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tv   Gutfeld  FOX News  October 7, 2021 8:00pm-9:00pm PDT

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2005. >> journalist provide a tremendous service to this nation that they must stay true to the cause of searching for the truth and putting the stories and context. and we try to do that. >> laura: suzanne scott, jay wallace, the entire fox news team. ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ >> greg: happy thursday, everyone. oh, it's a big day here at fox news. it's our 25th and mike anniversary. [cheers and applause] 25 years ago, this network was
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launched. joe biden had just turned 69. 25 years. normally if something is over 25, it is too old for me. but so much has happened in that time. this was me 25 years ago. and this is me now. that is what you get for taking care of yourself, kat. not a drop of that's blood went to waste. here is kat 25 years ago. and now here is her today but without makeup. yeah. thank god for our amazing hair and makeup team. by the way, emily compagno is here tonight. here's emily from 25 years ago. while back. you have changed. but i so don't foul totally supportive.
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what was it like back when we started? unlike mainstream media, were afraid to take chances. also didn't drug test us back then. here is our first morning show called marshmallow and friends. ♪ ♪ >> greg: it's hard to believe that did not win at a daytime anime. i remember peter doocy having to bash because he started choking on one of those little bloggers. their ratings plunged and he survived. we also created hard-hitting prime time programming. like the slop factor --
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our motto back then was we slap, you decide how hard. that's also written in lipstick about the mirror above my waterbed. that is to cogrounds. but people also came to fox for the personalities. unlike places like cnn where hapless drones regurgitated words from the teleprompter. look at this bunch. you find more charisma on a corner's table. the fox created laois ohmic relationships with its viewers. you probably don't remember this lively debate show. >> very stupid, doctor. you should know better than to attack us. >> but we did not attack. >> silence. >> greg: they were our wow arguing over the iraq war. then there's the late night show, let's talk about sax.
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♪ ♪ >> greg: he has changed a lot. that went on from 11:00 p.m. to 5:00 a.m. the statement on that guy. and of course this was our afternoon chat show called "we eat children." >> i have just been to the toy shop. do you know what i bought? should i show you? it's a glove puppet. and you know you can do all sorts of things with a puppet. >> greg: and those things we can show you. we cut out the part where they actually do eat the children. or we can show, however, was called "ferris wheel losers." ♪ ♪
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♪ ♪ >> greg: that show was the genesis for outnumbered. finally, we launched our business channel with ultimate stock tips. yeah. he was some kind of host. that guy got me to buy buy a lot of stock in enron. we have grown a lot since then. not me, i've actually shrunk. but i don't think there has been a success story quite like fox. coming out of nowhere, mocked by the mainstream, and then beating the hill and the lives out of all of them. all the other networks love to all over us and then suddenly they'll try to become us. fox news quickly became number
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one and made the other networks, of course, look like they were number two's. that's for one reason. they don't like it wasn't afraid. we have bigger bowls on the circus elephant. fox was in trying to fit in at the cool kids table. if you look at our competition, they were terrified of upsetting their industry peers which is what happens when you all play for the same team. fox said screw that. there's an entire country not being served and we are taking a nap. i wonder what life would be like without fox news. just imagine if there was only one perspective in other areas of life. >> yeah. i was throwing the football around my kids and my elbow is killing me. >> that's for sure terminal. >> terminal? shouldn't i get a second opinion? >> sorry. i'm the only one in town and i know for a fact you are going to die. >> i really have no other choices? >> no. don't worry, when you are gone,
