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tv   Outnumbered  FOX News  October 8, 2021 9:00am-10:00am PDT

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>> fox news alert. we are waiting for waiting for president biden to entrust the nation on a disappointing jobs report with as a second straight month that jobs numbers have fallen below expectations and comes as a major blow to the administration. this is "outnumbered." i'm emily compagno. my cohost harris faulkner, kayleigh mcenany, tomi lahren and joining us for the first time in the center virtual seat, jason rantz, seattle radio talk show host. good morning and welcome to you jason and everyone is well for
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the u.s. economy added just 190,000 jobs last month, well short of the 500,000 economists expected but inflation is surging through the rising cost of everyday goods is causing american households an additional $175 a month and it is crushing small businesses. gas prices are the highest in seven years. the biden economy isn't looking too good for the average american right now and we are waiting to hear what the president has to say about it. jason, i like to start with you about this. in part, want to get to the specific point that the lack of hiring is not coming from businesses. employers are eager to hire, we see hired signs litter throughout the country on storefronts but there are nearly 11 million unfilled jobs. for example, by the end of this july, it is not for lack of options. with the issue here? >> jason: there's no shortage of workers here, they're just not going to work. when you look at a 61% labor
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participation rate come here to figure out where is that coming from? it's likely coming from the extended unemployment benefits that lasted through last month but most importantly, this belief that they're going to continue to get more once they get a plan passed in d.c. you've got cities like seattle that have pushed through an eviction moratorium through january the 15th of next year, so what you have is an administration that's effectively creating a sense of entitlement and not yet giving a good enough reason why we should be getting back to work and building back a better, they should just change it, though build back a better at some point in the future are sort of trying to figure it out and it doesn't help you are firing people over a vaccine mandate where people are not looking for work because they don't want to be forced into this vaccine mandate. i think all of that is playing a role here. >> emily: that's right, and is overgeneralized one size fits all solution that counties are
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implementing like the eviction moratorium you discussed ignores the fact that all the economics are interrelated, that everything affects something else and that there's not some type of tremendous wealth gap between landlords and tenants enough to sustain the economy to withstand something like that. jason brought up vaccine mandates and that is a critical nexus point that is leading to workers leaving their jobs or of not being able to find anyone that doesn't require that mandate. >> tomi: how ridiculous when you have americans that want to work, that want to contribute to society, that want to have a sense of purpose and achievement and how they have to decide between a vaccine they may not want an unemployment which is entirely ridiculous. the government created this problem. let's go back two years ago when we have the force closures and markdowns, the government deeming who and what was essential and who and what was not. they hurt so many small businesses. they hurt so many americans that were really struggling to be able to go to work in the first
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place. many wanted to but they were told for the greater good that they needed to stay safer at home and then transition into the re-openings with the increased unemployment benefits and so many americans that became dependent on government. that safety net that was supposed to be in plate became a hammock and so many got so comfortable and that hammock that they didn't want to return to work. i know every single one of you were all in different places across the country but everywhere i live and travel, restaurants have to close sections because they can't get their waiters and waitresses to come to work. they've got extended wait times, you see this everywhere you go but government created this problem and now government thinks they're going to step in and solve the problem. maybe they should let the private sector solve that problem, lift the mandates, cut off the unemployment benefits to those who simply don't want to work and let's get america back to being the first and great again. >> emily: i loved how you phrase that as a hammock because these government programs were
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created as scaffolding to catch the ordinary american labor so they didn't bought them out but they became instead a hammock on which a lot of people are resting. you had great conversations last hour about this topic. what were your key takeaways? >> harris: thank you. steve forbes really brought this home. we have created a situation where we can't get out quickly. it is that anything we do at this point is going to take some time and that's really sad because our economy is really ready to cook. it's hot already, put some food in the pan and fry it up. but the problem is, we can't seem to do that because we keep taking so many steps away from that pot that we want to fry in. and to further that metaphor, can't eat. there's no food there. it gasoline going up, he said even if you were to somehow fill
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this mandate with vaccines to the point where you would even retroactive, you couldn't hire people fast enough to get the economy back but i want to point out that we are well over 35 minutes now waiting for the president of the united states. he was supposed to be speaking at 11:30 a.m. eastern. everybody can run late but when you've got bad news and you know the messaging and how you handle something like this in the white house, this is not a day that he can afford to say i'm not taking any questions so i hope he is prepared because it could get really ugly in terms of reporters leaning in. >> emily: i'm not holding my breath for that. if past history as an example, any indicator. in in the white house and the mainstream media that seems to shift around what exactly is the truth behind these statistics, they are saying the unemployment rate that it fell to 4.8%, they are saying this is a good thing
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but it's coming because almost 200,000 workers have left the workforce for good. in part, many women who were caring for their children because they don't have child care or the schools are being draconian and framing them as terrorists, there's a whole host of reasons but the bottom line is communications emanating from the commander in chief is trying to shift that. >> kayleigh: let me share some facts with you. this jobs report was abysmal pair that is a fact. the chief of staff is delusional and so is joe biden. here is the chief of staff and my house, here is what he had to say about the jobs numbers, tweet number two from the chief of staff this morning as americans are suffering, "the unemployment rate is now down to 4.8%. we've created two times more jobs under president biden and his first nine months than any administration in history."
