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tv   The Ingraham Angle  FOX News  October 7, 2021 7:00pm-8:00pm PDT

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generous with your time. of these are troubled times for the american people. the if you run a 2024 it'll be a big theme of yours again. we appreciate your time. >> mr. trump: thank you very much, sean, thank you. >> sean: that's all the time we have left this evening, set your dvr so you laura ingraham, big show tonight as always. >> laura: hannity, everything that trump predicted was going to happen to the economy, to our foreign policy, credibility, the border. he predicted it to a t. it's unbelievable! i mean, across the board. i got to tell you -- i got to tell you, hannity. >> sean: do you think joe biden could be that articulate for 40 straight minutes? >> laura: now -- now -- now -- look -- seriously -- literally -- my grandpa.
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where are we? >> sean: come on, man! >> laura: you know what i was thinking today? i seriously was thinking about this, because the 25th anniversary of fox, right? and we are so busy doing everything on a daily basis that i didn't even have a chance to write anything about the time which was, for me -- my best memory early on at fox was i think i was talking to you in like 1999, so it was two years after fox started. >> sean: we've been friends a long time. >> laura: and hannity, you kept saying come on, ingram, i want you to sign with fox news, sign with fox news and i finally did, right? and i was on election night with you in 2000 until like 2:30 in the morning, right? for member we on back-and-forth, or won, then bush won. speeone >> sean: one election year, they used me for 3 minutes and they said not wasting my time, i have too much work to do. >> laura: that was that, but
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you had me on as a guest we were on my offer -- it was so much fun, and many great memories. >> sean: we are lucky to have you. you've been a powerful addition. >> laura: and you and everyone, susan scott and locklin, roger elk, jay wallace. everyone who made this possible thought to see the murdochs, but you've been my buddy through thick and thin, sean and thank you, 25 years, almost 25 years i've known you -- >> sean: you've done such an amazing job and we're lucky to have you in prime time. you better take your show because i'm going to -- you know. >> laura: they're going to yell at me. happy 25th. i'm laura ingraham, this is "the ingraham angle," and what do kyrsten sinema and james chapelle have in common? well, my angle is going to explain later on in the show, but first, with trust in government cratering under biden and his approval numbers in the toilet, do people actually running things at the white house are desperately
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trying to turn things around. and instead of making smart decisions like stiff arming the progressives are clamping down on border crossers, things that actually would appeal to working-class voters, bidens puppeteers are stuck on vaccine mandates. >> president biden: vaccination means fewer infections, hospitalizations, and deaths. in turn, it means a stronger economy. one economist called it the most powerful economic stimulus ever enacted. for folks who haven't gotten vaccinated, get it done. do the right thing. >> laura: okay. do the right thing. well, joe, if vaccine minutes were so popular, why the hard-sell? why the shaming? why set up the covert caste system that you're doing? it's tough covid policies are so great for the economy like he's trying to argue there, why are the unimplement rates of new york, l.a. san francisco,
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and chicago, big vaccine mandate places those are, so much higher than the national average? by contrast, look at what's going on in florida, where the governor has rejected mandates. their unemployment is below the national average. and if the fall economic projections aren't bad enough, now the covid police are actually putting lives in jeopardy. this is happening in colorado. the university of washington medical center just announced it will join that colorado health system in refusing organ transplants to unvaccinated patients. so much for the "do no harm" thing. in moments we are going to talk to a woman waiting for a kidney transplant. she was just told she's getting kicked off the list. now, the left is one step closer though to imposing vaccine mandates on your kids. so today, pfizer asked the fda for emergency use authorization of its covid vaccine in 5-11-year-olds.
