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tv   FOX News Primetime  FOX News  October 7, 2021 4:00pm-5:00pm PDT

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only lighting director one of the most beloved crew members on this show getting married to match and kindness and generosity. congrats to them on 25 year anniversary. that's one place that makes this place great. it's basically been a family since day one. people care about people. hopefully that translates on air. thanks for inviting us into your home tonight and every night for the past 25 years. that's it for this "special report" fair balanced and still unafraid. i took five seconds of ben domenech's time on "fox news primetime" but i had to get that out. >> ben: i had to see that intern photo of guy. that's excellent. fantastic. thank you, bret. >> bret: you bet. >> ben: good evening and welcome to "fox news primetime." ♪ ♪ >> ben: something funny happened in the spring of 2020, while the world was teetering on the edge of collapse in the face of the oncoming pandemic a new nation briefly tried to constitute itself right here in the united states. you probably never heard of it. but the western states pac is a
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system what ails america and harbinger of things to come. the last time we ran into a group of states calling themselves a pact warsaw pact. rhymes the western states pact was a group of hard left autocracies seeking to impose their wilpon the united states. left coast dystopias led by california, oregon and washington state coalesced in april 2020 to look something like a real national government. and briefly attempted to relate to the federal government on a pier to pier basis. now, i don't want to take the warsaw pact analogy too far. after all in communist warsaw you could still get a crowd of hundreds of thousands chanting we want god. you won't be seeing that in san francisco or portland any time soon. april of 2020, the pact excepted two new member states colorado and nevada. and in may 202024 pact sent congress a letter demanding $1 trillion for themselves. the letter even had nice
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minimalist letterhead emblazened upon it a design touch easy to miss if you know california you can easily imagine bureaucrat gazing with satisfaction upon his works. >> look at that coloring. taste oh my god. it even has a water mark. >> ben: then nearly as soon as it began the western states pact abruptly disappeared from public view as the insurrectionary summer of 2020 dawned progressive alet's challenge to the federal union since 1861 were diverted into a more mosaic violence it violence and mayhem in the streets. the pact disappeared from public view but didn't disappear. it's still around. western states work group in the news from time to time these days. cops playing as the fall food and drug administration and issuing covid vaccine approval hid by absolutely no one. the western states' pact was the most brazen attack to form a
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state con federation in 2020. mid-atlantic multi-state council all flickered into formal existence in those crowded weeks. in formal state coalesced in new england, north plains and the d.c. metro region. what's important about this weird phenomena. why bother to remember a handful of states who briefly challenged the constitutional order upon the formation of the american coalition minnesota governor tim walls a democrat explicitly called it a loose articles of confederacy scenario. you would think it would generate some notice and it didn't. that's the point. we don't remember awful this because of what happened. we must remember it because of what didn't. we must remember it because the federal government faced with existential challenge did nothing. doing fog is what the federal government does these days. no, i don't mean in the usual sense of harry truman's do nothing congress. usually when people complain that the government does nothing, they just mean it didn't do what they want. i mean it literally. i mean the federal government
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increasingly can do nothing step back from whatever allegiance bias you have for a moment and see the spectacle of the united states incapable of everything but nothing. it's a new thing in american history. so new it just crept up us on in the past few years. so shocking that most of us don't see it because we can't. pattern recognition is one of those gifts of man's intellect but it requires a prior pattern to work. never really seen the government in washington, d.c. capable of nothing before. and, yet, here we are. the list of things the federal government suddenly cannot do is nearly a list of things absolutely everyone, left and right, democrat and republican, expects a government to be able to do. the federal government cannot win a war. the federal government cannot secure its own seat of governance. the federal government cannot ensure domestic tranquilities. the federal government cannot guarantee law. the federal government cannot establish justice.