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this comes after biden month after month we have had these appalling jobs reports and what has the president of the united states told us? my plan is working. it in may, my plan is working. in july, my plan is working. the same words. his refrain is my plan is working so is that what we are going to hear from the president of the united states today as he comes out on this truman-like show he has created? is that what a teleprompter is going to say, this is working? it's not working. when you have people at cnn saying another disappointment when you have the hill way below expectations. when the mainstream media, the liberal media has woken up in site you've got a problem, guess what? you got the chief of staff and you've lost the american people only 39% like you're handling the economy. >> emily: is a radio host at a member of the media as we all
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are, what are you hearing there in the west coast and these democrat led city's? are they parroting what the president is saying, which is a flat out denial of reality and a sharing us in the statistics say differently? >> jason: you keep hearing folks making excuses for what's going on. surrounded by a lot of liberal people who don't want to admit any kind of fault and what we will likely hear from president biden today is the same thing, still going really, really well but it's covid, not enough people are getting vaccinated and that's why people are getting back into the workforce even though again we are firing people who are not going to get vaccinated. i think that's how he's going to do this, pivot to something he thinks he is really strong on which his response to the covid pandemic and obviously the polling is not showing he's doing as well as he might things that ultimately, it's going to be a failure. >> emily: i think you will also probably pointed numbers at the beginning of the pandemic
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which only bolsters the trends going upwards to pat himself on the back rather than the reality of once we open back up. sort of sorry about your seahawks last night. coming up, obtained by her own a fox crew on the ground, machine gun fire into the united states is mexican cartel members visibly taunt u.s. soldiers of the border. plus, they knew? the new report saying president biden's dhs knew about the search on haitian migrants months before it became a crisis. ♪ ♪ as a dj, i know all about customization. that's why i love liberty mutual. they customize my car insurance, so i only pay for what i need. how about a throwback? ♪ liberty, liberty, liberty, liberty ♪ only pay for what you need. ♪ liberty, liberty, liberty, liberty ♪ >> tech: when you get a chip in your windshield... trust safelite. this couple was headed to the farmers market...
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>> harris: american states among our southern border are preparing for a massive migrant search. new reporting the department of homeland security was just made aware in july of thousands of mainly haitian migrants headed to the united states again. but at that point, our government didn't do anything, didn't take any action. all of this as mexican cartel members dressed like military and toting ak-47s have been taunting u.s. soldiers assigned to the border. an unprecedented act of aggression. and then just this morning, our fox news crew at the border got new video of what appears to be cartel machine gun fire from the mexico side near where members of the texas national guard are patrolling. the rounds went above one of their observation posts.
9:16 am
jason, they'd better not hit our guys. >> jason: they better not not because i don't want to see a loss of life because i don't know how the biden administration would actually respond and my sense is probably wouldn't respond. i think it's curious about all of this, the polling about the president's approval ratings at the borders, despite mostly a blackout despite on fox news people are noticing him people are figuring this out and seeing this total chaos in just a few months ago, no problems whatsoever, not chaotic, with got the situation under control and yet they very clearly don't. these southern states and border states which is very important but this impacts ohio and new hampshire, new york, washington, very, very easy to smuggle into this company and its killing folks here.