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now, for those of us in real america, this is a cause for concern. but for the media, it's like christmas has come early. >> people in my household are doing a happy dance, my daughter can't wait because she knows that it means -- i don't know, she doesn't even rubber what normal is, but she's excited to welcome it in once again. >> if more people get vaccinated, we can start looking at this thing in the rearview mirror, and i think that benefits all of society. >> i'm in line ready for it, i cannot wait, you cannot stop me. >> laura: wow. now, we warned you that they would eventually target your kids with their vaccine mandates, and it's happening. california has already laid the groundwork, announcing earlier this month that this mandate vaccine for students ages 12 and up, once the fda gives its final approval, expect to see this insanity repeated in blue cities and states across america. i don't believe the lion, by the way, that the vaccines, like sanja kuchta says, is going
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to mean we are all back to normal. if they really wanted to return to normal, they would drop the mandates and leave people alone. the fact is they didn't like the old normal much, they want a new normal. and by the way, normal is what most of red state america is doing at the delta variant, by the way, is declining in those states as well. that's good news. especially, by the way, given the results of a brand-new study published yesterday in "the new england journal of medicine" that showed waning vaccine effectiveness over time. still helps with serious illness, hospitalization, but infectivity where talk about here and found that fully vaccinated individuals, antibody levels decreased rapidly for the first three months after someone is fully vaccinated. it also found that six months after receipt of the second dose of the pfizer vaccine, humoral response was substantially decreased. presumably this means, i don't know, i guess we're going to be
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talking about mandating boosters long, long, long into the future. or republicans win in a landslide and finally we do get back to normal, we do get back to making our own decisions about health, risk, and benefits without, by the way, being vilified, shamed, or punished. now let's bring back my medicine cabinet, dr. stephen smith, founder of the smith center for infectious disease and urban health and polyol exam or, the former trunk covid advisor. dr. smith, let's start with you. is the solution to this pandemic the fourth vaccination -- forced vaccination of children and they, you know, 20% or 25% of adults who have yet to receive a shot, especially given the new published report today from "the new england journal of medicine"? >> right. i mean, i think the vaccine has been very effective helping combat the pandemic, but in
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adult population and high risk especially. pediatric, to use pediatrics, i don't understand it. we get vaccines of one or two reasons are both reasons. one to help the individual, two to help the community at large, or both. influenza, their people vaccinated for the flu to help the older people in the older people we vaccinate them to help -- the hpv vaccine we give to boys to help girls -- or women -- in the future. where the single vaccine is just the individual. but forgiving to the kids, i don't get with the point is. it's not going to help the pandemic at all, it's not going to help the kids, at least not the vast majority of children at age 5-11. >> laura: i want to get into that, dr. smith. for over a year now, we've been talking about this on this program since april of 2020, when you are on initially,
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because we've known from the early data that covid poses a relatively -- a minuscule risk to small children. as of september 30th, during the entire pandemic, 520 children died from covid in the united states. of course it's tragic, we don't want any child to ever die, but that's a fatality rate of .01% of those that we know actually had covid. dr. alexander, why do they keep pretending that kids are at risk from covid? it's a 99% survivability rate. 99-point something. i'm not good at math. so dr. alexander, what of this? this is bizarre. >> yes, and i agree with you, and thanks for having me again, laura. the science doesn't support vaccinating persons under 19 for covid, and this is illogical and i think reckless and dangerous.
