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tv   Americas Newsroom With Bill Hemmer Dana Perino  FOX News  October 8, 2021 6:00am-8:00am PDT

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soldiers never used this. so i was like, why did you hire me and he said because i want you to teach them confidence. brian: we will have to end it there. great seeing you again. congratulations on your son and all of your success. ainsley: yes, god bless. steve: hey, everybody have a great weekend. we will see you back here on monday. ♪
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>> bill: as you know the price of gasoline affects everything including what you eat. folks the shelling out more for meat, produce, price of pork up 30%. >> dana: pandemic is squeezing supply chains. international shipments grinding to a halt. some cargo ships can't dock with the holiday shopping season around the corner. >> bill: the price of natural gas hit a high. we could be in store for an
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expensive winter. >> dana: before we talk about these numbers i think for the context of it here is what the quinnipiac poll said biden's approval numbers of the economy. 39% approve, 29%. not so good 69% because they're seeing all these prices increase. >> that's right, dana. good to see you, good to see you, bill. this is not a good combination. inflation going higher, not enough jobs, labor shortage underway. look, the inflation situation we have all felt and it will get worse because of this disruption on the supply chain. let me just point to the slowest job growth we've seen all year. first the 194,000 jobs that were just talking about is lower than the expectation. most were expecting half a million jobs to the added in the month of september.
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the key takeaway on the jobs report is the labor participation rate. at 61%, it's not good. it tells you clear evidence that people are not going back to work. they are clearly still expecting more stimulus. even though the unemployment extended benefits went away in september you would have thought given you weren't getting that check maybe you would have gone back to work. not the case. the unemployment -- the unemployment participation rate went from 63.3% in february 2020 to 61.7% in august, down lower this last month. 61%. it shows people are not going to work partly because of all of this money being thrown at them. unfortunately washington is negotiating yet another package. this childcare tax credit is going to be checks to families with children, young children. it will be more incentives to stay home. hopefully washington and the
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white house will start recognizing all of this policy is actually working against them. and add to that the inflation scare and it has a lot to do with the money moving and coming at the economy as well as the covid-related disruption on supply chains. so everybody is telling you to get your christmas shopping done early. that's what should happen. this is not ending any time soon, bill. >> bill: we expected 500,000 jobs. we got 192. deeply disappointing. back to the poll dana mentioned. state of the economy 69% say it's not good or it's poor. how can that be when there are 11 million jobs open today? >> unfortunately there are 11 million jobs but employers can't get the people to come back to work to take the jobs. so you can have all the jobs in the world but if an employer can't find the skilled person to put in that job you are out of a job and you are out of a
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person getting that job. that's why i'm focusing on the labor participation rate. it is not complicated. 61% of those people are participating. that means they're either looking for a job or in the workforce right now. this is the number that sticks out to you in this report because it underlines the negative impact of all the stimulus being thrown at people even though the unemployment extended benefits went away they're still saying i'm not ready to go back to work. i have enough money and i'm expecting more money to come at me creating this welfare state. not good. >> dana: the other thing, maria, is gas prices. everybody feels this. yesterday at the white house the president was asked about it and she said we want gas prices to be lower but the climate crisis, the threat of a climate crisis cannot wait. will they pay attention? will they change course? doesn't sound like it. >> no, it doesn't sound like it
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at all. let's be honest, this is also pollz. on day one joe biden came into the white house and started canceling pipelines. he does not want the pipelines and the oil to be mined and produced in the united states. instead relying on russia, iran, the opec countries. it is simple supply and demand. you don't have the production of oil in the united states and relying elsewhere, prices will go up and that's exactly what has happened. another policy mistake that hits our kitchen table items making things that we need for so much of our lives more expensive. >> bill: great to have you. by the way, the covid trend is in the right direction. yesterday it was remarked that the number of new cases hit the lowest level in two months. it is going in the right direction and see how it factors in on all this. great to see you. and the instant evaluation on the jobs report. thank you for that. meanwhile the u.s. will not
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default on its debt for the next two weeks after the senate voted last night to temporarily raise the debt ceiling until december. that gives democrats a short term reprieve as they argue over president biden's spending agenda. aishah hosni. we punt it now until early december. good morning. >> good morning to you, bill. the headline here is that congress will raise the debt ceiling by nearly half a trillion dollars just to keep the lights on around here for eight weeks. that's a hard sell for the rest of the country but this is the deal that democrats made with minority leader mitch mcconnell who was originally pushing democrats to go at it alone and use a tricky process of reconciliation which they did not want to do. so in the end 11 republicans, mostly leadership and retirees joined democrats in passing this through the senate. many republicans out there
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including senator lindsey graham and former president trump see this as caving to democrats when they had all the bargaining power here. it could just be politically advantageous for republicans extending the chaos for democrats. they are kicking the can to december 3 when democrats will have to face a debt crisis again and also by the way figure out how to keep the government funded as well. despite taking mcconnell's offer leader chuck schumer ticking off republicans on the senate floor. watch. >> senate republicans finally realized that their obstruction was not going to work. despite immense opposition from leader mccon else and members of his conference our caucus held together and we pulled our country back from the cliff's edge that republicans tried to push us over. >> that did not go over well. now the bill goes to the house for final passage but the drama does not end there.
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yesterday protestors confronting senator kyrsten sinema again. they couldn't seem to get her title straight. listen. >> can you talk to us? please today? congresswoman? >> senator. >> this gives you an idea how much pressure lawmakers are under and how much tension we have going on here on the hill. >> bill: she had a great comeback. >> senator. >> bill: thank you on the hill. let's go to manchin. >> dana: i think senator manchin with his head in his hands is representative about what a lot of people felt about the extreme partisanship. this is not helping. the republicans gave you a lifeline and the democrats are still in a fix and you are making all of them mad. you even made mitt romney mad. >> bill: afterwards he went after and some others followed chuck schumer off the senate floor. what manchin talked about was civility on the hill. what aishah mentioned there is you have the win.