9:17 am
>> harris: obsessed is not the right word. shocked by the fact that so much that has gone on with this administration since january 20th has happened so quickly. administrations like to make things happen fast. i don't think they wanted any of this to happen and now they can't slow it down. >> kayleigh: we have a white house that is totally and completely asleep at the wheel. they were warned that this would happen should they not embrace the donald trump era border policy. instead, just drop them. they were warned on afghanistan. they ignore the intelligence in both cases and the answer is always we didn't see it happening with this much rapidity. that's what we heard them say in afghanistan. things happen pretty rapidly and you have to be ahead of the ball not behind the eight ball is president biden repeatedly is,
9:18 am
still not reversing courses, underwater by negative 40 points so why are they reversing course because they are stubborn and they don't care but wake up, 60% of hispanics disapprove of your immigration policies, that should be a wake-up call as you are losing in a rapid fashion to use your words. >> harris: everyone on this panel, it's one thing to say that someone might not care and maybe you can attack that in different ways but if this isn't confident because they were so many things on the list that polling wise that's how we measure these things and that's how the white house is undoubtedly, may be the incompetence comes from where did they start? >> tomi: i do believe president biden is incompetent but i don't believe that those that are pulling his puppet strings are incompetent. i don't believe they didn't know
9:19 am
this was going to happen or that somehow asleep at the wheel are underwater. the plan strategy to open our borders to bring in as many people as they possibly can and now they're going to act like they're going to stem the tide but we knew this was going to happen. we knew when they reverse those policies, when they pretty much rolled out the red carpet, they knew this was all going to happen. it is just part of the plan and that's why you are seeing them go into states like texas and the american people might get set up with it and the american people might not vote for democrats given the catastrophe at the border, they are playing the long game. they want to bring in as many illegal immigrants as they can dependent on the democrat party and they want to give them amnesty and voting rights but i don't just think. you look what they're doing in congress, it's quite obvious and i don't think there catering to the will of the american people. they are far more concerned so
9:20 am
the american people in our vote just doesn't quite matter as much. >> harris: i took that note. they are playing the long game because the long game has to do with the votes but it also has to do with a different concept, progressives gaining more power. overtime potentially from what tomi is saying. >> emily: it comes with control, i.e. the infringement of your rights and liberties and secondly, you never get that back unless there's a tremendous change. i have two quick quick points. we opened up by discussing how border agents were being taunted by mexican cartels being shot at across the border. lead to a supreme court decision on what happen was a u.s. border agent shot and killed someone on the other side of the border from the u.s. side and then the parents tried to sue that border agent.
9:21 am
thankfully, the supreme court ruled those parents needed congressional statutory approval to sue but the point is it a raised concerns about the fragility of the court and of course the landscape under this administration that if these border agents in defending themselves, there's a loss of life heaven for bid on either side of the border but they are held personally liable for it, this is one more thing vilifying law enforcement and keeping them from performing their job duties and the second point which is when you talk to kaylee about how quickly this administration is destroying everything, remember about the island of sicily, the italian government accomplish in 20 years what centuries of invaders had not which was the total destruction of the people leading to their ruin and starvation and that sounds a little dramatic at this moment but we are well on our way there. >> kayleigh: only ten months in. >> harris: i don't think it sounds dramatic. we have seen women dropping
9:22 am
their babies over the wall at the border trying to get them into a different situation. i don't think you can overplay the drama and all of this. it's reality. just a quick last thought. >> jason: i agree that they think that this is the long game and going there demographics within the party but understand that only presumes that democrats who are currently democrats don't get disgusted by what this country is becoming as a result of this horrible policy and i think you will start to see a shift and we will see how that all plays out. >> harris: of senators stand in the way on any of the more progressive issues, they will be a lot of chasing going on. i'm not being funny. i mean it. let's move on. up next, the vicious subway attack shaking new yorkers to the core. the soft on crime no bail policy that may be to blame as a prior
9:23 am
victim says she warned over and over about this menace to society. keep watching. ♪ ♪ before you go there, or fist bump there, or... oh! i can't wait to go there! or reunite there,
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welcome to allstate. ♪ ♪ you already pay for car insurance, ♪ why not take your home along for the ride? ♪
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allstate. here, better protection costs a whole lot less. you're in good hands with allstate. ♪ >> kayleigh: big cities soft on crime policies coming under fire is brazen daylight attacks seem to be more and more common. in new york city, a woman dubbed the subway shopper is facing attempted murder charges after shoving another woman into a subway train in new york's times square on monday. the vicious crime caught on tape but it turns out this violent criminal was released from jail without bond two months earlier due to new york's bail reform law. the victim of her previous attacks saying she warned authorities not to let the "menace to society" go free. we learned of a brazen thief shattering new york shoplifting records with 46 arrests for
9:28 am
retail theft and one year alone. hitting one walgreens 23 times in 12 months. "the new york post" dubbing the prolific crook man of steel. i'm jason, coming to you. this woman who was attacked on the subway, we have some rather graphic pictures so we will warn our viewers but we want to pop them up. this woman tried to avoid eye contact with the woman who assaulted her for the next thing she knew, she put her head down, good samaritan was rescuing her, she blacked out for a moment left with a broken nose. she warned the city. she said this person needs to be locked up and still she gets out without fail and then goes on to commit attempted murder. >> jason: we live in a world that has embraced a culture of lawlessness and violence begets more violence. these criminals know they don't pay any consequences so they don't have any disincentive to stop the behavior. we right now have a police force that is demonized.