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the reality is that these vaccine developers, they must put liability protection on the table because they are the only ones in this situation more protected, not the children. and i think this is going to be a very dangerous institution. we knew, laura, we knew, as you just explained, for 15 months now that children are very little risk of acquiring infection in the first place, of transmitting to other children, of taking it home. they looked at 2 million kids under 16, no instances of death. one child exposed to 150 other children, no secondary transmission. children do not drive it home like seasonal influenza. children do not die. i think this is a very reckless -- and dr. fauci dr. fauci, dr. walensky, and dr. francis collins, no one has yet come to the table and told
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the american people and prosecuted this case as to why our children must be vaccinated. these vaccines provide no opportunity for benefit, only opportunity for harm to children. >> laura: and dr. smith, at the same time, therapeutics that have actually proven and actual use to be effective from preventing serious illness, integration, and death, as you demonstrated with your patient base and hydroxyl clerk when, as, azithromycin, that was just dismissed pretty much out of hand. very briefly, dr. smith. why? why was that done? >> i have no idea, laura, i really don't. there was a movement where some of the therapies that were being used with success were jumped on very quickly and very aggressively in a negative way, and i can't explain it. we do have a new therapeutic that is promising, and no one at least that i know of -- you understand why some of the older
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retooled medications that showed efficacy in vitro, meaning in the lab, and also in vivo, in a controlled study, show very powerful efficacy. >> laura: they make no money off of hydroxychloroquine. >> i hope that's not the case. >> laura: all right. all right. i will say it, you don't have to. gentlemen, thank you. as i mentioned earlier, one of colorado's largest health systems has taken his vaccine fanaticism to deadly new heists -- or lowe's, i should say. by now refusing organ transplants to unvaccinated patients, including my next guest. she was told last week she would be not receiving a kidney because of her vaccination status. also with me is jamie, her donor, and colorado state rep tim guyton who first brought this to our attention. what's going to happen if you don't get this kidney transplant?
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>> i believe that my days are numbered. as i continue to deteriorate in my gfr numbers. so i did reach out to the hospital to understand whether or not dialysis was an option, and they said at this point the shot would not be required, but told me i was irresponsible in not getting it. >> laura: jamie, you are the kidney donor, god bless you. >> thank you. >> laura: the most selfless thing, it's a credible. i'm going to start crying, it's amazing to see you two together. what's our reaction to this? you are willing to give your kidney and the hospital says no, we're not going to do that because of her own personal choice. >> i'm stunned, i'm part of the medical community and i'm stunned at the lack of compassion and consideration and involvement of her in her own care. it's like they are holding my kidney hostage, and she's going to die because they won't give it to her.
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>> laura: it with the argument here? the argument is that she's more vulnerable? medically? after the procedure, and is there actual science behind that? what if she signs a waiver if covid does x, i won't see you. speaking as a lawyer now. >> i proposed that, i proposed a number of things to my chlorinator, one of which is medical waiver. i have to sign a medical waiver with regard to the actual transplant itself, so i said i'd be willing to sign a medical waiver with regards to not taking vaccine. i've offered could i be exempt for religious purposes. that only applies to employees. so there were a number of things. it's nothing. no. this is the only way, it's a one-size-fits-all buried >> laura: representative, you are in the colorado legislature. i'm blessed enough to spend time in colorado, i love the state of colorado. but i don't know if people are smoking too much pot in colorado or what's going on.
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what can be done about this? this seems like a classic case of discrimination. >> it's great to be her, laura, thank you so much for caring enough to give her this opportunity to share her story with your audience. you know, i think you may be right. maybe there is too much of that, but i'll tell you, i think it's important that your audience knows that this isn't even just about leilani. leilani and jamie and i have been contacted by folks across colorado. of the most tragic and probably saddest story that i've heard so far, i spoke to a father just twice today, we spoke of the day, he has sent me a couple emails and such. his daughter is currently on dialysis here in colorado. he's received communications from uc health saying that she too will be denied this saving surgery unless and until the covid vaccine is taken, so it's affecting multiple people across the state from 12 years old on up, and that's probably the worst story that i've heard so
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far, and i suspect this isn't the end of it. >> laura: and people died -- many people die every day waiting for an organ transplant, correct them >> correct. the neighborhood of about 17. >> laura: so apparently they don't care if that number goes higher and higher. >> i think that's a great question for uc health. >> laura: well, i hope the state legislature is watching, other members of the state legislature, the people of colorado, this is your state government. leilani, you're going to have to go out of state. i mean -- leilani, if you are a younger woman and wanted an abortion, you couldn't get it in the state of colorado. you have every woman's group supporting you but because you want to get it kidney transplant and you are not vaccinated, where all the women's groups supporting you? >> exactly. >> she's got one friend --
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>> laura: you've got your donor standing there. jamie and leilani and tim, thank you all for being here tonight. we will be following this case. and coming up next, the woke mob and dave chappelle? kyrsten sinema, what is this all about? well, my angle will lay it out and you won't believe what's happening. don't go away. prescribed topical pain relief ingredient. it's clinically proven, reduces inflammation and comes in original prescription strength. salonpas. it's good medicine.