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i will take good care of your wife. >> easy, cuomo. >> greg: i got to fox full-time 13 years ago. you remind remember this this is redeye a new show about politics, pop culture, and macrame. it's kind of like larry king but without the dead guy. first thing we will talk about -- [applause] yeah. that has aged well. like a loaf of white bread that fell behind refrigerator five years ago. but as odd as that show was, fox stood by it like a nurse beside a gravely ill patient. of course they put us on at 3m. i think it was the first social distancing. they hit us like a body in the trunk of a serial killer's car
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but they also saw something in me beside a pint of gin and 25 bar all of us. the talent, and they knew i was a man they wanted to see at 3:00 a.m. in eastern time zone on tv instead of outside their windows crouched in the bushes. but i'm grateful to fox. it's amazing they hired me after the visiting angels fired me. they found out i was stealing bedpans. they make great dinner plates. but history has a way of repeating itself. the way fox news entered the arena and clobbered mainstream news, this show, now, is doing the same thing with late night. the media treated us like a joke. now the no mike we are the ones delivering the punch lines. [applause] and every night, millions of you are laughing along with us. the current crop of stale, boring, partisan late nice host
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interested in having nancy pelosi write their scripts than they are in keeping their audiences interested. an "snl" won't even make fun of joe biden. no wonder they had their lowest rated show last week. but this follows the game plan a fox news. look at what all the sheep are doing and provide what is missing. the humor, and the fun. fox news also loves this country. and for that, fox set apart from the other media types who thought -- as seen and evolved into a shrill clown car, we laughed water than malik, kamala harris after doing five whippets. using the mental hospital as their employee school, we hire the renegades. and late nice host shows become more boring soapbox lectures, we are reinventing. all those people who keep watching us and they will keep reporting what we do and say and we will continue to quietly let
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them and we have you to thank for that. so thanks, america. and also, you are welcome, americo. it's welcome tonight's guest. his parents don't let him stay up this way and if they find out he is here, he is grounded. north carolina g.o.p. congressman, madison cawthorn. she talk so fast master nears -- outnumbered cohost, emily compagno. they call his fans pyromaniac's mainly because i like to burn things. cohost of fox & friends first, todd piro. and she is a morning person because she is constantly mourning her mistakes from the night before. fox news contributor, kat timpf. all right. todd, i have to go to you first
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because you were an intern at the launch? >> 1998. two years after launch but this place was nothing like it is today with one exception. you are always allowed to be yourself here and for someone like me, i'm not allowed to be myself at home. they asked me to tone it down -- you get it. so to come here and be yourself is what makes us so successful. >> greg: what did you do? who did you intern for? >> i entered on a show called the edge. they no idea what they were doing. i feel like i can say that. it was so out the mic on organized what made it great because he got opportunity to figure it out and learn. >> greg: did they let you host question mike >> i once brought jon scott -- >> greg: it might've been him. there were -- a guy named chris osborne. and they would let me write these things. and it was a great opportunity. i also got roast beef sandwich is a lot. what is the fact that the place has changed by the fundamental
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nature of it is you are allowed to be yourself and that's what makes us great. >> greg: so congressman, you weren't even born, where you? >> i was not alive at the time, no. >> greg: when did you first start watching fox? >> probably about two days after i was born. fox news and celebrating 25 years which is incredible. but what is incredible is cnn is over there celebrating having 25 viewers. and they are surprisingly all and terminal b of jfk. >> greg: very good point. we have to believe on them -- let's be clear. they are the losers and all they are doing is we are enjoying this are doing these little things bad mouthing us saying we are bad for america business because they are the losers. that's like tom brady here winning the super bowl and then the team saying you are bad for america. does anyone like tom brady?