9:29 am
the funding of the police, police who are retiring in record numbers which means there's no proactive policing so now people like this victim and so many others have to worry walking to work in the morning, going home at night to see their kids, they have to make sure they don't accidentally make eye contact with someone who might just attack them for no good reason. we have all of these laws and all of these policies that are being pushed by democrats and they are not course correcting. and if they don't, this is going to continue to happen. we will have more victims like this and even these images come on this one victim story is not going to change anything because we've seen for months now and for the last year, these democratic cities are not changing course. they are leaning in and going even further. >> kayleigh: this woman going back to 2010 has many arrests for assault and complaints against her and yet she is not up. why?
9:30 am
to mike this is another example of the system failing on both sides. the aggressors sister of says the system has failed her. been in and out of mental institutions, took her off her medication and now repeatedly engaging in violent assault but meanwhile, the victim says the system failed me because that prior victim warned you ahead of time that this would happen again. i know the argument and she says why wasn't this a felony and how was this a misdemeanor because there wasn't a use of an instrument but i argue the aggregate should be there. enhancements exist for a reason. legislatively, things happen and are written based on cases that are horrific and the disparity of strength there, those atrocious images that are difficult to look at existed because someone had multiple arrests and convictions and yet it was still allowed to be on the street. how many more stories we have to talk about and if you are a good defense attorney knowing that certain charges and certain convictions let you off, i would
9:31 am
say i will plea, get anything on the books that gets my client off so we will see a rise in nonviolent agreements because that's their way of working through the system that exists now. >> meanwhile, took attempted murder to get this woman locked up and criminals are becoming more brazen. this is a man who had robbed a 10-year-old girl of her cell phone and he flees on the pink bikes cycle with butterflies on it just more and more brazen, a 10-year-old girl he robbed the cell phone from. >> harris: a loser. i want to go back to something that emily just said about the subway situation. you said no instrument was used, so like you say, you can write these things anyway you want, right? because she definitely has something in her hand so when you say instrument, i assume you mean a gun or a knife but can we get to a point in society after all of the writing, the permeation of peaceful
9:32 am
protesting by insurgents and rioters and terrorists, basically and you were on the streets of your city watching this unfold, can make it to the point where anything you have in your hand including a cell phone is an instrument? if you beat somebody, it's going to hurt. what are we doing with our legal system now that we have all of these areas that are loopholes? we complain about that in an irs system but we have the same thing in our court system, i don't know what she's got her hand, but people are kind of off and backing away. we don't know, maybe that's something to help her push back but she is using that like an instrument and i don't mean in a band. >> emily: just to clarify for viewers, what you were looking at is attempted murder but the prior victim, the one with his photos you saw earlier, the atrocious facial injuries is what was a misdemeanor and that's why this aggressor was back out on the streets and unable to engage in attempted murder so just to clarify,
9:33 am
that's why it was able to happen again in this fashion. >> kayleigh: currently in new york city, 77 have 20 or more shoplifting charges, 77. when emily says there's a pattern to this, there's a pattern to this. >> tomi: it's quite simple, first of all, we need to get rid of the felon coddling politicians. in california, talking about criminal debris alignment, crime and classification in new york talking about cashless bail, the list goes on. also, activist das who won't prosecute anything so you have that whole list of legal problems and policy problems in one basket and then the other basket you have the demonization, the degrading, the demoralizing and defunding of our law enforcement officers. i was just in atlantic city with over 1200 officers at a law enforcement conference in
9:34 am
time and time again i hear them tell me we want to enforce the laws, we want to protect decent law abiding americans, we want to uphold that thin blue line between good and evil but we can do our jobs anymore because politicians don't have our backs and we are now sent out into the streets with little resources being demonized for every step that we take. we need to get rid of those policies. we need to get more officers had and you won't see psychos, lunatics, thugs, and felons on the streets doing what they're doing and feeling comfortable doing it. >> kayleigh: a tragedy. coming up, a serial killer will spend his life behind bars after luring his victims through dating apps. the details on that case next. the lowest rate in newday's history two and a quarter percent, just 2.48 apr. lock in this record low rate and save.