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♪ ♪ >> laura: the mob never sleeps. that's the focus of tonight's angle. now, what do comedian dave chappelle and senator kyrsten sinema have in common? well, for starters, both have been hailed by the left as taboo-shattering talented trailblazers. >> kyrsten sinema is one of my dear friends and i'm so excited that she's just won. >> she actually came across as very moderate, very normal, and very likable. >> the first openly bisexual person going into the senate. >> and epic performance on "saturday night live." chapelle was obviously hilarious. >> date has always had incredible political insight as an observer. >> i can't do a lot of things as well as dave chappelle. >> laura: but that was before
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chapelle and sinema deviated from the party line. now the same left-wing forces that built them up are trying to tear them down. let's start with chapelle. maine's new netflix special called "the closer," he defends j.k. rowling from the vicious lunatics on the left. now, recall that a few years back the harry potter author and self-made billionaire found herself in the woke mob's crosshairs, for merely stating her beliefs that biological sex does in fact exist. tweeting in june 2020 "my life's been shaped by being female. i do not believe it's hateful to say so." this is possibly one of the least controversial statements ever posted to twitter, but based on the left 'us reaction at the time, you would have thought that she was a war criminal. if few, if anyone, in the entertainment industry dared stick their neck's out for the woman whose books made many of them very rich. at least pleased their kids, who loved them.
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but dave chappelle stuck his neck out. >> canceled j.k. rowling. my god. she said gender was a fact. and then the trans community got mad as [bleep] and they started calling her turf. i've seen turfs, i agree. i agree. gender is a fact. >> laura: then in his trademark expletive-laden style, the comedian talked about the newly constructed organs of biological men. if typical chappelle. that diatribe, plus his own defense of j.k. rowling sparked outrage among the denizens of the woke left. trans activist dana white not only slammed chappelle, it also netflix for showcasing him, saying nothing dave chappelle says changes the fact that trans women are women. he's wrong, and netflix has empowered him to be wrong
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loudly. of course the activist i glad chimed in claiming chappelle's comedy was synonymous with ridiculing trans people and other marginalized communities. npr's tv critic remarked it just sounds like chappelle is using white privilege to excuse his own homophobia and transphobia. wow. well, chappelle is using white privilege -- wait a second. okay, i got it. what? when chappelle used the most profane language in a previous special to pillory yours truly and candace owens, did any of the usual girl power activists come to our defense? did any major media outlets or celebrity women advocate -- condemn chappelle as misogynistic or even say is disappointing in his attacks? you know the answer. of course not. not that we cared. we didn't think it, we don't
7:26 pm
want it, we don't need their protection. by the way, chappelle knew what he was doing in attacking us. he thought that by attacking us, he was buying himself expiation for past comedic sins, maybe a free pass for future ones. how did that work out for you, dave? the fact is there is no satisfying the insane left but today's democrat party's bond and projects. if there's no point in anyone trying to placate them or even paying attention to them, because there will always come a day when you'll fall short of their constantly moving woke goalposts. now, kyrsten sinema should know this by now. it doesn't matter that she's a first comment that she wears fun outfits or that she voted to impeach trump twice. that's not enough. now that she's standing in the way of democrats passing the multitrillion dollar plan to fundamentally remake this country, well, she is leftist enemy number one buried what do
7:27 pm
senator sinema value? all right, money. >> she basically threw her posture has turned yourself into something of an "snl" punch line for vagueness and trolling. >> they are all better off if something happens than if the whole thing collapses. i think that's being called into question a little bit now in the case of the senator from arizona, kyrsten sinema. >> laura: the backlash against sinema even extends to "saturday night live." for member how they portrayed her back in 2019? >> cookie arizona lady sinema. >> i used to be in the house, but now i'm in the senate. i'm by caramel, bipartisan, and bi, deal with it. >> laura: back then she was cool, cunning, little quirky, fun. but how did they depict her today? well, she's kind of an unhinged moron. >> on one side we have the moderate democrats, is kyrsten sinema from arizona.
