% of your home's value. so if you need money for your family, call newday usa. with automatic authority from the va, we can say yes when banks say no. veteran homeowners. three reasons to do a cash out refi right now. home values are high while rates are low. newday lets you borrow all of your home's value.
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>> sandra: hunter biden holding his first art exhibition last week and at least five printss have reportedly been sold for at least $75,000 a piece. jen psaki side stepping concerns over the president's son selling his art. repeating all bauers
10:44 am
remain anonymous. his show in new york city has been delayed until spring. these are reasonable questions for reporters to be asking in the briefing room and jen psaki seems to have standard answer, even pointing the reporters to the gallerists for further questions. >> trace: when the story first broke, we spoke to an art dealer, how much? he said, anywhere from $200 to $2500. $75,000? yeah. meantime, switching gears, more than a month after u.s. withdrawal, thousands of our allies are stranded in afghanistan. one afghan evacuated to u.s. and is speaking to fox news about the horror his colleagues back home are facing under taliban rule. the commander sharing images he's receiving daily showing atrocities and we have to warn you, it is graphic.
10:45 am
get to national correspondent, jennifer griffin live at the pentagon. >> jennifer: the images being texted to the commando, now in new jersey, come from former eshg lite afghan commandos they trained, women journalists and parliamentarians. the images were taken three weeks ago and show the torture endured by a female soldier trained by the u.s. this soldier was executed, the taliban were looking for his brother, a commando, they sent this photo as a warning to others. >> secretary of state blinken is leading continued diplomatic effort to ensure safe passage for any american, afghan partner or foreign national who wants to leave afghanistan. >> jennifer: that was august 31st, those efforts are slow going and a month later
10:46 am
thousands of commandos are hiding and waiting, they think the biden administration is coming to save them. unlike the afghan army, special operation commandos kept fighting the taliban until the very end, shepherding americans to the kabul airport to escape. they didn't apply for siv visas to save themselves, new survey from blue star families and welcome u.s., consortium of 25 veteran ngos shows overwhelming support for reseteling afghans in the u.s. they found 77% said the united states has an obligation to help those fleeing afghanistan and 46% of the veteran respond who serve in afghanistan have taken action to help afghan evacuees. recently visited fort mccoy where 12,000 afghans are waiting
10:47 am
for resettlement. >> we need something to come out of this mission that is good, the thing can come out, those people that embrace the american ideals, want a better way of life, can have it if we work together. so this coalition is the veteran community saying this is the thing we can affect regardless of anything else. >> jennifer: for veterans like these and a former beret who served in afghanistan, the war is not over, he is among many veterans trying to get their translators and commandos out of afghanistan. >> trace: astounding. jennifer, thank you. >> sandra: other top stories we're watching at this hour, starting to announce limits on items like toilet paper and cleeping supplies, supply chain slowdown at our ports begin to
10:48 am
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10:51 am
>> trace: pfizer asking the f.d.a. to authorize emergency use of covid-19 vaccine for children between the ages of 5-11. if granted, it could protect 28
10:52 am
million children. bring in medical contributor dr. marty makary, a physician and professor at johns hopkins university. the "wall street journal" editorial board says mandatory vaccines for kids is not the greatest option issue but it is the best option we have. would you agree with that? >> dr. makary: kids with prior infection don't really need to be vaccinated, that is first. second of all, people should know what the quantityified risk is, not a matter of you must and have to or don't have to, what is the risk? without vaccination, rate of hospitalization in all children under 18, according to the cdc is two in every 100,000. that is what we're looking at right now. if maybe it is going to go down further because covid is going down, that is a low incident
10:53 am
right now and rate of dying of covid is 1 in 10 million for kids under 18. >> trace: parents are confused, one parent, so many unknowns, everyday we learn new facts. we are not opposed to vaccines, they need transparency and data to support decision-making. sounds like a fair comment from a parent. >> this is why many of us were frustrated with the f.d.a. when they approved the vaccine for teenagers and bypassed their normal advisory committee meeting that meets before every authorization, they skipped it and went to the cdc, that is the stuff that loses credibility. for parents who are thinking about vaccinating their kids, i would say this. the government mishandled the process and misrepresent said the data on covid-19 in children. if the kid is high risk, they may benefit from a covid vaccine, covid is still a vaccine preventable illness for
10:54 am
kids out there. >> trace: your "wall street journal" editorial, dr. marty makary, you write about the new, prepurchased 1.sech million treatment courses, medication does not require refrigeration and is easy to ship, the pills are sitting on the shelves as merps are dying in hospitals. it appears to be effective, you think this is promising. >> dr. makary: the effect size in the clinical trials was profound. so dramatic they had to stop it early. no one who got the drug died. this may be one of the greatest breakthroughs in the entire
10:55 am
saga. what happened to right to try? what happened to compassionate use? the f.d.a. should activate extended access protocol and have done for convo lessent pwell, ama and allow people to get this today. >> trace: it took less than 24 hours for the drug, barely tested issue let alone to be accused of prolonging the pandemic. mentions of molnupicavir, as in "new york times" explaining dr. dr. fauci who told reporters the drug was impressive now warned they should not take it. your final thoughts quickly? >> dr. makary: part of the politicalization of covid has been anti-therapeutics approach we've seen from the department of hhs from bardo, operation
10:56 am
warp speed. rick bright was trying not to get funding early on. >> sandra: dismal economic jobs report putting exclamation mark on the week as the president continues to sink in the polls. we'll talk to anchor chris wallace in a brand-new hour coming up. veterans is the powerful va home loan benefit. it lets us refinance 100% of our home's value, not just 80% like other loans. that's a big difference. and it can mean a lot more money for you and your family. and this is the best time in history use it because home values are now at record highs while mortgage rates are near record lows. the newday 100 va cash out loan lets you take out $50,000 or more to use as you wish. improve your home, pay down debt, or just put it in the bank for the financial security every veteran deserves.