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the women are going yeah. meanwhile i look like greg brady. [applause] emily, you are relatively new member of the fox family. was it me that made you want to join? >> to piggyback on your point that what always attracted me to fox throughout the years in my career development was the talent here. it was obvious that the people here and what was being produced was just head and shoulders above every other network, among everything else that was being put out there. and i felt the same way. i feel like i've had the honor of participating in a lot of different industries and doing a lot of different things and nothing really felt like home. i always felt one step out and yet here, i can be totally myself and provide analysis in certain ways and be myself here
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and there is always an opportunity to shine here. playing football at eight in the morning on the pause that where we are telling jokes at 11:00 p.m. or hating serious topics at noon, all of that. there's room for all of us here but the common denominator is the truth and that we love this country. [applause] >> greg: i wish you were less yourself. i'm joking. not really. but, kat, as i said before, this is the time where we all over our rivals that we crushed. there are no interesting people on the other networks. there are no kat timpf. not a single kat timpfs up on any of those shows. they would never hire you. they would never hire a tigress and certainly not me. >> no, they wouldn't. but you wouldn't want to. what we are doing on the show is crazy and that's what makes it
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awesome. i think i always wanted to do this. i was watching red eye before you knew i existed and i waited before you know my few years to tell you that because you can do what you want. you can be herself and not everybody here is the same. that's what people think fox news, they do this, they do this. if you think that, you're going to end up being wrong because of his people with and it's really awesome. >> greg: it's true. >> oh, and i love the country. >> greg: you know it's interesting to me is as the elite and the pseudo-intellectuals crawl further up their own but -- we just become more successful. >> they are eating themselves while we are rising above. >> greg: exactly. >> they are eating their own butts. okay. i should probably just move on. up next, need a new lung or
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>> please god make this in. >> greg: get the vax or your transplant gets asked. colorado hospitals -- denying patients who have not been vaccinated against covid in almost all situations. their reasons, study showed transplant patients are more likely to die if they contract covid and the mortality rate for those get it. one woman with stage five renal failure is now looking for a new hospital after she was denied a kidney transplant. she spoke to a hideous looking man who calls himself todd earlier today. >> one of the hardest parts of
8:21 pm
the process that you're going through right now is to find a donor. yet you found one. but the hospital said no transplants unless you get the vax. what went through your mind when the hospital said that to you? >> i had an array of emotions from confusion to dismay. i was left with a feeling of, now what's? >> greg: meanwhile, over a msnbc which stands for meaningless stuff, nobody cares, they are calling for the fbi to start targeting americans who share info that would make people more cautious about the vaccine. >> there needs to be a concerted effort at the federal level to combat misinformation. this is about holding social media platforms responsible. this is about engaging with cybersecurity and the fbi. >> greg: f msnbc was really against misinformation, they would turn off their microphones. and on another show that -- and another show that no one
8:22 pm
watched, the panel claims that parents protesting mask mandates and critical race theory and schools are white supremacist. >> to me, is this really about people being upset about mask mandates or are there sort of underlying disruptive forces? white nationalists, anarchist, whatever in this country that are using mask mandates and the public health crisis to sort of wage chaos. >> greg: whatever. he's really specific when he smears people he has never seen before. name them. meanwhile, new york, the most vaccine reluctant groups are young, black, and hispanic people. the diversity of white supremacy must strike again. according to john hopkins, more americans have died this year from covid then all 2020. but i guess that is trump's fault too. but it's like my uncle used to say. help me bury this right now or we are all getting the electric chair.
8:23 pm
congressman, so much to pick from here. you have the fbi targeting -- well, the fbi "targeting" people that this person with a happen over covid believes. that is pretty bad. >> it's awful. when we came in to new york talking about the vaccine transplant lunacy, i was honestly expecting to see that empire state building retrofitted to look like a giant syringe job whatever you want to call it. but we landed here and then just to see how covid crazy this place is is insane. in the south, it's like covid doesn't exist. but now the vaccine -- there is so much more to worry about then the government overreach when it comes to your health autonomy because right now where there willing to dispatch the fbi to go after normal americans it's like hey, if you want to have an active role and what your child is being taught at school, then you are al qaeda.
8:24 pm