7:28 pm
>> what do i want from this bill? i'll never tell, because i didn't come to congress to make friends, and so far, mission accomplished! >> real basic. everyone okay with roads? >> i like roads. >> me too. it roads are where trucks live. >> i want no roads. >> no roads, why? >> chaos. >> laura: it's aggressively unfunny. of course being really killed the "snl" is nothing compared to being stocked by marxist foot shoulder nomadic soldiers into the ladies room and then having the humiliating footage put out for the whole world to see. promise to prominent democrats issued weak, limp combinations of this but we all know they really approved of it. biden even admitted it. >> president biden: it happens to everybody. the only people it doesn't happen to our people who have secret service standing around
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them. so it's part of the process. >> laura: of course this twisted game goes both ways. take what happened to the bushes and the cheney's. i'm young enough to a member when they were roundly derided as war criminals for the wars in iraq and afghanistan. was there anyone more hated by the left than dick cheney? before w's time in office, had you ever seen a president so ruthlessly mocked and derided as a dimwitted frat boy? i worked for reagan. nothing compared to what they did to bush. but now that he's there useful idiots, they've totally rehabilitated him. same thing for liz cheney. it's also obvious, it's almost boring at this point. no one with a shred of independent thought should be cowed by any of these people. the far left has relentlessly tried to get this show boycotted and even banned, kicked off the air. look at how well that worked out for them.
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we've only gotten stronger. our audience, thanks to you, has only gotten bigger. so instead of trying to ingratiate yourself to the woke mob or trying to appease them by saying just the right thing, just be yourself. stand up for your own views, for the truth. if there are people who agree with us than the left would have you believe. and as for sinema, she'd be far more at home i think as an independent. and of course she's always welcome to cross the aisle and joined the conservative movement. at least our side tolerates divergent views. there zero room for dissent in her current party. manchin should do the same and break away from the lunatics that he's had to put up with once and for all. i don't know, maybe he's too rich or too rich that he doesn't even care at this point. i don't know. it's just kind of easier, right, just to relent back at least in the short-term. but remember, and less you are 100% compliant and ready to
7:31 pm
copper mines your beliefs for every leftist crusade, they will eventually come for you anyway. just ask dave. and that's "the angle." joining us now, one of my next guests knows all too well what it's like to get canceled by the woke left. university of chicago professor dorian abbott was supposed to give the annual carson lecture at mit until a twitter mob discovered his very public comments about how higher education's obsession with diversity, equity, and inclusion, is actually harmful. he is here now along with stephen miller, former trump senior advisor, founder of america first legal, that helps protect the freedoms that we all enjoy as americans in its work. your lecture had nothing to do with critical race theory, but the incredible controversial topic was what drew their scorn? what was it? >> it was the climate of planets
7:32 pm
orbiting different stars, which are called extrasolar planets and which ones could potentially host life. >> laura: way to second so that -- wait a second, so you weren't able to -- i should like to hear that lecture. but that's off the table because you questioned the holy grail of di? >> yeah, that's true and if you'd like to have the lecture and anyone else what it's going to happen at the madison program at princeton and anyone can register for it for free online. >> laura: that's fantastic, good for princeton, i'm surprised by that. stephen miller, i know you're not surprised by any of this. the same mob that has come after sinema or even dave chappelle or myself, they've come after you had on for your views on immigration, trade, all of that. but isn't that the right message? just find a different form, keep moving forward. >> i'm very fortunate that i'm able to have this platform and have this form. what i'm worried about are the
7:33 pm
millions of americans who face the real threat of job loss, personal destruction, financial harm, d platforming because of their points of view. and in particular you see this now with the department of justice coming after americans, objecting to critical race theory, concerned parents. you see it increasingly with people that express divergent viewpoints on the coronavirus. we are living in an environment of what i like to call left-wing fascism in which if you express a contrary point of view like you've seen for biological sex, you stand up for racial equality, they're going to come at you with everything that they have and ultimately if we give into that even a little bit, we are just feeding the fire and it gets bigger and more fearsome every single time they play the victim. >> laura: well, we've had professors speak about freedom of speech. and try to address the problem.