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take the win and be gracious about it. that's not what you got last night. >> dana: it didn't help. the problem is they still have senators who don't want to vote for it. as the southern border prepares for a migrant surge blinken and mayorkas and garland will discuss security issues at the border today. we're live with more this morning. hi, bill. >> hi, good morning to you. one u.s. official who notably will not be making the trip to mexico today is vice president kamala harris who we know has been put in charge of the border crisis which continues to get worse. take a look at the video we shot here last night in roma, texas. we embedded with the national guard out here. roma is one of the busiest places here. the national guard has soldiers all over the place and observation posts all over the place keeping an eye out for
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runners and human smugglers. we started seeing rafts coming across the river bringing illegal immigrants across the river. texas national guard turned one of the boats back. this is something we were on the look out for all evening long. national guard has a lot of nice equipment. night vision and able to scan the river and look for anything that looks out of sorts. but eventually in the later night hours we started seeing a constant stream of these rafts and human smugglers and they were bringing across hundreds of family units. you will see the smugglers. they weren't afraid. one guy was shirtless and laughing making jokes saying money, money, money rubbing his fingers together making the cash symbol. these smugglers aren't afraid. they're bringing hundreds of people over at a time. mostly family units dumped onto the shoreline by the doensz. we talked to one man and said he spent $12,000 to bring him, his wife and child.
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there was an unaccompanied girl age 10 who came across alone. take a look at the photos. what was on the shoreline as the boats were coming across. well over 100 people waiting to be across with the thermal vision from the national guard and a second photo here. they are able to watch th guys during the night coming across the river and bringing human cargo over. ask them why they aren't able to arrest them on the shoreline saying it's a safety issue. they're worried the other smugglers will flip a raft over and it will turn into a rescue operation for a bunch of little kids. look at this last piece of video. remarkable last night. we witnessed automatic gunfire going from mexico directly into the united states. the national guard soldiers we were with you can hear them saying whoa, holy bleem. it is going directly into the united states going above one
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of their observation posts near the border wall. but incredibly rare to see direct gunfire from a machine gun going into the ution us like that. this was a second volley. i didn't my phone out in time for the first valley. the national guard soldiers said armed cartel members with ak-47s have taunted them and racked the slides on their guns and yelled to them in spanish oh, we should just shoot you soldiers. tensions along the rio grande along the border going up. that cartel activity in the city behind us is still there. we'll send it back to you. >> bill: wow. bill, that looked like tracer fire and if the video is correct from left to right it would be from south to north as you described from the mexican side. what would they be firing at? >> we don't know. in past days the soldiers have told us there have been a ton
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of cartel gun fights in the city behind us. one of the most violent cities. we don't know if the gunfire was from a mexican drug cartel shoot-out or just shoongt across the border as an intimidation factor. we don't know. it was tracer gunfire. you can see the red tracers every few rounds is when you see the tracers. the soldiers told us they suspect it was from an m240 machine gun because the tracers were so slow it was a .50 caliber machine gun. they don't know exactly. you can hear the reaction of the soldiers in the background watching it. they were shocked to sight. >> bill: remarkable report. thank you, bill, for that. >> dana: >> dana: be waffle what they wish for. >> the quinnipiac poll is rich with data. there is a lot there.
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biden support on immigration among hispanics, disapprove 69%. remarkable. wanted to share that with you. in the meantime we're back in the flow. chris laundrie joins the search for his son. talk to you brian's disappearance. >> dana: after decades of gains why police departments across the country are struggling to recruit black officers. >> bill: hunter biden has buyers lined up for his paintings as the white house continues to sidestep questions over ethics concerns. ♪♪ helping them discover their dreams is one of the best parts of being a parent. one of the most important is giving them ways to fulfill them. for over 150 years, generations have trusted the strength and stability of pacific life.
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program and we got all that vaccine enough for everyone we're vaccinating 3 million people a day we're getting very close before things began to slow down. >> dana: it was in september of 2020 when he and kamala harris said they were skeptical about the vaccines if they were developed and approved under the trump administration. credit where credit is due when it comes to the distribution program, very good. it was not developed under the biden administration. >> bill: number of new cases within a two month low that's good. let's keep the trend going. we move to american cities across the country seeing a drop in the number of african-american officers on the force. it's a big deal now. over the past two years new york city and philadelphia, chicago and washington, d.c. have seen numbers fall about double digits. lapd saw the 24% drop in black officers going from 1,175 in 2010 to only 885 today. that was real implications on the street.
6:22 am
get perspective from l.a. officer and public speaker deon joseph. from baltimore clyde boatwright from the order of police. officer joseph, tell us why you think this trend is going in the wrong direction. >> well first in late 80s and early 90s you had a huge herring push to get african-americans on the job. you have a lot of those officers retiring now. the major issue is you have the inability or the almost improbability of getting african-americans to join due to the violation of police officers over the last six or seven years it makes it tough for them to recruit african-americans. who would want to do this job when you get called a beast at every feast. >> bill: explain why it's so important to have african-americans on the force in your city.
6:23 am
>> well, it's important because we're in an age -- was that for me or you, yes. it's important because many people feel comfortable with people they can identify with. i don't believe your race should matter when it comes to policing but for a lot of african-americans, you know, there is an ability to kind of relate. for me i understand the fears that a lot of people in the african-american have because i had those same fears. the diverse between me and them i saw the other side and want to use that knowledge to build bridges with the community. i think african-american officers -- many can convey that and make that happen. but unfortunately because they aren't joining, we're seeing the same old same old. >> bill: mr. boatwright in maryland. the trend is similar. why? >> well, we've seen our political leaders have used the defund police movement as a political football to advance
6:24 am
their own careers. we've made the policing profession so unattractive to not only african-americans but other minorities. to sit there and expect people to join the ranks of a profession that has been vilified for the last 18 months or two years or so, to expect people to want to join that, you know, that is an unreasonable expectation. to use a football an all gee, we don't have people warming up in the bullpen to come into the game. and that's because they've made this profession so unattractive. >> bill: wow. that's unfortunate. you look at the homicide rate, they spiked nationwide when you compare 2019 to 2020. you are up 30%. and they are telling me officer joseph that's the largest jump in 100 years. >> right. once again it comes from -- i always understand with when it's joe in the basement.
6:25 am
when our politicians get behind it and start pushing the same narrative and then you have community advocates who are hell bent and detrackors hell bent on destroying law enforcement. you have to cut off the supply and they have severely cut off the supply of african-american. i want the young african-american community to listen to me. i'm not a crayon. you can't use my blue or black side. i am a beautiful african-american male and proud of it and proud of the work i've done and what we need is to put african-american officers who can convey that to young african-americans that this job is what you make it. your soul and will control you, not your skin color or the color of your ooun ferm. -- uniform. >> bill: great statement. mr. boatwright in conclusion the officer is right about new york city in the early 90s with ray kelly. he is right about l.a. with willie williams coming out of the rodney king affair.