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9:39 am
160 years behind bars. was convicted in 2019 of murdering three women he met on dating apps. he told the judge wednesday that he was framed for the crime. his three victims were sarah butler, robin west, and joanne brown. a fourth woman escaped from him. and she said in court that the attacks have left her paranoid and with no friends obviously going into depth about her trauma, the bottom line is that jerry did not believe him and he will remain for the rest of his life behind bars. what i thought was so intriguing about this in part is he use dating apps deliver these women but these women used dating apps to get him so what sort of the dark underbelly of dating apps and yet social media was used eventually to identify and get this guy. >> tomi: which is great. that's why there's always that bittersweet aspect to social media. a lot of times, criminals make mistake getting law enforcement a better opportunity to find
9:40 am
them and locate them because inevitably, someone will do something stupid on social media and be messy but i also think again when we are talking about this case, talking about gabby petito, the tragedies we have seen in recent months, it is so important for parents that have young children still living in their home, young kids are still using these dating apps, still on social media. there are so many predators out there and it's up to us to be aware of what's going on in to be -- protect ourselves. it's easy to trust everybody and believe everybody come easy to think nobody on the internet can get you but time and time again, that's not the case. we all need to get better at protecting ourselves on social media. >> emily: part of what is so frightening about this is there's an element of trust you need to have to use a dating app and everyone uses these dating apps for it is not like our last block where we talked about indiscriminate crime, you have to have trust and it's frightening the depths of vulnerability we are seeing. >> emily: i understand being a
9:41 am
young woman back when i was single and wanting to meet someone. i met my husband on twitter but we had many mutual friends, we met in a public place at a restaurant, he ended up being the love of my life and we are now married but there is a dark underbelly to this, checks and balances in that situation but google social media dating apps and murder and the stories are coming up in utah, a young woman who was murdered, and nebraska, young woman was murdered age 24, dismembered, there is a dark underbelly to this so please be careful, there can be some real predators on these apps. >> emily: cites just a few of the horrific stories that arrive that we know about on the national level and what brought it home for me is when i was reading an account of a male and female friend talking about their dating apps in the mail said my worst fear about going on one of these dates is the girl is unattractive and we don't get along and the girl said my worst fear is that i am murdered.
9:42 am
your thoughts? >> jason: depending on who's using it, they will have different levels of fear and anxiety. i think on the one hand, you can say it does happen, but it is still incredibly rare but on the other hand, i do think that we let our guards down just a little bit too much. at one point when dating apps started to become a thing, i remember myself included googling everybody you might want to meet on a date do that sort of slough thing but right now, if someone swipes right then to your like okay, let's just go meet at the bar and you're not really doing what you're supposed to be doing. at the same time, this dovetails into the instagram aspect of young girls who are getting impacted from a body image perspective. all of this should be for parents especially if you have college students around these apps or adults but also the kids on the nondating site, you have to start having conversations about this and you have to constantly reset expectations
9:43 am
and reset what's going on behind the scenes potentially. two meta-looking at person because there's a lot of people that have less privilege economically and socially that are more desperate that didn't have the luxury of googling this person met that they are making money on these apps. there's a whole plethora of society that are on these apps for different reason and a lot of these women unfortunately that are victims are frankly nameless and faceless which is why it's our job to elevate them in the national conversation and hopefully guys like this are deterred for life. just ahead, is texas ready for matthew mcconaughey like i am? the actor's thoughts on a new path in politics next. stay with us. ♪ ♪
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9:48 am
joe manchin blasting chuck schumer's g.o.p. for bashing the speech saying stability is gone. this as the senate approves an $80 billion debt ceiling height. we will talk to chris wallace about that all coming up alive as america reports on this friday afternoon top of the hour. >> all right, all right, all right. how you doing? >> pretty good. >> cool. >> harris: oh, my goodness. i don't think he's driving a link in there. that's matthew mcconaughey, hollywood actor, the guy who talks those beautiful lincoln vehicles now. apparently, he is upset about politics on the he's disappointed. he had been pulling high-end texas as he was molding a run for governor and now he is questioning if you should pursue the political past. >> learning about politics, i'm also noting where i'm going i