7:34 pm
professor at princeton, he's kind of an interesting guy, usually on msnbc, but he spoke about this matter. let's watch. >> these are the places that some people believe that the left overruns these spaces and academic freedom or freedom of speech has become a question. >> there is an effort to discredit the university and i think in fact a lot of the characterization of the culture, cancel culture and so forth, that is used to describe universities is exaggerated. >> laura: so in other words, academic freedom, the desire for freedom, this is just a fantasy that conservatives have. miss doesn't -- this doesn't really exist, the cancel culture on campus. is that right professor? >> cancel culture certainly exists, it's true that a relatively small number of faculty are canceled.
7:35 pm
however, it has an impact that extends far beyond that because other people restrict their speech in order to avoid being canceled. >> laura: dorian, stephen, thank you, it's good to see about tonight. it took less than ten months by the american people to realize just how utterly incompetent the biden administration really is. and not just on afghanistan or the border, we are going to bring you the devastating new poles in moments.
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♪ ♪ >> the president is seeing the lowest score on his job performance since taking office. only 38% approval. >> the president has really had a tough stretch here. >> biden is underwater and the fact that he is bleeding support with independence. >> biden's approval rating is sinking. >> the new poll numbers are frankly brutal for the president. >> laura: it's not just
7:42 pm
biden's general approval rating that is abysmal. according to the new quinnipiac poll, 55% of americans think he's incompetent in running the government. that includes 62% of independents, by the way. and that's not all, it also found that 49% believe biden cares about the average american, well, just 49% of them. that's a drop of 58% in april. all right, here to break it all down is tom bevan, cofounder and president of real clear politics. tom, what's going on here? dropped not just in the general numbers for biden, but on every major measure that matters from immigration to covid to foreign policy. >> yeah, i mean, look, this is as bad of a pole as we've seen for biden, and it's just one pole but if it's confirmed by other polls, and there is some indication that it is being seen in other places, it's terrible news not only because as you mentioned on issue after issue, whether it's afghanistan, foreign policy, the border,
7:43 pm
taxes, he is losing support overall, but particularly among independents, but as we talked about before, laura, he is losing those sort of intangible qualities, is he honest or not, a net loss of 20 points and eight months, is he a good leader. a net loss of over 30 points on that question in eight months and as you mentioned, most surprising to me with this question of does he care about the average person. this is one of biden's sort of -- you know, one of his core brand -- you know, he was from scranton -- you know, blue-collar joe from scranton. that number has dropped dramatically as well. it started at 60% in february. now as you mentioned, down to 49%, so he's lost, you know, a great standing there as well. so those of the things that are really tough to recover any think it shows just across the board how badly he's been performing. >> laura: we just put up a different graphic about honesty, and the honesty numbers -- and i know you've addressed this before with us, but the honesty
7:44 pm
numbers are a real drop. if back in february it was 53% said he was honest. now in october, only 44% say he's honest. 50% say he's not honest. >> writes. i mean, listen, that's what happens when you make this one of the cornerstones of your campaign, trump is a liar, i will tell the truth, i will always level with you. he said it in his inaugural address, said it all the campaign that i will always level with the american people good, bad, or otherwise in the american people have recognized that he hasn't been on the level with them on a number of issues. he's ignored, been in denial about the border, he says afghanistan, the exit there, was a huge success and couldn't have been done any other way and the american people don't believe that to be true, and so that's why he's seen -- and the other one, as you mentioned, he said he would be competent and the american people have seen on that score things at odds with his rhetoric and i think that's what he's lost support. again, he hasn't lost so much
7:45 pm
support among democrats. it's among independents were he's really sliding and this is a huge concern for democrats and the midterms and even terry mcauliffe in his virginia governor's race in just a couple of days. independents are about 30% of the electorate there and they are feeling this badly about biden, that does not bode well for mcauliffe or the democrats. >> laura: that's all right, putting in travel vaccine mandates on airplanes, they are already kind of floating that. will that be good for his popularity, tom, yes or no? >> i do not think so. spirit all right, tom, great to see her tonight. still ahead, and angle follow-up, a story we brought you a few weeks ago. a female soldier at fort bliss who says she was assaulted by a group of male afghan refugees. congresswoman yvette hero is here with stunning new details in a moment.