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11:01 am
ships, as you can see off the coast of california, they are stuck at sea, all while prices continue to rise, what is washington doing about this and what will they tell parents who have to explain why santa cannot get his act together in time to deliver presents this year? trace. >> trace: coming up, complete coverage from the ports, the pumps and what it means for your family, plus, her son died from a single pill he ordered through snapchat. she's taking on big tech, ahead a mother's warning to parents about kids getting drugs through social media. >> sandra: we begin with the dismal jobs report topping a week for president biden. i'm sandra smith. trace. >> trace: i'm trace gallagher in for john roberts. employers adding just 164,000 jobs last month, well short of the 500,000 economists were
11:02 am
expecting. >> sandra: that report after president biden's approval rating hit a brand-new low in quinnipiac polling and majority of americans say this administration is not competent enough to run the country. chris wallace is standing by. >> trace: first jacqui heinrich is live on the north lawn. jacqui. >> jacqui: the president touted that jobs report as -- even though it was a far cry from numbers expected. he outlined mitigating factors, pointing out data comes from september when covid cases were higher, used that to make the case vaccines are necessary and touted bright spot unemployment fell below 5% for first time since march of 2020. >> president biden: we've seen drop of unemployed, largest
11:03 am
three-month fall in unemployment since we started keeping records in 1948. more to do, but great progress and working americans are seeing paychecks go up, as well. >> jacqui: president say it supports investments saying the roads and bridges build and developing modern economy, being competitive with chien a. he says spending on early childhood education will put america in line. president biden woed every priority of his administration into the remarks. >> president biden: the work of our time is to prepare ourselves for it to be competitive to win fast-changing 21st century global economy. that is why i propose two critical pieces of legislation, being debated in washington right now. >> jacqui: republicans do not see it that way, they are taking
11:04 am
issue with social spending, reconciliation package and the fact it needs to be paid for. democratss want it paid for by raising taxes on corporations and the wealthy. >> small businesses, some large corporations i'm talking to, everyone is ark -- ark frayed of the hammer that is going to drop, they are sitting on the sideline. instead of investing in new buildings, now jobs, new growth, everyone is waiting to see what hammer comes from dc and massive tax in spending bill. >> both presidents plans are stalled in congress and exist huge gulf between moderates and progressives on what they want and the president brushed that off as a lot of noise. trace. >> trace: jacqui heinrich live at the white house. thank you. sandra. >> sandra: bring in chris wallace, anchor of "fox news sunday," we will be watching you on sunday. this bad jobs report, i will let you characterize it however you
11:05 am
wish. there is that and inflation, price of everything continues to go up, that was a big concern. we saw that concern bipartisan, independents concerned and latest polling on that. hard time getting things, shelves are running short of everyday items as result of supply chain crisis happening. the administration has to stop and ask, how are things going right now. >> chris: well, they have to ask that because the american people are asking it. sandra, as i was listening to president biden talk about how great the jobs report was 194,000 jobs created when projection was half a million jobs. it was 19th century british prime minister who talked about lies, damn lies and statistics. that is what joe biden was doing today, mix my metaphors lipstick on a pig, not a very good jobs
11:06 am
number. he tried to find every statistic he could to make it sound like it was. this just adds to the president's problems. that quinnipiac poll shows them with 38%. this is overall, democrats, independents and republicans issue 38% job approval and the white house, i think is pretty accurate. they say he's going to be judged on two issues, one, how he handles coronavirus, how he handles the economy and that will add to the burden taking him down to 38% job approval. >> trace: chris, while you were googleing that quote, brings to mind the joke in russia, two television stations, russian propaganda and channel two says turn back to channel one. it feels like that is going on, the border, afghanistan, jobs numbers, getting channel one and nobody is pushing back enough on
11:07 am