9:49 am
don't know about politics. is that a place to make realist change or is it a place where you go in there, you put on a bunch of band-aids and for years and walk out and they rip them off and you're gone, i'm not interested in that. >> harris: jason, that sounds like the new movie he is starring in. >> jason: a kind of love it and i can't lie. border crisis, here's what we're going to do. people love celebrity culture and i think he's really good at this. he's popular, he is likable, talented, above average intelligence at least compared to actors in hollywood and you can't quite tell where he stands politically from an ideological perspective but what he just said in that clip is instructive. you have someone who is clearly passionate about this and wondering if it's the right move to get into politics if he really wants to get something done so imagine the noncelebrities, the people who are thinking about running for either a big office or school board position saying i don't
9:50 am
know if this is right for me even though i have some really good ideas and i'm passionate but it's just so corrupt and nothing ever gets done, we are keeping people who are quality candidates from stepping up and running. >> harris: so it's really interesting that you went back to the school board situation, the parents, the doj threatening to sick the fbi. i'm wondering if this is all about an idea if he runs afoul and has different ideas, because they still put him on the list with the fbi? i'm being facetious. >> emily: they might blacklist them from hollywood but i do agree, matthew mcconaughey is someone that i'm sure probably leans a little bit more liberal than i do were some other trump supporting conservatives do but i do think that he tends to be a little more moderate and down the middle and what i think a lot of folks are attracted to and someone like matthew mcconaughey is he wouldn't need that job. he is not a political preacher. he is not a swamp creature. wants to do that job, political
9:51 am
career he chose to pursue because he believes he can make a change in a difference and he cares about communities and about this country and it got to pat him on the back for that. he's also been someone that hasn't been like your typical hollywood leftist who just goes after trump and just goes after conservatives. i truly believe he wants to make a change and i wish more people in hollywood that want to have this activist platform would follow his lead and do it with his grace. >> harris: while you were talking, i sort of can think of somebody else who fit that bill, not part of the swamp, from the outside, didn't need that job, anybody come to mind? >> kayleigh: you read my mind. i don't know if you saw my talking points but exactly, one of the top things i heard when i was traveling the nation on the campaign trail for president trump was voters who said i like him because exactly what tomi said, he didn't need this job. this would hurt him coming off the sidelines, his businesses, his celebrity status but he came off the sidelines because he
9:52 am
loves this country and what it he got? the russian collusion conspiracy narrative, adam schiff saying there's evidence in plain sight, that was a hoax, the lies about russian bounties, president biden accusing him of dereliction of duty, isn't that ironic? that was also a false story. he had the knives out for him from day one but he walked off the sidelines and said i'll do it if the country gets bad enough and the country is pretty bad right now, just a sign-up reminder, the current president is about an hour and a half late for his dismal jobs report speech. >> harris: so interesting that you said that because we just got a little bit of a warning and we have been purged here. you probably see my eyes shifting not because i'm watching netflix or something but i'm watching this and that's what i can see from the studio and now everybody can see it. so as soon as the president of the united states comes forward and decides to talk about what you know is a hot topic, he may start off with the vaccines but he may quickly segue because
9:53 am
those jobs numbers were really, really tough today. i didn't get to you, shifting topics right now and focus on this has the president is due to come out at any moment, just a quick thought on what you might want to ask him? >> i think would be where it should be looking for right now is that her a, the president is spinning the specifics that came out this morning and whether the press asked questions appropriately. we need to hear his answers, not about the trends from the beginning with a pandemic, not about the fact that these jobs. we need to understand from him some type of honesty and transparency even though the set from which he will be broadcasting isn't transparent or honest and is just a facsimile of the actual white house. >> harris: that's been some of the time and he's been at that tiny desk but now at a human human-sized lectern prayer this is the president of the united states, jobs not where he
9:54 am