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the federal government cannot provide for the common prosperity. the federal government cannot secure its own elections. the federal government cannot provide for the common defense. the federal government cannot secure the blessings of liberty. the federal government cannot secure its own borders. the federal government cannot prioritize its own citizenry. the federal government cannot handle a public health crisis with any competence. the fall government cannot reflect and advance the values of its own people. the federal government cannot assert it only constitutional authority versus an upstart letterhead bearing pact. what county federal government do? try not paying your taxes or protesting an out-of-control school board or sending a joke tweet and you will find out. they will try, they will put every effort into trying to crush you like a bug. it's a late soviet state of affairs. we like to think that the ussr fell because people's yearn for freedom. the soviet empire actually
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collapsed because in the end its government could do nothing. come the early 1990s the average soviet citizen lived in a country defeated in average, shot through with endemic violence, stricken with radically empty grocery shelves, increasingly worthless currency and ruled by an aging group of idiots whose governance veered between insane radicalism and lethal incompetence. it was a country like, well, like the one you and i live in today. do you remember the name of our country though? it's the united states of america. and that's the key to how we find a pathway out of this predicament. if the swamp ticks grown fat and happy off the federal government won't do their jobs, states must stand up and do it themselves. in essence, who am i? i'm the guy who does his job. you must be the other guy. treat the federal government like the angry old relative sending all caps emails. you once imposed unlawful mandates by email. decide school policies where you have no authority.
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you want to control our travel and bully our businesses and pretend the tenth amendment doesn't exist? i won't say the first part of the sentence i'm thinking because this is a family program but it ends with sue me. it doesn't have to be that way. but that's the way it is. this incompetent decrepit federal behemoth wants to impose total control over how you live, indoctrinate your children, snoop on transactions, monitor your opinions for wrong think and dissend with full might to ruin you as they see fit. and they can't even keep track of border runners or refugees or tell our friends from our foes. author steve hayward had a line about jimmy carter he wrote that he had run for office on the promise of delivering a government as good as the people only to discover that the people were no good. that seems a lot like what we're hearing from the white house today. but you know the truth. you know who the good guys are and the bad guys from this situation. so the question for you, fellow citizen of what was and is the greatest nation in the history of the world, is whether you will accept this reality and surrender to these incompetent
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radicals or be wide awake to the fight ahead. i'm ben domenech and this is the american crisis. ♪ joining me now are host of lara logan has no agenda on fox nation lara logan along with political editor at "the federalist" john davidson. thank you both for joining me tonight. lara, i just want to get your response to one aspect of this in particular. something that you have been talking about since day one, which is the utter incompetence that -- of the american government showed in terms of exiting afghanistan and telling friend from foe in that situation. >> so, ben, i think you just gave them a free pass. incompetence had nothing to do with it. you know? i mean, i wish it was just incompetence because then it wouldn't be so serious. and so sinister, actually. because what you are looking at, let's face it, 20th anniversary of 9/11. that made me want to vomit hearing people say never again. right?
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what does that mean never again? what are you talking about never forget? i mean, you just took an entire country and torched it. you gave it to the terrorists responsible for 9/11. their coconspirators and then you said oh, wait, the people we were fighting with like a week ago? they were now the enemy. by the way we are going to help our enemies kill them. because al-qaeda is leading the fight in the panjshir valley against our most loyal allies. how do you know it's not incompetence? well, speak to any military person and they will tell you there are so many basic principles and standard operating procedures that have been totally violated here that it is impossible for anyone to be that incompetent or that stupid. number one. number two, pakistan is completely and utterly dependent on u.s. aid since 19 -- early 1950s, we have given more than seven years uninterrupted years of uninterrupted pakistan.
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there is 100 things that you can do right now to stop pakistan starting with saxes. cut off the money. why is that important? because pakistan created and controls the taliban and isis-k and all of these other groups. and what they want us to believe, ben, is that this is all done deal. there is nothing we can do about the weapons in terrorists hands. nothing we can do about what has happened in afghanistan. and none of that is true. they could change every single thing like that. literally you could snap your fingers. you don't have to boots boots on the ground. can you use thunderstorm mall uavs. you can do 100 different things and they would never change a thing. do you know why? because they have the outcome that they want. >> ben: see, that's part of -- that actually connects, john, to what i want to ask you about which is what is going on on the border as well. it seems to me that this outcome in that context, again, showing our complete incapability of being able to do basic things that we expect of a government, that seems to be the outcome this white house wants as well, isn't it, john?