the other stuff, do you get that feeling or no? >> chris: i can't say i do. the fact you see 38% job approval for joe biden says the american people are in touch with what is going on. obviously any white house is going to spin it as positively as they can, but the debacle and the withdrawal from afghanistan, the debacle at the border crystallized by the hatians huddling under a bridge in del rio and now jobs numbers and ib ib -- inflation. it is not like the american people don't see what is upon haing, they do and tonight like it. >> sandra: majority of americanss don't think this administration is competent enough to lead. chris, what do you think will have to happen now as far as messaging from the white house? it seemed like to your point, almost denial from the president a short time ago about the jobs
11:08 am
report we all saw and mainstream media obviously saying what it was, not good. you didn't hear that from the admip -- administration, can they continue to message like this? >> chris: they don't have a messaging problem, they have a reality issue. they can't do a lot about afghanistan, that is done. there is a lot they can did about the economy and the border, this is a question not of communication, but of policies. they have to do things that give americans increased sense of confidence that these guys know how to play the game and run a government. and in the case of the economy, i think and you can argue whether or not the policies are good or bad. the worst thing for the president is not to be able to get policies through, he can't run his own party, which is in control, very delicate control, in control of the house
11:09 am
and the senate. he definitely needs to get the bipartisan infrastructure bill passed, needs to get social spending bill passed. a lot of people say it will make things worse, if that is what his policy is, get it passed while he has majority and do something about the border, which continues, you were saying it is not a crisis, they are saying it is not a crisis, it is. >> sandra: it is a reality problem, not a messaging problem, i asked that because how can you work on a solution to a problem when you are not acknowledging it in the first place, right, chris? >> chris: well, what they acknowledge in their own private quarters and say when the president comes out, very few presidents will come out and say, i've been in this for 40 years, few presidentss are going to come out and say that was a lousy jobs report, things really stink. >> sandra: the buck stops with
11:10 am
joe, chris. >> chris: jimmy carter said everything about confidence, didn't use malaise, he got clobbered by ronald reagan in the election. if that is plan a, go to plan b. >> trace: chris, what is on the schedule for fox news sunday? >> chris: we think we'll get a top white house guest, they have not quite gotten their act together on that, which is a messaging problem and we will have steve scalise, number two republican in the senate. there was a big split inside the republican party when it came to the decision by mitch mcconnell to bail out the democrats on the debt limit. there were some republicans, lindsey graham, ted cruz who said mitch mcconnell caved when they had democrats on the ropes.
11:11 am
we'll ask steve scalise about that and what the plan is because right now things aren't looking too good in washington. >> sandra: so says chris wallace, we'll hear more on fox news sunday, we'll be watching. thank you. >> trace: shocking video of drug cartel shooting at u.s. border station and fox crews were there to catch it. that story live from the border crisis, is next. >> sandra: and cartels smuggle drugs into the country, we will speak to one mom who felt the tragic consekwepss first hand. her son bought a pill on a social media app, turns out it was a deadly drug. her son bought a pill on a social media app, turns out it was a deadly drug. qs first hand. her son bought a pill on a social media app, turns out it was a deadly drug. ues first han. her son bought a pill on a social media app, turns out it was a deadly drug. ncs first han. her son bought a pill on a social media app, turns out it was a deadly drug. ess first han. her son bought a pill on a social media app, turns out it was a deadly drug. first hand. her son bought a pill on a
11:12 am
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11:17 am
teenager alex nevellesingle mistake enabled by social media. his mother is trying to stop illegal drug sales on social media platforms as overdose deaths hit an all-time high. >> amy nevelle's son alex died of fentanyl poisoning last year. he bought pills he thought was oxycontin. >> the mom recalls the moment she discovered her son's lifeless body. >> i found him the next morning, i went to wake him for an oerth do nottist appointment. she and other parents teamed up with the orange county sheriff office to share their stories. the goal? help families realize how easy it is to buy drugs on social media. >> it is like drug hub, you order and they can deliver to your house.