you are the unabomber. it's insanity. >> greg: i worry about you because you definitely -- you are on the path to a second liver. >> you guys don't know me either, to be fair. >> greg: the third liver. >> well, they regenerate. that's what's nice about a lever. they regenerate. i can grow my own new liver. i tell myself every day. look, the mask mandate is white supremacy thing really blows my mind because these parents are saying we are protesting this because we care about our children and wants what is best for them and they are saying no, that can't be it. that doesn't make any sense. what makes more sense is white supremacy. that makes no sense at all, which makes me think they can even really believe that. they just know that when they say that no one will push back on it because then they will be
8:25 pm
called a racist for pushing back on and it's like a big idiocy tornado. >> greg: now saying white supremacy is like as if it's there you just say it and your head and you don't need to back it up because no one is going to question. emily, when i used to watch movies a long time ago, those who were pretrade as wanting a police state were always on the right. but in reality, it's always the left that once a police state. the irs, doj, fbi to go after you. and oddly too, they hate cops. but they want all this law enforcement to go after the people that they disagree with just for the hill of it. >> the left is using every type of governmental arm and body to control every single american. because we are the greatest enemy to the left. individual liberties are the greatest enemy. i totally agree with you. think about it. we have national school board
8:26 pm
association, these are basically school boards, are trying to use the patriot act, trying to use hate crime acts against parents that just have a vested interest in their kids education that care about their child's education. we have them whispering and biden is here in order to pass that mandate. we also have them infringing on your religious liberty to make that choice. just today in the federal appears court ruled that athletes, student athletes can have a religious exemption. but by the same breath as he talked about, hospitals requiring that vaccine for a transplant. so they are infringing on your health, infringing on your worship, infringing on your right to school and education. infringing on your right to go into a place of commerce. every step away they are using the government to do so. they are weaponizing. >> greg: none of the things that they like can be possible without coercion which says everything about what they like. stuff we like, you don't need to
8:27 pm
force it on anybody, mra? >> just need to try it once. >> greg: you are feeling it right. this capitalism [bleep] -- >> they the alcohol, tobacco, and firearms -- so todd, you are up very early entering these people. where do you stand on this? can you say you are on this? >> you have these individuals that are bringing their own donors to the table. this lady probably wouldn't be donating an organ to her friend if it wasn't her friend. so the fact there's a 20 to 30% chance that this might not work out, that's a risk that the government, the hospital, everybody should be willing to take because at the end of the day, health care is designed to help people and i don't
8:28 pm
understand why it has to be a bureaucratic mess and this lady could die unless we get a message out there and hopefully find health care workers that are willing to do this. i don't say like in a backroom alley by a hospital where this can get done. >> greg: little van out on the corner will do anything. botox, by implants as a host, you look at people when you are talking and i just so happened -- a happen then and therefore now i am in trouble. of next, rising crimes obvious cause but who will fix these broken laws? this is the sound of better breathing. fasenra is a different kind of asthma medication. it's not a steroid or inhaler. fasenra is an add-on treatment for asthma driven by eosinophils. it's one maintenance dose every 8 weeks.
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♪ ♪ >> greg: should the mentally ill have a license to kill? they should have been thrown behind the mic behind bars not throwing people into subway cars. earlier this week, woman shoved
8:33 pm
an innocent bystander right into a subway car. fortunately the victim didn't fall onto the tracks and will be okay. unfortunately, the suspect has been diagnosed with schizophrenia shouldn't have been free to frolic in the first place. that's because in july, allegedly battered her summing up going with a black eye, broken nose and knocked out and memories to last a lifetime. but since that beat down was classified third-degree assault, the nobel misdemeanor thanks to a controversy old 2020 law she was quickly released and free to allegedly commit even more crimes. when we, sheet should have been kept somewhere she couldn't hurt himself or others. but that's also what was said about bill de blasio. so she had several prior arrests. many for attacking female passengers -- pedestrians. but now she is charged with attempted second-degree murder and locked up again, this time on $100,000 bail. almost enough to buy hunter
8:34 pm
biden painting. let's go live to an ex-convict for comments. >> so ridiculous. >> greg: you are allegedly a lawyer. can you explain to me when everybody thinks this is a bad night -- judge on the five said no one is going to change this nobel thing which the city has done. >> you might have better insight than i do in terms of what the legislative aspects but i have always talked about the fact that here in this day what was removed was judicial discretion. you can put whatever law on the books that you want but you have to provide for exceptions. you have to always provide with the exception that proves the rule or otherwise and the problem in this comic in the state there wasn't an exception put in sunlight jersey where they judges can take on a case-by-case basis. they are so dime a dozen i think and i fear that everyone is becoming numb to it. we are -- how many stories do we