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>> it is just like lara was saying about afghanistan. the border crisis could end tomorrow with the stroke of a pen. they could do it. it would be over. and we saw that during the trump administration. concrete steps were taken, decisive steps were taken and we saw illegal immigration plummet. as soon as the biden administration came into office. it began to spike again and now it's completely out of control. and it's not -- it's because they want -- they have a political goal, not a policy goal. and so they are doing it on purpose. >> that's right. >> they are creating this mayhem on purpose. ben, to your point about the states. it's clear the federal government is not going to do anything to stolen the border crisis. but the states could, the texas right now could do -- could take action tomorrow to mitigate this border crisis. the governor of texas greg abbott could order texas law enforcement to return and expel illegal immigrants caught crossing the rio grande. they could launch cross border raids into mexico to arrest
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cartel members and struggle glories. impose sanctions regime on cartel connected mexican officials who are involved in this migrant black market. but, they haven't done anything. jed, abbott and nine other g.o.p. governors came out with this 10 point plan about how to stop the border crisis. and every single point that they brought up had relied on the federal government to take action. which is not going to happen. >> why? >> ben: it's absolutely not going to happen. lara, i know you are experienced in covering the border issues as well. we are used to seeing, you know, are this explained away in terms of well, you know, we can't do anything because the feds, you know, they control this aspect or that aspect. what i see here is problem after problem where the states are going to have to stand up and basically fill this void that has been, you know, whether through incompetence or intent created from the federal government on down. what is your perspective on the border aspect of this? >> well, first, john, if you were in texas, i would give you a big kiss on the cheek because you are exactly 100 percent
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right about what you said. and i would take it even a step further, okay. because i would say this is really where the rubber meets the road. why are -- they asking the american taxpayer to fund the destruction of this nation? why are we, as taxpayers, i work very hard. i have no doubt that you two work very hard as well and so too millions of americans. we do not want to pay to indoctrinate our children in schools. we do not want to pay to eviscerate the southern border and have our sovereignty obliterated. we do not want to pay for people with a political agenda, that's right, not a policy one. john is 100 percent right, who are taking over our institutions and acting as if they are in charge when they're not. is this not a government of the people is this not we the people. we the people, for example for example, in the state of texas
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can take all those federal taxes and put them in a escrow account. the governor of texas have a escrow account and use that money state border patrol and fund the protection and security of this border with that money. he could also ban all federal drones from texas airspace. he could also stop all flights in and out of the state. there is a whole number of things that can be done here that are legal and constitutional and peaceful. and don't play into their hand because then the ones the last thing i will leave you with don't give up the fight. they want us to believe these institutions have been taken over. they want us to believe that doj is gone and fbi is gone and the border is gone and the fourth amendment is gone. they haven't. they are still there. and they belong to the people and we have to fight for those. >> ben: reminding people that they are still there is going to take some effort. thanks so much lara and john. coming up, fancy photos from hunterrens big art debut -- wait, are all those -- what are
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all those people there? i thought he wasn't supposed to meet the buyers? first, the don's transformation into the thought police is underway. why something as simple as voicing your opinion at a school board meeting could put you on the list. we'll be joined by a concerned mother on her way to a school board meeting and and former congresswoman tulsi gabbard. that's up next. ♪ as a dj, i know all about customization. that's why i love liberty mutual. they customize my car insurance, so i only pay for what i need. how about a throwback? you got it. ♪ liberty, liberty - liberty, liberty ♪ uh, i'll settle for something i can dance to. ♪ liberty, liberty, liberty, liberty ♪ ♪ ♪ only pay for what you need. ♪ liberty, liberty, liberty, liberty ♪ [ sneeze ] are you ok? oh, it's just a cold. if you have high blood pressure, a cold is not just a cold. unlike other cold medicines, coricidin provides powerful cold relief
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>> ben: this week the department of justice at the behest of joe biden decided that the parents who stand up for their kids at school board meetings should be investigated as toe mess stick terrorists. their message is loud and clear to moms and dads across america. if you disagree with the radical left, you are going to be targeted and silenced. but many parents are fighting back. joining me now is asra naomi
4:21 pm
with parents defending education. thank you for taking the time to join me tonight. i can see that sign that's behind you. what are you taking that to? >> well, here i sit, i'm right outside luther jackson middle school. the school board is going to have a meeting tonight. right now there are 100 parents outside with signs like this. they are standing defiant of this threat by the justice department and the fbi to shut them down. parents are going to stand up defending children and defending education. >> ben: do you think that you are going to be getting some attention from the fbi, perhaps, after taking such a stance in. >> you know what? parents are saying things like bring it on. arrest me. there is nobody who can stand between a momma bear and pappa bear and their cub. it's unconscionable what the justice department is doing. what they're really doing is protecting political and business interest that lead right to the justice department
4:22 pm