11:18 am
it is unbelievable. the fentanyl epidemic is like a raging wildfire and social media apps are pouring gasoline on to it. >> thank you everyone for being here. >> parent's groups want snapchat to do more to stop this. snapchat announced new initiatives to educate users. in a statement they said, we are wanting to remove drug sales from our platform and collaborating with law enforcement to hold drug dealers accountable for drug they are causing the community. overdose fatalities are all-time high and in orange county where amy nevelle lives fentanyl related deaths doubled last year. the crisis at the border is contributing to the drug epidemic. >> you will have bad actors who want to harm the united states or take advantage of the
11:19 am
opportunity. narcotics trafficking, methamphetamine, heroin and fentanyl have gone through the roof just in 2021 and continues to rise at very alarming rates. >> both sheriff barnes and amy nevelle encourage parents to know who their kids are friends with and what they are involved with on social media. >> alex's mother amy join us now. our hearts go out to you, i can't imagine the agony of losing a child. i want to know what your primary message is, primary message to other parents? >> my primary message, this is a problem that is impacting everybody. the most dangerous thing you can think is not my child. your chieldz might not do it the way alex did it, maybe a friend gives them something for a headache and that is all it takes. >> trace: dea administrator says the drug dealer is not just
11:20 am
standing on the street corner, it is sitting in a pocket on your phone, not dealing with this, we have not gone to them with specific demands, but we will go to them and when they go to them, amy, what specific demands do you think they should make? >> my specific demands are they have third-party monitoring, they need to be held accountable at level they are not holding themselves accountable. we have been letting snapchat and facebook police themselves, they have proven with death, especially snapchat, deaths linked to 14 states, they needs unbiassed third party to monitor them. >> trace: you say audit them, you mean what in specific terms? parent's group to audit them in what capacity, go ahead? >> i want them to follow-up on the law enforcement request,
11:21 am
making sure they are being done and being done in a timely manner, not just trusting snap says they are. that the drug dealers are being removed. announced changes they are making and last night friends were sending me messages, look at this drug dealer i just found. drug dealers reach out to kids and new customers, old customers, we need social media, snapchat in particular, to get ahead of it and stay ahead of it and i think auditing will help. >> john: one important thing, in your mantra seems to be look, your son did not intentionally overdose, he took one pill he bought online. >> he took one pill and one pill should not have killed him, one pill is not overdose. these are poisoning, victims are taking something they had no intention of taking in the first place, they are being deceived to death.
11:22 am
whether the first-time user, somebody like alex experimenting a few days or somebody who thinks they are taking their regular injection of heroin and it turns out to be bag laced with fentanyl, they don't deserve to die either, it is all poisoning at this point. >> trace: the foundation banner on the bottom of the screen. this is the idaho governor, brad little, he writes, meth and fentanyl are most growing drug threat and loose tie to mexico, governors are asking the president to talk to us and work with us on solutions to the crisis. do you believe in part and parcel of bigger picture that some stuff is coming north and that is part of the overall problem? >> the border wall is important topic. as soon as we attach the border wall to fentanyl crisis, we lose the focus of fentanyl. people need to be aware of fentanyl. shut down everything, seal up
11:23 am
the united states now and there is still enough fentanyl to wipe out all of california and probably most of texas. >> trace: your foundation, we'll put it up, what is most important goal? >> our most important goal is to warn the public at large that there is a fentanyl epidemic going on right now and we need to be aware and it impacts all of us. if you don't know anyone impacted, you soon will. >> trace: a lot of people do, amy, thank you for coming on, very much appreciate it. >> thank you for having me. >> trace: we have people we know, sandra, who have lost children because of fentanyl overdose. she's right, everybody, everybody, if you don't know somebody affected, you soon will. >> sandra: horrible thing for any family to go to and doing her best to make sure it doesn't happen to another family. give her credit for doing that. trace, the crisis at it is border, big reason for the drug epidemic. bill is live on the border in
11:24 am
roma, texas. bill. >> this is one of the biggest hot spots along the border, not only for drug smuggling, human smuggling, as well. take a look with the drone. this is the mexican city of ciudad. they are fighting over prime real estate for prime smuggling routes here. take a look at this video shot last night here in roma. we were embedded with the texas national gashed as they started operations last night. they have observation looking for smugglers. we started seeing raftss full of illegal immigrants. some boats were turned back. they were using night vision to scan the river. when it got later, we started
11:25 am
seeing rafts turn up over and over and over. boat smugglers bringing over family units over and over and over, hundreds of them. you can see the smugglers were not afraid, brazen, laughing and making jokes to cameras. making cash sign with their fingers and saying money, money, money, no fear of being caught. they were bringing hundreds of family, family units. a guy paid $12,000 to bring him, his wife and his daughter over. we want to show you remarkable footage, take a look at this video of automatic gunfire. you are looking at tracer rounds from mexico and going into the united states. this is cartel gunfire from the mexican city across from us. the soldiers said this went directly above their observation deck, remarkable to see tracer gunfire, they believe it was probably from m-240 machine gun.
