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tv   Tucker Carlson Tonight  FOX News  October 7, 2021 5:00pm-6:00pm PDT

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issues. thank you so much for taking the time to join me tonight. i want to thank you all for watching fox news prime time tonight, don't forget to catch the been dominant podcast, he confided at we'll be back tomorrow night at 7:00, tucker carlson is up next. ♪ ♪ >> tucker: good evening and welcome to "tucker carlson tonight," we are glad you are here, we had a diplomatic incident last month that a lot of americans didn't even know what happened. the government of france, something they haven't done it hundreds of years, they were called their ambassador to the united states. they also accuse the united states of behaving in a manner which is unacceptable between allies and partners. it wasn't a cheese embargo that made the french mad, they were
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angry that biden administration agreed to provide nuclear powered submarines to australia. france wanted to sell its own submarines in the biden administration effectively killed that deal. it hurt france and they were mad about it. we haven't had a problem with france this profound since, to be specific, 1798. john adams was president of dan and the interesting thing is he had no idea we had a problem with france, it took months for word to reach him in washington that american and french diplomats were fighting with one another. by the time adams learnt about this diplomatic dispute which became known as the xyz affair, it was too late to stop it. with that in mind, john kerry
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was asked what happened here in his response was simple. like john adams, joe biden had no idea the french were upset. unlike john adams, our current president had the benefit of cell phones and the internet. jill biden didn't know because he's a mental decline, there are a lot of things he doesn't know including when our allies are furious with us, starting with withdrawing their ambassador's. him he was asked to explain all this, why did that biden administration cut france out of the nuclear submarine deal, his response was amazing. he said joe biden did this because he was completely unaware there was a problem in the first place. >> president biden asked me about it and i told him -- >> you told joe biden -- >> he asked me, he said what's the situation and i explained exactly, he had not been aware of that. he had not been aware of what
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had transpired. >> tucker: once less time you heard someone from the u.s. government admits the president was completely clueless? he had not been aware of what had transpired. you're probably not shocked by that, joe biden was visibly confused throughout the entire presidential campaign, here's one example. >> no man has a right to raise a hand to a woman in anger other than in self-defense and that rarely ever it occurs. we have to change the culture, period. and keep punching at it and punching at it and punching at its. >> plays the radio, make sure the television -- excuse me, make sure you have the record player on at night. >> we choose science over fiction, we choose truth over facts. >> tucker: we aren't trying to be mean, as we said many times we feel sorry for joe biden, all of us hope to live to the age
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where we face those kinds of problems and the truth is voters knew what they were getting when they voted for joe biden. what's interesting is now he is in office, his handlers are doing everything they can to prevent us from noticing he's not really in charge. take a look at the latest example, these are pictures of a fake white house set the biden administration has for some reason constructed across the street from the actual white house, in the eisenhower executive office building. why growth of the trouble? they already have the white house, stephen miller spent the last four years in the white house as an advisor and here is his explanation for it two the reason biden uses this bizarre virtual set for televised meetings, not an actual room like the east room for the cabinet -- the reason he does this is because it allows him to read a script directly from a face on monitor and without teleprompters that can be seen on camera. we can't verify that is true but it certainly sounds right.
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joe biden can't speak from the oval office because he's not sure what to say so we have to read it all. we are not going to gloat over it but the much more important question to the rest of us is if he's not running the government, then who is? that's the real question. clearly the fbi, the doj, and the military are already acting independently of the elected president of the united states, they don't even keep him and informed of international incidents. instead, they are in some cases freelancing to crush anyone who opposes their power. mike flynn for example, he was briefly the national security advisor in the trump administration. what we learned from the destruction of mike flynn, really, was that sure, you can elect donald trump president but does he really run the executive branch of government? it turned out barack obama was still in charge even though he was no longer president. obama had his cronies charge
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michael flynn with a crime, talking to russia, as the national security advisor which is not a crime by any stretch and they wrecked his life for doing that. took years for us to figure out what happened there, but now it's obvious, we sat down with a long interview with mike flynn, coming up monday. he told us what is really obvious to everyone watching it, unelected group within washington effectively runs the country without reference to voters, here is his assessment. >> we have two separate governments, we have the one that gets elected and goes into office and you have the government inside of washington, d.c., that operates under no rules, no authorities other than their own or who was ever in charge. >> tucker: sounds like that government was still controlled by barack obama. >> i would say that to a degree is what we are operating with today. >> tucker: by the way, mike flynn is not some internet celebrity or conservative activist, he was a three-star
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general, the head of an intelligence agency, the number two guy -- he spent his entire life working on a federal government and succeeding at that, he knows what he's talking about, he is a reliable guide to how the government actually works. our whole conversation with mike flynn is on tucker carlson and comes out monday on fox nation. it's not just mike flynn being destroyed, every ideological opponent of the regime is under attack, parents in school board meetings saying unapproved things, yesterday's joe biden's slack -- using the patriot act to hunt down american parents who are upset about what their kids are learning, watch this. >> with the administration be okay with the fbi using the patriot act to surveilled these parents? >> i don't speak on behalf of the national school board association, i speak on behalf of this government, the attorney general has put out a letter, they will take actions they take and i would point you to them for more information.