and the education industry that is exploiting our children and so we have to return back to the abcs as one mom just told me and stop with all of this indoctrination. >> ben: as remarks i know this is something that you woke up to perhaps earlier than many in this country in terms of the development that played out over the past year plus, tell me a little bit about your reaction though to this -- what i think a lot of people feel like they never could have seen happen in country parents being tagged as domestic terrorists potentially for wanting to seek out the best for their children's education? >> yeah. it's just unbelievable to me. my father came to america in the 1960s as an immigrant from india. we lived in poverty our first years. i was english as second language student. i learned english with nancy drew. i come into this country and i believed that education is our stepping stone, right? my son went to one of the best
4:23 pm
high schools here in fairfax county, virginia. but they told our mostly immigrant, mostly minority parents that we had to start checking our privileges just because our kids were at this school. and that's when i woke up and realized they were putting a target on the backs of parents. and now we have that confirmed with this ridiculous justice department declaration of war on us. people have to be very clear that -- stand clear for your values and be unapologetic as a parent. brethren. >> ben: i remember back, you know, 20 years ago there were a lot of concerns being raised in the wake of the patriot act about it being misused against domestic people, particularly against muslims in america. >> right. >> this seems like the kind of thing that should arouse the offense of every american, regardless of whether you are on the right or the left today. >> every single american should be outraged right now at this overreach by the justice department. i am muslim. i have chased terrorists around
4:24 pm
the world. i have gone to guantanamo bay to stare mohammed sheikh mohammed in the eyes. and i can tell you that these parents, they have names like harry and stacey and saberna, they are good people just like parents all over this country. the justice department has waged a war on the wrong people. we are the protectors of children. and they must stand with us. not against us. this is so, so disheartening. but, we will not be disheartened because we have clarity in our eyes and those are the faces of our children. >> ben: asra, thanks so much for young me and good luck at your school board meeting. >> thank you. i hope everyone gets their popcorn and watches the life stream. >> ben: thank you. also here tonight, former hawaii congresswoman and former presidential candidate tulsi gabbard. so, tulsi, tell me, do you think that parents need to be concerned about heading to gitmo? >> every american should be concerned about what's happening
4:25 pm
right now, ben. this is something that bigger than democrats vs. republicans. what we are seeing here is about the powerful elite in this country using their power to try to silence and control us. what is so dangerous about this situation is we have the attorney general essentially weaponizing our federal law enforcement agencies to intimidate and silence the american people to try to silence us into compliance, essentially. and the reality is that, as you know very well, whether we disagree or agree with each other, whether our speech is quiet or obnoxious. our speech is protected by the first amendment. it's something that i, as a soldier, and as a member of congress took an oath to support and defend the constitution and i may hate the speech that you say. i may completely disagree with it, but i will lay down my life to protect your right to say it. >> ben: one of the things that
4:26 pm
concerns me so much about this particular moment, tulsi, is that it's not necessarily about the people who you hear about getting into fights over this. who actually have to go to court and defend themselves. it's about all the people who stay quiet because of the forces of the elite, because of big tech, because of big government, being potentially used against them. they essentially are scheduled into silence because they don't want to be at the end of that spear. >> and that's why it's so important for us to stand up to speak out, to fight back, to take a stand for our freedom. the kind of action that we're seeing from attorney general garland, it makes our country look more and more like we are moving to a police state rather than being the land of the free and so now is not the time to allow them to intimidate us into silence. now is the time that we, the american people must take this stand for each other, for our civil liberties, for our freedoms, because, unfortunately, those who are in power, those who are supposed to
4:27 pm
be leading our country, rather than upholding our civil liberties and freedoms, these kinds of actions are violating and infringing upon them. >> ben: i know that you in congress were one of the major voices pushing back against the assumption that we should just take for granted intelligence, security and law enforcement communities that they just places that we should trust automatically. you want to see them have more oversight and more transparency because you felt that we needed to be more skeptical. that's not been something that i think traditionally a lot of republicans listen to. but a lot more of them are listening to it now. what are some of the steps that we can take to have more confidence that we won't see a situation where things like the department of justice are being turned against our own law abiding citizens? >> well, when you hear so easily in this specific example the counter-terrorism division of our government, the national security branch being invoked to
4:28 pm
target everyday americans, to target these parents who, because they care so much for their children, are going and speaking out at these board of education meetings, when you see this happening, it should be a red flag being waived to every single person about the danger of these provisions that were passed in the patriot act after 9/11 to specifically go after al-qaeda the jihadist terrorists who attacked us on that day now being redirected towards our neighbors, our friends, those in our community, our fellow americans. so we can only put a stop to this lawmakers accountable so that these policy changes are made so that these provisions in the patriot act are revoked. this is what i was working on in congress and we are seeing now so important? >> congresswoman. >> ben: coming up, the press painted her as a brave whistleblower calling out the excesses of big tech.