11:26 am
active machine gunfire going directly into the united states and back out here live, secretary of state anthony blinken, secretary mayorkis and merrick garland are holding talks with the mexican government. one person who was notably absent is vice president kamala harris, who has been put in charge of the border crisis. back to you. >> sandra: live in roma, texas for us, bill, thank you 6789 trace. >> trace: could santa end stranded off the coast of southern california? next, supply crisis that could put your holiday on hold. >> sandra: and dan haniger on what it means for you and your family. veteran homeowners. the newday two and a quarter refi is the lowest rate in their history. two and a quarter percent. just 2.48 apr. newday's holding the line on rates so veterans can save thousands.
11:27 am
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veteran homeowners. newday usa has dropped their rates again. the newday two and a quarter refi is the lowest rate in their history. two and a quarter percent. just 2.48 apr. these rates could cut thousands off your mortgage payments every year. with their two and a quarter refi, there's no money out of pocket and no upfront fees. newday's holding the line on those low rates so every veteran family can save. >> trace: breaking news president biden signing new protection for national monumentss including bears ears national monument in utah to protect that land.
11:32 am
president trump took limitations ark way from national parks so land could be used for other things. now those protections are back in place, more as it comes out. sandra. >> sandra: thank you issue trace. out of stock signs are back on store shelves, not just toilet paper and cleaning products like in covid days. halloween items are hard to find, begins with cargo ships at busy ports. live from the port of long beach in california, jonathan, how many ships and how much cargo is stuck out there, not just halloween decorations, important stuff, not making it to store shelves at this time? >> pretty much anything you want to go buy right now that is imported, could be stuck there beyond the ports of l.a. and long beach, something like 60 of those vast container ships sitting out there dotting the
11:33 am
skyline. take a look at the map from marine traffic, all those ships mapped out just sitting offshore waiting to get in. what does that mean in terms of cargo? each of the ships hold something like 15,000 of those vast containers, sandra. that means on one ship you could have as many as 120 million pairs of sneakers, 250 million ipads or 700, million cans of beans. port director tells us it is simply case of real supply and demand bottleneck right now. listen here. >> it is like bringing 10 lanes of freeway traffic into five right here at the port. our american importers are struggling to ingest this cargo into domestic supply chains. >> and wait time for ships coming into ports pre-pandemic
11:34 am
sandra, were zero days, now those ships having to wait up to 10 days to get into the port, one big problem, when they get in here, there aren't enough truck drivers for the containers to be offloaded and taken to stores that is why shelves are empty. >> sandra: what does this mean for consumers? everybody was dealing with high prices for goods, now it is hard to get them. >> yeah. right. and the answer is, it is very bad for consumers, pretty much anything that is imported is going to be in short supply. 50% almost of all seaborn cargo traffic comes through the two portss where we are now. according to u.s. toy association, if you want to get toys for holiday shopping for your kids, you better buy now if you see them and they say the people who suffer the most here are small mom and pop businesses
11:35 am
on main street. listen here. >> our industry is made up of 95% small companies. and they really exist for the holiday buying season. if they can't get their cargo over in time for the holidays, we fear many small companies will go out of business and won't be able to make it. >> one example, if you are shopping for halloween decorations, it is a horror show, sandra. >> jonathan hunt on that, thank you. dan haniger, editor fox news contributor, dig into that one, dan. holidays are quickly approaching, people are filling amazon baskets or whatever, trying to get ready for holidays. in some cases, you might not be able to get what you want. axios writes about depletion, whatever you need at work, play or home, you are going to have to wait. >> dan: it isn't just halloween
11:36 am
or christmas, it is back to basics, a story from personal experience. couple months ago, our dish washer broke, went to an appliance store. i said, i'm here to buy a dishwasher, he looked at me and said you are, are you? i don't have any. they were not shipping dishwashers. >> sandra: that is happening. >> dan: part of the chip shortage, created shortage of cars, as well. this problem with the ships is indeed in large part because shortage of truck drivers. now that relates to what happened during the pandemic, the lockdowns were so severe as we recall, that many companies laid people off, whether it was airlines or trucking and shipping companies. we know there is shortage of airline pilots because many chose retirement, many truck drivers chose retirement. i think we were reporting here
11:37 am
on fox just weeks ago that there was a shortage of drivers to ship gasoline to gas stations. now driving gasoline truck is a skill, right? just as driving big truck like that is a skill, you have to be trained to do that, they don't exist. cargo ships are piling up outside the ports and stuff is not being distribute said around the united states for the simple reason truck driver shortage. >> sandra: the pictures stop you in your tracks. and trace, our co-anchor lives in california, he says ships are building up so quickly now, to him from the coastline it feels like you can step from one to the other. this is a problem that clearly is getting worse, atlantic headline sums it up well by saying america is running out of everything, americans are settling into new phase of the pandemic economy and gdp is
11:38 am
growing and death of shocking array of semiconductors, chips, shipping containers, workers, perfectly put, the everything shortage, because just as people were coming out of the pandemic, doing well in the stock market, ready to go out and spend money and now no workers. the service industry is getting hit and store shelves remain empty. >> yeah, the economy is being very disruptive at time it is trying to restore itself. i don't think the biden administration has been much help. one thing donald trump did with his executive order was to try to deregulate the u.s. economy, which is to say make it more efficient, easier to work. one of the first things joe biden did was to reverse a lot of the trump executive orders. those executive orders relate to environmental permitting, shipping and you can tring.