6:26 am
how do you reverse this? >> you have to go into the community and get people to buy into being the change that they want to see. the only way to change a systemic process is to get involved. so we have to find things and offer those type of incentives to give people of color to be enthusiast particular about joining the ranks again. it is a great profession and encourage young people to come this way and it is all about just like the officer said, this profession is what you make it. but we have to make it attractive for them to want to come here. >> bill: i love the message and wish you both the best of luck. you need it for your communities. deon joseph and clyde boatwright. thank you for coming in today. >> thank you. >> the biden administration just said we are domestic terrorists. this board should pass a
6:27 am
resolution tonight condemning the department of justice for trying to intimidate and cancel parents. >> dana: parent protestors firing back in response to a crackdown by the biden justice department. what it means for the fight over school curriculums and keeping china in check. the secret u.s. military operation drawing a heated response from beijing. gold. your strategic advantage. i wonder how the firm's doing without its fearless leader. you sure you want to leave that all behind? yeah. stay restless with the rx. crafted by lexus. experience amazing at your lexus dealer.
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by refinancing up to 100% of your home's value, you could take out $50,000 or more. you could use that money to pay credit card debt and other expenses, plan for retirement, and get back on your feet financially. call newday usa right now. >> dana: new details on the search for gabby petito's missing boyfriend. authorities revealed brian laundrie was under police surveillance after he disappeared last month. the hunt for laundrie is focused on a florida nature reserve. brian's father joined the effort for the first time yesterday. police are denying reports investigators found a fresh campsite. >> bill: parents fired up over critical race theory in northern virginia taking a stand against the justice department's decision to bring in the f.b.i. to investigate
6:33 am
what it calls a spike in threats against educators and school board members. we're back on the story today. alex hoff with more. >> virginia has become a mirror when it talks about education and parents aren't the only ones fired up about the role of federal law enforcement. senate minority leader mitch mcconnell sent a scathing letter to merrick garland saying telling elected officials they're wrong is democracy, not intimidation. he is referencing the memo released by the justice department where garland agreed to provide federal resources amidst rising tensions at school board meetings nationwide. >> regardless of the reasoning, threats and violence against public servants is illegal. that's what he was conveying from the department of justice. >> the move was initiated by the national school board association that likeened actions of some parents to domestic terrorists.
6:34 am
why mcconnell's letter condemned violence or harassment but he called it federal overreach. parents should be telling their local schools what to teach. now the d.o.j. hasn't swayed parents from turning out to school board meetings. we heard from a lot of upset parents last night in a meeting in fairfax county, virginia. a major point of concern getting the stand, pray, vote in leesburg, virginia summit. glen youngkin and tennessee senator marsha blackburn are among the scheduled speakers. >> bill: big race coming up there a couple weeks in virginia for a governor's job. the issue is on the ballot. >> dana: i talked to a state representative in virginia last night who said definitely education and parents' involvement in education is a top issue. critical race theory one and terry mccauliffe the democrat said this yesterday. >> it is not taught here in virginia.
6:35 am
>> how do you define it? >> doesn't matter it isn't taught in virginia so i won't spend my time. i won't spend my time because the school board and everyone else said it is not taught. it's racist. it is a dog whistle. >> bill: so the republican in this race is making a big deal out of it. youngkin thinks there is a real opportunity in the northern suburbs of virginia that have gone blue for the past 12 or 13 years, some of those parents and voters could come back his way and maybe pull off an upset. >> dana: watch voter intensity in an off year election, it just might put youngkin over the top. move on to this. china pressuring the u.s. on taiwan after the "wall street journal" reported american special ops have been secretly training taiwanese forces for at least a year. beijing is urging the u.s. to withdraw those troops. let's bring in dan hoffman.
6:36 am
it was under wraps for a while. beijing not pleased. >> well, taiwan is an economically vibrant, independently functioning democracy and why it's an threat to president xi's rule. a good thing the united states is providing military assistance. two dozen u.s. special forces and marines providing tactical training. contrast that with china's massive military harassment, military aircraft flights over taiwan which reached a record number this week. china is seeking to isolate taiwan diplomatically and mounting military operations against taiwan as well as espionage attacks.
6:37 am
>> dana: an agreement the u.s. has that we would protect taiwan as these provocations accelerate from china. do you see that holding under a biden administration? >> i think it is tenuous right now. we recognize china in 1979. that was based on a peaceful resolution of issues related to the taiwan strait and congress quickly passed the taiwan relations act that allows for us to provide military assistance to taiwan. right now there is no question that china, based on xi's own words it's the 100th anniversary of china's communist party china seeks if need forceful reunification of taiwan with the mainland. taiwan is under great threat. the question for the biden administration and intelligence community is what are president xi's plan and the trip wires that would indicate an imminent invasion and are we doing enough to deter the aggression?
6:38 am
>> dana: you had the nuclear submarine hitting something in that area. something we should be concerned about? a situation like that could lead to an escalation. >> right. there is always the question of a miscalculation and why the chinese military incursions is of great concern. i think we're waiting to hear more about the u.s.s. connecticut, what might have happened in the south china sea. china is militarizing the south china sea and it is getting quite congested. the french nuclear submarines entered the same area in february 2021 and we're demonstrating those are international waters. china is trying to impose their sovereignty in the area, wrongly. >> dana: a c.i.a. mission centered focused on china and technology. it will further strengthen our collect irving work on the most important geopolitical threat we face in the 21st century.
6:39 am
an adversarial chinese government. something like this will irritate china as well but do you think it's important for the united states to figure out a way to reduce the threat? >> i have think it's a great move by director burns. if you look at our relationship with china and at its lowest point since we recognized china. every area of conflict has an intelligence component to it. by creating the new china mission center director burns china is our greatest threat and mount a full-court press with the best intelligence collection and analysis so that the biden administration can have that information at hand when they seek to make very difficult decisions whether on trade, china's concealing the outbreak and saver tee of the coronavirus pandemic. espionage activities and the threats to taiwan and china is a global threat from asia to africa. we really need the entire c.i.a. focused on this one.