4:29 pm
she might be something else. a trojan horse for even more censorship. douglas murray joins us next. ♪ ♪ >> when they got a chip. they drove to safelite for a same-day repair. and with their insurance, it was no cost to them. >> woman: really? >> tech: that's service the way you need it. >> singers: ♪ safelite repair, safelite replace. ♪ wealth is your first big investment. worth is a partner to help share the load. wealth is saving a little extra. worth is knowing it's never too late to start - or too early. ♪ ♪ wealth helps you retire. worth is knowing why. ♪ ♪ principal. for all it's worth. ♪darling, i, i can't get enough of your love babe♪
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>> ben: the supposed facebook whistleblower frances haugen walked into capitol hill this week and demanded more government accountability for big tech and the mainstream media hailed her as a hero because of it. but, in relation, she might just be a trojan horse for the left to help give them more power and policing what you are allowed to view and say on social media. she has done it before with her role at facebook suppressing what her division dictated as misinformation on the platform covering up stories like hunter biden's laptop from hell later accepted by prominent mainstream outlets. joining me now is douglas murray. what is the motivation of what we see happening in front of us today in this conversation because it seems to me that when facebook itself is demanding
4:35 pm
more regulation from government, when that's the push that we see from this so-called whistleblower, that that seems to say that there is something else going on here that we're not paying attention to. >> yeah. i think several things going on here which we need to note. the first is, as you just mentioned, the whistleblower in question seem to be perfectly happy being involved in, for instance, silencing america's oldest, most vulnerable newspaper, "the new york post." didn't seem to have any particular problem with that and i would question the credentials of anybody from the big tech world who thinks that they can just snuff out a national newspaper like that or that they have the right to do that. the second is you see when you look into the content of what this whistleblower has said that actually see is annoyed with facebook for not doing more censoring. she thinks there should be more of the stuff. she and her former colleagues ought to be in a position to do even more of that grand censorship we saw when they stopped that very, very
4:36 pm
important story from the "new york post" before the election from seeing the light of day across most big tech platforms. the other thing is that she is being heralded for stating what we call the bleeding obvious. she has said shock horror that facebook benefits from disagreements among users. who didn't know that? we have known that from the beginning. the whole business model of big tech is to get you and me to argue on their platform to make them bigger billionaires. >> ben: i want to direct your attention to this tweet from matt stoler. frances haugen and many of the silicon valley insiders turned critics specifically those from the sink integrity team have technocratic vision a people should keep the world safe. that, to me, is an actual indication of what is going on here. it's a whole class of awoke generation that wants to be able to police everything that goes on. >> they are completely unfit for
4:37 pm
the job. nominate for me the person who should decide what you and i are allowed to read and hear. is there anyone good enough to do that job in they think they know. and it's them. it's a group of people at silicon valley and frankly, i spend a lot of my life writing about and speaking free speech issues. i know the parameters of this. the people at facebook and the other big tech platforms. they talk as if they have just discovered this subject yesterday. because they have. they have done none of the serious thinking about free speech or free information. they talk about it as if it's just a problem that they have encountered. this is because they are kids who have discovered themselves able to rule the world. and they are surprised at it. they are surprised at the responsibility it brings. and they are utterly, utterly unfit to yield the power that has ended up in their lap. >> ben: it's a very shocking state of affairs when you have
4:38 pm
mark zuckerberg put into this role of being not just an innovator but essentially pope, someone who is going to decide everything that we say and morality of every opinion. >> at least the pope gets voted in by the conclave of cardinals. you know, pope looks positively democratic along side mark zuckerberg. >> in terms of advice to consumers that they see stories. what would you say to them about what how to be skeptical of the people calling for this type of hand in glove treatment of government and big tech censorship. >> i think it goes back to that thing. don't allow them to tell you what you have a right to know, they don't have that right and they shouldn't have that right. rely on sources of information which you trust, which you know are open and are honest and read different views. these people do not have the right to divide our views or what we should say or no know,
4:39 pm
be no way. >> ben: thank you for joining me tonight, douglas. >> it's a great pleasure. >> ben: while the left and big tech ramp up their efforts to police your speech. one man says it's more important than ever to stand up for what you believe. author and stoke ryan holiday is up next. ♪ >> congratulations to fox news for 25 years on air. my new home. i'm so proud to be part of fox. help protect your kidneys. call your doctor for a uacr test. it shows one of the earliest signs for ckd.