11:39 am
president biden shut down the keystone xl pipeline. what are we seeing now? shortage of liquidified natural gas, many supply going to china and because of factory necessary europe and other parts of asia can't get enough electricity via national -- natural gas, they are closing down. the supply chains are being squeezed. what we need is more, i think, kind of efficient deregulation to allow production we saw under president trump and joe biden has reversed. he's not making the situation any easier for us right now. >> sandra: naturally we discussed why this is happening, why it is hard to get a mattress or dishwasher or simple item on the pharmacy shelf there is rise in price of gas at seven-year high, california paying $5 a gallon. the question is, what is the administration doing about it?
11:40 am
we are told there is no action on the table right now to address even the gas price surge, the biden administration says it is actively monitoring global fuel shortage. doesn't that tell you right now there is no plan? >> there is no plan. i mean, he came into office obviously arguing on behalf of getting rid of fossil fuels. we now have spectacle of national security advisor jake sullivan begging opec and russians to increase production of guess what, oil. it doesn't make any sense. you do not see any kind of official effort on part of the white house to create a more sensible, rationalized energy policy that would include mix of natural gas to supplement renewables they are promoting, solar and wind. the white house is locked in to
11:41 am
the policies they have right now and suffering for it, the president's polling on handling the economy, severely under water and it is a mystery why the president or white house won't change course under this pressure, facts on the ground such as ships piling up outside the ports of california. >> sandra: deputy press secretary was talking to reporters, she was asked about the sky high gas and oil prices and the response was, we will continue to look for ways to relieve burden of energy cost on the american family, but we have no announcement at this time. that probably won't sit well with families who are paying a whole lot more to fill up their gas tank at this time. dan, great to have you issue good to see you. dan haniger. trace. >> trace: sandra and dan were talking about no relief on the road either, gas prices hit a high. live in los angeles, kelly,
11:42 am
welcome to the fox family. >> thank you, trace, i'm excited to be joining. gas prices are rising nationwide, california is leading the way at $4.43 a gallon, highest prices and highest taxes, making 25% of what you spepd at the pump. start with $.18 for federal, $.16 for state, and state excise tax, california levees number of fees aimed at reducing carbon emission, add $.35 on top of that and you spend $1.24 in taxes alone. a lot is supposed to go to road repair, in california, we have some of the worst roads in the nation. you know what i'm talking about, trace, you are driving on them, too. there is frustration because electric vehicle tack incentive place undue burden on gas
11:43 am
drivers when it comes to road repair, i asked what they thought about it. >> our taxes go to help the environment and i'm very happy to pay it. >> it is what it is. still got to put gas in it. >> killing my business. i drive around, i have a diesel truck, costs their 140 to fill up my truck. >> yeah, well, if that guy is looking for a break at the pump, likely not happening. more coming when it comes to rising gas prices, trace. >> trace: people are shocked when they look at $5.25 behind you, kelly, welcome and thank you. >> sandra: perhaps we'll get more clarity from the white house. jen psaki holding daily press briefing. let's listen in. >> this will be an ongoing process, this is the first set of documents. we will evaluate cases of
11:44 am
privilege on case by case basis. the president believes utmost importance for congress and the american peep toll have complete understanding of the events that day to prevent them from happening again. >> the president had previously said the american rescue plan would add 7 million jobs to the economy. at this point, are you, is the white house confident in that 7 million number? >> that was based on outside economists providing analysis. you are talking about build back better not american -- sorry, didn't know if you were asking about the bill moving through or the bill that has been passed? >> that has been passed. i apologize. >> no, no, i was trying to understand which part of his agenda you are talking about. nothing has changed in terms of the american rescue plan we are currently implementing, yes. >> and finally, the president
11:45 am
became first u.s. president to recognize -- why should the u.s. continue to celebrate columbus day and has there been talk or discussion of many cities and states -- columbus day indigenous people's day? >> today is columbus day, as of now, as well had as indigenous peoples day. i'm not aware of discussion of ending either, ending the prior federal holiday at this point. i know that recognizing today is indigenous people's day is something the president felt strongly about. he is happy to be the first president to celebrate and make it the history moving forward. go ahead. >> want to ask about jobs numbers. one thing the jobs numbers show, there are more jobs available historic number of jobs
11:46 am
available compared to how many people are actually seeking jobs. why do you think there are so many people who are still reluctant to re-enter the workforce? >> a range of factors in our assessment. one, people are still fearful of covid and what it will be like in workplaces and ensuring their own safety. there are still challenges as relates to childcare, elder care, the cost of those and being able to afford it and also the availability, which is something we've seen shortage of in many communities. we have seen the pandemic, while it has been challenging on many levels, it is also prompted many people to rethink what their careers might look like and what careers they may pursue. you are right, there are enormous amount of jobs still available out there in the work force and we believe those are range of factors that are attributed to that. >> can you update negotiations