8:35 pm
talk about. >> greg: mostly women are the victims too so it's like where the [bleep] are the feminists? these last liberal policies are what lead -- there was a woman that was murdered by like an ex-husband. and he was released after beating the out of her. >> you are talking about something that -- is a cultural norm in washington especially that once we pass a law were not going to go back. i think that every single act, every single law that we pass should have a period. because right now you're starting to see the dash the problem is that criminals don't care about the severity of the punishment. they just care about the certainty of the punishment. so if they are sure they can get out they are going to commit whatever crime they want and so it's incredibly heinous and we need to repeal this law. >> greg: i just don't know how
8:36 pm
you repeal it. todd, the suspect was diagnosed with schizophrenia. who is in charge of all the mental illness programs in new york city? bill de blasio's wife who runs thrives, and $800 million program that is done nothing for the people or any of the audience here who just walked around today. you see stuff you've never seen before. like human beings not treated like human beings anymore just lying on the streets. half naked, shooting him, and that is just the employees at fox. i had to lighten it up a little. there is this argument out there that you hear from the liberals in new york city. rikers island is so bad that we need reform. okay. here is a thought. if it is that bad, put them somewhere else. you can find a place to put the people that are going to leave
8:37 pm
this city towards disruption. just because record islands struck dominic's socks, bail, walk the street. >> greg: cat, you live in the neighborhood. a lot of people have been released so for people around the country, it's a prison where it -- count or do they put them? hotels and midtown. those during covid and eight hang out in front. beat the out of people and to your point, they don't care because that they know this is a revolving door. >> believe it or not, they don't want to sit in that hotel room and watch dr. phil. it makes me so upset because when you do talk about the thrive nyc initiative that bill de blasio's wife -- that was our tax money. everyone who lives in new york and we were forced to pay for that and if we didn't pay for that then we would have to go to
8:38 pm
jail. >> greg: exactly. we would go to rikers. >> and it's not working if they are even trying. >> greg: again, no one knows where the money went. i don't know how we still have a state -- i am turning into an anarchist. as i even think about this against me crazier and crazier. >> welcome. >> greg: coming up, dave chappelle's jokes because harm for activist sounding a false alarm. with access to financial advice, tools and a personalized plan that helps you build a future for those you love. vanguard. become an owner.
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♪ ♪ >> greg: his name is dave chappelle and he is raging -- and his latest he defended harry potter author j.k. rowling and the woke outrage mom. back in 2019, rowling was canceled by celebrated activists over a comment she made that transgendered women were in actual women. she wasn't having it because j.k. rowling has f you money. she can say those things.
8:43 pm
she subsequently received a slew of death threats and hate mail online eventually being labeled by the community as a turf -- >> not anymore. it's a label that chapelle now raises and is -- >> i am a feminist. i agree. i agree, man. gender is a fact. >> greg: he describes himself as a feminist went on to argue that women have a right to be mad at trans women. his comments are now being met with their own backlash, especially on twitter which is not a real place. and d.c. even found three whole people who were not. three people. no -- or justin trudeau call
8:44 pm
them the pb&j -- all right. so kat, chapelle can say this because he also has f you money. he is noncancelable. what makes those two could differ is there a lot of people like that who don't have the to do this. that's what it is infuriating. do you have to be able to speak her mind if you have the ability to. >> right. and he is actually being so open about it and saying i'm doing this because people are getting canceled over these things. i remember his last special people went crazy about that one too. it's comedy. it doesn't matter if you agree with that or not. it's jokes. and he is saying hey, i'm saying this because other people can't. it's not that hard to figure out. it's not like maybe he has. he is saying that he is. so there kind of pushing it
8:45 pm
further by continuing to say he has to be canceled over. >> greg: emily, this is interesting because there needs to be active is speaking up for and zombies , -- they will say -- and if a young girl is a tomboy the activists will say transition to being a boy heard that is to go problems that ignores the phases that our children go through and over time it reduces the number of and. so that is another issue here. they are turning potential people into the opposite sex which then creates a myriad -- there is that word again -- of psychological and visible challenges. >> yes and those that respond with a wait-and-see approach that they give this person time to figure it out on their own are branded as now supremacist, fascist, homophobia, transphobia, et cetera. the spectrum has shifted and i agree they are trying to force those people into a certain radical and permanent --
8:46 pm