6:40 am
>> dana: dan, great to sigh. i love your back drop today but i miss the kid art. send me a text. >> thank you very much. >> bill: covid cable. thank you, dan, fox news alert now september jobs report is out and it missed its mark in a big way. gas prices keep rising. what does it mean? we'll talk with labor secretary marty walsh in a moment live. they customize my car insurance, so i only pay for what i need. how about a throwback? ♪ liberty, liberty, liberty, liberty ♪ only pay for what you need. ♪ liberty, liberty, liberty, liberty ♪
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>> dana: tesla is moving its headquarters to austin, texas from california. he cited houtioning affordability and long commutes as some of the reasons behind the decision. musk moved to texas last year and despite the location change
6:46 am
he says the company still plans on expanding production in california. you know what? it's big news. deciding to leave a really beautiful place, california, to go to another beautiful place. if you have workers that can't afford homes you have to make a different decision. >> bill: taxes are better in texas, we know that. >> dana: there is austin city limits. >> bill: chock one up for texas. top story now u.s. economy adding a disappointing 194,000. marty walsh, good morning to you mr. secretary. the estimate was half a million. we missed it by 300,000. private sector added jobs, the government lost jobs. what explains this, sir? >> i think this is a complex report as we look at it. one of the areas i think that
6:47 am
the government missing the mark was in education. public education. we had a long conversation about it this morning trying to really figure out what is the situation and what's going on there. overall when you look at the 4.8% unemployment rate, you know, what's happened since the beginning of this year we've added 5 million jobs to the economy, 500,000 average over the last three months but we know we have work to do, no question about it. i won't sugar coat what we have to do. >> dana: i'm curious where the workers are. we do interviews nearly every day with entrepreneurs across the country, employers who can't find workers. a few months ago the president said just pay them more and a lot of people we're talking to have raised wages way up and yet they still can't get the workers or they'll say we interview somebody, they come on board, we train them for a week and they don't come back to work. this is your area of ex per teetion. -- expertise.
6:48 am
what's keeping people from filling these 11 million jobs. >> the pandemic is creating lots of challenges here in the job market. when you look at other countries around the globe, they are facing some of the same challenges we're facing here. i think a lot of people are looking at are they going to make a career change, looking at work/life balance to change. also i think people are still concerned about the pandemic and the delta variant. one of the numbers in the job report 78,000 jobs added in the hospital leisure area. that's a direct correlation the number wasn't better because of the delta variant. still lots of concerns and issues people have. we need to continue to push vaccines to get more people vaccinated. that's another issue in our country. as we think about approving vaccines for younger kids in schools i think that will again bring more people back into the job market. there are lots of challenges. i wish i had the right answer fine-tuned but two months ago
6:49 am
we were talking people thought it was the $300 benefit keeping people out of work and it wasn't the case. if it were we would have seen it reflected in this job report. >> bill: it is not good or what you're looking for. 11 million jobs tonight could be open. if you want to work today you can. i just wonder beneath the surface is it still built on sand? is this an economy we don't yet understand coming out of a pandemic? >> i think there are a lot of questions we have to answer as we move forward. i know we have to continue to move forward. president biden has directed all of us to make sure we continue to do our job and to move forward so we're working to get more job training out there. american job centers around the country, 2800 of them encouraging people to go into them and looking for a new career, training and resume building and job, get connected to those job centers. we have the holidays coming and lots of companies like ups and other companies hiring people
6:50 am
for the christmas season and for the holiday season. so we need -- >> bill: that's then but with regard to today, dana, we saw this poll. this poll is not good. 69% disapprove of the job you guys are doing on the economy. >> the stock market is strong. we have 5 million jobs added to the economy since president biden took office. american rescue plan investments are working. these are working. but again a lot of it is what people perceive and for myself the secretary of labor we need to work harder. >> dana: one last question for you. the fed has said that the inflation concerns are transitory or temporary is what they mean. we're talking to lots of people, they say everything that they're buying in order to sell at the restaurants, for example. all the steaks and pork and bacon is way up so all those costs are eating into it. inflation, do you think it's really temporary or are you
6:51 am
concerned? >> i'm not an economist. i do think -- i listen to the folks that i have on my team here and they are all saying to me it will be temporary as we move forward here. it goes back to the first question both of you asked me in the beginning. we need to get more people into the market and more people working and fill the jobs that are open. >> bill: hope you come back soon. it will be out there for a long time, this issue. secretary marty walsh, thank you for coming back. >> dana: thank you. search for brian laundrie continues as we await the final autopsy results for gabby petito. hunter biden's art show is raising etconcerns. how the white house is addressing them? ♪♪♪
6:52 am
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6:57 am
>> bill: good news on the afghan front. all americans stranded in the town in an airport in afghanistan were evacuated. you might remember this satellite photo here about a month ago showing planes loaded with evacuees grounded by the taliban. prevented them from getting out. despite the latest evacuations the administration cannot still say how many americans are stuck in taliban territory. in touch with a group trying to get them out. they were successful yesterday but still work to be done. >> dana: there is still a lot that has to be done. we'll keep an eye on that. hunter biden, five prints have been sold for $75,000 each. but his art shows continue to raise ethics concerns. griff jenkins has the story in washington >> good to be in the art business if your last name is biden. the "new york post" reporting the president's son sold five
6:58 am
art prints to unidentified buyers for a total of $375,000 through the gallery. prior to his show opening in l.a. where he entertained 200 celebrity guests and buyers including the mayor garcetti, the president's nominee to be u.s. ambassador to india. jen psaki deflected when pressed. >> hunter biden's representatives that the white house provided suggestions for. i would refer you to them for questions about the event and as well as the representatives of mr. garcetti in terms of his attendance. >> this is former white house ethics chief for george w. bush tells fox news this presents issues for the white house. >> this is an ethics problem for the president. you cannot have the impression
6:59 am
that the ambassador to france who will be doing favors for anyone who does things for the president's family. >> the top republican on the house oversight committee warned about the potential for influence peddling. >> hunter biden has a history of trying to sell influence to foreign nationals. influence to his family name and if you look at what's going on in the art world now, unfortunately the art world has become a place for massive money laundering. this is a way for people in china to funnel money to shady american interests. >> meanwhile a team of lawyers are reportedly busy vetting for an upcoming new york city gallery show postponed to the spring. >> dana: we'll put it in our calendars. i never heard the word galerist before. have you heard that word? i am going to add that word to my vocabulary.