11:47 am
with senators manchin and sinema, democrats are expressing more public frustration with the two of them arguing they are not moving off their position. are the two of them providing more consessions in private than they appear to be in public? is the president getting frustrated? >> we don't have luxury of being frustrated. this is a process. the president recognizes that, the president can take times. there can be ups and downs in the process. he feels we're continuing to make progress both senator manchin and senator sinema are in good faith, people have to come down from expectations of what might be in a package and some others have to come up, that is what compromise is about. we will continue to pursue discussion and negotiation and the president is confident we will get this done. go ahead. >> thank you. first on the economy, half
11:48 am
million containers floating off the california coast with nowhere to go. major issues in the global supply chain right now. the vice president warned this could happen in august, why wasn't more done to prepare? >> for the global supply chain issues? >> yeah, talking in august, if you want christmas toys for your children, now might be the time to buy them, tla could be many months. >> i ask that, we've been talking about it since january, the president put in place a task force and taken a range of steps to work to address. it is not just about ensuring that we are having different companies speak to each other, we've done that, we've been a forum for hosting different industry leaders to see what we can reduce in terms of red tape in the process. one of the biggest issues is covid and the fact covid continues to be a threat to supply chains that are happening
11:49 am
globally, we've worked to be by far and away largest provider of vaccines, know how, manufacturing capacity to the world. we've been talking since january and working to put in place range of steps to help address the challenges in the supply chain. >> it is not just covid, there are labor shortages and issues with shipping lines here overground shipping lines issue is the president satisfied task force is doing a good job? >> the president recognizes there are several layers of the challenge here that contribute to the bottleneck and on ports and transportation we appointed a white house ports envoy john pacari, to work with buttigieg to help solve the global transportation supply problem. the fact he designated and appointed someone with range of vast experience shows this is
11:50 am
part of the issue we're focused on. we're focused on the work of the supply chain task force, semiconductor shortage, an issue that impacted range of industries and we're working to ark tack challenges in global supply chain at every point that are in the bottleneck. >> democratic candidate mcauliffe, said that the president is unpopular today unfortunately here in virginia. we have to file you through. why do you think the president is unpopular in virginia? >> if you look at facts in polling, the president is the mosts popular figure of anyone running for president or any former recent president. i just note that in terms of the data. the president's agenda is incredibly popular, probably the reason former governor culvert is running on that agenda, whether reducing cost for the american people on child care, elder care, making sure tax
11:51 am
system is more fair, rebuilding road says, rails and bridges, those are all components of the president's agenda he has huge agreement with governor mcauliffe. >> president biden claims he cold called a pennsylvania hospital to ask nurse why it was taking so long for a good friend's wife to be seen. what happened next? >> well, the context of why the president told this story, which i think is important and i promise i will answer your question, he was expressing hospitals, frontline workers, doctorss, nurses in emergency rooms are seeing and feeling impact of number of people who are unvaccinated filling beds in emergency rooms and icuand it is preventing people who have other illness, may be seeki treatment, may be fearful of heart attack, others from
11:52 am
getting care they need. i don't have any other update for privacy of this individual. >> the privacy of the individual, how often does president biden call around trying to help his friends cut line? >> he was not trying to do that, he was checking on a friend. >> do you know if the hospital might be having staffing problem because they have vaccine mandate and some had to leave because they didn't want to get vaccinated. >> i would love for you to account more so than number of unvaccinated who are filling emergency room icu beds that is the problem in hospitals across the country. go ahead. >> inflation is a big issue. >> sandra: you have been listening to jen psaki taking series of questions from our own peter doocy, timely questions about the supply chain crisis that is happening right now. trace, you have been able to see first hand container ships
11:53 am
lining up so close you described earlier, it stuck in my mind, you can step off one to the other. jen psaki trying to explain what the president is doing about this because the pressure is on to get those goods off ships, on to the shelves, there are shortages currently happening with everyday items. she says the president has been working on this since january and kamala harris acknowledged in august, buy christmas presents early, the line of sortss. she said the president put in place task force envoy and covid has been one of the issues. peter doocy rightly so pressed on the labor shortages that are result of this. no truck drivers. i didn't hear a full explanation how they are trying to get truck drivers back in action to get things to the shelves. >> trace: and covid excuse is mischaracterization, it is not a matter of supplies getting on the ships and being shipped it