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>> tucker: this is the spokesman for the president of the united states saying they are going to take actions they are going to take like we don't have any control over this. she may be onto something there. it does increasingly seem like the national security state runs everything. remember the doj recently dispatched its antiterrorism national security division to investigate ordinary parents calling them domestic terrorists, the doj is also developing training sessions to tell school board members that free speech is actually violence. so who is really in charge? the really interesting question. to answer that question we are honored to be joined by someone who has been thinking about this for an awful long time, that is glenn greenwald who writes for some stack, he has been covering the national security state for decades, we are happy to have them join us now. thanks so much for coming on. as just noted, you have been on the trail of the national security state longer than most people thought it was anything more than conspiracy theory as
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we now say. who do you think is actually in charge of the government at this point? >> it's bizarre because the trump presidency brought us so much evidence showing us who was, one of the video clips was when chuck schumer went on to the rachel maddow show, he had posted in the cia forgetting iraq wrong and chuck schumer said ethics aside, how can he be so stupid as to do that to the cia -- if you challenge the cia, they have six different ways to sunday to get back at you. the entire trump presidency was driven by all sorts of narratives from the media about how these heroic, independent generals like mattis and john kelly and h.r. mcmaster were going to save us from the elected president and there were all kinds of reports about how security state officials would conceal classified information they didn't want president trump to have in order to mindy
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delayed his decision-making or subvert and ignore his decision-making liked when he would tell them to withdraw troops from syria. this was celebrated at the same time, they would say if you say there is a deep state in the united states which is nothing more than what dwight eisenhower warned about a permanent power faction in washington that rules the country regardless of the outcome of elections, they would tell you you are crazy, you are conspiracy theory, even as you are cheering for the classic definition of the deep state in the first place. you have to be a conspiracy theorist or incredibly gullible not to believe that exists. >> tucker: here is the evidence that won me over. famously people say you're not allowed to criticize, what is the one group republicans and democrats never criticize, the national security state. republicans are happy to go after the irs or the education department, i can't remember the last time a republican leader meaningfully criticize the doj and the pentagon, democrats are
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exactly the same, that tells you everything, doesn't it? >> the amazing thing is for whatever you want to point to in donald trump's comportment and governance which i think are several valid ones, one of the most important things that he did was he deviated from that cage that presidents are kept in, he told the american people there are the security state agents who think they run the government and he stood up to them and challenge their orthodoxies and pieties and showed americans especially people in the republican party on the right that these institutions are not noble or benevolent but are highly pernicious, they want to interfere in our domestic politics and they ought to be deeply distrusted to. i think that was one of the most important things he did and it was for that reason, his willingness to criticize them that they hated him and spent four years trying to undermine his presidency and the amazing thing is they always talk about the sanctity of democracy. how was democracy more
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threatened than having unelected people who operate in the dark free to undermine and sabotage the person that americans chose as their president? >> tucker: thank you, exactly. if you want to wreck democracy, that's how you do it's. there's a lot of evidence the last president was concerned about their power on a personal level, he understood how powerful they are. really quick, do you think at this stage it would be possible for president to push back and to strip the unelected power centers of some of their power in the government? >> you would need a big army behind you, that's why people were petrified of j. edgar hoover, he kept dossiers on every politician throughout washington. you need the population to rise up against them for that to work. >> tucker: i hope that happens -- i think democracy is worth having, i know you feel that way too. glenn greenwald, an antiauthoritarian, we are proud to have you. thanks. if you want to know what the
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sacred cows are, ask yourself what are you not allowed to say? major news organizations shut down any debate or conversation about vaccine mandate -- it's not about the vaccines, it's about whether they should be required to people who don't want to take them. that is a massive change in american life and are not allowed, you are absently not allowed to question it. and espn anchor found out the hard way, we will tell you what happened they are straight-ahead to.