7:00 am
>> bill: if you were jen psaki fielding it on a daily basis. >> dana: i would say call the galerist. it is a new word and i would like to use the new word. it is probably her least favorite question every day and probably not going to stop. all right. it is all hands on deck at the border as the southern border crisis is reaching a boiling point. three top members of the biden team are heading to mexico today to discuss the situation and it's getting worse by the day. welcome to a new hour of "america's newsroom," i'm dana perino. >> bill: i'm bill hemmer good morning. it's friday. we've almost made it here, my dear. >> dana: not a galerist. >> bill: adding to the chaos, drug cartels are getting bolder running illegal operations without fear of consequence. >> dana: the border crisis has taken a major political toll on the biden presidency and threatening to derail his agenda not even nine months in
7:01 am
office. >> bill: quinnipiac show the overwhelming majority disapprove of the president's handling immigration. they are getting the attention of the white house. jackie heinrich from the north lawn. >> we have been asking the white house about how they plan to stem illegal migration at the southern border for months but the administration really starting to get questions from the rest of the media last month when we saw the flood of mostly haitian migrants streaming into texas. now it is starting to bear out in the president's polling. the president is under water on all but one key issue according to that poll. his lowest job performance were on immigration and the southern border. 25 and 23% approving of the job he is doing. 67% disapprove. now the secretaries of state and homeland security are headed to mexico with the attorney general to discuss u.s./mexico security cooperation. the mexican president has pushed the u.s. to address root
7:02 am
causes of migration. that job was delegated to vice president kamala harris and she notably is not going on this trip. instead she will be in new jersey to talk about vaccines and childcare. secretary blinken projected optimism in paris ahead of the mexico trip. >> we got a very big agenda. evidence of the fact that the relationship, while some issues like migration understandably get a lot of headlines is incredibly broad and deep rooted and i think we'll be covering a lot of ground. >> even while blinken was in paris migration issues were front and center. he addressed the elephant in the room as thousands of mostly haitian migrants remain in columbia. the state department and vice president ramirez discussed the strong cooperation between the united states and columbia on regional and global issues including migration.
7:03 am
the u.s. tell gaition heads to mexico. we haven't been given a preview on what kind of proposals they might be discussing but former trump administration officials are cautioning that any sort of money that would go toward reforms should not happen without accountability measures. we'll be watching for that. >> bill: they will be asking for money, we know that. jackie heinrich from the white house. >> republicans played a dangerous and risky partisan game and i am glad that their brinksmanship did not work. >> dana: chuck schumer taking a swipe at his colleagues across the aisle after the vote to extend the debt ceiling and fire comments not sitting well with a democrat. joe manchin shaking his head in frustration had this to say. >> it was not appropriate at this time. i just think basically what we have to do is find a pathway forward and deweaponize. we have to deweaponize. you can't be playing politics,
7:04 am
none of us can. civility is gone and i won't be part of getting rid of it. i will try to bring it back and i speak out when i see someone do something i don't like. >> dana: i understand that the frustration on the democratic side on the senate is at a fever pitch with manchin but his frustration with them feels to be the same and doesn't look like it will help him get to yes on the president's big agenda. >> no, good morning, guys. it was interesting his saying i'll try to restore civility in the senate. good luck to senator manchin in that effort. i love the reaction of somebody in the schumer camp who heard that joe manchin was criticizing the lack of civility on the part of shooum or they said he is not civil, he is from brooklyn. they play hardball there. as much as schumer was calling out mitch mcconnell on his
7:05 am
blocking until yesterday the passing of the extension of the debt limit, republicans were tougher on mcconnell. you have people like lindsey graham and ted cruz criticizing him saying he had caved and that they had the democrats on the ropes and shouldn't have let them off. there is very little civility on the right or the left inside the u.s. senate. >> bill: gracious is not a popular word in your town at the moment. i read a report with susan collins followed chuck schumer back into his office when that happened. you got kyrsten sinema going from arizona to d.c. about once a week. and they've got her number, chris. they know what plane she takes and what bathroom she uses and now we know she -- they know what car she drives. watch. >> who will you leave out for the build back better biden agenda? can you talk with us? please today, congresswoman? >> senator.
7:06 am
>> senator sinema, would you please tell the majority of americans who support build back better why you won't vote for it? >> that was tame compared to the bathroom scene. >> she is on an open street. she is a u.s. senator, not congresswoman, and it was very polite. i don't really have any problem with that. but this gets to a bigger issue, guys. that is that joe biden is trying to pass an fdr new deal or a lyndon johnson great society but he has a 50/50 senate and a three-vote margin in the house. i looked the other day. maybe my numbers are a little off but they are oef about right when lyndon johnson passed the great society in 1965 after his landslide victory he had 67 senators. he had 2/3 of the senate were democrats. i think he had 295 of the 435
7:07 am
members of the house were democrats. he had a landslide mandate and majority so he have didn't have to worry about two senators going off the reservation. when you are at 50/50, every one of them is a potential roadblock and that's the problem with joe biden trying to pass this very ambitious, aggressive agenda without a very aggressive, ambitious majority in the house and senate. >> dana: biden said two senators shouldn't be able to stand in the way of our agenda. not just two senators, it would be 52 indeed. there is all of that that's happening and in the meantime looking at the polls, chris, the president at 69% disapproval on the economy. it gets into the hi 30s and make all the legislative things harder and the september job numbers. we expected 500,000. we ended up with 194,000.
7:08 am
11 million jobs open across the country. workers aren't materializing with employers. how will that affect things in the next few weeks as they try to get this done? >> in different ways. as far as the poll numbers those are very bad for joe biden. these are tough votes from moderates spending so much money for progressives not spending as much money as they want. it is a lot easier to vote for a president and hold your nose if a president has an approval rating in the high 50s or low 60s. when he is 38% approval. not in the 40s, 38% he doesn't have -- he doesn't derive much political cover. the flip side is the bad jobs numbers to a certain degree may help biden make the argument we need more money in spending for build back better. all the talk about inflation and yes inflation is a problem but if this had been a five or
7:09 am
six or 700,000 jobs created it is harder for him to say we need all this government spending. at this point with a fairly -- >> bill: who is coming on sunday? >> thank you for that. we'll have steve scalise from the house to talk about all of this. we think that the white house is going to give us a top official as well. you have the jobs numbers, you have the debt limit which passed but only for six weeks or so. and we've got the domestic agenda and democrats are still nowhere in terms of being able to figure out a middle poirnt between 3 1/2 trillion and 1 1/2 trillion. if you had to choose between 1 1/2 trillion and 3 1/2 trillion you could come up with some number in the middle? i could do that. >> dana: i'm not going to do the deal but of course you could figure it out.