wants them to be. here's what he has to say. >> president biden: the american unemployment rate is below 5%. in just eight months since i became president in the midst of a grave public health and economic crisis, the unemployment rate is now down below 5% at 4.8%. let me just repeat that. today's report has the unemployment rate down to 4.8%, a significant improvement from when i took office and a sign that our recovery is moving forward even in the face of a covid pandemic. that improvement was widespread. unemployment for hispanic workers was down and the unemployment rate for african-americans fell almost a full percent. and it's now below 8% for the first time in 17 months. a drop of 496,000 and long term unemployment is the second largest single month drop since we started keeping records. the largest was in july. so in the past three months, we
9:55 am
have seen a drop of 1.3 million long-term unemployed. that's the largest three months long term unemployment since we started keeping records in 1948. more to do with great progress in working americans are seeing their paychecks go up as well. in september, we saw one of the largest increases in average wages paid to workers on record. today's report comes one day after the labor department found in the third quarter of this year the number of layoffs and job reductions with the lowest in this country since 1997. overall, the unemployment report shows almost 200,000 jobs were created last month. over 300,000 in the private sector and 26,000 in manufacturing offset by some seasonal adjustments in education and hiring. the monthly total has bounced around but if you take a look at the trend, on average 600,000
9:56 am
new jobs created every month since i took office and in three months before i got there, one-tenth what was being created. 60 to 60,000 instead of 100,000 jobs a month. in total, the job creation in the first eight months of my administration is nearly 5 million jobs. jobs up, wages up, unemployment down. that's progress. and it's a tribute to the hard work and resilience of the american people who are battling through this pandemic. we're going to keep the businesses afloat. remember, today's report is based on a survey was taken during the week of september the 13th. not today, september 13th. when covid cases were averaging more than 150,000 per day. this then, we've seen the daily cases fall by more than one-third and are continuing to trend down, continuing to make
9:57 am
progress. right now, things in washington as you know are awfully noisy. turn on the news in every conversation is a confrontation, and when you take a step back and look at what's happening, they are actually making real progress. maybe he doesn't see i like to move it faster. we are making consistent steady progress, we are making progress on funding the government and raising the debt limits of people can get their social security checks, the military can continue to get paid and so much more. we are making real progress on covid-19 as well. more than 186 million americans are now fully vaccinated. more than 75% of eligible americans have gotten at least one shot. in covid cases are down 40% in the past month, hospitalizations
9:58 am
over 25%. in july when i announce the first vaccination requirement, 95 million eligible americans had not been vaccinated. today, we reduce that from 95 to 67 million eligible americans that haven't been vaccinated. there's more work to do. including getting more people vaccinated but we continue to make progress in the american rescue plan which we passed shortly after i was elected, made progress providing rented mortgage relief to help keep roofs over people's heads, provided checks in pockets and other benefits so families could put food on the table for their families. hundreds and thousands of loans to help small businesses stay open and keep employments -- employees on the job getting paid. towns and cities and states at risk of losing hundreds of jobs because they didn't have the budget to pay, we helped make
9:59 am
their payroll for them so they could keep teachers, police officers, firefighters, essential workers on the job. helping the school stay open with equipment and resources needed to keep students and educators safe and we finally gave a tax break. to families with children which as i speak has provided monthly checks for more than -- more families with 60 million children. $300 per month for every child under the age of seven, $250 a month for every child under the age of 17. keeping the tax cut. it's a tax cut for these people and cutting child poverty nearly in half, over 40%. we are making progress protecting our air and water and well in our natural land, much more to do. i will have more to say about that later today. the jobs numbers also remind us we have important work ahead of us and important investments we need to
10:00 am
>> we have the most productive workers and most innovative minds in the world. we risk losing our edge as a nation if we don't move. our infrastructure used to be the best in the world, according to the world economic forum, united states of america ranks 13th in the world, 13th, on infrastructure. roads, bridges, ports, etcetera. we're among the first in the world to guarantee access to universal education, back at the turn of the 20th century. now, catch this, america is ranked 35 out of 37 major economies. when it comes to invest nothing early childhood education as percentage of gdp. 35 out of 37. all these investments, fuel strong economy, we've taken our foot off the gas. the world has taken notice. including our adversaries, and now they're closing the


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