11:54 am
is ships getting into long beach and los angeles, two of the biggest in the country and getting off dock. not enough hands on deck, enough hands on dock and not enough hands taking product to markets. that is the problem. supplies are coming, supplies are not being unloaded and saying average of 10 days when you pull your tanker in there, 10 days before it gets unloaded. that is just to unload on the dock. go back to the picture, not sure we can, those are things waiting to be picked up. once it comes off the ship, it has to be placed on the dock, inventoried and picked up and it is anybody's guess when those things get picked up and taken ark way. >> sandra: this is happening as we enter the busiest shopping season of the year, right, jacqui heinrich live at the white house. you were able to hear jen psaki's words getting pressed on the biggest issues at this moment. >> jacqui: that is right. we hear her talking about range
11:55 am
of solution for range of issues, two phrases we hear from her a lot. this administration frequently callss on task forces to address the problem, but we don't often get updates out of the task forces, we should point out. she talked with the supply chain issue, problems with shipping lines, overground shipping lines and she is saying several layers to this problem and contributing to bottleneck at ports, specifically pointing envoy this summer to try to sort this out. now we haven't gotten update from the envoy she referenced, this effort really took began in earnest over the summer. we should continue to press the white house for specifics on that because images we're seeing in the ports certainly are bearing out here in the economy. the other thing that peter doocy asked about was president's
11:56 am
polling numbers. it has been viewed as bell weather for how democrats fair in the midterm, we saw democratic candidate terry mcauliffe bind himself to the president when the polling was better. we saw him distance himself a while ago in campaign zoom last week acknowledging the president is not doing well. jen psaki said the president's agenda is popular as ever and that was summary of her answer to that. sandra. >> sandra: fair enough, bring in dan haniger, jacqui heinrich live at the white house for us. dan, his agenda is popular is what jen psaki said, i can put the quinnipiac poll on the screen, we've been discussing them showing biden approval rating on the economy at all-time low for his presidency, 39%, i'm not sure what jen psaki and the white house are basing that statement on?
11:57 am
>> dan: nor are the rest of us, sandra. it is jen psaki's habit to simply ark certions and let them sit there. one thing for republicans to reject that thing in capitol hill, looks like the american people are simply not buying it, certainly not independent voters. the president's polling numbers in the quinnipiac poll are appalling, they have fallen below 40% on most measures, including the economy and not least including tacks, well below 40% on handling of tacks. what does that consist of? talking over and over again about people paying their fair share, he keeps saying it is only going to be the wealthiest, when you look at spending proposal, take whatever number you want, 3.5 trillion or 5 trillion, i think americans instinctively understand if the united states is going to commit itself to the president's
11:58 am
so-called agenda, somebody will have to pay for it, that somebody will be them and it is going to include small business owners who themselves pay taxes at the normal marginal income tax rate. this is all suppression on the private economy and the problem for the democrats, especially this president, they don't understand the private economy, what we're talking about right now, their world is public economy of public programs, that is the agenda she keeps talking about. they have no real answer for the presidents right now in the private economy. >> i want to quickly put this back up, pictures of the port is stunning when people across the country look at what is happening at the port. you told the story about the dishwasher you couldn't get. my story, i ordered couple bottles of wines last year issue supposed to get in april, got them yesterday. it is a good weekend, look at that, that is a problem for the
11:59 am
biden administration, you cannot get this stuff to market. >> dan: yeah, well, we note that one of the biggest problems was joe biden and democrats extended unemployment insurance bonus, right? that did cause a lot of people to stay on the couch -- >> sandra: we lost the shot there. we were grateful he could stay with us when he did. dan, do we have you still? real quick. >> dan: i hope so. employment bonus is beginning to run out, we need them now as the holiday season is beginning and the question is have they been completely disincentivized going back to work, that is challenge ahead of us now. >> sandra: maybe we should be comforted by the fafk there has been a task force to put in place to fix this problem. great to see you. get you you a new dishwasher and gret goat trace's wine.
12:00 pm
>> trace: i got wine. huge problem. >> sandra: it is indeed, we'll be covering here on fox news channel. thank you for joining us and trace, great to have you, i'm sandra smith. >> trace: i'm trace gallagher in had for john roberts. the story >> martha: thanks, sandra. so glad he got his wine. i'm martha maccallum. here's the story. the biden administration looks at the much weaker than expected u.s. jobs report and says we have work to do. the president still says we have work to do. you have 194,000 jobs that were added last month. the number was expected to be 500,000. that's a serious shortfall. you have about 11 million open available jobs in the


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