7:10 am
>> bill: see you sunday. with regard to sinema i don't know what you think about this. airplane, bathroom, on the sidewalk there, joe biden was asked about this this week and said it was inappropriate. the only people it doesn't happen to are the people having secret service standing around them. i wonder what she would think about that? as chris mentioned it was tame but this scene in arizona was not. >> dana: i would assume this has hardened her position and obviously she represents her constituents to the best of her ability. arizona is not brooklyn. i think the democrats fail to remember that. get out of the bubble, go out west and see what it's like for her as a democrat in arizona. they should try to work with her. >> bill: to florida we move. the search for brian laundrie. they have moved to that florida nature reserve this weeks refuting claims saying they did not find remnants of a fresh
7:11 am
campsite. phil keating is at the laundrie family home in north port, florida. what's new? >> heavely criticized by the parents of gabby petito for doing nothing to help them find their missing daughter and doing nothing to find their own son, brian laundrie, things changed briefly yesterday as the dad met searchers at the trail head where this mustang was found parked and empty 23 days ago. for the first time thursday, the father, chris laundrie, joined law enforcement for the search for his son or any evidence of him. he went in on an off road golf cart, down a trail and into the nature area. the father and deputies spent three hours along the trails in the backcountry. laundrie showed deputies where he and his son hiked and where his son might have gone that day. the same area had already been searched in the first days after laundrie was reported missing. the nature tour didn't last
7:12 am
long and chris laundrie left. per the family attorney, quote, there were no discoveries. the effort was helpful to all. the water in the preserve is receding and certain areas are more accessible to search. hopefully brian will be located soon. the parents say he warkd the mustang at the trail head september 13th for a hike two days after gabby petito's parents reported her missing. laundrie has not been seen since, 25 days ago. he had been on the summer road trip on west with gabby petito who was found dead in a wyoming national forest three weeks ago. after that camp site not being true according to north port, they said cell phones that the couple had on their big out west road trip have never been found. that helps explain why brian laundrie bought a new cell phone in florida. >> bill: now we're into october. phil keating in florida today.
7:13 am
>> dana: more americans facing inflation and supply chain crisis now add another problem. september's job report showing many americans are not looking for work. we'll tee up the friday money team. >> bill: outrage against the justice department after they plan to monitor what happens at the school board meetings. betsy devos and her reaction on that move next. >> the f.b.i. has no place in our school board. this is not russia. this is not communist china. this is the united states of america. ♪♪ helping them discover their dreams is one of the best parts of being a parent. one of the most important is giving them ways to fulfill them. for over 150 years, generations have trusted
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7:19 am
deputy press secretary told reporters that the biden administration is monitoring the global fuel shortage but has no plans to take action to help ease the cost burden. the average price of a gallon of gas has reached 3.26, up more than a dollar compared to this time last year. >> dana: that's a lot. i did think one of the things said at the white house yesterday was that of course they want lower gas prices but the threat of climate change cannot afford to wait. that's why they are pressing forward with the policy. >> bill: you are pushing opec to pump more and they say we'll do it our time and charge you what we want to charge you. >> dana: you are saying the quiet part out loud again. watch this. >> i really think at this point the only thing to do is have a mass exodus from the public school system. that's it. [applause] >> dana: florida mom drawing a standing ovation after calling for a max exodus from public schools amid outrage over the
7:20 am
department of justice's directive for the f.b.i. to investigate threats of violence at school board meetings. this comes days after the national school board association wrote a letter to president biden asking his administration to treat parents' protests at school meetings as possible acts of domestic terrorism. hear to weigh in is betsy devos former secretary of education. i want to read from the garland memo. while spirited debate about
7:21 am
policy matters in protected under our constitution it doesn't extend to threats of violence and of course nobody i think wants violence or the intimidation. but there are parents who are very mad. imagine what it would have been like for you as the secretary of education to see the attorney general suggest something like this. what would that secretary of education at that point should have done? >> well, dana, thank you for having me. it is a completely disproportionate over the top response to real and valid concerns that parents across this country are having and they need to have the opportunity to express their voices, their opinions, school board meetings are the appropriate place and no one is condoning any violence. local law enforcement is there
7:22 am
to address those issues should they arise. the fact is the far left of the democrat party wants to continue to control childra nui and the whole effort is essentially right out of the marxist playbook to separate parents from their kids and control kids' futures. >> dana: your entire career you've been supportive of school choice. nikole hannah-jones with the 1619 project had this response in terms of people demanding school choice. you already have choice. you homeschool or pay tuition. is that really the choices there? >> that's not choice for a lot of families as we all know. the resources need to follow the kids. i use the met -- metaphor of the backpack. they need to take the resources spent on them, over $750 billion for k-12 education annually alone, put those resources directly behind each child and let the families determine what their best fit and what their best environment is going to be. >> dana: do you think the pandemic leads to more innovation when it comes to school choice? >> it absolutely has. we've seen the advent of these learning pods and other small family-organized schools. a lot more homeschooling.
7:23 am
we've seen for many kids, while distance learning hasn't worked for a lot of them, it has worked for others. and so this creation and creativity can continue the more we support policies that empower families to make those choices and decisions. i have every confidence that with the states that are undertaking this now and with the continued call for more choices and more options, we are going to see even more creativity develop as a result. >> dana: our recent fox news poll they asked about the teaching of critical race theory. favored 27%, opposed 39%. those who hadn't heard enough were 32%. this issue is driving -- based in virginia, this issue in virginia of education is as i understand it from people working on those campaigns about in the top three issues. and when you have parents who have that sort of passion and the intensity that will drive
7:24 am
them to the polls do you think that education could make a difference for the republican this time around? >> absolutely. and i've maintained this for a long time. parents are even more attune today than a year and a half ago about what their kids are learning or not learning. they are -- many of them are angry. many of them are frustrated and education is definitely going to be an increasingly important issue. and republican candidates should take note of this and make sure that they are on the right side of the equation. >> dana: thank you for being here today. have a good weekend. >> thanks so much, dana. >> bill: 24 past the hour now. americans seeing empty shelves at stores across the country. the things they need stuck on a ship that can't dock. why this is happening and likely to get worse? september jobs report falling far short of expectations. can the administration right the ship? talk to the friday money team,
7:25 am
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on your screen right now to see if your doctor is in our network, to find out if you can save on your prescriptions, and to get our free decision guide. humana, a more human way to healthcare. >> dana: congestion issues at the nation's busiest ports with cargo ships forced to wait for weeks to dock delaying shipments of many consumer goods. jonathan hunt is live in long beach, california. it doesn't seem like the line ever gets shorter. >> it is not getting much short, dana. if you like tens of millions of americans have gone to any of your local stores recently be it a grocery store, wal-mart, target and thought the shelves are pretty empty and there is a scare -- scarcity you need. this port is responsible for
7:31 am
half of all the container ships that deliver goods to the u.s. at the moment off of long beach and the port of l.a. we have some 60 of those container ships that can't get into dock as yet being forced to wait. each of those carry 15,000, 20 foot containers and each ships could carry something like 120 million pairs of shoes, 250 million ipads or 700 million canned food and multiply it by 60 ships shows sitting off these ports you can see what the problem is. the executive director of the port here saying it is simply a question of how many ships are being brought here to the u.s. to deliver goods. listen here. >> it's like bringing 10 lanes of freeway traffic into five at the port. our american importers are
7:32 am
really struggling to ingest all of this cargo into their domestic supply chains. >> and take a look at the wait times for those ships. it is currently 10 days that they are being forced to wait off port, pre-pandemic it was zero days. problem is unloading them as well. they simply don't have enough truck drivers. if you are thinking about toys for your kids for this coming holiday season, they are going to be pretty scarce and it is going to put a lot of pressure on small toy stores in particular. >> your industry is made up 95% of small companies and they really exist for the holiday buying season. and if they can't get their cargo over in time for the holidays, we think many of these small companies won't be able to make it and will go out of business. >> if you are looking for a silver lining, part of the problem is that we are buying
7:33 am
so much largely online. that's why so many goods are being imported. there is a real problem when you see 60 ships sitting off the port here with hundreds of millions of dollars worth of goods that at the moment they just can't get to our stores. >> dana: think about all the workers on those ships. they are trapped, too. jonathan, thank you. >> overall when you look at the 4.8% unemployment rate, you know, and what has happened since the beginning of this year we've added 5 million jobs to the economy, 500,000 average over the last three months but certainly we know we have work to do, no question about it. i won't sugar coat what we have to do. we have more work to do. >> bill: secretary walsh, head of labor with us an hour ago. a dud of a jobs report. only 194,000 jobs added last month. unemployment rate falling to 4 hoin 8%. a big fat miss.