i think the point of comedy is you are never immune. the whole point of comedy is that at some point, you will be the butt of the joke and so would dave chappelle, i found it so ironic that all of this criticism -- i used to find him funny but as a trans woman, he crossed the line and i am now disappointed and i hate his jokes. one of the most insane criticisms that i read was someone that said he spends more time on jokes against the transgender and community and he did people. he has now reached trump level gaslighting. so just that session happened to have more jokes against a certain community than another one and then all of a sudden -- the only people that it's okay to trash forever are white people. >> i would never be okay with being the of a joke. >> greg: we need to have joke quotas. >> let's face it. chapelle is one of the top five comedians that are still out there working right now. and most of his acts, his entire
8:47 pm
career, has been against white people. i might, i think he's absolutely hysterical. have you seen on the chapelle show the clayton bigsby sketch? do you know what i'm talking about? it's one of the funniest sketches you are ever going to see. >> greg: last word to you, madison. >> this whole gender argument become so strange. transgender used to be this is a mental and on me and we should try to limit as much we can and children. i think we need to pass a law that if anyone does some kind of irreversible surgery or hormonal -- hormonal change surgery to a young person under the age of 18 they should go to jail. it should be against the law. but i will tell you the way the radical left is making everyone abide by these gender roles and gender norms and saying -- i was with a lobbyist and he was telling me i have two email accounts and when i use for republican members of congress
8:48 pm
and when i had to use for democrat members of congress where i have my pronouns. they will to respond if you don't have your pronouns. as for number one, just don't do business with them, but i was like what you put down? he said oh, no, i just try to make as funny as i could. i made it -- when i'm here to give you -- buy my missiles. >> greg: one thing that is interesting. we were taught about the evil nature of conversion therapy remember that? trying to get gay people to not be and not to be. a lot of documentaries on it. it's happening again with surgery. we were actually converting people because they expressed a same-sex desire or a child feels that they should be this way, which is a phase. conversion therapy that is
8:49 pm
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>> greg: goofing off in class, you might just get a pass. turns out class clowns might be the smartest around. they asked children to come up with captions for a cartoon.
8:53 pm
humor experts, meaning no one from the colbert show, judge the best one and discover the funniest lines were written by the smartest kids proving you can be smart and funny which i always knew book who could have predicted i would also be good looking. emily, for more, let's go to a clown for comments. >> i was known as a bit of a cut up back and yell but all this cloning help me to my success? let's just say when i get out of a tiny cart with 38 of my friends now, that car is a bmw. kat, you are a funny looking child. >> i was. i was a heinous looking child. >> no you weren't. >> listen -- don't lie to my face. yes. there we go. you tell me i'm not an ugly kid and i will tell you you're a liar. this is great because then i had to have a sense of humor or else i would have never survived.
8:54 pm
>> i'm telling you guys, she was an adorable child. i've seen your photos. you are adorable always. >> i have a for hair. what's funny about this study is it specifically says -- the intelligence-funny corollary only goes for kids but it might've been cultural. >> greg: and turkey? you to study in turkey about comedies >> i'm imagining him i have to craft this joke i am so smart how my going to -- >> and then ate guys out there to threaten you >> greg: anyway. where are we. madison. >> it further goes to prove we have all heard the saying that a students are managed by the b students, the c students on the company, and the d students --
8:55 pm
i tell you. i never -- i was more focused on learning the ability to learn than i wanted to memorize a bunch of stuff and so i always like to cut up and have a good time and laugh and you had me back on the show -- come i think i am good at comedy but i am not that great at standing up so i don't know why -- >> greg: i never said such a thing, young man. in any way. done here. i think we are done. >> i got so. >> greg: what a great way to and a comedy segment. >> you can show my weed wacker harrigan. >> greg: your parents wanted to be ugly so guys wouldn't had on you. >> well they didn't so it didn't matter. >> you look like the woman from queens gambit. >> i don't know what that is. >> a really good show.
8:56 pm
>> greg: terrible show. >> what? >> it's amazing. >> greg: don't go away. we will be right back. to the farmers market... when they got a chip. they drove to safelite for a same-day repair. and with their insurance, it was no cost to them. >> woman: really? >> tech: that's service the way you need it. >> singers: ♪ safelite repair, safelite replace. ♪
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i'm a diner. pow! earn big time with chase freedom unlimited with no annual fee. how do you cashback? chase. make more of what's yours. >> greg: we are out of time. thanks to congressman madison cawthorn, emily compagno, todd piro, kat. i'm greg gutfeld. i love you, america. ♪ ♪ >> hello and welcome to "fox news @ night" i am grace -- in for shannon bream. and breaking tonight a late night at the capitol hill ends a weeklong standoff as the senate votes to temporary lift the debt ceiling by $480 billion. >> we have averted it at least for now. >> trace: the breaking details coming soon plus mounting c


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