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>> ben: when we think of courtroom we think of a phi fighter are upping into a burning building or auto a police officer run into danger. targeting free speech moral courage is what is needed now more than ever. a willingness to put your butt on the line to stand up for what you believe and to risk something for something. ryan holiday one of the world's best selling philosophers and written a new book courage is calling. ryan, thank you for joining me tonight. i have read your book with great
4:45 pm
interest and we had a chance to talk about it on my podcast recently. a lot of americans who feel overwhelmed by what's going on in the world. what's going on in own communities. bring more courage into their own lives. >> yeah, i mean, your distinction between physical courage and moral courage is really important. it's not just our brave soldiers. it's not just our pioneering scientists. it's also the courage of ordinary people. it's the courage to stand up for what you believe. in it's the courage to help out a neighbor. it's a courage -- it's the courage to put yourself out there and be willing to bear and face the consequences that may come with that. >> ben: um-huh. i think that one of the aspects of your book that is really fascinating is this distinction that we make in the way that we appreciate courage. there are many small moments that you talk about in your book that are reflective of very important things that happen
4:46 pm
because of single moments in history where someone was courageous in that moment. what's one of the examples, in particular, that stood out to you as you were researching it? >> you look at someone like winston churchill or look at charles de gaulle, these are two men, not very long ago, who put the future of the free world on their back and took a stand and they changed history. and i know it's cliche now. i know it's cynical history classes. the idea that an individual can change history that someone can reshape or redirect the future of the world in a positive direction, that investor bow advisory bow tent. everything is systemic or structural. that may or may not exist. it is true that an individual can change the future. we have seen that happen. i would add to that if you don't think it's possible, you are right, at least for you. you will not be the person who changes the future.
4:47 pm
>> ben: there are a lot of americans who feel they have to assert some kind of control but this they don't know how to do it the world has spun off of its axis the last year and a half or more and things have gotten out of hand. they don't know how to take that first step. talk to me about finding the courage to do something, even on a small level or local level when they feel so overwhelmed by what they see in the national news? >> one thing that centers he is reminding myself that actually do i know what to do because we come from long line of ancestors who survived things like this not just the 1919 pandemic. not the first world war or second world war. we are descendents of those people literally and figuratively. as i feel like the world is spinning out of my control, which has been the last two years, i try to go i come from
4:48 pm
sturdy peasant bulk. i am the heir to that tradition. as the queen said during the middle of the pandemic, i want to prove that i am the descendants of those people. i want to make them proud the first step in that is not freaking out. not making it worse. and not accepting complete and total powerlessness but deciding i am going to focus on where i can make a positive difference for my families, for my community and for my country. >> ben: you know, ryan, i think that your books are so important at this moment and i recommend that people check them out as well in terms of the stoic program that you have really been pushing in recent years. just very quickly, how has that helped guide you through this pandemic moment? stoicism has always been popular in moments of adversity and difficulty and turmoil from the decline and fall of the roman empire to the american civil war and, of course, the american founding. i sthi think stoicism at its
4:49 pm
core is this idea we don't control what has happened but we control how we respond. i have just tried to respond on that time and time again. i might not like this. i might not like that. i might be concerned by this. i might be anxious about that. but i'm going to focus on what is in my control, what i can do right now. and i'm going to use this as an opportunity to act in accordance with the stoic virtues, courage, temperance, justice and wisdom. >> ben: thank you so much, ryan, for joining me tonight. up next, kyle mann, editor and chief of the babylon bee the satire so good the left thinks it's real. can he handle going on the clock? we will find out. ♪ ♪ ue. that's why they customize your car insurance, so you only pay for what you need. oh, yeah. that's the spot. only pay for what you need. ♪ liberty, liberty, liberty, liberty ♪ get ready - our most popular battery is even more powerful.