7:34 am
steve moore and austan goolsbee. they were expecting half a million and off by 300,000. what happened? >> you know, they revised the numbers up from the last couple of months. it was a fair to middling report. here is what concerns me the most about that report and i wonder if austan agrees. there was a reduction of over 100,000 people in the labor force. that doesn't make sense. we're in a recovery now with 10 million job opens. bill, we have to do something to get workers back on the job. there is 10 to 11 million job openings today. you have companies like fedex say they have 10,000 job openings. we need people on the job. >> bill: steve, you make a living out of this stuff. why is it that way? do you have a theory? >> it's pretty clear. we've expanded food stamps, giving people $300 per child without any work requirements. the rental assistance.
7:35 am
all the welfare payments are basically paying people not to work. by the way, the $5 trillion bill that austan is a big fan of will make it worse. >> bill: he set the argument austan. do you agree? >> well, that was the closest that steve has ever come on this program to admitting that he made a mistake. for the last year steve has been saying that what we needed to do to increase labor force participation was to cut off the unemployment benefits. that the reason people weren't going back to work was because of those unemployment benefits. and if you remember, bill, i've been saying all along the virus is the thing that drives us. we have to get control of the virus to get the job market to come back. well, we followed steve's advice collectively and cut off all of that unemployment insurance and we get a dud of a jobs report and the labor force participation rate went down.
7:36 am
what this tells us. it's the closest -- he didn't admit a mistake he changed the subject. now he at tributes it to something else. >> other kinds of government payments. >> it's the virus. we must get more vaccinations and control the virus. that is 100% why this number is not great. >> it is not 100%. something to what austan is saying. the increased scare about the virus did keep people out of the labor force but you know what? your own colleague at the university of chicago casey mulligan says we would have about 800,000 more people working if the blue states had gotten those unemployment benefits down. my point is it's not just the unemployment benefits. the whole package of all these programs that are paying people not to work. austan ask small business owners. they can't compete with government benefits. >> bill: this sets it up for it.
7:37 am
university of chicago put out a study, austan. you are there and represent them. here is what the "wall street journal" said the next step in social spending. the child allowance welfare trap. democrats are deciding what to keep or cut in the $5 trillion spending bill. one proposal manchin need to excise. converting the child tax credit into a universal basic inincome. discourage work to escape poverty. the proposal is as we understand it in the bill. $3600 for a kid under the age of 6, $3,000 for a kid 6-17 going through the year 2025. there is more in this bile. -- bill. if you earn zero dollars in the year 2020 you will get $7200 for two children under the age of six.
7:38 am
would that not just contribute to steve's argument about the giveaways. >> i don't think so. you don't lose the money if you get a job. in canada where they did a policy very much like this, it increased labor force participation because finally people could afford childcare, which in the current situation they cannot. so i don't think -- >> bill: but this study out of chicago. >> 462 leading economists came out and said exactly the opposite. >> bill: this conclusion would drive a million workers out of the workforce. that's from chicago. >> you are choosing one study but 462 economists just three weeks ago said the opposite. >> but here is the issue, austan. when you look at that $5 trillion package they are trying to move through congress it has a vast expansion of these benefits. whatever happened to the
7:39 am
bipartisan agreement we had in 1996 with bill clinton in the white house, newt gingrich and republicans and we passed welfare reform and it was a huge success. we basically said we'll have a safety net but you have to be getting in the workforce and get training and get a job. we've moved away from that. where are the work requirements to get people back on the job? the worst thing you can do is keep people unemployed now. people now 18, 19, 20 months who haven't worked. >> bill: we're going into the way back machine. the day it all changed. august 22, 1996. >> today we are ending welfare as we know it, but i hope this day will be remembered not for what it ended but for what it began. a new day that offers hope, honors responsibility, rewards work. >> bill: 25 years later is today's democratic party, austan, reversing course?
7:40 am
>> well, if you recall there is a lot of dispute over welfare reform that it happened in the middle of a boom. once the recession came under the bush administration the success of welfare reform was not as good. but leave that aside. this is not going back to a system in which you lose the benefits if you get a job. that was the whole point of welfare reform to try to get away from that. this does not do that. you have hundreds of leading economists saying it will encourage work and relieve some of the supply chain bottlenecks and labor supply bottlenecks. >> i don't see it that way. >> bill: that's where the debate is going. by the way, steve moore met dana perino in august of 1996. >> dana: or maybe a little before. >> one thing, bill, i want austan to work with me to keep the chicago bears in chicago, all right?