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that's cool, but ours save us serious clam-aroonies. relax people, my wireless is crushing it. that's because you all have xfinity mobile with your internet. it's wireless so good, it keeps one upping itself. >> tucker: on a recent podcast, and espn employee called sage steele said something out loud you're not allowed to say out loud, she criticized vaccines and vaccine mandates, listen to this. >> i didn't want to do it but i worked for a company that mandates it. i respect everyone's decision, i really do. the mandate is sick and it's scary to me in many ways.
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>> tucker: it is sick and a scary regardless how you feel about the vaccine forcing people to take drugs they don't want or need is grotesque, it shouldn't happen and no one is saying anything about it. sage steele went on to say something else that's totally not allowed, she pointed out the democratic party uses racial politics to gain power. she said that while recounting a time that barbara walters scolded her for identifying as biracial. >> i don't know the last time i filled up my senses, if they make you choose a race -- you can't. barack obama chose black and he's biracial, congratulations to the president, that is his thing, i think that is fascinating considering his black dad was nowhere to be found in his white mom and grandma raised you, you do you, i'm going to do me. >> tucker: was there a single untrue statement? was that unreasonable in any
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way, even a tiny bit? not at all. espn which is grotesque, you should know that told sage steel off the air immediately for saying this and they attacked her in an orwellian fashion. saying "we embrace different points of view" we expect those points of view to be expressed respectfully. you do you she said, she disagreed it so they crushed her. jason whitlock knows this world very well, he covered sports for a decade, he joins us tonight. i hunger only read about this, i had never seen the tape until right now and i don't know sage steel but she comes off as completely reasonable and a thoughtful and not an ideologue or a hater or anything, she is just saying obvious stuff, are you surprised they crushed her? >> i'm not surprised they crushed her, i do know sage steel, she's one of the best people working in our industry. she's just coming from a real
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and authentic place. i think it's inappropriate that biracial kids particularly when there is a black, white mix are forced to choose, you're just black -- you have to disavow the white half of you. i think it is perfectly appropriate for her to point this out. sage steel is biracial, i think this whole thing is a relic of the one-drop rule that was instigated in the 1700s, 1600s by racist. if you have one drop of black blood, therefore you are considered fully black. we love in this modern society, this wokeness society, this social justice, marxist society we are building, any relics from the racist past, we love to adopt and hang onto and apply to modern american society.
5:22 pm
that's why racist came up with the one-drop rule and we are beholden to it. racist came up with calling black people the n-word, we are now beholden to it and we have taken that name on and it's ours to use it we are the most proud of it. it's our favorite word, we turned it into a term of endearment. it all comes from the fruit of the racist tree, modern-day racists are holding onto it while calling themselves liberators and freedom fighters and social justice warriors, they are bigots and racists and you made the greatest point in the beginning. there's two things you can't talk about in this new society they have built here, you can't question the vaccine, and you sure can't question barack obama who needs to be questioned and sage steel has properly -- this man should drop to his knees every day and thank his white mama and white grandparents for
5:23 pm
saving his rear end and helping create and move him forward in life and instead he rejects the white side of his family and claims to be all-black -- it's a joke. they're all a joke, they are all racist and they all are beholden to racist ideologies and beliefs that we should have let go in the 17 and 1800s. >> tucker: it empowers certain groups -- it empowers the democratic party. the third thing that you can't say is there is a component to what we are watching that you can't see, there is a spiritual dimension to the struggle this country is going through, you're one of the very few people i've ever heard say that out loud, i've been thinking about it since the first time you set it on air. i have to ask really quick, what kind of response you get when you point that out? >> it's mixed but you've taken me to a great point because i love to hammer it and it needs to be hammered over and over again and that's why your show
5:24 pm
is so important. we should be taking our identity in -- not in skin color, not these superficial things, your sexual preference or gender identifications, all of these have taken precedent over what used to be our primary identity, are you a believer, are you a christian? once you identify as that, now i can see the commonality between tucker carlson and jason whitlock, we are both believers, we are both christians, we both love our country. those things that unite us, they are telling us to disavow and embrace things, skin color and that sexual orientation or gender identity. those things that separate us, they want us to lean into that and lean away from god. that's the mistake we are making
5:25 pm
here in this country. >> tucker: i used to think you were a great talker and a great sports reporter, now i think you say things like that, i think you're one of the most important voices that we have, i appreciate you cing on the show and saying that, great to see you. >> thank you. >> tucker: there's no penalty for failure whatsoever, the worst mayor in american history is now telling people he wants to run for governor, of course! will de blasio running the whole state. we'll have more on that. right now you can get the book, amazon gets nothing, take some happiness in that. we'll be right back.