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4:55 pm
got a call that sylvester stallone was doing a boxing exhibition to announce her promotion downtown. i would've loved to have met him and i got there and it was chaos. they let us know, press will not speak to stallone one-on-one, i thought we still get a chance to see him within 50 feet, all of a sudden he gets in the ring, bends over, he looks at the press, he sees me and he says brian, come on over here. and i thought what is he talking about -- he said what brings you here? i'm going to box a little bit, but to talk to you after. i thought to myself, this is a powerful place, it's resonating with a lot of people commit matters. >> a few minutes left in the show, time to put apple on b kyle man on the clock. first up, the woke mob is going after comedian dave chapelle for
4:56 pm
joking about the transgender community during his latest netflix special, his great transgression making the mistake of same gender is a fact. i don't know if you have had time to see the special yet, what do you think about this reaction? >> whenever you see a news story that says there is backlash or outrage can be have to translate that. there are seven people on twitter who are upset and they are the same seven people every time. what is more is they have the attention span of a goldfish. if people would respond by ignoring them, they would move on to the next thing momentarily. i'm sure dave chapelle will be fine. >> ben: how could news sites obviously with lower standards and the babylon be possibly be able to function if they weren't able to find an outrage every day? >> they need outrage, we just provide real news. >> ben: mma fighters are scrapping their boxing gloves
4:57 pm
and replacing them with pillows, apparently this new sport is professional pillow fighting and many athletes are already participating in the first of its kind league in florida. do you plan to enter the ring? this is the fantasy of every junior high boy in the world when they hear pillow fighting is going to be broadcast on tv and they tune into it -- i'm all about the authentic pillow fighting experience, they have to lie down and prayed each other hair and maybe rent grease from blockbuster. they talk about their feelings and gossip about their crushes afterwards, then i would watch it for sure and participate. >> ben: that's essentially what this is, they absolutely are going to do all that i'm sure. of course. moving on, hunter biden was busy entertaining l.a.'s elite last
4:58 pm
weekend with his very first art show, hundreds of celebs packed the studios in hollywood for the grand exhibit -- the white house said he wouldn't meet his buyers, i guess they would have to take that up with the gallery owner, what are your thoughts on his new art exhibition? >> i'm starting to think this hunter biden character may not be of the most upstanding moral character, i don't know about you but the more i hear about him, the more concerned i get. when we saw him selling lemonade on the white house lawn for 500,000 dollars a pop, we got a little suspicious. we really won't know where he's coming from and how moral or shady his business dealings might be until we see if the taliban has purchased a hunter biden painting piece to hang up in the palace in kabul. then maybe we'll know if something is going on. >> ben: i can absolutely see it going up there, he likes to
4:59 pm
paint with gold, it would fit the decor. maybe a little over-the-top. last story to celebrate the release of dr. fauci's documentary on disney plus, members of the media were given a special box packed with loads of personalized dr. fauci items including some unhealthy tasty snacks, how very nice. what do you think about this new documentary and the way they are promoting it? >> you've got to watch out for the candy bars because they are hiding vaccine syringes in them this year, i would be a little careful. as long as people are getting vaccinated, that's great. i'm really proud of fauci for finally becoming a disney princess. i'm kind of wondering which version of his story they're going to tell them out think it would have to release 573 different documentaries? one for each time he has changed his story? >> ben: i would think they would need at least that many considering the number of times he has flip-flopped around these
5:00 pm
issues. thank you so much for taking the time to join me tonight. i want to thank you all for watching fox news prime time tonight, don't forget to catch the been dominant podcast, he confided at we'll be back tomorrow night at 7:00, tucker carlson is up next. ♪ ♪ >> tucker: good evening and welcome to "tucker carlson tonight," we are glad you are here, we had a diplomatic incident last month that a lot of americans didn't even know what happened. the government of france, something they haven't done it hundreds of years, they were called their ambassador to the united states. they also accuse the united states of behaving in a manner which is unacceptable between allies and partners. it wasn't a cheese embargo that made the french mad, they


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