7:41 am
>> okay. >> bill: i think you can manage that. thank you, austan and steve. see you next friday. >> dana: president biden raising eyebrows with a statement he made during a speech in illinois yesterday. what he says he did when his friend's wife struggled to receive treatment at a covid-overwhelmed hospital. a u.s. team heads to mexico to address the surge of migrants at the southern border. ari fleischer is here and joins us next. should use your va benet to turn your home equity into cash. the newday 100 va cash out loan. it lets you borrow up to 100% of your home's value. with mortgage rates near record lows.. and home values at record highs. you could take out $50,000 or more to build your dream kitchen, a new bathroom, or a swimming pool for the kids.
7:42 am
call newday right now.
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>> bill: 14 before the hour. three cabinet members heading to mexico talking about immigration.
7:47 am
voters disapprove by 67% the handling of the mexican border including immigration. former white house press secretary ari fleischer with us now. fox news contributor. nice to see you. you are out of your basement and you have blinken, garland, mayorkas in mexico city. kamala harris isn't there. they will want money. what will we give them and how do we solve it? >> there is no solving it unless you get back to basics, the tone the president sets. when the president sets a tone saying the only way to come to america is to do so legally it tends to intimidate and scare people so they follow the rules. when the language is permissive and when the language is these people we welcome them here. they should come legally. they'll flood us. that's what's happened. >> dana: when you say we'll focus on root causes. that's way to kick the can down the road. i wouldn't let these three go without me if i was kamala harris and given that assignment.
7:48 am
no way i would allow it to happen. >> her lack of leadership is palpable. when it comes to root causes, the root cause is how great america is. people come here because we're a nation of laws. people come here for economic reasons, for freedom. if that's the case and we'll never change that, it should be the root cause, you cannot say to people the first thing you do when you come to america is violate the rule of law. i welcome immigrants to this country. come here legally. >> bill: they're looking for more investment in poor countries in central america. that's the request they'll make of us. this administration might go for it. >> they think the root cause is what's wrong with the rest of the world. the root cause is what's right with america. we are the magnet. we should take pride in the fact people want to come to the country and there is nothing wrong with the wall and you want laws and you want people to come in accordance with our rules, the start of being an america.
7:49 am
follow the laws and the rules and the sky is the limit. >> dana: another thing americans would be reluctant to give more money and corruption is rampant. if we thought it would actually make a difference maybe they would be willing to do it. >> there isn't enough money in the world to solve the problems. that's not the root cause. it is an excuse. the answer is frankly what donald trump did. it comes down to tone and rhetoric. the democrats said it was racist and wrong. it was effective and compassionate because it makes people come here properly. >> dana: can i ask him about the report. these pictures yesterday you had gunfire coming across the southern border. they could end up hurting one of our people and then what? >> the report i heard said that it was not really aimed at anything. they are just firing. this is the depravity on the other side of the border when you have lawlessness and smugglers and that's again why
7:50 am
people put themselves in the hands of smugglers if they think they can get in. >> bill: remarkable to watch. you mentioned tone in your answer prior to that. here is what a high ranking security official apparently said from the state department. are you ready for this? our high level security dialogue is modernizing our security framework and making it more holistic to confront the challenges and enhance our problems with mexico and you could contrast that with the former tone we had. >> a statement like that will definitely deter someone from coming into america like that. >> dana: diagram that sentence. >> state department gobble dee goop. >> dana: we love having you. we'll bring you the story of a mexican american entrepreneur whose home grown business is partnering with the nfl.
7:51 am
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>> harris: parents are saying they will not be silenced by president biden's justice department and demanding a say in their children's education. i'll talk with a mom now being sued by a school board after advocating for her family and she says she is not backing down. and those jobs numbers today, dismal. the president, though, is celebrating vaccine mandates today. but could those vaccine mandates lead to even more americans exiting the job force? steve forbes is in "the faulkner focus" top of the hour. >> bill: thank you, harris. fox news celebrating hispanic heritage month with the story of a third generation mexican america strengthening the latino business community in kansas city. bryan llenas has that story. >> at a time when small businesses are rebounding from the pandemic, this hispanic
7:57 am
heritage month we honor this woman dedicating her life advocating on their behalf. >> if you want to get in the game and show up in non-traditional spaces. >> she is president and partner of tiko productions and sports. providing spanish language broadcasts for sports teams like the kansas city chiefs. >> what's really rewarding is we're able to give young people, people of color, an opportunity to get in sports. >> born and raised in kansas city, kansas, rojas is a third generation mexican american, single mother of four children. she began her career working at a local car dealership. >> i was certainly the only minority on the sales room floor. i learned the product. i learned my product better than all my male colleagues and i outsold them. >> she would lead the hispanic chambers of commerce in kansas city and dallas. today she is the president of
7:58 am
the latino coalition, a nonprofit advocating on behalf of latino small business owners, the fastest growing group of entrepreneurs in the u.s. >> who motivates you to join this organization and lead this organization at this stage in your career? >> we need a strong, collective voice not just in washington, d.c. but in local. >> she has advocated on behalf of the latino community even as she battled and beat cancer twice. >> it is not just fortitude and resilience that they'll get to the end. there is an end in sight but you have to have allies and friendships along the way. >> rojas says corporate america needs to engage with the latino community. they will be driving the corporate bottom line over the next decade. >> dana: impressive woman. all right. get this. twitter testing out a new feature to warn users if
7:59 am
they're about to enter a conversation that could get heated. it prompts users to look out for each other and reminders communication with respect makes twitter better. checking the facts help everyone. reaction to the news was mixed. one users slammed the feature saying the internet, a conversation about corn dogs can get intense. you have to assume if you're on twitter it could get heated and the lifeblood of twitter is the heat. i don't think for one second they want to tone it down, do you? >> bill: probably not. >> dana: i'm in a mood. i just post pictures of dogs. want to choose your fighter in this video? >> bill: i'll take the fish. >> dana: here you go, watch this. this is a little shark biting an alligator. >> bill: hang on. he went for the toe.
8:00 am
let me ask you this, right? you are having a nightmare. what do you griem of? the gator or the shark? >> dana: one time in south carolina i was riding my bike on a path and came around and there was an alligator across. thankfully he was more scared of me and ran in the water. i had heart palpitations for about a day after that. here is harris on "the faulkner focus". >> harris: let's beginning with the breaking news this hour. parents are standing up to the department of justice and sending a clear message to the biden administration. we won't back down. i'm harris faulkner, you are in "the faulkner focus". they are upset over the attorney general merrick garland's decision to use the f.b.i. to investigate so-called threats of violence against school boards across the country. parents say they, too, denounce


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