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♪ ♪ >> this is a fox news alert. right now it appears the senate has approved a $480 billion increase in the debt ceiling a short while ago, the vote was open. there are now enough votes, the bill has passed. it will now go to the house, the $480 billion is enough to keep the treasury borrowing until december. now that the senate has approved the bill it will go to the house where it's expected to pass before the president can sign it into law. in other news, abortions resuming at some texas clinics after a federal judge halted the state's abortion law which is the most restrictive in the country. some providers are proceeding with caution saying they worry
5:32 pm
the appeals court could soon reinstate the law known as senate bill eight. the law bans abortions once a fetal heartbeat is detected usually around six weeks. i matt finn, now back to "tucker carlson tonight." >> tucker: at the height of last year's presidential campaign, joe biden who moonlights as a scientist announced that he had identified a single cause for every covid death that occurred in the united states. created covid in a lab and covered it up with the help of tony fauci but who cares? the reason people were dying last year joe biden told us was donald trump killed them, watch. >> if the president had done his job, done his job from the beginning, all the people would still be alive, i'm not making this up, look at the data. look at the data. >> tucker: one of president "does his job," nobody dies of a virus. look at the data, come on man!
5:33 pm
that's what joe biden said. biden got elected, honestly for a lot of reasons, a lot of them illegitimate but thematically he got elected because he promised to unlike donald trump stop americans from dying of coded. how was he doing on that campaign promise? according to the latest data from johns hopkins university, more than 353,000 americans have died of corona this year. turns out that's higher than the total number of deaths in this country from all of last year. here's the difference: the majority of americans got vaccinated this year and the deaths are still higher than they were last year under donald trump. what is that all about? honestly. we don't know the answer, maybe someone could explain that to us and explain how the vaccinated faced some risks from the unvaccinated, anybody who can explain that his welcome on the show, speak slowly so we'll
5:34 pm
understand. bill de blasio is hands down and everybody knows this, the single worst mayor in the history of this country. and yet he wants more. he's telling people he wants to run for governor of new york. on this occasion, it's not humiliation and flight to obscurity but his ascendance to higher office. we thought we would run through some of his greatest hits. on groundhog day 2014, we remember this well, de blasio dropped the groundhog -- he later died. watch. >> this footage from groundhog day 2014 shows a freshly inaugurated mayor bill de blasio appearing to drop staten island chuck. a week after, the groundhog did a few more advents before being found deceased on february 9th. >> tucker: and one of his first acts as mayor, he killed
5:35 pm
staten island chuck, the beloved groundhog of one of new york's five boroughs. that should've been assigned, it was foreshadowing for the next eight years. de blasio behave like a pig throughout his time in office. here he was in may and this was a physical demonstration of what's going on inside of him, eating fries and a burger like a pig's child watch. >> free fries when you get vaccinated? i got vaccinated. you're saying i can get this, these delicious fries, just think of this when you think of vaccination. vaccination! >> tucker: listen to my moist mouth sounds and take the shot, does that make you more probe -- donald trump is a master at critiquing table manners.