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>> laura: weeks ago we were first to bring you the shocking news that u.s. servicewomen was allegedly assaulted by a group of male afghan refugee to refugees in new mexico. the fbi is investigating the matter, but rather than wait around for the bureau, my next guest took action. yesterday congressman whose district includes fort bliss went to the base to demand answers. the congresswoman joins us now. congresswoman, i should note that fox news was supposed to go with you to fort bliss yesterday, but our permission was withdrawn 10 minutes before a reporter was supposed to board his flight. if they are not trying to hide something, they are doing a good impersonation of someone who is trying to hide something. >> yeah. what a disappointment. we were denied allowing one of your guys to go with us on the tour yesterday. transparency at its best with this it administration of
7:52 pm
course. >> laura: we know that the pentagon is kind of downplaying the severity of crimes being committed on the base. this was from a pentagon briefing on september 30th. >> what we are seeing is law enforcement violations that are on par and in most cases significantly lower than the rates we are seeing in similar sized populations across the united states. afghans are reporting incidents is a good indicator of their commitment keeping the community safe. >> laura: so in other words, we should be thankful that afghans who are here are helping? if they are, that's great. we have american servicewomen or being assaulted on our military bases by refugees. is that the best answer they can do?
7:53 pm
i guess net price that, the national security advisor, has been blaming charter flights for bringing people who shouldn't be here into the country. is that it? >> yeah, i mean, here's what we were told and this does not make sense to me. they tell us because we have someone to people in such a small area that we can expect to see things like this happen. laura, think about it. if we can't keep service members safe on military bases within the united states, what does that look like for any town usa want these people are let loose or resettled or choose to leave the base on their own accord which we know at least 500 people have from fort bliss. >> laura: how many of them have come back? are they just going to the 7-eleven getting something to drink and coming back? what's happening? are they ever returned? >> they are not allowed to come back. once they leave the base they cannot come back but then they are responsible then for themselves in terms of the paperwork, processing, et cetera, but it makes no sense
7:54 pm
that we don't have a better handle on what's going on, but still, the responses that we've asked for from secretary mayorkas and this administration are deafening when it comes to the background checks, the vetting, and how safe -- >> laura: they don't care. they don't care. they don't care. congresswoman, stay on this and we will be tracking it with you. thank you so much. when we come back, celebrating 25 years of fox news. the last bite, next.
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you may pay as little $10 per prescription. ask your healthcare provider about rybelsus® today. >> laura: a lot of folks on this news channel have been talking about the quarter-century on the air. a network that few people thought would last more than -- i don't know -- maybe a year or so. i was on another network back in 1996 when fox news started. in fact, we were thinking that is not going -- that's kind of mickey mouse. boy, were we wrong. and the guy who cofounded it had an interesting comment about the state of journalism back in
8:00 pm
2005. >> journalist provide a tremendous service to this nation that they must stay true to the cause of searching for the truth and putting the stories and context. and we try to do that. >> laura: suzanne scott, jay wallace, the entire fox news team. ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ >> greg: happy thursday, everyone. oh, it's a big day here at fox news. it's our 25th and mike anniversary. [cheers and applause] 25 years ago, this network was launched.


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