5:36 pm
he voted himself with a woman's chest and the reflection so we can look forward to more of that if he becomes governor of new york, probably. seth baron has followed this man for years, author of the great new book the last days of new york. because no one is ever punished for wrecking things in this country, this guy believes he should go higher on the political ladder? >> absolutely, don't forget he ran for president last year. >> tucker: good point. >> bill de blasio as you point out is a grotesque clown, knows he's not going to achieve higher office, that's not the point. the problem is he only has another two and a half months to raise money. running for office is the mechanism by which he can keep money flowing between his friends in the construction industry and his friends who are consultants. that is his task, consultants
5:37 pm
are his true employers. as long as he has a campaign going for fund-raising, then he has a mechanism to raise money. if he's not running for anything, he can't raise money. if you want to be a bagman, you need to have a bag. that's what he's doing. >> tucker: so smart, this show is pretty ideological and we do have ideas and themes but it's sort of miss the primary motive for a lot of these guys as old-fashioned corruption, de blasio is corrupt. i always forget that. >> people call it quixotic when he does these runs but he's not quixotic. >> tucker: what do you think his weekly marijuana bills are? >> i'm not going to opine on that but it doesn't seem like something is being smoked because he's on another planet when it comes to managing the city.
5:38 pm
>> tucker: even new york deserves better than bill de blasio. seth baron has chronicled this stuff for so long and does a great job. today is the 25th anniversary of this company, the fox news channel. kind of amazing, really. we'll take a look back at the last 25 years and ask how do we get here? what made us different? that's worth thinking about when we come back.
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♪ ♪ >> tucker: it is the 25th anniversary of the fox news channel, we've already seen the great promos the channel has been running all week. today is the day we got one of our favorite people at fox to assess the last quarter-century but we want to take you back to that day. this was 25 years ago today, as it started. >> we have reached this moment where we can firmly announce the starting of a fox news channel and a much greater effort trying
5:44 pm
to build up fox news in every area. we now see a clearly defined audience in numbers for cnn. i think you'll find as more news channels and particularly our news channel appear, the audience will increase greatly. >> tucker: that was before it even started, that was in 1996. nobody thought that was going to work in the news business, i worked at the competing channel which happen to be number one, in the room the very first day this channel was going on the air. i was covering bob dole for president. in the room, there was not a single person including me who thought this would work. another news channel, really? but it did work and it worked for a couple of important reasons. you had really smart and really committed people running it. one of those people was roger ailes who was the creative force behind a lot of what you saw on the air, here he is.
5:45 pm
>> we aren't starting up a reactive news service in any way, our job is to be objective. we would like to be journalists, we would like to restore objectivity where we find it lacking. we expect to do fine balanced journalism. >> tucker: a lot has been said about roger ailes, i'm not sure how much we can add to that other than to point out that man understood people, human nature, tv talent better than really anybody. that turned out to be massively important. over the years, the single most important quality, the quality that has allowed this channel to continue and thrive for a quarter century is courage. the belief that we are doing something important by letting people talk. suzanne scott and jay wallace running it day today, the one thing they have in common addition to being nice people as they are totally committed to the freedom of speech.
5:46 pm
did they agree with everything we say on this show? we have no idea, they've never told us. what we do know is they have a pet rock, unshakable belief that the first amendment is real and they are the living embodiment of its. you can tell the truth on fox news, period. it's not easy to do that, it takes enormous toughness and we are grateful for that. judge jeanine pirro has been here a long time, she's been the beneficiary of that toughness along the way. we are grateful to have her tonight to assess 25 years. >> when i think about 25 years, i think about david and goliath. even you were saying, who thought we needed another news channel? the cable provider didn't even want to carry fox news. here we are, number one for what is at, 79 quarters? it's incredible. it really is a testament to the business acumen to the vision, and to the fact that the
5:47 pm
murdochs didn't really bun with the pack, they didn't need approval, they didn't need permission, they were determined to run in their own lane and they were the winners and so were all of us who work here. we get to talk about what we want to talk about, we get to be who we are. you get to be tucker, i get to be judge jeanine, we get to talk about what we want to talk about. i get to be the person i want to be, and the freedom that we have here, the colleagues, the collaboration, the fact that the first amendment, the freedom of speech, the constitution is so important to all of us, that's the overarching theme of fox. we talk to that person in america who is actually concerned not just about the issues of the day but wants to hear what we think we want to hear what they think and that is why we've hit a chord to. kudos to everyone here and i am thrilled to be here.
5:48 pm
>> tucker: i always think for myself it's a long day, i think my job is harder. can you imagine running fox news? the amount of pressure, the people who run this company are under every single day from institutions across our society to stop that, don't say that, rein them in, they pushed back every single time. they never get any credit for it, i hate sucking up, i'm not sucking up to my bosses, these people are brave for real. >> cancel culture and what they would do, they would have you and me off the air in three seconds if they could. they can't deal with us and yet we are talking about things that america is interested in hearing. the proof is in the pudding and the fact that we have a structure with suzanne scott and locklin murdoch, everyone is supportive of us, it's unbelievable. it's the best job around. >> tucker: it's not only the best job around it's the only
5:49 pm
job like it around. when i started 30 years ago and media you are expected to say what you thought, now it's just us. >> can you imagine if there wasn't fox? it would all be the same message and everything we are afraid of in america today which is one train of thought being the only way, it would be total fascism. thank god for fox. >> tucker: our viewers should no, judge jeanine is not a suck up either. i appreciate you coming on tonight, great to see you. county health officials in colorado have threatened to close a christian school because the school is resisting complying with mask mandates and the social distancing. the officials don't like that parents have any say in the matter. we are going to talk to the head of that school who has been pushing back, that's next.
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>> tucker: million systems across this country are being forced to wear masks in school even though they don't support the men dirt or come close. a low risk for getting the virus, very few have gotten very sick from it, they don't transmit it effectively either, but it's happening across the countries. parents have zero say in the matter, not consulted. a school in colorado is giving parents the choice and for the crime of doing that, officials are threatening to close the school down. shut it down. the headmaster is here and we're happy to have him join us tonight. thank you so much for coming on. i know you're being all kinds -- being all kinds of names, antimask, antiscience, explain your proposal if you would. >> were proposing the radical idea of allowing parents to make
5:57 pm
the medical decisions for their children. we feel that a mask as a medical decision, we are not antimask, pro mask, anti-vaccination, pro-vaccination, we are pro parent. >> tucker: for saying that out loud, you're challenging the orthodoxy. what are they trying to do? >> with basically happening is when you have a certain number of covid cases, and as a result, they move in with their mask mandate. the county itself is in under a mask mandate move and you have a certain number of cases, the culloden outbreak and require the group for which the outbreak was defined to masco they have not been following their own guidelines. they came back and we have seen masks though my cases around the school. we pushed back and said that's not what the guidance says, it's
5:58 pm
defined to that group. we had to push back, find out alternatives, clarify things with them to make sure -- it's clear in what we have to do and when we have to do it. but there is a gross amount of overreach in our opinion. speech or to clarify terms, when you say i'll break your not talking about deaths or hospitalizations, positive test results, correct? >> that's correct. defining an outbreak at five positive cases within a defined group, the defined group could be a single third grade classroom. when the group reaches the outbreak status, the committee's about to come and then say the group has to masco. but instead they expand the sphere of masking to go further than that and require students who are not contiguous to the situation to masco. it's a parents right to choose that choose that. >> tucker: amen. it's independent of any effect, so those might be five
5:59 pm
asymptomatic cases so no big deal at all, but they do not care. at this point, bottom line, can you stay open? >> yes, we can. we are not putting the children in the middle of this, so what we have done is if and when there's been an outbreak in a certain segment of the population, we respectfully ask that those parents to please masco their children so that we can fight this thing legally. we are going to work and keep the children in school, we don't want them because in the middle of the spirit of this is their educational source, their educational resource, many of them are in athletics, art, fine art competitions, so forth. to recruit them from that and go to a shutdown, we put them in the middle of it. parents are working with us in this time but noting that we are finding this thing legally for them and seeking restitution very soon. >> tucker: you school that cares about the effect on the kids, hope all schools are like that. thankful that you came on.
6:00 pm
we are certainly rooting for you. >> thank you sir. biden we are out of time tonight unfortunately, will be back. 8:00 p.m. the show that's the sworn enemy of lying, pomposity, smugness, and groupthink. we hope you have the best night with the ones you love. sean hannity takes over. ♪ ♪ >> sean: welcome to "hannity" tonight we begin with a fox news alert. the 45th president of the united states donald trump will be here in just a moment. plus coming up we will have a strong message from mitch mcconnell and weak and spineless republicans, the ones that just caved to the radical left and gifted them a nice long extension on don't like giving them more time and space to run through the radical new greendale socialist agenda. tonight i'd like to start on a personal note. with a thank you, a


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